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									                                               De-Stress Vets, LLC
                                            Club and Clinic Newsletter
                                                3-13-2010, Issue 3

                  Next Clinic is Saturday, March 20th at St. Matthew’s. See website for details.
This issue:
Wounded Warrior Program giving brief info talk at March 20th clinic
De-Stress Vets talks or demos for your group
Haiti Disaster Recovery Program and Acupuncturists Without Borders (AWB)
Clinic News
Fan page on Facebook
Interested in being a Volunteer?

Generally, the purpose of the clinic is stress-management via short meditation followed by a community
acupuncture treatment using AWB protocol. Chair massage available as CMTs become Clinic Volunteers and
are available.

Virginia’s Wounded Warrior Program (Region 5) will be at the March 20th Clinic
Guest speakers from the local WWP will speak briefly at the next clinic. Information on the program will be
available before and after the clinic. We are looking forward to it!! Thank you, WWP.

February Clinic info
OUR THIRD CLINIC on Saturday, Feb. 27th, was great!!! Thanks to all who volunteered and those who
participated. Thank you to VFW Post 4809 for donating the space for the clinic. Check out our website for the
next clinic: Stress management techniques available at the February clinic included:
guided meditation, acupuncture, massage, and craniosacral therapy.
Our Clinic Attendees: Megan Kingsley Gale, L.Ac. (manager), Daniel Johnson, L.Ac. (Clinic Volunteer), Maiyah Olivas,
energy therapies facilitator (Clinic Volunteer), Lisa Wenger, CMT (Clinic Volunteer), patients
Time and location: VFW Post 4809 (Located off Military Hwy behind Lone Star Steakhouse and near Toys R Us). 0900-1200.
For patients: check in at 0945. Clinic ends about 1100-1130.
General summary
Clinic was in larger hall this month, Lieliand Hall.
Feedback from After tx Survey forms for past 3 clinics:
Would you recommend this to others? Yes: 100%
Is this your first acupuncture treatment? Yes—50%
Comments from feedback forms:
“I am currently injured and in extreme pain most of the day and I awake most of the night due to pain. It was
beyond wonderful how great it was to relax despite my injury.”
“great practitioners; I recommend it to everyone I know; completely relaxed!; this was very relaxing”
“It was nice, I like the meditation; the place was too cold to relax more, even though overall great experience”
“It was very relaxing and I would recommend it to anyone and I would definitely do another treatment”
 “frequency—resiliency—more and more; this is a great intro; just keep being friendly, professional,
conversational; very good thing you have going here--hope it becomes real successful! Need louder music and
more comfortable chairs. Remind receivers to drink extra water for the next few days; you are all awesome!!”

   Constructive criticism:
   “flyers. There are other veterans/active military/family members like myself that did not know of these clinics.
   Flyers should be posted in the local outpatient clinic as well.”
           ---we love to get as many flyers and our info out there as possible. We must have permission from the facility to post,
           though. Please post our flyers in your local area, with the proper permission from the entity/business. Thanks!!
   “bring reading materials or other relaxing things to do”
           --we prefer that while the “needles work”, that you just practice breathing and being aware of your breath. Reading
           materials usually distract from this, so we discourage it. If you really want to read something while you sit with the needles
           and you are not disturbing others while you do it, please bring up the request to Megan, the manager, before the clinic starts.
         --also, we will ask the VFW about temperature control for future clinics. Thanks for the heads up!
   Donation box: received $130. Thank you to all who donated. 

   The clinic is funded by donations and member dues. The suggested donation is $20 per person per treatment.
   This amount helps us cover our costs for running the clinic. The value of each treatment per person is $70+.

   Interested in Volunteering?
   Looking for Clinic Volunteers and non-Clinic volunteers. . .
   Massage Therapists
   Reiki Practitioners
   Licensed Acupuncturists
   Laypersons to help with media coverage, paperwork, fundraising, and generating ideas. 

   Interested in being a Clinic Volunteer?
   Anyone interested in being a Clinic Volunteer must pay dues, complete Protocol Training, and turn in the
   following paperwork: copy of updated CPR and first aid training, copy of relevant licenses and certificates (as
   related to any health/medical work performing in clinic, with permission of the Manager), copy of relevant
   malpractice insurance (as applicable such as in massage therapy and acupuncture). If these are not in to the
   Manager before the clinic, prospective volunteer is not a Clinic Volunteer. If they are eligible, they may receive
   at the clinic as a patient and be a patient, but they cannot be a Volunteer until the above requirements are met.

   What are dues?
   Dues are $10/month or $100 for the year. You do not have to be a Clinic Volunteer to help with the Club.
   Besides looking for Clinic Volunteers and Donated Space,
   we are looking for
1.        Places to have donation boxes and
2.        Help with fundraising and
3.        Getting the word out about the clinic.

   Treasury news:
   If you know a clinic or place willing to “host” a donation box, please contact me at
   with “donation box” in the subject heading.
   If you have ideas for fundraisers or fundraising please fill out the “contact form” on the website with a note
   about your ideas in the “notes” section. People can also donate online at

   Megan will do another a talk and demonstration at Centura College Chesapeake on Acupuncture and Stress
   Management for the massage therapy department at 6:30pm on Monday, March 15th for the night classes.

Many students and faculty are either veterans, part of the military family, and some are caregivers. We hope
this generates interest for these future graduates to volunteer their massage therapy services in the clinic or refer

Want a Clinic to come to YOU?
If you are a group that would like a De-Stress Vets stress management clinic to come to you, please contact us
to set this up. (See the “Contact Us” page on the website.)

Check out our Fan Page on Facebook!
Maiyah set this up for us. Check it out and let us know what you think! To find it search for “De-Stress Vets”
on your facebook page.

Haiti and Acupuncturists without Borders
The De-Stress Vets stress management clinic is inspired by and a friend of the Acupuncturists without Borders
(AWB)’s Military Stress Recovery Project (MSRP). A group from AWB left in early February to help in Haiti.
For more information on this relief work, please follow this link: “Haiti Disaster Recovery Program”.


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