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                          SAP WM/MM/LE Functional Consultant

 Over 7.0 yrs of functional experience in SAP WM/MM/LE/HUM/IM/RF.
   Expertise in gathering requirements, designing, customization, testing, and production
   Worked on 5 full life cycle implementations, an upgrade project, rollout assistance,
    and integration aspects of WM/SD/MM with PP/FI using ASAP methodology along with
    ECC 6.0 experience.
   Has experience working with the QM/WM/HUM integration.
   Well versed with interacting with ABAP/4 programmers to ensure development of
    solutions that meet requirements.
   Experienced in writing queries and LSMW transaction recordings.
   Proficient in identifying data issues (Configuration, Master and Transaction data), and
    Gap analysis AS IS and TO BE processes.
   An effective communicator with keen analytical ability and demonstrated excellence in
    executing large-scale projects from vision through implementation and post
    implementation product support.


       Warehouse Management/Logistics Execution: Interface to Shipping, Interface to
        Inventory Management, Interface to PP, Warehouse structure (Put-away/picking
        strategies, Movement types, Cycle counting, Posting changes, Transfer order
        processing (sort/split), Activity monitor, 2-step picking, WM print setup) Shipping
        (Delivery Processing, Picking and packing (HU-Management), Wave processing, Basic
        Shipping Functions (shipping point, Picking location, loading points, Routes,
        incompletion procedure, etc.), Delivery types, item categories, delivery split, Copy
        control, Automotive JIT inbound/outbound functionality, Output determination, Basic
        transportation functions (output determination, Shipment types, Shipment activity
        profile), Mobile Data Entry RFQ management, screen management, (LO-Logistics
        General) - Handling Unit Management (packaging logic, automatic packaging, output).
       Material Management: Procure to pay process: Purchasing, Inventory Management,
        MRP, source lists, info records, consignment, outline agreements, Release procedures,
        scheduling agreements, price determination and output determination, special stocks,
        reservation, physical inventory and transfer postings.
       Quality management: Creating inspection lots and making usage decisions for
        handling units.
       Extended warehouse management: Yard management and cross-docking.

ERP:                       SAP R/3, SAP solution manager.
Project Utilities:         Lotus Notes, Test director 8.0, MS-Visio, Snag it, Digital workflow.


Since Feb ‘07 as SAP WM/LE/MM/HUM/IM/RF Functional Consultant with BASF
Chemical Company, Rockaway, NJ

Key Tasks Handled

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   Handled and successfully completed 5 SAP WMS/HUM implementations. The details are as

    Union, NJ WMS/HUM: This was a new SAP implementation. This site deals with precious
    metals in small jars. Each jar was considered as a handling unit and the stock was stored
    in a single storage type vault. Developed a picking process based on the inbound delivery
    number using the dynamic bin concept. Batch management was involved along with the
    metal brand properties embedded in the batch characteristics. This was a highly visible

    Sparta, TN WMS/HUM: This was a distribution center. A new plant code and warehouse
    number was created. Since they receive HUM stock from other sites, the handling unit
    management was implemented. RF was used to receive and ship the products. Worked on
    the QM module integrated with handling units.

    Sparta, TN WMS/HUM: This was a production plant using discrete manufacturing. HUM
    along with production orders were used to produce the stock and transfer to the
    distribution center. RF transactions were developed for production.

    Freeport, Tx / Houston, Tx: Both these sites were made to work under HUM/WMS with
    repetitive manufacturing. RF transactions were developed for production, put away and
    shipping. Standard SAP RF transactions were also used.

   Consulted on MM module on master data, purchasing, inventory management and
    materials planning.

   Gained experience working on the QM module to create inspection lots while receiving the
    stocks. Worked on the user exit to solve the issue of multiple inspection lots being created
    instead of one while receiving the stock due to handling units.

   Developed a procedure to goods issue the samples to the lab when the usage decision has
    not been made for an inspection lot with handling units. Once the usage decision has been
    made, the COA’s can be printed.

   Designed a procedure to reserve stock at the WM level based on IM Reservation number.

   Gathered requirements and configured the SAP WM/HUM/RF design, set up master
    data and performed inventory data loads.

