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converted poster pres2010 indd (PDF)

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Sunday, October 31:        10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Monday, November 1:        10:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.

Tuesday, November 2:        10:00 a.m. - 6:45 p.m.
Wednesday, November 3:      10:00 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

                                                                      Poster Presentations

 Abstract #
 Correlates to the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting

 Poster Board #
 Reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is

 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II.

 Example: B-100 = Poster Session II / Board 100
                            2010 ASTRO AMBASSADORS

                         ASTRO proudly recognizes the ongoing commitment
                       of our 2010 Corporate Ambassadors for their outstanding
                       year-round leadership and support of radiation oncology.
Poster Presentations
P t Presentations
Poster P     i
          t ti
BREAST CANCER                                               Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
Presentation Number 2001 – 2116                             2011          Anuradha Bapsi               A-11              2022         Wilhelm Lubbe                A-22
Poster Board Number A-1 – A-116

                                                                                                                                                                                        POSTER PRESENTATIONS
                                                                          Chakravarthy                                   Regional Recurrence After Breast Conservation
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Five-Year Local Control Results Of Preoperative              Therapy: Treatment And Patient Characteristics
                                                            Paclitaxel With Concurrent Radiation Therapy In              Affecting Outcome
2001         Charlotte Dai Kubicky           A-1            Locally Advanced Breast Cancer
Postmastectomy Radiation Therapy (PMRT) And                                                                              2023          Stella Lymberis             A-23
Overall Survival (OS) Of Breast Cancer Patients             2012         Daniel Ferraro                  A-12            Phase III Study Comparing Prone Accelerated
With T1-2 And 1-3 Positive Axillary Lymph Nodes:            Nonrandomized Comparison Of Multicatheter                    Whole Breast IMRT With A Daily Vs. A Weekly
A Seer Data Analysis                                        Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation Vs. Whole             Tumor Bed Boost: Interim Analysis Results
                                                            Breast Radiation Therapy For Breast
2002        Joseph Panoff                  A-2              Conservation: Five Year Outcomes                             2024         Roshan Prabhu                 A-24
Higher Chest Wall Dose Results In Improved                                                                               Radiotherapy Implications For Locally Advanced
Locoregional Outcome In Patients Receiving Post             2013         Randall Kimple              A-13                Breast Cancer Patients Treated With Skin Sparing
Mastectomy Radiation                                        Phase I Study And Biomarker Analysis Of                      Vs. Non-Skin Sparing Mastectomy Following
                                                            Lapatinib And Concurrent Radiation For Locally               Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy
2003         Yoonsun Chung                  A-3             Advanced Breast Cancer
Dosimetric Parameters To Predict Radiation                                                                               2025          Mylin Torres                    A-25
Pneumonitis In Breast Cancer Patients That Re-              2014          Grace Lee                    A-14              Simultaneous Integrated Boost Radiotherapy
ceived Radiotherapy Using Partial Wide Tangen-              Magnetic Resonance Imaging Assessment For                    For Breast Cancer: Patient Characteristics, Side
tial Techniques After Breast Conserving Surgery             Clinical Target Volume Delineation Of The Post-              Effects, And Long Term Outcomes Of Two
                                                            operative Cavity In Breast Radiotherapy                      Different Regimens
2004          Silvia Chiara Formenti         A-4
Five-Year Results Of Prone Accelerated Partial              2015         Karina Quispe                 A-15              2026          Wei Wang                       A-26
Breast Irradiation: NYU 00-23                               Dose-Volumetric Parameters For Predicting                    A Rapid Automated Process For Selection Of
                                                            Severe Radiation Pneumonitis And Skin Toxicity               Breath Hold Technique Via Active Breathing Con-
2005          Kathleen Horst              A-5               In Breast Cancer Patients Treated With Three                 trol To Achieve Cardiac Dose Reduction Among
Analysis Of Breast Cancer Subtypes In Women                 Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy And                  Patients Receiving Left Sided Breast Irradiation
Who Develop Breast Cancer Following Mantle                  Paclitaxel
Irradiation For Hodgkin’s Disease                                                                                        2027         Shiv Desai                  A-27
                                                            2016         Shirin Sioshansi               A-16             Interval Of Up To 16 Weeks Between Mastecto-
2006         Hae-Jin Park                   A-6             Triple Negative Breast Cancer Is Associated                  my And Radiation Does Not Impair Locoregional
Treatment Outcomes For PET Positive Clinical                With An Increased Risk Of Residual Tumor After               Outcome In Patients Receiving Neoadjuvant
N3 Breast Cancer Patients After Neoadjuvant                 Lumpectomy                                                   Chemotherapy
Chemotherapy, Surgery And Regional Lymph
Nodes Radiotherapy                                          2017         Cristiane Takita             A-17               2028          Geraldine Jacobson         A-28
                                                            Breast Cancer Subtype And Locoregional Out-                  Comparison Of 3D Ultrasound CT, And MRI For
2007          William Wong                    A-7           comes In Locally Advanced Breast Cancer (LABC)               Target Definition In The Post Lumpectomy Breast
Five-Year Outcome Of A Prospective Study
Evaluating Tumor Bed Boost With Intra-Operative             2018        Atif Khan                     A-18               2029         Amanda McLane                 A-29
Electron Irradiation (IOERT) In Breast Conserving           Tamoxifen Confers A Limited Benefit In Older                 Hypofractionated Whole Breast Radiation Plus
Treatment For T1/T2 N0 Breast Cancer                        Women With Early Stage Breast Cancer                         Boost For Breast Cancer: A Retrospective Analy-
                                                                                                                         sis Of Outcomes And Toxicities By Age
2008         Steven Feigenberg              A-8             2019        Akshar Patel                 A-19
Development Of A Stereotactic Body Radia-                   Breast Conservation Therapy And BRCA Status                  2030         Arndt-Christian Mueller         A-30
tion Therapy (SBRT) System Dedicated To The                 Do Not Predict For Poor Outcomes In Young                    Male Breast Cancer - 25 Years Single Institution
Treatment Of Early Stage Breast Cancer: The                 Women With Early-Stage Breast Cancer                         Experience
Gammapod TM
                                                            2020         Kumiko Karasawa                A-20             2031          Robert Schneider               A-31
2009        Mary Lindberg                  A-9              Comparison Between Short-Term Results Of                     Five-Year Results Of Preoperative Paclitaxel
Dosimetric Analysis Of RTOG-Defined Target                  Hypofractionated And Conventionally                          With Concurrent Radiation Therapy In Locally
Volumes For Postmastectomy Radiation Therapy                Fractionated Whole-Breast Irradiation After                  Advanced Breast Cancer: Pathological Response
                                                            Breast Conserving Surgery                                    Predicts For Survival
2010         Penny Anderson               A-10
The Influence Of Extensive Intraductal Compo-               2021         Keith Lim                    A-21               2032         Peter Chen                    A-32
nent On Outcome In Patients With Early Stage                Do Patients Want Hypofractionated Radiother-                 Predictors Of Long Term Toxicity Of Three-
Breast Cancer Treated With Breast Conservation              apy For Breast Cancer? Results From An Urban                 Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy For
Therapy                                                     Practice                                                     Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                               GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE                  91
                       Abstract #               Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       2033         Donna Gies                       A-33              2044           Sarah Haro                  A-44              2055        Janna Andrews                 A-55
                       Evaluating The Use Of Antiperspirant With                       Interstitial High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy              Dose Perturbations With Breast Expanders In
                       Aluminum And The Impact On Skin Reaction                        For Breast Cancer In Women < 50 Years Of Age                 Postmastectomy Patients
                       And Quality Of Life During External Beam                        Compared To > 50 Years Of Age: A Report Of 264

                       Radiation Therapy For Stage 0, I, Or II Breast                  Cases Using Multi-Catheter Technique                         2056         Katarzyna Bochenska         A-56
                       Cancer: A Randomized Control Study                                                                                           A Retrospective Comparison Of Ductal Carci-
                                                                                       2045        Lisa Klepczyk                 A-45               noma In Situ In African American And Caucasian
                       2034          Priti Patel                  A-34                 The Impact Of Radiation Dose To The Heart                    Women
                       Outcomes Of Patients In ASTRO’s Cautionary                      During Treatment With Concurrent Trastuzumab
                       Group Treated With Accelerated Partial Breast                   On The Development Of Early Cardiac Events: A                2057          Lisa Capelle                 A-57
                       Irradiation (APBI)                                              Dosimetric Analysis                                          Skin Sparing Helical Tomotherapy Vs. 3D
                                                                                                                                                    Conformal Radiotherapy: A Randomized
                       2035        Reid Thompson               A-35                    2046          Lichung Ku                  A-46               Controlled Trial Of Adjuvant Breast Radiotherapy
                       Hypofractionated Whole Breast Radiation                         Dosimetric Impact Of Air Pocket Sizes On Partial             - Skin Dosimetry Substudy
                       Therapy: Does Size Matter?                                      Breast Irradiation Using The Multi-Lumen Balloon
                                                                                       Applicators                                                  2058           WITHDRAWN
                       2036         Arpi Thukral                   A-36
                       Incidence And Patterns Of Distant Metastases In                 2047          Paola Pinnarò                  A-47            2059         Shalini Garg                 A-59
                       Early-Stage Breast Cancer Patients After Breast-                Accelerated Hypofractionated Radiotherapy As                 The Impact Of 4D Respiratory Tracking CT
                       Conservation Treatment (BCT) With Radiation:                    Adjuvant Regimen After Conserving Surgery For                Simulation On Target, Lung, And Cardiac Dose
                       The University Of Pennsylvania Experience                       Early Breast Cancer: Report Of Toxicity After A              In Post-Mastectomy Chest Wall Irradiation
                                                                                       Minimum Follow Up Of 4 Years
                       2037          Eileen Connolly                A-37                                                                            2060          Josef Hammer                A-60
                       Inflammatory Breast Cancer Radio-Resistance                     2048           Shanmugam Thirumalai           A-48           Breast Tumor Location And The Impact Of Nodal
                       And Its Cancer Stem Cell Population Are Oppo-                                  Swamy                                         Status On Local Recurrence (LR) And Disease
                       sitely Controlled By Translation Factor eIF4G                   Feasibility Of Left Sided Chest Wall Irradiation             Free Survival (DFS)
                                                                                       With Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
                       2038          Danielle Margalit           A-38                                                                               2061         Parag Sanghvi                 A-61
                       Microinvasive Breast Cancer: Incidence Of                       2049          Dorin Todor                   A-49             Patient Reported Cosmesis After Simultaneous
                       Axillary Metastases At Diagnosis And Recurrence                 Cosmetic Outcome After Accelerated Partial                   Integrated Boost For Early Stage Breast Cancer
                       Rates After Breast-Conserving Therapy (BCT) Or                  Breast Irradiation: Correlation With Dose And The
                       Mastectomy                                                      Volume Of Skin Treated                                       2062         Mira Shah                   A-62
                                                                                                                                                    Impact Of A Photograph-Based Educational Tool
                       2039          Carl Nelson                  A-39                 2050         Marcia Urie                  A-50               On Patient Knowledge And Satisfaction Regard-
                       Racial Disparities In Treatment Outcomes For                    Dosimetric Implications Of Changes In Breast                 ing Cosmetic Outcomes After Breast Conserva-
                       African American Women With Ductal Carci-                       And Tumor Bed Volumes Between Initial Simula-                tion Therapy: A Pilot Study
                       noma In Situ Receiving Whole Breast Irradiation                 tion And Re-Simulation For Boost Treatment
                       Following Breast Conserving Surgery                                                                                          2063          Naoto Shikama                   A-63
                                                                                       2051         Shu-Lian Wang              A-51                 How To Predict Patients Unsuitable For Acceler-
                       2040         Divya Arora                  A-40                  Postmastectomy Electron Beam Chest Wall                      ated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI) Using 3D
                       Incidental Radiation Dose To Presumed                           Radiotherapy Outcomes And Prognostic Factors                 Conformal Techniques
                       Uninvolved Internal Mammary Lymph Nodes                         Of 328 Patients
                       In Breast Cancer Patients Receiving Post-                                                                                    2064           Michael Tallhamer            A-64
                       Mastectomy Irradiation Adjuvant Therapy                         2052        Fuh Yong Wong                  A-52              Prospective Use Of A Conformity Index May
                                                                                       Her2-Neu Positivity Prognosticates For Poor                  Reduce Planning Variability For Multi-Institution-
                       2041          Carmen Bergom                    A-41             Disease Control In Asian Women With Small,                   al Clinical Protocols
                       Partial Breast Irradiation (PBI) In The Prone Posi-             Node Negative Breast Cancer Treated With
                       tion Using Image-Guided Intensity Modulated                     Conservation Therapy                                         2065          Gabriella Wernicke             A-65
                       Radiation Therapy: Preliminary Results From A                                                                                Tissue Compliance Meter Is A More Reproduc-
                       Phase II Study                                                  2053         Rahul Parikh                    A-53            ible Method Of Measuring Radiation-Induced
                                                                                       Extent Of Axillary Dissection Predicts Survival In           Fibrosis Than Lent-Soma In Patients Treated With
                       2042          Jian Chen                  A-42                   pN0 Early Stage Breast Cancer                                Intracavitary Brachytherapy Accelerated Partial
                       Frequency And Anatomical Characteristics Of                                                                                  Breast Irradiation: Results Of A Prospective Trial
                       Involved Regional Lymph Nodes In Recurrent                      2054          Simona Shaitelman               A-54
                       And Advanced Breast Cancer And Its Impact On                    Five-Year Outcome Of Patients Classified Using               2066          John Wilkinson              A-66
                       Target Definition                                               The American Society For Radiation Oncology                  Outcomes Of Breast Cancer Patients With Triple
                                                                                       (ASTRO) Consensus Statement (CS) Guidelines                  Negative Receptor Status Treated With Acceler-
                       2043          Indra Das                    A-43                 For The Application Of Accelerated Partial Breast            ated Partial Breast Irradiation
                       Factors Affecting Contra-Lateral Breast Dose In                 Irradiation (APBI): An Analysis Of Patients Treated
                       Radiation Treatment Of Breast Cancer                            On The American Society of Breast Surgeons                   2067          Irene Karam                    A-67
                                                                                       (ASBS) MammoSite Registry Trial                              Outcomes After Whole Brain Radiotherapy And
                                                                                                                                                    Re-Irradiation In Patients With Metastatic Breast
                                                                                                                                                    Cancer In The Trastuzumab Era

                            Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                            “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       92     ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
2068           Kevin Albuquerque             A-68           2080         Angela Maynard                  A-80            2091        Fundagul Andic               A-91
Initial Set-Up Reproducibility For Prone Breast             Results Of Radiaplex In Reduction Of Post-Radia-             Treatment Adherence And Outcome In Women
Irradiation (PBI): Comparative Clinical Data With           tion Skin Reactions In Patients With Breast Cancer           With Inflammatory Breast Cancer: Does Race
Supine Breast Irradiation (SBI) For Women With                                                                           Matter?

                                                                                                                                                                                        POSTER PRESENTATIONS
Different Body Mass Indices (BMI) - Role For IGRT           2081           Paul Anderson               A-81
                                                            Interstitial High Dose Rate Brachytherapy For                2092          Abhirami Hallock            A-92
2069          Susie Chen                  A-69              Early Stage Breast Cancer: Median 6 Year Follow-             Is True Randomization Possible? Unintentional
Influence Of Breast Reconstruction On Postmas-              Up Of 268 Cases Using Multi-Catheter Technique               Inclusion Of Internal Mammary Chain In Stan-
tectomy Radiotherapy: Global Perceptions And                                                                             dard Breast Tangent Volume For Node Positive
Practice Patterns                                           2082         Leonard Kim                    A-82             Breast Cancer
                                                            Is The 1 cm CTV Margin Used In Breast Balloon
2070          Parima Daroui                A-70             Brachytherapy Equivalent To A 1.5 cm CTV                     2093           Bryan Rowe                 A-93
Acute Loco-Regional Toxicity Of A Novel                     Margin In External Beam Partial Breast Irradia-              Reduced Skin Toxicity With Multiple Dwell
Fractionation Scheme For Accelerated Partial                tion? A Deformable Registration Study                        Position Mammosite Brachytherapy: Preliminary
Breast Irradiation (APBI) Using 3-D Conformal                                                                            Phase II Trial Results
Radiotherapy (3D-CRT)                                       2083         Jihae Lee                     A-83
                                                            Omitting Postoperative Radiation After Excision              2094          Bin-Sing Teh                  A-94
2071          Chih-Jen Huang              A-71              For Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Of The Breast                   Effect Of Radiation On Partial Breast Reconstruc-
Clinical Outcomes Of Breast Cancer Patients                                                                              tion In Patients Undergoing Mini-Abdominal
With Positive 1-3 Axillary Lymph Nodes                      2084         Sung Kwon Moon                A-84              Free Flaps
                                                            Comparative Analysis Of Dose-Volume Histo-
2072        Nathan Sheets                 A-72              gram Between Multistatic Field Technique And                 2095         Yuenan Wang                   A-95
Hypofractionated Whole Breast Radiation In                  Three Dimensional Radiation Therapy Planning                 Dosimetric Effect Of Metal-Containing Tissue
Women With DCIS Or Grade 3 Invasive Breast                  For Postoperative Radiation Therapy Of Left                  Expanders On Post-Mastectomy Radiation
Cancer                                                      Breast Cancer                                                (PMRT) Boost Of Positive Chestwall Margins
                                                                                                                         Using Hetereogeneity Correction
2073          Sunanda Pejavar               A-73            2085         Kevin O’Leary                A-85
Characteristics And Outcome After Breast                    Daily MV Portal Imaging With 2D Matching                     2096          Tianming Wu                 A-96
Conservation Therapy (BCT) In Young Women                   Of Supraclavicular Fields Improves Conformal                 Assessment Of Dose Calculation Accuracy Of A
With Invasive Breast Cancer: Role Of Ethnic-                Radiotherapy Setup Accuracy For Multiple Field               Commercially Available Monte Carlo Algorithm
ity, Molecular Subtype, And Mammographic                    Breast Treatments                                            For Plan Optimization Using Oblique Electron
Density                                                                                                                  Fields At Extended SSDS
                                                            2086          Csaba Polgar                   A-86
2074         Hind Riahi Idrissi          A-74               Patient Selection For Accelerated Partial Breast             2097        Geoff Delaney                  A-97
Whole Brain Radiotherapy With Concurrent                    Irradiation After Breast-Conserving Surgery:                 A Comparison Of Breast Cancer Radiotherapy
Trastuzumab For Treatment Of Brain Metastases               Recommendations Of The Groupe Européen De                    Treatment Rates In British Columbia, Scotland,
In Breast Cancer Patients                                   Curiethérapie-European Society For Therapeutic               And Western Australia, And A Comparison With
                                                            Radiology And Oncology (GEC-ESTRO) Breast                    Models Of “Optimal” Therapy
2075           Jennifer Davis               A-75            Cancer Working Group
Interstitial High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy                                                                          2098           Adam Dickler                     A-98
For Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Of The Breast:                 2087         Mark Gerard Trombetta         A-87              Initial Results Of A Multi-Center Trial Utilizing
Median 6 Year Results Of 63 Cases Using Multi-              A Volumetric Model For Evaluation Of Skin Dose               Xoft Axxent Electronic Brachytherapy To Deliver
Catheter Technique                                          And Correlation Of Toxicity In Balloon-Based                 Intraoperative Radiation Therapy In The Treat-
                                                            Breast Brachytherapy                                         ment Of Early-Stage Breast Cancer
2076           Su-Mi Chung                 A-76
The Prognostic Significance Of The Lymph Node               2088         Akira Tuzuki                 A-88               2099         Miriam Graf                     A-99
Ratio In Axillary Lymph Node Positive Breast                Evaluation Of Changes Of Tumor Shadows                       Comparison Of Target Breast Volume Treated
Cancer                                                      And Micro-Calcifications On Mammography                      For Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI)
                                                            Following A New Radiosensitization Treatment                 Devices
2077         Amy Limbacher                 A-77             (KORTUCII) For Aged Patients With Breast Cancer
Outcomes For Accelerated Partial Breast Irradia-            Of Stages I And II                                           2100         Robert Hong                     A-100
tion In Ductal Carcinoma In Situ Patients                                                                                Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation At Virginia
                                                            2089        Vladimir Valakh              A-89                Hospital Center: Post Hoc Analysis Of Dosimetry
2078          Michelle Yao                    A-78          Comprehensive Analysis Of Cardiac Dose In High               Comparing Mammosite, Contura, And Savi
Image-Guided Partial Breast Irradiation: Initial            Dose Rate (HDR) Breast Brachytherapy Treated                 Devices
Feasibility Report Of A Prospective Clinical Trial          With The Contura Applicator
                                                                                                                         2101        Martin Keisch             A-101
2079         Sua Yoo                     A-79               2090          Emi Yoshida                     A-90           Comparison Of The Dosimetry Of The New
Breast Cancer Radiation Treatment Planning:                 Intra- And Inter-Observer Variability In Ultra-              Mammosite Multi-Lumen (Ml) Balloon Breast
A Comparison Of Anisotropic Analytical                      sound-Based Diagnosis Of Normal-Tissue Toxicity              Brachytherapy Catheter Vs. The Single
Algorithm (AAA) And Pencil Beam Convolution                 In Breast Cancer Radiotherapy                                Lumen Mammosite For APBI
(PBC) Algorithm

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                               GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE                  93
                       Abstract #               Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       2102          Jinli Ma                     A-102                2114         Matthew Wagar              A-114                2125         Kazuhiro Miwa              A-125
                       Irradiation Of The Chest Wall And Regional                      Retrospective Analysis Of Mammosite Brachy-                  Hypo-Fractionated High-Dose Irradiation
                       Nodes As An Integrated Volume With IMRT For                     therapy: Post-Therapy Seroma Formation                       Planned By Methionine PET For The Treatment
                       Breast Cancer: Acute Toxicity From A Pilot Study                                                                             Of Glioblastoma Multiforme

                                                                                       2115        Bixiu Wen                     A-115
                       2103          Andreas Meyer                 A-103               NYU Prone Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation:            2126        Mihir Naik                  A-126
                       Bilateral Breast Cancer: Risk Factors With Impact               Compliance To The Dosimetry Requirements Of                  Medulloblastoma In Adults: A Retrospective
                       On Clinical Outcome                                             RTOG-0413                                                    Review Of Prognostic Factors And Treatment
                       2104          Elizabeth Nichols              A-104              2116         Kenneth Westover           A-116
                       Pre-Operative Therapy Increases Patient Eligibil-               Should A Sentinel Node Biopsy Be Performed In                2127         Owen Thomas                A-127
                       ity For Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation                  Patients With High Risk Breast Cancer?                       A Method Of Rapidly Generating Spine Ra-
                       (APBI) And Decreases Normal Tissue Exposure                                                                                  diosurgery Treatment Plans To Allow Urgent
                       2105            Umang Patel                  A-105              Central Nervous System
                       Placement & Visualization Of Surgical Clips In                  Presentation Number 2117 − 2202                              2128         Thomas Dipetrillo            A-128
                       The Lumpectomy Cavity Of Patients With Stage                    Poster Board Number A-117 – A-202                            Addition Of Paclitaxel Poliglumex (PPX) To IMRT
                       0, I & II Breast Cancer Treated With Breast Con-                                                                             Plus Concurrent Temozolomide In The Treat-
                       serving Surgery & Radiation Therapy (BCS+RT)                    2117        Arnab Chakravarti           A-117                ment Of High-Grade Gliomas
                                                                                       Determinants Of Therapeutic Resistance In
                       2106        James Russo                  A-106                  Glioblastomas: Lessons Learned From RTOG                     2129          Joshua Mondschein           A-129
                       Dosimetric Coverage Of Level I And II Lymph                     0211 And Beyond                                              Stereotactic Radiosurgery Plus Whole Brain
                       Nodes By Opposed Tangent Fields In Patients                                                                                  Radiation Therapy Vs. Stereotactic Radiosurgery
                       Undergoing PMRT With Tissue Expanders                           2118         Nicholas Boehling           A-118               Alone In The Treatment Of Brain Metastases
                                                                                       Vertebral Compression Fracture Risk After Ste-               From Malignant Melanoma
                       2107          Hossein Afsharpour          A-107                 reotactic Radiosurgery For Spinal Metastases
                       Breast Density Effect On Target And Skin Doses                                                                               2130          Mark Bilsky                   A-130
                       In 40 Breast 103pd Seed Implants Studied Using                  2119          Gianfranco Pesce             A-119             The Spinal Instability Neoplastic Score (SINS):
                       A Semiautomatic Tissue Segmentation                             Combined Treatment For Patients With Brain                   An Analysis If Reliability And Validity From The
                                                                                       Metastases From Non-small Cell Lung Cancer                   Spine Oncology Study Group
                       2108         Angel Blanco                   A-108               With Whole Brain Radiotherapy (WBRT) And
                       Is Multi-Lumen Balloon (MLB) Superior To Single-                Gefitinib (GFT) Or Temozolomide (TMZ). A Ran-                2131          Jeannie Han               A-131
                       Lumen Balloon (SLB) Brachytherapy Catheter For                  domized Multicenter Phase II Trial Of The Swiss              Basal Meningiomas Treated With Either
                       Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation (APBI)?                  Group Of Clinical Cancer Research (S)                        Stereotactic Radiosurgery Or Radiotherapy: A
                                                                                                                                                    Comparison Of Early Outcomes
                       2109         Cyrus Chargari               A-109                 2120         Rafal Tarnawski                 A-120
                       No Evidence Of Increased Skin Toxicity With                     Testing Feasibility Of Protecting Neural Stem                2132         Robert Olson                A-132
                       Aromatase Inhibitors And Concurrent Hypo-                       Cells To Minimize Neurocognitive Dysfunction                 Prospective Comparison Of The Prognostic Util-
                       fractionnated Radiation Therapy In Menopausal                   After Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation. Pilot Study          ity Of The Montreal Cognitive Assessment And
                       Breast Cancer Patients                                          For SCLC Patients                                            The Mini Mental State Examination In Patients
                                                                                                                                                    With Brain Metastases
                       2110         Georges Hobeika              A-110                 2121         Lesley Jarvis                A-121
                       Outcomes Of Breast Conserving Therapy For                       Tumor Bed Dynamics After Surgical Resection                  2133          Eugene Chung                 A-133
                       DCIS In A Minority Population At University Of                  For Brain Metastases: Implications For The Tim-              Predictive Factors In The Obliteration Rate Of
                       Miami                                                           ing Of Postoperative Radiosurgery                            Arteriovenous Malformations (AVMS) Using
                                                                                                                                                    Linac Based Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)
                       2111         Su Ssan Kim                   A-111                2122         Maria Grazia Fabrini       A-122
                       Retrospective Analysis Of Risk Factors For                      A Flexible Multimodal Approach To Eye Melano-                2134         Tejan Diwanji                A-134
                       Regional Recurrence For pT1-2N1 Patients After                  ma: Patterns Of Care And Related Complications               Long-Term Outcome Of Gamma Knife Ste-
                       Breast Conserving Therapy                                                                                                    reotactic Radiosurgery For Multiple Sclerosis
                                                                                       2123          Fred Wu                     A-123              Associated Trigeminal Neuralgia
                       2112           Brigid O’Connor               A-112              Presence Of Hemosiderin Ring On T2-Weighted
                       Initial Results Of A Phase I/II Study Evaluating                MRI For Renal Cell Carcinoma Brain Metastases                2135        John Flickinger              A-135
                       The Maximum Tolerated Dose, Pharmacokinet-                      Prior To Radiosurgery Is Associated With Higher              Changes In Prognostic Factors For Glioblastoma
                       ics, Safety, And Efficacy Of Hyperthermia And                   Risk Of Post-SRS Radionecrosis                               Between 1998-2006 In The Seer Database
                       Lyso-Thermosensitive Liposomal (LTSL) Doxoru-
                       bicin In Patients With Breast Cancer Recurrence                 2124          Vincenzo Valentini       A-124                 2136          Susan Guo                  A-136
                       At The Chest Wall (RCW)                                         Outcomes Following Conformal Fractionated                    Impact Of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)
                                                                                       Stereotactic Boost And Temozolomide In Newly                 Histology On Survival Predicted From The
                                                                                       Diagnosed Glioblastoma Multiforme: A Long                    Graded Prognostic Assessment (GPA) For Pa-
                       2113         Robyn Vera                  A-113
                                                                                       Term Analyses Of Phase II Study                              tients With Brain Metastases
                       Cosmesis And Toxicity Following 3-D Conformal
                       Radiotherapy (3D-CRT) In The Delivery Of
                       Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation

                            Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                            “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       94     ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
2137          Lindsay Sales               A-137             2150          Eric Hyun                  A-150               2162         Gita Suneja                A-162
Intracranial Tumors Following Cranial Radiation             Outcome Of Patients Treated With Gamma Knife                 Post-Operative Radiation Therapy For Low
                                                            Stereotactic Radiosurgery For Brain Metasta-                 Grade Glioma: Patterns Of Care Between 1998
2138          Abigail Stockham             A-138            ses From Melanoma And Association Of BRAF                    And 2006

                                                                                                                                                                                        POSTER PRESENTATIONS
Validation Of The ‘Lesion Quotient’ As A Radio-             Oncogene Mutation Status With Survival
graphic Tool To Distinguish Between Radiation                                                                            2163        Thankamma Ajithkumar A-163
Necrosis And Tumor Progression For Brain Me-                2151         Helen Shih                  A-151               Dosimetric Analysis Of Patterns Of Failure
tastases Treated With Stereotactic Radiosurgery             Second Tumor Risk And Projected Late Effects                 Following Radical Chemoradiotherapy For
                                                            After Proton Vs. Intensity Modulated Photon                  Glioblastoma Multiforme
2139          Ruud Wiggenraad            A-139              Radiotherapy For Benign Meningioma: A Dosi-
What Is The Optimal Dose In Stereotactic                    metric Comparison                                            2164        James Coons                A-164
Radiotherapy Of Brain Metastases? A Systematic                                                                           Improvement Of Therapeutic Index For Brain
Literature Search                                           2152         Babatunde Banwo              A-152              Tumors With Daily Image Guidance
                                                            Linac-Stereotactic Radiosurgery (LSRS) In The
2140        Jonathan Abelson             A-140              Management Of Trigeminal Neuralgia: Median 6                 2165          John Britt Fiveash            A-165
Esophageal Dose Tolerance In Stereotactic Body              Year Follow-Up In 51 Cases                                   A Phase II Isotoxicity Study Of Spinal Radiosur-
Radiotherapy                                                                                                             gery/SBRT
                                                            2153         Anand Desai                 A-153
2141           Vincenzo Valentini       A-141               Frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS):                   2166         Toshihiko Iuchi             A-166
Low-Dose Fractionated Radiotherapy (LD-FRT)                 Outcomes For Trigeminal Neuralgia                            Brain Deformation After Planning For IMRT May
And Concurrent Chemotherapy (CT) In Glioblas-                                                                            Affect The Outcome Of Patients With Glioblas-
toma Multiforme (GBM): Interim Analysis Of A                2154           WITHDRAWN                         A-154       toma
Clinical Trial
                                                            2155         Alan Hartford                A-155              2167          John Vargo                  A-167
2142         Kara Leonard               A-142               Postoperative Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS)                Prophylactic Whole Brain Radiation Therapy
Eye Plaque Brachytherapy For The Treatment Of               Without Whole-Brain Radiation Therapy (WBRT)                 (WBRT) With Simultaneous Integrated Boost
Uveal Melanoma: The 2010 Tufts Medical Center               For Brain Metastases: Potential Role Of Tumor                (SIB) Via Image Guided-Intensity Modulated
Experience                                                  Size                                                         Radiation Therapy (IG-IMRT), Focal SBRT, And
                                                                                                                         CWBRT: Clinical Outcomes For 3 Different Types
2143          WITHDRAWN                         A-143       2156          Elyne Kahn                 A-156               Of Radiation For Brain Metastases
                                                            Stereotactic Radiosurgery In The Treatment
2144           Daphne Adele                A-144            Of Brain Metastases From Colorectal Cancer:                  2168           Timothy Pok Chi Yeung      A-168
               Haas-Kogan                                   Should Patients Be Treated With Up-Front                     Initial Findings Of Perfusion And Metabolic
Comparisons Of Radiographic And Clinical                    Whole-Brain Radiotherapy?                                    Imaging Of Malignant Glioma During Radio-
Definitions Of Disease Progression In Pediatric                                                                          therapy
Patients With Newly Diagnosed Intrinsic Diffuse             2157         Tian Liu                   A-157
Brainstem Gliomas (BSG) Treated On A PBTC                   Improve Accuracy In The Delineation Of The                   2169        Andrea Carai                 A-169
Phase II Trial Of Tipifarnib And Radiation                  Trigeminal Nerve Using T1-Weighted And                       Tumor Volume Increase After Stereotactic
                                                            Fiesta MRI Sequences For Trigeminal Neuralgia                Radiosurgery For Vestibular Schwannoma:
2145         Andra Krauze                A-145              Radiosurgery                                                 Expected Radiographic Finding Or Exception?
Prognostic Factors For Survival And Recurrence
In Adult Medulloblastoma                                    2158         Kevin McMullen              A-158               2170        Zheng Chang                  A-170
                                                            Salvage Radiosurgery For Patients With Small                 Cone-Beam CT 6 Degree-Of-Freedom Image-
2146          Dorothy Lowell                A-146           Cell Lung Cancer After Previous Whole Brain                  Guidance For Intracranial Frameless Stereotactic
Analysis Of Toxicity In Patients With Collagen              Radiations                                                   Radiosurgery Using 6D Robotic Couch
Vascular Diseases Or Multiple Sclerosis Treated
With Gamma Knife Radiosurgery For Intracranial              2159        Daniel Pieper              A-159                 2171          A. Paiman Ghafoori           A-171
Tumors                                                      Comparison Of MR Spectroscopy, MR Perfusion,                 Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) In
                                                            And Volume Modeling In Distinguishing Brain                  Patients Previously Treated With External Beam
2147        Anthony Paravati             A-147              Tumor Recurrence From Radiation Necrosis                     Radiation Therapy
Radiotherapy And Temozolomide For Newly
Diagnosed Glioblastoma And Anaplastic                       2160          Chikao Sugie                 A-160             2172          Abhijit Ghose             A-172
Astroctyoma: Validation Of Radiation Therapy                Clinical Experiences With Helical Tomotherapy                Patterns Of Tumor Recurrence Following Con-
Oncology Group-Recursive Partitioning Analysis              For Craniospinal Irradiation: Evaluation Of Acute            current Radiation And Temozolomide Treatment
(RTOG-RPA) In The IMRT & Temozolomide Era                   Toxicity And Dose Distribution                               For Glioblastoma Multiforme

