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on an adult-size ATV, (2) always wear a        policy statement presents background              lack of reported detail makes it unclear
helmet and protective gear, (3) never          information and recommendations from              which factors facilitate or hinder a
ride tandem on a one-person ATV, (4)           AAP’s Committee on Injury, Violence,              programme’s success.’’
never ride on paved roads and (5) never        and Poison Prevention about prevention
ride under the influence of drugs or           of shopping-cart-related injuries.                LEGO RECALLS TOY TRUCKS
alcohol.                                                                                         The US Consumer Product Safety
   Although the CPSC believes that there                                                         Commission, in cooperation with toy
                                               SAFE COMMUNITIES 20 YEARS
would be a decline in deaths and                                                                 manufacturer Lego Systems, announced
injuries if riders followed these safe-
                                                                                                 in September a voluntary recall of over
riding practices, the agency has also          The September issue of the bulletin of
                                                                                                 350 000 Lego Explore Super Trucks. The
proposed new rules to make riding safer.       the Queensland Injury Surveillance Unit
                                                                                                 plastic wheels on the truck can detach,
These include                                  contains a thought-provoking article on
                                                                                                 exposing a metal axle. This poses a
                                               the success or otherwise of WHO Safe
                                                                                                 puncture hazard to young children. Lego
N   banning three-wheeled ATVs, which
    present three times the risk of injury
                                               Communities, a concept that is now
                                               over 20 years old (
                                                                                                 Systems Inc has received 10 reports of a
                                                                                                 wheel detaching, with two children
    compared with four-wheeled ATVs            yk7ltz). The authors, Ruth Barker and             receiving serious puncture injuries
    and have re-emerged through the            Dawn Spinks, note that the concept of             resulting from the exposed metal axle
    import market, Internet and second-        ‘‘Safe Communities’’ evolved after a              and another child falling when the
    hand dealers;                              successful community-based injury pre-            wheel came off of the toy truck.
N   making the current voluntary stan-
    dard mandatory, which would
                                               vention project in Falkoping, Sweden in
                                               1974. The premise of this concept draws
                                               from community development models                 INJURY PREVENTION NEWS—
    require all ATVs to meet US safety
                                               and maintains that communities are                NEW NEW ZEALAND INJURY
                                               best placed to develop and implement              BULLETIN
N   calling for three models of youth
    ATVs instead of two and setting            local solutions for local injury risks.           A new comprehensive two-monthly e-
                                               Although environment and behavior                 newsletter, IP News, a collaboration
    speed limitations for each youth                                                             between the New Zealand Injury
    model;                                     have long been accepted as predetermi-
                                               nants for disease, the challenge has              Prevention Strategy Secretariat, Injury
N   requiring retailers to offer free train-
    ing to all ATV purchasers and mem-
                                               been to expand this understanding to              Prevention Network Aotearoa New
                                               include injury. Currently, there are 101          Zealand,     the    Safe Communities
    bers of their immediate family;                                                              Foundation New Zealand and Sandra
                                               designated WHO safe communities
N   requiring retailers to provide a writ-
    ten form to purchasers warning
                                               representing populations from 1000 to             James, allows readers to keep them-
                                                                                                 selves up to date on injury prevention
                                               1 000 000.     Most     of    them      are
    against the use of adult ATVs by           Scandinavian communities, but the                 activities in New Zealand. Visit http://
    children and giving death and injury       model is increasingly being taken up in  to read the second
    statistics related to children riding      Canada, China, South East Asia,                   issue and to subscribe to receive it
    adult ATVs.                                Australia and New Zealand. However,               regularly by email.
                                               despite nearly two decades of experience
CALL FOR NEW US SHOPPING                       with this strategy, strong evidence of its        FENCES AND SAFETY MEASURES
CART STANDARDS                                 success in reducing injuries in the               REDUCE CHILD POOL DEATHS
The American Academy of Pediatrics             community is lacking. A Cochrane                  For the first time in decades, the
(AAP) has called for a revision of the         review: ‘‘The WHO Safe Communities                Phoenix, Arizona, area went an entire
current US standard for shopping carts         model for the prevention of injury in             summer without a single child drown-
to include clear and effective perfor-         whole populations’’, conducted in 2005,           ing in a swimming pool—a remarkable
mance criteria for shopping cart child-        showed that only seven WHO Safe                   feat in this often broiling desert city full
restraint systems and cart stability to        Communities, of the then more than                of backyard places in which to take a
prevent falls from carts and cart tip-         80 worldwide, had ‘‘undertaken con-               dip.
overs. An AAP policy statement was             trolled evaluations using objective                  Contributors to these News and Notes
published in the August 2006 issue of          sources of injury data’’. The authors             include Anara Guard, Ian Scott, Joe
Pediatrics. (The abstract of the policy        concluded that ‘‘evidence suggests the            Colella, Sue Campbell and Barry Pless.
statement can be accessed at http://           WHO Safe Communities model is effec-              Michael Hayes has edited the contribu- Injuries associated       tive in reducing injuries in whole                tions. Items for future issues, including
with shopping carts are an important           populations. However, important meth-             calendar entries, should be sent to
cause of pediatric morbidity, especially       odological limitations exist in all studies       Michael Hayes at mike.hayes@capt.
among children of age,5 years. The             from which evidence can be obtained. A   as soon as possible.


                                               There was an error in table 1 of the article by
                                               Macpherson A, Parkin P, To T. Mandatory
                                               helmet legislation and children’s exposure
                                               to cycling. Injury Prevention 2001;7:228–30.
                                               The correct table is available online at
                                               authors would like to state that although the
                                               number of children was incorrectly tran-
                                               scribed, the conclusions remain unchanged.
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