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					                     Approved Minutes for FY 09 Formal BOD 2 Meeting
                       Held November 4, 2008 in Baltimore, Maryland

  1. Welcome, Call to Order, Roll Call, Certify Quorum
     Meeting called to order at 10:57 am EST
      Voting Present: Virginia Connolly, Nora Lin, Frances Stuart, Joan Graf, Erin
        McGinnis, Siddika Demir, Melissa Tata, Bernice Brody, Karolyn Tiefenbach,
        Alyse Stofer, Diana Joch
      Voting Absent: none
      Non-Voting/Ex Officio Present: Betty Shanahan
      Guests: Brittney Elko, Brenda Stewart, Ebalina Roitberg, Patricia Eng
      11 of 11 voting present = certified quorum at 11:00 am EST

  2. Approve Agenda
       Moved: Joan Graf
       Second: Siddika Demir
       Result: Approved

      Consent Agenda Motions
        i. 0927: Approve Charter for Strategic Planning Committee
        ii. 0928: Approve Charter for Government Relations and Public Policy
        iii. 0929: Approve Charter for SWE Representative to INWES
        iv. 0932: Approve Increase in WE08 Budget for COR Meal Expense
        v. 0933: Adopt Written BOD Reports
             a.   President
             b.   President Elect
             c.   Treasurer
             d.   Secretary
             e.   Executive Director
             f.   Director Education
             g.   Director External Affairs
             h.   Director Membership
             i.   Director Professional Development
             j.   Director Regions
             k.   Special Director for Strategic Initiatives
             l.   Speaker of the Council
             m.   Collegiate Board Representative

vi.        Result: Approved with agenda approval

  3. Motions for Discussion
       i. 0930: Approve Creation of Region Conferences Task Force
            Maker: Alyse Stofer
            Second: Siddika Demir
            Result: Postponed to December Telecon
                                                                                 Page 1 of 56
      ii. 0931: Allocate Joseph E. and Anne P. Rowe Donation for FY09
           Maker: Bernice Brody
           Second: Joan Graf
           Results: Approved

4. Old Business
      i. Virginia reminded everyone to follow up on their action items

5. Good of the Order
      Everyone was reminded to celebrate progress.

        Nora Lin is receiving a Woman of Color Award from NorthropGrumman
        Brittney Elko is receiving an award during conference.

        Peter Finn is recognized for his work on the webinars and for for his
         professional approach to his position.

        Diana Joch is recognized for her work on the Senate proposal.

        The HQ staff is recognized for their work on the conference especially for
         the large number of booth sales and registrations.

6. Announcements and New Business
          Everyone needs to be working on their charters to meet the due dates.
          All BOD members should attend the membership and town hall meetings.
          At the Leadership Luncheon each BOD member will be introduced and each BOD
           member will introduce their committee chairs.

7. Adjourned at 11:21 pm EST

 Approved Agenda
 0927 Motion to Approve Charter for Strategic Planning Committee and Charter
 0928 Motion to Approve Charter for Government Relations and Public Policy Committee
          and Charter
 0929 Motion to Approve SWE Charter for INWES Representative (removed words „and
 0931 Motion to Allocate Joseph E. and Anne P. Rowe Donation for FY09
 0932 Motion to Increase WE08 Budget for COR Meal Expenses
 0933 Motion to Approve Written BOD Reports
 0933a President Report
 0933b President Elect‟s Report
 0933c Treasurer Report
 0933d Secretary Report
 0933e Executive Director Report
 0933f Director Education Report
 0933g Director External Affairs Report
                                                                                  Page 2 of 56
0933h Director Membership Report
0933i Director Professional Development Report
0933j Director Regions Report
0933k Special Director Strategic Initiatives Report
0933l Speaker of the Council Report
0933m Collegiate Board Representative Report

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                             FY 09 Formal Board of Directors Meeting # 2 Approved Agenda

I.           Convene Formal Board of Directors Meeting                                     5 Minutes

        A.   Call to Order                                           Virginia Connolly

        B.   Review Agenda, Roll Call, and Certification of Quorum   Fran Stuart

II.          Consent Calendar                                        Virginia Connolly     5 Minutes
             Note: Motions are approved with agenda approval         Fran Stuart

        A.   Adopt Agenda

        B.       i.    Motion 0927: Approve Charter for Strategic
                        Planning Committee
                ii.    Motion 0928: Approve Charter for Government
                        Relations and Public Policy Committee
                iii.   Motion 0929: Charter for SWE Representative
                        to INWES
               iv.     Motion 0930: Approve Creation of Region
                        Conference task Force
                v.     Motion 0932: Increase COR Meal Expense to
                        $5K in WE08 Budget

        C.   Motion 0934 - Adopt Written BOD Reports
               (full reports will be posted to BOD Shared unless
               “summary only” was requested)
                  a. President
                  b. President Elect
                  c. Treasurer
                  d. Secretary
                  e. Executive Director
                  f. Director Education
                  g. Director External Affairs
                  h. Director membership
                  i. Director Professional Development
                  j. Director Regions
                  k. Special Director for Strategic Initiatives
                  l. Speaker of the Council
                  m. Collegiate Board Representative

III.         Discussions

IV.          Motions/Decisions for Discussion                        Bernice Brody         10 minutes
               Motion 0931: Allocate Joseph E. and Anne P. Rowe      Joan Graf
                              donation for FY 09

V.           Old Business

VI.          Good of the Order

VII.         Announcements and New Business

VIII.        Adjourn

                              Monday November 3, 2008, Baltimore Maryland

7:30 am – 8:00 am     Continental Breakfast                                  All

8:00 am – 8:15 am     Review of Agenda and Expectations        15 minutes    Virginia Connolly

8:15 am – 9:15 am     PD Strategy Update                       60 minutes    Bernice Brody
                                                                             Peter Finn

9:15 am – 9:30 am     BREAK                                    15 minutes    All

9:30 am – 10:00 am    Communications Project Update            30 minutes    Betty Shanahan
                                                                             Brian Knier

10:00 am – 10:30 am   Charter Reviews                          30 minutes
                          SPC                                               Nora Lin
                          INWES                                             Melissa Tata
                          GRPP                                              Melissa Tata
                          Scholarship Committee                             Siddika Demir

10:30 am – 11:00 am   HQ Update                                30 minutes    Betty Shanahan

11:00 am – 12:45 am   D and I Video                            105 minutes   Bernice Brody
                      Note: Lunch overlaps video                             All

12:45 pm – 2:00 pm    Visioning on Board Experience            75 minutes    Virginia Connolly
                                                                             Colette Trohan

2:00 pm – 3:00 pm     MCC Future Discussion                    minutes       Bernice Brody
                      Invited Participants Larissa Schelkin                  Colette Trohan

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm     Non-Dues Revenue Mega Issue              minutes       Karolyn Tiefenbach
                      Invited participants: Carolyn Phillips                 Colette Trohan
                         and Marge Inden

5:00 pm – 5:30 pm     Wrap Up & Adjourn                        30 minutes    Virginia Connolly

Evening (starts at    BOD and BOT Dinner                                     By Invitation Only

                              Tuesday November 4, 2008, Baltimore, Maryland

7:30 am – 8:00 am     Continental Breakfast with BOT             30 minutes    All

8:00 am – 9:20 am     SWE – EFI Annual Membership Meeting        80 minutes    BOD and BOT
                        (BOD and BOT required to attend)

9:20 am – 9:30 am     BREAK                                      10 minutes    All

9:30 am – 9:45 am     Scorecard                                  15 minutes    Siddika Demir

9:45 am – 10:00 am    COR Motions                                15 minutes    Diana Joch

10:00 am – 11:00 am   Formal Board Meeting                                     All
                        See separate agenda starting on page 3

11:00 am - 12:00 pm   Closed Session                             60 minutes    All
                         Meeting feedback and wrap up
                          including around the table comments

12:00 pm – 1:00 pm    LUNCH                                      60 minutes    All

1:00 pm – 5:00 pm     Programs and Services Assessment           240 minutes   Nora Lin

Evening               Open Suite                                               Virginia Connolly

                            Society of Women Engineers
                              FY09 Board of Directors
                             Motion Submission Form


 Date:            11/04/2008                    Item #: 0927     Consent


 Title:           Approve Charter for Strategic Planning Committee

 Description:     Move to approve charter for Strategic Planning Committee.

 Motion Maker:    Tata                          Second:          Consent
Discussion Pro
All committees have been tasked with writing charters for themselves. The attached charter for the
Strategic Planning Committee is one of these. The committee, its BOD contact, and the BOD have all
worked on the charter.
Discussion CON
Budget Impact
Staff Recommendation

Action Items

Title: Strategic Planning Committee
Effective Date: November 4, 2008
                                          Revision: New                 Supersedes: N/A
Approved with BOD Motion 0927

Purpose               The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for facilitating the strategic
                      planning process and maintaining the long range Strategic Plan for the Society.
                      In conjunction with this, the committee is also responsible for maintaining the
                      Mega Issues discussed within the Society and conducting Environmental

Background:           Strategic planning has been deemed an essential part of the overall governance
                      of the Society. This committee is responsible for facilitating all strategic
                      planning activities as requested by the BOD. Beginning in FY09, Mega Issue
                      coordination and Environmental Scanning, both activities previously conducted
                      in the COR, were integrated into the Strategic Planning Committee.

Scope                    Maintain, refresh and update the Society’s Strategic Plan, Mega Issues and
                          Environmental Scanning.
                         Strategic Planning in scope:
                             o Be the “keeper” of the official version of the Strategic Plan
                             o Revise the Strategic Plan as required and make available to the
                               Society via the SWE Communities
                             o Assist with the planning of the annual Program & Services
                               Assessment. Recommend programs and services to be assessed
                               based on the progress of the current strategic priorities. Chair and
                               co-chair (at a minimum) to participate in the annual Assessment
                             o Coordinate the annual Strategic Plan Review meetings and facilitate
                               the reviews and discussions.
                             o Coordinate a Strategic Re-planning meeting every 5 years and
                               facilitate the discussions in order to author a new Strategic Long-
                               Range Plan for the Society based upon the new environment
                               scanning results.
                             o Assist with the creation of the annual Operational Plan, Score Card
                               and metrics as requested
                             o Report the progress of the Society’s strategic plan to the
                               membership at the national conference
                             o Communicate the Society’s strategic planning initiatives to other
                               committees, sections and regions as appropriate
                             o Maintain the Strategic Planning Committee procedure
                             o Support strategic planning training to groups within SWE as
                   Strategic Planning out of scope:
                       o Implementation of the strategic goals and objectives of the Society
                       o Creation of the annual Operational Plan and Score Card
                       o Background papers for the Program & Services Assessment
                       o Content of the Strategic Plan
                   Mega Issue Coordination in scope:
                       o Create standard templates for Mega Issue white papers
                       o Create procedure for collecting and tracking Mega Issues
                       o Revise Strategic Plan with new Mega Issues and remove completed
                         Mega Issues
                       o Provide assistance and guidance to the various entities within SWE
                         involved in Mega Issue discussions
                       o Facilitate Mega Issue dialogues as requested
                       o Solicit Mega Issues from SWE membership and stakeholders
                   Mega Issue Coordination out of scope:
                       o Writing of Mega Issue white papers
                   Environmental Scanning in scope:
                       o Conduct environmental scanning based on the Assumptions and
                         Trends identified in the Strategic Plan
                       o Provide yearly report of environmental scanning results
                       o Update the Assumptions and Trends based on environmental
                         scanning results
                       o Identify Mega Issues based on environmental scanning results
                   Environmental Scanning out of scope:
                       o Selection of Assumptions and Trends targeted for President’s
                         emphasis during her term in office