2148        William Regine              A-148               2161         Pascale St-Amour              A-161             2173          Sarah Hargreaves            A-173
Factors Impacting White Matter Changes                      Is Graded Prognostic Assessment (GPA) Superior               Survival In Patients Receiving Radiotherapy
Following Whole Brain Radiation Therapy                     To Recursive Partitioning Analysis (RPA) For                 Plus Concomitant And Adjuvant Temozolomide
                                                            Determination Of Prognosis In Patients With                  (RCAT) For Glioblastoma (GBM)
2149         Stephanie Weiss              A-149             Melanoma Brain Metastasis?
Hypofractionated Radiotherapy With Temozolo-
mide For Elderly Patients With Glioblastoma

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                               GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE                  95
                       Abstract #               Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       2174         Paul Kelly                   A-174                 2187         Mohamed Ali                 A-187               2200         Shunsuke Onodera             A-200
                       Linear Accelerator-Based Stereotactic Radio-                    Report Of CK Perioptic-01: Frameless Hypofrac-               An Internationally Compatible, Japanese Neuro-
                       surgery For Single Brainstem Metastases: The                    tionated Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatment                 cognitive Function Test Battery For The Assess-
                       Dana-Farber/Brigham And Women’s Cancer                          To Tumors Within 2mm Of The Optic Apparatus                  ment Of Radiation-Induced Brain Injury

                       Center (DF/BWCC) Experience
                                                                                       2188         Francis Cardinale         A-188                 2201        Mark Phillips                 A-201
                       2175         James Marsh               A-175                    Radiosurgery For Meningiomas: Does Fraction-                 Use Of A Markov Decision Process For Improv-
                       Involvement Of The Neural Stem Cell                             ation Prevent Brain Edema?                                   ing Treatment Strategies For Brain Metastases
                       Compartment By Low And High Grade Gliomas:
                       A Retrospective Review Of 80 Low Grade And                      2189         Joshua Dilworth            A-189                2202          Ananth Ravi               A-202
                       104 High Grade Tumors                                           Outcomes Of Patients With Resected Metastatic                Image Guided Supine Cranio-Spinal Irradiation
                                                                                       Brain Lesions Treated With Gamma Knife Or                    (CSI) Using Kilo-Voltage Radiographs
                       2176        Stefan Rieken              A-176                    Whole Brain Irradiation
                       Treatment Outcome And Prognostic Factors In
                       Medulloblastomas After Radiation Therapy                        2190        Zachary Guss               A-190                 Gastrointestinal Cancer
                                                                                       Radiosurgery Of Glomus Jugulare Tumors: A                    Presentation Number 2203 − 2289
                       2177         Samuel Ryu                  A-177                  Meta-Analysis                                                Poster Board Number B-1 – B-87
                       Grading System For Metastatic Epidural Spinal
                       Cord Compression (MESCC)                                        2191          William Hall                A-191              2203           Kyubo Kim                     B-1
                                                                                       Safety And Efficacy Of Fractionated Stereotactic             Risk Stratification Of Distant Metastasis In
                       2178          Loic Feuvret                A-178                 Radiotherapy (FSR) And Stereotactic Radiosur-                Patients Undergoing Adjuvant Chemoradiation
                       Trifractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy For                   gery (SRS) In The Treatment Of Functioning And               For Extrahepatic Bile Duct Cancer
                       Large Single Brain Metastases                                   Non-Functioning Pituitary Tumors
                                                                                                                                                    2204         Seung-Gu Yeo                B-2
                       2179          Michael Girvigian        A-179                    2192         Ryuji Murakami              A-192               Curative Chemoradiotherapy For Isolated
                       Early Outcomes Of Basal Meingiomas Treated                      Recurrence Patterns Of Glioblastoma Treated                  Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Recurrence Of
                       With Image-Guided Hypofractionated Stereo-                      With Postoperative Radiation Therapy: Rela-                  Colorectal Cancer
                       tactic Radiotherapy                                             tionship Between Extent Of Resection And
                                                                                       Progression-Free Interval                                    2205         Foertsch Claudia                B-3
                       2180          Sunyach Marie                A-180                                                                             Individual Radiosensitivity And Correlation With
                       Primary Brain Lymphoma. Analysis Of Retro-                      2193         Raphael Pfeffer              A-193              Tumoral Regression
                       spective Series Of 94 Patients Treated At Single                Fractionated Strereotactic Radiation For Menin-
                       Institution                                                     giomas Involving Or Close To The Optic Tracts:               2206          Junwon Kim                    B-4
                                                                                       Sheba Medical Center Experience                              Significance Of Cyclooxygenase-2 In Predicting
                       2181         Angela Ng                   A-181                                                                               Clinical Outcome Of Locally Advanced Rectal
                       An Examination Of Utilization Of Adjuvant And                   2194        Gazanfar Rahmathulla        A-194                Cancer Patients Treated With Postoperative
                       Salvage Radiosurgery For The Treatment Of                       Impact Of Cervico-Thoracic Region Spine Radio-               Adjuvant Chemoradiation
                       Brain Metastasis                                                surgery On Adjacent Organs At Risk
                                                                                                                                                    2207          Jin-Hong Park                 B-5
                       2182         Arjun Sahgal               A-182                   2195          Paul Aridgides            A-195                Postoperative Radiotherapy For Gallbladder
                       Human Spinal Cord Re-Irradiation Guidelines                     Post-Enucleation Orbital High Dose Rate                      Cancer: Fifteen-Year Experience At A Single
                       For Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy                              Brachytherapy For Choroidal Melanoma With                    Institution
                                                                                       Extrascleral Extension
                       2183         Katsuyuki Sakanaka         A-183                                                                                2208         Amy Shorthouse               B-6
                       Dosimetric Advantages Of Intensity Modulated                    2196         Slawomir Blamek             A-196               Assessing The Relationship Between Radiother-
                       Radiotherapy For Whole Ventricles: Improve-                     Linac-Based Stereotactic Radiosurgery For Brain              apy Dosimetric Characteristics And Post-
                       ment In Target Coverage And Dose Reduction                      Cavernomas                                                   Operative Pulmonary Complications In
                       To Organs At Risk                                                                                                            Trimodality Esophageal Cancer Therapy
                                                                                       2197          Shane Hopkins               A-197
                       2184         Haider Shirazi              A-184                  Breslow Depth Is A Risk Factor For Brain Metas-              2209         Jeroen Buijsen                 B-7
                       Population-Based Analysis Of Outcomes For                       tases In Patients With Malignant Melanoma                    PET-CT Scan Is A Fast And Accurate Tool In GTV
                       Patients With Glioblastoma Multiforme Treated                                                                                Determination In Rectal Cancer
                       With Surgery And Radiotherapy                                   2198         Shahid Nimjee              A-198
                                                                                       Image-Guided Stereotactic Radiotherapy In The                2210           Yasumasa Nishimura           B-8
                       2185            Sei Hwan You               A-185                Multimodal Treatment Of Intracranial Meningio-               Final Analysis On Long-Term Survival And Late
                       Is The Early Postoperative Radiotherapy Ben-                    mas At A Single Institution                                  Toxicities For A Randomized Phase II Study
                       eficial In Patients With Primary Supratentorial                                                                              Of Cisplatin/5-Fu Concurrent Chemoradio-
                       Low-Grade Astrocytoma?                                          2199        Daniel Oh                   A-199                therapy For Esophageal Cancer (KROSG-0101,
                                                                                       Low-Dose Whole Brain Radiotherapy Followed                   JROSG-021)
                       2186         Lijun Ma                      A-186                By Radiosurgery For Primary CNS Lymphoma
                       Quality Assurance Of Multi-Institutional Trial Of               Achieving Partial Response To Induction
                       Gamma Knife Radiosurgery Of Mesial Temporal                     Chemotherapy
                       Lobe Epilepsy

                            Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                            “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       96     ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
2211         Gary Yang                         B-9          2222         Jonathan Ashman               B-20              2234         Maurits Swellengrebel       B-32
Change In CA 19-9 Levels After Chemoradio-                  Trimodality Therapy For Distal Esophageal/                   Acute Toxicity And Post-Operative Complica-
therapy Predicts Survival In Patients With Lo-              Esophagogastric Junction Adenocarcinoma Us-                  tions Of Preoperative Chemoradiotherapy With
cally Advanced Unresectable Pancreatic Cancer               ing Three-Dimensional Conformal And Intensity                Capecitabine Followed By Surgery For Locally

                                                                                                                                                                                        POSTER PRESENTATIONS
                                                            Modulated Radiotherapy                                       Advanced Rectal Cancer
2212          Alexander Kirichenko          B-10
Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) For Pa-               2223         Karyn Goodman                B-21               2235          Jinming Yu                   B-33
tients With Unresectable Liver Tumors Utilizing             Assessment Of Emerging Technologies Used                     An Open Label, Multicenter Clinical Study Of
Single Photon Emission Computed Tomog-                      In Adjuvant Radiotherapy For Gastric Cancer:                 Cetuximab Combined With Concurrent Chemo-
raphy (SPECT) Co-Registered With Computer                   Preliminary Findings From The Quality Research               Radiotherapy For Locally Advanced Esophageal
Tomography (CT) For 3-D Conformal Treatment                 In Radiation Oncology (QRRO) GI Committee                    Squamous Cell Carcinoma: Preliminary Results
Planning                                                    Process Surveys                                              Of A Phase II Trial

2213         Liang Shixiong                 B-11            2224          Claudia Menichelli           B-22              2236         Timothy Zagar                B-34
Estimate Of Α/Β For Liver From Clinical Data Of             IGRT Stereotactic Radiotherapy For Liver Metas-              Resected Pancreatic Neuroendocrine Tumors:
Hypofractionated Conformal Radiotherapy                     tases: Local Control With Or Without Implanted               Patterns Of Failure And Disease-Related Out-
                                                            Fiducial Markers                                             comes With Or Without Radiotherapy
2214         Mee Sun Yoon                B-12
The Metabolic Response Using 18f-Fluorodeox-                2225          Akira Nakamura                B-23             2237         Hani Al-Halabi                B-35
yglucose Positron Emission Tomography And                   Interfractional Dose Variations For Organs At                Functional And Quality Of Life Assessment In
Carinoembryonic Antigen As A Predictive Factor              Risk In Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy With                Rectal Cancer Patients Treated With Pre-Oper-
Of Tumor Response To Preoperative Chemora-                  Breath-Hold For Pancreatic Cancer: Impacts Of                ative Endorectal Brachytherapy And Sphincter
diotherapy In Rectal Cancer                                 Margin Sizes For The Dose-Limiting Organs                    Preserving Surgery

2215          Zeynep Almac                B-13              2226           Yoshiya Yamada              B-24              2238         Megan Daly                   B-36
Early Results Of Neoadjuvant Hyperfraction-                 Initial Results Of Image Guided High Dose                    Rectal Deformation And Displacement During
ated Accelerated Radiotherapy (HART) With                   Single Fraction Radiation Of Liver Metastases                Pre-Operative Radiotherapy For Rectal Cancer:
Concurrent And Postoperative Chemotherapy                   Treated Under Conditions Of Apnea Under                      Insights From Mid-Treatment Cone-Beam
For Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer                          General Anesthesia                                           Computed Tomography

2216         Jose Bazan                   B-14              2227         Shuchai Zhu                 B-25                2239          Keiichi Jingu                B-37
Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Vs.                   Value Of CT Scan, Esophagogram And Endos-                    Results Of Intraoperative Radiotherapy For Pan-
Conventional Radiation Therapy For Squamous                 copy In Defining Tumor Length For The Thoracic               creatic Cancer In The Last Decade: Comparing
Cell Carcinoma Of The Anal Canal                            Esophageal Carcinoma                                         With Historical Results

2217         Michael Chuong                B-15             2228         Kathy Han                     B-26              2240         Jae-Sung Kim                B-38
3D Analysis Of Tumor Response To Neoadjuvant                IMRT And Concurrent Chemotherapy For Anal                    The Role Of Carcinoembryonic Antigen After
Chemotherapy (GTX) And Intensity Modulated                  And Perianal Cancer: The Princess Margaret                   Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy In Patients
Radiation Therapy In Patients With Borderline               Hospital Experience                                          With Rectal Cancer
Resectable Pancreatic Cancer
                                                            2229         Jihye Cha                  B-27                 2241          Nadia Malik                 B-39
2218         Patrizia Ciammella           B-16              Early Experience Of Combination Treatment                    Chemoradiotherapy Vs. Chemotherapy Alone
Short-Course Preoperative Radiotherapy Com-                 Of Sorafenib And Radiotherapy In Advanced                    In Patients With Locally Advanced Unresectable
bined With Chemotherapy In Resectable Rectal                Hepatocellular Carcinoma Patients                            Pancreatic Carcinoma: A 10-Year Experience
Cancer: Local Control And Quality Of Life
                                                            2230         Dongshu Chang                 B-28              2242         Joshua Meyer                 B-40
2219         M. Dolores De La Mata        B-17              Promising Clinical Outcome Of Stereotactic                   HPV-Associated Histologic Subtype Of Anal
Molecular Response To Neoadjuvant Oxaliplatin               Body Radiation Therapy For Limited Pancreatic                Carcinoma Is Not Associated With Improved
And Chemoradiation In Rectal Cancer: Mo-                    Carcinoma                                                    Outcome After Chemoradiation
lecular Imaging (FDG-PET/CT), Vegfr And EGFR
Expresion And Histopathological Correlations                2231         Arta Monjazeb               B-29                2243           Thomas Pugh                  B-41
                                                            Radiotherapy For Esophageal Cancer: Does                     Phase I Trial Of Concurrent Bortezomib, Pacli-
2220         Daniel Fernandez            B-18               Dose Affect Outcomes?                                        taxel, And External Beam Radiation In Patients
Effect Of Abdominal Compression On Respira-                                                                              With Unresectable Pancreatic Or Billiary Cancer
tory Motion Of Esophageal Cancers Measured                  2232          Makoto Shinoto               B-30
With 4DCT After EUS-Guided Fiducial Marker                  Clinical Results Of Carbon Ion Radiotherapy                  2244         Suisui Song                 B-42
Placement                                                   For Lymph Node Recurrence From Resected                      Post-Treatment CEA Values, And CEA Trends At
                                                            Colorectal Cancer                                            The Time Of Uncertain Post-Treatment Imaging,
2221         Abraham Wu                 B-19                                                                             Have Prognostic Value After Combined Modality
Postoperative Pulmonary Complications After                 2233        Brynn Smedra                   B-31              Therapy For Rectal Cancer
Neoadjuvant Chemoradiotherapy With IMRT For                 Liver Tumor Motion Using Different Fiducial
Esophageal Cancer                                           Landmarks

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                               GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE                  97
                       Abstract #               Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       2245         Hong In Yoon                 B-43                  2258        Ayako Ohkawa                           B-56      2270         Salma Jabbour                 B-68
                       The Significance Of ICG-R15 In Predicting                       Proton Beam Therapy For Intrahepatic                         Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
                       Hepatic Toxicity In Patients Receiving                          Cholangiocarcinoma                                           For Rectal Cancer Can Reduce Acute Toxicities
                       Radiotherapy For Hepatocellular Carcinoma                                                                                    Of Chemoradiation

                                                                                       2259          Masakatsu Onozawa            B-57
                       2246          Brandon Barney              B-44                  Clinical Results Of Definitive Chemoradiothera-              2271         Nergiz Dagoglu            B-69
                       Clinical Outcomes And Dosimetric Consider-                      py With Three-Dimensional Conformal                          Comparing The Results Of Conventional
                       ations Using Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy                     Radiotherapy And Selective Salvage                           Chemoradiotherapy And Hyperfractionated
                       (SBRT) For Abdominopelvic Tumors                                Treatment For Stage II-III (Non-T4) Squamous                 Accelatered Chemoradiotherapy In Neoadju-
                                                                                       Cell Carcinoma Of The Thoracic Esophagus                     vant T3-4/ N0+ Rectal Cancer
                       2247         Bryan Chang                   B-45
                       A Comparative Analysis Between 3D                               2260         Brendan Prendergast          B-58               2272       Hyung Sik Lee               B-70
                       Non-Coplanar Beam Technique (NCBT) Vs.                          Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy For Anal               Outcome Of Adjuvant Chemoradiation Vs.
                       Single-Isocenter Multi-Segment Conformal Arc                    Cancer: The UAB Experience                                   Chemotherapy In Completely Resected
                       (SIMS) Technique For Liver Stereotactic Body                                                                                 Advanced Gastric Cancer With D2 Nodal
                       Radiotherapy (SBRT)                                             2261          Clint Wood                  B-59               Dissection
                                                                                       IMRT Vs. 3D Conformal Neoadjuvant Chemora-
                       2248         Falk Roeder                   B-46                 diation For Resectable And Borderline Resect-                2273         Heng Li                     B-71
                       Aggressive Local Treatment Containing Intra-                    able Pancreatic Cancer                                       Comparison Of Free Breathing Vs. Average 4D
                       operative Radiation Therapy (IORT) For Patients                                                                              CT Image Data On External Beam Radiotherapy
                       With Isolated Local Recurrences Of Pancreatic                   2262        Daniel Golden                B-60                Planning For Liver Tumors
                       Cancer                                                          Radiation Dose ≥54 Gy Is Associated With
                                                                                       Improved Survival For Unresectable Pancreatic                2274          Junliang Liu                 B-72
                       2249         Ana Reig                   B-47                    Cancer                                                       The Determinants Of Small Bowel Volume In
                       Testicular Dose And Hormonal Changes After                                                                                   Pelvis Of Patients Receiving Radiotherapy For
                       Radiotherapy In Rectal Cancer                                   2263         Jeong Hoon Park               B-61              Rectal Cancer: A Multivariate Analysis
                                                                                       Survival Benefit Of Trimodality Therapy In
                       2250          Kazutoshi Murata           B-48                   Lymph Node-Positive Patients With Esophageal                 2275          Juliet Menezes               B-73
                       Analysis Of Esophageal Mobility During Normal                   Cancer                                                       Daily Kilovoltage Orthogonal Images Enhance
                       Respiration In 4DCT Planning                                                                                                 Setup Accuracy For Conformal Pelvic Radia-
                                                                                       2264         Ravi Shridhar                   B-62            tion Delivery In The Prone Position On A Bowel
                       2251         Akihito Nishioka               B-49                Treatment Planninng And Daily Image-Guid-                    Displacement Device
                       Safety And Efficacy Of New Enzyme Target-                       ance Optimization For Liver Radiotherapy With
                       ing Intraoperative Radiotherapy For Locally                     Intrahepatic Arterial Injection Of Ethiodol Prior            2276         Xin Wang                     B-74
                       Advanced Pancreatic Cancer                                      To Simulation                                                Adjuvant Chemoradiotherapy Maybe Warranted
                                                                                                                                                    For Locally Advanced Gastric Or Gastroesopha-
                       2252              WITHDRAWN                                     2265           Naichang Yu               B-63                geal Cancer Patients Even Though They
                                                                                       Gamma Planar Scintigraphy Based Calculation                  Received Curative Gastrectomy (>D1)
                       2253          Praveena Cheruvu            B-51                  Overestimates Lung Shunt For Y-90 Radioembo-
                       Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) For Lung                  lization Of Liver Tumor                                      2277          Junichi Fukada               B-75
                       Metastases From Colorectal Cancer (CRC)                                                                                      Interfraction Esophageal Motion In Patients
                                                                                       2266        Amol Ghia                     B-64               Receiving Radiotherapy For Esophageal Cancer
                       2254          Peter Maxim                 B-52                  Yttrium-90 Microspheres (Therasphere) In The
                       Effects Of Esophageal Stents On Radiotherapy                    Treatment Of Primary And Metastatic Liver                    2278        Maria-Andreia Hawkins            B-76
                       Dose Perturbation Examined In An Experimen-                     Tumors: A Retrospective Analysis                             Highly Conformal Partial Liver Irradiation For
                       tal Model                                                                                                                    Chemorefractory Unresectable Colorectal Liver
                                                                                       2267         Dean Shumway                 B-65               Metastases
                       2255         Arti Parekh                    B-53                Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy Followed By
                       Comparison Of Acute Toxicity With Three-                        Surgery For Locally Advanced Esophageal                      2279          Chia-Hsuan Lai               B-77
                       Dimensional Vs. Intensity Modulated Radio-                      Cancer: The University Of Chicago Experience                 Can All Patients With Locally Advanced Rectal
                       therapy In Patients Treated Preoperatively For                                                                               Cancer Benefit From Preoperative Radiotherapy
                       Rectal Cancer                                                   2268         Zhen Zhang                  B-66                Or Chemoradiotherapy?
                                                                                       Prediction Of Tumor Response With CT Perfu-
                       2256          Desler Javier                 B-54                sion Of Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation In Locally                2280        Jose Lopez Guerra              B-78
                       Feasibility And Investigation Of Risk-Based                     Advanced Rectal Cancer                                       Twenty-Year Experience In The Management Of
                       Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) For                                                                               Anal Carcinoma With Interstitial Brachytherapy
                       Locally Advanced Carcinoma Of The Pancreas                      2269           Kuai-Le Zhao                 B-67
                                                                                       Phase I Trial Of Escalating-Dose Nimotuzumab                 2281         Cullen Taniguchi              B-79
                       2257          Andrew Ju                      B-55               Given Weekly With Cis-Platin, 5-Fluorouracil                 Significant Duodenal Dose Variation Within
                       The Use Of Bevacizumab Prior To Radioembo-                      (5-FU) And Concurrent Radiotherapy In Locally                The Respiratory Cycle During Stereotactic Body
                       lization Of Colorectal Liver Metastases With                    Advanced Esophageal Carcinoma: An Interim                    Radiotherapy For Pancreatic Cancer
                       Yttrium-90 Resin Microspheres                                   Report. Nct00950417

                            Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                            “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       98     ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
2282           Jeongil Yu                 B-80              2293        Tracy Klayton                 B-91               2305         Gilles Crehange               B-103
Accuracy And Efficacy Of The Gated Liver MRI                Young Age Under 60 Is Not A Contraindication                 Salvage Brachytherapy With HDR Or LDR For
Fusion Planning For Radiation Therapy Of The                To Treatment With Definitive High Dose External              Locally Recurrent Prostate Cancer After Primary
Patients With Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A                   Beam Radiation Therapy Prostate Cancer                       Permanent Prostate Implantation: UCSF

                                                                                                                                                                                        POSTER PRESENTATIONS
Phase I/II Trial                                                                                                         Preliminary Data
                                                            2294         Tetsuo Akimoto                B-92
2283         Albert Denittis              B-81              Acute And Late Toxicity After Hypofractionated               2306         Kazuo Hatano                 B-104
Treatment Of Rectal Cancer With Preoperative                Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy For Localized               High Dose Localized Irradiation To Intermedi-
Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)                Prostate Cancer                                              ate And High Risk Prostate Cancer With Gold
Combined With Chemotherapy: Updated 3 Year                                                                               Fiducial Marker Based Intensity Modulated
Results                                                     2295          Sylvain Dewas                 B-93             Radiotherapy Combined With Neoadjuvant And
                                                            Preliminary Results Of Fluorocholine (18F) PET/              Concurrent Hormonal Therapy
2284         Daniel Dosoretz             B-82               CT (FCH PET/CT) For Guiding Salvage IG-IMRT
Outcomes And Colostomy-Free Survival In Anal                In Patients With An Occult Recurrence From A                 2307          Benjamin Hinton             B-105
Cancer Patients Treated In A Community Setting              Previously Treated Prostate Cancer                           Optimal Planned Target Volume Margins For
                                                                                                                         Elective Pelvic Lymphatic Radiotherapy In High
2285          Takeshi Ebara                B-83             2296         Mohammad Khan                 B-94              Risk Prostate Cancer Patients
L-Type Amino-Acid Transporter 1 Expres-                     Long-Term Outcome Of 2040 Patients Treated
sion Predicts The Response To Preoperative                  With I-125 Prostate Brachytherapy At Cleveland               2308         Kathryn Martires              B-106
Hyperthermo-Chemoradiotherapy For Locally                   Clinic                                                       The Role Of Percent Positive Cores In The Biopsy
Advanced Rectal Cancer                                                                                                   Specimen For Predicting Biochemical Outcome
                                                            2297         Christopher King             B-95               Following External Beam Radiotherapy Or I-125
2286          Michael Haley                B-84             Patient-Reported Long-Term Outcomes After                    Brachytherapy
Stereotactic Radiotherapy For Medically Inoper-             Hypofractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy
able Pancreatic Cancer                                      For Low-Risk Prostate Cancer: Evidence From A                2309         Pawel Mroz                   B-107
                                                            Prospective Trial                                            Analysis Of Potential Cost Benefits Using
2287          Xin Lei                      B-85                                                                          Reported Hypofractionated Radiation Therapy
Treatment Of Low-Lying Rectal Adenocarci-                   2298         David Schreiber              B-96               Regimens In Prostate Cancer In The United
noma With Californium-252(252 Cf ) Neutron                  Socioeconomic And Racial Disparities In The                  States
Intracaviatry Brachytherapy (ICBT) And External             Selection Of Prostate Brachytherapy
Beam Radiotherapy (EBRT): The Three Years                                                                                2310         Emile Van Lin              B-108
Result For 130 Patients (Phase II Trial)                    2299          Daniel Shasha                B-97              The Endorectal Balloon Reduces Late Rectal
                                                            Biochemical Relapse-Free Survival After External             Mucosal Changes After Prostate Three-Dimen-
2288          R. Charles Nichols           B-86             Beam Radiation And Brachytherapy For Prostate                sional Conformal Radiotherapy: Update Of 5
Protons Offer Reduced Normal Tissue Exposure                Cancer Patients Having Intermediate And High-                Years Repeated Endoscopy
For Patients Receiving Postoperative Radiother-             Risk Features
apy (RT) For Resected Pancreatic Head Cancer                                                                             2311          Debra Nana Yeboa           B-109
                                                            2300        Radka Stoyanova              B-98                Trends In Treatment With Intensity Modulated
2289         Wan Zhu                      B-87              DCE-MRI For Delineation Of Hypoxic Regions In                (IMRT) Vs. 3D Conformal (CRT) Radiotherapy For
18F-FDG Uptake By Primary Tumor As A Predic-                Prostate Tumors                                              Non-Metastatic Prostate Cancer
tor Of Lymph Node Involvement In Clinical
N0 Patients With Esophageal Squamous Cell                   2301         Andrew Vassil                 B-99              2312         Harold Agbahiwe              B-110
Carcinoma                                                   Long Term Vs. Short Term Androgen Deprivation                Late Genitourinary Toxicity Associated With
                                                            Therapy In Patients Treated With External Beam               Hypofractionated Adaptive Image-Guided
                                                            Radiotherapy For High-Risk Prostate Cancer In                Radiation Therapy For Prostate Cancer
Genitourinary Cancer                                        The PSA Era
Presentation Number 2290 − 2429                                                                                          2313         Pauline Clancy              B-111
Poster Board Number B-88 – B-227                            2302           David White                B-100              Residual Patient Setup Error In Prostate
                                                            Interstitial High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy              Radiation Therapy Using Cone-Beam CT After
2290         Marcus Foo                   B-88              + IMRT Vs. HDR Monotherapy : Median 8 Year                   Fiducial-Based Alignment With kV On-Board
Impact Of Neo-Adjuvant PSA Kinetics On Bio-                 Follow-Up In 421 Patients                                    Imaging
chemical Failure And Prostate Cancer Mortality:
Results From A Prospective Patient Database                 2303        Jason Efstathiou             B-101               2314         Charles Hsu                 B-112
                                                            Adjuvant Radiation Therapy For Early Stage                   Low Dose (LDR) Or High Dose Rate (HDR)
2291          Skyler Halverson             B-89             Seminoma: A Proton-Photon Treatment Plan-                    Brachytherapy For Gleason Score (GS) 7 T1-2
The Capra Score Is Prognostic For Outcome In                ning Comparison                                              Prostate Cancer, A Preferred Radiotherapeutic
Patients Treated With Radiation Therapy For                                                                              Approach: The UCSF Experience
Prostate Cancer                                             2304         Michael Buckstein             B-102
                                                            Analysis Of The Temporal Sequence Of Selected                2315           Christine Ko             B-113
2292         Eric Horwitz               B-90                Long Term Toxicities For Patients Treated With               Phase II Trial Of Combined High-Dose-Rate
The Role Of Adjuvant And Salvage Post-                      Brachytherapy Or Brachytherapy Plus External                 Brachytherapy And External Beam Radiotherapy
Prostatectomy IMRT Or 3DCRT: The Fox Chase                  Beam Radiation For Prostate Adenocarcinoma                   For Adenocarcinoma Of The Prostate: Long Term
Experience                                                                                                               Follow-Up Of Trial NCI 02-C-0207

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                               GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE                  99
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       2316         J. Owen                     B-114               2327          Paul Nguyen                B-125               2339          Young Kwok                  B-137
                       Factors Related To Type Of Radiotherapy Used                 The Adverse Impact Of Androgen Deprivation                   Prospective Trial Of Escalating Doses Of
                       For Treatment Of Prostate Cancer: The CDC                    Therapy On All-Cause Mortality In Men With                   Paclitaxel, Concurrent Radiation And Androgen
                       Patterns Of Care Study                                       High-Risk Prostate Cancer And A History Of                   Deprivation In High Risk Prostate Cancer With

                                                                                    Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) Or Myocardial                 Or Without Prior Prostatectomy
                       2317         Harvey Quon                  B-115              Infarction (MI)
                       Patient Reported Outcomes After Hypofraction-                                                                             2340        Masayuki Matsuo              B-138
                       ated Radiotherapy And Long-Term Androgen                     2328          Leah Schubert             B-126                Usefulness Of MRI Findings Of Prostate Cancer
                       Deprivation For High-Risk Prostate Cancer                    Effect Of Pelvic Lymph Node IMRT Plans On                    Before And After Tomotherapy-Based IMRT
                                                                                    Calculated Testicular Doses Compared With
                       2318         Frederick Schnell            B-116              Prostate Irradiation Alone                                   2341         David Petrik                B-139
                       10-Year Biochemical (PSA) Control Of Early                                                                                Implications Of CT-Imaging For Postplan Quality
                       Stage Gleason Score 4+4=8 Prostate Cancer                    2329        Jim Shen                      B-127              Assessment In Prostate Brachytherapy
                       Treated With I-125 Brachytherapy + Local                     Time Course And Predictors Of Initial Potency
                       External Beam Radiation Therapy Is Improved                  Recovery And Subsequent Potency Loss Follow-                 2342         Ulrike Schick                 B-140
                       With Lower Volume Disease On Biopsy                          ing Androgen Deprivation And External Beam                   Partial Volume High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy
                                                                                    Radiotherapy In Carcinoma Of The Prostate                    Boost For Localized Prostate Cancer: Toxicity
                       2319         Shinya Takemoto              B-117                                                                           And Outcome
                       Treatment And Prognosis Of Patients With Late                2330          Ryan Smith                  B-128
                       Rectal Bleeding After Intensity Modulated                    Characteristics Of Patients With Long-Term                   2343          Samuel Swisher-McClure B-141
                       Radiation Therapy (IMRT) For Prostate Cancer                 Urinary Morbidity Following CS-131 Prostate                  Variation In Use Of Androgen Suppression With
                                                                                    Brachytherapy                                                External Beam Radiotherapy For Non-Metastatic
                       2320         Riccardo Valdagni           B-118                                                                            Prostate Cancer
                       Comparing Long-Term Biochemical Control                      2331         Dennis Sopka                B-129
                       Of Prostate Cancer After Standard Or Hyper-                  Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer Treated With               2344          Stefano Tomatis             B-142
                       fractionated Radiation Therapy: Evidence Of A                High Dose Radiotherapy Alone Or In Combina-                  A Neural Network Based Predictive Model For
                       Different Behaviour Between Low-Intermediate                 tion With Androgen Deprivation Therapy: The                  Late Rectal Bleeding After 3DCRT In Prostate
                       And High Risk Patients                                       Fox Chase Experience                                         Cancer Patients

