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									DESCRIPTION: Business speech delivered before conference. FOR WHOM THE SPEECH IS SUITABLE FOR: CEO, Management, etc. During this conference, we will revisit the company’s past, celebrate the present, and envision the future. Additionally, we will evaluate this firm’s performance. But most of all, we will pay tribute to the people behind the company. For the duration of this conference, I will paint for you a picture that is an actual representation of this company. In contrast, some businesses evoke a positive image so that they can create a “good reputation” and market their company. A number of them go to any lengths possible to portray an image that is far from reality. At times, businesses depict an illusion of utopia and mislead the public into believing that everything is all right, rosy, and picture-perfect when in actuality the conditions are quite the opposite. They create the appearance of the company to be devoid of any problems, where nothing goes wrong. In so doing, some forfeit integrity to make this happen. Nonetheless, I will present a reflection of reality and an exact replica of our company. By examining and discussing both strengths and weaknesses, we can celebrate our successes as well as improve the areas that need changes. In this way, this firm can grow and be better than ever before. It is thrilling to see what we can do with this company. We can advance to another level and reach new heights. We can exceed our competitors. We can even be a forerunner of this industry. When you look at the portraits on this company’s walls, what do you see? I see familiar faces and new faces. But most of all, I see phenomenal individuals like you who have a spectrum of skills and experience, people from diverse backgrounds who work hard and excel at what they do. I take pride in saying that you have inspired us immensely because you make the most of every situation. And you take hold of the opportunities you have before you. I relish the thought of this firm’s employees for the reason that you have made a striking mark and a significant impact on this firm. We are grateful for all you have done. Throughout this conference, I will discuss the five Es or essentials of effective employees. In many ways, you have exemplified these admirable characteristics. Hence, we are going to celebrate your achievements and contributions to the company. I greatly admire your exceptional character. I’m pleased to have known such an astounding class of people. You are really a pleasure to work with. And when I think about these things, I am filled with appreciation, admiration, and most importantly, respect. You have truly demonstrated the five Es of highly effective employees through your work and your attitude. The essentials of high
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