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									    Message from Pastor Dick                 are many ways of looking at what the
                                             Spirit is doing.
As many of you know, I attended a
continuing education event at Pacific        In preparation for the conference, I did
Lutheran University June 20-23. This was     interviews with several of the members of
presented as PLU’s Summer Theological        the congregation, asking each the same set
Conference, an annual event that has         of questions. I found these questions
proved to be helpful to me in the past.      especially interesting. They dealt with the
The Office of Congregational Relations       background and involvement people have
arranges these events, drawing upon the      had in the congregation, the way they
wide array of theological expertise          came into the congregation, and what that
available in this country.                   was like, and what nourishes them in the
                                             congregation. Those of you who have
This year’s conference drew upon talent      read my annual report to the congregation
that is more local than some of the          know I have set a goal to visit everyone in
previous years’ have done. Dr. Samuel        the congregation on their turf during the
Torvend, of PLU’s faculty, director of the   next year. I plan to use these questions as
Center for Religion and Culture in the       a basis for these visits.
Pacific Northwest, and newly named to
the endowed chair for Luther Studies at      Visiting everyone in the course of a year
PLU; and Pastor Melissa Skelton, from St.    is an ambitious goal. It will mean five to
Paul’s Episcopal Church in Seattle, and      seven visits a week besides the visits to
Director of the College for Congregational   the shut-ins and those who are ill. I will
Development for the Episcopal Church’s       need your help to accomplish this. If
Diocese of Olympia were the speakers.        there is a time that would work
The topic of study was The Spiritual         particularly well for me to visit you,
Development of the Congregation.             please give me a call and suggest it. I will
                                             be making calls to set up times for these
During the two and one half days of the      visitations, but you can be pro-active as
conference several models were presented     well. This should be especially valuable
to help participants to think about the      as we begin to pull together after some
development of the congregation. These       difficult times in the parish. Thank you
closely parallel in some respects models     ahead of time for your cooperation in this.
used for the development of organizations
of many different types. However, the                        Death
question always before us was: how can               Jenora ―Jo‖ Breitbach
we, as leaders in our various                             June 26, 2011
congregations, find ways to enable the          Memorial Service - July 2nd at 2 PM
Holy Spirit to do its work among the
congregation? We discovered that there
       Congregational Life                    Friday Night Movie gathering meets in
                                              the Youth Room at 7:00 PM. Popcorn is
The “Speaking Christian” book study           provided. A list of movies is in a large
continues on the Sundays of July at 10:45     envelope on the bottom shelf just outside
AM.                                           the office. The ratings are listed with each
                                              movie so parents can decide if the movie
Advocacy in Action will meet on July          will be appropriate for their children.
5th at 5:30 PM in the Fireside Room.          Children must be accompanied by an
After a month’s break following the           adult.
successful fund raiser in May (Jammin’
for Justice - $4680+ was raised) we are       If you would like to receive a list and
ready to explore ideas and goals for the      description of the movies by e-mail,
upcoming year. Come join us at this           e-mail to Bonnie Christianson at
casual meeting and see if you’re interested   chrped@olypen.com.
in joining us. Find out how Advocacy and
Justice will be promoted by and then this     The Holy Bookers Book Club meets on
dedicated group.                              the first Wednesday in the church library.
                                              New members are welcome. The book
Prayer Shawl Ministry meets on the            club will not meet in July or August. The
second Monday of each month, July 11th        following is a schedule of books to be
and August 8th at 1:00 PM in the chapel.      discussed:
Contact Carol Dunlap or Karen Epler for            Sept: When God Doesn’t Answer Your
more info. All are welcome!                             Prayer by Jerry Sittser. Leader:
                                                        Martha Sirguy
                                                   Oct: The Book Thief, by Marcus
The Saturday Men‟s Breakfast group is
                                                        Zusak. Leader: Karen Tharaldsen
open to all men. They start with breakfast         Nov: Speaking Christian by Marcus
at 7:30 AM and conclude around 9:00                     Borg. Leader: Merry Van Deusen
AM. All are welcome!                               Dec: The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah
                                                        Vowell. Leader: Bonnie
Our Stewardship Project of the Month                    Christianson
is for the Back to School Event, August
20th at Jefferson Elementary School.          Please remember to have a family
    New or Gently Used Backpacks              member or friend contact the pastor or the
    School Supplies                           church office if you are hospitalized or
                                              need pastoral care. Pastor Dick’s home
                                              and cell phone numbers are printed on
                                              the calendar page of the newsletter if you
                                              need to reach him for an emergency.
