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					DESCRIPTION OF SPEECH: A motivational speech directed to a sales force. WHOM SPEECH IS SUITABLE FOR: Director of Sales, Sales Manager, etc. There are some people in sales who, knowingly or not, follow the words of Oscar Wilde: “A little sincerity is a dangerous thing, and a great deal of it is absolutely fatal.” That quote is made all the more amusing by the fact that many in this room have been in sales for some time and have seen that mantra in action. The tactic may work if you’re seeking to unload a lemon of an automobile before moving abroad—but that’s just it. It’s short term. The successful salesperson seeks long-term relationships with clients—for, if nothing else, the possibility of future referrals. We take pride in our product here at [Company], and that helps keep us sincere. One of the first truths we learn about sales is that it’s always easier when you believe in the product. We learn that right before the one about sincerity being a dangerous thing… (Just kidding.) I think we can safely say that everybody here believes in [Company] [product—“hotel rooms,” “de-lousing products”]—and if you don’t believe in our [product], you’re not going to be selling [Company] long. My best advice to you is to find something to sell that you do believe in. As they say about many fine products, [Company product] sells itself. And, as much as I might want to truthfully assert the opposite, that can be said about some competitors’ [product], too. And it can also be said that [Competitor] and [Competitor] and [Competitor] are all actively working to sell to help their [product] sell itself—that’s the way of capitalism. Nothing truly sells itself if it h
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Description: A motivational speech directed to a sales force
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