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					Principals - Dr Michael McNamara, Carol Ashton, John Baston
College Leaders – Gemma Martin, Brendan Egan
President – David Morrison                  December 4 2009

Monday Dec 7                Year 7 Showcase Rehearsals                 Monday Dec 14                Presentation Evening 7.30pm
Tuesday Dec 8               Year 7, 2010 Orientation Day               Mon Dec 14 Fri Dec 18        Summer Program Years 7,8,9
Wednesday Dec 9             Year 7 Zoo Excursion                       2010 Wed Jan 27              Staff Return – Office reopens
Thursday Dec 10             Yr 7 Student Led Conferences               Monday Feb 1                 Term 1 commences for students

Student Leaders 2010
The student leadership team for 2010 has been announced.
The team is as follows:
College Captains: Emma Turner and Ben Gray
Vice Captains:            Jade Partier and Michael Hanley
House Captains:           Monique Kouvaras          Emerald
                          Eva Mendizabal            Ruby
                          Christina Reay            Gold
                          Ben McGrouther            Sapphire

These leaders were elected by students and staff members from the
largest field of candidates we have had in many years. All of the
candidates were worthy of leadership positions and the eight students
whose names are listed above have a special responsibility which I
am sure they will fulfil with distinction. I congratulate them on behalf
of the whole school.

A number of members of staff are leaving us at the end of this year. Colleen Powell, Meg Hannan and David Percy are retiring after
many years of distinguished service. Meg Hannan has worked at the College for 25 years. She has taught very successfully in a variety
of fields including Media Studies, Photography, Art and English. She has held many coordination positions, has been a member of the
leadership team and a School Councillor. She has contributed in countless ways behind the scenes. She has given so much to our
community. Colleen Powell has worked at the College for seventeen years and has been an exemplary teacher of Visual Communication
and Design, a Learning Area leader and a great creative force in the Arts team. David Percy has been at the College since 2002 and has
created the VCAL program here. This is a very significant legacy in its own right. In addition, David has worked in the Maths and
Technology fields and has been a long standing School Councillor.

Jen Reyment, Craig Abernethy and Fiona Bell are moving to other schools. Jen has worked creatively in the Art and Technology fields for
eight years and has been a wonderful Year 7 Coordinator. Craig Abernethy and Fiona Bell have been at Croydon this year. Fiona returns
to rural Victoria. Craig returns to the private sector. Both are talented and dedicated teachers whose students have benefited from their

Peter Maillardet, a part time Instrumental Music teacher, is teaching at a school closer to home next year. Sarah Sheldon and Caley
O’Neill are finishing short term contracts at the end of the year. Schools cannot do without these part time teachers taking specialised
allotments and we have been fortunate to have these three teachers working for us in this way.

 Integration Aides, Travis Fraser and Geraldine Kleine, have also finished short term contracts. Several Integration students have now
finished Year 12 and the Integration Program is slightly smaller next year. Travis and Geraldine have done great jobs and I thank them on
behalf of their students and the teachers they have supported.

Writing Competition
The 260 entries to the writing competition have been read and a shortlist of excellent pieces of writing has been prepared. The winners
will be announced on the website early next week.

Happy Christmas
To everybody in the school I thank you for your excellent work for 2009 and may you have a very happy and safe

