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									DESCRIPTION OF SPEECH: Speech to address the opening of a new business/division. (Serious in tone.) WHOM SPEECH IS SUITABLE FOR: Company CEO, President, etc.; public face of company/division to employees (HR director, PR head, etc.), etc. I won’t lie and tell you I have absolutely no fear or anxiety about [New Company/Division Name], our brand new venture. But I can tell you that I’d be inhuman without those feelings and that those feelings are eclipsed by my confidence in this excursion for, in the words of Edward Gibbon, “The wind and the waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators.” People are obsessed with the idea of Luck. It often seems that we wish Luck actually played more of a role in life—we’re quick to attribute a company’s success or failure to outside factors like the economy, a war, the rise of a new invention. And if we weren’t in love with the idea of Luck, gambling wouldn’t even exist. But the truth is, while Luck certainly plays a part in things, and on some occasions a very strong role, as Gibbon noted, a good wind or productive currents curiously seem to follow the most skilled of individuals. Looking out at the faces in this room, I have a funny feeling that, as [Company/Division Name] launches out into the marketplace, we will hear a lot of talk of “clear, blue skies” and the like. That’s because I believe—no, that’s because I know that I couldn’t ask for a better team to man this [Company/Division Name] Ship. We have turned what others would dub
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