Resources and    Current Strategic Plan
References       Outside consultants contracted by SWE
                 Existing procedures for Strategic Planning, Mega Issue conduct and
                  environmental scanning

Authority &
                   No budget authority
Deliverables       Annual Environmental Scanning report due by December 31
                   Submit list of Mega Issue ideas 14 days before annual Strategic Plan
                                Review meeting
                               Submit updated Strategic Plan 45 days after annual Strategic Plan Review

Membership1                    Strategic Planning Committee:
                                         o Chair and Chair-elect having prior SWE committee leadership
                                           experience and ability to think and work at a strategic level
                                         o Committee membership head count determined by the chair and
                                           chair-elect as that needed to complete the current tasks of the
                                           committee and provide for a valuable volunteer experience for
                                           the committee members.
                                         o Composition should include representation from the COR,
                                           collegiate leadership, senior SWE members and leadership
                               Mega issues Sub-Committee:
                                         o Sub-committee lead with prior experience leading a Mega Issue
                                         o Sub-committee membership determined by sub-committee lead
                                           as that needed to provide adequate coaching to the various in-
                                           process Mega Issues
                                         o Sub-committee members should include individuals with mega
                                           Issue experience
                               Environmental Scanning Sub-committee:
                                         o Sub-committee lead with prior SWE committee leadership
                                           experience, mid to upper level industry/ management
                                           experience, and strong research knowledge
                                         o Sub-committee membership determined by sub-committee lead
                                           as that needed to complete the required environmental scanning
                                           and write final report.
                                         o Sub-committee members should include senior SWE members
                                           and individuals with research interest or experience.
                                           International members desired.

Criteria for                   Successful integration of Mega Issue and Environmental Scanning activities
Success                         into SPC
                               Completion of final Environmental Scanning report
                               Complete written procedure for identifying and tracking Mega Issues
Report To                   President-elect

Duration                    Indefinitely. The charter should be reviewed and revised as needed every 3
1. Members selected via the process defined in the National Leader and Team Member Selection Procedure; dated 10/10/06

                            Society of Women Engineers
                              FY09 Board of Directors
                             Motion Submission Form


 Date:            11/04/2008                    Item #: 0928     Consent


 Title:           Approve Charter for Government Relations and Public Policy Committee

                  Move to approve charter for Government Relations and Public Policy

 Motion Maker:    Tata                          Second:          Consent
Discussion Pro
All committees have been tasked with writing charters for themselves. The attached charter for the
Government Relations and Public Policy Committee is one of these. The committee, its BOD contact,
and the BOD have all worked on the charter.
Discussion CON
Budget Impact
Staff Recommendation

Action Items

Title: Government Relations and Public Policy Committee Charter
Effective Date: 11/4/2008
                                        Revision: New                       Supersedes: N/A
Approved with BOD Motion 0928

Purpose                The purpose of the Government Relations and Public Policy (GRPP)
                       Committee is to educate SWE members about public policy matters relevant
                       to women in engineering, to provide tools to allow members to participate in
                       public policy discourse, to engage SWE members in federal public policy
                       matters, and to educate other professional societies and policy makers on
                       matters relevant to women in engineering.

Background:            SWE has a long-term goal to be a primary resource for policy makers on
                       matters relevant to women in engineering, as well as to be the “gender equity
                       power broker” nationally. The committee’s purpose aligns with these goals
                       on matters of federal public policy.

Scope                      Through member alerts (usually calls for action) among committee
                            members and participation in federal policy-making activities, educate
                            SWE members and the general public about issues relevant to federal
                            public-policy making. The committee also works closely with SWE’s
                            Washington, DC, representative to identify relevant legislative- and
                            executive-branch activities, and to identify opportunities to weigh in on
                            critical issues.
                           In scope: Federal activities relevant to women in engineering and science,
                            focused on Title IX and K-12 STEM education, consistent with SWE’s
                            COR-approved position papers on those topics. These activities may
                            include letters supporting or opposing bills or publications, testimony,
                            prepared presentations/reports, briefings, caucus leadership/participation,
                            panel/roundtable participation, diversity team participation, chairing
                            programs, etc. Train members on SWE positions and on how to present
                            on public policy to enable participation in key activities.
                           Out of scope: Activities not covered by a COR-approved position paper.
                            Also state-focused activities and locally focused activities, unless they fit
                            with an existing approved position paper.

Resources and           SWE position papers on relevant topics. Members experienced in public
References               policy.

Authority &                Committee chair and chair-elect, and anyone designated/approved by
Limitations                 chair or chair-elect, may speak for SWE on matters that fall within the
                            COR-approved position papers.
                           Any member engaging in a public policy activity without the concurrence
                            of GRPP leadership must make it clear that the member’s position/view is
                            personal and not that of the Society or the Committee.

                               New public policy positions must be approved by BOD and COR
                               No budget authority.

Deliverables                   Quarterly reports to BOD External Affairs.
                               Periodic position papers as necessary to COR for review and approval.
                               Letters and presentations in support of position papers
                               Recommendations for position papers.

Membership1                    Chair and chair-elect
                               No limitation on the number of members; should apply through the
                                national committee membership process.
                               Ideally at least one member from each region

Criteria for                 Increased visibility of SWE in public policy matters relevant to women in
Success                       engineering.
                             Increased # of events that are sponsored by SWE National
                                Increased # of publications/presentations participated in by SWE

Report To                 BOD External Affairs

Duration                  FY 09 – FY 11

2. Member are selected via the process defined in the National Leader and Team Member Selection Procedure; dated

                            Society of Women Engineers
                              FY09 Board of Directors
                             Motion Submission Form


 Date:            11/04/2008                    Item #: 0929     Consent


 Title:           Approve Charter for SWE Representative to INWES

 Description:     Move to approve charter for SWE Representative to INWES

 Motion Maker:    Tata                          Second:          Consent
Discussion Pro
All committees and other SWE groups have been tasked with writing charters for themselves. The
attached charter for the International Women in Science and Engineering SWE Representative is one of
these. The committee, its BOD contact, and the BOD have all worked on the charter.
Discussion CON
Budget Impact
Staff Recommendation

Action Items

Title: SWE Representative to International Network of Women Engineers and
Scientists (INWES)
Effective Date: November 4, 2008                                       Supersedes: N/A
                                       Revision: New
Approved with BOD Motion 0929

Purpose               The SWE Representative to INWES provides the SWE Board of Directors
                      (BOD) with information regarding INWES activities that support the mission
                      and objectives of SWE with regards to international efforts and outreach to
                      other professional and technical women and sister organizations around the
                      world, and identifies opportunities for SWE to support INWES through
                      volunteer opportunities for SWE members, sharing of best practices and
                      financial means each FY.

Background:           SWE became a charter member of INWES when the SWE FY02 BOD voted
                      to support the formation of INWES at ICWES12 in Canada. SWE was
                      involved in the development of the INWES charter and incorporation and has
                      had a SWE Representative sitting on the INWES Board of Directors for the
                      past 6 years.
                      The purpose of INWES is to provide a significant and united voice, for
                      women around the world, a voice that is heard by mainstream science and
                      engineering on issues such as the environment, sustainable development,
                      gender equity, and many other critical issues.

Scope                 Through quarterly reports and other communications as required keep the
                      BOD informed of INWES activities that:
                             Support the mission and objectives of SWE internationally and
                              provide networking opportunities for SWE members globally
                             Help INWES obtain financial stability and international recognition
                              which will allow more forums for SWE to advertise events (such as
                              external website).
                             Communicate INWES events to SWE members so they can elect to
                              become involved in INWES international activities and events in
                              locations where there is not a SWE pilot. Leverage these SWE
                              members to share best practices with sister organizations

                      Out of scope:
                             Pilot projects to establish groups for USA SWE members working
                             Corporate sponsored groups for USA and non-USA women
                              engineering employees working abroad who are looking for support
                              and opportunities for recruiting and outreach.

Resources and          SWE policies/procedures for establishing relationships with other
References         international organizations with a similar mission, as well as how to
                   support SWE members working abroad, and respond to requests from
                   women engineers in other countries who want to join SWE are still under

Authority &       No budget authority. May want to include funding for a SWE booth at
Limitations        ICWES15 in Australia in FY2011 budget.
                  Representative must recuse herself/himself from INWES or SWE
                   decisions/discussions as appropriate based on their position.

Deliverables      Quarterly reports on INWES activities/opportunities to BOD contact
                  Track ongoing SWE benefits (increased members, joint events,
                   advertising, participation in events, etc)
                  Budget request for next FY as part of standard committee budgeting

Membership1       SWE Representative – preferably someone with SWE leadership and
                   global experience to be selected for a three year term.
                  SWE Representative participates in International Member Team.
                  Ideally would like to have at least one SWE member serve on several of
                   the numerous INWES committees and project teams as applicable.

Criteria for      Best practice sharing on getting SWE international members to
                   attend INWES conferences and INWES members to attend SWE
                  Global visibility of SWE capabilities by sharing magazines,
                   advertising professional development webinars and attendance of
                   SWE members at events in other countries
                  Global advertising of SWE as an INWES sponsor
                  Build relationships with other international organizations and
                   potentially host joint events
                  Share STEM research internationally
                  A strong INWES.
                  SWE advertising INWES events, posting international newsletter and
                   magazine on INWES external website
                  Establishment and/or strengthening of organizations for women in
                   engineering and/or science around the world.
                  Reaffirm annual common goals between INWES and SWE through a joint
                  Create synergies between SWE and INWES sister organizations to
                   determine opportunities to participate in international public policy
                   activities (panels, STEM letters, etc).
                  Provide networking and professional development opportunities for SWE
                   members located outside the USA.

                           Send targeted emails to INWES individual, organization and corporate
                            members in countries where SWE is hosting international pilot groups to
                            encourage interface.

Report To               Director of External Affairs

Duration                FY09 and FY 10

1 – Representative, representative elect and members to be selected using the National Leader and Team
Member Selection Process dated 10/10/06.

                              Society of Women Engineers
                                FY09 Board of Directors
                               Motion Submission Form


 Date:             11/4/08                        Item #: 0931      Consent


 Title:            Allocation of Joseph E. and Anne P. Rowe donation for FY09

                   To approve allocation of funds from Joseph E. and Anne P. Rowe ($10,000)
 Description:      to the Leadership Coaching Committee (formerly professional section vitality
                   task force) for FY09.

