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									DESCRIPTION OF SPEECH: Speech to commemorate a business anniversary. (Serious tone.) WHOM SPEECH IS SUITABLE FOR: Company CEO, President, etc.; public face of company to employees (HR director, PR head, etc.); outside speaker called in for commemoration, etc. “Natural abilities are like natural plants; they need pruning by study.” Those are the words of Francis Bacon. And as [Company Name] enters its [number, ala “20th”] year in operation, you could say [“we’re not the New Kid on the Block anymore”/ “we haven’t been the New Kid on the Block for some time”/ “we’re getting up there in years as a company”—depending on age of business, personal taste, etc.]. I see that as a good thing, but as always, there is more than one way of viewing it. Let’s face it—we live in a society that places a disproportionate value on youth. I’m not talking just about movie stars or musicians. New start-ups have a tendency to become media darlings while the [“Old Guard”—if seasoned company/ or “others”] [doesn’t/don’t] seem as headline friendly because, of course, the very word “news” stems from the word “new” for a reason. This undue focus on youth isn’t always a silly obsession. In many cases, veteran companies become stodgy in their ways, causing difficulties competing in an everchanging market and the fresh take of a new company is necessary for an industry’s growth. But while remaining adaptable is something we certainly need to focus on at [Company Name], I think it’s more important, upon the occasion of this Anniversary, to focus on the pruning—both that which we have already done and that which should be done in the future. Growing older, as a person or as a company, is a privilege. Former Supreme C
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