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									DESCRIPTION: Short, after-dinner, business speech. FOR WHOM THE SPEECH IS SUITABLE FOR: CEO, Management, etc. Now that people are about to be done with dinner, or at least finishing up, I would like to start by commending the chef for a lovely meal. It was a great opening to this evening, a delightful feast for the palate. I truly enjoyed it. And if you’re still eating—this is not a timer or the last warning signal—just carry on with what you’re doing. I would join you if I could. At this moment, I would like to conclude this evening by saying a few words. “What’s for dinner?” is a typical question that people have asked for thousands of years. Likewise, people have wondered about related questions and concerns: Who we’re having over for dinner? What’s the purpose of this dinner? When we’re having dinner? Where we’re having dinner? What we’re having for dinner? And how is the dinner prepared? From the beginning of time, food has been on people’s mind ever since the first Neanderthal scoured all over the earth in search of food at a time when he/she needed to plant, work, and harvest the land as well as hunt animals to survive. To this day, this topic is frequently brought up to the table, regardless of the advent of technology where machines now till the land and kill the animals in addition to processing the food. So much depends on this subject matter that numerous fields of study are associated with it, such as, of course, food science, history, culture, anthropology, social studies, health science, religion, business, economy, culinary arts, technology, career, physical education, psychology, and dentistry. The list goes on and on. Both positive and negative sides of the spectrum regarding this topic include optimism, tastes, ideals, hopes, and dreams to body image, pathologies, bulimia, anorexia, obesity, and other health related issues. Other than that, this subject encompasses all areas of life and, more often than not, shapes people’s lifestyle, influencing people’s diet, the way people live, and their outlook on life. In fact, these concepts about food can sometimes control people’s attitudes toward others, toward their body, and toward themselves; for instance, self-actualization, self-awareness, selfapproval, self-confidence, self-worth, self-esteem, self-control, and anything else that relates to people’s image of themselves and their image of others. Obviously, food is a very vital part of life. But we won’t be discussing the latter aspects of it. We will be discussing, though, the function of food in society. We also will be elaborating on perhaps the most important meal of all, dinner. It is apparent that food significantly affects people’s lives more ways than one. Food and water offer the necessary nourishment and nutrients to our bodies. Food is the very sustenance of life, health, and well-being while for others it also provides their main source of livelihood. For example, someone can work as a waiter/waitress or cook at a restaurant or a catering business for income, or another person can own that type of business for profit. In either case, without food and water, people would otherwise cease living. Unfortunately, the residents of the United States often overlook this fact of life. Because of the abundance of food in this culture, many take for granted the blessings and benefits that we have. It is qu
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