 Motion Maker:     Brody                          Second:           Graf
Discussion Pro
In FY03, Joseph E. and Anne P. Rowe donated a total of $100,000 to SWE for use in section vitality
activities. The Rowe’s restricted donation is to be used to provide $10,000 per year of services over a
total of 10 years. This is the sixth year of the donation. Each year, the BOD needs to pass a motion
allocating the money to either professional or collegiate leadership coaching activities.
Per the FY09 budgeting process and approved budget, the Rowe funds should be allocated toward our
professional coaching services. The collegiate team is currently being funded by $20,000 from Agilent
Technologies. The professional team has no outside funding.
This donation will be used to fund travel of the leadership coaches to training/coaching events for
sections, as specified by the Rowe’s.
Historical note for record keeping: The FY04 donation was allocated to the student section vitality task
force; the FY05 was allocated to the professional section vitality task force. Subsequent donations were
allocated to the professional leadership coaching committee.
Discussion Con
Budget Impact
None, unless motion not passed. This money was considered as part of the funding for professional
leadership coaching during the FY09 budgeting and budget approval process.
Staff Recommendation
Action Items

                             Society of Women Engineers
                               FY09 Board of Directors
                              Motion Submission Form


 Date:            11/04/08                      Item #: 0932     Consent


 Title:           Increase COR Meal expenses by $5K in WE08 Budget

 Description:     Increase 5310-39 by $5,000 to a new value of $13,000

 Motion Maker:    Joch                          Second:          Graf
Discussion Pro
An incorrect assumption was made for the number of COR meals requested for the conference. The
original budget covered lunch and snack at the Saturday COR meeting. There is also a COR meeting on
Thursday that runs from10:00 to 12:45. Those meeting attendees are expected to attend region meetings
beginning at 1:00 at a separate conference venue and would have a short time to get something to eat
between the two meetings. The scheduling of the COR meeting assumed box lunches would be provided.
Discussion Con
Budget Impact
$5,000 of expenses with no offsetting income. Overall, it is anticipated that the conference will be
financially successful.
Staff Recommendation

Action Item

                             FY09 Board of Directors Report

 BOD Member:        Virginia Connolly, President     Reporting Period:        Aug. – Oct. 2008

Continuing to work progress on Operational Plan and finalize plans for the rest of FY09. Dates have
been set for Board 3 and 4. Board 3 will be a one day meeting at the Chicago O’Hare Hilton on Saturday
March 21, 2009. Board 4 and FY10 Orientation will occur in conjunction with a SHPE Board
event/meeting in San Francisco on June 12/13.
Nominating Committee – Suzanne Woll
We sent out the Call in late August. Followed up with a repeat of the Call to the entire membership in
mid-September via an E-blast. I think sending it out to the entire membership was well received. (ie, a
lesson learned). Nominations were due Oct 3.
Following the eligibility rules in the current Bylaws, we have a sufficient number of eligible, qualified
nominees (12) to cover the open positions (9). There are 3 nominees for President elect.
The next step is to request evaluations. I am working with Ramona Hopkins to send out the questionnaires
via Survey Monkey this year. This will automate the sorting process for me and still maintain
confidentiality. I will still set things up the previous way to give folks an alternative as we transition. The
committee will finalize the questionnaires at Conference. Waiting on board connection regarding adding a
question regarding diversity to our questionnaire.
Audit – Anne Lucietto
The committee just started their community page for committee work and interactions. The first two
items to be done by this group include a re-review of the Audit Procedures and the first review of the
FY08 Audit Report. The Audit Report has not yet been received, but is expected some time this week. A
conference call to address these issues, in addition to the community page is scheduled for October 27.
 This is, of course expecting the arrival of the Audit Report as promised by the Auditor.

Tellers – Marcia Lampela & Shirley Mondy
Tellers have begun the transition process.

BOT – Carolyn Phillips
Completed planning for meetings at conference and the SWEEFI Membership meeting with the Board.
Will update board on current BOT efforts during the SWEEFI meeting.

Events and Planning for the next quarter (or so)
    Will attend the SHPE National Conference in Phoenix, 11/12 – 16
    Attending AIChE Annual Conference and 100 Anniversary Celebration in Philadelphia
       November 17 – 19 (conference goes on all week but I will only be there Sun – Tuesday).

       They have invited me to bring a student with me – if you all know of someone who might be a
       good candidate let me know
      Speaking with ASU Section on Nov. 19th
      AAES Board Meeting in D.C. on Dec. 9th

Summary of Events attended since last report
     Attended “working” session for upcoming Council restructuring in Baltimore on Saturday August
     Attended ABJ meeting in Scottsdale, AZ on September 27th. (and was excellently portrayed by
       Phoenix Section President Kate Cuccurello in Board skit)
     Attended LA Section 55th Anniversary, Aerospace Corp. CEO Dr. Wanda Austin spoke on
None at this time.

                        FY09 Board of Directors Report

                  President-Elect                                July 28 - October 20,
BOD Member:                                  Reporting Period:
                  Nora Lin                                       2008
Continue to work in according to the FY09 Operational Plan. Successfully formed a Leadership
Pipeline Task Force and kicked off the team activities. Preparation for the upcoming pipeline
discussion at the conference has started. The Strategic Planning Committee has integrated the
Environmental Scanning FIG and the Mega Issues FIG into the committee and continues to
support the Strategic Planning process of SWE. Preparation for the Programs & Services
assessment at the BOD2 is well underway.

Detailed accomplishments are listed below:
   o Made a “Call for Leader” for the Leadership Pipeline Task Force (LPTF) Chair and
     interviewed all four applicants. The Board approved Charlotte Wagner as the FY09
     LPTF chair.
   o Worked with Charlotte Wagner to put a task force together. The TF had its first call on
     10/2 to kick-off its activities. All background information has been posted on the LPTF
     community. Another conference call will be held on 10/21 to further brainstorm ideas
     and prepare for the upcoming pipeline discussion at the conference. Held a conference
     call with Phil Lesser and Charlotte to ensure everyone would be ready for the discussion
     at the conference.
   o Identified programs and services to be assessed at the BOD2. Obtained the program
     background information from the responsible board liaisons. Held a conference call with
     Colette Trohan and Stacey DelVecchio to go over the P&S assessment process.
     Another conference call will be held on 10/22 to discuss the agenda and briefly go over
     the program background information with Colette.
   o Participated in several Strategic Planning Committee and Environmental Scanning sub-
     committee conference calls. Working with SPC on its charter.
   o Participated in a SWE CPC Rapid Prototyping subcommittee conference call in late
     August and supported its activities.
   o Provided a “Resume Writing” workshop at the UIUC-SWE Be Professional Conference
     on 9/20.
   o Attended the ABJ meeting in Scottsdale, AZ on 9/27.
   o Two Region H Caucuses were held concurrently on 10/18 in Chicago and Detroit. This
     day long event included the COR training, presentation on Strategic and Tactical
     Planning, Succession Planning and regional pipeline

      process, and discussion on COR motions and bylaws amendments. I attended the one
      held in Chicago. Near 20 people, including the Region H Governor, COR reps from 6
      sections and the region H MAL rep, attended. It was a very productive event!!

Accomplishments by Strategic Planning Committee
    Betty Irish and Stacey Delvecchio attended the BOD 1 and helped facilitate Mega Issue
     00102 discussion.
    Jan Williams has moved forward with the ES group and has redistributed the work load to
     the committee members, so that one committee member is not working on an entire
     category of assumptions.
    Established the SPC and ES Community and are actively using the new resource.
    Reviewed all the Mega Issues and have organized them into a central location with
     owners, due dates, and status.
    Creating the Charter for the Strategic Planning Committee.
    The committee is reviewing the process on how to gather Mega Issues and will create a
     new Community to propose and discuss Mega Issues.


                           FY09 Board of Directors Report

                    Treasurer                                            August – Oct 19,
 BOD Member:        Joan Graf                    Reporting Period:

Treasurer –
    Completed Gift acceptance policy with approval at BOD1.
    Working with President-Elect for FY10 budget planning and updated dates/ milestones.
    Reviewed first draft of safeguarding information with the BOT, BOD and students at      BOD1.
       Initiated meeting with finance committee to update practices.
    Working with finance chair to get organized and prepared for fy09 work.
    Sent out (with John Dee’s assistance) – reminder for IRS requirements for news (didn’t make
       newsletter for some reason).
    Working with COR Speaker to develop funding information for new senate proposal.
    Working with Melissa Tata on proposal on board funding.
    Reviewed motions for telcon and board for financial information.
    Met with the PDG chair for reviewing goals/updates for the year.
    Developed updates for the PDG committee for Program and service assessment.
    Worked with Marge Inden BOT – treasurer to define new community – SWE Moneys.
    Discussed with International team – funding for International members and Nigerian phone
    Updated scorecard for financial information.
    Provided new process for committee reports as a result of request.
    Responded to finance questions as they come in and finance chair is unable to answer or
    Reviewed any financial changes for conference with ED.
Program Development Grants Committee
      5 PDG Proposals received for first deadline of fiscal year (August 1st); 1 accepted (Univ of
       Colorado-Boulder: $500 for E-Days Design Competition), 3 requested additional
       information/clarification/revisions from submitting section, 1 under discussion. 7 PDG

       committee members participated in the review (significant increase in committee involvement
       over previous fiscal year). 3 proposals were from sections that had not submitted PDG proposals
       last year and learned about grants through the webinar.
       2 PDG Webinars hosted and presented by PDG Chair in October in order to increase awareness
        of PDG funds to SWE leadership. Both webinars were well-received with over 50 RSVPs:
        October 8 (31 registered, 6 attended) October 9 (21 registered, 11 attended). A followup email
        with all details about the grants and submission process were sent to all of those that registered for
        the webinars. Webinar slides posted to PDG Community. Next PDG Proposal deadline for FY09
        is November 1st. Brings total of 4 webinars about PDG in FY09.
       PDG Handouts being prepared for National Conference Outreach Expo to increase visibility
        of grant availability
       Evaluating monthly meetings/calls instead of quarterly since a larger committee this year.

Finance Committee
     Held first meeting first week of August with goals reviewed for the year.
     First subcommittee was formed for safeguarding. This committee meeting had a good turn out and
       actions were developed – provide the Safeguarding word document for the treasurers meeting, put
       together an assessment form using example from John Dee and current checklist in Baltimore-
       Washington section of finance manual, review finance manual for updates and provide additional
       information about IRS info into manual and on SWE money community.
     Working with treasurer to understand the position.
Program Development Grants Committee

“I was not able to attend the presentation on SWE Program Development Grants. Are the slides available
online somewhere? I tried to search for them, but haven't had much luck.”
“I think my section has something we would like to try and get in before the August 1st date, however I
see nothing on the SWE website other than a small paragraph about these grants.”