Bulk Food Repackaging News                      Enrollment for Fall Preschool
In June we took 242 soup mixes to the         The Holy Trinity Lutheran Preschool is
food bank. The food bank had received a       enrolling for preschool. Children must be
large donation of canned tomatoes (over       age three by August 31st to enroll in the 2-
500 cans) and really wanted the soup to       day class and age four by August 31st to
create complete meals. They are very          enroll in the 3-day class. Contact the
grateful to Holy Trinity for the nutritious   church office at 452-2323 for more
soup mixes.                                   information or an enrollment form.
So far this year we have donated 1249
soup mixes and 537 cans of tomatoes to        Our Self-Service Library is open
the Port Angeles Food Bank, Salvation         whenever the church building is open.
Army and Voices for Veterans at a cost of     Easy directions for locating, checking out
$1408.87. We couldn’t do this without         and returning books are posted in the
your generous contributions of cash,          library and fireside room. The library has
ingredients and Ziploc bags as well as the    over 3,500 books and several periodicals.
hard work of our team of volunteers and       Several new books for children and adults
Holy KOW.                                     are added each month. See the ―Library
                                              Notes‖ on page 11.
There is less than $200 left which won’t
cover a month’s supplies. We are taking
July and August off but must raise some       If you haven‟t noticed yet – this issue of
cash so we can continue making soup             the Trumpet is for July and August.
mixes in the fall. We also need the           You will find the calendar in the middle
following items.                              with July on one side and August on the
    Sandwich and snack size Ziplocs                         other side.
    Brown rice
    Green Split Peas (25# bags)
    Lentils (25# bags)
    Canned tomatoes                          9:30 AM Worship with Communion
                                                continues through September 4th
Retirees‟ Lunch Group, 60 ish Men‟s
Group, and Quilters will not meet in
July or August.

          Counter Cultural                    Northwest. We will house them here at
                                              church; they will stay two nights in our
This past month we moved to one service       downstairs fellowship hall and rooms.
on Sundays, and began the practice of
encouraging congregants to come to            Additionally, in August, we are working
worship a few minutes prior to the            on a fun Sunday evening program of
worship hour, to sing any songs that they     Piano and Organ music… probably music
would like, that are contained in the         that hasn’t been heard much in this area,
Evangelical Lutheran Worship                  and just a delightful program in general.
(redbook)… this is partly to be sure that     The concert proceeds will benefit the Air,
lyrics of any requested music would be        Panes, and Pipes fund, and will be August
available for ALL to sing. It has gone        7th, at 7 PM, featuring Rosemary
well. Many of you have spoken with me         Brauninger, guest pianist and me.
directly about how it really lifts your       Rosemary is the organist at First Baptist
spirits. Be sure to look up a few favorites   Church, here in Port Angeles, and a
that you want to add to our singing time!     wonderful person to be working with!

There are now some ―business cards‖           Joy Lingerfelt
available at the office for you to have in
your pocket, at the ready, for your use in
inviting friends to join us in worship. The
fellowship at Port Ludlow is using them,               Kingdom Tales
and we thought it would be a good idea to          Tuesday, July 12 at 7 PM
try here, as well. They contain our              A musical production presented by
address, and the Summer Worship time,          ―New Wine‖ a high school music/drama
so grab a few soon, to share!                   group from Sauk Rapids, Minnesota.
