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Short Sleeve Tees
Women’s 5 oz. short sleeve t-shirt. 100%            Sleeveless Tees
micro-fiber polyester.                              Women’s 5 oz. sleeveless t-shirt.
                                                    100% micro-fiber polyester.
Brighter White Breezy Pink
6167 Adult XS-XL. 6134 Adult XS-XL.                 Brighter White Breezy Pink
                                                    6123 Adult XS-XL. 6089 Adult XS-
Mercury Silver Blue Sky Blue                        XL.
6156 Adult XS-XL. 6145 Adult XS-XL.
                                                    Mercury Silver Blue Sky Blue
                                                    6112 Adult XS-XL. 6101 Adult XS-

10 oz. long sleeve sweatshirts. 100%       Khaki with Black Trim
spun polyester.                            (moisture wicking mesh
Brighter White Ash Heather                 vents).
4601 Adult S-3XL. 4690 Adult XS-XL.
Golf Shirts
This placket shirt with 3/4” shirt-tail hem and ribbed
sleeve cuff is great for landscapers, wait staff, and
the uniform industry. 100% spun polyester.

White w/White Collar
4050 Adult XS-3XL.

Blizzard Blue (Solid Color)
4022 Adult XS-3XL.

                                            Short Sleeve T-Shirts
                                            The Vapor Micro Performance styles are made with a revolutionary
                                            light yet durable 5.0 oz. micro-fiber fabric. Two needle
                                            cover stitch-in-hem and four-thread over lock for extra strength
                                            in all hem seams. Great for sporting teams and events of all types
                                            that are seeking customized performance apparel. 100% microfiber

                                            Brighter White Mercury Silver
                                            4446 Adult XS-3XL. 4435 Adult XS-3XL.
                                            8268 Youth S-L. 8257 Youth S-L.

                                            Athletic Gray Blue Sky Blue
                                            4469 Adult XS-3XL. 4413 Adult XS-3XL.
                                            8255 Youth S-L. 8246 Youth S-L.

                                            Mars Red Blacker Black
                                            4424 Adult XS-3XL. 4402 Adult XS-3XL.

                                            Zesty Yellow Vegas Gold
                                            4457 Adult XS-3XL. 4404 Adult XS-3XL.

                                            Athletic Gray - 100% Recycled Micro Polyester
                                            4120 Adult XS-3XL.
Golf Shirts                                                         Long Sleeve T-Shirts
100% micro-fiber polyester fabric gives this polo a soft, smooth,   5 oz. long sleeve t-shirts. 100%
dressy feel. Great for coaching staffs, golf teams, tennis teams,   micro-fiber polyester.
and pro shops.
                                                                    Brighter White
White Steel                                                         4269 Adult XS-3XL.
4020 Adult XS-3XL. 4024 Adult XS-3XL.                               8213 Youth S-L.

Sand Blizzard Blue                                                  Mercury Silver
4023 Adult XS-3XL. 4022 Adult XS-3XL.                               4258 Adult XS-3XL.

                                                                    Athletic Gray
                                                                    8211 Youth S-L.

     These bib style aprons aren’t just for cooking –
     they’re also great for cleaning, gardening, art projects,
     and other activities, too! Versatile and useful,
     these aprons can be custom decorated with a sentimental
     phrase or a cherished photograph.

     APRON2731 27”x31” Apron.

     Aprons w/3 Front Pockets
     APRON2824P 28”x24” Apron.
Showcase your artwork or advertise to prospects                Hardboard Coasters
in a very unique way. Polyester with neoprene                  Beverage coasters offer a unique way to display
rubber                                                         business logos, favorite photos, or artwork. 1/8”
backing.                                                       hardboard.

Round Coasters                                                 Square Coasters
C316 4”x1/16” Coaster.                                         U1009 4”x4”x.125” Coaster.
C318 4”x1/8” Coaster.
C375 4”x3/16” Coaster.

