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					DESCRIPTION: Years of service to a company. FOR WHOM THE SPEECH IS SUITABLE FOR: CEO, Management, etc. When you go to a car dealership and look at each one of the different cars produced by the manufacturer, what do you see? Most people would notice the car’s make, model, year, size, shape, color, and most of all, its price. They would also consider how much power the car has, how much mileage it uses per gallon, and what kind of accessories is included with the deal. But people hardly ever think about what it took to make the car unless they participated in the process or they are choosing a career in the automotive industry. Rarely, do customers reflect upon the designers, the engineers, the technicians, and the dealers. The majority just concentrates on the car and its manufacturer, and they simply buy the car that best fits their budget and preference without taking into account other factors. In the same way, people normally recognize those who are visible in a corporation: the owner of the business, the CEO, the executives and management, and finally, the company’s products and services. Seldom do people hear about the employees that work below the supervisors unless the people in the higher positions mention these employees. Nonetheless, the ones who diligently work behind the scenes are the unsung heroes and the very backbone of the company. So tonight we are here to acknowledge one of our unsung heroes. The purpose of this night is to show our appreciation for that extraordinary individual and to express our veneration for the many years he/she has steadfastly served our firm. When I first met this employee, the company was still in the development stages and was just starting to get up from the ground. From the very beginning of its establishment till the present, this employee has remained dedicated to this firm. Despite all that has happened, throughout the great milestones as well as the setbacks, this remarkable person has remained with this firm over all these years. For that reason, I am truly affected and impressed by his/her loyalty. And so I would like to commend that special quality about him/her. In the words of Napoleon Hill, American writer of Think and Grow Rich, “Definiteness of purpose with positive mental attitude is the starting point of all worthwhile achievement.” When people have a “definiteness of purpose”, they are clear and focused on what they have to do. These people are persistent and work meticulously because they are absolutely set on accomplishing those tasks. The ones who have a “positive mental attitude” are very optimistic about situations. These ind
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Description: Years of service to a company
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