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									DESCRIPTION OF SPEECH: A motivational speech for a company’s staff (literary in tone). WHOM SPEECH IS SUITABLE FOR: CEO, President, Department Director, etc. We have an adversarial work relationship in our society. I’m not afraid to say it, because it’s the truth. Oh, of course I don’t mean that every individual, or workplace, or even every industry is adversarial. But overall, although I’ll admit I’m generalizing—heck, I may be stereotyping—I don’t think you can deny that the typical, American workplace runs with an “us versus them” undercurrent. This is the land of legendary union riots and equally legendary corporate scandals. As with many generalizations or stereotypes, the adversarial workplace has some basis in fact—there are plenty of examples of it out there and that’s why it has become a stereotype. But while no workplace can be 100 percent adversarial, or 100 percent free of it for that matter, most companies, and most individuals, avoid that trap. Now, I know many of you are asking yourself, “How can he say that?” I say that because I honestly believe it to be true, for three reasons. Number One: Conflict is interesting and is thus more likely to be talked or written about than a lack of it. They say that conflict sells newspapers—if Business A undergoes an ugly strike and Business B sails quickly and smoothly through a contract re-negotiation, which company will make the business page? Number Two: An adversarial environment is unpleasant. And, at our core, as human beings, despite our complicated individual personalities and philosophies and needs, we seek out comfort and avoid the unpleasant. At least if we’re well adjusted we do. Yes, there are people who seem to seek out conflict—and I refer you back to my Number One, because we’re more likely to talk about them—but most of us want to be happy at work. Yes, work is called “wo
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