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									Grouse Mountain Environmental Initiatives

The construction and operation of a single wind turbine atop Grouse Mountain creates
B.C.’s first viable wind energy solution. The union of wind generator with a viewing capsule
is the first of its kind in the world. The turbine off-sets up to 25% of the resorts power per

Grouse Mountain is home to two orphaned grizzly bears living in a protected 5 acre habitat.

The Refuge for Endangered Wildlife is participating in an urgent spotted owl rehabilitation

The Refuge for Endangered Wildlife is home to 3 timber wolves retired from the film

Grouse Mountain’s alpine fleet runs on biodiesel.

Grouse Mountain is the first resort in Canada to use biodiesel in its mountaintop fleet.

Grouse Mountain’s snow removal fleet operates on biodiesel.

Grouse Mountain’s sleigh rides are operated by a snowcat fueled by biodiesel.

Grouse Mountain’s biodiesel initiative has reduced carbon emissions from the applicable
vehicles by over 70%

                                                      Grouse Mountain’s snowmaking fleet
                                                      draws on a privately owned water
                                                      source and does not tap into municipal

                                                      Grouse Mountain’s snowmaking fleet is
                                                      employed in summer to help mitigate
                                                      the risk of forest fires.

                                                      The public faucets at Grouse Mountain
                                                      are hands-free to mitigate waste

Grouse Mountain’s Auto faucets are thermal mixed i.e. hot and cold to save energy

Grouse Mountain’s toilets are low flow using 6 gallons vs. the standard 13 gallons (excluding
base toilets)

The soap dispensers at Grouse Mountain are hands-free to mitigate waste

All bathroom paper towel is 100% recycled and “green sealed” or “green certified”

Grouse Mountain employs biodegradable trash bags.
The food & beverage operation of Grouse Mountain employs eco-friendly cleansing

Grouse Mountain uses “Green sealed” cleaners, soap and paper products in all washrooms

The Observatory Restaurant is a member of the Green Table Network, a group committed
to responsible restaurant practices.

Altitudes Bistro is a member of the Green Table Network, a group committed to responsible
restaurant practices.

Grouse Mountain’s food & beverage operation is a member of Ocean Wise, a Vancouver
Aquarium initiative committed to only using sustainable seafood.

Grouse Mountain grows specialty garnish for its food & beverage operation on-site.

Grouse Mountain’s restaurants work with local growers to shorten the distance of product

Grouse Mountain works with responsible suppliers to ensure the products we offer leave the
smallest footprint possible.

Grouse Mountain is serviced by two public transit routes, making it accessible via sustainable

Grouse Mountain’s Skyride aerial tram system is a low impact way up the mountain. Grouse
Mountain’s Skyride has eliminated over 25 million drives to the top of the mountain.

Grouse Mountain offers a battery recycling program for employees.

Grouse Mountain operates a highly effective trash compactor to reduce the impact of waste

Grouse Mountain recycles.

Grouse Mountain operates a proprietary recycling station separating non refundable (glass,
plastic and metal)

Grouse Mountain’s non-refundables are collected weekly by “The recycling alternative”

Every other Tuesday, Grouse Mountain’s refundable’s are donated to Collingwood school

Grouse Mountain’s cardboard recycled weekly by Super Save disposal

Grouse Mountain works with M&R Environmental to safely dispose of waste oil, filters,
rags, bottles and antifreeze and turn them into biofuel and bio antifreeze
Grouse Mountain promotes the use of re-usable cups for employee beverages and has
started an environmental fund for those who use disposable cups.

Grouse Mountain salvages materials from retired structures to use in new projects.

Grouse Mountain has undergone a sustainable business supply audit by the Environmental
Youth Alliance.

Grouse Mountain has undergone a comprehensive energy audit by BC Hydro.

Grouse Mountain has undergone a comprehensive carbon emissions audit by Ecosystem
Restoration Associates.

Grouse Mountain is leading a worldwide study on hummingbirds.

Grouse Mountain’s Refuge for Endangered Wildlife is home to a wide variety of species
brought to us for rehabilitative purposes.

Grouse Mountain is a no-idling zone.

Grouse Mountain participates in the Lights Out campaign.

Grouse Mountain has replaced incandescent lighting with compact fluorescent lighting
where feasible.

Grouse Mountain recycle’s used CFL bulbs

Grouse Mountain uses low voltage lamping (50 vs. 35 watts) where feasible

Grouse Mountain Radio Batteries are rechargeable

Grouse Mountain recycles’ kitchen grease through “West Coast Reduction”

Grouse Mountain uses recycled stock from Canada Ticket for general admission, download
and winter lift tickets

Grouse Mountain’s office uses 100% recycled paper

Grouse Mountain’s office uses the back-side of previously used paper

Grouse Mountain prints materials on post-consumer paper stock.