We have a couple of fun, unique               Come for a potluck with the youth at 5:30
opportunities for fellowship (and                   PM in the Fellowship Hall.
evangelism-bring a friend) this summer:
Please plan on coming on July 12th at 7
PM. The NewWine drama troupe arrives            Air Panes & Pipes Fundraiser
that afternoon and following a meal                  August 12 at 7 PM
shared with our youth, they will present         An Evening of Piano and Organ
an energetic production (drama and            Joy Lingerfelt and Rosemary Brauninger
music) to share with us. A free-will
offering will be taken to help defray their
travel expenses as they tour the

     Summer Youth Events                       HTLC Scholarships Awarded
 Dining with God Middle School
                                             Holy Trinity Lutheran Church values
    & High School Students                   education and is pleased to award
                                             scholarships to members pursuing higher
Tuesday, July 12th at 5:30 PM                education. We are grateful for scholarship
Spaghetti Feed for the drama youth           funds provided from the Enduring Gifts
group coming from Minnesota. Come at         program. The following students will
5 PM to cook dinner, enjoy the meal and      receive scholarships for the 2011-2012
fellowship with the visiting youth and       academic year:
enjoy their presentation called ―Kingdom
Tales.‖ Sign up at the church office.        Graduating high school seniors:
                                                 Matt Simpson – attending
Saturday, July 30th (time to be                     Peninsula College
announced later). Lake Day at the                Lauren Corn – attending Kenyon
Gene & Mary Ann Unger house on Lake                 College
Sutherland. Bring your bathing suit, a           Alexis Corn – attending Mount
towel and sunscreen and be ready for fun.           Holyoke College
Sign up at the church office.                Lutheran College students continuing:
                                                 John Christian – attending St. Olaf
August (date & time to be announced)                College
Ecumenical Youth Gathering. Fun with             Thomas Christian – attending
friends from other local churches. An e-            Augustana College
mail will be send – keep your eyes peeled.       Jodi Chamberlin – attending
                                                    Pacific Lutheran University
             HTLC’s                          Continuing college students:
        Mission Statement                        Eric Braun – attending University
Called by God’s grace to share the                  of Alberta
           Good News,                            Dan Deese – attending Central
                                                    Washington University
   We are the hands of Christ:                   Thomas Meyer – attending
          opened in love,                           American University
      extended in welcome,
        joined in worship,
        offered in service,
       reaching for justice.

      Six Students Confirmed                All are invited to stay for brunch
                                                     after worship on
Pentecost Sunday, June 12th, marked the
celebration for six HTLC students of the        July 10th and August 14th
Affirmation of their baptism. This event             in the Fellowship Hall
is the culmination of two years of study    Donations will be accepted and proceeds
which includes the Ten Commandments,        will be forwarded to VIMO and MANNA.
the Creeds, the Lord’s Prayer,              If you would like to host another Sunday,
Communion, baptism and Lutheran             call the office to get it on the calendar.
history. We congratulate these students:
Audra Perrizo, Leah Marsh, Danielle
Grimes, Amber Due, Greta Gieseke and
Nicholas Fritschler. We wish them well          Guest Preachers in August
on their continued journey of faith.        While Pastor Dick is on vacation, retired
                                            pastor, Gene Bradbury, will preside at the
High School Graduates Honored               Eucharist on August 7, 14, and 21. Pastor
                                            Gene will preach on the 7th and the 14th.
June is the month of graduations and on     Don Corson is investigating becoming an
June 5th Holy Trinity recognized four       approved lay preacher for the Southwest
members graduating from Port Angeles        Washington Synod and will preach on the
High School. During the morning             21st. Remember, just because Pastor Dick
worship service, each student was           is away, you are not excused from
introduced and wrapped with a hug and a     worship. The principal work of the
quilt made by our quilting group and then   congregation is making disciples. That
a blessing to send them on their way. We    happens as people attend to the gathering,
celebrate with Alexis Corn, Lauren Corn,    word, meal and sending that is the shape
Ralph Davison, and Matt Simpson!            of our Sunday worship. Your presence is
                                            important, not only for your own
        College Graduation                  development as a Christian, but for the
                                            congregation’s development as a
Congratulations to Erika Meyer who          community of faith.
recently graduated Magna Cum Laude
from Pacific Lutheran University. Erika      We have Holy Trinity Lutheran Church
plans to work in Denmark with the study     business cards for you to use and pass out
abroad program for a year beginning in         when someone asks “where do you
August. She hopes to pursue a career in       worship?” They are available on the
public health and will begin graduate       table in the lobby/narthex or on the office
studies at Emory University.                    counter. Come by and get some!