                       2321          James Wong                   B-119             2332          Rahul Tendulkar             B-130              2345         D. Jeffrey Demanes         B-143
                       With Similar PSA Level, Obese Prostate Cancer                Identification Of An Unfavorable Subgroup Of                 Encouraging Outcomes For Patients With
                       Patients Have Higher Tumor Burden In Addition                High-Risk, Localized Prostate Cancer Treated                 Gleason 8-10 Prostate Cancer And IPSA Up To
                       To Larger Daily Prostate Shifts Contributing To              With External Beam Radiation                                 30 ng/ml Following Image Guided HDR Brachy-
                       Increase Treatment Failure With External Beam                                                                             therapy And External Beam
                       Radiation                                                    2333         Renaud De Crevoisier        B-131
                                                                                    Benefit Of IMRT In High Dose Prostate Cancer                 2346         Donald Fuller                B-144
                       2322         Thomas Zilli                 B-120              Radiotherapy                                                 Prospective Evaluation Of Stereotactic Radio-
                       Influence Of Abdominal Adiposity, Waist                                                                                   therapy For Low And Intermediate Risk Prostate
                       Circumference And Body Mass Index On Clinical                2334           Suzanne Drodge              B-132             Cancer: Emulating HDR Brachytherapy Dose
                       And Pathological Findings In Patients Treated                Late Toxicity In High-Risk Prostate Cancer                   Distribution
                       With Radiotherapy For Localized Prostate                     Treated With Androgen Suppression And Hypo-
                       Cancer                                                       fractionated Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy                2347         Thomas Lanni               B-145
                                                                                                                                                 Comparing The Cost Effectiveness Of Hypofrac-
                       2323          Mark Buyyounouski             B-121            2335          Kevin Forsythe            B-133                tionated EBRT With High Dose Rate Brachyther-
                       Interval To Biochemical Failure Is Highly Prog-              IMRT Causes Fewer Side Effects Than 3DCRT                    apy Boost And Intensity Modulated Radiation
                       nostic For Distant Metastases And Mortality                  When Used In Combination With Brachytherapy                  Therapy For The Treatment Of Intermediate/
                       After Salvage Radiation Therapy                              For Prostate Cancer                                          High-Risk Prostate Cancer

                       2324          John Coen              B-122                   2336         Kathy Fox                   B-134               2348         Andre-Guy Martin               B-146
                       Long-Term QOL Outcome After Proton Radia-                    Urinary Retention Following Prostate Seed Im-                Single (15 Gy) Vs. 2 Fractions (Of 10 Gy) HDR
                       tion For Localized Prostate Cancer                           plant Brachytherapy Following Rigid Cystoscopy               Prostate Brachytherapy Boost: A More Practical
                                                                                                                                                 Approach With Less Sexual Toxicity
                       2325         Nadia Di Muzio             B-123                2337           Grant Hunter               B-135
                       High-Dose Moderately Hypofractionated                        Long-Term (Potential Ten Year Follow Up) Toxic-              2349         Naoki Nakamura            B-147
                       Tomotherapy For Localized Prostate Cancer:                   ity After Treatment For Prostate Cancer With                 Optimal Bladder Volumes In Radiotherapy For
                       Promising 3-Year Results                                     Either External Beam Radiation Therapy, Intersti-            Localized Prostate Cancer
                                                                                    tial Brachytherapy, Or Radical Prostatectomy
                       2326        Anuj Goenka                    B-124                                                                          2350          George Rodrigues          B-148
                       Long Term Predictors Of Biochemical And                      2338         Koji Konishi                 B-136              Creation Of A RTOG Compliant Prostate Bed
                       Distant Metastatic Failure Following Post Prosta-            Monotherapeutic High-Dose-Rate Brachyther-                   Atlas Assisted By A CT-Based Deformable Regis-
                       tectomy Salvage Radiotherapy                                 apy For Prostate Cancer: 15 Years Experience Of              tration Contouring Software System
                                                                                    Osaka University

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       100   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
2351          Jean-Marc Simon            B-149              2362        Orla Hayman                  B-160               2374           Michelle Manning           B-172
Epinal #2: 409 Patients Overexposed During                  The Impact Of Prostate Outlining Inaccuracies                Previous Transurethral Resection Of The
Radiotherapy For Prostate Cancer After Daily                On Reported Quality Metrics For Prostate Seed                Prostate (TURP) Is Not A Contraindication For
Use Of Portal Imaging Controls                              Brachytherapy                                                Interstitial High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
                                                                                                                         For Prostate Cancer
2352         L. Christine Fang           B-150              2363         Ashley Torlone               B-161
Androgen Deprivation Therapy In High-Risk                   The Impact Of Diabetes Mellitus On Survival In               2375        Toshio Ohashi              B-173
Prostate Cancer With Gleason Score 8-10 And                 Men With Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer                Impact On MRI-Based Postimplant Dosimetric
PSA < 15 Treated With Permanent Interstitial                Treated With Permanent Interstitial Brachy-                  Assessment For Permanent Prostate Brachy-
Brachytherapy                                               therapy                                                      therapy Using Contrast-Enhanced T1 Weighted
2353          Alfonso Gomez-Iturriaga B-151                 2364          Michelle Wallace           B-162
PSA Profiles After Iodine 125 Prostate Brachy-              Five-Year Clinical Outcome In Intermediate Risk              2376          Matthew Stenmark           B-174
therapy (BT)                                                Gleason 7 Cancer Patients Treated With Image-                Interfraction Seminal Vesicle Motion And
                                                            Guided Adaptive Radiation Therapy Vs. Image-                 Target Margin Assessment For Fiducial-Guided
2354         William James Morris       B-152               Guided Brachytherapy As Monotherapy                          Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy For Prostate
CT Based Dosimetry Following Low Dose Rate                                                                               Cancer
(LDR) Prostate Brachytherapy In 2787 Consecu-               2365          Michael Zhang              B-163
tive Cases Over 11 Years                                    Patients Can Expect Long-Term Satisfaction                   2377         Sujay Vora                B-175
                                                            After Prostate Brachytherapy                                 The Use Of MRI Imaging In IMRT Treatment
2355         Hani Ashamalla              B-153                                                                           Planning For Prostate Cancer
Comparison Study Of Intensity Modulated Arc                 2366          Jonathan Rosenberg        B-164
Therapy (IMAT) Using Single Or Multiple Arcs To             Hormonal Therapy Or External Beam Radiation                  2378        Jeffrey Albert              B-176
Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)                With Brachytherapy And The Risk Of Death                     MRI-Based Treatment Planning For Prostate
For High-Risk Prostate Cancer                               From Prostate Cancer In Men With Intermediate                Brachytherapy
                                                            Risk Prostate Cancer
2356          Enrique Castellanos           B-154                                                                        2379            John Einck                  B-177
Clinical Results In 1004 Patients With Localized            2367         Shikui Tang                 B-165               Initial Clinical Experience With Daily Cone Beam
Prostate Cancer Treated With External Beam                  Anterior And Anterior Oblique Fields Improve                 CT For Target Localization In Prostate Cancer
Radiotherapy, High Dose-Rate 192-Iridium                    Proton Prostate Treatment                                    Patients Following Robotic Prostatectomy
Brachytherapy Boost, And Neo-Adjuvant
Hormonal Therapy                                            2368         Wayne Butler                 B-166              2380          Bradford Hoppe             B-178
                                                            Comparison Of Annular Treatment Margins And                  Early Outcomes Following Proton Therapy
2357         Olivia Chan                 B-155              Sector Analysis Between Biochemical Failures                 For Prostate Cancer In Men 55 Years Old And
Impact Of Intrafraction Motion On TCP And                   And Matched Non-Failures In Brachytherapy                    Younger
Rectal NTCP Values In Patients Receiving                    Patients With High Quality Intraprostatic
IG-IMRT For Prostate Cancer                                 Dosimetry                                                    2381         Simon Kirste                   B-179
                                                                                                                         Ten Year Survival And Quality Of Life After
2358           Curtiland Deville           B-156            2369         Sarah Daniel             B-167                  Combined High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy
Clinical Toxicities And Dosimetric Parameters               Measurement Of Stranded Source Migration In                  Boost (HDR-BT) And External Beam Radiothera-
After Whole-Pelvis Vs. Prostate Bed-Only Inten-             Prostate Brachytherapy                                       py (EBRT) For Localized Prostate Cancer
sity Modulated Radiation Therapy For Prostate
Cancer                                                      2370        William Ding                 B-168               2382         Alan Dal Pra                B-180
                                                            One Year PSA Value As Strong Predictor Of                    Prostate Volume Assessment Prior Brachy-
2359         Libni Eapen                  B-157             Biochemical Outcome After Definitive Prostate                therapy Implant - How Accurate Trans-Rectal
Preliminary Results Of A Sphincter Condition-               Seed Brachytherapy                                           Ultrasound Is?
ing Regimen On Reducing Post Prostate Cancer
Radiotherapy Anal Incontinence                              2371          Michel Ghilezan             B-169              2383          Albert Mesa               B-181
                                                            Hypofractionated Online Cone-Beam CT-                        A Gold Fiducial Based CT/MRI Fusion Method
2360         Marco Krengli                 B-158            Guided Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy                 For Prostate Treatment Planning
Intra-Operative Radiotherapy (IORT) During                  (Hypo CBCT-IMRT) For Localized Prostate Can-
Radical Prostatectomy For Locally Advanced                  cer. Acute Toxicity Profile Compared To Adaptive             2384        Brian Moran                B-182
Prostate Cancer: Feasibility And Preliminary                Offline Image-Guided IMRT (ART-IMRT)                         Cesium-131 Prostate Brachytherapy: PSA
Data On Clinical Outcome                                                                                                 Outcome
                                                            2372         Samir Hanna                     B-170
2361         Renaud Mazeron              B-159              The Role Of Intra- Or Periprostatic Calcifications           2385           Sten Nilsson               B-183
Permanent 125i Seed Prostate Brachytherapy:                 In Image-Guided Radiotherapy For Prostate                    Clinical Experience And Radiation Safety Of The
Early PSA Value As A Predictor Of PSA Bounce                Cancer                                                       First-In-Class Alpha-Pharmaceutical, Alpharadin
Occurrence                                                                                                               (Radium-223) In Patients With Castration-
                                                            2373         Michael Howard              B-171               Resistant Prostate Cancer (CRPC) And Bone
                                                            Individualized Predictive Treatment Margins To               Metastases
                                                            Account For Prostate Motion During Treatment
                                                            Using Real-Time Intra-Fraction Tracking

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               101
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       2386         Krishna Reddy                B-184              2397          Miranda Kim                B-195               2409         Katsumasa Nakamura          B-207
                       Preliminary Outcomes For Treatment Of High                   Early Stage Testicular Seminoma: A Multicenter               Respiratory-Induced Prostate Motion In The
                       Intermediate- And High-Risk Prostate Cancer                  Review Of Treatment Outcomes And Patterns Of                 Supine And Prone Positions As Assessed By
                       Patients Using Pelvic Intensity Modulated                    Recurrence                                                   Cine-Magnetic Resonance Imaging

                       Radiotherapy With Hypofractionated Simulta-
                       neous Integrated Boost To Prostate                           2398          Eugene Koay                 B-196              2410         Mario Romano                B-208
                                                                                    Differing Roles And Utilization Of Chemother-                On The Role Of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
                       2387         Danny Song                  B-185               apy And Radiation In Localized, Regional, And                With Endorectal Coil (ER-MRI) In Changing The
                       Reduced Dose To Urethra And Rectum With                      Distant Small Cell Carcinoma Of The Bladder                  Treatment Approach In Patients With Early
                       The Use Of Variable Needle Spacing In Prostate                                                                            Prostate Cancer Undergoing Primary Radiation
                       Brachytherapy: A Potential Advantage Of                      2399         Gregory Merrick               B-197
                       Robotic Brachytherapy                                        Serum Testosterone Kinetics Following Brachy-                2411          Matthew Studenski            B-209
                                                                                    therapy For Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer             Potential For Dose-Escalation In The Post-
                       2388          Kentaro Ishii              B-186                                                                            Prostatectomy Setting With Intensity Modulated
                       Clinical Application Of Aperture-Based VMAT                  2400         Boris Naydich                B-198              Radiation Therapy: A Dosimetric Study Using
                       With Ring-Shaped Region Of Interest For Plan-                Expertise Does Not Mitigate Significant Intra-               EORTC Consensus Guidelines For Target Volume
                       ning In Localized Prostate Cancer                            And Inter- Observer Variations In Contouring Of              Contours
                                                                                    Prostate And Associated Dosimetric Outcomes
                       2389         Kenneth Levin              B-187                                                                             2412         V. Elayne Arterbery       B-210
                       SBRT For Adrenal Gland Metastasis Using Single               2401          Tiziana Rancati            B-199               Short Term Urinary Morbidity Following
                       Dose Vs. Fractionated Dose Regimen                           Increase In TCP Due To Safe Ultra-High Dose                  Cesium-131 Ultrasound Guided Transperineal
                                                                                    Escalation On Dominant Intra-Prostatic Lesions               Prostate Seed Implantation
                       2390          Jin-Song Ye                B-188
                       Evaluation Of The Dosimetric Impact Of                       2402         Nikul Sheth               B-200                 2413          Mohammad Golfam              B-211
                       Intrafraction Motion And MLC Leaf Interplay                  Validation Of Seed Nomogram For Real-Time                    Effect Of Androgen Deprivation Therapy On
                       In Hypofractionated Prostate IMRT And VMAT                   Intraoperative Prostate Brachytherapy                        Hemoglobin, Testosterone And Erythropoietin
                       Treatment                                                                                                                 Levels In Prostate Cancer Patients Receiving
                                                                                    2403          Sinisa Stanic               B-201              Radiotherapy
                       2391           Takeshi Arimura            B-189              Relationship Between Pelvic Organ At Risk Dose
                       Practical Nomograms Based On Dose-Volume                     And Clinical Target Volume In Post-Prostatec-                2414          Christopher Hallemeier      B-212
                       Histogram Parameters To Predict Total Seed                   tomy Patients Receiving Intensity Modulated                  Long-Term Outcomes Of The Combined
                       Activity For I-125 Permanent Prostate Brachy-                Radiation Therapy                                            Approach Of Maximal Surgical Resection And
                       therapy                                                                                                                   Intraoperative Electron Radiotherapy For Recur-
                                                                                    2404        Ravindra Yaparpalvi          B-202               rent Or Locally Advanced Renal Malignancies
                       2392         Julie Bradley                B-190              Evidence Based Definition Of A “Safe” Dose-
                       Prospective Study Of Simultaneous Integrated                 Volume Curve For Reducing Rectal Toxicity From               2415         Evangelia Katsoulakis      B-213
                       Boost For High Risk Prostate Cancer Using                    External Beam Prostate Radiation Therapy                     Response To Treatment For Prostate Cancer In
                       IG-IMRT: Acute Toxicity Report                                                                                            Patients With Human Immunodeficiency Virus
                                                                                    2405          Filippo Alongi             B-203
                       2393          Antoine Bruna                 B-191            Optimal Acute Toxicity For Concomitant Pelvic                2416           Jesse Lara                 B-214
                       Feasibility And Toxicity Of A Single Fraction                Irradiation With Tomotherapy In 153 Prostate                 Interstitial High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy
                       High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy Followed By A                   Cancer Patients                                              Under Local Anesthesia For Early Stage Prostate
                       Course Of EBRT For Localized Prostate Cancer:                                                                             Cancer: A Report Of 524 Cases
                       The French Experience About 100 Patients; A                  2406          Kana Kobayashi             B-204
                       Retrospective Study                                          The Reduction Of Prostate Motion By Mega                     2417          Texin Li                   B-215
                                                                                    Voltage Computed Tomography (MVCT) Guided                    Potential Dosimetric Advantages Using Beta-
                       2394          Joe Chang                 B-192                Self Rectal Gas Removal With Helical Tomo-                   Emitter P-32 In Permanent Prostate Brachyther-
                       Validation Of 11C-Choline And 18F-FDG PET                    therapy                                                      apy-Preliminary Study
                       Scans With Pathology For Radiotherapy Target
                       Definition In Prostate Cancer                                2407         Katsuya Maruyama            B-205               2418         Gunnar Lohm                 B-216
                                                                                    Customized Treatment Planning To Improve The                 Salvage Radiotherapy In Patients With Prostate
                       2395          Harriet Eldredge             B-193             Dose Distribution In Fractionated High Dose                  Cancer And Biochemical Relapse After Radical
                       IGRT After Prostatectomy: Evaluation Of Correc-              Rate Brachytherapy Boost For Prostate Cancer                 Prostatectomy - Long-Term Follow-Up Of A
                       tive Shifts And Toxicity Using Online Conebeam                                                                            Single Center Survey
                       CT Vs. Weekly Port Films For Target Localization             2408         Celine Mirjolet-Didelot       B-206
                                                                                    Clinical Impact Of A PTV Reduction On Late                   2419          Wojciech Majewski          B-217
                       2396          Bettina Hentschel           B-194              Toxicity And Short Term Biochemical Progres-                 IMRT For Elective Pelvic Lymph Nodes Irradia-
                       Dose Escalation With Intensity Modulated                     sion-Free Survival For Patients Treated With                 tion In Patients With Bladder Cancer
                       Single Arc Therapy (RapidArc): Early GI And GU               High Dose (78 Gy) Daily On-Line IG-IMRT For
                       Toxicity In Patients With Prostate Cancer                    Prostate Cancer

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       102   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
2420          Atsushi Motegi             B-218              2431         Sushil Beriwal               B-229              2442          Jessica Wobb                 B-240
Correlation Between The Changes In The Epic                 Evaluation Of Setup Errors With Daily Image                  Impact Of 3D Vs Intensity Modulated Radiation
QOL Score And The Severity Of Acute Genito-                 Guidance For Gynecological Cancers                           Therapy On Acute Toxicities In Patients Treated
urinary Toxicity After Permanent Brachytherapy                                                                           For Cervical Cancer

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
With I-125 Alone For Prostate Cancer                        2432          Eng-Yen Huang              B-230
                                                            Pretreatment Carcinoembryonic Antigen Level                  2443         Agnes Bahng                   B-241
2421         Jesús Olivera               B-219              Is A Risk Factor Of Para-Aortic Lymph Node                   Determination Of Prognostic Factors For Long-
Considerations About Radiotherapy Treat-                    Recurrence In Addition To Squamous Cell                      Term Vaginal Toxicity Associated With Intravagi-
ment In Patients Affected By Prostate Cancer                Carcinoma Antigen After Definitive Concurrent                nal High-Dose Rate Brachytherapy In Patients
(Low And Intermediate Risk) With Double Hip                 Chemoradiotherapy For Squamous Cell Carcino-                 With Endometrial Carcinoma
Prosthesis                                                  ma Of The Uterine Cervix
                                                                                                                         2444        Larissa Lee               B-242
2422           Haley Parks                B-220             2433          Benjamin Laser              B-231              The KRAS-Variant And Outcome In Endometrial
Is There A Role For Proton Therapy After High-              Long-Term Clinical Outcomes And Patterns Of                  Adenocarcinoma: Combined Analysis Of RTOG
Intensity Focused Ultrasound And Cryosurgery                Recurrence Of 750 Surgically Staged Patients                 9708 And 9905
Failures In Prostate Cancer?                                With Stages I-II Endometrial Carcinoma: A Single
                                                            Institution Experience                                       2445         Allison Quick               B-243
2423          Mark Ranck                B-221                                                                            Sexual Function Following Surgery With Or
Hypofractionated Image-Guided Radiation                     2434         Audrey Li                B-232                  Without Intracavitary Vaginal Brachytherapy For
Therapy In The Treatment Of Oligometastatic                 Changes In Tumor Anatomy And Dosimetry                       Early Stage Endometrial Carcinoma
Renal Cell Carcinoma                                        During MR-Guided Pulsed Dose Rate Brachy-
                                                            therapy For Cervix Cancer                                    2446           WITHDRAWN
2424         Angiolo Tagliagambe          B-222
Phase I Study Of Hypofractionation In Defini-               2435          Jyoti Mayadev              B-233               2447        Elizabeth Kidd              B-245
tive Treatment Of Prostate Cancer. Preliminary              Biologically Equivalent Dose Heterogeneity In                Changes In FDG Uptake In Cervical Cancer
Results                                                     Adjuvant Vaginal Brachytherapy Alone Or In                   During Treatment
                                                            Combination With External Beam Radiation For
2425          Eric Vigneault              B-223             Early Stage Endometrial Cancer                               2448         Seok Ho Lee                  B-246
Doses / Volumes Correlation With PSA Failure                                                                             The Results Of Radiation Therapy With Chemo-
And Toxicity In Prostate Cancer Treated With                2436         Sunitha Susan Varghese B-234                    therapy For Patients With Cervical Cancer And
HDR Boost                                                   Phase II Study Of Concurrent Chemo Irradia-                  Supraclavicular Lymph Node Involvement
                                                            tion With Weekly Cisplatin And Paclitaxel In The
2426           Andrew Wahl                 B-224            Treatment Of Locally Advanced Squamous Cell                  2449          John Thropay                  B-247
Prostate Bed Target Motion Using Daily CT-On-               Carcinoma Of Cervix                                          Prospective Multi-Center Trial Utilizing Xoft
Rails. Is Target Motion Greater In The Superior                                                                          Electronic Brachytherapy In The Treatment Of
Portion Of The CTV?                                         2437        Moataz El-Ghamry             B-235               Endometrial Cancer
                                                            The Impact Of PET/CT Scan In Treatment
2427           Martin White               B-225             Decision And External Beam Field Design In                   2450        Junzo Chino                 B-248
Hormonal Blockade For Salvage Treatment                     The Management Of Cervical Cancer                            Secondary Malignancy After Radiation For
Of PSA Only Recurrent Prostate Cancer After                                                                              Endometrial Cancer: Comparing No Radiation,
Interstitial High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy             2438         Daniel Ma                    B-236              External Beam, And Brachytherapy
For Early Stage Prostate Cancer: Median 6 Year              Apparent Diffusion Coefficient Values In
Follow-Up In 26 Patients                                    Diffusion Weighted Imaging Is Correlated With                2451          Fleur Huang                B-249
                                                            Disease Progression In Cervical Cancer Patients              The Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Alterna-
2428           Gert Meijer               B-226                                                                           tive: A Boost For Gynecological Cancers Not
Early Clinical Experience With An Online                    2439           Melva Pinn-Bingham         B-237              Suited To Brachytherapy
IGART Protocol For Bladder Cancer Patients By               Long-Term Results Of High-Dose-Rate
In-Room Plan Selection Based On CBCT Images                 Interstitial Brachytherapy In The Treatment                  2452         Paolo Montemaggi              B-250
                                                            Of Carcinoma Of The Cervix                                   Accelerated Hypofractionated Brachytherapy
2429         Lisa Morikawa               B-227                                                                           (AHFBRT) Regimen In Integrated Radiation
Endorectal Balloon In Post-Operative Radiation              2440          Brent Rose                  B-238              Treatment (IT) For Advanced Cervical Cancer:
Therapy For Prostate Cancer                                 Correlation Between Bone Marrow Dose And                     Short Term Analysis Of Local Control (LC) And
                                                            Acute Hematologic Toxicity In Cervical Cancer                Adverse Events (AE)
                                                            Patients Treated With Chemoradiotherapy:
Gynecological Cancer                                        Implications For Extended-Field Intensity Modu-              2453         Mich Price                  B-251
Presentation Number 2430 − 2497                             lated Radiation Therapy                                      Evaluation Of A Balloon-Based Vaginal Packing
Poster Board Number B-228 – B-295                                                                                        System For Brachytherapy Of Cervical Carci-
                                                            2441          Benjamin King               B-239              noma
2430         Tracey Schefter            B-228               Clinical Outcomes For Tandem And Ring Brachy-
RTOG 0417: A Phase II Study Of Bevacizumab In               therapy For Cervix Cancer At The University Of               2454       Adam Garsa                     B-252
Combination With Definitive Radiotherapy And                Washington                                                   Magnitude Of Inter-Fractional Vaginal Cuff
Cisplatin Chemotherapy In Untreated Patients                                                                             Movement: Implications For External Irradiation
With Locally Advanced Cervical Carcinoma

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               103
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       2455         Yeon-Joo Kim              B-253                 2467         Isabelle Thibault             B-265             2479          Yasmin Hasan                 B-277
                       Dosimetric Evaluation Of Magnetic Resonance                  Evaluating Local Control And Dose-Response                   Outcomes Of Multimodality Adjuvant Therapy
                       Image-Guided Intracavitary Brachytherapy For                 Correlation After High-Dose-Rate Interstitial                In Patients With Surgically Staged Uterine
                       Cervical Cancer                                              Gynecologic Brachytherapy                                    Carcinosarcoma (UC)

                       2456         Keishiro Suzuki            B-254                2468        Marcus Wagner                B-266               2480         Mahesh Kudrimoti          B-278
                       The Results Of Radiotherapy Alone For Cervical               Comparison Of Graphical Vs. Inverse Planning                 Obesity And A Higher Body Mass Index (BMI)
                       Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of The Patients Aged                 Optimization For Image-Guided Cervical Cancer                May Be Protective Among Women Treated For
                       75 And Older                                                 Brachytherapy                                                Cervical Cancer

                       2457        Kenji Yoshida                 B-255              2469         Nathan Comsia              B-267                2481         Angela Mohr               B-279
                       Radiotherapy For Elderly Patients With Cervical              Preliminary Evaluation Of Cone Beam CT                       Nodal State Determines Outcome In Vulvar
                       Cancer                                                       Autosegmentation In Patients With Cervical                   Cancer
                       2458          Paul Mobit               B-256                                                                              2482         Michelle Olsheski          B-280
                       3D Image-Based Customized Treatment                          2470           Kyle Cuneo                 B-268              Postoperative Concomitant Cisplatin-Based
                       Planning Vs. Standard Plans For Cervix                       Interstitial Low Dose Rate Brachytherapy For                 Chemoradiation In Patients With Endometrial
                       Cancer HDR Brachytherapy                                     Gynecologic Malignancies: Balancing Control                  Carcinoma At High Risk For Recurrence
                                                                                    And Toxicity
                       2459        Christopher Anker           B-257                                                                             2483        Shyam Rao                   B-281
                       Does Anesthesia During Cervical Cancer Brachy-               2471         Daya Nand Sharma             B-269              Outcome Of Patients With Occult Supracla-
                       therapy Improve Implant Quality?                             High Dose Rate Interstitial Brachytherapy Using              vicular Lymph Node Metastasis From Cervical
                                                                                    Two Weekly Sessions Of 10 Gy Each For Patients               Carcinoma
                       2460           Irfan Ahmed                  B-258            With Locally Advanced Cervical Carcinoma
                       Initial Experience With Alatus Vaginal Balloon                                                                            2484          Sonal Sura                   B-282
                       Packing (VBP) Compared To Standard Vaginal                   2472        Yusung Kim                 B-270                 Effect Of Histology On Survival For Patients With
                       Gauze Packing (SGP) For Tandem And Ovoid                     The Changes Of Target Volumes Between                        Invasive Non-Metastatic Cervical Cancer: Review
                       Brachytherapy Treatment Of Carcinoma Of The                  External Beam Radiotherapy And Brachytherapy                 Of The Seer Database
                       Cervix                                                       And Between Each Fraction Of MRI-Guided
                                                                                    Brachytherapy For GYN Cancer                                 2485          Sayana Thomas               B-283
                       2461         Alec Block                  B-259                                                                            Patterns Of First Recurrence After Adjuvant
                       Dosimetric Evaluation Of Autosegmentation                    2473        Eva Lee                     B-271                Radiotherapy In Papillary Serous And Clear Cell
                       Software To Contour Normal Tissues In Multi-                 PET-Image Guided Dose Escalation In High-                    Carcinoma Of The Uterus
                       Fractional HDR Brachytherapy For Cervical                    Dose Rate Radiation Therapy
                       Cancer                                                                                                                    2486          Goro Kasuya                 B-284
                                                                                    2474         Keyur Mehta               B-272                 Risk Factors Of Severe Late Complications In
                       2462         Jared Robbins               B-260               Rectal Dose Sparing Using A Multi-Channel                    Patients With Uterine Cancer Treated With
                       Outcomes Of Adjuvant Chemotherapy And                        Vaginal Cylinder Vs. A Single Channel                        Postoperative Radiotherapy
                       Vaginal Brachytherapy With Or Without Pelvic                 Vaginal Cylinder
                       External Beam Radiation For Surgical Stage I-II                                                                           2487         Heerim Nam                B-285
                       Uterine Serous Carcinoma                                     2475           Shira Galper               B-273              PET/CT Guided Brachytherapy Planning For
                                                                                    Postoperative Vaginal Cuff Brachytherapy Alone               Cervical Cancer
                       2463          Sunao Tokumaru                B-261            (VB) Provides Equally Effective Treatment With
                       Insufficiency Fractures After Pelvic Radiotherapy            Less Toxicity Than External Beam Radiation And               2488         Anna Olson                   B-286
                       For Uterine Cervical Cancer: An Analysis Of                  Vaginal Cuff Brachytherapy (EXT + VB) In The                 Definitive Radiation Therapy For The Treatment
                       Subjects In A Prospective Multi-Institutional                Treatment Of Stage II Endometrial Adenocarci-                Of Inoperable Endometrial Cancer: Pelvic Radia-
                       Trial, And Cooperative Study Of Japan Radiation              noma                                                         tion Followed By HDR Brachytherapy Or IMRT/
                       Oncology Group (JAROG) And Japanese                                                                                       Conformal Boost
                       Radiation Oncology Study Group                               2476          Sabin Motwani               B-274
                                                                                    Image Guided Low-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy                     2489         Bingren Liu                  B-287
                       2464           WITHDRAWN                         B-262       For Cervical Cancer: At Long Last Accurate Dose              Predicting The Risk Of Pelvic Nodal Metastasis In
                                                                                    Information                                                  T1 Endometrial Carcinoma
                       2465          Zhibin Huang                  B-263
                       Inter-Patient Variation Of Radiosensitivity And              2477         Wan Jeon                      B-275             2490         Ericka Wiebe                  B-288
                       Dead-Cell Resolving Time In Cervical Cancer                  Salvage Radiotherapy For Lymph Node Recur-                   Rectal And Bladder Toxicity In Patients Receiv-
                                                                                    rence After Radical Surgery In Cervical Cancer               ing CT-Guided HDR Interstitial Brachytherapy
                       2466          Lara Bonner Millar         B-264                                                                            For Gynecologic Malignancies
                       Using Deformable Image Registration To Assess                2478        Keith Sowards                B-276
                       The Accuracy Of Cumulative External Beam And                 An Inter-Comparison Of Differing Applicators                 2491          Renu Madan                  B-289
                       Intracavitary Brachytherapy ICRU Point Doses In              For HDR Vaginal Cuff Brachytherapy With A Fo-                CT- Based Inverse Treatment Planning In HDR-
                       Cervical Cancer                                              cus On The Potential Use Of The Contura Device               Intracavitary Brachytherapy For Cervical Cancer:
                                                                                                                                                 Impact Of Point A And Target-Based Dosimetric
                                                                                                                                                 And Dose Prescription Methods

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       104   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
2492         Barbara Helena             B-290               2504        Anuradha Thiagarajan        B-302                2516        Claus Kristensen           B-314
             Zobec Logar                                    Target Volume Delineation In Oropharyngeal                   The Importance Of FDG-PET In CT/MRI Based
Ultrasound Based Determination Of Vaginal                   Cancer: Impact Of PET, MRI And Physical                      IMRT Planning For Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Wall Thickness In Postoperative Vaginal                     Examination

