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					JUNE-JULY, 2011                                                                                       Volume 7, No 6 & 7

               FROM THE PRESIDENT                                                     HISTORIC DAY

It was about 6:50 on Easter morning when the sun first
broke the horizon. The choir members were gathered
together at the back of church getting ready to enter              On Sunday, May
and it seemed as though every face in view of the rising           29 four were
sun smiled in awe at the same time. It truly was a sight           joined to Christ
to behold. I think that same scene repeats itself often            by Holy Baptism.
in the sunshine state. Just ask our northern winter                They were Alison
residents and/or visitors how nice it is to see the sun            Fallon and her
rise and shine as often as it does here as compared to             daughters Kalyn
where they are from. And that doesn’t say anything
about the gorgeous sunsets we experience just about as                                             and Laci. Alison and
often as the sunrises. If one didn’t know better, you                                              Stephen Langer (also
might be tempted to take all those sunrises and sunsets                                            pictured) plan to wed
for granted. Instead we should count each one as an                                                on August 6.
added blessing from the God who loves us.                                                          Also baptized: Harlan
Certainly God showers us with numerous blessings each                                              Miles Estey, son of
and every day of our lives. But that Easter sunrise in its                                         Bruce and Stephanie
entire splendor produced the biggest and best sunrise                                              Estey and grandson of
of all time. It ushered in that first Easter when Jesus                                            Dick and Sally Langer.
rose from his grave to bring light into the world.
When the sun rose on that glorious morning I don’t
think the disciples were up early with the intent of
observing the sun rise. They had a little more than that
on their minds. They had just lost their friend and                                    THANK YOU
leader, Jesus, and a general state of confusion and fear
overwhelmed them. But it didn’t take long for God to
squelch their fears by showing himself to them as the                                      For several years now, when Bill
risen Savior.                                                                              Gebhard comes back from his
                                                                                           northern home in Racine, WI,
His rising gave visible proof to his promise of                                            he takes over the cleaning of
conquering death. Christ had indeed defeated Satan,                                        our whole church facility. Each
sin and death itself. As a result, your total forgiveness is                               week he stops by the church
guaranteed, and so is eternity with God in heaven.                                         several times to see that the
Cling to him in faith and you will be happy to all                                         trash is taken out and
eternity. Enjoy each sunrise as a shining reminder of              everything is in good shape. Bill, we want you to know
God’s great love for mankind and while you are at it               your work is greatly appreciated. We hope you have a
enjoy those beautiful sunsets as well. What joy it                 good summer and we look forward to seeing you in
should bring to realize that the sun will never really set         September or soon after.
on our lives because we have life everlasting with God!
                                                                   During the summer Armand Occhetti, Jim Pergola and
God’s blessings to all,                                            Fred Aguda have volunteered to do this work. We
Greg Wendorf                                                       deeply appreciate all they do as well.