Committee would like to resolve the organization of the PDG documents on the SWE website before
January 1st; would appreciate a contact from HQ to work with on the website itself.
(comment from Joan – in our conversation recently, Reena brought this up again and I have provided her
Ramona’s name but will need to work with HQ to get other ideas too).
Motions – none

                         FY09 Board of Directors Report

 BOD Member:                                 Reporting Period:     July – October, 2008
                  Fran Stuart

The Secretary participated in a BOD sub-team on how to try to make the communities work for
governance and other activities.
The Secretary prepared an in-person and telecon meeting HQ vs. Secretary preparedness
check list that was discussed with the President and sent to HQ for review.
The Secretary prepared and submitted the minutes of the FY 08 Membership meeting for
publication in the upcoming national conference issue of the magazine and did a very fast turn-
around review of the final file to accommodate the publication schedule.
The Secretary participated via telecon in the discussions on how to incorporate a standard
process into the Region Bylaws Template for the nomination and election of RCR‟s and
The Secretary is a member of the 2009 Sonora Region Conference and Career Fair planning
team acting as interface for the Annual Strategic Plan Review to be held in conjunction with the
conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico, on January 30, 2009, and providing overall guidance
to the committee.
At the end of July the Secretary attended BOD 1, the FY 09 BOD installation, and the joint
BOD/BOT/CLF meetings in Minneapolis.
Labor Day weekend the Secretary participated in the COR GFIG meeting in Chantilly, Virginia.
The Secretary has provided on-going support for the proposed bylaws amendments including
accommodating some very last second minute submittals. The Secretary and received access
to the communities for the parliamentarian so she can monitor and participate in discussions on
the COR and bylaws motions to be prepared

for the COR meeting. The Secretary, Speaker of the Council, and Parliamentarian are working
together to document a consolidated process for next and future years COR motions and
bylaws amendments.
In September the Secretary attended the annual Regions ABJ meeting in Scottsdale, Arizona.
The Secretary did a brief, real-time, over-the-shoulder look at the communities. The Secretary
was one of the co-coordinators of the party given for the FY 09 President as part of ABJ. The

Secretary attended part of the Region B meeting at the ABJ meetings and participated in a
bylaws discussion.
In September, acting on a request from the Region B meeting, the Secretary sent the standard
bylaws templates to the Region Governors with notes on shortened the approval cycle for them.
In September the Secretary prepared nomination packages for two potential FY 09 BOD
In October the Secretary attended the Los Angeles Section‟s 55th Anniversary
Celebration/Corporate Recognition and Scholarship presentation.
The Editorial Board will meet all day Wednesday at National Conference. The Chair is unable
to attend due to a prior commitment. Two members of the EB have agreed to split the chair
duties at the meeting.
The Procedures Committee Chair has reviewed everything that she received from her
predecessor. She has come up with a list of committees/positions that need to update their
procedures and in some cases write procedures. She has a spread sheet with the status of the
known procedures. She is looking for guidance on priorities. Several committees will be
submitting procedure updates for review after the national

conference. The Procedures Committee will hold an informal meeting Friday morning of
National Conference immediately after the plenary session. A concern has been expressed that
the members would have to arrive in Baltimore Tuesday evening for a Wednesday morning
meeting. Many of the members would experience financial hardship to pay for one or two
additional hotel nights and restaurant meals to attend the meeting.

The communities in general and the permanent storage of governance in particular are still a
source of much frustration with both the professional and collegiate membership.
Approve October 13 telecon minutes

                              Society of Women Engineers
                             FY09 Board of Directors Report

                          Executive Director
 BOD Member:                                         Reporting Period:         7/25/08 to 10/17/2008
                          Betty Shanahan
A separate summary document, appropriate for publication on the leadership web page, will be provided
as a separate document.
At the end of September membership (renewals and new) was at:
Type               9/30/08     9/30/07        9/30/06       9/30/05                9/30/04
Collegiate:         6,559       6,122          6,026          5,682                 5,852
Professional:       6,709       6,818          6,366          6,019                 5,999
Total              13,268      12,940         12,392        11,701                 11,851
        Joint Membership
 Organization        Collegiate      Professional
AISES                   18              10
NSBE                    31             204
SHPE                   230             123
Total                  279             337
       Membership Demographics
The following is the demographic distribution of SWE members for the members who respond to the
voluntary question on race/ethnicity.
                                       Collegiate    Professional        Total
American Indian/Alaskan Native            0.6%           0.4%            0.5%
Asian/Pacific Islander                   15.2%          11.3%           13.6%
Black/African American                    7.3%           7.7%            7.5%
Hispanic                                  7.9%           5.8%            7.1%
Other                                     2.8%           2.0%            2.5%
White                                    66.2%          72.8%           68.8%
We are feeling some impact of the economy on the conference. Chrysler has withdrawn its booth and
travel support for their participants except for those on a panel presentation. Some of the Chrysler
registrants are planning to attend the conference by covering their own travel expenses.
Otherwise, booth and sponsorship sales remain strong. We have moved some recently acquired exhibitors
into the Chrysler space to avoid a hole in a prime location. We have 449 booths, with 270 exhibitors and
284 interview booths. No additional sales are anticipated.
Registration is very strong and we should Three partners have encountered travel restrictions and are
cutting back on their registrations. Otherwise, registration is strong. Full collegiate registration is slightly
larger than the final full collegiate registration for Nashville! Professional attendance is tracking slightly

behind where we closed pre-registration for Nashville, but at this point, some physical registrations are
still being entered.
Fund Development
Please treat information about fund development relationships and discussions with current and potential
partners as confidential.
      Corporate Membership
FY09 Goal: 80 Members  Status on 10/20/08: 90 Members
      Corporate Partnership Council
FY09 Goal: 50 Members    Status on 10/20/08: 55 Members
Genentech has joined the CPC.
Attrition to date in FY09: 2, Lehman Brothers and Microsoft
Site visits by Karen Horting and others to CPC member facilities (and other noteworthy meetings) during
reporting period:

      NAVSEA: Diversity Summit with Peggy Layne participating

      Navy: Rear Admiral Kilkenney and 26 commanding officers had presentations from the major diversity
       organizations. Karen represented SWE

      UTC: Executive management from all UTC business units had presentations from the major diversity
       organizations. Karen and Betty represented SWE.

      Kellogg: They hosted another video webinar. Preceding the webinar, management met with Karen, Betty,
       and Peter

      ExxonMobil: Karen participated in a panel in ExxonMobil’s “Most Powerful Women Summit.” Other
       panelists were Sally Ride and Tina Straley, ED of the Mathematical Association of America.

      NAVAIR: Meeting with leadership

      CIA: Prospect meeting
Career Center
The new Career Center has been successfully launched. At the end of September we had more than 1100
résumés and 779 jobs posted.
We anticipate launching a significantly enhanced archives site with material from both the SWE
collection and the Ada Pressman collection by conference. In addition to significantly expanding the
image material on the site, numerous audio clips from SWE’s history have been captured and loaded on
the site.
The archives workshop will focus on collecting section histories and we will announce the section history
award at that workshop.
StoryCorps will complete six additional interviews at the conference.
Marketing and Communications
       MySWE Communities
We are continuing to work with the provider of the MySWE communities to resolve issues.

The following is a highlight statistics on communities use. The term “unique login” identifies someone
that logs in with a unique user id. The term “aggregate login” notes how many times anyone logs in. In
other words, if I log in three times, that counts as “1” unique login and “3” aggregate logins. Those
numbers are reset each month. October is through October 20.
                     Jun-08    Jul-08   Aug-08     Sep-08      Oct-08
Unique Login            589      609        631          807     693
Aggregate Login       1,917     2,311     2,496     3,275       2,598
        Social Networking Sites
SWE organized social networks have been used for promoting SWE and some of our programs,
particularly WE08. Outside the communities, SWE’s organized social networks are:
       Linked In Group: 108 members

       Facebook: 1,560 fans
       SWE Member Communications and Experience
The Member Communications and Experience survey has closed and the data is being analyzed. A
preliminary look at the data will be presented at the board meeting.
President of NAMEPA asked if SWE would allow them to copy ideas from our website for their new
website. Rick Ainsworth, MEP director at UCLA and lead for the NAMEPA website saw our site and was
impressed by it.
Public Policy
In partnership with AWIS, SWE developed a set of questions relevant to women in STEM and presented
them to the campaigns of the two major candidates for president. Both parties responded, and the
questions with the combined responses have been posted on the web, in the communities, and have been
circulated by members of both SWE and AWIS.
SWE and AWIS also co-authored an op-ed on Title IX’s application to STEM with the assistance of the
National Women’s Editorial Forum. The op-ed has since been placed in over twenty local newspapers
across the country.
We Prepared a letter for Virginia’s signature for the National Academies’ Committee on Women in
Science, Engineering, and Medicine congratulating them on their upcoming September workshop entitled,
“From Doctorate to Dean or Director: Sustaining Women through Critical Transition Points in Science,
Engineering, and Medicine,” and responding to the Committee’s request for input regarding these critical
transition points. The letter focused on the major findings of the SWE retention study.
SWE is working with AWIS to identify a strong list of women for the next presidential administration to
consider for their open positions.
Congressional Visit Days in 2009 will be April 28 and 29. This is later than typical to allow time for the
new administration and newly elected members of Congress to have the focus for our topics.
The auditor has completed the field work and developed the first draft of the FY08 audit.
A signature Wow! event will be held in Columbus Ohio on October 25.
Karen met with SWE’s Girl Scout liaison and Betty participated in a STEM task force for the Girl Scouts.

The AWE Advisory Board will meet on Thursday during the conference. AWE will also host a half-day
workshop for section outreach leaders on Saturday at the conference.
Professional Development
       Leadership Training
Peter has been working with Bernice on leadership training, including D&I sessions at the conference.
Two three-part webinars are in development for FY09
FY09 opened with the second video webinar sponsored by Kellogg.
       Smith College
Planning continues for the director level program with Smith College. The program is scheduled for
September 2009.
Ombudsman Report
We have received 26 messages in the ombudsman@swe.org account from June 1, 2008 – October 10, 2008.
Issue and resolution are noted:
10/08/08   Request to change membership type. Response, including required information needed to complete
           request, provided on 10/08/08.

10/07/08   Questions regarding Log in to Communities. Instructions and follow-up provided on 10/07/08.

10/05/08   Question regarding renewing membership that lapsed. Instructions to renew membership was
           provided on 10/06/08.

10/047/08 Question regarding replaying of web seminar. Instructions and link provided on 10/06/08.

10/01/08   Question regarding updating membership profile. Instructions provided on 10/02/08.

10/01/08   Question regarding joint membership with NSBE. Instructions & information provided on 10/01/08.

09/22/08   Question regarding SWE alias. Instructions provided on 09/23/08.

09/16/08   Question regarding Corporate membership. Responded on 09/18/08

09/16/08   Question on purchasing SWE web seminar on CD. Responded and instructions given on 09/16/08.

09/14/08   Request to change zip code in member profile. Completed and responded on 09/15/08.

09/14/08   Question regarding joint membership with NSBE. Responded on 09/15/08

09/08/08   Problem with member log in. Responded and given correct login & password on 09/08/08.

09/04/08   Problem with member log in. Responded and given correct login & password on 09/04/08.

08/18/08   Problem with member log in on communities. Instructions provided on 08/19/08.

08/14/08   Question regarding status of SWE membership. Responded on 08/14/08.

08/12/08   Question section financial report. Instructions provided on 08/13/08.

08/12/08   Question regarding downloading SWE logo. Instructions provided on 08/12/08

08/05/08   Question regarding navigating the Region F web site. Responded on 08/05/08, Issue resolved on

08/01/08   Question regarding upgrading SWE membership. Responded and completed on 08/04/08
07/18/08   Question regarding posting new section roster. Responded with instructions on 07/22/08

07/11/08   Question regarding email alias and SPAM emails. Responded on 07/15/08

07/09/08   Question regarding joint membership with NSBE. Responded on 07/10/08

07/02/08   Question regarding how to join a SWE community. Responded on 07/07/08

06/30/08   Issue that member renewed membership twice. Responded and resolved on 07/01/08

06/26/08   Issue that member wants to change sections. Responded and resolved on 06/27/08

06/18/08   Issue with member log in. Responded 06/19/08 and issue resolved 06/23/08


                         FY09 Board of Directors Report

 BOD Member:      Dir of Education           Reporting Period:     Aug and Oct 2008
                  Siddika Demir
   Rolled out the FY09 Scorecard for Q1-FY09.
   Worked with the Scholarship Committee to revise and finish the Scholarship procedure
    which is now adopted by the committee.
   Had a telecon with ED, President and Marketing Director to coordinate the Collegiate
    Focus Group effort in FY09. It was agreed that the Voice of the Member (member
    communications and experience market research) will address the needs of the
    collegiate and professional members by asking “how can we communicate more
    effectively” and “consistent member experience” etc. The Collegiate Focus Group will
    serve as the sounding board for feedback to the Voice of the Member research. The
    informal focus group conduced at CLF will be used as input to this research.
   Collaborated with Deputy ED to obtain my employer‟s (Genentech) sponsorship of SWE.
    As a result, Genentech became a CPC! Coordinated the attendance of Genentech
    employees and panelists at WE08.