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
Brachytherapy For Endometrial Cancer                                                                                     2517          Bao-Qing Li                B-315
                                                            2505         Hugo Villeneuve           B-303                 The Californian Cancer Registry Report On The
2493         Savita Dandapani          B-291                Treatment Of Squamous-Cell Carcinoma Of                      Impact Of Histology And Chemoradiation On
Prognostic Role Of Pathologic Complete                      The Nose: A Comparison Of Brachytherapy And                  Survival In Nasopharyngeal Cancer Among
Response To Chemoradiation In FIGO IB2                      Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy                        Asian Subgroups
Cervical Cancer
                                                            2506         Xiaoshen Wang               B-304               2518          Qin Lin                  B-316
2494          WITHDRAWN                         B-292       Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy For Nasopharyn-                     Serial 18F-FDG PET/CT During Radiotherapy
                                                            geal Carcinoma With Cisplatin And 5-Fluoroura-               In Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: A Prospective
2495         Yunfei Huang                B-293              cil, Who Might Benefit?                                      Clinical Study
On The Impact Of Prescription Point A On
HR-CTV In MRI-Guided HDR Brachytherapy For                  2507          Matthew Ward           B-305                   2519         Renuka Malik              B-317
Cervical Cancer                                             CT-Measured Tumor Diameter As A Prognostic                   Impact Of Induction Chemotherapy On Treat-
                                                            Indicator In Oropharyngeal Cancers                           ment Outcomes In Locoregionally Advanced
2496          Lichun Wei                 B-294                                                                           Head And Neck Carcinoma Patients Treated
Clinical Investigation On CT Image-Guided IMRT              2508         Rolina Al Wassia            B-306               With Concurrent Chemotherapy And Hyperfrac-
For Late-Course Boost To Patients With Local                Juxtapapillary Choroidal Melanoma Treated                    tionated Radiotherapy
Advanced Cervical Cancer                                    With Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy:
                                                            Local Control And Toxicity Outcomes                          2520         Yumiko Minagawa             B-318
2497         Meng-Hao Wu                  B-295                                                                          Prediction Of Local Control In Head And Neck
Patterns Of Care And Outcome In Elderly                     2509       Annie Chan                   B-307                Cancer Using The Maximal Standardized Uptake
Patients With Cervical Cancer: A Retrospective              Implementation Of Virtual Endoscopy In Head                  Value Of 62 Cu-ATSM
Analysis                                                    And Neck Cancer Treatment Planning
                                                                                                                         2521          Patrizia Olmi                B-319
                                                            2510         David Feltl                  B-308              Patterns Of Failure After Intensity Modulated
Head And Neck Cancer                                        How To Easily Deliver 75 Gy In 5 Weeks For                   Radiation Therapy (IMRT) And Chemotherapy
                                                            Advanced Head And Neck Cancer?                               For Patients With Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma
Presentation Number 2498 − 2626
Poster Board Number B-296 – B-424                           2511         Wendy Hara                 B-309                2522           Asal Shoushtari          B-320
                                                            Can Temporal Lobe Necrosis Be Prevented In                   Differential Incidence Of P16+ Oropharyngeal
2498        Niranjan Bhandare           B-296               Patients With Nasopharyngeal/Skull Base                      Squamous Cell Carcinomas In Caucasians And
Severe Dry-Eye Syndrome After Radiation                     Tumors Undergoing A Stereotactic Radiosur-                   African Americans In Virginia
Therapy: Radiobiological Modeling                           gery Boost? A Dose Volume Analysis
                                                                                                                         2523          Peter Ahn                     B-321
2499          Matthew Abramowitz         B-297              2512         Ying Hitchcock             B-310                Results Of A Phase I Trial Of Induction Cisplatin,
Has Survival For Patients With Squamous Cell                Impact Of Integrated High-Resolution FDG                     Docetaxel, 5-fu And Erlotinib Followed By Cis-
Carcinoma Of The Head And Neck Treated With                 18-PET/CT Into Radiotherapy Planning And                     platin, Bevacizumab And Erlotinib With Radio-
Radiotherapy Improved Over Time?                            Post-Treatment Assessment For Locoregional                   therapy For Advanced Head And Neck Cancer
                                                            Advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of The
2500         Marco Cianchetti              B-298            Head And Neck                                                2524         David Berlach              B-322
Risk Of Sinonasal Cutaneous Fistula After Treat-                                                                         Comparison Of Prophylactic And Emergent Per-
ment For Advanced Sinonasal Cancer                          2513         Wonil Jang                  B-311               cutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy Tube Place-
                                                            The Role Of Postoperative External Beam                      ment In Patients Treated With Chemotherapy
2501          Nicola Caria               B-299              Radiotherapy In Differentiated Thyroid Cancer                And Radiation For Head And Neck Cancer
Dosimetric Correlation Of The Muscles Of                    With Focal Anaplastic Change
Mastication With Trismus In Patients Undergo-                                                                            2525         Jimmy Caudell               B-323
ing Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)                 2514          Svetlana Kats             B-312                Examination Of Laryngo-Esophageal Dysfunc-
And Chemotherapy For Oropharyngeal                          Laryngeal Tumor Volume As A Predictor For                    tion-Free Survival As An Endpoint In Non-Surgi-
Carcinoma (OPC)                                             Thyroid Cartilage Penetration                                cal Treatment Of Squamous Cell Carcinomas Of
                                                                                                                         The Larynx And Hypopharynx
2502         Dan Ou                     B-300               2515         Lin Kong                     B-313
Dose-Response Relationships Within The Pa-                  Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy Followed By                         2526          Wen-Cheng Chen             B-324
rotid Gland After Intensity Modulated                       Concurrent Chemoradiation For Locoregionally                 Scintigraphic Assessment Of Late Parotid Gland
Radiotherapy Vs. Conventional Radiotherapy                  Advanced Stage Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma:                     Function After Radiotherapy For Head And Neck
For Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma                                Preliminary Report Of Two Phase II Trials                    Cancer And Its Correlation With Health-Related
                                                                                                                         Quality Of Life Measurement
2503         Christopher Spencer          B-301
Patterns Of Failure After IMRT In Head And Neck
Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC)

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               105
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       2527        Shen Chunying               B-325                2540         Mary Feng                     B-338             2551          Robert Malyapa            B-349
                       Surgery Alone Or Combined With Postoperative                 Intra-Observer Variability Of Organs At Risk For             Proton Therapy Of Nasal Cavity And Paranasal
                       Radiotherapy For Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Of                 Head And Neck Cancer: Geometric And Dosi-                    Sinuses - The UFPTI Experience
                       The Head And Neck                                            metric Consequences

                                                                                                                                                 2552           Rafael Manon               B-350
                       2528         Simon Fung-Kee-Fung        B-326                2541          Cary Gross                 B-339               Can Nanoparticle Technology Improve Side Ef-
                       Volumetric Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy                   Head And Neck Cancer (HNC) Patients                          fects After Irradiation Of The Head And Neck?
                       Vs. Conventional IMRT In Advanced Head-                      Undergoing Intensity Modulated Radiation
                       And-Neck Cancer: A Prospective, Comparative                  Therapy (IMRT) Have Fewer Subsequent Days                    2553         Kensei Nakata               B-351
                       Dosimetric Study Using Multiple Organs At Risk               Of Hospitalization (DOH) Than Do Patients                    Phase I Study Of Oral S-1 And Concurrent Radio-
                                                                                    Undergoing Conventional Radiation Therapy                    therapy In Patients With Head And Neck Cancer
                       2529         Thomas Kuhnt               B-327                (CRT) In The Seer-Medicare Linked Database
                       Recovery Of The Parotid Gland Function After                                                                              2554         Dominic Nguyen               B-352
                       Radiotherapy Of Head And Neck Cancer                         2542         Masamitsu Hatakenaka B-340                      Comparison Of Failure Patterns In Locally
                                                                                    Pretreatment ADC Of The Primary Lesion                       Advanced Oropharyngeal And Hypopharyngeal
                       2530         Lucien Nedzi                  B-328             Correlates With Local Failure In Head And Neck               Squamous Cell Carcinomas Treated With 3D
                       Phase I Study Of Nab-Paclitaxel, Cisplatin And               Cancer Treated With Chemoradiotherapy Or                     Conformal Radiotherapy Vs. Intensity Modu-
                       Cetuximab With Concurrent Radiation Therapy                  Radiotherapy                                                 lated Radiotherapy
                       For Local-Regionally Advanced Head-And-Neck
                       Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HNSCC)                              2543          F.J.P. Hoebers             B-341               2555         Tomasz Rutkowski          B-353
                                                                                    Reirradiation In Head And Neck Cancer: Balance               Change In Hemoglobin Concentration During
                       2531          Priyadarshini Rajaguru    B-329                Between Efficacy And Toxicity                                Radiotherapy And Volume Of Involved Neck
                       Clinical Use Of Hexapod Couch In Combination                                                                              Nodes Correlate With Treatment Outcome In
                       With Elekta XVI-CBCT For Head & Neck IGRT                    2544         Kenneth Shung Hu           B-342                Patients With Carcinoma Of Hypopharynx
                       Treatments                                                   High Dose-Rate Intraoperative Radiation
                                                                                    Therapy For The Salvage Treatment Of Head                    2556         Nicholas Sanfilippo       B-354
                       2532       Vijay Anand Reddy           B-330                 And Neck Cancer                                              Tongue Strength And Swallowing Dysfunction
                       Ruthenium 106 Plaque Brachytherapy In Ocular                                                                              In Head And Neck Cancer Patients After
                       Tumors                                                       2545         Norbert Kased              B-343                Radiation Therapy
                                                                                    Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy For
                       2533         Monica Sircar              B-331                Esthesioneuroblastoma: Clinical Outcomes And                 2557         Juliette Thariat           B-355
                       Predicting Outcomes After Salvage Reirradia-                 Toxicities                                                   Construction Of A Dental Atlas For Automatic
                       tion Of Recurrent Head And Neck Cancer                                                                                    Teeth Segmentation To Improve Post-Irradiation
                                                                                    2546          Benjamin Lok                B-344              Dental Care Management
                       2534          Heath Skinner               B-332              Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
                       Characteristics And Clinical Outcomes Of                     For The Treatment Of Oropharyngeal Carcinoma                 2558         Ryan Carlson                B-356
                       Patients With Multiple Potentially HPV-Related               (OPC): Effect Of Tumor Volume On Clinical                    Salivary Gland Tumours: Retrospective Review
                       Malignancies                                                 Outcomes                                                     Of The BCCA Experience From 1999 To 2008

                       2535         Rafal Suwinski              B-333               2547         Andrew Hope                 B-345               2559         Aleksandar Dragovic          B-357
                       Randomized Clinical Trial On Postoperative                   Radiation-Induced Mandibular Toxicity (RIMT)                 Factors Associated With Distant Metastasis In
                       Continuous 7-Days-A-Week Radiotherapy                        Following Intensity Modulated Radiation                      Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of The Head And
                       Vs. Postoperative Radiochemotherapy In                       Therapy (IMRT) For Head And Neck Malignancy                  Neck Treated With Definitive Radiation Therapy:
                       Squamous-Cell Head And Neck Cancer: A                                                                                     The UAB Experience
                       Report On Acute Normal Tissue Reactions                      2548         Oscar Berges                B-346
                                                                                    Parotid-Sparing Tomotherapy For Head And                     2560          Tessa Goldsmith              B-358
                       2536        Candan Demiroz                B-334              Neck Cancers: Preserved Parotid Function                     Risk Of Cervical Esophageal Stricture With
                       Head And Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of                     After Tomotherapy On Quantitative Salivary                   Intensity Modulated Vs. Conventional
                       Unknown Primary (SCCUP): Neck Dissection                     Scintigraphy                                                 Radiation Therapy For Head And Neck Cancer:
                       (ND) And Radiotherpy (RT) Vs. Definitive RT                                                                               A Systemic Review
                                                                                    2549         Sujith Kumar               B-347
                       2537          Yusuke Demizu              B-335               Functional Outcomes Following Organ                          2561          Krzysztof Skladowski         B-359
                       Particle Radiotherapy Using Protons Or Carbon                Preservation In Head And Neck Cancer:                        Psychological Aspects And Detailed Quality Of
                       Ions For Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma Of The Head                Function Optimised IMRT Can Deliver Better                   Life Evaluation In Head And Neck (HN) Cancer
                       And Neck                                                                                                                  Patients Treated With Definitive Accelerated
                                                                                    2550         Jiade Lu                     B-348              Radiotherapy
                       2538         Michael Eblan             B-336                 Proposing The Lymphatic Target Volume For
                       Proton RBE Determination For Head And Neck                   Elective Radiation Therapy For Nasopharyngeal                2562          Shao Hui Huang               B-360
                       Cancer Cells                                                 Cancer: A Pooled Analyses Of Clinical Evidence               Positive Postradiotherapy Planned Neck
                                                                                                                                                 Dissection Is Strongly Associated With Increased
                       2539         Muge Akmansu                B-337                                                                            Distant Metastasis Rather Than Regional
                       Aurora-B And Survivin Expression In Head And                                                                              Relapse
                       Neck Cancer: Correlation With Clinicopathologic
                       Features And Patient Survival

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       106   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
2563         Trevor Krakow              B-361               2574         Karen Chu                   B-372               2585        Che-Yu Hsu                B-383
Clinical Management Of Patients With Temporal               Prognostic Value Of Metabolic Tumor Volume                   Treatment Outcomes For Synchronous Or
Lobe Necrosis                                               And Velocity In Predicting Head And Neck                     Metachronous Hypopharyngeal / Laryngeal /
                                                            Cancer Outcomes                                              Oropharyngeal Cancer And Esophageal Cancer

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
2564         John Lucas                   B-362
Surgery + Radiotherapy Vs. Definitive Chemo-                2575           Madhur Garg                B-373              2586         Aamir Hussain                  B-384
radiotherapy For Advanced Squamous Cell                     Tube Feeding Dependence In Larynx Cancer                     Patterns Of Local Failure For Patients With Head
Carcinoma Of The Tonsil, Soft Palate And Oro-               Patients: Is There More To It Than Pharyngeal                And Neck Squamous Cell Carcinoma Treated
pharyngeal Wall                                             Constrictors?                                                With Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy
                                                                                                                         And Simultaneous Integrated Boost Technique
2565          Nobutaka Mizoguchi        B-363               2576          Yoko Goto                 B-374
Dose Deformity In Patients Of HNC Treated                   Re-Irradiation Combined With Concurrent                      2587        Yeon-Sil Kim                B-385
With Helical Tomotherapy During IMRT Session                Chemotherapy For Patients With Locally                       High Late Complication And Local Control: An
Assessed By Original QA Program                             Recurrent Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: Clinical                 Experience With Hypofractionated Boost In The
                                                            Advantage Of Intensity Modulated Radiothera-                 Treatment Of Head And Neck Cancer
2566         Surjeet Pohar             B-364                py Using Helical Tomotherapy
Prophylactic Peg Tube And Swallowing Follow-                                                                             2588         Jong-Hoon Lee               B-386
ing Chemoradiation                                          2577        Xiyin Guan                  B-375                The Importance Of Patient Selection For The
                                                            The Dose Volume Analysis Of Radiation-Induced                Postoperative Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy
2567      David Rosenthal             B-365                 Optic Neuropathy In Sinonasal And Nasal Cavity               (CCRT) To Improve Therapeutic Gain For Locally
Symptom Burden During Radiation Therapy                     Carcinoma Treated With Intensity Modulated                   Advanced Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of The
And Chemoradiation For Head And Neck Cancer                 Radiotherapy                                                 Head And Neck (SCCHN)

2568            Kilian Salerno May         B-366            2578         Tsz Kin Lee                 B-376               2589         Daniel Marconi            B-387
Salivary Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma: Seer                Prognostic Value Of Primary And Nodal Gross                  Choroidal Melanoma Brachytherapy: An
Database Analysis Of The Impact Of Surgery,                 Tumor Volumes In Oropharyngeal Squamous                      Effectiveness Comparison Between Cobalt And
Radiation, And Lymph Node Involvement On                    Cell Carcinoma Treated With Curative Intent                  Ruthenium
                                                            2579         Jianji Pan                B-377                 2590         Allen Chen                     B-388
2569         Jonathan Schoenfeld         B-367              Comparison Of The Chinese 2008 And The 7th                   Prospective Study To Determine Ideal Dose
Salivary Gland Tumors Treated With Adjuvant                 Edition AJCC Staging Systems For Nasopharyn-                 Constraints For The Oral Cavity In Patients
Intensity Modulated Radiation With Or Without               geal Carcinoma                                               Undergoing Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
Concurrent Chemotherapy: A Recent Experi-                                                                                For Head And Neck Cancer
ence                                                        2580         Samuel Wang                 B-378
                                                            A Prediction Model For Estimating The Benefit                2591         Karen Vineberg            B-389
2570         Keith Unger                  B-368             Of Post-Operative Radiotherapy For Oral Cavity               Consequences Of Pharyngeal Constrictor
HPV-Positive Status Predicts For Improved                   Squamous Cell Carcinoma                                      Contouring Method On Dose Calculation And
Outcomes In Head And Neck Squamous Cell                                                                                  Optimization
Carcinoma After Concurrent Cetuximab And                    2581          Ellen Wiegner               B-379
Radiation Therapy                                           Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy For Tumors                  2592        Tingting Xu               B-390
                                                            Of The Nasal Cavity And Paranasal Sinuses:                   Treatment Outcomes Of Different Chemo-
2571          Varagur Mohan               B-369             Clinical Outcomes And Patterns Of Failure                    therapy Sequences In N3 Stage Nasopharyngeal
              Venkatesan                                                                                                 Carcinoma
Inter-Observer And Intra-Observer Target                    2582          Guopei Zhu                  B-380
Volume Delineation Variability In Orophayrn-                Postoperative Radiotherapy With Extensive                    2593         Jiong Yan Li                  B-391
geal Cancer Patients With Significant Dental                Fields To Treat Lymphoepithelial Carcinoma                   Preliminary Results Of Re-Irradiation For Locally
Artificat On CT                                             Of Major Salivary Glands: A Prospective Single               Recurrent Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma With
                                                            Institute Analysis Of 32 Patients                            Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
2572         James Yu                    B-370
Head And Neck Cancer (HNC) Patients Undergo-                2583        Sarbani Ghosh               B-381                2594        Curtis Bryant                B-392
ing Primary Radiation With Intensity Modulated              Esthesioneuroblastoma: Prognostic Factors And                Tumor Volume As A Predictor Of Success In
Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Demonstrate                        Outcomes In A Developing Country                             Larynx Cancer Patients Treated With Primary
Improved Overall Survival (OS) Compared To                                                                               Chemoradiation Therapy
Those Undergoing Conventional Radiation                     2584          John Greskovich           B-382
Therapy (CRT) In The Seer-Medicare Linked DAT               The Efficacy Of Reduced Radiotherapy Dose                    2595         Lana De Souza-Lawrence B-393
                                                            For Human Papilloma Virus Associated (HPV+)                  Predictors Of Laryngeal Edema During IMRT For
2573         Seema Arif                    B-371            Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) Of The Oro-                    Head And Neck Cancer
Patterns Of Failure After Intensity Modulated               pharynx Treated With Concurrent Chemoradia-
Radiation Therapy (IMRT) For Nasopharyngeal                 tion                                                         2596        Kang-Hsing Fan             B-394
Cancer                                                                                                                   Radiation Dose Response Of Indeterminate
                                                                                                                         Lymph Nodes In Squamous Cell Carcinoma Of
                                                                                                                         Oropharynx, Hypopharynx, And Larynx

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               107
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       2597         Matthew Ladra               B-395               2609         Maia Dzhugashvili          B-407                2621         John Holland                B-419
                       Fast Neutron Radiotherapy For Locally Recur-                 Simultaneous Integrated Boost Intensity                      Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
                       rent And Metastatic Melanomas Of The Head                    Modulated Radiotherapy In The Inoperable                     After Supraglottic Laryngectomy: Radiotherapy
                       And Neck                                                     Locoregionally Advanced Head And Neck                        To The Neck With Sparing Of The Larynx And

                                                                                    Cancer-Clinical Results                                      Constrictors
                       2598          Tito Mendoza              B-396
                       Impact Of Symptom Burden On Survival In                      2610        Lin Ma                     B-408                 2622         Victor Hofun Lee           B-420
                       Patients With Head And Neck Cancer Treated                   Short-Term Clinical Observations Of 73                       Impact Of Intravenous Contrast Used In
                       With Definitive Radiation Therapy                            Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Patients Treated                    Computed Tomography (CT) Scan On Dose To
                                                                                    With Tomotherapy                                             The Carotids And Thyroid In IMRT Planning For
                       2599         Peter Paximadis           B-397                                                                              Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma (NPC)
                       Addition Of Concurrent Chemoradiation                        2611         Benjamin Schipman          B-409
                       Improves Survival In Hypopharyngeal Cancer                   Management Of Head And Neck Patients                         2623         Mary Lei                    B-421
                                                                                    Presenting At Diagnosis With A Synchronous                   CBCT Evaluation Of Dose-Volume Changes In
                       2600          Giuseppe Sanguineti        B-398               Cancer In Another Anatomic Site                              Contralateral Parotid Gland During Head And
                       Effect Of Radiotherapy And Chemotherapy                                                                                   Neck IG-IMRT
                       On The Risk Of Mucositis During IMRT For                     2612           Sabine Semrau                  B-410
                       Oropharyngeal Cancer                                         Feasibility, Toxicity And First Efficacy Results             2624         Delphine Leignel            B-422
                                                                                    Of One Cycle Induction Therapy (ICT) With                    Dosimetric And Radiobiological Comparison
                       2601        Kengo Sato                    B-399              Docetaxel And Cisplatin Or Carboplatin (TP)                  Of Patients With Head And Neck Tumors
                       Hypofractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy Us-               Followed By Chemoradiation (CRT) In Respond-                 Treated By Helical Tomotherapy, RapidArc And
                       ing The CyberKnife For External Auditory Canal               ers For Organ Preservation In Patients With                  Classical IMRT
                       Carcinoma                                                    Carcinoma Of The Oropharynx, Hypopharynx,
                                                                                    Or Larynx.                                                   2625         Haibo Lin                  B-423
                       2602         Krzysztof Skladowski         B-400                                                                           Larynx-Sparing Techniques Using Intensity
                       In Larynx Cancer Patients With Small                         2613           Rimoun Boutrus               B-411            Modulated Radiation Therapy For Head And
                       Tumor Volume The Extent Of Laryngeal And                     Risk -Stratified Treatment For Patients With                 Neck Cancer Treatment
                       Extralaryngeal Involvement Is Crucial For                    Locally Advanced Oropharyngeal Carcinoma
                       Organ-Preservation After Definitive Accelerated              (OPC)                                                        2626         Jonathan Romanyshyn                 B-424
                       Radiation Therapy                                                                                                         Radiation Therapy In The Treatment Of
                                                                                    2614          Tingyong Fan              B-412                Angiosarcoma Of The Head And Neck
                       2603         Janet Sperry             B-401                  Phase I/II Study Of Smart-IMRT Plus Chemo-
                       Esthesioneuroblastoma: A Modern Experience                   therapy In Locoregionally Advanced Nasopha-
                       At The University Of Miami                                   ryngeal Cancer                                               Informatics
                                                                                                                                                 Presentation Number 2627 − 2645
                       2604          Etsuji Tomitaka               B-402            2615         Sefik Igdem               B-413                 Poster Board Number B-425 – B-443
                       Longitudinal Changes Of Parotid Glands After                 Whole Field Simultaneous Integrated Boost
                       30 Gy Irradiation In Patients With Oral Cavity               IMRT In Nasopharyngeal Cancer                                2627         Alvin Cabrera             B-425
                       Cancer Treated With Preoperative Conventional                                                                             Incorporating Gross Anatomy Education Into
                       Radiation Therapy                                            2616         Cattaneo Richard            B-414               Radiation Oncology Residency
                                                                                    Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
                       2605           Swati Trivedi               B-403             For The Para-Nasal Sinus (PNS) Malignancies                  2628        Dennis Carter                B-426
                       Need For Prophylactic Contralateral Neck                                                                                  National Development And Application Of
                       Irradiation In All Locally Advanced Oral Cavity              2617        Kunal Saigal                B-415                Radiation Oncology Specific, Evidence-Based
                       Squamous Cell Carcinomas?                                    Mucosal Melanomas Of The Head And Neck: A                    Guidelines
                                                                                    Modern Experience At The University Of Miami
                       2606          Jonathan Verma            B-404                                                                             2629       Patricia Lindsay              B-427
                       Characteristics And Outcome Of Radiation-                    2618       Connie S.P. Yip            B-416                  Automated Tools To Facilitate Lung Cancer
                       And Chemotherapy-Related Mucoepidermoid                      Outcomes Of Oral Tongue Cancer: Does Age                     Outcomes Data-Mining
                       Carcinoma Of The Salivary Glands                             Matter?
                                                                                                                                                 2630          Lakshmi Santanam            B-428
                       2607        Weining Zhen               B-405                 2619       Guila Delouya               B-417                 Eliminating Inconsistencies In Simulation And
                       Treatment Outcomes Of Squamous Cell                          18F-FDG-PET Imaging In Radiotherapy For                      Treatment Planning Orders In Radiation Therapy
                       Carcinoma Of The Base Of Tongue Treated With                 Tumor Volume Delineation In Treatment Of
                       Primary IMRT With Or Without Chemotherapy                    Head And Neck Cancer                                         2631           WITHDRAWN

                       2608         Spencer Ashton              B-406               2620         Steffen Hauswald             B-418              2632         Emma Ramahi                 B-430
                       The Use Of Low-Dose Weekly Cisplatin With                    Radiation Therapy In Cancer Of The Oral Tongue               Publication Productivity Radiation Oncology
                       Concurrent Radiation Therapy In The Treatment                Or Tongue Margin                                             Journals: Application Of Lotka’s Law
                       Of Locally Advanced Squamous Cell Head And
                       Neck Cancer (LA-SCHNC)                                                                                                    2633        Todd McNutt                    B-431
                                                                                                                                                 Oncospace: All Patients On Trial For Analysis Of
                                                                                                                                                 Outcomes, Toxicities And IMRT Plan Quality

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       108   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
2634        Dongfeng Han               B-432                Bioinformatics                                               2656         Yuzuru Niibe                    A-208
Frequency And Magnitude Of Helical 4D-CT                    Presentation Number 2646 – 2650                              Oligometastases Of Brain Only In Patients With
Artifacts                                                   Poster Board Number B-444 – B-448                            Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) Treated
                                                                                                                         With Stereotactic Irradiation (STI): A Multi-Insti-

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
2635         Shyamal Patel               B-433              2646          Uma Shankavaram              B-444             tutional Study In Japan
Effective Medical Student Education In Ra-                  Predictive Pre-Clinical Modeling Of Glioblas-
diation Oncology: Further Assessment Of The                 toma Multiforme                                              2657         Hiroshi Onishi               A-209
Oncology Education Initiative                                                                                            Rib Fracture After Stereotactic Body Radio-
                                                            2647         Alexander Huebner            B-445              therapy For 177 Patients With Stage I Non-small
2636         Vincent Wu                 B-434               Analysis Of Microarray-Based Gene Expression                 Cell Lung Cancer
Development Of Tele-Localization System In                  Datasets Of Gliomas For The Identification Of
Radiotherapy Using Personal Data Assistant                  Potential Prognostic Markers And Unknown                     2658          Xiong Wei                   A-210
(PDA) Device Via Wireless Communication                     Signaling Pathways                                           The Advantage Of Using PET SUV To Evaluate
                                                                                                                         Tumor Response By RECIST Criteria In Patients
2637        Bruce Curran                B-435               2648        John Kirkpatrick             B-446               With Stage III A/B Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Improving Safety In Radiation Oncology                      Implementing A Clinically Driven Electronic                  (NSCLC) After Concurrent Chemotherapy And
Through The Development And Testing Of IHE                  Medical Record For Radiation Oncology In A                   Tarceva With Radiotherapy
Radiation Oncology Integration Profiles                     Major Medical Center
                                                                                                                         2659          Jeffrey Craft             A-211
2638        G. Colin Field              B-436               2649         Fei Yang                     B-447              Quantitative Mass Spectroscopy And The Identi-
A Simple Technique For Scoring Radiotherapy                 Spectral Clustering For FDG-PET Cervical Tumor               fication Of Alpha2macroglobulin As A Potential
Treatment Plans                                             Segmentation                                                 Biomarker For Radiation Pneumonitis

2639        Jacek Kukluk                 B-437              2650        Todd Swanson                B-448                2660         Nicolas Peguret            A-212
Comprehensive Verification Of External Beam                 T2-ERG Expression Alters Chemo- And Radio-                   A 4D Image Processing Software For Patient Se-
Radiotherapy Treatment Delivery Parameters                  Responsiveness In Prostate Cancer Through The                lection And Optimization Of Breathing Adapted
                                                            Regulation Of Several Genetic Programs                       Radiotherapy (BART) In Lung Cancer
2640         Todd Pawlicki               B-438
Evaluation Of The Pre-Treatment Patient Setup                                                                            2661          Katy Clarke                A-213
Approval Process                                                                                                         Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) For Non-
                                                            Lung Cancer                                                  small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) -Is FDG-PET A
                                                            Presentation Number 2651 − 2759
2641         Nancy Soto                 B-439                                                                            Predictor Of Outcome?
                                                            Poster Board Number A-203 – A-311
Are The New NCI Operational Efficiency
Guidelines Achievable? A Look At The Radiation                                                                           2662        Man Hu                       A-214
                                                            2651         Devin Schellenberg             A-203
Therapy Oncology Group Studies Activated In                                                                              Diagnostic Ability Of Dual-Time-Point FDG PET/
                                                            Treatment Of Cranial Metastases Following
2009 In Comparison To The New Operational                                                                                CT For Mediastinal Lymph Node Metastases In
                                                            Prophylactic Cranial Irradiation (PCI) For Small
Efficiency Working Group (OEWG) Guidelines                                                                               Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients
                                                            Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC)
2642        David Gering             B-440                                                                               2663         Jennifer Jones              A-215
                                                            2652         Meredith Giuliani             A-204
Automatic Segmentation Of KV-CT And MV-CT                                                                                Definitive Radiotherapy For New Primary
                                                            Patterns Of Failure In Patients With Limited-
Images Of Head/Neck Patients                                                                                             Tumors In The Lung: The Benefit Of The Doubt
                                                            Stage Small Cell Lung Carcinoma
2643          Aparna Kesarwala            B-441                                                                          2664         Katsuyuki Karasawa             A-216
                                                            2653         Kevin Bylund                A-205
Electronic Integration Of Radiation Oncology                                                                             Three-Dimensional Non-Coplanar Conformal
                                                            Reirradation With A Second Course Of Stereo-
Clinics Via Remote Proton Radiotherapy                                                                                   Radiotherapy For The Treatment Of Stage I
                                                            tactic Body Radiotherapy For Locally Recurrent
Telemedicine Solution                                                                                                    Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - Is It Equally Safe
                                                            Lung Lesions                                                 And Effective For So-Called Central Tumors?
2644        Anh Le                       B-442
                                                            2654         Diala El-Zammar              A-206
An EPR System For Workflow Improvement In                                                                                2665         Jun Liu                       A-217
                                                            Don’t Believe Everything You Read: An Evalu-
Evidenced-Based Research Of Proton Therapy                                                                               Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy Increases The
                                                            ation Of The Quality Of Information Available
Hypofractionation Protocol For Prostate Cancer                                                                           Risk Of Radiation-Induced Pericardial Effusion In
                                                            On The Internet And The Usage Of Internet
Patient                                                                                                                  Patients With Locally Advanced Non-small Cell
                                                            Resources By Lung Cancer Patients                            Lung Cancer
2645          Jatinder Palta             B-443
                                                            2655         Daniel Higginson              A-207
Einfrastructure For Outcome And Comparative                                                                              2666           Francoise Mornex            A-218
                                                            Rate Of Lobar Collapse And/Or Urgent
Effectiveness Research In Radiation Oncology                                                                             Pemetrexed (PEM) And Cisplatin (CIS) In Concur-
                                                            Thoracic RT Following Initial Chemotherapy For               rent Combination With High Dose Of Thoracic
                                                            Advanced Non-small Cell Carcinoma (NSCLC):                   Radiation (RT), After Induction Chemotherapy
                                                            Implications For Selecting Patients For Early                (CT), In Patients (PTS) With Locally Advanced
                                                            Intervention With Thoracic RT                                Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC): A Phase I

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               109
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #

                       2667           Chin Loon Ong             A-219               2680         Marie-Anne Froment           A-232              2692          Charles Rutter              A-244
                       Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) For                    Prophylactic Radiotherapy To Prevent Procedure               Heterogeneity Corrections Alters The Delivered
                       Stage I Lung Cancer >80 CM3: Correlation Of                  Tract Metastasis In Malignant Pleural Mesothe-               Dose, Potentially Impacting Complications In
                       Early Toxicity With Planning Parameters                      lioma                                                        Patients Treated With Stereotactic Body Radio-

                                                                                                                                                 therapy (SBRT) Of The Lung
                       2668         Christian Thieke            A-220               2681          Branislav Jeremic             A-233
                       Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Of Malignant                Clinical Prognostic Factors In Patients With Lo-             2693         Ajay Pal Singh Sandhu       A-245
                       Pleural Mesothelioma - Treatment Toxicity,                   cally Advanced (Stage III) Non-small Cell Lung               Frameless 4DCT-Guided Stereotactic Body
                       Tumor Control And Survival                                   Cancer Treated With Concurrent Hyperfraction-                Radiotherapy With Daily Image Guidance For
                                                                                    ated Radiation Therapy And Chemotherapy                      Early Stage Lung Cancer: Clinical Outcomes
                       2669          Lin Zhou                    A-221
                       Efficacy And Toxicity Of Whole Brain Radiother-              2682         Laura Kollar              A-234                 2694        Yu Tang                       A-246
                       apy Plus Simultaneous Image Guided Intensity                 Fast Neutron Radiotherapy For Advanced Stage                 Consolidation Chemotherapy Following
                       Modulation Radiotherapy Boost For Brain                      Non-small Cell Lung Cancer                                   Concurrent Chemo-Radiotherapy Has A Trend
                       Metastases Of NSCLC                                                                                                       Of Improving Survival In Patients With Stage III
                                                                                    2683        Stefano Masciullo           A-235                Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
                       2670         Keith Cengel            A-222                   Image Guided Stereotactic Radiotherapy For
                       Multimodality Management Of Malignant Pleu-                  The Treatment Of Lung Oligometastatic Patients               2695         Kayoko Tsujino               A-247
                       ral Mesothelioma                                                                                                          Investigation Of Dosimetric And Clinical Factors
                                                                                    2684        Aydin Yavuz              A-236                   To Improve The Predictability Of Severe Radia-
                       2671         Helen Chen                  A-223               Role Of Adaptive Radiotherapy During                         tion Pneumonitis After Concurrent Chemora-
                       Summation Of F18-FDG Uptakes On PET/CT Im-                   Concomitant Chemoradiotherapy For Small-Cell                 diotherapy For NSCLC
                       ages Predicts Disease Progression In Non-small               Lung Cancer
                       Cell Lung Cancer                                                                                                          2696          Bing Xia                    A-248
                                                                                    2685          Hugo Aerts                  A-237              Biologically Effective Dose-Response Relation-
                       2672         George Chen                 A-224               Identification Of Residual Metabolic-Active                  ship For Patients With Limited-Stage Small
                       Salvage Fast Neutron Radiotherapy For Treat-                 Areas Within Lung Tumors Using A Pre-Radio-                  Cell Lung Cancer Treated With Combined
                       ment Of Refractory Non-small Cell Lung Cancer                therapy FDG-PET-CT Scan                                      Radiotherapy And Chemotherapy

                       2673         Andrew Hope                  A-225              2686          Sachin Batra                 A-238             2697         Hyunjin Lee                 A-249
                       Outcomes Of Bimodality And Trimodality                       A Multi-Institutional Experience Of Efficacy Of              Predictive Power Of Tumor Regression Rate
                       Therapy In Patients With Stage III Non-small Cell            Gamma Knife In Treatment Of Non-small Cell                   During Definitive Radiotherapy For Treatment
                       Lung Cancer (NSCLC)                                          Lung Carcinoma Metastatic To Brain                           Outcome In Locally Advanced Non-small Cell
                                                                                                                                                 Lung Cancer
                       2674          Pretesh Patel               A-226              2687           Mark Henderson                A-239
                       The Effect Of Increasing Experience With Inten-              A Pilot Trial Of Serial Ventilation And Perfusion            2698          Neil Woody                 A-250
                       sity Modulated Radiation Therapy For Resected                Imaging In Patients With Medically Inoperable                Defining Target Volume For Lung Stereotactic
                       Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma                               Stage I Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Treated With              Body Radiotherapy (SBRT): Comparing Patient-
                                                                                    Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy                               Specific ITVS To Tumor Volume With Fixed
                       2675          Kevin Stephans              A-227                                                                           Margins
                       Chest Wall Toxicity From Lung Stereotactic Body              2688         Geoffrey Geiger             A-240
                       Radiotherapy (SBRT): A Dosimetric Analysis Us-               PET/CT Simulation Driven Changes In Treat-                   2699          Neha Amin                  A-251
                       ing Several Fractionation Schemes                            ment Intent In Lung Cancer Patients Previously               Impact Of Induction Chemotherapy On
                                                                                    Staged With PET/CT                                           Estimated Risk Of Radiation Pneumonitis In
                       2676          Jingbo Wang                 A-228                                                                           Small Cell (SCLC) And Non-small Cell Lung
                       Tumor Volume And Metabolic Activity In Non-                  2689         Kate Martin                   A-241             (NSCLC) Cancer
                       small Cell Lung Cancer: Natural History And                  Substantial Dose Is Incidentally Delivered To
                       Change With Treatment                                        Mediastinal And Hilar Nodes During Stereo-                   2700         Aashish Bhatt                A-252
                                                                                    tactic Body Radiation Therapy For Peripheral                 Tumor Volume (GTV) Change Before, During
                       2677          Ji Hyun Chang             A-229                NSCLCA                                                       And After Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
                       Adjuvant Radiotherapy Prolongs Disease Free                                                                               (SBRT) For Early Stage Lung Cancer (ESLC)
                       Survival In Stage II Or III Thymoma                          2690          Mazen Mislmani             A-242
                                                                                    Stereotactic Lung Radiotherapy (SBRT) Associ-                2701            Scott Edelman              A-253
                       2678         Chien Chen                   A-230              ated With Improved Local Control Compared                    Postoperative Radiotherapy For Patients With
                       Implications Of Delayed Initiation Of Radiother-             To 3-Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy                      Stage II Or III Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
                       apy After Induction Chemotherapy For Stage III               (3DCRT) For Stage I Non-small Cell Lung Cancer               Treated With Sublobar Resections: A Seer Reg-
                       Non-small Cell Lung Cancer                                   (NSCLC)                                                      istry Analysis

                       2679          Justin Costello             A-231              2691         O. Kyu Noh                  A-243               2702         Chun Han                   A-254
                       Preliminary Results In The Treatment Of Recur-               Prediction Of Radiation-Induced Pulmonary                    The Predictive Value Of Low Dose Volume
                       rent Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) With                 Function Loss In Post-Operative Radiotherapy                 Of Lung To Acute Radiation Pneumonitis In
                       Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT):                  For Non-small-Cell Lung Cancer Using A Fibrosis              Thoracic Carcinoma Treatment Using Three
                       Does Total Dose And Tumor Volume Impact                      Volume Model                                                 Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy
                       Local Control?

