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									Starting or Ending a Business Year (challenging) 1.1-A This speech is intended for someone needing to make a few remarks at the end of a year (or business cycle). Its overall tone is inspirational while calling for focus on the challenges that lie ahead. What follows is a basic framework that you can easily customize to meet your needs. Suggested areas where you can modify or add to the speech are noted in brackets. Opening Good [evening, afternoon, etc.]! As we stand at the close of the old year, it’s only right and natural to look back. We might want to reflect on where we succeeded, where we failed, what we might have done better or differently. But rather than looking back, I want to call on each of you to look ahead. The new year promises to be filled with challenges and change. It also promises to be filled with opportunity.

Overview Looking ahead to the coming year, we see that our entire industry will be facing changes. Some of these will be dramatic, others rather subtle. None will be insignificant. For example, we face [list some of the changes and challenges facing the industry. New regulations, new competition, new technologies, and so forth.]. And those are just the ones we know about right now. It’s easy to be scared by change. Not only does it represent the unknown, but also it calls on us to adapt. Change brings change in o
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