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					   “Succession planning is an ongoing process
    of systematically identifying, assessing and
    developing leadership talent for future
    strategic task. Succession planning is an
    integral part of an organization’s overall
    Human Resource Development plan whereby
    managers are prepared for assuming higher
    positions in case of an opportunity resulting
    from their promotions or retirement / exit of
    their seniors.”
   Succession planning should be customized to suit the needs of
    the organization.
   Succession planning must take into account the culture of the
   Succession planning must be consistent with the future strategic
    direction of the organization.
   Succession planning should be driven by the board/executive
    team with support from the Human Resources department.
   Succession planning should develop key candidates, in
    anticipation of future openings.
   Succession planning is not just selection. Development through
    job rotation, mentoring and formal training programs is equally
   Succession planning initiatives must be driven by the need to
    develop leaders within the organization on an ongoing basis.
   Succession planning should examine all positions, which are
    critical to the core function or are difficult to replace.
1.   Identification of key positions and timing of
     when vacancies might develop
2.   Determine the skills and performance
     standards for these positions
3.   Identify potential candidates for
4.   Develop and coach identified internal
5.   Monitor Possible External Candidates
1.   Develop a Succession Strategy/Plan
2.   Commission/Board Role
3.   Candidate Assessment
          Internal Candidates
          External Candidates
3.   Candidate Selection
4.   Post Hire
          Communication Strategy
                                   THE EXECUTIVE SEARCH PROCESS

PROJECT DEFINITION                    SEARCH PROCESS               CANDIDATE EVALUATION & SELECTION                                   THE HIRE

      Plan for
      Success                                                                                               Client
      Review and                            Investigative                                  Report         Interview
   clarify the process                        Research                                                                      Final
     to be followed      Initial Briefing                                                                                Interviews
                                                                                              Review       Brief with
                                                                Brief                     recommended      HHSRB
     Develop Role                                                                           interviewed
     Specifications                                           Progress
                                            File/ Database     Report                       candidates     Candidate
    Advertisement                               Search                                                     Interviews
                         Advertisement                                                     Determine                      Reference           Offer
      Options              Options                            Search                                                       Report              and
                                                             Feedback                       Shortlist       Debrief
                                                                              Initial                        With           And             Negotiation
                          News Print                                       Interviews      Interview        HHSRB        Background
       Establish                             Targeted         Potential     (HHSRB)
       Point of            Options           Sourcing                                      Questions                     Verification
       Contact                                 And                                                          Finalize
                            Website         Headhunting                                     Candidate     Second/Final
        Confirm             Posting                                                          Model         Candidate
     compensation                                                                                                                            Approval
                                                                                           Comparison      Interview
       package,           Broadcast            Initial                                                                    Decision
      benefits, etc.        Letters          Candidate                                       Finalize
       Develop                               Evaluation                                     Interview
                          Association                                                        Process
      information          Postings                                                                                                          Planning
     packages for                                                                                                                               and
        potential                                                                                                                         Announcements
      Candidates                             Candidate
       Timelines                                                                                                              Our involvement only

                                                                                                                              Your involvement with us
                                                                          Search Review
   Not providing confidentiality to perspective candidates will
    reduce the candidate pool.
   Lack of clarity around roles and having a well define strategy in
    place makes the search harder.
   Being unrealistic in the search regarding topics like experience
    and compensation.
   Allowing the current leader to drive the process / appoint the
   Over reliance on the leader’s assessment of internal talent.
   Not benchmarking internal talent against available external
   Being either to expedient or losing momentum during the search
    process can eliminate candidates.
   Falling in love with a candidate – subsequent lack of objective
    evaluation / referencing.
   Using an unqualified executive search firm.

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