2009 Africa SMME Conference

SMMEs in Africa: Successes and Challenges

       Africa SMME Awards

     Date : 15 October 2009
 Venue : Spier Estate, Stellenbosch

       Africagrowth Institute, PO Box 3628, Tygervalley, 7536
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Dear Sir / Madam

Africagrowth Institute will host the Annual Africa SMME Conference and Awards
on the 15 October 2009. The theme of the conference will be: SMMEs in Africa:
Successes and Challenges. The conference will discuss success stories, best practices
and key challenges that face Africa’s SMMEs in the global market.

The 2009 conference will once again host the Africa SMME Awards Banquet, during
which the top SMMEs in Africa will be honoured. To ensure the success of this
event, partnerships, financial support and key stakeholder’s involvement are very
important. We therefore take great pleasure to invite you to partner with us and be
part of this prestigious event. Below is a table of opportunities that may assist you to
partner with us and support this unique and wonderful Africa-wide initiative.

We shall be grateful if you could take a few minutes of your time to look at the
sponsorship opportunities enclosed and generously support this unique and vital
Africa initiative. We look forward to discussing the partnership opportunities
between your company and look forward to working with you to promote Africa’s
entrepreneurial spirit.

Yours sincerely

N Biekpe                                                  DPotgieter
Professor Nicholas Biekpe                                 Dina Potgieter
President : Africagrowth Institute                        Manager : SMME Project

Board of Directors : Professor Jimnah Mbaru (Kenya); Mr. Phil Molefe (South Africa); Ms. Vuyo
Mahlati (South Africa); Mr. Mumba Kapumpa (Zambia); Dr. Mohammed Jahed (South Africa); Dr.
Agatha Biekpe (UK); Professor Nicholas Biekpe (South Africa)
            SMME AWARDS

Over the last decade, Africa has witnessed a significant and sustained growth rate
similar to Asia in the 1950s. Despite the positive development progress, much is yet
to be done relieve poverty in the continent. Specifically, there has been a significant
realisation that Africa needs to look at the small business sector if the current growth
trend is to be sustained. It is now well established that small, medium and micro
enterprises are playing a central role in driving the continent’s growth trend and that
they form the backbone of employment-creating initiatives in Africa, as the sector is,
by far, the biggest contributor to economic activity in the continent.

For the continent to continue to prosper, big business, development institutions,
government and other private non-private sector institutions have a critical role to
play to promote SMME development. It is now very clear that economic
development, in the continent, will be stagnated if the SMME fails to take a
development lead. .

To address this, Africagrowth Agenda in partnership with African government and
major organisations is organising the third Africa SMME Conference and Awards
which will take place on the 15th of October 2009. The Conference and Awards
ceremony will present recent growth trends and challenges in SMME development in
the continent and reward successful SMME entrepreneurs that have excelled in
business innovation and drive that has helped to make significant difference to the
lives of people in the continent. The main aim of this event is, therefore, to support
and showcase Africa’s finest entrepreneurial achievements in the SMMEs sector. The
awards will consist of 6 Sector categories and an overall winner.

Aims and Objectives of Conference and Award Ceremony

      To showcase Africa’s successful SMMEs;
      To promote and highlight the role that SMMEs play in economic development
       of the continent;
      To present case studies and research findings in the SMME sector;
      To present African SMME sector indices and indicators;
      To bring together governments, development institutions, investors, academics
       and private sector institutions who are involved in SMMEs in the development
       of the SMMEs sector;
      To discuss best practices in the SMMEs sector;
      To bring big business and SMMEs together “under one roof”;
      To help promote SMMEs Research and development ;
                  AFRICA SMME AWARDS

The Africa SMME Awards are presented to
businesses that strive for excellence in order to
be competitive in national, regional, and
international markets. These businesses must be well
established, in good financial shape and enjoy
a reputation for quality, integrity and service.
Furthermore, they must act in a socially responsible
manner and create a work environment in which
their employees can learn and grow.

SMMEs can be nominated in any of the following
categories and must only enter for one category.
Out of all the winners per category, an overall
winner will be selected.

                                                             2008 SMME Award Winners and Mr Rob Davies,
Categories                          Areas                          Deputy Minister, Trade and Industry.