   Designed the specification to have the precious metal characteristics embedded in the
    quant characteristics. This would help the user to pick the stock based on the metal

   Wrote functional and technical specifications to develop the RF transactions, created
    queries, new output types for the pick list, inbound/outbound bottle list, packing list and

   RF transaction developments include:

    Developed combined put away to bundle multiple handling units to perform bin to bin.
    Transaction to validate handling unit labels against the product label.
    Transaction to produce the articles based on the handling unit scanned and consumes the
    bulk article automatically. The bulk article has to be specified during preprinting handling
    unit labels.
    Customized the LM06 transaction to reduce the number of screens.

   Monitored background jobs and fix them in case of a failure.

   Wrote queries, developed tip sheets and trained the users to use RF menu and SAP GUI

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   Handled production support issues and solved the SAP solution manager tickets for
    MM/SD/PP modules, related to purchasing, inventory management, deliveries and
    production orders.

From Jun ’06 to Jan ‘07 as SAP WM/LE/IM/MDE Functional Consultant with Delphi
Automotive Systems, Troy, MI

Key Tasks Handled

   Actively involved in Full life cycle implementation for the Delphi Packard DCS Business
    process using ASAP methodology.
   Analyzed the business process and suggested solutions to use the existing SAP
    functionality and customize it to fulfill their needs.
   Worked on purchase orders, stock transport orders, cross company orders, transfer
    postings, reservation and special stocks.
   Created the entire warehouse related configuration like creating warehouses and assigning
    to storage locations, copying movement types,          creating storage types, configuring
    physical inventory default values, etc. to accommodate their business process.
   Developed functional specifications to document the customized developments and
    assisted the ABAPers in explaining the functionality.
   Developed the customized Create transfer order transaction and pick list. All the open
    allocations are considered for a particular date range and the stock is selected based on
    the primary and secondary container combination, Label format and ECL. The split occurs
    based on the ship-to, re-label requirements, storage type and full pallets vs partial pallets
    and a separate transfer order gets created for each split. The bins are selected based on
    the stock removal sort combination.
   Developed the Dynamic delivery creation functionality to create deliveries as we scan the
    serial numbers on to a shipment. Configured the automatic packing functionality and
    nested handling units during the delivery creation.
   Developed the customized MDE team picking transaction to confirm different pages of a
    transfer order.
   Developed the customized pick status report to analyze the picked vs not picked items.
   Developed the Customized serialized MDE transfer posting functionality to move the stock
    in and out of the warehouse.
   Developed the Customized RF cycle counting functionality to update the tables with the
    uncounted serial numbers using the LI20 user exit.
   Interacted with data conversion team and assisted them in creating bins using LSMW and
    configuring the warehouse to accommodate the data loads.
   Configured the RF menus and assigned the T-codes for 8X40 and 16x20 screens.
   Created test sets in Test director and documented the testing scenarios.
   Interacted with the technical consultants in developing the technical specifications to make
    use of and update the customized tables.
   Prepared the training documents and trained the end users in using the developed
    transactions and RF scanners during process assessments.
   Worked on the development to determine the carrier based on transportation modes.
   Assisted the users during production support to perform their business process.
   Raised tickets during production support to ensure the errors are fixed and the issues are

From Nov’05 to May‘06 as SAP WM/LE/IM/RF                        Functional   Consultant    with
Hollingsworth Logistics Management, Dearborn, MI

Key Tasks Handled
     Solely and successfully managed the WM/LE/IM module and related areas like Mobile
      data entry, Handling unit Management and Batch Management for this Automotive
     Worked on 2 full life cycle implementations from gathering requirements till post go-
      live support for Akebono and Visteon customers.

