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									                              MAGEE GAZETTE
                               JODY MAGEE, CBR, CRS, GRI, RMM, Senior BROKER Associate                          November 2005
                                                          and               = RESULTS!
                                                        CARLSON / GMAC Real Estate
                                                                                                                 ISSUE XL
                                     wk: 781-631-8800 voice mail: 781-479-4143 fax: 781-631-7182
                                             email: j@jodymagee.net website: jodymagee.com


      Tri-Holiday                                                                    Edition
            A 40th Thought                             $50 Dollar Prize $                             Now through March are the
    This just happens to be the                                                                       best times (cost & crowd wise)
    fortieth edition of the Magee                                                                     to take that European
    Gazette. A lot has                                                                                vacation: “go-today.com”, or
    happened since the first                                                                          “Travelzoo.com.”
    edition ten years ago. One                                                                        Go Pats!
    of my notes has been the                                                                          Stay grounded. Always
                                                 The Tri-Holiday winner will
    growing up of my daughters                                                                        remember you are unique, just
                                                 be the fourth correct answer
    (Phoebe & Hannah), their                                                                          like everyone else.
                                                 by phone, fax, or email after
    finishing school, and,                       12:01 pm, December 6th.                              You will never go wrong
    finding themselves working                   For the $50 gift certificate                         For a holiday dessert, this hot
    and living within a twenty-                  to Maddie’s Sail Loft:                               fudge sauce (as in over
    minute walk of each other in                 What was movie actor                                 vanilla, coffee, or peppermint
    down town Manhattan. For                     James Dean’s middle                                  ice cream) is the best ever.
    their successes, I’m a                       name?                                                GUARENTEED! It is also an
    proud, grateful father.                          One answer per family please                     excellent idea for a holiday gift
    Maybe now is the perfect                                                                          for anyone with a real sweet
    time of year for all of us to                           Rapid Fire                                tooth.
    reflect on our lives,                        To bad Sox. Next year again.                         ½ cup of butter.
    remember some of the                         Does global warming really                           2 & ¼ cups confect sugar.
    things we should be grateful                 have anything to do with the                         6 squares of bitter chocolate.
    for, and do just that. As                    recent weather changes                               Put all ingredients in double
    well, it is appropriate to                   (disasters)?                                         boiler, bring to boil and turn
    remember those less                          Great autumn, let’s hope for a                       down. Cook for 30 minutes.
    fortunate, and in some way                   break this winter too.                               Remove from heat and stir
    do something to help them.                                                                        hard. If too thick, add a little
    Please do.                                                                                        cream. Whoa!
                                                                                                   Goodbye for now, and, as
                                                                                                   always, if you, your family, or
The interest rate for a 30-year                                                                    friends ever have any real
fixed-term mortgage is now                                                                         estate questions, or need
6.3/8th %, which is still very low                                                                 service, please contact me.
from an historical standpoint.                   Just how did the conflagration                    Your referrals are the most
Over the past 5 months, the                      on Peach Highlands start?                         meaningful compliment I can
housing inventory has                            Will our Marblehead football                      receive. I hope you all have a
increased by about 40%. With                     program ever have more than                       wonderful, healthy, safe
supply and demand as it is,                      three wins in a season (I really                  holiday season, and, I’ll see
there are many choices, and, it                  feel for the guys)?                               you at Maddie’s Sail Loft.
is a good time of year to be                     Don’t you wish we still had
                                                 daylight savings?                                         Very Best, Jody 
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