      Annual Meeting Report                   our numbers, as well. Listed below are
                                              three specific challenges for each of us to
This year's Annual Congregational             consider as we begin a new church year:
meeting was held on June 19th, with
approximately 80 members in attendance.       1. A church can grow when it is a
Thank you to Patrick Irwin (and his           welcoming place for young families. As
family!) for his help as our                  such, let's get our hands busy staffing the
parliamentarian, and Gary Johnson and         nursery so that every week families can
Andy Anderson, our vote counters!             count on a place to leave their little ones
                                              during worship. In addition, let's get our
I am very pleased to report that our          hands busy teaching Sunday School,
Mission Budget (which doubles the             helping at Holy KOW or providing some
amount given to our mission partners last     extra adult assistance at Children's Choir.
year) was approved. Treasurer Gene            (Talk to Vicki about any of these ideas!)
Unger and the Finance Committee did an
excellent job using a sound and inclusive     2. A church grows when members are
process for the development of this year's    quicker to extend a welcome than to wring
budget. In addition, Lucy Nordwell was        their hands in worry about why we're not
elected as Minister for Communications        the way we used to be. As such, let’s lift
and Bonnie Christianson was elected for       our hands in thankfulness to God for the
her second term as Minister for Worship.      many blessings provided and face the
Charlotte Sellin and Bill Folden were         future in faithfulness.
elected to the Enduring Gifts Committee
                                              3. A church grows when there are
and the details of the Nominating             opportunities for active and meaningful
Committee are still being finalized. We       participation. Let's continue to use our
also ratified our Constitution.               hands to creatively provide education and
It seems evident to me that we are no         fellowship opportunities. What can you do?
longer a church in transition. We have        Holy Trinity has a wonderful tradition of
                                              “bubble up” ideas – think of ways you can
made some difficult and challenging
                                              take an idea and run with it. Vestry and staff
changes to our staffing structure and will
                                              would welcome your ideas and help!
continue to work to be good stewards of
our building and resources. More than         Great Is Thy Faithfulness!
anything, we will continue to keep
focused on our mission. "We are the           Karen Meyer, President of the Vestry
hands of Christ!" We are hopeful that this
next year will bring continued spiritual      (Copies of the Annual Report and Budget are
growth to us, individually and collectively   available in the church office.)
and we are looking forward to increasing
    High School Senior Spotlight                High School Senior Spotlight
            Alexis Corn                                Lauren Corn
Alexis just graduated from Port Angeles      Lauren just graduated from Port Angeles
High School. She was taking AP US            High School. She was taking AP English,
Government/Contemporary Issues, AP           Leadership, AP US Government, Physics,
Literature, AP Calculus, Chemistry,          AP Art, AP Calculus and Spanish 4.
Pottery/Collage and Spanish 4.
                                             She has been active in high school soccer,
She has been active in high school soccer,   track, Leadership, Key Club and Rider
tennis, Key Club, peer mediation, and        Crew. She also plays the harp.
rider crew. She has been a ski instructor
at Hurricane Ridge and plays the piano.      Lauren was born in Seattle and was
Alexis was born in Seattle and was           baptized and confirmed at Holy Trinity.
baptized and confirmed at Holy Trinity.      She has volunteered as an acolyte, usher,
She has volunteers as an usher, acolyte,     communion server and attended Sunday
and communion server and she attended        School and Children’s Choir.
Sunday School.