Square Coasters
C416 3.5”x3.5”x1/16” Coaster.
C418 3.5”x3.5”x1/8” Coaster.
C400 3.5”x3.5”x3/16” Coaster.

                         Hardboard Coasters
                         Reaching out to a new level of function and refinement,
                         this hardboard coaster features a cork bottom
                         that prevents sliding and protects furniture surfaces.
                         Square Coasters
                         U5677 3.75”x3.75” Hardboard Coaster.
                         U5701 3”x3” Slotted Holder, Mahogany.
                         U5676 3”x3” Slotted Holder, Natural.
                         Round Coasters
Coaster/Napkin Holders
Add these mahogany-colored coasters and a
matching holder to your home or office décor. The
coaster holder can also be used as a napkin holder.
Great gift for weddings, anniversaries, and housewarmings.

Displays 3.56”x3.56” FRP Inserts
U5806 4.25”x5.5” Holder w/Two Inserts.
U5805 4.25”x4.25” Coaster w/One Insert.

FRP Insert
U5808 3.56”x3.56” FRP Insert.
Porcelain Ornaments                                              FRP Ornaments
Ornaments can be hung by a gold cord loop or displayed on an     Customized tree ornaments featuring photos
ornament stand.                                                  of friends and family capture the
Double-Sided Porcelain Ornaments                                 spirit of Christmas and offer a special touch
                                                                 when used as gift tags. 3/32” Glossy
K103P-2 2.875” Snowflake.                                        FRP.
K226P-2 2.8125” Round.
K102P-2 2.875” Scallop.                                          Double-Sided FRP Ornaments
K505P-2 3.1875”x2.875” Heart.                                    U5509 3” Ball. U5576 4” Star.
K504P-2 1.5625” Heart.                                           U5510 5” Tree. U5768 4.5”x2.5” Snowman.
                                                                 U5511 4” Bell. U5769 2.5”x4” Dog Bone.

               These sturdy, two-sided ornaments feature a dimensional metallic edge finish
               that adds an extra design element to your artwork. Each comes packed with a
                                          red ribbon for hanging.

                                        Aluminum Ornaments
                                         U5922 2.75" Round.
                                        U5924 2.6"x3" Hexagon.
                                        U5923 2.375"x3" Oval.
                                        U5925 2"x3" Rectangle.
                                       U5966 2.75”x4.1” Tapered.
                                        U5967 3"x2" Rectangle.
Bottle-Shaped Boards
These sturdy glass cheese boards are shaped like a             Glass Cutting Boards
wine bottle and are perfect for serving small portions.        This functional, sanitary, and heat resistant
Non-tempered smooth glass with white                           glass cutting surface is great for slicing, dic-
opaque coating, includes self-adhesive rubber feet.            ing, and mincing in the
                                                               kitchen or for serving elegant appetizers at a
Bottle-Shaped Glass Board                                      party. Includes self-adhesive rubber feet
CBWB412-WHITE 12.3125”x4.5”x.25” Board.
                                                               4019 11.8”x7.87”x.15” Cutting Board w/5mm
                                                               Radius Corners.

                                                          Key Hangers
                                                          Our key hanger makes an attractive decoration for
Round Cutting Boards                                      any household, plus keeps keys organized and easy
A stylish way to present meats, cheeses, crackers,        to find. Each key hanger is pre-drilled for four
and breads. Made with a handle so they’re easy to         hooks,
carry or hang on a wall (insert sold separately).         which are attached after imaging. 1/2” MDF with
                                                          black bullnose edge.
Displays Textured Glass Insert
WP510CH 10.125”x14.75”x.75” Board, Cherry.                Key Hangers
WP510MP 10.125”x14.75”x.75” Board, Maple.                 U5578 4”x10” Key Hanger w/4 Hooks.

