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									DESCRIPTION: Speech for someone receiving the salesperson of the month/year award. FOR WHOM THE SPEECH IS SUITABLE FOR: CEO, Management, etc. Hi. How‟s everyone doing? I hope you are doing well. Tonight you‟re in for a special treat. For those of you who are looking for a sporting event, sorry you‟re at the wrong venue. Actually, there might be something for those people after all. At this time, come and take this journey with me to an old race track. Bang! Echoes the gun. And the horses are off, galloping as fast as they can. To the side of the track is a small horse that looks rather out of place compared to the large thoroughbreds. “What‟s that doing there” laughs someone in the crowd. “It can‟t be done,” he says while shaking his head in disbelief. Suddenly, that tiny horse increases its speed. A while later, it catches up to the leader. Faster and faster it goes until it eventually passes the leader. Amazingly, within moments the horse crosses the finish line before all the rest and wins the race. I‟m sure many of you have heard of the saga of Sea Biscuit. For those of you who have not heard of the legend, now is your chance to listen to an inspiring true account of the human spirit and the underdog or in this case underhorse. And for those you who know the story already, too bad, you will have to bear with me. No, seriously, this is your opportunity to recapture those poignant moments or even to discover a nuance that you did not notice before. So now let us travel together back to that fateful time, the summer of 1936. In that era, America was experiencing the Depression, and the world was facing the threat of another world war. Yet away from all the drama lived Charles Howard, who used to be a bicycle repairman. In addition, he earned a great deal of money introducing the automobile to the West. One day he bought a horse at a very low price and entrusted it to Tom Smith, a mustang breaker and Red Pollard, who was an unsuccessful prizefighter and jockey at the time. There was nothing striking about its appearance. The horse was small, frail, injured, and underweight. It even had spindly legs that did not stand straight. But who would have known the great potential it had? Howard and the other men did. As a matter of fact, they looked past the surface and envisioned a winner. Although the men knew what needed to be done to reach their goals, they faced many difficulties. At first, Sea Biscuit fought hard and resisted their training until it eventually gave in. They encountered other challenges as well. For example, the horse did not know how to run in a race track. It was out of control, running to the left and to the right and to different directions. Fortunately, through time, it began to behave as a race horse. But the situation wasn‟t rosy after that. For two seasons, Sea Biscuit remained in the lower standings of horse racing. In spite of the situation, the men did not quit. They endured and conquered their obstacles. Finally, all th
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