                                             Lauren will attend Kenyon College in
Alexis will be going to Mount Holyoke        Gambier, OH. She is the daughter of
College in South Hadley, MA. She is the      Maureen Sandison and Joe Corn and has a
daughter of Maureen Sandison and Joe         twin sister, Alexis.
Corn and has a twin sister, Lauren.

       Painting Opportunities                     Financial Situation as of
                                                       May 31, 2011
On Saturday, June 11th, ten HTLC                    April General Fund Income:
members spent part of the day painting the               Actual: $37,803
outside of the Church. A good time was                   Budget: $42,200
had by all. Fortunately for those who
missed or those who want more fun, there       May General Fund Expenses: $34,725
will be more opportunities either as a             YTD 5/31 Income: $404,460
group or individually. More of the siding         YTD 5/31 Expenses: $448,134
of the Education Wing and the garage               YTD 5/31 deficit = $43,674
could use a new coat of paint. Some of
this could be done from the ground and           Mortgage Balance: $380,292.42
some needs to be done from ladders. I am       5.75% - Pay off date: August 1, 2020
planning on having another work party in
August or September, or if anyone has a
few hours I would be glad to set them up.
Contact me at 460-2589.
                                                    Our Mission Partners
                                                 First Step Family Support Center
Rob Ruud                                                     Parentline
Minister for Facilities                               Encore-Adult Day Care
                                               Lutheran Community Services NW
                                                  Tanzania - School Scholarships
                                                          Holden Village
             Z‟s Green Tip                     Salishan Eastside Lutheran Mission
              By Zorba Stricker
                                                       SW WA Synod ELCA
   If you have a problem with kitchen          Lutherwood Camp & Retreat Center
compost odor, place a fragrant bar of soap      Serenity House and Dream Center
or scented candle by the container. Also,      Healthy Families of Clallam County
dump more often, wash thoroughly and a        Volunteers in Medicine of the Olympics
  drop or two of vanilla or dish soap in
  bottom of a clean container will help.
                                                  Weeds in the Memorial
                                                  Garden and Flower Beds
  Remember to recycle when you are at                  Got some extra time?
  HTLC. There are recycle bins in the        Just a few hours at your convenience will
   Fellowship Hall, upstairs lobby and        help keep our flower beds and memorial
            office. Thanks!                            garden looking great!
                                                   Thanks! It takes many hands!

        Vacation Bible School                  Get on Board! Port Angeles Back
     RENEW: GROW IN FAITH, HAVE                        to School Event!
                                               If you plan to get a new backpack for
Vacation Bible School, hosted this year by     school next year (or if you have several
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, is fast         collecting dust in the closet), bring that
approaching. Fun times are planned for         gently used backpack to HTLC by
the week of July 18-22 from 9 am to            August 15th for the Get Ready for School
noon for kids age four through grade five.     Event on August 20th at Jefferson
The theme centers around the parable of        Elementary School. Lutheran Community
the sower and the seeds.                       Service NW and many individuals and
                                               businesses in our community have pulled
Helpers are needed—youth and adult.            together to help kids get free school
Check out the materials and snack lists        supplies, haircuts, immunizations and
posted in the narthex: take one or more of     much more. They hope to provide 500
the slips and bring the items to HTLC no       backpacks for children!
later than Friday, July 15. And there are
items you can be collecting or finding at
home:                                            Worship Volunteers Needed
    Seeds from nature: pine cones, maple
seeds, etc. clean and labeled
    Seeds from fruit (watermelon, peach,         Snack Hosts or Coffee Hosts
avocado, etc.) cleaned, dried, labeled           Communion Set Up/Clean Up
    Small, clean containers with lids          We’ll be happy to show you all you need
(yogurt, cream cheese, cottage cheese, etc.        to know…. Contact the office!
    Seed catalogs, empty seed packages,
gardening magazines (to be cut up)              Nursery Attendants are needed!
    Paper towel cardboard tubes                 Contact the church office for volunteer
    Empty, clean 2 liter plastic bottles and   application and background check forms.
20 oz. (drink size) plastic bottles            Volunteers must be a church member and
    Empty cardboard cereal boxes               be approved by the education committee.