Scholarship – April Privett (chair)

The scholarship committee has finalized the scholarship winners for this academic year for both
Freshman and Upperclass. Awardees have been contacted, checks sent, and Universities

The committee has started work for this year's process. A detailed process document has been
adopted by the committee. The committee agrees that this process document should be
followed for this fiscal year, and revised as found appropriate.

Plans for the National Conference meeting are being made, including discussions with the BOT
& remote conference call access.

Collegiate Focus Groups – Jessica Flasche (group leader)

Collegiate Focus Groups conducted an informal survey at the collegiate leadership forum on
August 2, 2008.


       F. CIC – Tracy Van Houten (chair)

As the main leadership of the Collegiate Interest Committee is dedicated to conducting the
Collegiate Leadership Forum (CLF) in August, the rest of CIC tends to start off a little slowly at
the beginning of the fiscal year. CIC is now progressing nicely and is gearing up for a
productive National Conference.

CIC Goals for the year include:
    Strengthen Matrix Relationships (BOD Goal)
         o This is our primary goal for the year. Several of the other CIC goals feed into this
         o It has been envisioned in the past that CIC would become a committee entirely
             composed of liaisons to other committees. We will be exploring this and other
             options during brainstorming activities at National Conference.
    Rework CIR Role Description
         o Should CIRs have regional responsibilities? Should CIRs be liaisons to other
             committees? How do we keep CIRs focused on strategic issues?
    Complete CIC charter by November 20th
    Start planning for long term transition of CLF to Professional Development Committee
     (BOD Goal)
    Run SWOT analysis for CIC and complete 3-5 year CIC strategic plan
         o To be started at National Conference face-to-face CIC meeting
    Finish Event in a Box activity and transition to other committee (likely CLCC)
    Rework Collegiate Section Manual. Determine best method for distribution (completely
     online, hard copy, etc) and long-term maintenance.
    Plan FY10 CLF in Chicago

FY09 Accomplishments to Date:
   Ran successful FY09 CLF in Minneapolis – the best yet!
         o 44 Collegiate Participants (14 RCR, 10 RCNE, 20 SWEFL), 5 SWE Trainers, 5
            Corporate Trainers
         o $50K Budget
         o 22 workshop sessions
         o Interaction with BOD, RGs, and national SWE leaders
         o Networking and social activities included etiquette dinner and Minnesota Twins
   Participated in RG Telecon in September to discuss CIC, CIR role, CLF, and SWEFL
   Participated in Collegiate and CLF impact discussions of COR GFIG motion
   Held September CIC telecom, October telecon will be in the week before National

       September telecom included new Region Collegiate Team structure overview
      Filled CIC roster, updated contact information
      Transitioning documents to SWE Communities
      Preparing for National Conference
         G. Outreach – Allison Pedersen (chair)
This report covers the Committee‟s accomplishments for the months of mid-July to mid-October.
Girl Scouts – Esther Heller and Sue Anderson:
     Created Girl Scout child community under the Outreach Community
     Engineering Your Future 2008
            o Twelve girls will be attending – we were recently contacted by a teacher on having
               some of his students attend and we are working through the logistics of this
            o Sent out pre-surveys (based on AWE surveys) to the twelve girls attending
     Engineering Your Future Assessment
            o Reviewing the AWE surveys and planning to attend the AWE Session at National
               Conference in order to create an EYF post-survey
            o Planning to send a post-survey out to past participants (from the past 7 years) in
               order to measure program impact
     Will be hosting a table at the Outreach Expo
     SWE booth at the October 29-November 2, 2008 GSUSA National Council Meeting and
        Convention in Indianapolis
            o Esther will be at the booth and we are still looking for local SWE members to help
               as well
Girls, Inc. – Linda Bradley:
     None to report

FIRST – Kathleen Harer and Jean Hoppert:
    Will be hosting a table at the Outreach Expo

Outreach Awards – Tricia Walker:
    Awards Chair
         o Elizabeth Bierman was the Outreach Awards Coordinator for several years and is
           moving on to other SWE leadership roles and requested last year we work to find
           a replacement and we did!
         o Tricia Walker will be taking over as the Outreach Awards Coordinator position –
           she has judged the outreach awards for several years and was the Region H
           Awards Coordinator (before recently moving to TN), so has extensive expertise in
           the area of awards!
    FY08 Awards
         o Judging has been completed on all awards and results will be announced at
           Celebrate SWE!
         o Since no collegiate section applied for the Corning Incentive award, we requested
           from Corning to move the funds to professional outreach awards that are not
           already funded and they agreed

Hoffman Program – Mary Phelps:
    Consultants from Ohio State University are to provide final materials this week
    As part of OSU materials, new name for the program is starting to be used – team is
      working through finalizing the name and it will be announced at National Conference
    Will be hosting a table at the Outreach Expo

Community College – Eileen Velez-Vega:
   Working on an application for a Program Development Grant in order to pilot a
      community college program – working to meet November 1 PDG deadline

Eweek – Patti Garland:
   Will be hosting a table at the Outreach Expo
   Virginia has agreed to stop into the Outreach Committee meeting and discuss what the
      Eweek Diversity Council is up to – this should help to ease some concerns/questions
      about what the Diversity Council is doing

Details on Other Items:
Committee Member alignment:
    Committee Member Survey
          o Survey was distributed to all Committee members for feedback on expectations,
             satisfaction, value, and roles and responsibilities
          o Committee consist of approximately 50 members – ½ of them participated in the
          o Results will be discussed at Committee meeting at National Conference to better
             align these items
      Outreach Region Representatives
          o Role would be to promote national outreach programs at the Region level to
             spread the word on all we are doing, along with being a resource should questions
             arise on outreach
          o Presented this idea to the Committee – overall discussion was positive
          o Someone has volunteered to fill this role in about ½ of the regions already (just
             announced 2 days ago)

Wow! That’s Engineering!:
   Central Ohio
        o Scheduled for October 25 with Abbott Laboratories as the host
        o 200 girls signed up (many from underserved communities)
        o Over 30 volunteers signed up
        o 150 parents signed up
        o 4 experiments will be done (3 Agilent AfterSchool kits and Lip Gloss)
        o PR team has completed a press release and is working on getting local media
            coverage for the day as well as a proclamation from the Mayor of Columbus
   Application for 2009 Wow! signature event to be published in October SWE News and
     announced at the October Region Governors conference call

K-12 Center:
    Group is working on providing feedback on the K-12 Center, Outreach Community, and
      old SWE Outreach website – all feedback due by October 17
    Feedback will be summarized and presented by mid to late November

Outreach Metrics (Mary Phelps, Judy Kersey, and Allison Pedersen):
    Voice of the Customer
         o Metrics Group created a VOC document evaluating AWE tools currently available
            on the AWE website
         o AWE replied with their thoughts – general comment was that they really appreciate
            our input as it will strengthen their tools and will be applicable to other outreach
            organizations as well
         o There are still a few disconnects on what the SWE Outreach Metrics Group would
            like and what is being offered by AWE – the main ones are K-5 surveys and global
            data entry tools – both of these items can not be covered with the current NSF
            grant for AWE
         o Discussion between Outreach Metrics Group and AWE Coordinators continues to
            align our needs with what they can support
    AWE session during National Conference
         o A By Invitation Only session will be held on measuring impact and how to use the
            AWE tools for those actively involved in Outreach
         o AWE and the Metrics Group working on the presentation
Outreach Expo:
     Brenda Stewart has invited all external organizations we want to attend and Allison has
       contacted SWE members
     Brenda has been working the logistics piece of this with support from Allison
     Booth attendance is Ok, but could be better (especially with SWE members) – we will
       probably ask a few more SWE sections to attend
CIC still has a few holes in roster:
           o Need Region I CIR (have contacted region leadership for help)
           o Need CIG Coordinator
           o Several liaison positions are unfilled (not trying to fill until we have a better idea of
               where CIC is going in terms of the CIR role and matrix relationships)
           o Region J CIR now living in Hawaii for work (Region A), which may cause some
               communication barriers

     CIR Role
         o The CIRs have struggled for the past several years in figuring out their role and
            responsibilities both in their region and on CIC. See above goal – this will be
            reworked this year.
    Lack of Turnover
         o I received no turnover documentation, so I hit the ground a little flat-footed, but am
            mostly caught up now
    CLF size and continuity
         o CLF funding is not guaranteed year to year. It has become increasingly difficult for
            the CLF Coordinator to handle both the fundraising and coordination aspects of
            this position, especially as the number of CLF participants increases each year
         o The GFIG motion to COR would increase the number of CLF participants by 10-12
            people, which would impact CLF significantly (see separate documentation)
         o May need a committee of people to run CLF, becoming too big for one person
         o CLF Coordinator-Elect needs to be found. Announcement of opportunity and
            application will be sent out before National Conference
    Grad Students
         o Last year was the first year the grad student task force became a part of CIC. It is
            unclear what the goals and expectations are for this group and how it is supposed
            to work under the CIC structure. Need to determine goals and alignment with CIC
            asap, as last year was relatively unproductive due to unclear direction and
No motions at this time.

                          FY09 Board of Directors Report

                   Director External Affairs
 BOD Member:                                   Reporting Period:     July 25-Oct 18, 2008
                   Melissa Tata
Activities for the first quarter of FY09 focused on re-energizing the Government Relations &
Public Policy (GRPP) members, and developing a group of SWE members interested in actively
participating on the GRPP. Although the GRPP Community shows 40 or so members exclusive
of SWE leadership, a much smaller group appears actively interested. Peggy Layne has
accepted the role of GRPP chair-elect, which will do much to strengthen the committee's efforts.

Also, with the invaluable assistance of Melissa Carl, SWE Washington DC Representative, more
information was posted to the GRPP Community site and to the various Public Policy and Title
IX communities. Melissa Carl and Cathy Pieronek, GRPP Chair, were instrumental in enabling
SWE to join with AWIS (Association for Women in Science) to submit a Letter to the Editor to
responds to New York Times Column Criticizing Title IX on Sept 10. SWE also joined with
AWIS to compile a letter and questions for Sen. McCain and Sen. Obama which were included
in the October SWE newsletter and are posted in the Public Policy Community. Patricia Eng
gave oral testimony leveraging SWE‟s STEM position paper to the National Academies'
Committee on Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine meeting on Sept 18 and it was
well-received (this testimony is posted in the public policy community).

The GRPP team compiled a “public policy primer” presentation which Melissa Tata presented at
the ABJ conference. This presentation was well-received and highlighted why public policy is
important to SWE, key recommendations of SWE‟s position statements (Strengthen science,
technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education in America‟s schools and Use
Title IX as a tool to increase the participation of women in STEM fields), examples of SWE
policy activities, an overview of the anti-affirmative action legislation and ideas on how the
general SWE member can get involved. A similar presentation will be made on Friday 3-4:30 at
National conference and an invitation for this event has been sent to BOT, COR (inc. RCRs),
RCNEs, BOD and faculty advisors. The RGs also received both an invite and a one page
advertisement to include in their region meeting.

