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									DESCRIPTION OF SPEECH: Speech to accompany the presentation of a Salesperson of the Year/Month Award. WHOM SPEECH IS SUITABLE FOR: Person presenting the award. (Boss, Organization’s officer, etc.) Mark Twain once said, “It is better to deserve honors and not have them than to have them and not to deserve them.” Like all of Twain’s quotes, that one rings true. But I think this is a saying ripe for elaboration—because the ideal situation is to acquire honors that one does deserve. And, naturally, we aspire to present this honor to the one most deserving of our [Salesperson of the Year/ Salesperson of the Month for MONTH/ Name of Award] as, of course, this is not some brilliantly zany—yet markedly cynical—fictional world created by a noted author. And so today, as we honor [Awardee Name] with [Name of Award], I feel quite secure that [he/she] is not only deserving of the award, but is the most deserving salesperson [at Company Name/ in the Realtors Union/etc.]. In determining the winner each [year/month], the task is always tougher than you might think. There is always somebody beside the one [I/we] ultimately choose whom [I/we] can point to and say: “[I/We] could have declared her the winner, and it wouldn’t have been tragic.” Or perhaps, “He might not have done the numbers, but considering how much he progressed…” Or maybe, “She had some hard luck with numbers, but certainly put in the most effort”… [NOTE: Any of the last three sentences should be stricken if they actually apply to Awardee.] But even in [years/months] with the toughest of choices [optionally : “—and this is certainly one of those YEARS/MONTHS—”], the winner is, in the end, incontrovertible. [I/We] can mentally “switch” all of those who “could” be the winner into the winner’s spot—but the winner, luckily for [me/us], becomes obvious in [my/our] mind’s eye. Now, it is common in ou
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