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					                  WITS BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                               Friday. March 4 at 6 PM
                               Louise Moorehead’s House


1 Call to Order at 7:35 pm
Present: President Barbara Robinson, Board Members Milena Calderari-Waldron, Julia
Davidov, Louise Morehead, Programs Chair Alicia Lanzner (arrived 8:15 pm), Hernan
Via telephone: Kamal Abou-Zaki (7:58-9:05 pm), Jesse Acosta (joined 8:48 pm), Sheila
Harrington, Pheng Nix
Board Members not present: Veronica Barber
Also present: Past President Kenneth Barger and Chair of Advocacy /Outreach.
Membership Co-Chairs Eugenia Munday, David Neathery, Program committee member
Susana Stettri-Sawrey, Advocacy Committee Member Nancy Leveson, Guest: Katrin
Johnson – AOC Interpreter Program Mgr., Office Manager Sam Mattix (taking minutes)
Observing member: Ping Lau,
Quorum established

2   Approval of Minutes from January 16, 2011
with note that for future Minutes a record of absent Board Members be included. (See
file: WITS boardmeeting minutes 2011-01-16Rev.doc with revised attendance record
Motion by Milena to adopt minutes, seconded by Louise, adopted unanimously.

3   Reports of Officers and Standing Committees

3.1 President Barbara
       Welcome everyone and emphasize the importance of meeting attendance
        especially for board members
       Thanks for a successful first workshop of the year.
       Committee development update (see last meeting minutes)
      Jurassic Parliament Training proposal (date and joint partners), asking a vote for
       the approval of $450 - $600 budget depends on how many partners we get,
       NOTIS President Faisa Sultan has agreed NOTIS will share the cost but we have
       not heard from WASCLA yet. Plus: NOTIS $500, $100/person to get to $1000
       (shared between participating organizations), then $39/person additional
       attendees. President Barbara wants to require all Board Members to attend if they
       have not done so before, and to encourage all chairs & committee members to
       attend too, paid for by WITS.
       Motion to approve $500-$700 for ½ of training cost; Moved by Milena, seconded
       by Louise. Unanimously approved.
ACTION ITEMS: V.P. Louise will represent WITS in this regard at NOTIS Board
Meeting tomorrow and coordinate with President Faisa S. of NOTIS. Milena will coord
getting Board Members, chairs & committee members to sign up for the training. Suggest
use “Doodle” or “Meeting” to invite and coordinate scheduling of training.
Note re: workshop location: probably at Ann Macfarlane’s office. Need to coordinate
time/date with her too.

3.2 Web-site & Email – Julia (2 minutes)
    Update on recent Website enhancements, cleanup.
    Establish procedures on what and when to be posted on the website (I like
     to add a President message on the website using the same article from the
     quarterly newsletter)
     o Depending of nature of material, some items are strictly
         informational/non-controversial. Such things can be sent directly from
         committee chairs to Webmaster to post – but should still be reviewed
         first by an outsider (someone who is not on the committee) to ensure
         clarity. Potentially controversial postings should at least by reviewed
         and approved by WITS President and Vice President, and in some cases
         by the whole board prior to being posted online.
     o Tech request: Webmaster requests that any items for posting on the
         website be provided to her as PDF files.

3.3 Treasurer’s Report – Sheila (3 minutes)
      WITS updated financial report: income from membership/category of spending
       (see Treasurer’s report: March 3-2011-BoardMeeting.doc)
      Committee may submit their yearly budget based on historical category spending;
       Pres. Barbara requests each committee to submit yearly budget.
3.4 Membership – Milena/ Eugenia/David
            (see WITS Membership Minutes 2-17-11.docx) After extended discussion
             re: defining membership categories, matter was tabled, with Board
             Members requested to carefully consider items in WITS Membership
             Minutes 2-17-11.docx in preparation for next board meeting.
            Motion to recognize Susana Stettri Sawrey as an Honorary Member in 2011
             ad vitem. Moved by Louise, seconded by Julia, approved unanimously.
     Action item: Susana tell/remind Martha Cohen that Martha need not pay dues to
     WITS because she is an honorary member.
            Renewal status report - OMgr Sam to send reports to Board of Directors
            2nd renewal notice has been out by email broadcast. A 3rd and final reminder
             should be sent out to non-renewals.
     Action item: OMgr Sam is to check cut-off date for membership of those who have
     not renewed. Is it March 31? WITS-OM will check and report to Board of
     Directors. If there is no established policy regarding a cut-off date, one should be