Melissa Tata sent an email to the collegiate and professional section presidents in Arizona and
Nebraska and the MAL president to encourage their local members to review the SWE
Community postings on the Anti-Affirmative Action (Civil Rights) ballot initiative that is on the
ballot for the November election – Amendment 46 in Colorado and undetermined proposition in
Nebraska. Thus far none of the presidents have

responded so follow up is in progress. Four related SWE Communities were created: Public
Policy - Anti-Affirmative Action Referendums, Public Policy - Colorado Anti-Affirmative Action,
Public Policy - Nebraska Anti-Affirmative Action, and Arizona Anti-Affirmative Action (though
Arizona will no longer be on the 2008 ballot). These postings include links to related websites
and we will set up calls for interested parties to learn more. SWE does not currently have a
formal position on affirmative action, but we believe this is an important issue and our
Government Relations and Public Policy committee is researching this topic.

Goals for the second quarter will include strong participation at the national conference public
policy session, creating a core membership group of at least one member from each region, and
setting up a mechanism for communicating information in a timely manner. Additionally, we are
exploring forming a subcommittee of members interested in developing a SWE position paper
on affirmative action, to guide our work in that particular area. We would like the public policy
liaisons in each region to help disseminate critical information in a timely and more localized
manner. At this point, people who have expressed an active interest are in Regions C, D, E, F
and H, so we will target members from the other 50% of regions next.

Gail Mattson, SWE Representative to INWES (International Network of Women Engineers and
Scientists), provided an update on INWES. The application for the INWES EDUCATION AND
RESEARCH INSTITUTE, to obtain charitable status was submitted in February 2008. INWES
attorney believes we should hear a decision by the end of October 2008. As an operational
organization of UNESCO, INWES is now receiving invitations to participate in various activities
associated with the committees on women‟s issues and STEM related initiatives. INWES helped
draft a new position paper on women in STEM and associated programming, received UNESCO
funding and communications support for ICWES14, and was invited to send two representatives
to the upcoming NGO session in Paris in Nov 2008.
At the Annual General Meeting of INWES members, Gail was reelected to the INWES Board of
Directors to serve another 3 years. The INWES Exec Board accepted the bid from the Women‟s
Engineering Society in Australia to host ICWES15 in 2001.

Charters for both the GRPP committee and INWES representative were developed to be
presented at BOD2. Karolyn Tiefenbach, Special Director - Strategic Initiatives, and Michele
Plattenberger, International Member Coordinator, assisted with the INWES charter and both
charters were created by the leader of these groups. Updates to the scorecard for Goal #3
(Industry catalyst) Objective 4 (Increase number of discussions with industry, government and
academic influences) for FY09 and to the Q1 accomplishments were completed.

Melissa Tata also worked with Joan Graf, Treasurer, to brainstorm options for adding more
flexibility to the Board of Directors travel budget
It is difficult to determine which members of the GRPP community are from which regions since
some login ids do not contain names or otherwise useful identifying information. We are
encouraging everyone on GRPP to change her login id to her name.
Driving members to the Advocacy site and the GRPP Community for information and
communication purposes continues to be a challenge. The sites simply have not generated a
lot of traffic despite containing some very good content. At the national conference “SWE Public
Policy and You: How to Communicate with Congress” session, we will discuss how to use the
GRPP community as a resource and as a collaborative mechanism.
INWES is still going through the process of obtaining Charity status in Canada. Once Canadian
charity status is received, 501(c)3 status can be quickly obtained based on a reciprocity
agreement between the USA and Canada. The 501(c)3 application has already been prepared
and reviewed by the IRS. Until these tax status designations are obtained, INWES will find it
very difficult to raise the necessary funds for substantial growth and initiation of projects and

                         FY09 Board of Directors Report

                 Erin McGinnis, Director of
BOD Member:                                   Reporting Period:   Aug. – Oct. 2008
                 Membership Initiatives

Focusing on continuing to support updates and progress toward the Operational Plan training
and transition. Preparing for the COR meeting at conference.
Detailed accomplishments are listed below:
   o Participated in several Awards and Recognition Committee and Membership Committee
     conference calls.
   o Completed the transition with the new Environmental Scanning leader.
   o Supported several discussions on the changes to Award presentations during WE08.
   o Submitted and supporting three COR motions related to membership (C2C, Joint
     technical membership and international Dues). Preparing a presentation for the COR
     meeting on the progress of joint membership programs.
   o Participated in a BOD sub-team on how to try to make the communities work for
     governance and other activities. Participated in the focus group for Communities Super
     Users headed by Brittney Elko.
   o Made a motion to charter the Strategic Awards Assessment Task Force and made a
     “Call for Leader” for Strategic Awards Assessment Task Force Chair. The Board
     approved Linette Patterson as the FY09 Chair.
   o Attended the Aerospace Workforce & Education Symposium at the Space and Missile
     Systems Center, Los Angeles Air Force Base. Introductory remarks were made by
     Congressional Representative Jane Harman with a Keynote address by NASA
     Administrator Michael Griffin. Panel Moderator Dr. Wanda Austin, conducted a question
     and answer session with Marion Blakey (President and CEO, Aerospace Industries
     Association), Elon Musk (Founder and CEO of SpaceX), Albert Carnesale (UCLA
     Chancellor Emeritus), Dean Kamen (Inventor and Founder of DEKA Research and Dev.
     Corp.). Afterwards, I spent several minutes chatting with four very impressive female
     high school students from the local FIRST robotics team. Jay Hulings, Legislative
     Director & Counsel for the Office of Rep. Jane Harman, invited me to attend a Tech Talk
     on the Hill in the future.
   o Attended LA Section 55th Anniversary, Aerospace Corp. CEO Dr. Wanda Austin spoke
     on passion.

   o Reviewing member services assessment drafted by HQ.

Membership Committee – Denise Schultz
Strong group of members engaged; of the 27 key roles the committee has 25 filled and 26
people (2 region I RMCs). We have reviewed the top four areas of focus for the year and have
sub-teams for each item including (Collegiate Transition, Grad/Non-traditional students, Benefits
to mangers/employers on your SWE involvement, Dependant care & work/life effectiveness)
Lean learning has begun. Intel Corporation purchased and donated 25 copies of the book "The
Hitchhikers Guide to Lean: Lessons from the Road" by Jamie Flinchbaugh and Andy Carlino.
Other activities in progress:
   1. BOD update in Baltimore on Member Services
   2. Section Manual – finishing final edits/formatting. Ready for review next week.
   3. Membership Manual – still retyping from the 1998 version, then we need to update. Goal
      is to have review prior to Baltimore.

Awards and Recognition – Annmarie Connor
The committee has selected all Section Award recipients. . The chair prepared a Committee
Chair Recognition Letter with the Leadership Coaching Committee Chair and submitted it to
Virginia. The committee chair and chair elect reviewed and revised the order of awards to be
presented during CelebrateSWE!. The committee meets monthly and they are planning out the
agenda for meetings during WE08.
Other activities in progress:
   1. Discussions are underway to clarify and revise DSA and Fellow award criteria
   2. Individual Award packet update
   3. SWE Community for sharing Best Practices submitted in award applications

Strategic Awards Assessment Task Force – Linette Paterson
Linette has begun the task force chair position. The SWE Community has been established.
Linette is beginning to put the task force membership together. She is also working the project
plan and coordination with the Awards and Recognitions Committee.
None at this time.
None at this time.

                         FY09 Board of Directors Report
                  Director of Professional
 BOD Member:                                  Reporting Period:     Aug. – Oct. 2008
                  Bernice Brody

The Professional Development Committee is involved in developing SWE Leadership
Competencies. This work will form the basis for the SWE leadership development program.
Initial interviews have been completed and an on line survey to gain more input is underway.
Please participate in the survey. The committee looks forward to working with our Director of
Learning and Development in the coming year to establish our program.
Leadership Coaching is busy preparing the new communications module based upon the
regional award activities to be presented for the first time in Baltimore at the national
conference. In addition, other modules are planned.
Collegiate Leadership Coaching is busy preparing to present 5 modules at conference in
Baltimore: Leadership, Strategic and Tactical Planning, Managing Effective Meetings, Building
Membership and Dealing with Leadership Burnout.
The conference programming board updated their procedures and incorporated diversity and
inclusion statements. These statements help institutionalize our inclusive culture and are
important additions to all our procedures. Work continues on maintaining our lead as the gold
standard conference for women in technology. Peter Finn is looking into expanding CE, PDU,
PDH to include our normal conference schedule. The keynote selection for the next conference
is underway. This year, please notice the efforts to be inclusive, including signing and/or close
captioning and recognition and inclusion of our international members.
The Multicultural (MCC) committee continues to work on clarifying the strategic objectives of the
MCC awards and renewing those awards to match the objectives, as required. The chair
supported the development of the moderated discussion on MCC future which will occur at BOD
2 in Baltimore. In addition, the committee continues to be a resource to the Society, encouraging
and supporting our strategic Diversity and Inclusion plan. Specifically, the committee has
committed its support to Affinity Groups and the African American Affinity group has a volunteer
moderator identified.
The Director of Professional Development represented the Board of Directors at the chartering
banquet for SWE Southern New Hampshire. Many non members were in attendance and there
was a strong showing of community support. My remarks included

that we always record the birth date and time of all our sections and I extended our
congratulations to the new section.
Last report I highlighted that more communications were required between MCC and the BOD. I
committed to providing reports to MCC on a quarterly basis. This quarter I presented the status
of the D&I plan and we agreed on the call that a note from the Director of PD to the committee
after each board meeting would be very much welcome. These communications are not meant

to divulge sensitive or premature information, but rather describe how the board is addressing
areas of interest to the MCC.
MCC is requesting expanding diversity panel discussions at conference (already have African-
American and Latina women engineering panel discussions.) Director of PD will debrief CPB
with this request. (Repeat from last report remains open)
Director of Professional Development needs to close on enhancements to nomination and
awards procedures to embed diversity and inclusion parameters. Nomination procedure closed
this reporting period. Awards remains open.

None at this time. .

                         FY09 Board of Directors Report

                  Director of Regions
                                                                   July 31 – October
 BOD Member:      Alyse Stofer               Reporting Period:
                                                                   20, 2008

The RG Summit was held in Minneapolis, concurrent with the BOD1 meeting August 1-2, 2008.
The event was attended by the DDR, eight Region Governors, one Lieutenant Governor and the
MAL President. Discussions included operational and best practice sharing, as well as
discussions regarding implementing the leadership pipeline and IBM programming excellence
award topic – managing different generations. Meetings were held with the CIC coordinators
and RCR and RCNE coordinators. The RG Summit attendees appreciated the opportunity to
interact with the board members during an afternoon mega issue discussion as well as
collegiate leaders throughout the Summit. After the RG Summit, the DR and DDR spent a lot of
time socializing the leadership pipeline, Mega Issue 102 and COR governance initiatives.
Accomplishments are listed below:
1. Attended the CPC meeting, BOD installation and BOD 1 meeting July 31 – August 2 in
2. Planned the RG Summit, created binders for the two day RG Summit, and met face-to-face
with the DDR to review the agenda and material prior to the RG Summit.
3. Created the Mega Issue 102 update with Patricia Eng and Nora Lin, and presented the
information at a joint BOD and RG meeting August 1.
4. Created and presented the leadership pipeline PowerPoint at the BOD, RG and CLF meeting
on August 2 with the RCR/RCNE coordinator, Pam Snyder.
5. Participated in the BOD teleconference on 9/8.
6. Held a teleconference on 9/15 with the RGs to review the RG Summit discussions and action
items, provide a GFIG update, walk through a live SWE Communities example and discuss
items for National Conference including the agenda, ordering food, Celebrate SWE guidelines,
7. Held a teleconference on 9/22 with the DR, DDR, RCR/RCNE Coordinator and Coordinator-
Elect to gain alignment on relevant topics to RGs and RCRs/RCNEs.