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       110   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
2703         Julian Hong                A-255               2714         Alan Hounsell             A-266                 2726         Naoko Okano                A-278
High Retention And Safety Of Percutaneously                 The Impact On PTVS And Normal Lung Dose                      The Relationship Between Host Factors Such As
Implanted Endovascular Embolization Coils As                Of Using 18F-FDF PET/CT Simulation On An Al-                 FEV1.0 And Therapeutic Factors Such As Normal
Fiducial Markers For Image-Guided Stereotactic              ready PET/CT Staged Cohort Of NSCLC Patients                 Lung V20 In The Occurrence Of Severe Radiation

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
Ablative Radiotherapy Of Pulmonary Tumors                                                                                Pneumonitis
                                                            2715          Hua Ren                     A-267
2704           Zhi-Qin Jiang              A-256             Clinical Outcomes Of Patients With Malignant                 2727         Jan Van Santvoort          A-279
Prognostic Factors For Clinical Outcomes And                Lung Lesions Treated With SBRT In Five Frac-                 Implementation Of IPLAN RT Monte Carlo
Treatment-Related Late Toxicities Of Inoperable             tions                                                        Dose Algorithm For Stereotactic Lung Cancer
Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) After Defin-                                                                          Treatment
itive Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT)               2716          Sanjiv Samant              A-268
                                                            GPU-Based Deformable Image Registration For                  2728          Andrew Baschnagel        A-280
2705           Linna Li                A-257                Internal Target Volume Generation Using 4DCT                 Lung Metastases Treated With Image-Guided
Improved V20 And V30 And Faster Treatment                   Imaging                                                      Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
Time With Arc Compared To Fixed Beam IMRT
For Stage III NSCLC                                         2717         Zain Husain                  A-269              2729          Yasuhiro Kosaka            A-281
                                                            Low Pretreatment PET SUV Predicts For                        Clinical Outcomes Of Stereotactic Body Radio-
2706          Mackenzie McGee              A-258            Increased Local Failure Following Stereotactic               therapy For Lung Metastases
Feasibility And Toxicity Of Dose-Escalated 4D               Body Radiation Therapy For Lung Cancer
Adaptive Image-Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)                                                                                2730          Taro Murai                A-282
For Non-small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC)                      2718         Qingsong Pang                A-270              Cryptogenic Organizing Pneumonia After
                                                            The Curative Analysis Of Patients With Stage IV              Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Of The Lung
2707         Ken Miyagi                   A-259             NSCLC With Bone Metastasis Eradiation
Radiotherapy For The Second Lung Mass After                 Combined With Targeted Therapy Of EGFR-TKI                   2731         Sonia Nguyen               A-283
Surgical Resection Of The First Lung Cancer                                                                              Tobacco Influence On Post-Operative Radiation
                                                            2719          Nicholas Roman               A-271             Therapy For Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
2708         Arjun Pennathur             A-260              Implantation Experience And Long Term
A Prospective Multicenter Study Of Stereotac-               Positional Stability Of Gold Coils Implanted In              2732          Atsuya Takeda              A-284
tic Radiosurgery For The Treatment Of Stage I               Lung Tumors With Navigational Bronchoscopy                   Clinical, Tumor-Related And Dosimetric Fac-
NSCLC In Medically Inoperable Patients                      And Endobronchial Ultrasound-Guidance                        tors Among Grade 0-1, Grade 2 And Grade 3
                                                                                                                         Radiation Pneumonitis After Stereotactic Body
2709         Steven Petit                A-261              2720           Yoshiyuki Shioyama          A-272             Radiotherapy (SBRT) For Lung Tumors
18F-Fluorodeoxyglucose Uptake Patterns In                   Clinical Results Of Stereotactic Body Radiother-
The Lung Before Radiotherapy Identify Areas                 apy For Stage I Small-Cell Lung Cancer; A Single             2733         Wouter Van Elmpt           A-285
That Are More Susceptible To Radiation-Induced              Institutional Experience                                     Repeated PET/CT Imaging In NSCLC: The Impact
Lung Toxicity In Non-small Cell Lung Cancer                                                                              Of Volumetric Changes And Baseline Shifts Of
Patients                                                    2721        Anna Simeonova             A-273                 The Tumor On The Radiotherapy Plan Quality
                                                            Comparison Of The Anisotropic Aperture Based
2710          Lawrence Sheplan Olsen A-262                  IMRT With 3D-Conformal Radiation For Large                   2734         Daniel Kim                    A-286
The Value Of Primary Tumor Maximum Stan-                    Lung Carcinoma                                               Local Control For Primary Vs. Metastatic Lung
dardized Uptake Value (SUV) From A Staging                                                                               Cancer Using Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy At
Positron Emission Tomography (PET) Scan As A                2722           Don Yee                     A-274             48 Gy In Four Fractions
Predictor Of Clinical And Pathologic Outcomes               Phase II Trial Of Consolidation Chest Radiothera-
In Patients Undergoing Trimodality Therapy For              py For Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer                2735         Tetsuya Komatsu              A-287
Locally Advanced Lung Cancer                                                                                             Definitive Chemoradiotherapy Of Limited-
                                                            2723         Max Dahele                   A-275              Disease Small Cell Lung Cancer: Retrospective
2711          Mojgan Taremi                 A-263           Adaptive Strategies To Reduce Toxicity Of Ste-               Analysis Of New Predictive Factors Affecting The
Radiotherapy Induced Bone Injury (RIBI) As A                reotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) For Large                 Treatment Results
Late Side Effect In Patients Treated With Stereo-           Stage I Lung Tumors
tactic Lung Radiotherapy                                                                                                 2736          Pawinee Mahasittiwat        A-288
                                                            2724         Gerard Hanna               A-276                Re-Irradiation May Be A Viable Option For Pa-
2712         Hui Zhu                       A-264            Defining Target Volumes For Radiotherapy                     tients With Local Recurrence After A Definitive
Thoracic Radiation Therapy (TRT) Improved                   Of Peripheral Lung Tumors: A Comparison Of                   Course Of Radiation Therapy In Non-small Cell
Overall Survival For Patients With Extensive                18F-FDG-Positron Emission Tomography And                     Lung Cancer
Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer                                4-Dimensional CT Scans
                                                                                                                         2737        Si Yeol Song                A-289
2713         Jed Gorden                A-265                2725         Cary Oberije               A-277                Hypofractionated 3-Dimensional Conformal
Accuracy Of Bronchoscopic Implantation Of An                Development And External Validation Of A                     Radiotherapy Alone In Locally Advanced
Anchored Beacon Transponder In A Cadaveric                  Model For Prediction Of Radiation-Induced                    Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Medically Unfit To
Human Lung Tumor Model                                      Dyspnea: An Approach Combining Clinical Data                 Multimodality Treatment
                                                            With Information From Literature

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               111
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       2738         John Michael Varlotto       A-290               2750         Michalis Aristophanous A-302                    2761         Jochen Fleckenstein         B-450
                       Confirmation Of The Role Of Diabetes Mellitus                Investigation Of The Clinical Utility Of 4D FDG-             The Role Of Local Therapy (Surgery Or Additive
                       (DM) In The Local Recurrence(LR) Of Surgically-              PET/CT Scans In Radiation Treatment Planning                 Radiotherapy) In Extranodal Involvement Of
                       Resected Non-small Cell Lung Cancer                                                                                       Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) In The

                                                                                    2751          David Clump                 A-303              Rituximab Era. Results From The Ricover-60 Trial
                       2739         Matthew Hardee                A-291             Stereotactic Body Radiosurgery Is A Safe And                 Of The DSHNHL
                       Lung Tumor Motion And Deformation During                     Efficacious Treatment Modality Following RFA
                       The Respiratory Cycle: Potential Implications For            For Medically Inoperable NSCLC                               2762        Michael Milano               B-451
                       Radiation Therapy                                                                                                         Long-Term Survival Among Hodgkin Lym-
                                                                                    2752          Mi Young Kim              A-304                phoma (Hl) Patients With Non Small Cell Lung
                       2740          Nobuteru Kubo               A-292              Radiotherapy For Locoregional Recurrent Non-                 Cancer (NSCLC): A Population-Based Study
                       FDG-PET Is A Prognostic Factor Of Relapse-Free               small Cell Lung Cancer
                       Survival In Stage I Non-small Cell Lung Cancer                                                                            2763         Richard Tsang             B-452
                       Treated With 3-Dimensional Non-Coplanar                      2753         Weisi Yan                    A-305              Limited Stage Mantle Cell Lymphoma: Treat-
                       Conformal Radiotherapy                                       Cesium-131 Brachytherapy For Lung Cancer:                    ment Outcomes At The Princess Margaret
                                                                                    Dosimetric, Safety Considerations And Initial                Hospital
                       2741        Ikuno Nishibuchi            A-293                Experience
                       Time-Adjusted Internal Target Volume (TTV)                                                                                2764         Ming Chen                   B-453
                       Based On Four-Dimensional Computed Tomog-                    2754         Lingshu Yin                   A-306             A Prospective Cardiac Screening Study In
                       raphy (4D-CT) For Radiotherapy Planning Of                   Effects On Lung Perfusion Distribution In Lung               Asymptomatic Long-Term Survivors Of
                       Lung Cancer                                                  Cancer Patients Underwent Radiation Therapy                  Hodgkin’s Lymphoma Treated With Mediastinal
                                                                                                                                                 Radiation Therapy
                       2742         Chun Han                     A-294              2755         Ying-Jie Zhang             A-307
                       The Predictive Value Of Basic Lung Function                  A Study On Necessarity Of Radiotherapy Re-                   2765          Damien Weber               B-454
                       And Dosimetric Parameters To Acute Radiation                 planning For Non-small Cell Lung Cancer                      Predicted Risk Of Radiation-Induced Cancers
                       Pneumonitis (ARP) During The Treatment Of                                                                                 After Involved Field- And Involved-Node Radio-
                       Concurrent Chemoradiotherapy                                 2756          Julian Biau                 A-308              therapy With Or Wtithout Intensity Modulation
                                                                                    Consequences Of Lung Delineation On The                      For Early Stage Hodgkin Lymphoma In Female
                       2743          Hesham Gayar                A-295              Dosimetric Parameters Predictive Of Lung                     Patients
                       Clinical Outcomes Of Inoperable, Early Stage                 Toxicity In Lung Cancer: Totallung-GTV Vs
                       Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Patients Treated                  Totallung-PTV                                                2766         Diane Tseng               B-455
                       With Image Guided Stereotactic Body Radiation                                                                             Mid-Treatment Metabolic Tumor Volume
                       Therapy Delivered By Helical Tomotherapy                     2757        Bertrand Fleury             A-309                Predicts Progression And Death Among Patients
                                                                                    High Dose Post Operative Radiotherapy In pN2                 With Hodgkin’s Disease
                       2744          Takayuki Ohguri            A-296               Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
                       Re-Irradiation Plus Regional Hyperthermia For                                                                             2767         Yen-Lin Evelyn Chen     B-456
                       Recurrent Non-small Cell Lung Cancer                         2758          S. Christopher Hoffelt      A-310              Preliminary Experience With Proton
                                                                                    Results Of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy               Radiotherapy In Mediastinal Lymphoma
                       2745         Wesley Russell               A-297              With CyberKnife For Medically Inoperable Stage
                       Predicting Oligometastatic Vs. Non-Oligomet-                 I Non-small Cell Carcinoma Of The Lung                       2768         Namrata Khimani             B-457
                       astatic CNS Disease In Non-small Cell Lung                                                                                Salvage Radiotherapy In Patients With Recurrent
                       Cancer                                                       2759        Alexander Lin                 A-311              Or Refractory CNS Lymphoma
                                                                                    A Comparative Study Of PET-CT Fusion Vs.
                       2746        Steven Seung                  A-298              PET-CT Simulation For Target Delineation In                  2769          Yong Yang                   B-458
                       Salvage SBRT For Previously Irradiated Lung                  Non-small Cell Lung Cancer                                   Role Of Radiotherapy And Prognosis Analyses In
                       Cancer                                                                                                                    Patients With Early Stage Extranodal Nasal Type
                                                                                                                                                 NK/T-Cell Lymphoma Treated Predominantly
                       2747         Alma Sylvestre               A-299              Lymphoma                                                     With Initial Chemotherapy
                       Helical Tomotherapy For Resected Malignant                   Presentation Number 2760 − 2791
                       Pleural Mesothelioma: The French Clinical                    Poster Board Number B-449 – B-480                            2770         David Kozono                B-459
                       Experience                                                                                                                Peri-Transplant Radiation Therapy For Non-
                                                                                    2760         Jan Kriz                      B-449             Hodgkin Lymphoma
                       2748        Marta Scorsetti                A-300             Quality Control Of Involved Field (IF)-Radio-
                       Unresectable Locally Advanced Non-small Cell                 therapy For Patients With Early-Stage Hodgkin                2771         Marcio Reisner                B-460
                       Lung Cancer: Early Clinical Experience For Large             Lymphoma Based On A Central Prospective                      Comparison Of A New Technique To The
                       Volume Targets Using Volumetric Modulated                    Review - Comparison Of The Results Between                   Stanford Technique In The Total Skin Irradia-
                       Arc Therapy                                                  Two Study Generations Of The German Hodgkin                  tion Of Advanced Mycosis Fungoides Using A
                                                                                    Study Group (GHSG)                                           Thermoluminescent Dosimetry
                       2749        Krishni Wijesooriya        A-301
                       Determination Of A Multi-Dimensional                                                                                      2772         Lia Halasz                B-461
                       Parametric Model To Predict The Optimum PET                                                                               Favorable Outcomes Of Combined Modality
                       SUV Threshold Values In Lung Tumor Volume                                                                                 Treatment For Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
                       Delineation                                                                                                               Despite Positive Mid- Or Post-Chemotherapy

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       112   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
2773          Konstantin Lavrenkov       B-462              2785         Yujing Zhang                 B-474              2798          Leszek Miszczyk          A-318
Palliative Radiotherapy For Splenomegaly                    Prognosis Comparison And Therapeutic                         Radiotherapy Of Painful Vertebral Hemangio-
(PRTS) In Heamotologic Malignancies (HM)                    Considerations Between Primary Nasopharyn-                   mas - The Efficiency Evaluation
                                                            geal B- And T/NK-Cell Non-Hodgkin’s Lympho-

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
2774           WITHDRAWN                                    mas At Early Stage: A Study Of 136 Cases In                  2799          Satya Packianathan                 A-319
                                                            South China                                                  CT Vs. Linac Simulation In Heterotopic
2775         Stephanie Terezakis         B-464                                                                           Ossification Outcomes
A Prospective Study Of 18 FDG-PET With CT                   2786         Maryse Bernard                B-475
Scan Co-Registration For Radiation Treatment                Positron Emission Tomography For Response                    2800          Nitin Ohri               A-320
Planning Of Lymphoma And Hematologic                        Assessment Of Lymphoma Patients Having                       Reirradiation For Recurrent Meningioma
Malignancies                                                Residual Abnormalities Following Initial Treat-
                                                            ment: The Impact On Clinical Management                      2801         Wan-Yu Chen               A-321
2776         Xue-Jun Ma                      B-465                                                                       Retrospective Analysis Of Outcomes For
Radiotherapy With 3D Confomral Therapy And                  2787        Masatsugu Takahashi          B-476               Patients With Invasive Thymoma Receiving
IMRT For Stage I And II Natural Killer/T-Cell               Late Complications Of Radiation Therapy For                  Surgery With Or Without Adjuvant Radiotherapy
Lymphoma, Nasal Type                                        Malignant Lymphoma Of The Thyroid

2777        Kristy Smith               B-466                2788         Hossein Borghaei            B-477               Outcomes And Health Services
Outcomes Of Patients With Non-Hodgkin’s Lym-                Curative Radiation Therapy For Primary Ocular
phoma Treated With Bexxar With Or Without                   Lymphomas: Demonstration Of Dose Response
External-Beam Radiotherapy                                                                                               Presentation Number 2802 − 2839
                                                                                                                         Poster Board Number B-481 – B-518
                                                            2789         Yoshikazu Kagami            B-478
2778        Julianna Caon              B-467                Outcome Of Radiotherapy For Gastric Malt
Treatment And Outcomes In Patients With                                                                                  2802         Ann Raldow                   B-481
                                                            Lymphoma Resistant To Helicobacter Pylori
Indolent And Aggressive Primary Breast                                                                                   Temporal Trends In The Treatment Of Elderly
                                                            Eradication Therapy: A Retrospective Study Of
Lymphoma                                                                                                                 Men With Low And Moderate Risk Prostate
                                                            43 Patients
                                                                                                                         Cancer: The Effect Of Life Expectancy On The
2779           Jennifer Dorth            B-468                                                                           Administration Of Curative Therapy
                                                            2790          Hyeon Kang Koh             B-479
Impact Of Consolidative Radiation Therapy In                Clinical And Prognostic Features Of Plasmacy-
Stage III-IV Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma                                                                               2803          Alexander Louie            B-482
                                                            toma: Outcome Analysis Of 29 Cases In SNUH
                                                                                                                         Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Vs. Surgery For
2780          Robin Akins                B-469                                                                           Medically Operable Stage I NSCLC: A Markov
                                                            2791         Swee Peng Yap               B-480
Bexxar Protocol CP98-020: Radio-Immunother-                                                                              Model Based Decision Analysis
                                                            Completion Of Planned Radiotherapy Is Im-
apy Results With I-131 Labeled Antibody In Pa-              portant In The Treatment Of Early Stage Upper
tients With Follicular Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma                                                                            2804        Steven Lau                   B-483
                                                            Aerodigestive Nasal-Type NK/T Cell Lymphoma
: Median 5-Year Results In 65 Cases                                                                                      Reporting Of Disease-Specific Treatment Effects
                                                                                                                         In Randomized Controlled Trials: Systematic
2781         Siddhartha Laskar         B-470                                                                             Review And Analysis Of The Medical Literature
                                                            Nonmalignant Disease
Primary Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Of The                Presentation Number 2792 − 2801
Stomach: Prognostic Factors And Outcomes In                                                                              2805         Graham Warren               B-484
                                                            Poster Board Number A-312 – A-321                            Weekly Self-Reported Tobacco Use And Cessa-
160 Indian Patients
                                                                                                                         tion During Definitive Radiotherapy Or Chemo-
                                                            2792         Hiromitsu Iwata            A-312                radiotherapy For Head And Neck Cancer
2782         Crystal Hann               B-471               Hypofractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy
A Prospective Study Of FDG-PET Imaging In                   Using The CyberKnife For Non-Functioning
Assessment Of Response To Therapy In Patients                                                                            2806        Reshma Jagsi                B-485
                                                            Pituitary Adenoma                                            Coordination Of Breast Cancer Care Between
With Relapsed Or Refractory Non-Hodgkin’s
Lymphoma Undergoing Salvage Chemotherapy                                                                                 Radiation Oncologists And Surgeons
                                                            2793          John Ma                      A-313
And Autologous Stem Cell Transplant                         Class III Obesity And Heterotopic Ossification               2807          Peter A.S. Johnstone         B-486
2783         Matthew Johnson           B-472                                                                             Proton Facility Economics: The Essential Role Of
                                                            2794          Mark Mishra                 A-314              Prostate Cancer (CAP)
Assessment Of PTV For Whole Stomach Irradia-                Prophylactic Radiation Therapy Is Safe And
tion Using Daily Megavoltage CT                             Effective Treatment For The Prevention Of                    2808         Shannon Kahn                B-487
                                                            Recurrent Heterotopic Ossification In Elbow                  Prostate Cancer, HIV And Radiation Therapy:
2784          Delphine Antoni            B-473              And Knee Joints
Contribution Of Three-Dimensional Confor-                                                                                Should Treatment Decisions And Radiation
mational Radiotherapy With Modulation Of                                                                                 Parameters Be Altered Based On This Evolving
                                                            2795        Virginia Robertson         A-315                 Diagnosis?
Intensity (IMRT) For Women Affected By Stage II             Timing Of Radiation For Non-Abdominal Des-
Supradiaphragmatic Hodgkin’s Disease: A                     moid Tumors: The Emory Experience
Dosimetric Study Comparing Imrt By Tomother-                                                                             2809        Michal Whiton                B-488
apy And A Three-Dimensional Conformational                                                                               Chart Rounds In The Digital Age: A Survey Of
                                                            2796           WITHDRAWN                                     North American Institutions

                                                            2797          Chance Matthiesen           A-317
                                                            The Efficacy Of Radiation Therapy In The Treat-
                                                            ment Of Graves’ Orbitopathy

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               113
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       2810          Akash Nanda                  B-489             2823          Michael Christensen       B-502                2836        Brock Debenham             B-515
                       Whole Pelvis Vs. Prostate Only Irradiation And               Holiday Treatment Breaks May Adversely Predict               2009 Canadian Radiation Oncology Resident
                       Mortality In Men With Prostate Cancer Treated                For Loss Of Tumor Control                                    Survey
                       With Or Without Hormonal Therapy

                                                                                    2824         Jessica Gross               B-503               2837          Jona Hattangadi           B-516
                       2811          Arno Mundt                  B-490              The Rapid Increase In Radiation Oncology Con-                Predictors Of The Use Of Supplemental Andro-
                       Portrayal Of Radiation Therapy In The Press: A               sultation And Treatment Of The Extreme Elderly               gen Suppression Therapy (AST) And External
                       Survey Of American Newspapers                                And Its Independence From Population Growth                  Beam Radiation Therapy (EBRT) In Men With
                                                                                                                                                 High-Risk Prostate Cancer (PC) Undergoing
                       2812        Charlie Cathcart          B-491                  2825         Darryl Hunter              B-504                Brachytherapy
                       Adherence In Urban Radiation Oncology                        Encouraging Breast And Prostate Cancer
                       Patients                                                     Screening At A Student-Run Clinic Through Free               2838        Eric Lartigau              B-517
                                                                                    Comprehensive Vision Testing                                 Experience Feed Back Committee (CREX): A
                       2813         Christine Min               B-492                                                                            Compulsory Tool For Security Management In
                       Prone Hypo-Fractionated Whole Breast Radia-                  2826         Ajaykumar Patel              B-505              Radiotherapy Departments
                       tion Without A Concomitant Boost: Comparative                The Risk Of Acute And Chronic Toxicities Of
                       Effectiveness Of Intensity Modulated Radiation               Radiotherapy Patients With Discoid Lupus                     2839        Lawrence Marks               B-518
                       Therapy (IMRT) Vs. 3D-Conformal Radiation                    Erythematosus                                                From Paper Charts To An Electronic Medical
                       Therapy (3D-CRT)                                                                                                          Record (EMR): Challenges To Patient Flow
                                                                                    2827        Courtney Jensen                      B-506
                       2814         Robert Adams                   B-493            Treatment Summary Documentation: A
                       The Willingness Of Dosimetrists And Radiation                National Quality Forum Standard                              Palliative Care
                       Therapists To Challenge Physicians As A Means                                                                             Presentation Number 2840 − 2857
                       Of Assuring Patient Safety: Results Of A Pilot               2828         Andre Konski                B-507               Poster Board Number B-519 – B-536
                       Program                                                      Comparative Effectiveness Analysis Demon-
                                                                                    strates Improved Outcome With Intensity                      2840         Kirsten Limesand            B-519
                       2815        Srinivas Chilukuri           B-494               Modulated Radiotherapy Or Brachytherapy                      Restoration Of Radiation Therapy-Induced Sali-
                       Assessing The Feasibility Of Using Volumetric                As Compared To 3D Conformal Radiotherapy                     vary Gland Dysfunction In Mice By Post Therapy
                       Modulated Arc Therapy Technology To Increase                 In The Treatment Of Non-Metastatic Prostate                  IGF-1 Administration
                       The Throughput And Quality Of Radiotherapy In                Cancer
                       Developing Countries                                                                                                      2841          Katherine Tzou               B-520
                                                                                    2829         John Sweet                 B-508                Single Fraction Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy
                       2816          Eric Ford                   B-495              Error Reduction Model In Radiation Oncology                  For Liver Metastasis: Phase I Dose Finding
                       Patient Safety In Radiation Oncology: Tools For                                                                           Results
                       Improvement                                                  2830          Tingyi Xia                 B-509
                                                                                    Clinical Outcome Of Hypofractionated Radia-                  2842         Kathy Pope                   B-521
                       2817         Bruce Minsky                   B-496            tion Therapy For Lung, Liver And Pancreatic                  Evaluating The Dosimetric Impact Of 3D Vs 2D
                       Quality Research In Radiation Oncology (QRRO):               Cancer                                                       Planning Techniques In Palliative Radiotherapy
                       A Patterns Of Care Analysis Of Clinical Perfor-
                       mance Measures In The Management Of Gastric                  2831          Mitchell Anscher          B-510                2843          Mustafa Adli                B-522
                       Cancer (GC)                                                  The Negative Impact Of Stark Law Exemptions                  Association Between Positron Emission Tomog-
                                                                                    On Graduate Medical Education And Health                     raphy (18F) Fluorodeoxyglucose Uptake And
                       2818         Virginia Diavolitsis        B-497               Care Costs: The Example Of Radiation Oncology                Pain Response To Palliative Radiotherapy In
                       Residents’ Educational Needs During Transition                                                                            Patients With Bone Metastasis
                       Into Radiation Oncology Residency                            2832         Bryan Brunet                  B-511
                                                                                    Patterns Of Referral For Stereotactic Radio-                 2844         Dong-Soo Lee                  B-523
                       2819         Jason Ye                   B-498                surgery For Patients With Brain Metastases In                The Effects Of Splenic Irradiation In Chronic
                       The Management And Outcome Of Previously                     Alberta, Canada                                              Myeloid Leukemia
                       Undetected Cancer-Related Incidental Findings
                       Identified On CT Simulation Scans                            2833          James Murphy               B-512               2845        Luluel Khan                  B-524
                                                                                    Cost Effectiveness Of Radiotherapy In Locally                Prevalence Of Sleep Disturbance In Patients
                       2820        Matthew Ballo               B-499                Advanced Pancreatic Cancer                                   With Bone Metastases Attending An Outpatient
                       A Weekly Peer Review Quality Assurance Pro-                                                                               Radiotherapy Clinic
                       gram For Outpatient Radiotherapy                             2834       Michael Patrone             B-513
                                                                                    How Long Have I Had My Cancer, Doctor?                       2846        Frederik Wenz                B-525
                       2821         Charles Cathcart            B-500                                                                            Kypho-IORT - A Novel Treatment Of Spinal
                       Calculations Of Patient Adherence To Radiation               2835          Lauren Shapiro             B-514               Metastases With Intraoperative Radiotherapy
                       Treatment                                                    Contrast Media Use In Radiation Oncology: An                 During Kyphoplasty
                                                                                    Educational Intervention Study With Retrospec-
                       2822          Colin Champ                   B-501            tive Analysis Of Patient Outcomes                            2847          Lee Sunyoung              B-526
                       Cost Analysis Of Brain Metastases Management                                                                              Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy Of Spine
                       In Patients With Stage III Non-small Cell Lung                                                                            Metastasis

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       114   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
2848         Kimberly Corbin          B-527                 2861         Zheng Shi                   B-540               2874         Salvina Barra                B-553
Hypofractionated Image Guided Radiotherapy                  Transient Enlargement Of Craniopharyngio-                    Comparison Of Treatment Plans Between 3D-
For Large Volume Oligometastases                            mas After Radiation Therapy: Pattern Of MRI                  CRT And Helical Tomotherapy Based On Integral
                                                            Response Following Radiation                                 Dose Delivered To Paediatric Patients Receiving

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
2849         Yeon-Joo Kim                  B-528                                                                         Craniospinal Irradiation
Single Dose Vs. Fractionated Stereotactic Radio-            2862         Ralph Ermoian                 B-541
therapy For Brain Metastases                                Concurrent Chemotherapy And Reduced-Dose                     2875         Aradhana Kaushal               B-554
                                                            Cranial Spinal Irradiation Followed By Posterior             The Role Of Early Post Radiation MRI Scans In
2850           Pierina Navarria           B-529             Fossa Tumor Bed Boost For Average-Risk Medul-                Children With Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma
Re-Treatment Of Spinal Metastases With Volu-                loblastoma: Efficacy And Patterns Of Failure                 (DIPG)
metric Modulated Arc Therapy: Feasibility And
First Clinical Outcomes                                     2863        Selim Firat                  B-542               2876          Sameer Nath                B-555
                                                            Supine Craniospinal Irradiation (SCI) In                     Observed Radiographic Changes In Pediatric
2851         Chul Seung Kay             B-530               Medulloblastoma (MBL): Long-Term Outcomes                    Patients Treated With Frameless Stereotactic
Helical Tomotherapy For Lung Metastases In                                                                               Radiosurgery For Intracranial Tumors
Hepatocellular Carcinoma                                    2864         Chia-Ho Hua                B-543
                                                            Time Course Quantification Of Brainstem                      2877        Kazumasa Odagiri             B-556
2852         Ergun Ahunbay            B-531                 Necrosis By DTI In Medulloblastoma Patients                  Endocrinopathies In Intracranial Germ Cell
An Image-Plan-Treat System For Emergency                    Following Chemo-Radiotherapy                                 Tumor Patients Treated With Chemoradiation
Radiation Treatments                                                                                                     Therapy
                                                            2865         Arthur Liu                   B-544
2853         Maria Leticia Silva           B-532            Local Control Of Metastatic Sites With Radiation
Whole-Brain Radiotherapy In The Treatment                   Therapy In Metastatic Ewings And Rhabdomyo-                  Quality Of Life
Of Brain Metastases: A 12-Year Analysis Of                  sarcoma                                                      Presentation Number 2878 − 2907
Prognostic Factors And Survival                                                                                          Poster Board Number B-557 – B-586
                                                            2866         Jun Deng                     B-545
2854          Chisa Hashizume            B-533              Impact Of Kilo-Voltage Imaging Doses To The                  2878        Michelle Neben-Wittich       B-557
Stereotactic Radiotherapy With Intensity                    Radiotherapy Of Pediatric Cancer Patients                    Assessment Of Long-Term Rectal Function In
Modulation For Spinal Bone Metastases                                                                                    Patients Who Received Pelvic Radiation Therapy,
                                                            2867         Samir Patel                 B-546               Pooled Data From Two Prospective NCCTG Trials
2855         Melanie Gaudreault        B-534                Comparison Of RapidArc Volumetric Modulated                  (969256 And N00 CA)
Complicated Or Uncomplicated Bone Metasta-                  Arc Therapy, Helical Tomotherapy, And 3D Con-
ses? What Ct Bone Morphology Can Tell About                 formal Radiotherapy For Pediatric Craniospinal               2879          Lanea Keller               B-558
Patient Symptoms                                            Irradiation                                                  The Stamp Test Delivers The Message On
                                                                                                                         Erectile Dysfunction Following High Dose IMRT
2856         Stephan Bodis                B-535             2868         Farzan Siddiqui               B-547
The Local Control Benefit Of Hyperthermia In                Whole Lung Irradiation In Pediatric Patients                 2880         Ted Bateman               B-559
The Treatment Of Superficially Localized Tumors             Using Tomotherapy To Minimize Cardiac, Breast                Radiation Therapy Causes Rapid Loss Of
– 3Y Single Centre Experience                               And Thyroid Irradiation                                      Proximal Femur Bone Strength And Density In
                                                                                                                         Women With Gynecological Tumors
2857          Edith Pituskin              B-536             2869          Chris Beltran               B-548
Concurrent Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors And                   Rotational Errors And Dosimetric Effects For                 2881          Isaiah Friedman            B-560
Palliative Radiotherapy In The Treatment Of                 Pediatric Brain Tumor Patients                               Urinary And Sexual Morbidity In Prostate Cancer
Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma: A Retrospec-                                                                            Patients Treated With Brachytherapy Alone Vs.
tive Database Review                                        2870         Matthew Krasin              B-549               Brachytherapy Plus External Beam Radiation
                                                            Tumor And Systemic Cytokine Response In                      Therapy
                                                            Patients With Pediatric Sarcomas Treated With
                                                            Limited Margin 3DCRT And IMRT                                2882          Jonathan Grant             B-561
Pediatric Cancer                                                                                                         Does Hormone Therapy Exacerbate The Adverse
Presentation Number 2858 − 2877
                                                            2871          Anita Mahajan           B-550                  Effects Of Radiotherapy In The Treatment Of
Poster Board Number B-537 – B-556
                                                            Multidisciplinary Management With Whole                      Men With Prostate Cancer? A Quality Of Life
                                                            Abominal IMRT Of Desmoplastic Small Round                    Study
2858          David Weksberg             B-537
Bifocal Intracranial Germinoma: A Retrospective             Cell Tumor
                                                                                                                         2883         Marisa Kollmeier               B-562
Analysis Of Treatment Outcomes In 76 Patients
                                                            2872         Natia Esiashvili           B-551                A Comparison Of The Impact Of Isotope On
                                                            Outcome Of Pediatric Female Genital Tract                    Acute Urinary Toxicity Following Interstitial
2859          Stephanie Markovina        B-538
                                                            Rhabdomyosarcoma Based On Analysis Of                        Brachytherapy And External Beam Radiation
Risk Factors For Recurrence In Childhood And
                                                            Cases Registered In Seer Database                            Therapy For Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer
Adolescent Thyroid Cancer