                                                  Offering Tellers are needed!
Registration forms are on the table in
                                                Contact Gene Unger, Treasurer at 452-
the lobby—children need to pre-register.
                                                2098 or the church office. Volunteers
Cost is $5; scholarships are available if
                                               must be a member and be approved by the
needed. Be sure to invite your friends and
                                                          finance committee.
neighbors! Registration deadline is July
         LIBRARY NOTES                       Music at the Royal Wedding. The
                                             singing of ―Ubi Caritas‖, a composition
          ENJOY SUMMER!                      by Paul Mealor, a little-known 35-year-
  Read HTLC Library Books &                  old Welsh composer, was one of the
         Periodicals                         surprises at the wedding of Prince
                                             William and Kate Middleton. Mealor
Below Are Brief Excerpts from a few of       received a letter last December from the
 the Periodicals You Can Read in Our         royal couple, requesting a musical
          Self-Service Library               contribution. The sixth-century text he
                                             chose for this choral anthem is
Cathedral Attendance Up, Says Church
                                             traditionally used for foot washing on
of England. The Church of England
                                             Maundy Thursday. It’s a prayer about
released statistics showing that weekly
                                             love and service. (Guardian, April 29,
attendance at its 43 cathedrals rose by 7
                                             quoted in ―Christian Century‖, May 31,
percent in 2010. Attendance at services
                                             page 8)
outside Sundays has grown more
significantly by 10 percent over the past
                                             How Much of Greg Mortenson‟s Books
year. (―Christian Century‖, May 31, page
                                             Were Fabricated or Embellished? The
                                             contents of Three Cups of Tea and Stones
Presbyterians Do Turnaround on Gay           Into Schools are based on events that
Clergy. On May 10 the Presbyterian           actually happened. Media allegations that
Church (U.S.A.) dropped its three-decade     Mortenson did not visit Korphe in 1993
opposition to ordaining gay and lesbian      are false; he first visited Korphe in
clergy. Pam Byers, voting elder said in an   September 1993 after failing to reach the
interview, ―I think the …reason for the      summit of K2 and later built a school
(shift) is that people genuinely changed     there. And Greg was detained and held
their minds‖ Turnaround votes occurred in    against his will in 1996, with his passport
several Bible Belt states. The nation’s      and money confiscated, although his
largest Presbyterian denomination at 2.1     captors did treat him well, as he
million members will join – officially on    accurately described in his book. Rebuttal
July 10 – the Evangelical Lutheran           to some of the allegations made on ―60
Church in America and the United Church      Minutes‖ and in other media reports can
of Christ in opening doors to qualified      be viewed at www.ikat.org and read in the
clergy and lay leaders without regard to     spring issue of the CAI periodical in the
sexual orientation. (―Christian Century‖,    library. (―Central Asia Institute’s Journey
May 31, page 12)                             of Hope‖, Spring, 2011, page 11)

The Meaning of Ascension. The                   Hospitality Is the Stage on Which
ascension means the crucified and risen         Grace Dances. In I Peter 4:12, believers
Christ is not confined to memories we           are instructed to become ―Good stewards
have of his earthly life, but is alive and on   of the manifold grace of God‖ and to
the move today. God provides the Spirit’s       ―serve one another with whatever gift
power through the gospel so we might            each has received‖. How, then, do we
bear witness today to God’s redeeming           become good stewards of the manifold
love in Christ, writes ELCA Presiding           grace of God? By being fully present
Bishop Mark S. Hanson. (―The Lutheran‖,         serving one another and waiting for God’s
June 2011, page 50)                             grace to take up residence within our
                                                small kindnesses. This summer’s theme at
Luther Seminary Student Co-founds               Holden Village speaks to the intimate
Facility for Children in War-torn               relationship between hospitality and
Kenya. ―We take kids from all the major         grace.(Holden Village Voice, Spring
warring tribes in the region and send them      2011, page 6)
to school together. We teach them about
Jesus and that the love of God transcends       50th Anniversary Celebration of Holden
tribal allegiance‖, Nathan Roberts, M.Div.      Village. Beginning in the fall of 2011,
senior (―The Story‖, Spring 2011, page          Holden Village will kick off celebrations
10)                                             for the 50th Anniversary of the Village’s
                                                programming and life as a Lutheran
Blessed Are the Poor: How a mission             retreat center. 1962 is the first year that
start congregation in Seattle lives out         Holden’s summer program focused on the
the Sermon on the Mount. Without a              Village as a church center for renewal.
