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									DESCRIPTION: A speech to motivate employees and set basic priorities for a new business year. SPEECH SUITABLE FOR: CEO, President or other Management professional who would address the staff for motivational and/or priority-setting purposes. As we at [Company] enter a brand new fiscal year, it is important to view this milestone as we would the arrival of the calendar’s New Year. Now, before you get too excited, this does not mean we’re about to break out the bubbly and sing “auld lane sine”. But, it does mean that it’s time to reflect upon the last year at [Company] with the proper balance between celebration and analysis—that is, using these experiences to set goals and priorities for the New Year. As Lyndon Johnson once remarked, “We can draw lessons from the past, but we cannot live in it.” This is, however, a time for celebration. [Company] accomplished a lot of great feats last year, from [accomplishment] to [accomplishment]—not to mention [major accomplishment]. Everybody in this room should be proud of their efforts over the past year and should take a moment to congratulate themselves. At the same time, though, we need to take a closer look at what we have done. What are the core lessons to be learned—and how can we ensure that last year’s positives continue into the future? For instance… [Add “example” and “lesson” to be learned from it; boiled down to the reason it was accomplished. For instance: “Why did we land the Johnson account? Those were some impressive holiday gift baskets, but it boils down to persistence.”] And [persistence?] is something we can carry into the future—every d
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