8. Participated in several conference calls in September with Patricia Eng, Angela Nickels, Pam
Snyder and Jennifer Vallero to ensure collegiate interests were included in the GFIG proposal
for a Senate structure.
9. Attended the ABJ meeting on September 27 in Scottsdale, AZ.

10. In September, created, distributed and analyzed survey results regarding the Mega Issue
102 – “How can SWE ensure a consistent & quality member experience across the
organization”. (Survey results were presented to the BOD on 10/13.)
11. Held a conference call on October 1 with the RCR/RCNE Coordinator to review feedback
from the RG Summit and CLF, and update the leadership pipeline documentation presented at
the meeting in August.
12. Held a conference call on October 10 with the RCR/RCNE Coordinator and Coordinator
Elect to review the leadership pipeline and discuss the RCR and RCNE role regarding
implementing the leadership pipeline.
13. In October, the DR, DDR and RCR/RCNE Coordinator and Coordinator Elect identified 5
regions to implement the region leadership pipeline in FY09.
14. Participated in the International Member teleconference on 10/8 to better understand how
international groups are organizing within the Society.
15. Participated in the BOD teleconference on 10/13.
16. Participated in the COR Governance training on 10/15.
17. Held a conference call on 10/20 with the RGs and MAL President to review the National
Conference agenda and schedule as well as discuss BOD updates, mega issue and leadership
pipeline updates, and an outreach update.
1. The RG Summit needs to be longer, in order for more face-to-face interactions between the
RGs and RCRs and RCNEs. Additionally, the DR needs to be present for part of the RG
Summit. The RGs and DDR felt disconnected from the DR since she wasn‟t able to participate
in the RG Summit, answer questions or provide additional details throughout the Summit.
2. Region D and G governors did not submit a region report. The RGs only submitted their RCR
report, which was already included in Pam Snyder‟s and Jennifer Vallero‟s RCR and RCNE
report. Also, the Region E Governor did not submit any region updates, only summaries from
the professional section reports. The DR is concerned about how actively these RGs are
engaged in their region and the amount of time they have available carry out the RG roles and

3. Region B leadership has been unable to locate a contact for the Kern County Section.
Leaders are working with Denise Schultze and Kristen Dube to begin deactivation.
4. Region C is facing the potential deactivation of the MRC section. Also, leadership is
concerned about the outcome of the new governance model, as it may impact the future of
small sections in the region.
5. Region D leadership is concerned about the time the individual members have to spend on
SWE activities in additions to their other obligations and interests.
6. Region G has several inactive sections, and the RG is checking with the sections to make
sure they don‟t become deactivated.
7. Region i still has not identified or elected a candidate for the Lieutenant Governor position.
The RG is feeling overwhelmed and is looking for a Lieutenant Governor on the opposite side of
the region where the region conference will be located.
8. Region H stated that many sections, especially collegiate sections are having a difficult time
with the IRS postcard and understanding when they have to submit it and when they don‟t need
to. EIN numbers are confusing as well in regards to whether or not they are tied to the section
or school.
10. Region J expressed concerns about funding due to the state of the economy. This will have
impact on travel and scheduling events, such as Engineers Week and the region conference.
Also, collegiate and professional members have had more difficulty finding funding to the
National Conference as a result of the economy.
11. Several regions mentioned that MAL representatives are unresponsive, and the MAL
President also noted that some representatives have been unresponsive to date.
12. The MAL President noted that the international members are still coded as though they
were MALs. She stated that only way to obtain MAL data from the online directory is to search
using “%049”, but using that search criteria means the international members are also included.
The MAL President suggests that international members be assigned using a new alphanumeric
designation that does not end in “049” and change the “long name” to reflect “international
members” because they are no longer MALs as of July 1, 2008.
13. RCR/RCNE issues and concerns include the timeliness of updates to the National
Conference schedule for RCR/RCNE meetings and the use of the SWE Communities, as
collegiate members have been less than enthusiastic or willing to jump in and use the SWE

14. There are multiple complaints and issues about the SWE communities. For example,
sections could not download the “Collegiate Section Report Submittal Status” file on the “Region
and Section Resources” community, members have problems logging in and members cannot
find the information they are looking for on the communities. Members don‟t know how to
navigate the communities and feel the information is poorly organized. For instance, members
may spend hours looking through communities to all the find information pertinent to their
position and interests, which is very cumbersome and frustrating.
15. Members have also expressed concerns about the proposed Council of Representatives
reorganization. Concerns expressed include (1) potentially reducing the diversity of the SWE
demographics, (2) limiting to two individuals may discourage participation (for instance, large
section could dominate one of the two positions annually), and (3) the lack of understanding
how the MALs fit into the new organization.
16. If the COR motion passes to create a Senate, a champion and leader is needed for
collegiate senators. Collegiate leaders are concerned about the impact of 10 additional
collegiate leaders and the time to develop new roles, training, coordinator positions, as well as
changes to the election process, cost and logistics involved with CLF. In order to be successful,
collegiate senators may need a dedicated collegiate senator leader, which could possibly be the
Deputy Speaker.
Create a region conference task force to assess region conferences and recommend a template
for a more consistent and quality experience at conference for professional and collegiate

Region A – Region A Newsletter published and was sent via email to Region SWE members in
August 2008. This publication highlighted the SWE Region A leadership, website information,
Award Banquet winners, and an At-a-Glance schedule for 2008/09. Region A leadership met
August 17, 2008 to discuss the budget for 2008/09, schedule of activities, and the Region ABJ
meeting which was held Sept 27, 2008 in Scottsdale, AZ. Also, planning for the Region A
Conference (Feb 27 – Mar 1, 2009) at Stanford is well underway. The organizers have met with
the University of Reno leadership to discuss lessons learned and their final report. A
presentation for the 2009 conference will be made by the Stanford students at the Region ABJ
Region B – Region B kicked off FY09 by establishing monthly teleconferences between the
region officers, creating a weekly communication email to the section representatives and
section presidents, and creating the FY09 calendar of events, as well as the “SWE”eter Future
program to track the influence SWE has on sharing

engineering with K-12 students. The increased communications has already led to 80% of the
section reports being turned in by the deadline and will continue to establish the region as a
knowledge source. Additionally, the program titled A “SWE”eter Future is designed to promote
outreach at the local level to make a difference in the future of engineering. The incentives
include a $500 scholarship stipend from the region to the section that reports the highest ratio of
outreach attendees to professional members. The goal of the program is to reach 2000 K-12
students in FY09. The progress is tracked through a survey monkey and results are posted
weekly on the region website. The FY09 region events include the ABJ Meeting in Scottsdale,
AZ on September 27 & 28 and the region conference in Albuquerque, NM at the end of January.
Region C – Region C conducted its FY09 Strategy Meeting on September 9, 2008. The
meeting was held via teleconference – open to elected Region C Officers, RCR, and the Region
C MAL Rep only. Key topics were raising funds for the Professional Region C budget and kick
starting an annual/bi-annual Region C Program; Region C Officers decided to allow companies
to post job offerings to the region website for a nominal fee. Also, as part of the conference
sponsorship component, companies who are participants in the conference will be allowed to
post job offerings (post-conference) on the region website for an additional cost of sponsorship.
Parameters for job postings on the region website will be discussed on the next call. Region C
has also decided to initiate a salute to women engineers in academia program in FY09 –
proposed theme: “Unsung Heroines: A Salute to Women Engineers in Academia.” Officers will
teleconference next week to discuss potential university locations, where the program will be
held, in mid-April of 2009. The region is targeting locating the program at an institution of one of
the newer collegiate sections, and/or a section that expressed interest in hosting the region
conference. The region will solicit local corporate support; extend invitations to women
engineers in academia (faculty & administration); and publicize the event of women honored at
the program in local papers. This event is a precursor to the up-n-coming regional award
(proposed for FY10) – Gulf Coast Region Women in Engineering Education Award (name still to
be formalized). Also, Region C has been successful at motivating a number of members to
become actively involved at the regional level – feeding into the SWE Leadership Pipeline.
Furthermore, Region C has also seen successful revitalization of the Greater New Orleans
Section; GNO started FY09 with several new members, and members willing to step-up to
leadership positions. Baton Rouge Section is also experiencing renewed momentum.
Region D – No summary received
Region E – No summary received
Region F – The Region F Council hosted its annual beginning-of-year Council meeting on
September 27 in Nashua, NH. The Council meeting was scheduled to coincide with the
Southern New Hampshire section Chartering Banquet in order to encourage the Council and
other region members to join in the celebration of the chartering of this new section earlier this
year. The Region F Conference will be held April 4-5 at Smith College in Northampton, MA.
Smith College is home to the Picker Engineering
Program, the first and only accredited engineering program in the nation just for women. Also,
in August the Region Secretary was elected and MAL rep position filled. The region is also
supporting the students of State University of New York at New Paltz as they continue through
the process to charter a section.
Region G – No summary received
Region H – Overage funds from the 2008 Region H Conference were again incurred, such that
funding was available to endow another Region H scholarship in FY11. The first Region H
scholarship will be awarded in FY09. The region is very excited to be able to provide another
scholarship from the region. Also, the 2009 Region H Conference will be held at Indiana
University, Purdue University-Indianapolis. To date, over $84,000 (or 75% of their budget) has
been raised to support the Region H Conference. Also, in order to continue to improve Region
H communication, for the first time a fall face to face meeting will be held with the COR
representatives. There are three meetings planned; One in Chicago, Detroit, and Minneapolis
(the region‟s mega section locations). COR representatives are highly encouraged to attend
one of these meetings being held in October to provide national conference information so the
COR is well prepared for the meetings in Baltimore. An overview of COR and leadership
training will also be presented, in an attempt implement something similar to the successful ABJ
conference. Ideally, this will be a recurring event year to year in one location. Additionally,
Region H continues to have a total of eight (8) Region H Committees. The committees include
Procedures, Celebrate SWE Audit, Collegiate Upgrade, IBM Region H Program, Nominating,
Awards and Region Conference Planning. The region is fortunate enough to have a chair for all
the committees. Also due to the success of last year, the region officers continue to plan region
conference calls 3 months in advance and use a weekly email to communicate with the region.
New this year is a monthly Region H Collegiate Conference call to discuss the issues and
concerns of the collegiate members.
Region i – All Professional sections are present and accounted for!! So, in this regard, Region i
is ahead of last year. Previous Region Governors have stepped up to the plate to „reboot‟ the
Kansas City section. Also, the RCR has been in contact with 18 of the 25 collegiate sections,
and there is a lot of energy and commitment of the collegiate members in the region. The
region blog is set up and running and the hot topics have been decided upon. Also, about 50%
of the professional sections in the region have or are close to completing the Bylaws approval
Region J – Region J sections started the fiscal year with planning and organizational meetings.
All professional sections have FY09 leadership in place. The professional sections participated
in the region‟s second annual orientation presentation. The region collegiate team is creating a
similar orientation for the collegiate sections, in hopes to improving reporting and participation.
Region J FY09 conference planning, has started by host sections Pacific Northwest and
University of Washington, with meetings through