home address, they can’t receive mailings.      (Holden Village Voice, Spring 2011,
Instead, it’s often a kind word or a gentle     page 3)
hug that brings people to the Church of
Steadfast Love. On her walk to the              Serving in the New City of God. In
Compass Housing Alliance each morning           Nehemiah God called for a new city in the
and afternoon, the Rev. Kristy Daniels          aftermath of the destruction of Jerusalem.
often sees people she knows from church         Today, New City Parish is a nonprofit
out on the streets. Many of them can find       urban coalition of nine ELCA
emergency, transitional or permanent            congregations serving south Los Angeles
housing at the Compass Center or related        and neighboring Inglewood and Compton.
shelters, but some end up in a cycle that       The goal is to share the gospel and forge
includes nights out on the streets. (―The       relationships in support of more just and
Story, Spring 2011, page 23)                    sustainable communities. ―We don’t just
                                                hand out food and a blessing and walk

away. We sit down with our neighbors                          Thanks!
and ask questions. What are their real
needs and concerns? And how can we            … to those who helped with the June 11th
better address them?‖ (―Stories of Faith in   work party – scraping, painting, pressure
Action‖, 2011, page 13)                       washing, etc.
                                              … to Vicki for working with the
Reviews of new books that will be
                                              confirmation class on the design for their
added to the HTLC library on August
                                              banner and for making it.
11 will appear in the September issue of
“The Trumpet”.                                … to the quilters for beautiful quilts given
                                              to our high school seniors.
Library Board: Pam Bundy, Helen
Harvey, Lois Larsen, Vi Nixon, Ann            … to all who help with funeral receptions
Marie Rahfeldt, Caralee Rupprecht, Merry      donating food and those who set up and
Van Deusen, Eldora Pederson - chair           clean up.

The radio broadcast on July 24th will be                 Donate supplies!
 at 8:30 AM and will be a recording of            Paper Towels, Napkins, Stamps
favorite hymns sung this summer. The                 Copy paper: 8 ½ x 11 or
  Seattle Mariners Games starts at 10                       8 ½ x 14
     AM while we are worshipping.
Tune in other Sundays at 11:00 AM on                   PLU Night at the
           KONP 1450 AM                            Tacoma Rainiers Baseball
                                                  Friday, August 12th at 7 PM
Erika Meyer, a graduate from Pacific          Admission is $10 and includes a hot dog,
Lutheran University, has been accepted to     chips, soda and Friday Night Fireworks!
a 13-month public health internship in
Copenhagen, Denmark starting August           All students, faculty, staff, alumni and
1st. She needs your help! Make sure to        friends are invited to PLU Night at the
call her at 360-775-5303 if you need          Rainiers. Come check out the newly
someone to take care of your                  renovated Cheney Stadium.
house/pets/garden while you're traveling,     Please visit www.plualumi.org to register
or need a nanny or babysitter for the         or call (253) 535-7415.
summer. Thanks so much!

     Sanity in the Summertime                 Have a one-day ―white tornado‖ day—
     Tips & Ideas for Families                clean as much of the house all at once!
                                              Reward with an ice-cream or popsicle
School’s out, summer is here! ―What can       treat.
we do today?‖ With the schedule more          Trip fun: create roadside Bingo cards
relaxed and kids having more free time,       with things you anticipate will be seen
sometime parents need a little help to find   such as a stop sign, McDonald’s, speed
creative and meaningful things for kids to    limit sign, a blackbird, etc. Have kids
do. Here a just a few ideas that might        keep a trip journal, collect an item from
spark your imagination even further.          special stops along the way.