Dr Michael McNamara - Principal
                               Croydon Secondary College – Respect, Honesty, Commitment and Achievement
School Council Report - November 23                                 Wellbeing Wrap Up
    •    Maroondah SC and Croydon SC Leadership Teams               As the year draws to a close, we can reflect on some wonderful
         met to discuss changes and submission regarding the        achievements in the Wellbeing Department. We have seen the
         Regeneration Project.                                      introduction of the Beaut Buddies program, and the SCIP
    •    We have recommended and approved a variety of              program has continued to grow. We can be proud of our first
         improvements and maintenance issues.                       Multicultural Day and many other small milestones throughout
    •    Federal Funding of the Chaplaincy Program will             the year. The breakfast club has chugged along while we have
         continue until the end of 2011                             chugged down countless pancakes dripping with maple syrup!
    •    Dr McNamara advised that more than 250 entries have        Our team has also grown and changed and we have seen many
         been received for the Writing Competition.                 students attend our Wellbeing Centre who we can be proud to
    •    Increased funding for 2010 has allowed the                 say have grown and made many positive changes in their lives.
         appointment of 5 new teaching staff with another 3 to
         be appointed.                                              The start of the year always marks a high demand season for
    •    The Government School Performance Summary 2009             welfare and wellbeing services, but particularly for uniforms and
         indicates improved results and increased enrolments.       books. Can I please strongly encourage you to donate all your
         Academic performance is excellent, including the areas     excess uniforms and books to the Wellbeing department so that
         of Music, The Arts and Debating.                           we can assist students in need at the start of the year. State
    •    Council approved some camps and excursions for             Schools Relief is available to families who are struggling
         2010.                                                      financially, however this service receives a high volume of
                                                                    requests at the start of the year and any way we can reduce the
Brian Wiltshire – Parent Representative                             strain on this charitable organisation would be a real help. So
FONO                                                                please drop in your spare uniforms or books to the office and be
                                                                    assured they will go to a good home!
On a hot and steamy night the Music students of CSC put on a
great show for the End of Year FONO concert last Thursday.          Lastly, throughout Mo-vember, the month formerly known as
                                                                    November, several of the men of Croydon donned the
Being packed into the confines of M3 due to the threat of           moustache to raise awareness for men’s health. We have
thunderstorms seemed to add to the atmosphere and the               proudly raised over $600.00 for the cause and were sad to see
students rose to the occasion.                                      some of the mo’s go this week. Both the Croydon Mo-Bros and
                                                                    the Mo-sistas all joined in the fun to raise funds to fight prostate
There were many highlights and these included: a high energy        cancer and depression among the men of Australia.
from the Year
10 boys Blake
Leroy Birch,
and Glen
playing the
‘Delirium’, a
great version
of the song
‘Taylor’, sung
by Ben Gray
and ably
backed by Grant Rushford, Shannon Blizzard and Alison
McCallum (all Year 11) and a fine first time performance from       Cale Maclaren – Wellbeing Coordinator
Kayla Jones (Year 8) singing the song ‘Travelling Soldier’. There
were also some great farewell performances from Year 12             Attendance information
                                                  students Carly
                                                  Bronson, Paul     Please ensure that your child attends school on all designated
                                                  Gronich and       school days.
                                                  Joel Dazenko
                                                  who have been     Please notify the school if your child is going to be absent by
                                                  wonderful         ringing 9725 8277 and leaving a message on the school
                                                  supporters of     absence line at your earliest convenience. The absence line is
                                                  FONO over the     operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
                                                  past 6 years.
                                                                    If you intend to take your child out of school for family
                                               Thanks are due       holidays during school term, please advise the school
                                               to the sound         office as soon as possible. This will avoid unnecessary
                                               and light crew,      phone calls to your mobile or answering machine during
                                               Guy Wintle,          your time away. ‘
                                               Blizzard, Dylan
                                               Breed and            2010 Term Dates
                                               Lachlan Naulty
                                                                    Term 1 1 February (students start) to 26 March – (teachers
for the great sound and smooth transitions between acts. Hope
                                                                    begin Term 1 on 27 January)
to see you all at the Mid Year FONO in 2010
                                                                    Term 2 12 April to 25 June (26 April - ANZAC Day Public
                                                                    Holiday and 11 June will be a student free day)
Mr Mifsud and Mr Harris                                             Term 3 12 July to 17 September
                                                                    Term 4 4 October to 17 December
Congratulations to our Years 9, 10, 11
                                                               Erin Keeble Buckle,2               Paul Gronich,2
and 12 Award Winners. (Other levels will be                    Ben McGrouther,2                   Ashleigh McAllan,2
published in the first newsletter for 2010)
                                                               Eva Mendizabal,2                   Brittany Van Hoven,2
                                                               Lauren Boshier,2                   Arantxa Adams,1
  YEAR 9 AWARDS                      YEAR 10 AWARDS            Dylan Breed,2                      Carly Bronson,1
                                                               Teliana Latu,2                     Keith Houldey,1
Sabrina Ng,14                      Stephanie Ortenzio,4        Jason McCracken,2                  Carson Macartney,1
Emily Magee,11                     Andrew Ferguson,4           Steven Reidy,2                     Pippa Mackey,1
Michelle Cutts,9                   Alan Gibbons,4              Ellen Anderson,1                   Gemma Martin,1
Jasmine Wright,8                   Jack Shiels,3               Shannon Blizzard,1                 Andrew Milton,1
Jake Moxey,7                       Jaron Why,3                 Janelle Ewert,1                    Darna Shepherd,1
Amy Breed,5                        Blake Hetherington,3        Lettecia Kern,1                    Lee Smythe,1
Emily Silipetar,5                  LucasTrofimiuk,2            Amy Kitchener,1                    Marcus Tzamouzaki,1
Tori Hillas-Knight,5               Luke Brookes,2              Milana Lalic,1                     Rebecca Wright,1
Kyle Dazenko,5                     Danielle Cornwell,2         Kelly Parshotam,1
Rachel Kallio,4                    Ben Macdonald,2             Matt Seabrook,1
Shaneah McDowell,4                 Jodie O' Donohue,2          Jonathon Sevastopoulos,1
Chelsea Potter,4                   Mate Ram Lawt,2             Winifred Addy,1
J.D. Liaskos,4                     Ben Riley,2                 Emily Crocker,1
Natalie Ferris,4                   Samantha Kennedy,2          Duane Dinham,1
William Smith,3                    Chris Spencer,2             Cameron Fischer,1
