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									DESCRIPTION: Speech to address an employee leaving the company. WHOM SPEECH IS SUITABLE FOR: CEO, Supervisor, etc.—especially somebody working closely with the employee who is leaving. “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” I wish could tell you that I came up with that, but actually it was Andy Warhol. Anyway, you could say that “changing things” is the reason that [name] is leaving [company]. [NOTE: If there is a specific known reason for the employee’s leaving—taking a higher position elsewhere; going into a different field; becoming a full-time, stay-at-home parent, etc.—a sentence can be added: “FIRST NAME is leaving COMPANY to WHATEVER”]. As much as we’re all sad [he/she] is leaving, [first name] feels that this change is the best option at this juncture in time, [he/she] is the most qualified judge of such matters, and so we wish [him/her] only the best. As is the case with most change, I am sure that [first name] feels a mixture of excitement and nervousness. We are creatures of habit, and even the most positive of changes can bring a feeling of trepidation. But [first name] is nonetheless making that change, [himself/herself]—taking the initiative and not waiting for “time” to bring the changes by itself. In trying to stay ahead of that elusive Time character, [first name] is doing exactly what [company] strives to do: anticipating the future so as to better meet its demands. We’re going to miss [name]. We’re especially going to miss [personal or work trait—the constant smile, the sense of humor, the energy] [he/she] brought to [company]. But you have to remember: It was a form of change that brought [first name] and [his/her] [smile, energy, etc.] here to begin with. Now, [he/she] will bring that [smile, energy] elsewhere. [Optionally, can be specific: will bring that smile “exclusively to her family,” “to the field of aerodynamics,” etc.] As [first name] leaves [company], she also leaves a part of [him/her] right here at [company]. We’ve learned from [him/her], and [his/her] efforts, like the efforts of each and every one of us, fine-tuned the definition of what [company] is. [EXAMPLE: The sales team will continue using many of her techniques; management/labor relations will forever be a bit closer; etc.] Each of us contributes our own changes to [company] which in turn, just like an individual, changes—or grows, or matures—to meet the everevolving world that we serve. The most important things that [first name] will leave with [company] are the more… intangible ones. When I think of [first name], I’ll always remember [insert a description of personal anecdote: a humorous moment in the lunch room, profundity uttered at a company picnic, etc.]. Stories like these r
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