                                                            2873        Andrew Godley              B-552                 2884         Kathy Bowman                        B-563
2860         Atmaram Pai Panandiker B-539
                                                            Temporal Lobe Sparing In Craniopharyngioma                   Monitoring Cardiovascular Implantable
Prospective Study Of Concurrent Erlotinib
                                                            Radiotherapy With Cyst Growth                                Electronic Devices (CIEDS) For Patients
And Radiotherapy (RT): Pattern Of Failure For
                                                                                                                         Receiving Radiotherapy (RT)
Pediatric High-Grade Glioma

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               115
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       2885         Larry Daugherty             B-564               2896          Bethany Samuelson              B-575           Sarcomas and Cutaneous
                       Radiation Prophylaxis For Heterotopic Ossifica-              Spirituality And Quality Of Life In Patients                 Tumors
                       tion In Non-Hip Joints                                       Receiving Radiation Therapy (RT) At A NCI-                   Presentation Number 2908 − 2932
                                                                                    Designated Cancer Center: Preliminary Report                 Poster Board Number A-322 – A-346

                       2886           Giovanni Luca Gravina     B-565               From The Knight Cancer Institute Patient-
                       A Feasibility Study Of Percutaneous Radiofre-                Related Outcomes (PRO) Database                              2908          Waleed Mourad               A-322
                       quency Ablation With Radiotherapy In Painful                                                                              Radiation Induced Malignancy After Prophylac-
                       Osteolytic Bone Metastases                                   2897         Miriam Joy Calaguas          B-576              tic Radiation Therapy In Prevention Of Hetero-
                                                                                    A Retrospective Study Of The Effect Of Oral                  topic Ossification
                       2887        Fu-Min Fang                   B-566              Supplementation With Immunonutrients On
                       Pretreatment Quality Of Life As A Predictor Of               Radiation-Induced Hematologic Toxicity In                    2909         Christopher Loiselle        A-323
                       Distant Metastasis And Survival For Patients                 Cancer Patients: A Preliminary Study                         Definitive Radiation Therapy For Merkel Cell
                       With Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma                                                                                             Carcinoma
                                                                                    2898         Patries Herst             B-577
                       2888          Ann Calcaterra                B-567            Mepilex Lite Dressings For The Management Of                 2910         D. Allan Wilkinson         A-324
                       A Quality Of Life (QOL) Assessment Of Genito-                Radiation-Induced Erythema: A Randomized                     Radiation Retinopathy And Neuropathy
                       urinary (GU) Toxicity At Five Years For Prostate             In-Patient Controlled Clinical Trial                         Following Plaque Therapy Of Small Choroidal
                       Cancer Patients Undergoing Different Radiation                                                                            Melanoma
                       Treatment Modalities                                         2899         Whoon Jong Kil             B-578
                                                                                    Radiation Exposure Of Parotid Gland During                   2911         Patrick Kelly               A-325
                       2889          Grace Boyea                 B-568              Whole-Brain Radiation Therapy                                Sphincter-Sparing Local Excision And Hypo-
                       Quality Of Life Assessment In Prostate Cancer                                                                             fractionated Radiation Therapy For Anal-Rectal
                       Patients: A Comparison Of Outcomes At 5                      2900           Gregory Videtic            B-579              Melanoma: A 20 Year Experience
                       Years For Erectile Function Between Different                Prospective Study Of Fatigue And Quality Of
                       Radiotherapy Treatment Modalities                            Life After Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy For                2912        Erika Swanson              A-326
                                                                                    Medically Inoperable Early-Stage Lung Cancer                 A Comparison Of Three-Dimensional Confor-
                       2890         Doris Brown                 B-569                                                                            mal Proton Radiotherapy, Three-Dimensional
                       Objective Assessment Of ECOG Performance                     2901         Ihl-Bohng Choi             B-580                Conformal Photon Radiotherapy And Intensity
                       Status In Locally Advanced NSCLC Patients With               CyberKnife Radiosugery For The Treatment Of                  Modulated Radiotherapy For Retroperitoneal
                       The Use Of Tug And Actigraphy                                Metastatic Tumors Of The Spine; Experience In                Sarcomas
                                                                                    347 Tumors
                       2891         Amanda Caissie             B-570                                                                             2913         Steven Finkelstein          A-327
                       An International Study Of EORTC BM22 And                     2902          Sheryl Green                 B-581             Radiation Therapy Oncology Group (RTOG)
                       C15 Symptom/Quality Of Life Scores Showing                   Physician Vs. Self Report: Fatigue And Skin Toxic-           Consensus Panel Atlas Of Musculoskeletal
                       Association With Radiation Response Of Bone                  ity During Breast Radiation Therapy                          Anatomy (CAMAS) For Soft Tissue Sarcoma Of
                       Metastases                                                                                                                The Extremities
                                                                                    2903         Valerie Lau                 B-582
                       2892         Ronald Chen                  B-571              Voice Quality After Organ-Preservation Therapy               2914        Paul Kim                 A-328
                       Patient-Reported Quality Of Life (QOL) In                    For Laryngeal Cancer                                         Radiotherapy In The Management Of Mesen-
                       Unfavorable-Risk Prostate Cancer: Sexual Func-                                                                            chymal Chondrosarcomas
                       tion Recovery After External Beam Radiation                  2904         Vangipuram Shankar       B-583
                       (RY) And 6 Months Of Androgen Deprivation                    Impact Of Head And Neck Cancer Treatment                     2915         Daisuke Miyawaki            A-329
                                                                                    On Sexuality, Body Image And Intimate                        Particle-Beam Radiation Therapy For Skull Base
                       2893          John Robertson              B-572              Relationship                                                 Chordomas: A Retrospective Study
                       The Role Of Specific Urinary Complaints In
                       Determining The Overall Urinary Quality Of Life              2905           Lisa Sorenson              B-584              2916          Michael Scott            A-330
                       In Patients Treated With Radiation Therapy For               Lessons Learned From A Prospective Study Of                  Radiotherapy For Angiosarcoma: The 35-Year
                       Prostate Cancer                                              Quality Of Life In Lung Cancer Patients Under-               University Of Florida Experience
                                                                                    going Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy: The
                       2894         Katherine Kotinsley         B-573               Earlier, The Better!                                         2917          Sughosh Dhakal            A-331
                       Preservation Of Sexual Function After High                                                                                Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy For Pulmonary
                       Dose Post-Prostatectomy Intensity Modulated                  2906          Neil Taunk                  B-585              Metastases From Soft Tissue Sarcomas: Excellent
                       Radiation Therapy (IMRT)                                     Comparison Of Radiation-Induced Fatigue                      Local Lesion Control And Improved Patient
                                                                                    Using 3 Fractionation Schedules In Breast                    Survival
                       2895        Gunita Mitera               B-574                Radiotherapy
                       Canadian-Led International Development Of                                                                                 2918         Erqi Liu                      A-332
                       A European Organization For Research And                     2907         Christine Flynn              B-586              Femoral Fractures Following Limb-Sparing Sur-
                       Treatment Of Cancer Quality Of Life Module For               A Comparison Of Quality Of Life For Early Stage              gery And Radiotherapy For Soft Tissue Sarcoma
                       Malignant Spinal Cord Compression: Results Of                Breast Cancer Examining Whole Breast IMRT Vs.                Of The Proximal Lower-Extremity: Importance
                       Phase I                                                      Accelerated Partial Breast Irradiation                       Of Prophylactic Intramedullary Nail Stabilization

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       116   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
2919        Kristin Redmond               A-333             2932          Ajay Bhatnagar               A-346             2944         Yu Hsuan Chen                 B-598
Hemangiopericytoma Of The Central Nervous                   The Initial Experience Of Electronic Brachyther-             Radiation-Induced VEGF-C Expression Stimulate
System: Analysis Of Current National Patterns               apy For The Treatment Of Non-Melanomatous                    Endothelial Cell Proliferation Through PI3K/AKT/
Of Care                                                     Cutaneous Malignancies                                       MTOR Pathway

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
2920        Lisa Mcgee                   A-334                                                                           2945         Hui-Kuo George Shu           B-599
Long-Term Results Following Postoperative                   Radiation and Cancer Biology                                 Caution In Using Celecoxib: Induction Of VEGF
Radiotherapy For Soft Tissue Sarcomas Of The                Presentation Number 2933 − 3035                              And Angiogenesis By This COX-2 Inhibitor
Extremity                                                   Poster Board Number B-587 – B-689
                                                                                                                         2946         Meng Welliver                B-600
2921         Vasthi Wilson              A-335               2933         Liyi Xie                     B-587              Investigation Of Radiation Induced Cell Death
Does Tumor Volume Change Or Histologic                      Does The Risk Of Late Radiation-Associated                   Mechanisms
Necrosis After Radiotherapy Have Prognostic                 Malignancy Offset The Survival Benefit Of
Value?                                                      Post-Lumpectomy/Mastectomy Radiation For                     2947         Amish Shah                B-601
                                                            Young Women? A Quantitative Study Based On                   The Role Of BIGH3 In Mesothelioma Pathogen-
2922        Wenyin Shi                A-336                 Seer-Data                                                    esis And Radiosensitivity
Radiotherapy In The Management Of Giant Cell
Tumor Of Bone                                               2934         Qifeng Wang                B-588                2948         Liumei Tong                 B-602
                                                            Genetics Polymorphisms In Cyclooxygenase-2                   The Fractional Enrichment Of Tumor Cells
2923          Gaurav Bahl                  A-337            Associated With Esophageal Cancer Survival                   Expressing CD133 By Hypoxia Increased
Long-Term Toxicity In Survivors Of Childhood                Treated With Preoperative Radiotherapy                       Radioresistance Of SHG44 And U251 Glioma
Soft Tissue Sarcomas Treated With Interstitial              Followed By Esophagectomy                                    Cell Lines
                                                            2935         Andrew Vaughan             B-589                2949         Kevin Prise                 B-603
2924        Barbara Reichgelt           A-338               Therapy Related Leukemia: Separation Of                      Out-Of-Field Cell Survival And Radiation
Epidemiology, Survival And Locoregional                     Toxicity From Leukemogenesis                                 Induced Bystander Responses Following
Control Of Merkel Cell Carcinoma In The                                                                                  Exposure To Intensity Modulated Radiation
Netherlands                                                 2936         Thomas Sroka                 B-590              Fields
                                                            Blocking Integrin Function Combined With
2925          Kendra Harris             A-339               Ionizing Radiation For Eradication Of Bone                   2950         Masaru Wakatsuki          B-604
The Use Of Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy In                    Metastasis                                                   The Lack Of A Bystander Response Induced By
Localized Merkel Cell Carcinoma And Implica-                                                                             Photon Irradiation In Chondrosarcoma Cells
tions For Prophylactic Regional Nodal                       2937         Arif Ali                  B-591
Irradiation                                                 Radiation Induces Upregulation Of GRP78 In                   2951         Li Xie                      B-605
                                                            Human Head And Neck Tumors                                   Fractionated Irradiation May Enhanced Invasion
2926        Nitesh Paryani               A-340                                                                           And Migration Of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Multimodality Local Therapy For Retroperito-                2938         Zeljko Vujaskovic                   B-592       By Inducing Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition
neal Sarcoma                                                NOX4/PTEN Pro-Apoptotic Signaling In
                                                            Radiation-Induced Lung Injury                                2952          C.M. Charlie Ma              B-606
2927         Birat Dhungel              A-341                                                                            Variation Of Cytotoxic Effect With Pulsed Dose
Hypofractionated Radiation Following Surgical               2939         Joshua Anderson                B-593            Sequence And Low Dose Rate Radiation
Resection Of Malignant Melanoma                             The Matricellular Protein, Periostin, Negatively
                                                            Impacts Radiation Response In Head And Neck                  2953         Katsuyuki Shirai              B-607
2928          Anupam Chaudhuri         A-342                Cancer Models                                                Radiation-Induced HIF-1α Upregulates Glycoly-
Successful Treatment Of Widespread Cutaneous                                                                             sis And Exhibits Radioresistance In Glioblastoma
Metastases From Melanoma Using HDR Mould                    2940         Ji-Hong Hong                 B-594
Brachytherapy: Hope Where Previously There                  Partial Recovery From Tumor Bed Effects - Two                2954         Sarah Krueger              B-608
Was None                                                    Distinct Tumor Microenvironments With Differ-                Pulsed-Protracted Irradiation To Overcome
                                                            ent Responses To Therapy                                     Radioresistance
2929          Claudia Sangalli            A-343
Photon Radiation Therapy In Chordoma: A                     2941         Christopher Willey      B-595                   2955        Marikki Laiho               B-609
Single-Institution Retrospective Analysis                   The Development Of A Chorioallantoic                         DNA Damage Recognition Via Activated ATM
                                                            Membrane-Tumor Xenograft Model For Tumor                     Pathway In Non-Proliferating Human Prostate
2930          Dian Wang                  A-344              Vascular Targeting With Radiation                            Tissue
Variations In The Gross Target Volume And
Clinical Target Volume Evaluated By RTOG                    2942         Yong Cha                     B-596              2956         Takeshi Nishioka             B-610
Sarcoma Radiation Oncologists For Preoperative              Dissecting Downstream Targets Of COX-2 Path-                 Matrix Metalloproteinases Are Up-Regulated In
Radiotherapy Of Primary Extremity Sarcoma                   way For Identification Of Novel Radiosensitizer              Sub-Clones That Survived 10 Gy Irradiation: A
                                                                                                                         Possible Role Of Hypoxic-Inducible Factor-Alpha
2931          Soumita Poddar               A-345            2943         Jianping Xiao               B-597               (HIF1A)
Long Term Toxicity Of Interstitial Brachytherapy            Successive Hypofractionaed Radiation May
For Soft Tissue Sarcomas                                    Be Superior To The Intermittent Hypofraction-                2957           WITHDRAWN
                                                            ated Radiation: Animal Study And Microarray

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               117
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       2958         Ya Wang                  B-612                  2972          Adam Maciejczyk             B-626              2986        Joe Chang                    B-640
                       Targeting DNA-PK And ATM With Mir-101                        Estimation Of Dose Distribution In Lung, During              Proton Therapy Targets Cancer Stem Cells In
                       Sensitizes Tumors To Radiation                               Total Body Irradiation                                       Treatment-Resistant Non-small Cell Lung Cancer

                       2959         Meredith Wernick            B-613               2973        Zhen Tian                    B-627               2987         Carmen Timke                 B-641
                       MicroRNA Let-7 Exhibits Altered Expression In                GPU-Based Iterative CT Reconstruction Via                    Combining Integrin Inhibition (Cilengitide),
                       Response To Ionizing Radiation By A Mechanism                Edge-Preserving Total Variation Regula                       EGFR Inhibition (Cetuximab) And Radiation In A
                       Other Than DNA Double Strand Break Repair                                                                                 Pancreatic Cancer Model
                                                                                    2974         David Barzan               B-628
                       2960       Xiaorong Dong              B-614                  Impact Of Caveolin-1 Overexpression On The                   2988         Donna Livant                B-642
                       The Mechanism Of Radiation-Induced Microglia                 Radiation Response Of TK6 Cells                              The PHSCN Peptide As A Potent Agent For
                       Activation                                                                                                                Targeting Both Invasion And Survival And For
                                                                                    2975          Brian Marples                B-629             Increasing Radiosensitivity In Human Prostate
                       2961         Gary Mok                    B-615               Pulmonary Immunohistochemistry And Multi-                    Cancer
                       DNA-PK Inhibition Of DNA Repair In Irradiated                Plex Analysis Of Circulating Cytokines After
                       Gastric Cancer Cell Lines                                    Low-Dose Whole-Body Exposures In C57/Bl6                     2989          Yuya Yoshimoto               B-643
                                                                                    Mice                                                         Radiation-Induced Anti-Tumor Immunity And
                       2962         Matthew Pytynia         B-616                                                                                Its Role For Therapeutic Efficacy In A Mouse
                       MGMT Promoter Methylation Effects On                         2976            WITHDRAWN                                    Tumor Model
                       Esophageal Cancer When Treated With
                       Radiation Therapy And Temozolomide                           2977         Hidetsohi Shimizu          B-631                2990          Alan Pollack                 B-644
                                                                                    New Imaging Tool For Evaluating The Post-                    Truncated E2F1 Radiosensitizes Prostate Cancer
                       2963         Ye Tian                       B-617             Radiated Parotid Gland Function                              Cells By Inhibiting The E3 Ubiquitin Ligase SKP2
                       The Astrocytic Response In Hippocampus Of
                       Adult Rats After Whole Brain Irradiation Within              2978          Andrew Surmak             B-632                2991           John Jarboe               B-645
                       One Month                                                    Bioluminescence Imaging For Orthotopic Tumor                 Myristoylated Alanine Rich C-Kinase Substrate
                                                                                    Monitoring And Image Guided Radiation In A                   (MARCKS) Can Regulate Glioma Cell Migration,
                       2964          Aylin Rizki                  B-618             Preclinical Pancreas Cancer Mouse Model                      Proliferation, And Radiation Sensitivity
                       Genes With Dual Functions In Genome
                       Instability And Invasiveness In Breast Cancer                2979         Gustavo Marta              B-633                2992         Tina Dasgupta              B-646
                       Progression                                                  The Value Of PET/CT For Radiotherapy                         B-RAF InhibitLX4720 Enhances The Activity
                                                                                    Treatment Planning: Can Target Volumes Be                    Of Radiation And Temozolomide In A Human
                       2965         Michael Epperly               B-619             Changed?                                                     Glioblastoma Cell Line
                       Topical Application Of GS-Nitroxide JP4-039
                       Emulsion Mitigates Ionizing Irradiation Induced              2980         Dali Han                    B-634               2993          Neil Estabrook              B-647
                       Skin Burns                                                   Dosimetric Comparison Of The Simulation                      DMAPT Induced X-Ray Sensitization Of Lung
                                                                                    Treatment Planning Of FLT And FDG PET-CT                     Cancer Cells Involves Inhibition Of NF-ΚB
                       2966         Mary Sproull             B-620                  In Contouring The Biological Tumor Volume In                 Dependent Split Dose And DNA Double Strand
                       Plasma FLT3-LIGAND As A Biomarker For                        Patients With Thoracic Esophageal Carcinoma                  Break Repair
                       Radiation Exposure
                                                                                    2981         Guillem Pratx               B-635               2994         William St. Clair            B-648
                       2967          Hiroshi Doi                  B-621             X-Ray Activated Optical Contrast Agents For                  ReLB Enhances Prostate Cancer Growth And
                       Efficacy Of Polaprezinc To Acute Radiation                   Simultaneous Anatomical/Functional CT                        Resistance To Radiation Therapy: Implications
                       Proctitis Using An Animal Experimental Model                 Imaging                                                      For Cancer Detection And Treatment

                       2968          Ki Mun Kang               B-622                2982         Zhang Jian-Dong              B-636              2995          Mary Barcellos-Hoff           B-649
                       Protective Effect Of Recombinant Epidermal                   A Study Of Concurrent Involved-Field Radio-                  Multiplicity Of Favorable Effects After Trans-
                       Growth Factor On The Radiation-Induced Oral                  therapy And Xelox Vs. Xelox Chemotherapy                     forming Growth Factor-Beta Inhibition In 4T1
                       Damage In Mice                                               Alone In Gastric Cancer Patients With Postop-                Murine Mammary Tumors: Clinical Implications
                                                                                    erative Locoregional Recurrence
                       2969          Marta Bogusz-             B-623                                                                             2996         Satoshi Harada              B-650
                                     Czerniewicz                                    2983        Raquibul Hannan              B-637               Imaging Of Metastatic Potential And Inhibition
                       Quality Management In Radiotherapy: Noncon-                  A Novel Combination Of Listeria PSA Vaccine                  Of Metastasis Using Two Types Of Nanocapsules
                       formities In Radiotherapy Recorded Over A 7                  And Radiation Therapy For Prostate Cancer (PC)               In Vivo
                       Year Period
                                                                                    2984        Francesco Marampon          B-638                2997          May Abdel-Wahab          B-651
                       2970        Marzena Janiszewska        B-624                 MEK/ERK Inhibition By U0126 Radiosensitizes                  New Antagonists Of Growth Hormone Releas-
                       Secondary Radiation Dose During High-Energy                  Rhabdomyosarcoma Cells In Vitro And In Vivo                  ing Hormone (GHRH-A) Given After Radiation
                       TBI                                                                                                                       For Prostate Cancer Enhance Tumor Response
                                                                                    2985         Hao Wu                         B-639            Through Gene Regulation
                       2971          Youlia Kirova               B-625              Targeting Prosurvival BCL-2 Family Members
                       Hyaluronic Acid Vs. Simple Emollient For The                 Increases Radiation Sensitivity In Breast Cancer
                       Management Of Radio-Induced Early Skin                       Cells
                       Toxicity: Results Of An Open-Label, Phase III Trial

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       118   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
2998        Ross Berbeco                   B-652            3010          Sui Shen                    B-664              3023         Buelent Polat             B-677
Localized Dose Enhancement To Tumor Blood                   Biodistribution And Clearance Of IN-111/Y-90-                Osteopontin Plasma Levels In Head And Neck
Vessel Endothelial Cells Via Targeted Gold                  IDEC-159 In Patients With Metastatic Colorectal              Cancer Patients During Radiotherapy
Nanoparticles: New Potential For External Beam              Adenocarcinoma

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
Radiotherapy                                                                                                             3024          Piotr Widlak                B-678
                                                            3011          Abram Vaccaro               B-665              Potential Of Serum Proteome Patterns Analysis
2999            Mario Federico            B-653             The Alkylphospholipid, CLR1404, Is Selectively               By MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry For Predic-
Seliciclib (S) Prevents Cyclin A1 DNA Damage                Taken Up And Retained In Human Cancer Cells                  tion Of Acute Radiation Injury Response In Head
Induced Upregulation And Reduces Double                     In Vitro And In Vivo                                         And Neck Cancers Patients
Strand Break (DSB) Repair Through NHEJ
Impairment                                                  3012         Terence Williams           B-666                3025         Haris Charalambous           B-679
                                                            Evaluation Of Novel Therapies Using A Geneti-                Role Of Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor
3000          Jason Chia-Hsien Cheng B-654                  cally Engineered Mouse Model Of Glioblastoma                 (EGFR) And HER2-NEU Receptor Expression In
Efficacy Of Combining A Novel Histone                       And Imaging Biomarkers                                       Predicting Biochemical Failure After Radical
Deacetylase Inhibitor With Radiotherapy In                                                                               Radiotherapy For Prostate Cancer
Hepatocellular Carcinoma Through Inhibition Of              3013          Stephen Yoo                B-667
DNA Repair                                                  NAPRT1 And P53 Status In Cancer And Normal                   3026          Edwin Boelke                B-680
                                                            Cells Modulate Induction Of ROS Induced By                   Free Methylated Serum DNA In Association Of
3001          Irawati Kandela           B-655               GMX1777/1778: Implication For Synthetic Le-                  Clinical Signs And Circulating Blood Tumor
Radiotherapeutic Efficacy Of 131I-CLR1404 In                thality In Tumors Defective In NAPRT1 And P53                Cells In Breast Cancer Patients Undergoing
Preclinical Human Cancer Models                                                                                          Radiotherapy
                                                            3014         Kamalakannan               B-668
3002          Raymond Meyn                   B-656                       Palanichamy                                     3027          Feng-Ming Hsu               B-681
Preclinical Evaluation Of Sunitinib, A Multi                Integrative Epigenetics, Metabolomics And                    Gene Expression Differences Of Peripheral
Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor, As A Radiosensitizer             Transcriptomics Approach To Identify New                     Blood Cells Predict Pathological Complete
For Human Prostate Cancer                                   Novel Therapeutic Targets                                    Response To Neoadjuvant Concurrent Chemora-
                                                                                                                         diation In Patients With Esophageal Squamous
3003         Gautam Prasad              B-657               3015          Michael Siedow              B-669              Cell Carcinoma
Vorinostat And Radiation For The Treatment Of               Galectin 1 Induction Decreases Radiosensitivity
Metastatic Neuroblastoma                                    Of Patient-Generated Primary Cell Lines Via AKT              3028          Ying Nie                   B-682
                                                            Activation                                                   Immunohistochemical Verification Of Stereotac-
3004         Hans Arora                  B-658                                                                           tic Proton Radiosurgery Targeting Accuracy In
Conjugation To FE3O4@TIO2 Nanoparticles                     3016          Cristina Iclozan            B-670              The Rat Brain
Increases Uptake And Nuclear Localization                   Myeloid-Derived Suppressor Cell And Regula-
Of Doxorubicin In A Drug-Resistant Ovarian                  tory T Cell Immune Monitoring Of Soft Tissue                 3029          Caroline Chung             B-683
Carcinoma Model                                             Sarcoma Patients Undergoing Combination                      Intracranial Murine Tumour Investigation Of
                                                            External Beam Radiation And Intratumoral                     Radiation And Antiangiogenic Agents Using
3005         Mohammad Hedayati             B-659            Dendritic Cell Vaccination                                   Serial MRI
Cytotoxicity Of Intracellular Nanoparticle
Thermal Therapy Depends On Cell Number                      3017         Robert Ivkov               B-671                3030          Kimberly Johung            B-684
                                                            AMF Shielding Reduces Non-Specific Tissue                    Role Of Excision Repair Cross Complementa-
3006         Conroy Sun                B-660                Heating For Magnetic Nanoparticle Therapy                    tion 1 Expression As A Prognostic Marker
Folate Receptor Targeted Nanophosphors For                                                                               For Response To Radiotherapy In Early Stage
Enhanced Tumor Radiotherapy                                 3018            WITHDRAWN                                    Laryngeal Cancer

3007         Richard Tuli                B-661              3019          Hiromichi Ishiyama          B-673              3031         Barry Rosenstein           B-685
Poly (ADP Ribose) Polymerase Inhibition With                Perifosine (PI3k/AKT Inhibitor) Enhanced                     Establishment Of An International Radiogenom-
ABT-888 Alone And In Combination With                       Radiation Anti-Tumor Efficacy In Prostate                    ics Consortium
Gemcitabine Enhances Radiosensitization Of                  Cancer: What Is The Optimum Sequence And
Pancreatic Cancer Cells                                     Timing Of The Combined Approach?                             3032          Matthew Parliament           B-686
                                                                                                                         Transforming Growth Factor-Βeta1 Polymor-
3008          Amit Deorukhkar              B-662            3020         Mitra Heravi                  B-674             phism (-509 C>T) And Late Rectal Or Genitouri-
Zerumbone, A Sesquiterpene From Southeast                   Combination Of Sorafenib With Ionizing Radia-                nary Toxicity In Prostate Cancer Patients After
Asian Edible Ginger Sensitizes Colorectal Cancer            tion Induces G2/M Cell Cycle Arrest In Breast                3DCRT Or IMRT
Cells To Radiation Therapy                                  Cancer Cells
                                                                                                                         3033         Xianrang Song               B-687
3009        Subhrajit Saha             B-663                3021            WITHDRAWN                                    AKR1C3 Expression In Non-small Cell Lung
Can Therapeutic Ultrasound Act As A                                                                                      Cancer As A Predictor For Radiotherapeutic
Chemosensitizer By Inducing Unfolded Protein                3022           Jung Hun Oh                B-676              Sensitivity
Response With Activation Of Apoptotic                       A Bayesian Network Approach For Predicting
Pathway?                                                    Local Failure In Lung Cancer Using Physical And              3034          Moein Alizadeh               B-688
                                                            Biological Variables                                         Abdominal Adiposity And Testosterone Levels
                                                                                                                         In Patients With Localized Prostate Cancer

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               119
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       3035         Dukagjin Blakaj             B-689               3047         Per Poulsen                A-358                3060           Naoki Miyamoto               A-371
                       Radiation Therapy And Marfan Syndrome: A                     Dosimetric Evaluation Of Individualized                      Improvement Of Tracking Accuracy And Stabil-
                       Case Presentation With A Clinical And Molecular              Adaptive Motion Margins For Abdominal And                    ity With Utilizing A Color Image Intensifier In
                       Biology Correlation                                          Thoracic Tumors                                              Real-Time Tumor-Tracking Radiotherapy System

                                                                                    3048         Irina Vergalasova            A-359              3061        Juergen Wilbert             A-372
                       Radiation Physics                                            Potentially Underestimating The Internal Target              Real-Time Couch Tracking For Prostate Cancer -
                       Presentation Number 3036 − 3439                              Volume (ITV) In Free-Breathing Cone-Beam CT                  Towards Submillimeter Accuracy
                       Poster Board Number A-347 – A-750                            (CBCT)
                                                                                                                                                 3062          Johnny Yap                A-373
                       3036          Joseph Santoro              A-347              3049         Masaki Yokokawa             A-360               Effects Of Dose On Normal Organs From
                       Using Respiration-Correlated Cone Beam CT                    Evaluation And Application Of Optical Fiber                  Intrafractional Motion Between The Time Of
                       (RC-CBCT) Scans To Correct Target Positioning                Pressure Sensor As A New Real Time Respiration               Dosimetry Planning And Treatment Delivery In
                       Errors In Radiotherapy Of Thoracic Cancer                    Monitoring System For Radiation Therapy                      High Dose Rate Tandem And Ovoid Intracavi-
                                                                                                                                                 tary Brachytherapy: A CT Imaging Study
                       3037          Byungchul Cho             A-348                3050         Zachary Grelewicz           A-361
                       A General Framework For Real-Time 3D Target                  Investigation Of A Dynamical kV Aperture                     3063          Daniel Baseman               A-374
                       Position Estimation Combining A Single kV                    Together With Combined MV-kV Dose Planning                   Offline Vs. Online Megavoltage CT (MVCT)
                       Imager And An External Respiratory Monitor                   For Implementing Real-Time 3D MV-kV Prostate                 Set-Up Correction In Prostate Cancer: A Virtual
                                                                                    Motion Tracking                                              Comparison
                       3038         Gitte Persson                 A-349
                       Matching On Bony Anatomy Vs. Implanted                       3051        Masayori Ishikawa          A-362                 3064          Ellen Day                  A-375
                       Fiducial Markers For Daily Patient Setup In SBRT             Conceptual Design Of PET-Linac System For                    Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography
                       Of Lung Tumors                                               Molecular-Guided Radiotherapy                                (SPECT) And Computed Tomography (CT)
                                                                                                                                                 Registration For Liver Stereotactic Body
                       3039         Tetsuya Watanabe           A-350                3052         Corina Udrescu               A-363              Radiotherapy (SBRT)
                       A New Photon Therapy Tool For Real-Time                      Evaluation Of Implanted Gold Markers
                       Confirmation Of Organ Irradiation Using                      Migration During Irradiation Of Prostate Cancer              3065         Karl Farrey                A-376
                       Annihilation Photons                                                                                                      Cone-Beam CT (CBCT) May Be Necessary To
                                                                                    3053          Robert Jan Smeenk         A-364                Ensure Planned Spinal Cord Doses Are Not
                       3040          Guillaume Cazoulat        A-351                The Influence Of An Endorectal Balloon On                    Exceeded In Head-And-Neck (H and N) Patients
                       Deformable Registration For Margins Optimiza-                Intrafraction Prostate Motion                                Treated With Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy
                       tion In Prostate Image Guided Radiotherapy                                                                                (IMRT)
                                                                                    3054          David Westerly           A-365
                       3041           Camille Noel               A-352              Clinical Implementation Of High Dose MVCT                    3066        Fang-Fang Yin             A-377
                       Feasibility Of Fiducial-Based Electromagnetic                Imaging With Helical Tomotherapy To Improve                  Reduced Cross Scatter In Dual-Source
                       Tracking For Postoperative Radiotherapy To The               Image Guidance For SBRT                                      Cone-Beam CT By Asynchronous Projection
                       Prostate Bed                                                                                                              Acquisition
                                                                                    3055        Pengpeng Zhang              A-366
                       3042          Stefan Both                A-353               Determination Of Action Thresholds For                       3067         Mihaela Rosu                A-378
                       First Prospective Study To Determine The                     Electromagnetic Tracking System- Guided                      Dosimetric Evaluation Of Bony Structure Vs.
                       Role Of Daily Endorectal Balloon On Prostate                 Hypofractionated Prostate Radiotherapy Using                 Tumor Localization Using CBCT In Lung SBRT
                       Intrafraction Motion Management During                       Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
                       External Beam Radiotherapy                                                                                                3068          Eric Shinohara               A-379
                                                                                    3056          Seungtaek Choi               A-367             The Role Of The Calypso System In Monitoring
                       3043         Andrew Cupino              A-354                Analysis Of Fiducial Migration For Prostate                  Interfraction Motion In The Definitive Treatment
                       Delineating Normal Organ Surrogates For                      Cancer Patients Undergoing Image-Guided                      Of Unresectable Pancreatic Cancer
                       Image Guided Radiation Therapy To Liver                      Radiation Therapy (IGRT)
                       Lesions Without Fiducial Markers                                                                                          3069          Yoshihiro Ueda              A-380
                                                                                    3057        John Lewis                  A-368                Interfractional Variations Of Lung Tumor In The
                       3044          Julien Dinkel               A-355              Removal Of Motion Artifacts In CBCT Of Lung                  Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy With Cine EPID
                       4D-CT Of The Lung: Comparison Of Retrospec-                  Tumors Based On Tracked Tumor Motion During                  At Treatment
                       tively Gated CT, Prospectively Gated High-Pitch              CBCT Acquisition
                       CT And Static Images In An Ex-Vivo System                                                                                 3070        Yin Yang                    A-381
                                                                                    3058         Yin-Chun Lin                 A-369              A Novel Markerless Technique To Evaluate Daily
                       3045          Shannon Hunter            A-356                Correlation Between Intrafractional Displace-                Lung Tumor Motion
                       Effect Of Breathing Motion On SBRT Dose                      ment And Treatment Time For Stereotactic
                       Accumulation Within The Human Thorax                         Radiosurgery                                                 3071         Ed Chaney                   A-382
                                                                                                                                                 Calculation Of Dose Delivered To The Prostate
                       3046         Geoffrey Neuner             A-357               3059        Jacqueline Maurer         A-370                  Based On Intra-Treatment Marker Coordinates
                       Biofeedback During 4DCT Image Acquisition                    Phase Window And Frame Rate Optimization
                       Does Not Enhance The Reliability Of ITVMIP For               For On-Board 4D Imaging Dose Reduction
                       Radiation Treatment Planning Of Thoracic And
                       Abdominal Malignancies: A Prospective Trial

