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									Business Person of the Month or Year

This basic framework for a short speech honoring the business person of the month or year can easily be customized to meet your needs. Suggested areas where you can modify or add to the speech are noted in brackets. Opening Good [morning, evening, etc.]! We’re here today to honor [name of recipient] as our Business Person of the [month/year]. This award is not lightly given. Indeed, although we on the committee bestow this award, it is the recipient who must earn it. To do so takes a [month/year] of hard work, canny business acumen, genuine enthusiasm, and whole-hearted dedication. These qualities are rewards in themselves, but in honoring them through this award, we hold them up as praiseworthy, as ideals to which all of us can aspire, as something to be recognized in a most public fashion so that others can see for themselves both the example and the rewards. Body Which brings me to our present honoree, [name of recipient]. Few of us here need any introduction to [name of honoree]. But it is perhaps worth a few moments of our time to try to recap and condense how it is that we come to honor [name of recipient]. I mentioned hard work as one of the qualities that earns this award, and [name of recipient] has shown a capacity for working hard that makes the rest of us look like slackers. But it is more than simple hard labor that we recognize—[name of honoree] also works smart. Where others might see hours of deadly drudge work, [name of recipient] has been able to approach the problem from a different angle and so make short work of what might have taken others hours or days to accomplish. [Provide an appropriate example here, if applicable.] Canny business acumen is another attribute of recipients of this award. [Name of honoree] has demonstrated this time and time again over the years. [Name]’s ability to recognize, grasp, and exploit opportunity may someday become the stuff of legend. For today, at least, it is something we recognize and reward. Enthusiasm 
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