                                                               Prof. Marzolf’s first remark about the sanctuary was
                                                               that the pictures he has seen don’t do it justice. Then
                                                               after the service he came up to the chancel to look
                 FROM THE PASTOR                               admiringly at the furnishings again. Prof. Marzolf is an
                                                               ordained pastor as well as having degrees in music from
Ramblings                                                      St. Olaf College and Minnesota State University at
Everyone who was at the service on May 22 was in awe           Mankato. He knows music, but he is also an expert on
of the Bethany musicians. From the first note the room         worship. He was speaking as an expert in admiration of
was filled with music. We were concerned about the             our furnishings, the crucifix and the chancel. It
fact that about two-thirds of our people are up north or       reminded me that when we were planning the chancel
away. But we couldn’t have asked for it to go better.          area our desire was that we furnish it with the great
The choir certainly held up their end of it, and our           symbols of the church. These symbols begin with the
efforts worked out almost perfectly. Once again we             altar, reminding us of Christ’s sacrifice and the Lord’s
must thank the ladies of Open Bible. Most of the work          Supper that is placed on the altar. Above the altar is the
fell on them again. I know they spent hours planning           crucifix reminding us that our message is that of St.
for the sack lunch and the continental breakfast. It           Paul: “God forbid that I should glory, save in the cross of
sounds like a routine task, but not when you are               our Lord Jesus Christ, by whom the world is crucifi-
preparing for 100 people. It ended up they did their           ed unto me, and I unto the world.” (Galatians 6:14) The
usual first-class job with everything. Thanks to the           pulpit with the carving of an open book on the front
Council that generously provided funding for the sub           reminds us that God has given us his word to preach.
sandwiches. Thanks also to Fred Rathgeber for                  All who proclaim it from the pulpit are bound to that
providing the soft drinks and to all who provided juice        word alone. The other symbol, the one Prof. Marzolf
and food.                                                      was admiring at the moment, is the baptismal font
                                                               reminding us of the Great Commission. The globe
Some have inquired about the Bethany Choir so let me           shape reminds us that our mission is to the whole
tell you a bit about the college and their tour. Bethany       world. The font also reminds us of our baptism by
Lutheran College is a four year Liberal Arts College           which we were connected to Christ, and of the fact that
operated by our sister synod, the Evangelical Lutheran         we are baptized into Christ to live for him every day.
Synod in Mankato, Minnesota. (Three bits of trivia:            Because we sin daily, we renew our baptism daily
Pastor and Lois Meier both attended Bethany. I                 through contrition and repentance. These furnishings
attended Bethany College and Seminary, and a man               are not only functional, that is, to be used in worship;
who grew up in Mankato came to the concert at least            they also are educational and inspirational. We should
partly because he saw the choir was from there. He and         study them and let them remind us of their meaning for
his wife are now prospects.) Bethany’s Graduation is           our spiritual lives. This set of symbols keeps our
held in mid-May and only then is the choir free to             attention on the Means of Grace, the Word and
embark on a two week tour. Some years they go to               Sacraments by which the Holy Spirit works to create and
Europe but usually they tour a part of the US. This year       sustain our faith. Our hope in the original plan was that
they began their series of concerts in Naples, FL. Then        nothing be added to compete with the message of
they went across the state to Vero Beach and Port St.          these symbols.
Lucie, Sebring and Kissimmee before coming to Open
Bible. From here they went to Pooler, GA near                  ONE MORE THING—We are grateful to God for the
Savannah. After two more days of travel they sang a            many visitors who came. Maybe it was good that so
concert in St. Louis, MO, another in Ames, IA and then,        many of our own people were away. It gave us
finally, their Homecoming Concert at Trinity Chapel at         incentive to invite friends and neighbors. Our larger ad
the Bethany campus on Thursday, May 26. In all they            in the Daily Sun also brought many people, and at least
will have traveled about 4500 miles and sung ten               one couple just happened to be visiting that day. The
concerts.                                                      result is that I know of at least two couples who are
                                                               prospects because of their visit. One man told me on
The choirs and their directors were excited about
                                                               the phone that the choir was sensational and the
singing at Open Bible and about the church building
                                                               people were so friendly.
itself. Someone noted that students came back into the
sanctuary to take pictures of the place where they had         While we continue to thank God for this great day, I will
sung just before departing on the bus. They will not           be working with our new Concert Committee to see
soon forget it.                                                about having the choirs from the Seminary, Wisconsin