Alysha Davidson,3                  Owen Colley,1               Chloe Keach,1
Luke Egan,3                        Chris Couch,1               Shannon Mullins,1
Brooklyn Sheedy,3                  Madeline Dundon,1           Kimber Roman,1
Aleksandra Joskovska,3             Kaitlyn Farmer,1            Michaela Spencer,1
Imogen Reavley,3                   Allan Matthews,1            Dane Triggs,1
Corey Phillips,2                   AshleighBence,1             Matt Williams,1
Charlie Baker,2                    Ellie DeKeizer,1            James Wyton,1
Ryan Brown,2                       Madeline Harding-Collis,1
Paige Maloney-Ford,2               Amy Holden,1
Kris Chambers,2                    Dean Kent,1
Samantha McAllan,2                 Naomi King Bol,1            Student Scholarships 2009–10
Ram Lian Ram Lawt,2                Randal Lightowler,1             •    Students in Years 4–12 are invited to apply online for
Tayla Williams,2                   Mykala Russell,1                     student scholarships administered by the Department.
Lauren Amess,1                     GavinTrowsdale,1                •    The scholarships for school students range in value
Sean Gronich,1                     TaniaTuima,1                         from $250 to more than $2000.
Stephanie Murphy,1                 James Venville,1                •    There are also scholarships offered to VCE students
Dylan Bryce,1                      Joshua Wates,1                       who intend to enter a course of teacher training after
Donald Campbell,1                  Dylan Williamson,1                   completing their VCE.
Nathan Chamarette,1                                                •    Applicants will be required to submit their 2009 end-of-
Heath Chamberlain,1                                                     year results, which principals must verify.
Justin DeCrespigny,1                                               •    Many of the scholarships identify financial need as an
                                                                        eligibility criterion. Parents/ guardians receiving the
Ashley Jordan,1                                                         Education Maintenance Allowance or students
Charlotte MacDonald,1                                                   receiving the Youth Allowance meet this criterion.
Emily McCarthy-Jones,1                                             •    You may also be interested to know that the Victorian
Tait Millott,1                                                          Bushfire Appeal Fund recently announced a tertiary
AshleeTopma,1                                                           and vocational education scholarship program to assist
Tyler Walton,1                                                          and encourage students directly affected by the 2009
                                                                        fires undertake further study.
YEAR 11 AWARDS                     YEAR 12 AWARDS              Critical Dates
                                                               Students must lodge online applications by Friday 22 January
Ben Gray 12                        Emma Murton,10              2010.
Grant Rushford,9                   Caroline Drinkwater,8       Principals must verify students’ 2009 end-of-year results by
Heather Giebler,7                  JoshSly,7                   Friday 19 February 2010.
Rachel Campbell,6                  Amelia Sevastopoulos,6
Amelia Spratling,5                 Michelle Cranston,5         Additional Information
Emma Turner,4                      Keisha Mewburn,5            Details of the available scholarships are is available on the
                                                               student scholarships website at
Campbell Brobbel,4                 Jake Burke,4
Siobhan Macreadie- Day,4           Kayla Bonnici,4
Vienna Lomax,4                     Rachel Macleod,4
                                                                                     Canteen Roster
Christine Morrison,4               Claire Liston,4
                                                               Monday Dec 7             A Venville, J Davis
Christina Reay,3                   James Watts,4               Tuesday Dec 8            HELP!!
Michael Hanley,3                   Emily Bence,3               Wednesday Dec 9          L Chamberlain, J Holden
Shannon May,3                      Alex Birch,3                Thursday Dec 10          B Morris
Bridgette Fleming,3                Dannielle Ferragine,3       Friday Dec 11            H Dundon, R LeJuge
Emma Mann,3                        Nikki McKenzie,3            Monday Dec 14            A Ramov
Jade Partier,3                     Lisa Anderson,2             Tuesday Dec 15           M Cleine, J Dodd
Brie Blackman,3                    Teresa Battista,2           Wednesday Dec 16         Last day of sales
Jesse Burfield,3                   Joel Dundon,2
Programs at School during December                           CROYDON SECONDARY COLLEGE
                                                                             Chaplaincy Fundraiser
Special arrangements will take place from Monday             2 day week-end away - 2010
December 7 for students in years 7, 8 and 9.                 Visiting Mulwala Ski Club, Fyffe Winery, Cobram,
                                                             Barooga sports club, The Big Strawberry,
Some other special events will also be occurring:            Shepparton SPC, Nagambie, Mitchelton winery and river
                                                             cruise luncheon
    Monday 7 Dec    Year 7 students audition for the
                    Year 7 Showcase                          WHEN- Weekend of 17 & 18 April 2010
    Tuesday 8 Dec   Grade 6 students visit us for their
                    Orientation Day for Year 7 2010          COST $100 per person ( twin & triple share )
                    All other students (Years7, 8 and        Single Supplement $30 extra
                    9) are still expected at school
    Wednesday 9 Dec Year 7 Zoo excursion – all               INCLUDES Coach hire,
                    students are expected to                 accommodation, breakfast, dinner
                    participate                              and luncheon cruise.
    Thursday 10 Dec Year 7 students present their
                    Student Led Conferences to               Day One
                    parents.                                 Departs Croydon Secondary College 7.30am. We make
                    A separate letter has been sent          our way to Mulwala Ski Club (stopping en route for
                    about making appointment times.          morning tea). Mid afternoon we will stop off at Fyffe
                    No Year 7 classes will be                Winery (famous for their Cobram Cream Liqueur) before
                    timetabled this day – students           arriving at our motel (Cobram Colonial Motel). Here we’ll
                    only attend school for their             have time to freshen up and relax before dinner at the
                    scheduled interview time.                Barooga Sports Club.
     Friday 11 Dec  Year 7 Showcase Performance
                    from 1:45pm                              Day Two
                                                             Following a leisurely breakfast we’ll depart the motel and
In the week after this, we will operate the Summer           make our way to The Big Strawberry for morning tea
Program – activities and excursions that take place from     (own cost). We will then board the coach for Shepparton
Mon 14 Dec to Fri 18 Dec. A separate ‘sign up’ sheet will    and the SPC Cannery where we can stock up on some
be sent home to all Year 7, 8 and 9 students’ families to    bargains for our pantries. Then it’s on to Nagambie to visit
enable us to prepare lists of participating students.        Mitchelton Winery. Mitchelton is situated on the banks of
                                                             the scenic Goulburn River and is well known for its quality
School officially finishes on Friday 18th Dec at 12pm.       wines and beautiful location. We’ll take time to sample
Students re-commence their studies on Monday 1st             some of the wines then take a cruise along the Goulburn
February, 2010. Please contact me at school if you need      River and enjoy a delicious BBQ lunch as we cruise down
to clarify any of these schedules and events.                to Tahbilk winery. Mid afternoon we’ll commence our
                                                             journey home - Please Note - BYO drinks on boat
Carol Ashton - Assistant Principal.
                                                             Does not include morning & afternoon teas & 1 lunch
                                                             To book your place on the trip please contact Lorraine
Report from Germany                                          Walker