the summer. Other plans for the year are to initiate an awards program, update our procedures
documentation, and finalize a conference proposal process. Region J held its second annual
region orientation to the professional sections. This orientation shared information such as
region reporting and tactical planning. This orientation is used to supplement but not replace
the orientations provided by the leadership coaching team. The result from the orientation was
receiving 75% on time report submittal by the due date reducing editing time by the region
secretary and governor. The region governor placed this file in the region governance
community to share with other region governors. Conference planning is underway between the
University of Washington collegiate section and the Pacific Northwest section. The conference
theme is entrepreneurship, from both a collegiate and professional perspective.
MAL – MAL Leader training is new this year and was created in conjunction with the Leadership
Coaching Committee (MAL VP is the chair of LCC). It was presented once by Justina Mikals,
MAL VP, and once by Karen Roth, MAL-E Representative, who is also on the Leadership
Coaching Committee. Most MAL Leaders attended. MAL bylaws are still in process. MAL
News will be issued by eblast before the conference. MAL-C, D, E, G and H Representatives
are visible in their regional MAL Communities, as well as most MAL Officers. MAL
Representatives for Region A and for Region F have been appointed and the Region G
Representative is looking for a replacement since she is relocating. There were 746 MALs (687
professionals and 59 collegiates) as of 8/31/08. MAL professional membership was up 2.5% on
a year-over-year basis, but the renewals (for both SWE and the MALs) are lagging compared to
8/31/07. The BOD chartered the collegiate section at The Citadel in Charleston SC on 6/30/08,
and MALs in Charleston SC are progressing nicely with the formation of the proposed Low
Country professional section. The MAL President began developing goals for the MAL
organizations, has extensively used the SWE Communities, and has been preparing the next
electronic issue of MAL News.
RCR/RCNE – Pam and Jennifer have jumped into FY09 with both of them working to complete
all the necessary tasks for the year. They have chosen not to split any tasks yet to allow for a
more knowledgeable and successful transition into FY10. Pam and Jennifer started the year off
really before the FY08 year ended. They hosted a few transition calls in May to help the
incoming and outgoing know what information needed to be transferred and got the FY09 RCRs
and RCNEs off to a good start. They also hosted part of the Nitty Gritty and Goals Setting
Training via conference calls in May and July. The Collegiate Leadership Conference in August
was attended by all of the RCRs (14) and RCNEs (10). The RCRs and RCNEs also really
enjoyed the networking opportunities that were provided with the BOD, SWEFL‟s, and other
“seasoned” members of SWE. The biggest take away from the conference was the need for
them to make members of all levels more knowledgeable of SWE in general. Additionally, Pam
and Jennifer have determined the dates and times of the monthly conference calls for the rest of
the fiscal year. We have had 2 calls since CLF and our next call is Sunday the 21st. They have
trained the RCRs, RCNEs, Region Governors, and Lt. Region Governors on the Region
Collegiate Teams as of Sept 8th. The Region

Collegiate Blogs rolled out in all regions in September. The RCNEs have all agreed to use
Word Press for the Region Collegiate Blogs. Pam and Jennifer are working with Alyse, Patricia
and Angela Nickels to ensure collegiate interests are included in the GFIG smaller COR
proposal. This includes reviewing requirements for the new position, election process, new
leadership for the position, and CLF impact with Tracy and Malia.

                            FY09 Board of Directors Report

                    Special Director
 BOD Member:                                      Reporting Period:       July – October, 2008
                    Karolyn Tiefenbach
The International Team, with Michele Plattenberger as lead, continues to work toward the achievement of
the International Pilots. The ITM Team (International Members Team) is successfully launched and
continues to meet monthly working through the many issues associated with the creation of Pilots in
Japan, Nigeria, Germany, and India. The ITM Team recently published their second successful newsletter
focusing in on issues related to members outside of the US. The ITM Team continues to work and
improve their website, member lists, and other activities related to the achievement of the International
Recently, we hosted our first joint meeting between JWIN (Japan Women Innovative) and SWE to review
the goals and expectations from each organization. JWIN is a company-based group with 91 corporate
members from a variety of sectors. JWIN is interested in establishing a network of female engineers and
would like to create a partnership with SWE. Conversations between SWE and JWIN are continuing.
With the Nigerian Pilot, additional members have been identified to support pilot activities as we jointly
define common goals between our sister organizations.
In Germany, initial interface folks have changed and we are continuing conversations on our joint goals
with the newly identified leads from Germany.
For the India Pilot, corporate funding is needed to continue this pilot creation effort.
At the SWE National Conference, we are looking forward to meeting with representatives from Nigeria
and Germany.

                         FY09 Board of Directors Report

                  Speaker of the Council
BOD Member:                                  Reporting Period:     Aug - Oct 2008
                  Diana Joch
Preparations for the annual Council meetings have been completed. Pre-conference
registration shows that at 108 Council members will be in attendance; however, the anticipated
amount is higher, as many Council members did not complete the registration form. A series of
teleconferences as well as a presentation at the ABJ meeting were held in order to provide
Council members with the details on the motions and bylaws amendments that will be
addressed at the Council meeting.

   Speaker of Council – Diana Joch
   Weekly emails have been sent to Council members with details on information pertinent to
   the upcoming Council meetings in November. In addition, a series of teleconferences were
   conducted to provide Council members with the details on the motions and bylaws
   amendments for this year‟s Council meeting. That presentation was also provided to
   attendees of the ABJ meeting.
   As a follow-up to the June 2008 BOD motion of support for the proposed SWE Senate, a
   proposal for financial support for members of the Senate was presented to the BOD and
   approved at the October 13th teleconference.
   Preparations for the Council meetings at the annual conference have been completed.

   Deputy Speaker of Council – Ebalina Roitberg
   Ebalina attended the ABJ meeting and presented training for new Council members. She
   also conducted several pre-conference training teleconferences to provide Council members
   with the details on the motions and bylaws amendments for this year‟s Council meeting.
   Ebalina is also serving as a member of the Governance FIG and Strategic Planning

   COR Communication Committee – Mary Steblein
   Mary responded to people interested in joining the Communications Committee, resulting in
   the recruitment of two current Council members. Communication within the group has been
   limited to email at this time, as the COR meeting set-up will be similar to previous years.
   The use of previously-developed procedures and lists limits the need for conference calls, as
   there is less to discuss in terms of conference preparation.
   Other tasks include preparing Call for Motions and updating the Motion Submission Form,
   which was posted to the SWE COR Community. Worked with HQ to set up Pre-Registration
   for COR meeting and tested resulting survey. Monitored survey responses through the pre-
   registration deadline, and prepared list for COR Speaker of non-responding members,
   sections without COR reps listed, and confirmed paid status of named alternates.
Mary and her committee will continue working with Council Speaker and HQ to ensure
successful meetings in Baltimore, and the successful capture of minutes from the meetings.
Additionally, they will work to develop appropriate Post-COR survey, measuring similar items
as previous years, with additional goal to obtain feedback on SWE Communities in
conference preparation.
Mega Issue Task Force – Islin Moy
The MEGA Issues Task Force is currently focusing on exactly what are the challenges facing
the membership in retention, marketing, and where SWE fits it with members‟ lives. Three
general “rule of thumb” membership types have been identified: the Superleader, the Skater,
and the Disappeared. Superleaders are those who have served in leadership positions in
local, regional, and national roles, sometimes holding multiple leadership roles at once. The
Skater is a member whose involvement is more or less consistent, varying with the events in
their lives. The Disappeared are those who have not tapped into the resources of SWE, or
these resources were not marketed well enough for them to continue their membership.
The next quarter will focus on data collection of the Superleader at WE08, through both one-
on-one interactions and a Focus Group at the MEGA Issues meeting at conference. Through
analysis, key characteristics of the SWE Superleader will be identified and compared with
current leadership characteristics, as well as how they have managed to keep their
involvement consistent despite life circumstances.

   Additional information:
   A SWE section study will take a closer look at the Superleader and the Skater, and if time is
   available, how they affect section dynamics. This is possible through collaboration with the
   Membership Committee. It was decided that Denise Schultze and the Membership
   Committee will analyze the raw historical collegiate data. A plan will be decided for analysis
   of professional data. From both datasets, key SWE sections will be identified for study and
   chats will commence with them in January 2009.
   Finally, to analyze the Disappeared, former member data will be requested from
   Headquarters and a list of multiple-choice and “essay” questions will be chosen to quantify
   why members left and why members return. This initial survey will be released in mid-
   January but no later than mid-February.
   Member Grade FIG – Deanna Heffron
   Deanna presented several bylaws amendment changes that reflect the work done by the
   Member Grade FIG over the past two years. The proposed changes include requiring
   additional engineering experience in order to be eligible for senior and fellow member
   grades. Combination of the current associate and affiliate grades is also proposed. This
   FIG will be officially sunset after this year‟s Council meetings.
   Governance – Helen Patricia
   On August 30th, the Governance FIG met with Society Parliamentarian Colette Trohan and
   members of the bylaws committee to discuss the final proposal for a SWE Senate and to
   work on the appropriate bylaws amendment wording. The results of that meeting included a
   3 page synopsis of the Governance FIG work and proposal, as well as a frequently asked
   questions document. Specific bylaws amendment changes were also presented to the
   Society Secretary for discussion and vote at the Council meeting.
   The Governance FIG contacted Council members that had not participated in recent
   informational sessions to provide information and answer any questions that Council
   members had. In October, Region H held caucuses across the region to discuss the
   upcoming Council meeting issues. Members of the Governance FIG attended to present
   information and answer questions.
   Liaisons to Finance Committee – Judy Kersey and TBD
   The removal of the requirement for COR members to serve on the finance committee will be
   presented as a proposed bylaws change at the November 8, 2008 COR meeting.

   Liaison to Audit Committee- Marie Laplante
   The removal of the requirement for a COR member to serve on the audit committee will be
   presented as a proposed bylaws change at the November 8, 2008 COR meeting.

None for the BOD #2 meeting.
A motion for additional funds for lunches for the November 6 th Council meeting may need to be

                          FY09 Board of Directors Report

                   Brittney Elko, Collegiate                        August – October
 BOD Member:                                   Reporting Period:
                   Board Representative                             2008
      Joined Leadership Pipeline Task Force as collegiate member voice, attended first telecon

      Gathered collegiate and professional members together to start Improving SWE
       Communities group, completed first telecon

      Attended CIC and RCR/RCNE conference calls.

Collegiate Interest Committee
I participated in the first CIC conference call. On this call we discussed the collegiate team
restructuring as well as the need to rework the CIR position. I will be attending the CIC Meeting
on Wednesday Nov 5th where we will discuss the long term vision for CIC, as well as further
development of the CIR role and goals for CIC for the year.
There have been 3 calls since last quarter, one of which I have participated in. On that call the
RCR/RCNEs discussed upcoming COR Motions, conference scheduling, as well as other
projects they were working on for the year.
Leadership Pipeline Task Force
We had our first telecom a couple weeks ago with 6 members attending including myself.
Detailed tasks as well as the purpose of the task force were outlined. Several topics were
placed on the community and questions are being outlined to have for the BOD meeting at
conference. We are having one more telecon to summarize our thoughts and review existing
Improving SWE Communities Group
A group of 5 professionals and 6 collegiates make up this group. We had our first telecon
October 12th and made substantial headway in identifying the purpose as well as steps needed
to be taken to improve user experience in the communities. I am going to work with Betty on
these items and we are going to continue to communicate electronically up until conference.
The telecons will then pick back up once conference has passed. We are utilizing the Improving
SWE Communities community for our discussions/work.
Events and Planning for the next quarter
Region A Conference


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