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Sunday, September 25, 2011
• Over 140 million cell phones are retired in the US each year, while
  the number recycled is less than 10%. A significant number of the
  retired cell phones are tossed into landfills adding to water and
  soil contamination.

• The problem has drawn national attention. Many communities,
  including the States of California, Maine and New York, have
  outlawed improper cell phone disposal. These communities
  consider cell phones to be hazardous waste.

• Community safety and domestic violence issues plague every
  corner of the nation.

 The 911 Cell Phone bank marries all these factors that harm
   the community into a simple program that brings benefit.
•   The 911 Cell Phone Bank is an initiative of the RMS Foundation. The RMS
    Foundation is a 501(c)3 Public Charity.

•   Founded in 2004, the 911 Cell Phone Bank provides an ongoing and
    readily available source of emergency cell phones and funds to
    participating law enforcement and affiliated victims services agencies.

•   The 911 Cell Phone Bank has provided hundreds of thousands of dollars
    and some 60,000 emergency cell phones to program participants.

•   The 911 Cell Phone Bank has formed many alliances and partnerships with
    leading organizations that benefit the overall operation of the emergency
    cell phone program.

•   The 911 Cell Phone Bank has formed many alliances and partnerships with
    leading organizations that benefit the overall operation of the emergency
    cell phone program.
•   National Sheriffs’ Association - The 911 Cell Phone
    Bank provides funds for the continuing operation of the
    National Association of Triads. Additionally, all phones
    donated by NSA member organizations benefit both the
    organization and NATI.

•   RMS Communications Group, Inc. – As a national
    leader in cell phone recycling, RMS operates the 911
    Cell Phone Bank on behalf of the RMS Foundation. RMS
    adds its technical expertise and customer service
    resources to keep the 911 Cell Phone Bank in operation.

•   Other Law Enforcement Agencies - The 911 Cell
    Phone Bank has partnered with hundreds of local law
    enforcement agencies nationwide. Some of the agencies
    include Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Orlando FL;
    Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office, Atlanta, GA; Cook
    County Sheriff's Office, Chicago, IL; Concord Police
    Department, Concord, CA

•   National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA).
    Since 1975, NOVA has been committed to serving
    victims of crime and crisis.
• No Cost - There is no cost to your organization.

• Emergency Cell Phone Management - No more phone testing,
  battery charging or inventorying emergency cell phones. Simply
  order them as needed.

• Receive Funds AND Phones – We value the cell phones you collect
  and provide a “Bank” of cell phones you can draw from.

• Community Service – We enable staff/volunteers to serve the
  community rather than administer cumbersome emergency cell
  phone programs.

• Environmental Solution – Several communities have outlawed
  disposing of cell phones in household trash. This program brings
  the community a free recycling solution with multiple benefits.
•   Each participating organization
    collects cell phones throughout the

•   Each collection point sends the
    collected cell phones directly to our
    processing facility using boxes and
    pre-paid shipping labels we provide.

•   We process the cell phones and pay
    the participating organization the
    collection value of the cell phones
    sent in.

•   We provide a bank of free emergency
    cell phones to the community as

•   All activity can be tracked on-line
    using our proprietary management
To get started call 866/290-7864, visit
    or ask your presenter for more

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