Plan one day a week as Kid‟s Day.             Sign up and attend Vacation Bible
Together with the kids, plan what the         School the week of July 18-22.
activity of the day will be—a trip or walk
to the park, the beach, a museum, the art
center, the pool, a trail nearby. Let the     Are there hungry children in your
kids help make the lunch. Plan a crockpot              neighborhood?
dinner, so it will all be ready when you
get home.                                     First Step Family Support Center has
                                              organized Free Summer Lunch for
Get together with kids from the               children age 1 -18. They can come to any
neighborhood for backyard games, each         of the following locations to receive a free
week with a different theme: soccer day,      lunch, Monday through Friday until
T-ball day, Olympic games, circus fun.        August 26th.
Make cards and visit a grandparent, an        Roosevelt Elementary & Franklin Elementary
older member of the church, or one of our                  11:20 – 11:40 AM
shut-ins.                                     Jefferson Elementary & Boys & Girls Club
One day a week, plan something to cook                      12:00 – 12:20 PM
together—breakfast, cookies, something            Evergreen Family Village & Erickson
for dinner. Check our a children’s                   Playground 12:50 - 1:10 PM
cookbook from the library for some fun
ideas.                                                 Lower Elwah Tribal Center
                                                          11:00 – 11:30 AM
Do a simple art project: found art
                                               The Gathering Place     12:00 – 12:30 PM
collage with items from the pantry that
can be glued, or items from a nature walk;    Questions: 457-8355, First Step Family
finger paint with chocolate pudding; play     Support Center.
dough art.
     Southwestern Washington                Fellowship of Federal Way; and Living
           Synod News                       Stones of Shelton.

Your 2011 Synod Assembly                    Missionary to make rare visit
                                            Missionary to make rare visit ELCA
Wellness, on a number of fronts             Tanzania missionary Barbara Robertson
From a 6:30 a.m. yoga class to hikes to a   will make a rare visit home to the
workshop where participants laid hands      Southwestern Washington Synod from
on those needing prayer, the May            mid-August through late October and is
assembly of the Southwestern Washington     available to share her experiences. Her
Synod in Grand Mound focused on             availability is greater for Sunday-evening
―wellness.‖                                 gatherings, circles, mid-week Bible
                                            studies and vacation Bible schools.
Some 270 persons were encouraged when
the Rev. Dr. Craig Satterlee of the         Robertson serves in Morogoro Diocese of
Lutheran School of Theology told them       the Evangelical Lutheran Church in
Jesus yearns to heal our ―brokenness‖ and   Tanzania as part of a team establishing a
make us whole. They were delighted          primary health-care program. She has
when Dr. Alan Shelton, medical director     served in Tanzania for a decade, making
at the Puyallup Tribal Health Authority,    her one of the longest serving
showed them how to let go of stress and     missionaries from the Southwestern
stay positive. They rejoiced as Bishop      Washington Synod. Groups interested in
Robert D. Hofstad told them about new       hosting Robertson can contact her at
congregations and worshipping               mailto:bubia2@hotmail.com.
communities joining the synod and adding
to the overall health of Lutheran worship
in Washington state.                        Submissions for the monthly newsletter:
                                            Send to the office by the 15th of the month.
                                            Copies can be sent via e-mail, regular mail or
Bishop: Mission starts „in our DNA‟
                                            in person. Items are subject to editorial
Bishop Hofstad lifted up new worshipping    review by the staff..
communities in the synod, adding that the
practice of starting them now ―is part of
                                            USPS Identification Statement:
our DNA.‖ They include Federal Way          The Trumpet Newsletter is published monthly
Chinese Fellowship; St. Christopher         by Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, 301 E.
Community Church of Olympia; Messiah        Lopez Ave., Port Angeles, WA 98362
Lutheran Church of Vancouver’s new
north site; Peace Lutheran Fellowship of
Port Ludlow; Light of Grace Lutheran


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