3.5 Advocacy /Outreach– Kenny (8 minutes)
            Refer to WITS ADVOCACY REPORT 2011 02 27.doc. Kenny gave brief
             oral update to his written report:
             o SB 5807 not necessarily dead.
             o Kenny would like to re-label heading “WITS INVOLVEMENT IN
                MEDICAL INTERPRETER ISSUES” in his advocacy report to
                PROFESSIONAL ISSUES.”
Milena moved and Louise seconded three points from WITS ADVOCACY REPORT
2011 02 27.doc:
“WITS Advocacy will focus on the following:
   1. Hiring properly credentialed interpreters
   2. Resisting moves to cut rates to interpreters
   3. Any legislation affecting interpreters”
Following discussion, the motion was tabled until the next board meeting. President
Barbara requested that the Advocacy Committee continue work on the issues it has been
working on.
            Outreach – brief report on current activities: mentoring at PSSC (personally
             KB); attended Snohomish LAP Forum today – offer to provide
           presentations to Snohomish attorneys and court staff was enthusiastically
           received by court administrators; other outreach activities. Recruited
           Edward Wang today for Outreach Committee.

3.6 Programs –Alicia (5 minutes)
          Feb. 4-5 workshop review: report was submitted beforehand. Alicia thanked
           by name many who helped with the workshop.
          Programs plans for 2011, committee development (Susana and Kenny are
           willing to teach ethics class)
          Board will revert to default plan to have NOTIS-WITS picnic every other
           year, with NOTIS and WITS alternating as hosts. So the next picnic will be
           hosted by WITS in summer 2012.
          NOTIS will host 2011 annual holiday party, but appreciates WITS
           arranging for the venue at WAC. Host for holiday party alternates each

3.7 AOC Interpreter Commission –Katrin Johnson (5 minutes)
          Update from AOC
          (See handout “AOC Court Interpreter Program – 2011 Planned Events”)
           Requested coordination with WITS to avoid conflicting educational events
           scheduled on the same day, and to complement each others’ efforts.
            Requested help from WITS (e.g. Outreach Committee) with 1-hr session
             “role of court interpreter” at mandatory orientation classes May 14 –
             Bellevue (maybe May 21 – Yakima too)

4 Administrative Report Office Manager – Sam
          Refer to reports given previously by Webmaster Julia and by Membership
           Chairs. Also see updated AOC list with WITS, X-WITS, 0-WITS PDF file
           which will be emailed to Board Members with these minutes.
          Streamline board and committee activities through a shared calendar
           (omitted due to lateness of the hour)

4.1 Unfinished business and general orders

4.2 New Business
Input and help requested for WASCLA project to develop client language identification
tool in >35 languages, 2-3 lines of text per language, that would be location-neutral (not
refer to specific features of location), provider-neutral (not refer to specific type of
agency or service provider); useable with both literate and non-literate clients. Contact
Louise M.
Motion to grant exception so that Betsy Ainsworth-Grimm’s individual membership 2011
($45) be converted to institutional membership (normally $90) for PSSC with Betsy as
the listed PSSC contact without requiring additional payment. Moved by Sheila,
seconded by Julia, approved (one dissenting vote).

4.3 Schedule Times and Venue for Next Board Meeting:

Friday April 29, 2011, 6pm-7:30pm food, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm Board meeting
at Julia Davidov’s home.

5 Adjournment at 10:07 pm

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