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Sue Douthwaite, Gill Campbell, Tracy Brookes, Amanda Smith, Emma Afford,
Gina Whiley, Lisa Lane, Mark Collins, Mel Joslin, Denise Mitchell, David Gamble,
Kathryn Lister, Claire Robinson, Mel Lamb, Zoe Lawton, Vicky Benson, Kirsty


Apologies for absence were received from Carole Laws, Becky Wilson and Rachel
Sanerivi. Catherine Warne had hoped to attend and Helen Spray had expressed a
wish to attend future meetings.

Minutes of the last AGM.

Sue Douthwaite read the minutes of the last AGM as there were a large number
of new parents at the meeting. They were accepted as a true and accurate record.

Chairman’s Report

Sue Douthwaite told the meeting that she would not be standing for re-election
as Chair of the committee. Sue thanked the Headteacher and staff at the school
for all their support over the years. She also thanked all those parents, past and
present, who have helped to raise funds for the school.

Sue thanked Emma Afford for always keeping clear and concise records of the

Gill Campbell thanked Sue for all her hard work and dedication in being Chair of
the Friends and co-ordinating events over the years.

Sue listed the main events that have been held in the previous year and these are
also listed in the Treasurer’s report.

Treasurer’s Report

The accounts have been independently examined by Mrs Julie Axup.

Events over the past year have raised a total income of £5,059.43 and payments
of £4,007.10 have been made.

The discos have raised total income of £377.60. Out of this £123 went to Sport
Relief, at the request of the staff. Profits included £1,039.29 from All My Own
Work, £689.40 from the Christmas Fayre, £130.36 from the Fish, Chips and Bingo
Night, £186.60 from the coin picture and £449.60 from the Treasure Hunt and

Main expenditure was £390 for shelving in Foundation and £1000 for coach hire.
A copy of the Fund Statement is attached at the end of the minutes.

We currently have £2,403.14 in the bank.

Gill Campbell reminded the meeting that £750 was agreed at a previous meeting
for the tyre park additions. This is still to be paid out of the £2,403.14.

The meeting was told about some of the expenses on the fund statement such as
the ice creams at the Driffield Show when Gardening Gang had attended in the
summer. Sue went through the organization of the Fish and Chip night and
explained that the evening had been made easier by the staff at the fish and chip
shop boxing and labeling our orders. David Gamble pointed out that the Treasure
Hunt and BBQ had made significantly more than the Fish and Chip night. Sue
explained that some events are held more as a social event than purely for
fundraising purposes and that this was one of them.

A new parent asked if events were ever held at the weekend as this might attract
more attendance. Sue explained that this had been done in the past but it did not
seem to make a significant difference. However, it did mean that staff had to
attend at the weekend rather than just staying late after school and this was not

Election of Officers

Chairman                    Denise Mitchell
Proposed by                 Claire Robinson
Seconded by                 David Gamble

Vice-Chairman               Mel Joslin
Proposed by                 Emma Afford
Seconded by                 Kathryn Lister

Minute Secretary            Claire Robinson
Proposed by                 Denise Mitchell
Seconded by                 Mel Joslin

Treasurer                   Emma Afford
Proposed by                 Mel Lamb
Seconded by                 Gina Whiley

Vice-Treasurer              Mel Lamb
Proposed by                 Claire Robinson
Seconded by                 Denise Mitchell
Committee Members

The 5 elected officers are automatically committee members as is the head
teacher and therefore need to be trustees (as we are a registered charity). We
also need some other trustees who are usually able to attend meetings so that we
always have a quorum of 6 at meetings to allow us to make decisions. Trustees
are sent a letter detailing any requirements and asking for their contact details,
which will be held at the Charity Commission. The following people agreed to be
trustees: Kathryn Lister, Lisa Lane, Kirsty Palfreyman, Mark Collins, Sue
Douthwaite and Zoe Lawton.