Our four students of German are                              Deposit $30 by 31st Jan 2010          Seats fill rapidly
settling in well in Ulm. Enjoying
the food and the sights and finding the schooling a little
challenging.                                                 Head Lice
                                                             Cases of head lice have been reported in
                                                             the school. Please check your child’s hair
                                                             and treat accordingly.
For Sale
                                                             Lost Property
Nike Basketball Boots – 8.5 UK                               If you have lost items such as clothing, jewellery, house keys
White with red trim, excellent condition, as new             and pencil cases, please visit the lost property cabinets. Some
$60.00                                                       items of clothing are kept elsewhere so check with an
See the Bursar, Mrs Hotton                                   Integration Aide. If not collected most lost items will be thrown or
                                                             given to the opportunity shop at the end of the school year.
Musical Instruments                                          Parents are welcome to contact the Integration Department to
1. Yamaha Flute (F100 ASII) in case. ($400)                  enquire after lost property.

2. Rex Soprano Saxaphone in case. ($450)                     Year 11 & 12 maths 2010
                                                             All students studying year 11 or 12 maths in 2010 will require a
Contact Karen on 9733 0556 or 0425 872829                    CASIO CLASSPAD 330 calculator.
                                                             These calculators are available for order at ABACUS
                                                             CALCULATORS with delivery to school at a very competitive
                                                             price of $195. Order forms are available at the Bursar’s office
                                                             for delivery in either November 2009 or January 2010.

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