Grouse Mountain uses online subscriptions for publication wherever possible.

Grouse Mountain uses green sealed toner from Laser Valley technologies and recycles all
used toner.
Beaver Electrical Machinery work on our motors or supply us with motors (from fans to
trams) and follow “Green Motor Practices”

Grouse Mountain uses Low VOC paint for renovations where feasible

Grouse Mountain works with Cintas to clean mechanic uniforms- 70% of water Cintas uses
is recycled


The Refuge for Endangered Wildlife is a research, education, and conservation centre.

Over 15,000 school children participate in Grouse Mountain’s highly subsidized Adventures
in Education Programs every year.

Grouse Mountain has exceeded $1M in charitable and community donations.

The Grouse Grind Mountain Run raises funds for the BC Lung Association

The Seek the Peak Relay partners with Rethink Breast Cancer to raise money and awareness.

The award-winning Peak of Christmas celebration raises funds for the SOS Children’s

The award-winning Peak of Christmas celebration works with the Karen Magnussen
Foundation to raise funds and awareness.

Grouse Mountain is home to the First Nations Snowboard Team.

Grouse Mountain provides affordable access rates for community organizations.

The Refuge for Endangered Wildlife raises public awareness about the challenges faced by
wildlife in our province.

Grouse Mountain is the largest employer of youth on the North Shore.

Grouse Mountain offers an employee smoking cessation program.

Grouse Mountain offers subsidized education programs for its employees.

Grouse Mountain sponsors employee sports teams.

Grouse Mountain facilitates employee car-pooling.
Grouse Mountain hosts public education sessions on snow safety (with Adventure Smart
and the Canadian Avalanche Association).

Grouse Mountain hosts public education session on trail and hiking safety (with Adventure
Smart and other safety organizations).

Grouse Mountain is home to Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports and helps them promote
winter sport among adaptive athletes.

Grouse Mountain subsidizes employee training and practicum opportunities.

Grouse Mountain promotes the future of snow sports with a ski and snowboard instructor
training program.

Grouse Mountain serves as a mentor with practicum opportunities for students in tourism,
hospitality, marketing, guest services, accounting, mountain operations, and PR.

Grouse Mountain’s hiwus Feasthouse promotes Coast Salish culture and staffed by Squamish
Nations program leaders.

Grouse Mountain is the home and training ground of top athletes who represent Canada on
the world stage.

Grouse Mountain is synonymous with an active, healthy lifestyle.

Grouse Mountain works with local organization Connexions to find gainful employment for
developmentally challenged workers.

Grouse Mountain provides health and wellness benefits to its employees.

Grouse Mountain sponsors athletes.

Grouse Mountain participates in Bike to Work Week.

Grouse Mountain participates in Jeans Day.

Grouse Mountain hosts Wine on the Mountain in support of BC Adoptive Families.

Grouse Mountain’s four season alpine recreation gives the city many fitness choices: skiing,
hiking, ice skating, snowboarding, snowshoeing, paragliding, and running.

Grouse Mountain’s programming always has an environmental or historic education
component (Birds in Motion, Eco Walks, Lumberjack Shows, Wildlife Ranger Talks).

Grouse Mountain employees volunteer their time with Vancouver Adaptive Snow Sports.

Grouse Mountain employees volunteer their time with The Greater Vancouver Food Bank
Grouse Mountain employees volunteer their time with Family Services of the North Shore.


Grouse Mountain injects over $120M into our local economy.

Grouse Mountain is the top four-season attraction in Vancouver, generating tourism
awareness and opportunity.

Grouse Mountain supplies dollar-matched RRSP programs for full-time employees.

Grouse Mountain hosts Product Awareness programs for employees, leveraging its supplier
relationships for mutual benefit.

Since its launch in 1999, Grouse Mountain’s Y2Play snow pass campaign has drawn over 1M
skier and riders to the mountain.

Grouse Mountain’s extensive pass holder base has stimulated significant retail opportunities
for local businesses.

Grouse Mountain committed a significant investment as a Community Contributor to
securing the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Grouse Mountain’s iconic status as a tourism destination has stimulated significant
opportunities for local hotels and accommodations.

Grouse Mountain works with Tourism Vancouver to promote our city as a top tourism

Grouse Mountain works with Vancouver, Coast & Mountain to promote our region as a top
tourism destination.

Grouse Mountain works with Tourism British Columbia to promote our province as a top
tourism destination.

Grouse Mountain works with the Canadian Tourism Commission to promote Canada as a
top tourism destination.

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