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					Short after-Dinner Business speech This speech is suitable for someone who needs to make some brief remarks at the conclusion of a business dinner or gathering. Opening I’d like to thank all of you for being here. In these times, the only path to success is through teamwork. It is at gatherings such as this that we become closer to one another, that we can put a face and a genuine personality together with someone who might otherwise be only a voice on a telephone or a few sentences in an email. That cannot but help to make our team stronger, and make our prospects for success that much better. Body As you know, our upcoming [fill in event, benchmark, project, etc. here] represents a crucial and unique opportunity for us. It is at such junctures that we determine what our companies and careers will be. We can reach out, stretch out, make the sum of our efforts much greater than an individual part, and so surprise ourselves with what we can accomplish. For each of us, it is a chance to enhance those strengths that make us such an effective team. And, in the case of [fill in event, benchmark, project, etc. here], the results will have effects that are readily apparent. The fruits of our labor will be visible, tangible both in the immediate short-term and out into the future. Now, I’d like to take a minute or two to single out a few people who have helped to bring us to this point. [Name a few people, mention their roles in the event.] Closing I do not have to remind you all of the importance of the task that lies ahead of us. But I am confident that we have the best possible collection of talented and dedicated people to take us through it. It was said that Queen Victoria never looked to see where the chair was before she sat down. She knew the chair would be in its proper place because she was confident in her team. It is just as true today as it was in Queen Victoria’s time: There is no substitute for confidence in one’s teammates. I have every confidence in each and every one of you.

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Description: This speech is suitable for someone who needs to make some brief remarks at the conclusion of a business dinner or gathering
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