Glass Insert
4017 7.87”x.15” Textured Glass Insert.
                                                                    Paddle Cutting Boards
Cheese Boards                                                       Ideal for display, entertaining, or as a gift.
Spice up your kitchen with a custom                                 Made with
imprinted cutting                                                   a handle so they’re easy to carry or hang on a
board! Includes a leather strap and self-                           wall
adhesive                                                            (insert sold separately).
rubber feet.
                                                                    Displays Textured Glass Insert
Cheese Boards                                                       WP500CH 14”x5”x1” Board, Cherry.
CB714 7.5”x14.25” Cheese Board.                                     WP500MP 14”x5”x1” Board, Maple.

                                                                    Glass Insert
                                                                    4002 8”x4”x.125” Textured Glass Insert.

                         Wine Gift Boxes
                         Wooden wine boxes make beautiful keepsakes for
                         favored clients, wedding parties, and special friends.
                         Each 13.5”x4.75”x4.25” box holds a standard 750ml
                         bottle. Box and lid sold separately.

                         Displays One Hardboard Insert
                         WP520CH Wine Gift Box, Cherry.
                         WP520MP Wine Gift Box, Maple.
                         WP525PROMO Wine Gift Box, Unfinished.

                         Hardboard Insert
                         UC3008 4”x13.0625” Hardboard Insert.
Desk Clock w/Stand
These clocks look fantastic imaged with        Desk Clock w/Stand
corporate                                      Equipped with mechanism, requires one AA
identities or ”timely” photos. Equipped with   size
mechanism,                                     battery, not included. 3/32” FRP.
requires one AA size battery, not included.
1/8” hardboard with acrylic base.              Desk Clock w/Stand
                                               U5549 4.75” Round Desk Clock.
Desk Clock w/Stand
U1027 4”x4” Desk Clock.

Offset Desk Clocks
Equipped with mechanism, requires one AA
battery, not included. 5/8” MDF.               Perpetual Plaque w/Clock
                                               Our perpetual plaques add color to ”employee of
Offset Desk Clocks                             the month” programs. 3/4” Medium Density
U5758 5.5”x8” Offset Desk Clock, Black Edge.   Fiberboard (MDF).

                                               Perpetual Plaque w/Clock
                                               U5581 11.625”x16” Perpetual Plaque.
Hardboard Wall Clocks                            Aluminum Wall Clocks
The large round clock provides more image        Imprint with a family crest or shield to create a
area                                             favorite den or bar clock. Equipped with mechanism,
for personalization and makes a great gift for   requires one AA battery, not included.
home, office, or church. Hardboard.              Aluminum Wall Clock
                                                 U5650 8.125”x.030” Face, Lens, Works & Frame.
Hardboard Wall Clock                             U5627 8.125” Face w/Works.
U1028 8.125”x.125” Face, Works & Frame.          U5724 8.125” Face.
U1015 8.125” Face.
                                                 Silver Aluminum Wall Clock Kit
Large Hardboard Wall Clock                       U5947 8.125"x.045" Silver Aluminum.
U5823 11.4” Round Wall Clock w/Works
   Heat Set Fabric Patches
   Create patches for identification, marketing,               Pet Tags
   awards, trade show                                          Designs can include the owner’s address, home
   promotions, or to commemorate special                       and work
   events. Transferring fullcolor                              phone numbers, veterinarian names and num-
   logos or designs onto the patches will impress              bers, even medical
   organizations,                                              information - all while expressing the pet’s dis-
   businesses, sports enthusiasts, and individuals             tinct personality.
   alike.                                                      .045” Aluminum.

   Fabric Patches                                              Pet Tags
   P101W 3” Round Patch.                                       U5770 1.25”x1.375” Heart.
   P102W 2.5”x4.5” Rectangle Patch.                            U5773 1.25”x1.5” Circle.
   P103W 2.5”x4.5” Oval Patch.                                 U5771 1.5”x1” Dog Bone.
                                                               U5772 1.1875”x1.25” Fire Hydrant.

