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									Opening Speech for a Business Conference This speech provides a basic framework for some opening remarks at the start of a business conference. You can easily customize this speech to meet your needs. Suggested areas where you can modify or add to the speech are noted in brackets. Opening Good [evening, afternoon, etc.]! I’d like to thank you all for coming here, and I’m sure we’re all looking forward to some of the presentations that have been scheduled. However, I would like to take a few moments to speak to you about the broader picture this conference entails. While it is good to focus on particular areas that interest each of you as individuals, I think that we deprive ourselves of opportunities if we don’t, at least occasionally, look beyond that which is of immediate interest and utility for us.

Overview And that brings me to the real purpose of conferences such as this. Many such conferences present a chance to socialize with those who share your interests and expertise, a chance to pick up new ideas or share the latest thinking on some critical aspect of the business, and a chance to present your fellows with some of your own experience and expertise. Indeed, I think it would be difficult for you to come away from this conference without having learned something new in your area. Yet I would hope that all of you realize and exploit the larger opportunity here. We have here, under one roof, a tremendous breadth, depth, experience, and expertise in a wide range of fields. You would be hard-pressed to find more brain power in one place, and the diversity of that talent is most intriguing. For example, we have with us here [point out a few of the luminaries and experts in attendance at the conference, particularly anyone who will be giving an address or presentation. Note their field or area of expertise.] I have noticed that one of the things that makes someone truly stand out in th
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