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									Award for Individual Service This speech provides a basic framework for a honoring an individual’s service. You can easily customize this framework to meet your needs. Suggested areas where you can modify or add to the speech are noted in brackets. Opening Good [evening, afternoon, etc.]! As you know, we’re here to honor [name of honoree]. This award is given to the person who [fill in requirement/achievements here] over the last year. [Name of honoree] did all that and more, wracking up a scorecard that will stand as an example for all of us in the coming year. Such performance is well above and beyond the call of duty, and today we rightly recognize and honor that service.

Look Back This past year was a tough one. The overall economy has not been good, and it seemed like every week brought news that just made it all the more difficult to carry on with our duties. It was the kind of year that can make even the best consider quitting and taking up something a little easier, like quantum physics or perfecting at-home brain surgery. But in an environment where others may have been daunted, [name of honoree] showed us the meaning of true grit. Insights There are plenty of people who work for nothing more than a paycheck. We’ve all known people like that. They show up, they do their job. Maybe they do it well, maybe not so well. But their hearts are never really in their work. It’s just something they have to do. But, as this award demonstrates, we could never say those things about [name of honoree]. He/she received every assignment, every challenge with a can-do attitude, worked through it with a positive attitude, met setbacks without complaint, and made some of the toughest jobs seem like they were no more vexing than a day at the beach. Not only did this up-beat attitude come through in his/her finished work, but it also helped and uplifted everyone else involved. For example, [insert anecdote demonstrating above qualities in action]. That is but a single example of what [name of honoree] brings through the front door every day. That consistency, that refusal to give in in the face of adversity
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