Bag Tags
Tired of confusing your black suitcase with everyone else’s?   Miscellaneous Bag Tags
Give your luggage, briefcase, book bag, or duffle              U5649 3.5” Square, 3/32” FRP.
bag some personalized pizzazz with an identification tag       U5507 4” Round, 3/32” FRP.
that’s just your style.                                        U5654 3.5” Diamond, 3/32” FRP.
                                                               U5897 4”x2.67” Megaphone, 3/32” FRP.
Rectangle Bag Tags                                             U5993 2.75”x4” Football, 1-Sided, 3/32” FRP.
U5503 2.75”x4” Bag Tag, 3/32” FRP.
U5505 3”x5.5” Bag Tag, 3/32” FRP.                              Bag Tag Straps
U5556 1.75”x3.5” Bag Tag, 3/32” FRP.                           LS7BLK 6”x.375” Black Leather w/Gold Buckle.
DS235W 2”x3.5” Bag Tag, .04” Aluminum.                         UF601-0 6” Plastic Luggage Straps.

Business Card Bag Tags
U5655 2.5”x4.25” Bag Tag, 3/32” FRP.
U5658 Laminate For U5655.
ID Badges For Lanyards
For an employee or visitor, custom designed ID
badges can include logos, custom designs, and full
color photographs. Includes slot for lanyard clip.

Slotted Aluminum ID Badges
SUBMET001SS 2.125”x3.375” Badge, Satin Silver.
DS001W 2.125”x3.375” Badge, White.

Slotted Double-Sided FRP ID Badges
U6034 3”x2” Badge, White.
U6048 2”x3” Badge, White.
                                                  License Plate Frames
License Plates
                                                  Choose text and a background design to make a
Imprintable license plates allow you to express
                                                  personal, political, religious, patriotic, or commercial
to thousands of people everyday. Slotted for
easy mounting.
                                                  Metal License Plate Frame w/Chrome Finish
                                                  LPF612 6”x12” Frame, Holds (2) Imprintable
Aluminum License Plates
U5656 5.875”x11.875”x.03” License Plate, White.
                                                Aluminum Inserts (1 Top & 1 Bottom).
U5948 5.875”x11.875”x.045” License Plate,
                                                U6681 Inserts For LPF612, Not Legal in CA.
                                                LPF613 6”x12” Frame, Plain.
FRP License Plates
                                                  FRP License Plate Frames
U5512 5.875”x11.875”x3/32” License Plate.
                                                  U5552 12.25”x6.25” Car Frame.
U5519 3”x6”x3/32” Mini License Plate.
                                                  U5928 12.25"x6.5" Car Frame, Specially Cut

                                                  To Display Date Stickers & State.
                                                  U5657 5.375”x7.688” Motorcycle Frame.
White Mugs                                           Steins
Great for customer rewards, employee recogni-        Make any day Oktoberfest with an imprintable stein. Fill
tion, special events, and family reunions.           with the drink of your choice
                                                     or use as a display piece. Cheers!
MUG11 White Mug.
MUG15 White Mug.                                     Steins
                                                     STEIN 16 oz. Ceramic Stein.
                                                     STEINGF-CH 16 oz. Frosted Glass Stein.
                                                     STEIN22WT-CH 18 oz. Ceramic Stein w/Gold Trim.

                       Travel Mugs
                       Keep your message in front of customers, employees, and pros-
                       pects that are on the go with this sleek stainless
                       steel mug with resilient plastic lid, handle, and base. Fits most
                       standard car drink holders.

                       14 Ounce Travel Mugs
                       MUG22SS Travel Mug
Oval Door Plates
Add photo-like images and color combinations to       Desk Nameplate Frames
your door or desk that an engraved name plate         Great personalization item for desks and counters.
can’t match. Oval door plates feature two screw
holes for door mounting. 3/32” FRP.                   Desk Frames Display One Aluminum Insert
                                                      F-DH210-BLK 2”x10” Frame, Matte Black.
Oval Door Plates                                      F-DH210-PS 2”x10” Frame, Polished Silver.
U5546 5”x3.5” Door Plate, Glossy.                     F-DH210-RG 2”x10” Frame, Rose Gold.
U5547 5”x3.5” Door Plate, Matte.
                                                      Aluminum Inserts
                                                      SUBMET210SS 2”x10”x.025” Insert, Satin Silver.
                                                      SUBMET210SG 2”x10”x.025” Insert, Satin Gold.
                                                      UCM0002 2”x10”x.030” Insert, White.
                                                      DS210W 2”x10”x.020” Insert, White.

