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									DESCRIPTION OF SPEECH: Speech to accompany the presentation of an “BLANK Years of Service at COMPANY Award” WHOM SPEECH IS SUITABLE FOR: Person presenting the award. (Supervisor, closest co-worker, etc..) In the words of Rodin, “Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.” And as we enter the final stage of the build-up toward honoring [Awardee] with a [Award Name] today, I can proudly and honestly say that [Company] has used our experience wisely by not only hiring, but in making the most of our relationship with [Awardee]. I can’t speak for [Awardee]’s opinion of [his/her] time at [Company] on a personal level, or as it concerns [his/her] long-term dreams—although I’m guessing that [Company] fits in well, as [he/she]’s been [his/her] [number of years] years. But I can say, beyond any doubt, that [he/she] has certainly not wasted [Company]’s time. In fact, if every new-hire coming through our doors were an exact clone of [Awardee’s first name], I could take umbrage in knowing that there would be no time wasted whatsoever at [Company]. Of course, that would be rather weird. I mean, [his/her] [laugh, punctuality, cheerful tone of voice, etc.] is great, but only because it’s not something you experience in every coworker. Every day. Every hour, every minute of every workday… But seriously, there is a lot to be said for [Awardee]’s accomplishments here—from [accomplishment] to [accomplishment]—but this particular award is not about them. Actually, it is—but not about any particular one accomplishment. We are honoring [Awardee’s First Name] today for [number of years with company] years of accomplishment at [Company]. And that’s one heck of an accomplishment in itself. When [Awardee’s name] first came to [Company], [insert some factoid showing how times have changed—“we had only dot matrix printers on all our desks,” “typewriters sat where the computers are now,” “nonsmokers occasi
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