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					DESCRIPTION OF SPEECH: A Sales Motivation speech (serious in tone). WHOM SPEECH IS SUITABLE FOR: CEO, President, Director of Sales, etc. “Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt.” That’s a quote from William Shakespeare. And, as you probably know, writers like Shakespeare choose their words carefully—and there’s a reason he didn’t simply write “doubts” are traitors; he wrote “our doubts” are traitors. A subtle way of implying that we all have them. Thus, he wasn’t telling future generations to avoid doubts—and that would probably be impossible. He was saying that we all have them and thus have to deal with them. Preferably, by seeing them as traitors. Thus, having doubts is normal. One could also say that indulging doubts as something other than traitors is a normal thing to do, as well. People do it all the time. But what is normal is not always conducive to winning. As you know, Shakespeare was anything but normal. And despite our sizable numbers, the profession of sales itself is anything but normal. Actually, that’s not entirely true— success in sales entails going beyond what’s normal. That’s because, although we place a great deal of importance on being normal, on leading “normal” lives, as ironic as it sounds, life is not normal. Clients are not always normal. And sales is one of the most competitive endeavors one can choose. Success often entails doing what the competition would never think of doing. It requires one to attempt that sale that any “normal” salesperson wouldn’t even consider. Sales requires its own special brand of creativity. If an expectation of creativity scares you… Well, first of all, you shou
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Description: A Sales Motivation speech (serious in tone)
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