   Wall Nameplate Frames
   Great personalization item for walls and doors.

   Wall Frames Display One Aluminum Insert
   F-WB210-BLK 2”x10” Frame, Matte Black.
   F-WB210-PS 2”x10” Frame, Polished Silver.
   F-WB210-RG 2”x10” Frame, Rose Gold.
   Aluminum Inserts
                                                     Beautiful cherry edging adds distinction to corporate
   SUBMET210SS 2”x10”x.025” Insert, Satin Silver.
   SUBMET210SG 2”x10”x.025” Insert, Satin Gold.
                                                     awards, and advertising. 1” MDF.
   UCM0002 2”x10”x.030” Insert, White.
   DS210W 2”x10”x.020” Insert, White.
                                                     U1021 4.25”x4.25” Paperweight.

                                                     Paperweights w/Gold Plated Paper Clip
                                                     U1023 4.25”x4.25” Paperweight w/Paper Clip.
Pen Holders
Features three 1.25” diameter holes. 4.25”x4.25” ce- Note Holders
ramic tile sold                                      Post-it® Notes not included.
                                                     Displays One 4.25”x4.25” Ceramic Tile (sold separately)
Displays One 4.25”x4.25” Ceramic Tile                WP210CH 5”x8.5”x.75” Wood Note Holder, Cherry.
WP230CH 5”x5”x1.75” Pencil Holder, Cherry.           WP210MH 5”x8.5”x.75” Wood Note Holder, Mahogany.
WP230MH 5”x5”x1.75” Pencil Holder, Mahogany. WP210MP 5”x8.5”x.75” Wood Note Holder, Maple.
WP230MP 5”x5”x1.75” Pencil Holder, Maple.
                                                    Displays One Aluminum Insert
                                                    U5784 4.32”x6.25” Wood Note Holder w/Insert.

                                                    U5681 5.4375”x3.125” Hardboard Note Holder.
Trailer Hitch Covers                                  magMATES Magnets
The injection-molded covers fit into a 1.25” or 2”    magMATES™ flexible magnetic sheets are great for
square hitch receiver hole and is secured with a      short-runs of promotional refrigerator magnets.
hitch pin (not provided).                             With the use of full-color designs and photographic
1.25” Hitch Covers Display One FRP Insert             images, the possibilities are endless!

TTBLANK114 Hitch Cover, Insert Not Included.          Business Card Magnets (10 Cards Per Sheet)
U5737 Hitch Cover, Insert Included.                   MM62-0710 8.5”x11”, White.
U5661 4.7”x3.4” FRP Face Plate Only.                  MM74-0710 8.5”x11”, Brite Gold.
2” Hitch Covers Display One FRP Insert                MM63-0710 8.5”x11”, Brushed Silver.
                                                      MM64-0710 8.5”x11”, Brushed Gold.
TTBLANK2 Hitch Cover, Insert Not Included.
U5660 Hitch Cover, Insert Included.
U5661 4.7”x3.4” FRP Face Plate Only.

