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									                      Home/School Partnership
We value our relationship with parents and believe that by working
together we will develop a home/school partnership which will enhance
the children’s development and learning.
Staff, parents and governors of the school have worked together to
produce a Home School Contract. This is an agreement between home
and school which will ensure that all parties understand their
obligations and to ensure that we work together to provide the best
possible education for the children in our school. The agreement will be
issued at the beginning of each school year, and should be signed by the
Headteacher, parent or guardian, and the child.
We keep parents informed about school issues, children’s work and events
going on in school through a regular newsletter and on the school notice
boards. We aim to keep parents and guardians informed about new
policies and developments in the school through parents’ evenings.
We will inform you immediately if your child is having difficulties at
school and would ask you to contact the school to discuss any concerns or
to inform us if there are any factors which may affect your child’s
performance at school.
We welcome all parents and families to celebrate special events with the
children at the Bomarsund Welfare. We usually hold Christmas Concerts
and a Leavers Concert each year.
We welcome support throughout the school from parents and family
members. If you can help in any way please contact the Headteacher.

                Friends of Stakeford First School
The school has established a group of parents, teachers, governors and
grandparents, called the “Friends of Stakeford First School”. The
groups’ aim is to organise social events for the school community and to
raise money for the School Fund.
The “Friends” have organised children’s discos, raffles, Christmas Fairs
and Summer Fairs. All events are very well supported by the school
Letters informing you of meetings and events will be sent to you through
your child. Your support would be greatly appreciated.

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