Lutheran College and Martin Luther College come at              were welcomed so warmly we knew we had found our
future dates also.                                              second church home.”
                                                                Rules governing Canadian health care and U. S. taxes
          WHO’S WHO AT OPEN BIBLE                               limit the amount of time they can stay in Florida, so
                                                                they will probably be here for about 6 months each
                                                                year, primarily November through April.
                                       By Leslie Nelson
                                                                When Marion isn’t knitting, quilting or doing
Marion and Jim Petrie                                           crosswords, she is trying to beat Jim on one of the many
are good enough to                                              golf courses, and she is coming too close for Jim’s
share a little of their                                         comfort! Even when he is in Florida, thanks to the
history with us this                                            internet, Jim is still able to be involved in St. Paul
month. They were both                                           Church, WELS-Canada and a community association that
born in Ottawa, Ontario,
                                                                he chairs.
Canada, but were raised
in the Province of                                              They look forward to returning in the fall.
Quebec - Jim in Montreal
and Marion in Poltimore.
Marion was raised on a farm near Poltimore. After                                   BIBLE STUDY
attending school there, she went back to Ottawa and
earned a secretarial diploma. Jim went to school in
Montreal. They met through a mutual friend and were             The Sunday morning Bible Study will be suspended after
married on April 16, 1977, at St. Paul Lutheran Church in       June 12 and the Wednesday one will be completed on
Ottawa.                                                         June 1. Bible Study will resume at least by October.
Jim, amongst other things, spent 20+ years as part-             You may have noticed that attendance has dropped
owner of an industrial apparel manufacturing company            way off because of people coming and going. We will
in Ottawa. In addition to being active in his home              be gearing up for a big effort in October.
church, he is a founding director of WELS-Canada.
Marion, also very active in her home congregation, had
an interesting career working for both the Canadian and
Australian governments and the City of Ottawa.                                JUST ANOTHER DAY OR
The Petries have three children, Micheal, 42, Khrista,
                                                                                  FATHER’S DAY!
32, and Adam, 29, and two grandchildren, Shaefer, 3
years old, and Ryka, only 4 months old. Micheal, Pam,           How blest we are if we have grown up having an earthly
Shaefer and Ryka live in Vernon, British Columbia,              father. Many children today have no role model to
where Mike works for Canada Post. Khrista lives in San          follow in their homes. Sad to say, some have no idea
Mateo, California, and teaches grades 1 - 5 at Gloria Dei       who their biological Father is. Many men in our society,
Lutheran School in Belmont. She got her teaching                sinfully, only live to please themselves. There is no
degree at Martin Luther College in New Ulm, MN.                 Father's day for them. Perhaps there never was. The
Adam lives in Ottawa and is employed with the Federal           sin carries on from one generation to another. Many of
Government as a computer programmer. Between                    these men had no one to look up to in the Father's role
home, The Villages and visiting children and                    themselves.
grandchildren, Marion and Jim are often on the move.            Mission work is needed in our city neighborhoods. Our
They learned about The Villages through friends from            called workers and evangelism teams pour in every
Ottawa and four years ago decided to check it out.              drop of their energy in their zest for the Lord's work,
They did a tour but, at that time, wanted to look at            trying to fill this vacant spot.
other options. After trying those other places, they            Summer will be coming. VBS signs appear at our
decided to follow their friends and rented a place for          churches. Neighborhood children will come. Some
three months in 2010. Surprise, surprise! They enjoyed          have nowhere else to go and they find this, a summer
it so much that, lo and behold, they are now owners!            haven. With food for their bodies and hugs of love from
One of the things that helped in that decision was Open         Christians who realize their need. Here they will learn
Bible. “To be able to attend a WELS church was very             who their real Father is, the Father who will never leave
important to us, and from the first time we attended we         them or forsake them.
Our church of grandpas and grandmas has no need at                Accepted New Members:
this time for a VBS program. What we need to do is              Gene and Bette McConkey
support other VBS with our prayers. Pray these young            Fred Aguda
children, in VBS programs all over, learn through God's           Made Appointments:
Word how to eventually be good Fathers and Mothers.             Bill Murray to Head Usher
One day when they are grown, they will celebrate the            Doug Hartshorn to Elder
day, being with their children and thanking their Father
                                                                Richard Langer to Elder
in Heaven.
                                                                Bill Murray to Elder
Then it won't be just another day, but Father's Day for
another generation!                                             Stacy Vance to Concert Committee
                                                                Joan Blaho to Concert Committee
Children's children are the crown of old men; and the
glory of children are their fathers. Proverbs 17:6 (KJV)        Leslie Nelson to Concert Committee
                                                                  Approved and Completed:
Happy Father's Day to all the Fathers at Open Bible.
Enjoy it.                                                       Window blinds in Conference room
                                                                Window blinds in Kitchen
    Doreen Schaefer
                                                                Additional Choir robes and stoles
                                                                Added wide screen TV to fellowship hall
             ALTAR GUILD SCHEDULE                               Upgraded sound system
                                                                Two drink coolers for fellowship activities
            June – Mary Burel/Carol Stauske                     Up to $500.00 to feed Bethany Lutheran College
          July – Barb Matthias/Ardith Schmidt                     Choir members
       August – Bonnie Farnsworth/Doris Schlicht                Up to $50.00 for Mother’s Day flowers
        September – Sally Langer/Sharon Sanner                    Set future Programs:
                                                                New member recognition
                                                                Friendship Sunday
                     THANK YOU                                  Easter Sunday Activities
                                                                Bethany Lutheran Choir Concert
TO THANK YOU ALL AT OPEN BIBLE FOR THE FURNITURE THAT           Added gluten free communion wafers and
                                                                  streamlined communion procedure by utilizing a
HELPED DO NOT SAY THANK YOU LOUD ENOUGH. BUT LORELI               Church Council member to commune the pastor
AND MYSELF ARE TRULY THANKFUL FOR THIS. I ALREADY                 and assistant first
                                                                Updated Church Directory
JOB INSTEAD OF OVER THE ROAD SO THAT I CAN BE IN CHURCH         Began visits to widows and unmarried ladies
                                                                              LIBRARIAN NEEDED
                                                                         Anyone want to volunteer?
                                                                               QUILTERS WANTED