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       120   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
3072         Ken Kang-Hsin Wang       A-383                 3085         Cynthia Eccles               A-396              3098          Jean Peng                   A-409
Comprehensive Study On Real-Time Prostate                   Predicting Respiratory Motion For Patients                   Clinical Experiences Of Frameless Intracranial
Gland Motion Between Patient Groups Under-                  Undergoing Pancreatic Chemoradiation In The                  Stereotactic Radiotherapy Using Three Image-
going Radiotherapy With And Without Daily                   Absence Of Volumetric Motion Imaging                         Guided Positioning Systems

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
Endoarectal Balloon
                                                            3086         Pietro Mancosu               A-397              3099          Vellaiyan Subramani          A-410
3073          Michal Wolski              A-384              A Daily Cone Beam CT Pre And Post Treatment                  Analysis Of Interfraction Patient Setup Accuracy
Coregistration Of 3D Laser Reconstructed                    Study For Prostate Cancer RT: Relation Between               With On-Line KV-CBCT Based Image Guidance
Surface Markers And Anthropometric Patient                  Treatment Time And Dose Uncertainty                          System For Different Anatomical Sites In IGRT:
Landmarks For Use In Patient Alignment For                                                                               Aiims Experience
Stereotactic Radiation Therapy                              3087         Sook Kien Ng                A-398
                                                            Tomosynthesis For Setup Of Prostate Patients                 3100         Liem Xavier                  A-411
3074        Martin Murphy             A-385                 Treated With Rectal Balloon Immobilization                   CI-Rob Project: Online Tracking For Robotic
Comparisons Of Multiple Anatomy-Based                                                                                    Brachytherapy Of The Prostate
Image-Guidance Methods For Patient Setup                    3088         Dongping Shang              A-399
Before Head/Neck External-Beam Radiotherapy                 Comparison Of 4D-CT MIP Method With Axial                    3101          Taylor Harry                 A-412
                                                            CT Empirical Margin For The PTV Of Solitary                  Clinical Implementation Of A Novel Treatment
3075         Eduard Schreibmann         A-386               Pulmonary Lesion                                             For Left Breast At Deep Inspiration Breath Hold
Impact Of Prostate Motion On Delivered Dose                                                                              With Surface Imaging
During Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy                     3089          Akihiro Takemura           A-400
                                                            Correlative Analysis Between Diaphragm                       3102        Minghuan Li                 A-413
3076         Tracy Bray                  A-387              Positions In Fluoroscopic Sequence And Indica-               The Use Of 4D-CT For Determining The Internal
Using Atlas-Based Auto-Segmentation In                      tor Values Of A Respiration Monitoring Device                Target Volume Of Solitary Pulmonary Lesion
4-Dimensional CT-Based Radiation Therapy                    Which Represents The Level Of Chest And
Planning For Patients With Locally Advanced                 Abdominal Wall                                               3103       Justin Roper                   A-414
Pancreatic Cancer                                                                                                        On-Board Spect For Target Localization: A
                                                            3090          Michael Velec               A-401              Comprehensive Analysis Of Findings From
3077        Saikat Das                    A-388             Effect Of Dose Gradients On Accumulated Dose                 Computer Simulation And Scanner Studies
Geometric Uncertainties In High Precision                   In Liver Stereotactic-Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)
Radiotherapy For Brain Tumors- A Prospective                                                                             3104          Reinhard Schulte             A-415
Study                                                       3091          Megan Bright                   A-402           Intra- And Interfraction Prostate Motion In The
                                                            Partial Breast Irradiation: Detecting Multi-                 Treatment Of Prostate Cancer With Endorectal
3078         Ryan Foster                  A-389             Lumen Applicator Rotation                                    Balloon
An Analysis Of Real-Time Prostatic Fossa Motion
During Radiotherapy                                         3092         Yi-Jen Chen                 A-403               3105         Kathleen Malinowski         A-416
                                                            Setup Variations In Radiotherapy Of Anal                     Integration Of Optical Tracking With Dynamic
3079         Kris Huang                  A-390              Cancer: Advantages Of Target Volume Reduc-                   Treatment Couch Real-Time Tracking For Intra-
A New Approach For Tracking Central And                     tion Using Image-Guided Radiation Treatment                  Fraction Motion Compensation
Peripheral Lung Tumors Without Fiducials                    (IGRT)
                                                                                                                         3106         Shannon Martin             A-417
3080           Maureen Rolfo              A-391             3093          Willy De Kruijf              A-404             Effect Of Imaging Frequency On Offline
Institutional Stabilization Strategy Comparison             Fiducial Localization Accuracy In The Prostate               Determination Of Setup Correction For Head
For Head And Neck IMRT For Consideration Of                 With A Real Time Fiducial Tracking System                    And Neck (HN) Radiotherapy
Tailored Image Guidance Protocols
                                                            3094         Jinkoo Kim                  A-405               3107         Jay Park                   A-418
3081        Michael Watts            A-392                  Improvement In Deformable Image Registration                 Prostate Volume Changes Monitored During A
Comparison Of Motion Induced Dose                           Accuracy Resulting From A Novel Scatter Reduc-               Course Of External Beam Radiation Therapy And
Decrement Between Prone And Supine Prostate                 tion And Correction Method In Cone-Beam CT                   For The Next Six Months Using Electromagnetic
Radiotherapy                                                Imaging                                                      Transponders

3082         Muhammad Yousuf             A-393              3095         Soo Kon Kim                  A-406              3108         Charles Shang                 A-419
Dosimetric Improvement Via Real-Time Dynam-                 Quantitative Evaluation Of Thread Effect With                Clinical Uncertainties And Corrections In Using
ic Couch-Based Intra-Fraction Motion Tracking               Various Patients Setup For Helical Tomotherapy               Removable SRS Head Frame
For 3D Conformal And IMRT Plans
                                                            3096         Yulia Lyatskaya              A-407              3109         Tongming He                  A-420
3083          Kihwan Choi               A-394               Prospective Study Of Infrared-Guided Patient                 Effect Of Concurrent Hormone Therapy On
A First-Order Method For Dose Reduction In                  Setup For Fractionated Thoracic Radiation                    The Positional Stability Of Electromagnetic
Cone-Beam CT Reconstruction By Compressed                                                                                Transponders Implanted In The Prostates
Sensing                                                     3097         Selamawit Negusse            A-408
                                                            Evaluation Of The Effects Of Balloon Deforma-                3110         Soon Huh                     A-421
3084         Ivan Buzurovic              A-395              tion And Position Of The Source On Dosimetry                 Preliminary Study And Clinical Application Of
Dosimetric Evaluation Of Tumor Tracking In 4D               In High-Dose Rate Mammosite Breast Brachy-                   Limited-Angle Partial (LAP) Conebeam CT In
Radiotherapy                                                therapy                                                      Conventional Radiation Therapy

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               121
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       3111        Andrew Kerr                A-422                 3124           WITHDRAWN                                     3138         Cem Altunbas                A-449
                       Cobalt-60 Source Based Image Guidance In                                                                                  Quantitative Analysis Of Vertebral Bone Density
                       Broad Beam Cobalt-60 IMRT                                    3125        Enrique Izaguirre         A-436                  Change Following Spine Radiosurgery
                                                                                    A Micro-Compartmental Model To Simulate

                       3112          Jinsheng Li                  A-423             Tumor Response To Chemotherapy And                           3139         Phillip Prior                   A-450
                       A Practical Strategy To Correct Prostate Rotation            Radiotherapy                                                 Risk Estimates For Rectal Toxicity In Individual
                       Reported By A 4F Localization System                                                                                      Patients Based On A Meta-Analysis Of Published
                                                                                    3126        Hiroshi Okada               A-437                Data
                       3113           Yusuke Oribe                   A-424          Assessment Of Early Response During And After
                       Possibility Of Utilization Of The Calcification              Radiotherapy For Non-small Cell Lung Cancer:                 3140        Alani Shlomo                A-451
                       In Image-Guided Radiotherapy For Prostate                    Tumor Diameter And Contrast Enhancement                      Exposure From 131 Iodine-Treated Patients
                                                                                    3127        Jingdong Li                A-438                 3141        Qifeng Wang                  A-452
                       3114         Xingen Wu                   A-425               Use Of 4DCT And Deformable Registration To                   Esophagogram With Barium Assessment Of
                       Evaluation Of Different Image Processing                     Determine The Impact Of Respiratory Motion                   Multimodality Therapy Predicts Survival Of
                       Techniques To Patient Setup Of Tomotherapy                   On Lung Dose From Radiation Therapy                          Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma Patients
                                                                                    3128          Anne Reding                A-439               3142         Heather Jones              A-453
                       3115         Nicole Wiedenmann            A-426              Dosimetric Evaluation Of Pancreas Motion                     Study Of The Effect Of Edema On D90 And
                       Dynamics Of Tumor Hypoxia In Patients Under-                 Effects For SBRT Using 4D CT Based Planning                  Equivalent Uniform Dose In 131CS Prostate
                       going Radiochemotherapy For Head And Neck                                                                                 Brachytherapy
                       Cancer Evaluated With Serial [18] F-Fluoromiso-              3129        Brad Warkentin              A-440
                       nidazole PET                                                 The Impact Of Bed Correction On Application                  3143         Xueguan Lu                  A-454
                                                                                    Of The Lyman NTCP Model                                      The Preliminary Study Of Target Uncertainty
                       3116          Laura Marucci              A-427                                                                            During Fractional Radiotherapy In Esophageal
                       Adaptive Radiotherapy For Head And Neck                      3130          Bo Zhao                    A-441               Cancer
                       Cancer Patients Treated With IMRT: A Radiobio-               Application Of Multiple Radiobiological Models
                       logical Evaluation                                           In Predicting TCP                                            3144         Leonardo Peres               A-455
                                                                                                                                                 In Vivo Dosimetry Analysis Of Thyroid Gland
                       3117         Marian Axente                A-428              3131        Annie Houle                A-442                 Dose In Breast Cancer Patients With Supracla-
                       Impact Of The Fraction Size On The Efficiency                Assessment Of Non-small Cell Lung Cancer                     vicular Lymph Node Irradiation
                       Of Hypoxia-Targeting IMRT Treatment. Single                  Tumor Motion, Dosimetric Coverage And
                       Fraction Simulation Study                                    Regression Using Four-Dimensional Computed                   3145           WITHDRAWN                         A-456
                       3118          Caroline Olsson            A-429                                                                            3146         Alejandro Arino Gil           A-457
                       Comparison Of Non-Corrected And Fraction-                    3132         Lawrence Orlina            A-443                Dosimetric Validation For Patient-Specific
                       ation-Corrected Dose Distributions In Normal                 Assessing Volumetric Changes Of The Parotid                  Quality Assurance Using The Delta44 Phantom
                       Tissue After Sequential Two-Phase External                   Glands During Intensity Modulated Radiothera-                With Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy
                       Beam Radiation Therapy Of Head And Neck                      py For Head And Neck Cancer With Serial CT
                       Cancer                                                                                                                    3147        Yoshitomo Ishihara         A-458
                                                                                    3133           Alistair Templeton       A-444                Development Of Monte Carlo Dose Verification
                       3119          Liza Stapleford            A-430               Thermal Imaging As An Indicator Of Future Skin               System For MHI-TM2000 In Step-And-Shoot
                       Prediction Of Clinical Outcomes From Early                   Toxicity Post Irradiation                                    Cases
                       Post-Treatment PET Response Following
                       Extracranial Radiosurgery (ECRS)                             3134         Ovidiu Marina             A-445                 3148         Lorraine Walsh            A-459
                                                                                    Manual Contouring Vs. Automatic Propagation                  How Realistic Are Published Dose-Response
                       3120         Stefano Tomatis           A-431                 Of Head-And-Neck Delineation In Weekly                       Models?
                       Impact Of Geometric Arrangement Of RT                        Helical CT (HCT) And Cone-Beam Ct (CBCT)
                       Volumes On Dosimetric Planning Goals. Results                Images                                                       3149        Roxana Baluna              A-460
                       Of A Study For Head And Neck Cancer                                                                                       The Impact Of Tumor Volume Decrease During
                                                                                    3135         Andriana Ford               A-446               Radiotherapy On Radiation Dose To The Lung
                       3121        Eleftheria Alevronta     A-432                   The Use Of Laser Surface Scanning To Monitor
                       Dose And Volume Response Of The Sigmoid In                   Tissue Deformation During Conformal Head                     3150          Kujtim Latifi              A-461
                       Radiotherapy Of Gynecological Cancer                         And Neck Radiation Therapy: A Pilot Study                    Assessment Of Organ Motion In Intact Cervix
                                                                                                                                                 Cancer Patients Treated With Intensity Modu-
                       3122          Amarpreet Chawla            A-433              3136          Justus Adamson               A-447             lated Radiation Therapy
                       Clinical Predictors Of Pneumonitis In Radio-                 Variation Of Clinically Relevant Dose Indices For
                       therapy Of Lung Cancer                                       3DCRT Of Lung With Respect To Dose Calcula-                  3151         Marianne Aznar              A-462
                                                                                    tion Algorithm                                               The Interplay Effect In Gated And Non-Gated
                       3123        Jian-Yue Jin                  A-434                                                                           IMRT For Breast Cancer: Impact Of Breathing
                       A TCP Model Incorporating Spatial Variation In               3137        Damian Fondevila           A-448                 Motion And Gating Parameters
                       Tumor Cell Density And Setup Uncertainty To                  Photon Scatter Vs Neutron Capture Gamma At
                       Guide Treatment Planning                                     The Entrance Of A Long Maze Treatment Room:
                                                                                    Can Photon Scatter Be Neglected?

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       122   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
3152          Angelo Maggio               A-463             3164           Patrizia Guerrieri          A-475             3177          May Tsao                    A-488
Hypofractionated Simultaneous Integrated                    Analysis Of IMRT Treatment Clinical Endpoints                Establishing The Role Of VMAT In Treating
Boost (SIB) On Dominant Intra-Prostatic Lesions             (CE) In Relation To Definite Sub Volumes (SV)                Complex Primary Brain Cancers
(DILS) By Biologically Based IMRT Optimization              In Head And Neck (H and N) Cancer, Using TCP

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
                                                            And NTCP Algorithm And Quantec Parameters                    3178         Neelam Tyagi                 A-489
3153          Melanie Davidson           A-464                                                                           Deformable Registration And Dose Accumula-
Assessing The Role Of VMAT Relative To IMRT                 3165           Jiongyan Li                A-476              tion For Image-Guided HDR Interstitial Brachy-
And Helical Tomotherapy In The Management                   How Much Can We Reduce The PTV Margin With                   therapy (IG-Bt) Boost And External Beam Pelvic
Of Localized, Locally Advanced, And Post-Oper-              The Guidance Of Online KV Cone-Beam CT For                   IMRT (EB-IMRT) For Intermediate And High-Risk
ative Prostate Cancer                                       Prostate Cancer Patients Receiving Definitive                Prostate Cancer Patients
                                                            IMRT: Initial Experience In China
3154          Chen Jiayi                  A-465                                                                          3179          Iftekhar Ahmad            A-490
Impact Of Residual Errors On Strategy Of Cor-               3166          Hassan Mostafavi            A-477              Effect Of Pre-Treatment Imaging Dose On The
rection For Image-Guided Accelerated Partial                Intrafraction Tracking Of Prostate Marker                    Radiosensitivity Of Tumor Cells
Breast Irradiation                                          Motion Using Sequential Stereo Imaging
                                                                                                                         3180          Quan Chen                  A-491
3155           Tae Ho Kim                A-466              3167         Xiaomeng Zhang              A-478               Verification And Validation Of GPU-Based
Plan Optimization For IMRT With Flattening-                 CT Metal Artifact Reduction By Dual Con-                     Tomotherapy Dose Calculation Engine
Filter-Free (FFF) Beams By Using Compressed                 strained Optimizations
Sensing Technique                                                                                                        3181          Bin Hu                      A-492
                                                            3168         Jing Cai                   A-479                Interfraction Geometric Variations Of The
3156        Ning Wen                     A-467              Extracting Breathing Signal From Image Fourier               Mandible And Its Dosimetric Impact During
A Framework For Evaluation Of Adaptive Vs.                  Transform For Developing 4D-MRI                              Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy For Head
Conventional Planning In IGRT Of Prostate                                                                                And Neck Cancer
Cancer                                                      3169         Nesrin Dogan                 A-480
                                                            Evaluation Of Dosimetric Effects Of Use Of                   3182        Yan Jiang                 A-493
3157         Xiaoming Chen              A-468               Deformably-Mapped Contours For Lung IMRT                     Dose-Based Real-Time Treatment Monitoring
Biophysical Modeling Of Lung Motion For                     Treatment Planning                                           For IMRT
Radiotherapy Using Porous Soft-Tissue
Mechanics Model                                             3170         Carri Glide-Hurst            A-481              3183          Kristofer Kainz           A-494
                                                            Novel Algorithm To Correct For Metal Artifact                Organ-Specific Margins To Account For Relative
3158          Feng Liu                    A-469             In CT: Improvements In Contouring And Dose                   Organ Displacements In Abdomen And Pelvis
Characterization Of Interfractional Anatomic                Calculation Accuracy                                         For Soft-Tissue Based IGRT
Variations In Abdomen
                                                            3171          Pierre Graff             A-482                 3184          MuHan Lin                  A-495
3159       Jennifer Seger            A-470                  Dose Delivered Monitoring And QA Using                       A Practical Monte Carlo Based Patient Dose
An Automated Methodology For Functional                     3D Dose Recalculation With Megavoltage                       Verification Tool For Rapidarc Treatment
Image-Guided Thoracic Radiotherapy                          Cone-Beam CT For Head And Neck IMRT
                                                            Patients Aligned With IGRT                                   3185          Per Munck Af Rosenschold A-496
3160          Tomoki Kimura               A-471                                                                          The Effect Of Advanced Arc Therapy Optimiza-
Functional Image-Guided Radiotherapy                        3172        Bingqi Guo                           A-483       tion On Plan Quality For Lung Cancer In The
Planning In Respiratory- Gated Intensity Modu-              Fast 4D Modeling For Real-Time Motion                        Presence Of Motion
lated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) For Lung Cancer              Management In Radiation Therapy
Patients With Pulmonary Emphysema                                                                                        3186          Gitte Persson                A-497
                                                            3173        Nasiruddin Mohammed A-484                        Variations In GTV Size In Free Breathing 4DCT,
3161        Jae Jung                    A-472               Comparison Of IGRT Registration Strategies For               Breathhold CT And Conventional CT Scans Of
Modeling Electronic Portal Imaging Device                   Optimal Coverage Of Primary Lung Tumors And                  Patients With Lung Tumors
For Dose Reconstruction Using Monte Carlo                   Involved Nodes Based On Multiple 4DCT Scans
Method                                                      Obtained Throughout The RT Course                            3187          Francisco Salguero          A-498
                                                                                                                         A Method To Estimate Three Dimensional
3162          Samuel Park               A-473               3174          Christian Okoye            A-485               Intrinsic Dosimetric Uncertainty Resulting From
Spatially Weighted B-Spline Deformable Image                Inter-Patient Atlas-Based Segmentation                       Using Deformable Image Registration For Dose
Registration For Accurate Delineation                       Cannot Reliably Delineate At-Risk Swallowing                 Mapping
3163          Wu Liu                      A-474                                                                          3188        Judit Boda-Heggemann                 A-499
A Real-Time Low-Dose Imaging Strategy For On-               3175           Paolo Passoni              A-486              Repeat ABC-Breath Hold Imaging With
line Patient Repositioning Or Respiratory Gating            Early Clinical Experience In Adaptive Image-                 Cone-Beam CT
During IMRT Or VMAT                                         Guided Tomotherapy Of Rectal Cancer
                                                                                                                         3189         S. Murty Goddu              A-500
                                                            3176          Jakub Pritz                 A-487              Tomotherapy’s Exit Detector Data For In-Vivo
                                                            Validating Fiducial Markers For Image Guided                 Quality Assurance Of Head And Neck Treat-
                                                            Radiation Therapy For Whole Breast Irradiation               ments
                                                            In Early Stage Breast Cancer Treatment

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               123
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       3190          Joseph Rakowski            A-501               3203       Shiv Srivastava             A-514                 3215         Wei Lu                        A-526
                       Critical Comparison Of Measured And Calcu-                   Optimum Margin For Target Expansion In Head                  Evaluating Inter-Fraction Variations In Tumor
                       lated Prostate Dose Using Multiple Treatment                 And Neck IMRT With Daily IGRT                                Volumes With Repeated 4DCT
                       Modalities And Planning Systems In A Phantom

                       With Bilateral Hip Prosthesis                                3204           Sotirios Stathakis         A-515              3216           Satoshi Tanabe            A-527
                                                                                    Feasibility Of Using 10mm MLC Leaves To                      Feasibility Study On Molecular-Imaging Based
                       3191         Sion Koren                    A-502             Obtain Dosimetrically Similar Rapidarc Plans As              Tracking System For Lung Cancer Treatment
                       Measurement Comparison And Monte Carlo                       With 5 mm Leaves
                       Simulations For Rapid Arc Delivery Verification                                                                           3217         Ranjini Tolakanahalli        A-528
                       Using Arccheck 4D Dosimetry System                           3205         Sonali Rudra               A-516                Tomo Challenge: Results Of Multi-Institution
                                                                                    Analysis Of Coverage Of The RTOG Breast Target               Planning Exercise And Development Of An
                       3192         Nathan Woltman              A-503               Volumes With Conventional Breast Fields                      Objective Plan Assessment Tool
                       Incidence Of Radiation Pneumonitis After
                       Thoracic Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy               3206         Sebastiaan Breedveld       A-517                3218         Jennifer Wo                A-529
                                                                                    Fast On-Line Plan Adjustment For Adaptive                    The Impact Of IV Contrast On Dose Calculations
                       3193        Guang-Pei Chen                A-504              Radiotherapy Evaluated For Prostate And                      In The Treatment Of Lung Cancer
                       Automatic Verification Of Plan Data Transfer For             Cervical Cancer
                       Online Adaptive Radiotherapy                                                                                              3219        Mirjana Josipovic          A-530
                                                                                    3207         Christopher Lok           A-518                 Changes In Dose Coverage During Respiration
                       3194         Anjeza Chukus               A-505               Evaluating The Accuracy And Consistency Of                   In Lung Cancer Radiotherapy
                       Acute And Late Toxicity Of The Rectum And                    A Deformable Model Based Auto-Contouring
                       Bladder After Dose Escalated IMRT For Prostate               Software                                                     3220         Tharmarnadar Ganesh         A-531
                       Cancer: DVH Analysis Finding Significance In                                                                              Study Of Angular Response Of ASI1000 EPID
                       High Dose Levels Greater Than 70 Gy                          3208         Scott Merrick                 A-519             And Validation Of Portal Dosimetry System For
                                                                                    A Retrospective Comparison Of Using Image-                   IMRT Patient Specific Quality Assurance
                       3195         George Ding                   A-506             Guided Radiation Therapy (IGRT) With Three
                       Direct Tumor Dose Monitoring: Initial In-Vivo                Different Methods: A) No Re-Planning, B)                     3221         Andrea McNiven              A-532
                       Experience Of Using Implantable DVS-HFT Do-                  Patient-Specific Library Planning And C) Instant             Predicting The Deliverability Of Head And Neck
                       simeters For Hypo-Fractionated SBRT Radiation                Re-Planning Radiation Therapy (IRRT)                         IMRT Using The Modulation Complexity Score
                                                                                    3209          Mitsuhiro Nakamura          A-520              3222        Justin Park                  A-533
                       3196         Jun Duan                    A-507               Interfractional Dose Variation During Intensity              Implementation Of Back-Projection Filtering
                       Dosimetric Errors Caused By Couch Shifts: An                 Modulated Radiotherapy With Breath-Hold For                  Algorithm For Image Reconstruction Of
                       Investigation With Phantom Measurements And                  Pancreatic Cancer                                            On-Board Cone-Beam CT
                       Computer Simulation
                                                                                    3210        Jalpa Patel               A-521                  3223          Falk Röder                 A-534
                       3197         Yuanming Feng               A-508               Implementing An EPID Based 3D Absolute                       Intrafraction Organ Motion During Prostate
                       An Alternative Solution For Adaptive IMRT                    Dosimetry System For IMRT QA                                 Radiotherapy: Quantitative Correlation Of Treat-
                       Planning For Head-And-Neck Cancer Patients                                                                                ment Time And Margin Size
                                                                                    3211          Cheng Peng                  A-522
                       3198         Lois Holloway                 A-509             Clinical Implementation And Initial Experience               3224         Omar Zeidan              A-535
                       Estimating A Delineation Uncertainty Margin To               Of Online Adaptive Radiotherapy For Prostate                 Dosimetric Impact Of Image Guidance On Bolus
                       Account For Inter-Observer Variability In Breast             Cancer                                                       Electron Conformal Therapy
                       Cancer Radiotherapy
                                                                                    3212           Marco Trovo                  A-523            3225          Elisabeth Weiss            A-536
                       3199         Weiguo Lu                A-510                  Forward Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy                Inter- And Intrafraction Tumor And Lymph Node
                       Non-Cluster Tomotherapy Treatment Planning                   For Partial Breast Irradiation Confers High Dose             Localization Accuracy With Active Breathing
                       System                                                       Homogeneity And Conformation To The Target                   Control (ABC) In Lung Cancer
                       3200         Kimiya Noto                A-511                                                                             3226          Kenneth Forster           A-537
                       Evaluation Of Patient Dose Reduction In                      3213         Thomas Kole                A-524                The Quantification Of Delivered IMRT Dose
                       Kilovoltage Cone-Beam Computed Tomography                    A Comparison Of Heart And Coronary Artery                    Distributions For Mobile Targets
                       For Image-Guided Radiation Therapy                           Doses Associated With Intensity Modulated Ra-
                                                                                    diotherapy (IMRT) Vs. 3-Dimensional Conformal                3227         Dan Liu                    A-538
                       3201        Nadia Octave               A-512                 Radiotherapy (3DCRT) For Distal Esophageal                   Evaluation Quality Of IMRT Plans Based On
                       Continuous Offline Replanning, A New Adaptive                Cancer                                                       Biological And Dose Cost Function
                       IGRT Technique With Daily Cone Beam CT
                                                                                    3214          Suk Lee                  A-525                 3228         Aditya Panchal                A-539
                       3202           Thomas Purdie             A-513               Development Of 3D Dosimety System Using                      A Dose Volume Histogram (DVH) Constraint
                       Clinical Validation Of An Automated Tangential               Polymer Gel (Tenomag) And Optical-CT Scanner                 Analysis System For Clinical Protocol Treatment
                       Breast Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy                 In Prostate IMRT                                             Plan Evaluation Using DICOM RT
                       Treatment Planning Process

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       124   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
3229          Seth Rosenthal              A-540             3243        Hideki Takegawa            A-554                 3257          Goura Kishore Rath        A-568
Comparison Of Volumetric Modulated Arc                      Monte Carlo Dose Calculation Accounting For                  How Collimator Rotation Influence IMRT Dose
Therapy (VMAT) Vs. Fixed Field Intensity Modu-              Double Dynamic Systems                                       Distribution And Dose Delivery: Assessment In
lated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Techniques For                                                                            Case Of Carcinoma Parotid

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
The Treatment Of Localized Prostate Cancer                  3244         Atul Tyagi               A-555
                                                            Influence Of Photon Energy On Carcinoma Of                   3258        Yuji Nakaguchi               A-569
3230         Jennifer Zook               A-541              Cervix IMRT Plans                                            New Dosimetric Treatment Verification System
Dose-Volume Comparison Of 3D-Conformal                                                                                   Of IMRT Using A Compass, Clinical Experience
Radiation Therapy (3D-CRT) And Intensity Mod-               3245          Bo Zhao                    A-556               And Dosimetric Properties
ulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) For Salvage Or              In-Vivo Dose Monitoring Using An Electronic
Adjuvant Treatment Of The Prostatic Bed                     Portal Imaging Device As A Tool To Reduce The                3259         Seungwoo Park              A-570
                                                            Risk Of Protracted Radiation Misadministration               Dose Evaluation Of Target-Tracking MLC Module
3231          Ryosei Nakada                A-542                                                                         Applicable To Conventional Radiotherapy
Verification Of Elekta MLC Leaf Positions By                3246         Vincent Althof            A-557                 System
Custom Made Sliding Window QA Plan And                      Daily MV-CT Imaging And Overall Treatment
Picket Fence Test With Variable Gantry Angles               Dose Reconstruction With Tomotherapy In                      3260         Jeffrey Radawski             A-571
                                                            Invasive Bladder Cancer                                      A Dosimetric Study Of Intensity Modulated
3232         Nada Tomic                 A-543                                                                            Radiation Therapy (IMRT) Plans For Oropharyn-
Evaluation Of Dose Volume Histograms For                    3247         Peter Metcalfe             A-558                geal Carcinoma (OPC) - Comparing Detailed
Rectal And Prostate Cancer Patients Undergoing              Surface Dosimetry For Breast Radiotherapy                    Vs. Simple Cost Functions And Their Effect On
CBCT Based IGRT                                             Using Moskins To Measure The Influence Of Im-                Dose-Volume Parameters
                                                            mobilization Cast Material
3233          Subramani Vikraman         A-544                                                                           3261           WITHDRAWN
Study Of Interleaf Leakage And Leaf Transmis-               3248          Jennifer O’Daniel            A-559
sion In Elekta Synergy S Beam Modulator                     Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy: Effective And               3262          Seok Hyun Son               A-573
                                                            Efficient End-To-End Patient Specific Quality                The Effect Of Metallic Implants For The Radia-
3234        Li Xiong                    A-545               Assurance                                                    tion Therapy In The Spinal Tumor Patients With
A Study On The Dose Scalability Of Volumetric                                                                            Metallic Spinal Implants
Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) Fields                         3249         Viacheslav Soyfer           A-560
                                                            SBRT Of The Pancreas With Depleted Iodine                    3263          Masao Tanooka             A-574
3235         Mingli Chen                 A-546              Seeds For Image Guidance: Fiducials That Are                 Novel Spiral Phantom For Volumetric Modu-
Fast Point Dose Calculation For Non-Uniform                 Easily Seen And Green                                        lated Arc Therapy Delivery Verification
Fluence In IMRT
                                                            3250        Shingo Ueyama                A-561               3264         Yong Peng                  A-575
3236        Weihong He                 A-547                4D Treatment Planning For Lower Thoracic                     The Impact Of Daily Tumor Shift On Normal
Systematic And Random Dosimetric Impact                     Spine Metastasis: Impacts Of Respiratory Mo-                 Tissue Sparing And Dose Coverage For Breath
Studies On 100 Helical Tomotherapy Cancer                   tion On Dose Distributions                                   Hold Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) Of
Cases                                                                                                                    Lung Tumor
                                                            3251          Christopher Devick         A-562
3237        Tae Ho Kim                  A-548               PTV Size Effects In Helical Tomotherapy Dose                 3265        Peter Potrebko              A-576
4D IMRT Inverse Planning Of Sparsity-Enhanced               Reconstructions                                              Optimization Of Beam Orientations For SBRT
Compressed Sensing Using Fluence Map                                                                                     Treatment Planning Using Pareto
Reordering Method                                           3252          Oliver Fluck              A-563
                                                            A Novel High Performance Computing Infra-                    3266         Jun Kang                    A-577
3238         Pavel Lougovski             A-549              structure For Online Treatment Plan Adaption                 Planning Evaluation Of Cone-Beam CT Angi-
Refining 3D Dose Distribution At A Regional                                                                              ography For Target Delineation In Stereotactic
And Voxel Level In Biological IMRT Treatment                3253        Hiroyuki Inoue             A-564                 Radiosurgery Of AVMS
Planning                                                    Convenient Quality Check For Image-Guided
                                                            Radiotherapy (IGRT) Using The ImageJ                         3267          Prema Rassiah              A-578
3239        Marcel Nauta                A-550                                                                            Treatment Planning Evaluation Of A Novel
Assessing The Level Of Modulation Of IMRT                   3254         Shirish Jani                  A-565             Combined-Mode Intensity Modulated Arc /
Fields                                                      Performance Of An Exactrac Image Guidance                    Static Gantry IMRT Delivery Approach For Hypo-
                                                            System In Mask-Based Cranial Radiotherapy On                 Fractionated Treatment (SBRT/SS)
3240       Beth Pierburg                        A-551       A Classic Novalis Machine - A Five Year Experi-
Automated IMRT Treatment Planning                           ence                                                         3268        Subhash Sharma              A-579
                                                                                                                         Treatment Planning Accuracy Of The CyberKnife
3241         Jiajian Shen               A-552               3255          Kinjal Jani                 A-566              Monte Carlo Algorithm Compared To Other
A Study To Quantify Dosimetric Consequences                 Daily Evaluation Of Prostate Position By Gold                Commercially Available Dose Calculation
Of Pancreatic Tumor Motion On The Robustness                Marker Based Image Guided Radiotherapy                       Algorithms
Of IMRT Plans Using A Motion Kernel Convolu-                (IGRT) In Prostate Cancer Patients
tion Method                                                                                                              3269         Terence Sio              A-580
                                                            3256         Yunzhi Ma                           A-567       A Dosimetric Comparison Of Gamma Knife
3242         Jan-Jakob Sonke            A-553               Inverse Planning For Four-Dimensional                        Vs. CyberKnife In Patients With Brain
Image Registration And Localization Accuracy                Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy                             Metastases
Of A Micro IGRT System
 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               125
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       3270         Meng-Sang Chew               A-581              3284            Laura Cervino              A-595             3297        Sun Yi                      A-608
                       Regression Analysis Of The Dose Tolerance                    Initial Clinical Experience With A Frameless And             Changes In Position And Volume Of Lung
                       Limits Of Some Critical Structures In Hypofrac-              Maskless Stereotactic Radiosurgery Treatment                 Cancer Target Volumes During Stereotactic
                       tionated SBRT                                                                                                             Body Radiotherapy (SBRT): Is Image Guidance