The Charity Commission post a twice yearly newsletter online at

We are members of the National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations
(N.C.P.T.A) and receive a newsletter each term, which is kept in the Friends
Pigeon Hole if anyone wishes to read it. Our Insurance cover is also through the

At this point Gill Campbell asked if Sue wanted to hand over to the newly elected
Chair but Sue thought she should continue with chairing the meeting.

Volunteers to Co-ordinate the Discos

Mel Joslin and Claire Robinson will continue to organise the discos and the
following people were happy to help when needed: Kathryn Lister, Lesley
Gamble (David Gamble volunteered his wife who does not work Fridays), Zoe
Lawton, Mel Lamb and Kirsty Palfreyman.
The adult to child ratio needed will be 1 adult to 15 children. Therefore if the
whole school attends the disco 11 adults will be needed at the disco. There are
usually several members of staff who stay for the disco. Several other people at
the meeting indicated they would be happy to help if needed. The next disco will
be held on Friday 15th October 2010 and the whole school will be invited to

Events and Provisional Dates for 2010/2011

The Christmas Fayre will be held on Friday 26th November. Lisa Lane asked if
organisations, not involved with school, are invited to have stalls at the Fayre in
return for a percentage of the profit they make. This has been tried in the past
but has not provided sufficient revenue. A meeting to discuss the Christmas
Fayre will be held on Monday 8th November at 2pm in school.

Lisa Lane also asked if we had considered having a charity stall at local car boot

Zoe Lawton suggested a monthly “Items for Sale” list, which would be circulated
to all parents and anyone wishing to advertise items would pay £1 or £2 to do so.
Mel Joslin has agreed to co-ordinate this along with help from another volunteer.
Gill Campbell indicated that if the photocopying costs became too large then the
school would have to ask for money to cover the costs. This was agreed. It has
since been agreed with Gill Campbell to charge £2 to advertise.

All My Own Work - Lisa Lane asked if it would be possible for the templates to
be sent home so that siblings could also do a design. Sue informed the meeting
that it has always been possible for extra templates to be taken home but that if
they are returned creased or are not kept within the borders then some of the
design may not print well or be cut off completely. It was decided that templates
would be sent home rather than completed in school. There will have to be strict
instructions on how to complete the design and the order form, as it is not as
clear as might be expected. We will also have to be strict on the return date for
completed order forms. The templates will be sent out on Thursday 21st October
and will have to be returned by Wednesday 3rd November. Mel Joslin asked for
copies of all letters to be sent to her so that she and Denise can organise this.

Zoe Lawton asked if local businesses are asked for prizes for raffles. Sue
confirmed that they are. Zoe volunteered to take on this role.


Julie Axup has again independently examined last year’s accounts. A gift token
will be sent to her as a Thank You gift. An amount of £10 was agreed. Sue
indicated that Julie would not accept anything of a greater value. It was also
agreed that Julie would be asked if she would be prepared to examine next year’s


All parents are sent a letter asking if they would like to receive a copy of the
minutes and to provide the name of their child and preferably email address in
order to do so.

Correspondence / Expenses / Money

All correspondence must be checked by the Headteacher, Chair or Staff
Representative prior to being sent out.

Anyone may at any time ask to be reimbursed for expenses incurred but large
amounts must be agreed by the committee.

Any money must be counted by 2 people, and a record slip completed and signed
by both, must be included for the Treasurer. These slips can be found in the
Friends file in the staff room.

Any Other Business

Gill Campbell gave Sue a gift voucher as a token of our appreciation.
Emma Afford will require signatures from Denise Mitchell and Mel Joslin for
paperwork for the bank accounts.

Mel Lamb offered to do fliers/ posters for the class windows/ notice board/
book bags. She also asked if information could be sent out to parents detailing
what has been purchased with funds raised and also detailing items that we
want to raise funds for as this might encourage more people to support events.

Sue reminded the meeting about please use this
website to access your usual online retailers when you make purchases and then
the school receive a percentage of your purchase. This does not cost the
individual and only requires you to register with easyfundraising.

At this point the meeting was closed.

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