                          By Les Stauske, Secretary
                                                                   Anyone who enjoys quilting is invited to join the
The Church Council met on February 15th, 2011, March           group on the first Friday of the month (June 3 and July
10th, 2011 and on April 14th, 2011.                            1). If you have any questions contact Ruth Niermeyer
    The following is a summary of their actions:               (259-1018)
(The following is a blog written by a woman whose mother,          As much as I'd like to be angry about all this--as much as
Linda Henkel, is dying. The mother was relatively young and        I'd like to lament all the things my mom wanted to do
healthy but came down with an infection that slowly took her       but now never will--I can't do it. I can't think of one
life. The daughter’s words speak candidly about the                possible thing my mom could do on this earth that
emotional pain, yet hope they have because of our Lord             would surpass the joy beyond description she'll soon be
Jesus.)                                                            experiencing in heaven. I couldn't want anything better
Good evening!                                                      for her. For those of us still here without her, well, it's
I just got off the phone with my dad, and he asked me              not so easy. But we can rejoice that she'll soon stand
to write a few lines with the latest news. I told him I            before the Lord and hear the words made possible only
didn't really know what to say; he said I'd think of               through his grace: Well done, good and faithful servant.
something. I promised I'd do my best.                              Well done.
Mom hardly woke up today. Her skin is drawn, and she's             Gives me goosebumps.
getting thinner and thinner. It does seem like her life is         Grace and peace, friends.
soon to end, but as we've all learned, you just never              Love,
know.                                                              Keri

My husband Kevin commented today that it seems like
everything that's been predictable and calm in our lives                                        JUNE
has been tossed up in the air and landed helter-skelter                             Gene & Bette McConkey – 3
around us, kind of like how the tornadoes that went                                   Robert & Joyce Miller—7
through Minneapolis today wiped out people's homes                                   Greg & Carol Wendorf—7
and cars and even some lives in a brief but devastating                                Art & Esther Hartwig—8
whirlwind. Everything was fine, and then it wasn't.                                Armand & Dianne Occhetti—9
                                                                                      Jerry & Mary Brooks – 10
I've been back in the Cities the past two weeks trying to
                                                                                      Ron & Diane Brutlag – 14
go about life--work, family, grocery shopping, spring
                                                                                     Ken & Elisabeth Wells—15
cleaning--and sometimes there's a brief moment                                           Gary & Gail Luck--19
between sleep and wake when I forget that my mom is                                 Larry and Ardyce Fronk—20
dying. But before long I'm fully awake, and the reality                            Walt & Bonnie Farnsworth—25
of it hits me in the stomach with an intensity that takes                         Matthew & Dorothy Draeger—29
the air out of my lungs. I don't really know what                                  Bob & Carol Hinz—29
"normal" means anymore.                                                                          JULY
                                                                                     Dave and Nancy Gonia—3
Kara went back to Tucson today and was very happy to
                                                                                     Del and Linda Draeger—6
see Mike, as was Kaleb. She'll try to get back into the                              Dan and Joan Blaho—22
swing of things the best she can with the one big
unanswered question hanging over her head. When?
She and my dad have been the ones keeping a daily vigil
at my mom's bedside. Now it's just my dad. My                                                     JUNE
grandma and aunt come often too. The rest of us have                                       June Murray—1
said our goodbyes.                                                                    Joanne Stuedemann—7
This could all be really depressing. I'm not going to                                     Carol Stauske—12
sugarcoat it--it's the hardest thing any of us have gone                                Ruth Niermeyer—13
                                                                                            Ken Wells—13
through, and I imagine the hardest days are yet to
                                                                                        Tom Pawlowski—15
come. But here's the kicker, the good in the bad if you
                                                                                          Ardyce Fronk—27
will: We are not without hope.                                                            Mary Brooks—29
I love saying that because I know it's true. We're not                                      Ted Hahm—29
without hope that "goodbye" really means "see you                                                 JULY
later." We're not without hope that though a big piece                                    Diane Brutlag – 2
of our lives will soon be missing, we will all be okay. By                                Joanie Musiel—6
the grace of God and through his patient and gentle                                         Sally Stocks—6
                                                                                         Janice Walters—10
leading, we'll figure out what "normal" is again. We are
                                                                                      Charlotte Cummings—14
not without hope that Jesus will continue walking every                                Dorothy Draeger—28
step right beside us, just as he has our whole lives.                                     Bob Matthias—29
                                                                                         Liliane Pergola—31

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