                       3271         Franco Casamassima           A-582              3285         Yu-Wei Lin                 A-596                Necessary?
                       Image Guided Stereotactic Body Radiation                     Treatment Plan Comparison Between Hypo-
                       Therapy (SBRT) For Adrenal Metastases                        fractionated Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy                3298           Paul Young                   A-609
                                                                                    And Non-Isocentric Stereotactic Body Radio-                  Dosimetric Effect Of Extra-Parenchymal Dose
                       3272         Derek Hyde                  A-583               therapy For Localized Prostate Cancer                        Spill In The Stereotactic Radiosurgical Treatment
                       SBRT Of The Spine: Patient Immobilization And                                                                             Of Metastatic Lesions
                       Motion Correction                                            3286        Anil Sethi                   A-597
                                                                                    A Template For Respiratory Gating In SBRT Of                 3299         Kayla Kielar                A-610
                       3273         Javad Rahimian            A-584                 Lung Cancer - Which Patients Are To Benefit?                 Comparison Of Rapidarc Vs. Conventional
                       Frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery Of                                                                                    Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy For Ste-
                       Arteriovenous Malformations Using High                       3287         An Tai                     A-598                reotactic Body Radiation Therapy For Pancreatic
                       Resolution 3D Rotational Angiograms, And                     Dosimetric Impact Of Respiration Gating                      Cancer
                       Novalis Exactrac Systems                                     On Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Of
                                                                                    Centrally Located Lung Tumors                                3300         Kaile Li                     A-611
                       3274         Min Rao                     A-585                                                                            Perturbation Analysis Of Relationship Of Cone-
                       Investigation Of Dose Calculation Accuracy In                3288          Olivier Chapet                A-599            beam CT And Stereoscopic Optical Localization
                       VMAT Planning For SBRT Lung Treatment                        Potential Interest Of Developing A Focal Dose                System In Frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery
                                                                                    Escalation In Stereotactic Irradiation Of Prostate
                       3275        Jian-Yue Jin             A-586                   Cancer                                                       3301         Juan Francisco              A-612
                       A Web-Based Database For Outcomes Study For                                                                                            Calvo Ortega
                       Lung Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy                          3289         Henry Wagner                 A-600              Image-Guided Analysis Of Target Localisation
                                                                                    Volumetric-Modulated Arc Therapy For Stereo-                 Accuracy In Stereotactic Radiosurgery
                       3276         Winnie Li                   A-587               tactic Radiosurgery Of Patients With Multiple,
                       Impact Of Immobilization On Intra-Fraction                   Widely-Separated Brain Metastases                            3302          Sonja Dieterich              A-613
                       Motion For Spine Stereotactic Body Radiothera-                                                                            Quality Assurance Of Image-Guidance For
                       py (SBRT) Using Cone-Beam CT (CBCT)                          3290         Beatriz Amendola            A-601               Pediatric Patients In Frameless Stereotactic
                                                                                    Treatment Time Reduction In Extracranial Radio-              Radiosurgery
                       3277         Paul Read                     A-588             surgery Procedures Using A New Commercially
                       In Vivo Dose Verification Of Spinal SBRT Treat-              Available Software                                           3303        A. Pichandi               A-614
                       ments On Tomotherapy                                                                                                      In House Development Of CyberKnife Qa Sys-
                                                                                    3291         Mingcheng Gao             A-602                 tem And Independent MU Check Software
                       3278          Byong Yong Yi              A-589               Importance Of Adequate PTV Margin In Stereo-
                       Improvement Of Delivery Efficiency For Static                tactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT): A Comparison                3304          Mampuya Wambaka             A-615
                       Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) By                     Of Two Prescription Methods                                  Differences In Dose-Volumetric Data Between
                       Converting To The Variable Dose Rate Dynamic                                                                              The Anisotropic Analytical Algorithm And The
                       Arc Therapy                                                  3292         Yu Lei                     A-603                X-Ray Voxel Monte Carlo In Stereotactic Body
                                                                                    Evaluating Linac-Based Radiosurgery Of Avm                   Radiation Therapy For Lung Cancer
                       3279        Sunyoung Jang            A-590                   Using AVM Score And Pie Model
                       Dosimetry Of CyberKnife And Gamma Knife In                                                                                3305          Tony Wong                 A-616
                       Meningioma And Vestibular Schwannoma                         3293        Richard Popple              A-604                Assessment Of PTV Margin For Image Guided
                                                                                    Dependence Of Dose-Volume Values On Calcu-                   Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy For Lung
                       3280         Frank Lagerwaard           A-591                lation Method For Paraspinal Radiosurgery                    Cancer
                       Whole Brain Radiotherapy With Simultaneous
                       Integrated Boost (WBRT+SIB) For Multiple Brain               3294          V. Subramanian             A-605               3306         Jiajin Fan                  A-617
                       Metastases (BM) Using Volumetric Modulated                   Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Vs Conven-                  Planning The Breast Boost: Dosimetric Compari-
                       Arc Therapy                                                  tional Stereotactic Radiotherapy Techniques For              son Of CyberKnife, Photon Mini Tangents, IMRT
                                                                                    Benign Intracranial Tumors                                   And Electron Techniquesues
                       3281          Priya Mitra                A-592
                       Radiographic Toxicity Associated With Thoracic               3295         Khoi Vu                      A-606              3307         Claudio Sibata                 A-618
                       Stereotactic Radiotherapy                                    Dosimetric Benchmarks Utilizing A Planning                   Reproducibility Of The Iris Collimator For Cy-
                                                                                    CTV (PCTV) Concept Based On Achievable Dose                  berKnife Treatments
                       3282          Ashleigh Weyh              A-593               Gradients From 91 Patients Treated With Inten-
                       Lung Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT):                  sity Modulated Stereotactic Spine Radiation                  3308         Jia-Zhu Wang                 A-619
                       Dosimetric And Delivery Comparison Of Rapi-                  Therapy (IMSRT)                                              Comparison Study Of Rotational Vs. Static
                       dArc, Helical Tomotherapy And Fixed Field IMRT                                                                            Intensity Modulated Radiosurgery For Multiple
                                                                                    3296         Jianzhou Wu                 A-607               Brain Metastases
                       3283         Matthew Witten                 A-594            Treatment Planning In Stereotactic Body Radia-
                       Output Stability Of The CyberKnife Iris Variable             tion Therapy Of Lung Cancer: Which Image Set                 3309        Kenneth Baker                A-620
                       Collimator For Small Aperture Sizes                          Is Appropriate For Dose Calculation?                         Novel Treatment Planning Techniques For Treat-
                                                                                                                                                 ment Of Chest Wall Lesions Using Stereotactic
                                                                                                                                                 Body Radiotherapy
                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       126   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
3310         Gauthier Bouilhol            A-621             3323        Iris Ernst                    A-634              3336         Zhong Su                    A-647
Interobserver Variability In NSCLC Target                   Can List-Mode Based Target Delineation Solve                 Experimental Investigation Of Dosimetric
Delineation For Stereotactic Body Radiation                 Problems Of Tumor Movements In Stereotactic                  Impact Of Intrafraction Target Motion During
Therapy: A Four-Dimensional Analysis                        Radiotherapy? Results After The First 18 Months              Proton Uniform Scanning Treatment Using Poly-

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
                                                                                                                         mer Gel Dosimeters And A 4D Phantom
3311          Joseph Herman              A-622              3324           E. Brian Butler             A-635
Stereotactic Radiation Treatment Planning With              Integrating Serial Pathways In Radiotherapy                  3337         Takayuki Hashimoto          A-648
Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT):                    Treatment Planning - Impact On The Decision                  Influence Of Particle Therapy On Implantable
Impact Of Duodenal Sparing                                  Making In Delivering Stereotactic Radiosurgery               Cardiac Devices -An Experimental Study-
                                                            (SRS) Vs. Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy
3312         Chul Lee                   A-623               (FSRT)                                                       3338         Shinichiro Mori           A-649
Radiosurgery And Fractionated Radiotherapy                                                                               Four-Dimensional Lung Treatment Planning In
For Multiple Cranial Tumors: Comparison                     3325          Long Huang                 A-636               A Layer-Stacking Carbon Ion Beam Treatment:
Between Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy,                   Study Of Cone Beam Computed Tomography                       Comparison Layer-Stacking And Conventional
Dynamic Arc Therapy And IMRT                                Setup Accuracy In Stereotactic Body Radia-                   Irradiations
                                                            tion Therapy For Lung Cancer Treatment- Free
3313         Travis Schultz             A-624               Breathing Vs. Controlled Breathing                           3339         Natalie Xu                A-650
High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachytherapy Vs.                                                                                   Proton Treatment Of Peripheral Lymph Nodes In
Helical Tomotherapy In The Treatment Of                     3326          Yi Le                      A-637               Breast Cancer
Cervical Cancer: A Dosimetric Comparison                    Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT) Treat-
                                                            ment Of Lung Lesions Using Volumetric                        3340          Milos Hasan                  A-651
3314         Joao Seco                   A-625              Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT)                                 Interactive 4D Visualization Of Radiological Path
Impact Of Superposition/Convolution Dose                                                                                 Length Variation For Proton Treatment Port
Algorithm Inaccuracies In SBRT Of Patients With             3327         Xing-Qi Lu                  A-638               Selection
Early Stage NSCLC: A Monte Carlo Study                      Frameless Stereotactic Radiosurgery For Arterio-
                                                            venous Malformations                                         3341          Chee-Wai Cheng               A-652
3315          Emilie Soisson          A-626                                                                              Isocentricity Of Gantry Rotation Beam Lines And
Dosimetric Accuracy Of Tomotherapy Based                    3328        Murali Nair                 A-639                Its Effect On Dose Delivery In Proton Therapy
Stereotactic Radiotherapy                                   Gamma Knife Radiosurgery (GKRS) For Menin-
                                                            giomas: Analysis Of Treatment Plan And Clinical              3342         Xiaodong Zhang                A-653
3316          Rodney Wiersma            A-627               Results                                                      Improving Clinical Potential, Efficiency And
Development Of Frameless SRS Using Real-Time                                                                             Robustness Of Planning And Delivery Of IMPT
6D Facial Surface Monitoring And Continuous                 3329          Khanh Nguyen                A-640              For Skull-Based Chordomas
Adaptive Head Motion Correction                             Prospective Analysis Of Intra-Fractional Motion
                                                            For Patients Undergoing Fractionated Stereo-                 3343         Ying Zhuge                  A-654
3317         Adam Brooks                 A-628              tactic Body Radiation Therapy (SBRT) Using                   Accelerating Monte Carlo Simulation For Ra-
Application Of Intensity Modulated Arc Therapy              Helical Tomotherapy For Spinal Metastases                    diotherapy Dose Calculation Using A Massively
Technique To Cervical Spine Stereotactic                                                                                 Parallel Graphics Processing Unit
Treatment                                                   3330         Veeral Patel                A-641
                                                            Comparison Of Whole Vs. Partial Vertebral Body               3344         Yutaka Ando                 A-655
3318         Anees Dhabaan               A-629              Radiosurgery For Spinal Metastases: The Experi-              How Did The Particle Therapy Grow In The
Six DOF CBCT-Based Positioning For Intracranial             ence Of A Single Institution                                 Japanese Radiation Therapy Field?; Current
Targets Treated With Frameless Stereotactic                                                                              Status Of Proton And Carbon Ion Radiotherapy
Radiosurgery (SRS)                                          3331          Xin Wang                    A-642              From 2002 To 2009 In Japan
                                                            Effect Of Titanium Rod On Small Spinal Sterotac-
3319          Linda Hong                 A-630              tic Radiosurgery (SSRS) Dosimetry                            3345         Yunfeng Cui                A-656
Linear Accelerator Based Single Fraction                                                                                 Uncertainty And Margin Study For IMRT, VMAT,
Stereotactic Radiosurgery: Sharp Dose Fall Off              3332          Brian Wang                   A-643             And Proton Beam Therapy For Treatment After
In Normal Tissues Depends On Dose Inhomoge-                 Evaluation Of Intrafractional Motion For Frame-              Radical Prostatectomy
neity In Tumor                                              less Intracranial Treatments
                                                                                                                         3346         Laura Doyle                A-657
3320         Sheena Jain                 A-631              3333         Sung-Woo Lee               A-644                Dosimetric Comparison Of VMAT, IMRT And
Dosimetric Comparison Of Single Fraction SBRT               Dosimetric Comparison Of Radiosurgical                       Proton Therapy For Post-Prostatectomy Radia-
For Spinal Metastases Using Linac-Based IMRT                Modalities Using ER Film: Gamma Knife Vs.                    tion Therapy For Prostate Cancer
Vs. CyberKnife                                              CyberKnife
                                                                                                                         3347          John Crew                 A-658
3321         Michael Myers                 A-632            3334         Jinyu Xue                   A-645               Dosimetric Comparison Of Uniform Scanning
Volumetric And Positional Variations In Stereo-             A Database Of Online Registry For Dose                       Proton Therapy, Helical Tomotherapy, And Volu-
tactic Body Radiotherapy Of Lung Cancer                     Tolerance Limits In Hypofractionated SBRT                    metric Modulated Arc Therapy In The Treatment
                                                                                                                         Of Bilateral Orbital Lymphoma
3322         M. Salim Siddiqui             A-633            3335         Arthur Olch               A-646
Influence Of Pixel Size On Target Delineation               3 mm Spot Size IMPT Vs. IMRT For 3 Complex
And Treatment Planning For Stereotactic Radio-              Pediatric Cases

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               127
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       3348         Charles Hemery             A-659                3361         Xiaodong Wu                         A-672       3373         Michael Yassa               A-684
                       Proton Total Dose Adaptation According To                    Multi-Fold Radiotherapy Technique                            Dosimetric Comparison Of A Simple Helical
                       Dosimetric Parameter In Skull Base And Upper                                                                              Tomotherapy Technique And 3D Conformal
                       Cervical Spine Chordomas                                     3362        Derek Brown                  A-673               Radiotherapy For The Treatment Of Left-Sided

                                                                                    Aperture Modulated, Translational Total Body                 Breast Cancer
                       3349        Eric Klein                 A-660                 Irradiation
                       Acceptance Testing For The Monarch-250 Pro-                                                                               3374           Lisa Burgess              A-685
                       ton Radiotherapy Unit                                        3363         Daniel Letourneau            A-674              Partial Brain VMAT Planning Using Simultaneous
                                                                                    Quality Control Comparison Of Intensity And                  Couch And Gantry Arcs
                       3350         Michael Snyder            A-661                 Volumetric Modulated Arc Radiotherapy (IMRT
                       Equivalent Radiobiological Dose Comparison                   And VMAT) For Spine Stereotactic Body Radio-                 3375         Jonas Fontenot               A-686
                       Between Photon IMRT And Intensity Modulated                  therapy (SBRT): Impact Of Arc Discretization                 In Vivo Dosimetric Verification Of Volumetric
                       Neutron Radiotherapy                                                                                                      Modulated Arc Therapy For Prostate Cancer
                                                                                    3364         Katherine Magat             A-675               Using A Rectal Balloon
                       3351         James Welsh                A-662                Evaluation Of Respiratory Gating Of ROI
                       Intensity Modulated Proton Therapy Allows                    Definition On The Accuracy Of SUV In F18-FDG                 3376          Chunhua Men             A-687
                       Dose Escalation And Normal-Tissue Sparing In                 PET Imaging                                                  An Efficient Algorithm For Volumetric
                       Locally Advanced Distal Esophageal Tumors                                                                                 Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) Treatment Plan
                                                                                    3365         Oscar Siu Hong Chan         A-676               Optimization
                       3352          Motoki Kumagai              A-663              The Superiority Of Hybrid-RapidArc Radiother-
                       Quantification Of Respiratory Induced Dose                   apy Technique In The Treatment Of Advanced                   3377         Mete Yeginer               A-688
                       Variation In Heavy Charged Particle Prostate                 Non-small Cell Lung Cancer - A Planning Study                How Many Arc Is Enough? A Dosimetric
                       Therapy Using Four-Dimensional CT                                                                                         Comparison Of RapidArc And Static-Field IMRT
                                                                                    3366          Paul Cooper                A-677               For High-Risk Prostate Cancer
                       3353          Chie Toramatsu              A-664              Risk Of Distant-To-Target Dose Deposition Using
                       Doses To Tumor And Normal Tissues Of Single                  An Intensity Modulated Volumetric Arc Therapy                3378         Shifeng Chen             A-689
                       Proton Field And Normal Tissues Of Single                    Planning And Delivery Concept (RapidArc)                     Comparison Of Dosimetry Of A New Linear Ac-
                       Proton Field Per Fraction Used On Boost And                                                                               celerator Under Gated Operation Vs.
                       Normal Tissues Of Single Proton Field Per                    3367         Beant Gill                   A-678              Non-Gated Operation
                       Fraction Used On Boost Radiationtherapy Of                   Robotic Radiosurgery For Inoperable Patients
                       Posterior Cranial Fossa                                      With Peripheral Stage Ia Non-small Cell Lung                 3379          Vishruta Dumane           A-690
                                                                                    Cancer: Local Control And Survival Using 5-mm                Comparison Of Full Arcs, Avoidance Sectors And
                       3354        Joost Verburg                        A-665       Margins                                                      Partial Arcs For RapidArc Planning
                       Impact Of CT Metal Artifacts On Proton
                       Radiotherapy Treatment Planning                              3368         Chunhui Han                A-679                3380          Sharon Lu                  A-691
                                                                                    Dosimetric Study Of Intensity Modulated Arc                  Use Of The SVI Breast Brachytherapy Device To
                       3355          Tarun Podder            A-666                  Therapy For Total Marrow Irradiation                         Treat Larger And Asymmetric Tissue Volumes
                       MIRAB: An Image-Guided Multichannel Robot
                       For Prostate Brachytherapy                                   3369        Szu-Huai Lu                A-680                 3381        Gianni Taccini                 A-692
                                                                                    Volumetric Modulated Arc Radiotherapy For                    Total Marrow Irradiaton With Helical Tomother-
                       3356        Zhengdong Zhang             A-667                Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma: A Dosimetric                       apy Along The Entire Patient’s Axis: A Planning
                       A Novel Applicator System For HDR Treatment                  Comparison With Tomotherapy And Step-                        Technique To Merge Helical Dose Distributions
                       Of Endometrial And Cervical Cancer                           And-Shoot IMRT                                               Producing Uniform Dose In The Junction Region

                       3357        Wilko F.A.R. Verbakel        A-668               3370        Murat Surucu              A-681                  3382         Fan Chen                    A-693
                       A Hybrid IMRT Technique For High Dose                        Implementation Of Modulated Electron Beams                   Are 2D Detector Arrays Sufficient For VMAT
                       Radiotherapy In Large-Volume Stage III Lung                  And Photon IMRT Using A Commercially Avail-                  Quality Assurance?
                       Tumours: Planning Comparison With 3 Other                    able Treatment Planning System
                       Techniques                                                                                                                3383         Joseph Lee             A-694
                                                                                    3371         Gandhi Arun                 A-682               Dynamic Jaws And Dynamic Couch Tomothera-
                       3358          Weiwei Chen                A-669               Comparison Of High Definition And Millen-                    py For High Risk Prostate Cancer
                       Beam Angle Selection (BAS) Via Nested                        nium Multi Leaf Collimators Using Volumetric
                       Partitions-Based Global Search Using A Fast                  Modulated Arc Therapy In The Treatment Of Ad-                3384         Antony Palmer              A-695
                       Beam Set Scoring Process                                     vanced Head Neck Cancers - Is Smaller Always                 Does The Choice Of Isotope, CO60 Or IR192,
                                                                                    The Better?                                                  Affect Treatment Planning Techniques And
                       3359         Jacqueline Emrich          A-670                                                                             Outcomes For High Dose Rate (HDR) Brachy-
                       Influence Of Customized 125I Plaque Radio-                   3372         Flemming                       A-683            therapy?
                       therapy Design On Dosimetry Related To Iris                               Kjaer-Kristoffersen
                       Melanoma                                                     “The Best Laid Plans...” A Look At The RapidArc              3385        Daliang Cao                A-696
                                                                                    QA Experience For Prostate And Brain Patients                Dosimetric Benefit Of Non-Coplanar VMAT
                       3360         Eric Paulson              A-671                 At Rigshospitalet With An Emphasis On Learn-                 Delivery
                       Management Of Swallowing Motion With                         ing How To Make Better Plans And Predicting
                       Prospective Gating In Head And Neck Cancer                   When This Will Be Difficult

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       128   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING
Abstract #           Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #             Name           Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
3386         Kosaku Habara              A-697               3400         Ryan Jones                  A-711               3412         Ruchika Gutt             A-723
Dosimetric Perturbation Due To Scattered Ray                Class Solution For Post-Mastectomy Chest                     Prostate Brachytherapy Using 20-Gauge
From A Gold Marker For Tumor Tracking In                    Wall And Regional Nodal Radiotherapy Using                   Needles: An Early Experience
Radiotherapy Planning                                       Tomotherapy

                                                                                                                                                                                     POSTER PRESENTATIONS
                                                                                                                         3413         Xiangrong Qi                A-724
3387         John Kim                    A-698              3401         Henry Mok                   A-712               Evaluation Of Elekta VMAT For Stereotactic Body
A Single-Isocenter Multi-Segment Conformal                  Comparative Analysis Of Volumetric Modulated                 Radiotherapy (SBRT): Comparison With Helical
Arc Technique For Stereotactic Body Radio-                  Arc Therapy (VMAT) Vs. Intensity Modulated                   Tomotherapy (HT), Brainlab Dynamic Conformal
therapy (SBRT)                                              Radiation Therapy (IMRT) For Radiotherapy Of                 Arc Therapy (DCAT) And Fixed Field Therapy
                                                            Anal Carcinoma
3388          Ryoongjin Oh                A-699                                                                          3414          Lisanne Anders             A-725
The “Air-Bag System”; A Novel Respiratory                   3402        Yu Chen                    A-713                 A Validating Study Of ABAS, An Atlas-Based
Monitoring Device Collaborated With Rpm                     Modeling The Fluence Output Factor For                       Auto-Segmentation Program For Delineation Of
System                                                      Tomotherapy Dynamic Jaw Delivery                             Target Volumes In Breast And Anorectal Cancer

3389          Antonio Porcaro            A-700              3403        Xin Dou                   A-714                  3415        Syam Kumar                 A-726
May Oxygen Hyperventlation Prolong Apnea                    Smoothing Intensity Map To Improve IMRT                      A Study On Conventional IMRT And Rapidarc
In Patients Undergoing Radiation In Order To                Efficiency                                                   Treatment Planning Techniques For Head And
Reduce The Respiratory Movements?                                                                                        Neck Cancers
                                                            3404          Frank Van Den Heuvel       A-715
3390          John Heinzerling            A-701             Estimating Microscopic Dose Distribution                     3416         Yidong Ma                   A-727
Comparative Dose-Volume Analysis For                        Variations For Nano-Particle Enhanced                        Hypofractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy For
CyberKnife And 3D Conformal Partial Breast                  Radiation Therapy Using GAF Chromic Film                     Brain Metastases: A Dosimetric And Treatment
Irradiation Treatment Of Early Stage Breast                 And Transmission Electron Microscopy(TM)                     Efficiency Comparison Between Volumetric
Cancer                                                                                                                   Modulated Arc Therapy And Intensity Modu-
                                                            3405         Maria Vlachaki            A-716                 lated Radiotherapy
3391         Daniel Opp                  A-702              Coplanar Vs. Non-Coplanar Intensity
Evaluation Of Bolus Electron Conformal Therapy              Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) And                       3417         Martha Michaletz-Lorenz A-728
In Post Mastectomy Chestwall Irradiation                    Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT)                      A Comparison Of Treatment Planning Tech-
                                                            Treatment Planning For Fronto-Temporal High                  niques For Lung Stereotactic Body Radiation
3392          Wensha Yang                A-703              Grade Glioma (HGG)                                           Therapy
Integrated Optimization For Cranio-Spinal
Irradiation Using Tomotherapy And VMAT                      3406         Lei Xing                    A-717               3418         Roger Rice                  A-729
                                                            Optimization Of Three-Dimensional Treatment                  Dosimetric Characteristics Of A New Helical
3393        Sebastian Beck             A-704                Plan In Beamlet Domain By Applying Spatial                   Applicator For APBI Delivery
Arterio-Venous-Malformation - Next Generation               Variation Constraint Of The Fluence Maps And
Tomotherapy As A New Way In Treatment?                      By Compressed Sensing Method                                 3419         Kohei Sasaki              A-730
                                                                                                                         Analyses Of The Mechanical Accuracy Of
3394         Gregor Habl                 A-705              3407         Ruben Ter-Antonyan         A-718                RapidArc Treatment Using Log File Data
Boosting Workflow - Next Generation Tomother-               Dosimetric Comparison Between Multiple-Arc
apy In Treatment Of Large Target Volumes                    RapidArc, Static Beam Intensity Modulated                    3420        Mauro Carrara                A-731
                                                            Radiation Therapy, And Helical Tomotherapy For               Quovadis: An Accurate Tool For Some Non-
3395          Steven Hardy                A-706             Brain Tumor Treatment                                        Dosimetric Quality Assurance Tests In HDR
Dosimetric Comparison Of Simultaneous                                                                                    Brachytherapy
Integrated Boost Vs. Sequential Boost In Pa-                3408        Vivian Rodriguez           A-719
tients With Early Stage Breast Cancer                       Dynamic Jaws And Dynamic Couth Treatment                     3421          Stephen Michael Karlovits A-732
                                                            Planning On Helical Tomotherapy For Esopha-                  Forward Planned (FP) Whole Brain Radiotherapy
3396           Joo Ho Kim                 A-707             geal Cancer                                                  (WBRT): A Straightforward Technique To Reduce
Feasibility Of Tomodirect 3D-Conformal                                                                                   Parenchymal Dose Inhomogeneity And Tangen-
Radiotherapy For Craniospinal Irradiation                   3409          Takehiro Shiinoki          A-720               tial Scalp Dose
                                                            Variations Of Monitor Unit On Swing Irradiation
3397        Douglas Moseley             A-708               Using A Gimbaled X-Ray Head Of MHI-TM2000                    3422          Brandon Mancini            A-733
Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy For Prostate               System; A Simulation Study                                   Intensity Modulated Or Volumetric Modulated
Radiotherapy                                                                                                             Radiation Therapy (IMRT Or VMAT) To Reduce
                                                            3410           Brian Yeh                 A-721               Alopecia, Xerostomia, And Otitis After Whole
3398         Matthias Uhl               A-709               Balloon Catheter Tissue Expanders During                     Brain Radiation Therapy For Brain Metastases:
SBRT Of Liver And Lung Metastasis With The                  Interstitial Brachytherapy                                   A Planning Analysis
Next Generation Of Tomotherapy
                                                            3411          Jeremy Cates             A-722                 3423         Julianne Pollard              A-734
3399         W. Tyler Watkins         A-710                 Helical Tomotherapy Treatment Planning                       Evaluation Of Two Brachytherapy Planning
Dynamic Shielding For HDR Brachytherapy Of                  Utilizing Dynamic Jaws And Dynamic Couch                     Methods For Accelerated Partial Breast Irradia-
Rectal Carcinoma: Concept And Design                        For Cervical Cancer                                          tion Using Mammosite

 Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                 “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                                                                                                                              GATHERING EVIDENCE | PROVING VALUE               129
                       Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #         Abstract #            Name            Poster Board #
                       3424         Bill Salter                 A-735               3432         Belal Moftah              A-743
                       Presentation And Evaluation Of A Novel, Com-                 Evaluation Of A Monte Carlo Based Commercial
                       bined-Mode Intensity Modulated Arc / Static-                 Electron Beam Treatment Planning System
                       Gantry-IMRT Planning And Delivery Method

                                                                                    3433         Hussain Alhussain           A-744
                       3425         William Logan               A-736               Prospective Study Of Accelerated Radiation
                       Comparison Of VMAT And Fixed Field IMRT                      Therapy Using Tomotherapy Simultaneous
                       Delivery Times: Clinical Results From An                     Integrated Boost With Concurrent And Adjuvant
                       Implementation Study                                         Temozolomide Chemotherapy In The Treatment
                                                                                    Of Glioblastoma Multiforme ; Dosimetric Data
                       3426         Xinglei Shen                  A-737
                       Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy                        3434          Pascal Fenoglietto         A-745
                       Compared With 3D Conformal Radiotherapy For                  Treatment Possibility Of Rapidarctm Patients On
                       Craniospinal Irradiation In Adults - Do We Gain              Different Linacs Without New Dosimetry
                                                                                    3435         Caroline Lafond               A-746
                       3427           Iori Sumida                A-738              VMAT In Prostate And Head And Neck (H and N)
                       Feasibililty Study For High-Energy Radiotherapy              Cancer: No Major Effect Of Multileaf Collimator
                       Photon Beams Using Radiochromic Film Postal                  (MLC) Leaf Width On Dose Distribution
                       Dosimetry Audit Between Multi-Institutions
                                                                                    3436       Laura Masi                  A-747
                       3428         Tao Sun                     A-739               Comparison Of 3 TPS For VMAT Plans Optimiza-
                       A Dosimetric Study Of Volumetric Modulated                   tion
                       Arc Radiotherapy For Left-Breast Cancer After
                       Breast-Conserving Surgery                                    3437        Stefania Naccarato         A-748
                                                                                    Conformal Avoidance Of Hippocampus During
                       3429         P. Brian Volpp                A-740             Whole Brain Radiation Therapy (WBRT) With
                       Clinical Aspects Of A Simple And Effective                   Simultaneously Integrated Boosts (SIB)
                       Method To Perform Stereotactic Body Radiation
                       Therapy (SBRT) Of Lung Without 4D-CT And                     3438         William Rule               A-749
                       Gating                                                       A Dosimetric Comparison Of Prostate Plans:
                                                                                    IMRT, Smartarc, RapidArc And Hybridarc
                       3430         Karen Sokolov              A-741
                       A Simple Brachytherapy Catheter Spacing                      3439        Greg White                   A-750
                       Technique                                                    Treatment Feasibility Of A New APBI Device:
                                                                                    SAVI Double Helix
                       3431         Nzhde Agazaryan             A-742
                       Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Treatment
                       Protocol For Hypo-Fractionated Stereotactic
                       Body Radiotherapy For Localized Prostate

                         Abstract # correlates with the abstract number listed in the Annual Meeting Proceedings • Poster Board # reflects the Poster Session and location in which the poster is found.
                                                         “A” represents Poster Session I. “B” represents Poster Session II. (Ex: B-100 = Poster Session II / Poster Board 100)

                       130   ASTRO / 2010 ANNUAL MEETING

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