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									www.causeway.com                                                                   C A U S E WAY C A S E S T U D Y

                                                          talks to
                                                          The GAP Group

                              Causeway talks to

What the                      Frank McGrory
                              Head of IT
Causeway Tradex
                              Business: Plant and Tool Hire
solution does for             Turnover: £88.5 million (2007/08)
GAP Group                     Staff: 850
                              Solution: Causeway Tradex
• Electronic document
  exchange                    “Without doubt, Causeway Tradex delivers a huge
• Halves cost of invoice      saving in time and cost for us. The basic cost of
  processing                  sending a document is only a few pence, giving
• Proven ROI                  us an instant saving on manual processing costs.
• Easy to implement, use      Thanks to being involved with Tradex we also
  and manage
                              gained stronger links with Alfred McAlpine (now
• Integration with existing   Carillion Infrastructure Services) and have since
  back office systems
                              been granted sole supplier status, increasing our
• Bank Level Security
                              business with them from £1 million to £5 million.”
• Unique business             Frank McGrory
  process support
                              With more than 59 depots nationwide, GAP Group is the UK’s largest independent
                              plant and tool hire company. From saws to dumpers, and drills to excavators, GAP
                              offers modern, market-leading products and tailored hire solutions.
Q1.                                                   Tradex was developed in conjunction with HM            Q5.
                                                      Revenue and Customs to meet the requirements
What was the issue for                                of the EU Directive on eInvoicing and was a
                                                                                                             What have you found to be
your business?                                        founding member of the ‘Hub Alliance.’ Industry        the main benefits?
As a result of being a supplier to some of the        information exchange standards, such as those          GAP has seen the cost of invoice processing
pioneers behind Tradex, GAP was invited to            developed by BASDA (Business Application               reduced by more than half, whilst stronger links
consider the adoption of electronic trading and       Software Developers Association) and CITE              with key customers through the Tradex exchange
to move away from paper based document                (Construction Industry Trading Electronically)         have resulted in increased sales. The company
exchange.                                             initiatives were used to ensure maximum flexibility.   estimates that the processing cost per invoice
With its commitment to deadlines and the              Since inception, many other interface options          has reduced from around £12 to under £5 with
complex logistics of even the smallest projects,      have been established covering a wide range            a typical reduction in handling time from eight
the construction industry is an ideal candidate       of purchasing and accounts applications,               days to four days.
for electronic trading in all its forms. Electronic   from Sage to RedSky and SAP. These allow               Time spent tracking paperwork is also significantly
exchange promises faster transfer of documents,       companies of all sizes to establish a single           reduced, resulting in lower administrative costs,
process visibility, a clear audit trail and reduced   interface with their trading partners across           more timely access to information, greater
administration costs.                                 the construction industry.                             visibility within internal departments and
                                                                                                             improved partnering service levels.
Q2.                                                   Q4.
                                                                                                             Tradex also supports many other value added
Describe the process you                              How was the new
                                                                                                             services to help users achieve the objective
undertook to find a solution                          implementation rolled-out?                             of establishing an integrated supply chain
We were typical of many firms in the industry         We signed up to trial the Tradex service in            information environment. These range from
who wanted to make document transfer more             March 2002 and set about developing an                 document status reporting to a multi-stage
efficient, but we were looking for solutions that     export file format that would allow us to trade        invoice approval workflow.
would take us beyond the existing capabilities        directly with Alfred McAlpine (now Carillion           We have expanded our trading community to
of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), which had       Infrastructure Services). This took about three        include companies such as Amec, Core UK
already gone some way to show what was                weeks and then, after some initial testing, we         and Morgan Est and continue to add new
possible.                                             went live the following month. The good thing          partners each year.
                                                      about Tradex is that it works for us and our
Having been involved in the early stages, when
                                                      customers with only a small investment.
leading companies formed the initial Tradex
                                                      We quickly achieved our initial target of around
community, we were impressed by the potential
                                                      2,000 invoices to be traded online per month
of the service. Having quantified the opportunity
for savings and increased efficiency that Tradex
                                                      and since then the value of invoices we have              To find out how Causeway
                                                      exchanged electronically has exceeded £70m.
brings, GAP Group pushed ahead to fully                                                                         can help your business

embrace this way of working.                          On a day-to-day level the service couldn’t be
                                                      simpler. Invoices are created and then the                please call us today on
Q3.                                                   exported file is uploaded from the accounts

Why Causeway?
                                                      department into Tradex. Indeed for all
                                                      companies using Tradex, the service provides
                                                                                                                01628 552000
Causeway Tradex is a proven, online, secure           a single interface that manages the complex
electronic trading document exchange that             integration to the many different applications
operates across the construction industry.            used by GAP’s trading partners. This allows us
It uses fully structured data to allow documents,     to quickly expand our use of electronic trading
such as invoices and orders, to be exchanged          without incurring the set up and maintenance
electronically between the many different back        costs associated with multiple interfaces. If we
office systems used by each company’s supply          are to achieve the scale of adoption required
chain partners. It also allows document               within our industry then we need to work
originators to determine who will have the            through a central hub rather than duplicating
authority to send documents and to precisely          technology within each company.
which company they are to be sent. Likewise,
recipients can manage who is able to view,
download, or administer the documents received.
                                                                                                                                  Causeway Technologies Ltd
                                                                                                                         Comino House, Furlong Road, Bourne End,
                                                                                                                                       Buckinghamshire SL8 5AQ
                                                                                                                  t: +44 (0)1628 552000 f: +44 (0)1628 552001
                                                                                                                                           e: info@causeway.com

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