                                   Manufacturing, Electricity, Gas, Water, Construction,
Industrial Sector Award
                                   Mining & Quarrying and Agriculture Sector
Trade Sector Award                 Wholesale, Retail Sector, Arts and crafts
Services Sector Award              Financial & Business Services, Transport, Storage,
                                   Communication, Hospitality and Tourism Sector
Best New Business Award            For outstanding results achieved in creating a new
                                   business, less than three years in operation, and attaining
                                   quantifiable business outcomes
Most Innovative Award              For outstanding entrepreneurial spirit, a company
                                   possesses in pioneering new approaches and the ability
                                   to adapt and develop products and/ or professional
                                   services ahead of the market
Young Enterprise Award             For outstanding accomplishment made by a business
                                   Director and/ or Owner at the age of 30 or under
Africa SMME of the Year            The overall Africa SMME of the Year recipient will be
                                   selected from the winners of the categories shown above

The Sponsorship
The organisers of this important African initiative greatly acknowledge and salute
your organisation’s support and contribution to promoting development in the
continent and would be very honoured if you could consider sponsoring the event.
The event attracts investors, entrepreneurs and high profile speakers and participants
from private sector institutions, African governments, SMME sector, small and
medium enterprise support agencies, and other development institutions throughout
the continent and beyond.

         Benefits to Sponsor: (Table of sponsorship options attached)
                        It is our business to help your business!
                                                                           TO SPONSOR THE CONFERENCE

                                      SPONSORSHIP OPTIONS FOR THE 2009 AFRICA SMME CONFERENCE

The table below shows the different sponsorship opportunities available at the 2009 Africa SMME Conference and the benefits that the sponsor will enjoy.

                                      Speaking      Delegates to     Advertisement in      Advertisement in      Interview with   Display banner        Logo in      Free Subscription to
CONFERENCE            Contribution    opportunity   attend the     Conference Brochure   Africagrowth Agenda         Senior       and promotional    Conference      the Africagrowth
                      (excl. VAT)     on relevant   Conference                                 Magazine          Manager to be    article(s) at      brochure, on    Growth Publication
                                      topic         and Awards     Full page Half Page                            published in    conference or       conference     for 1 year
                                                    banquet for     (A4)          (A5)   Full Page   Half Page   Africa Growth    banquet           website and on
                                                    free                                  (A4)            (A4)      Agenda                           presentation
                                                                                                                   Magazine                             screen

Platinum Sponsor      R100 000
                                           √            10            √                      √                         √                 √                √                   √

Gold Sponsor          R50 000
                                           √             5                        √                      √                               √                √                   √

Silver Sponsor        R30 000
                                                         3                        √                      √                               √                √                   √

Bronze Sponsor        R20 000
                                                         2                        √                                                      √                √                   √

Speaker Gifts &       R 8 000
                                                         2                                                                                                √                   √
Conference Bags

Refreshment           R 6 000
                                                         2                                                                                                √

√ Benefits included in package
Note that all amounts are excluding VAT

                                                                   It is our business to help your business!
                                                                               TO SPONSOR THE AWARDS
                                                SPONSORSHIP OPTIONS FOR THE 2009 AFRICA SMME AWARDS

                                The table below shows the different sponsorship opportunities available at the 2009 Africa SMME Awards Banquet and the benefits
                                                                                   that the sponsor will enjoy.

                                                     Speaking       Delegates to    Advertisement in Awards       Advertisement in      Interview with     Display banner and       Logo in Awards     Company
                      Contribution     Guest         opportunity    attend the          Brochure (A5)           Africagrowth Agenda    Senior Manager      promotional               brochure, on      Name printed
    AFRICA            (excl. VAT)      Speaker at    on relevant    Awards                                            Magazine        to be published in   article(s) at Awards   Awards website and   on Africa
    SMME                               the SMME      topic at the   banquet for     Full page   Half Page                               Africa Growth      banquet                  on presentation    SMME
                                       Awards        conference     free             (A5)          (A5)       Full Page   Half Page   Agenda Magazine                                   screen         Award
   AWARDS                                                                                                      (A4)            (A4)                                                                    Trophy

Ambassador            R200 000              √              √              15            √                          √                          √                      √                    √                 √

All Sector Awards     R150 000                             √              10            √                          √                          √                      √                    √                 √

Africa SMME of the    R60 000                              √              5             √                          √                                                 √                    √                 √
year award

Individual & Sector   R30 000                                             3                            √                         √                                   √                    √                 √
Awards (6)

Décor at banquet      R30 000                                             3                            √                         √                                   √                    √                 √

Table Sponsor         R6 000                                              8

Note that these amounts exclude VAT

Sectors: Industrial Sector, Trade Sector, Services Sector:
Individual Awards: Best New Business Award, Most Innovative Enterprise Award, Young Enterprise Award

                                                                     It is our business to help your business!

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