Aluminum Dash Plates
A must for any car or truck show, these dash plates          Beverage Insulators
can be produced using photos, text, and logos!               Our beverage insulators keep your drinks cool.
Dash Plates w/Round Corners                                  your own design for extra fun in the sun.
U5733 2”x3.5”. U5749 2.125”x3.375”.
                                                             For 12 Ounce Cans
Dash Plates w/Square Corners                                 HUG2 Foldable Style w/Slotted Bottom.
U5730 1”x3”. U5731 2.5”x3.5”.                                HUG4 Wrap-around Style w/Velcro Closure.
U5748 2”x3.5”. U6042 3.4375”x4”.
                                                             For 12 Ounce Bottles
                                                             HUG3 Sports Jersey Style.
Eyeglass Case
Keep your eyeglasses safe and secure with this soft
                                                       Key Chains
Neoprene case. Fits most frame sizes and features
                                                       Serves as a remembrance of any special oc-
two imprintable panels with black gusset, zippered
                                                       casion. Double sided.
closure, and a durable clip.
                                                       FRP Key Chains w/Ring & Snap
Neoprene Eyeglass Case
                                                       U5525 1.25”x3” Rectangle.
MP006 6.5”x3” Case w/Zipper, 2-Sided.
                                                       U5766 1.875”x3” Football.
                                                       U5521 2.5” Round.
Cloth Lens Cleaners
                                                       U5934 1.9”x2.6” Artist Palette.
MP013 5.75” x7” Lens Cleaner.
                                                       U5524 2.25” Square.
                                                       U6051 2”x3” Football.
                                                       U5520 2.5” Heart.
                                                       U5896 2”x3” Megaphone.

                                                       Aluminum Key Chains w/Ring & Snap
                                                       DS12W 1.345”x2.5” Oval.
                                                       U5995 1.6”x2.25” Rectangle.
                                                       U5917 1.375”x2.5” Oval.

   Stadium Seat Cushions
   Add comfort and warmth to hard stadium or
   bleacher seating!
   A built-in handle makes them very convenient
   for ball games,
   boating, and other outdoor events. Also great for
   knees while planting or weeding in the garden.        Novelty Tokens
   Creates a lasting                                     Our tokens can be used for a dazzling
   impression for school fund raisers, civic groups,     variety of purposes including
   sports fans,                                          mementos, advertising pieces, souve-
   and more. Polyester with neoprene rubber back-        nirs, and poker chips. The
   ing.                                                  white plastic composite disks are
                                                         double-sided, and weigh 10
   Round Stadium Seat Cushions                           grams each.
   SC12R 12.5”x.75” Seat Cushion.
                                                         Novelty Tokens
                                                         CC15 1.5”x.131” Novelty Tokens.
Refrigerator Magnets
These single sided magnets are designed for bril-     Car Flags
liant color reproduction                              Customize with sports logos, school mascots, politi-
and photo quality images. Great for filing cabi-      cal ads and
nets and                                              more! Sturdy plastic poles attach the flags to any car
refrigerators. Self-adhesive magnet included.         window.
3/32” thick FRP.
                                                      Single Sided Car Flags
Refrigerator Magnets                                  FLAGS/P 7.5”x10.75” Car Flag w/Pole.
U5522 2.5” Round, Glossy.                             FLAG01 7.5”x10.75” Car Flag, Flag Only.
U5527 2.5” Heart, Glossy.
U5523 2.25” Square, Glossy.

                                                      A personalized compact mirror is a great way to
Nail Files                                            thank a maid
Not only are these one-of-a-kind glass nail files a   of honor and bridesmaids or to commemorate a
beautiful wedding                                     special occasion
or bridesmaid gift, they are also a great way to      such as a bridal shower or bachelorette party. Ad-
promote                                               ditional inserts
hair and nail salons, spas, or other cosmetic busi-   also available.
                                                      Compact Mirrors
Glass Nail Files                                      CPM001 3” Scalloped Compact.
IC037 5.25”x.5” Nail File w/Protective Sleeve.        CPM002 3” Round Compact.
                                                      CPM003 3”x2.6”x.3” Rectangle Compact.
                                                      CPM004 2.5”x3”x.4” Oval Compact.
                                                      CPM005 2.5”x 3”x .3” Heart Compact.
Lighters are no longer just for smokers! Fully imprintable
and make great additions for utility drawers or emergency
kits. They can be personalized with images or photos to be
used as beautiful keepsakes.

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