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      Configured the automatic packing functionality in deliveries to pack the returnable and
       expendable containers according to the quantity to be packed.
      Configured RF menus, queues for RFQ management and was primarily responsible to
       assign the RF scanning authorization and areas to the users.
      Configured the automatic batch determination procedure in deliveries and production
       order to determine the batches in FIFO order.
      Configured the stock determination procedure to determine the batches according to
       consigned and non-consigned stocks.
      Configured the fixed bin storage type search strategy along with the special movement
       indicator to receive the Dunnages without a purchase order and direct them to a fixed
       storage bin without creating a transfer order.
      Configured the transfer order printer setup to print the transfer order during
       production, shipping, receiving and posting change.
      Configured the automatic creation of transfer order during receiving, delivery creation,
       production order release, production order confirmation and posting change.
      Configured the incompletion procedure in deliveries to make certain fields mandatory
       while posting goods issue.
      Configured the Copy Control for Outbound deliveries, sales documents and scheduling
       agreements to update the document flow.
      Configured the transfer order split in receiving and production per pallet and in the
       delivery per batch.
      Configured the open storage type Putaway strategy so as to create an automatic
       transfer order to direct the stock to a virtual bin.
      Configured the storage location control to have several storage locations managed in
       one warehouse number.
      Wrote the functional specifications to customize RF transactions for the Putaway,
       Picking processes to include the batch verification per goods receipt and quantity.
      Wrote queries for specific end user needs to retrieve information regarding the
       physical inventory details, comparing the jit schedules with the delivery quantities and
       assigning the queries to the specific user groups.
      Configured delivery types and item categories for Shipping.
      Configured two-step picking to group deliveries using wave picks to optimize the
       Picking process.
      Configured serial number profile for production order and delivery to track the material
       with respect to the batch.
      Configured output determination procedures for bill of lading, packaging slip and
       handling unit labels and packaging instruction determination procedure for automatic
      Configured automatic staging in WM-PP interface to create transfer requirements and
       transfer order during production order release and confirmation.
      Configured two step confirmations of transfer orders.
      Worked on the issues related to the Cum quantities in the scheduling agreement to
       adjust it according to the EDI 830 and 862 requirements for the next day's shipment.

From Apr’04 to Oct’05 as SAP SAP WM Functional Consultant with Hubbell- Killark,
St. Louis, MO

Key Tasks Handled
  Configured WM structure by defining storage types, storage sections and bin structure.
  Configured the storage type search sequences for picking and putaway processes.
   Configured customer defined picking strategy using user exits.
  Defined putaway and picking strategies and the system was configured for automatic
   generation of transfer requirements and transfer orders.
  Defined new movement types and assigned it to the special movement types.
  Developed a testing plan for the integration testing of all critical interface objects.
  Worked on WM-PP interface to perform material staging.
  Responsible for post go live production support.
  Gathered requirements from the end users and prioritized their issues.
  Created training documents and cheat sheets for the putaway, picking, delivery creation,
   RF scanner usage.

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   Provided end user training, delivered presentations and prepared documentation that
    includes user manuals, master data manuals and customizing guide. Provided production
    support with respect to inbound and outbound deliveries.
   Assisted the users in doing the put away, picking and packing processes.
   Created Remedy tickets to escalate the issues by assigning them to the appropriate
    support groups.
   Assisted users while creating transfer orders, posting changes, physical inventory and

From Jan ’03 to Mar’04 as SAP WM/ IM/ MM Functional Consultant with Adaptec,
Inc., CA

Key Tasks Handled

  Configured the Warehouse activity monitor to observe critical processes like open TRs,
   unconfirmed Tos, open posting changes and critical deliveries.
  Worked on Interim storage areas to handle GR and GI activities.
  Worked on issues related to creating Physical inventory, Posting change notices, Transfer
   requirements, Transfer orders and control cycle documents.
  Configured the layout of the menu on the RF devices and screen management.
  Configured the storage type search sequences for the strategies.
  Configured wave picks to optimize the stock removal process.
  Interacted with clients and understood existing SAP R/3 4.6c configuration and upgraded it
   to version 4.7.
  Inventory Management Configuration: Configured procedures related to Goods Receipt,
   Goods issue, and Movement types.
  MRP Configuration: Configured MRP Groups, MRP views, MRP Stock/ Requirements list,
   Plant parameters, Forecast planning, Authorization management, MRP controllers, and
   Lot-sizing procedures.
  Configured the Release procedure with classification for Purchasing Requisitions with
   Account Assignment as per the approval hierarchy of the company.
  Worked on Stock Transport orders, Vendor Evaluation, and Scheduling agreements.
  Configured Physical Inventory for cycle counting.
  Interfaced and integrated MM & WM with SD, PP and FI/CO modules.
  Processed transfer postings, reservations and special stocks of inventory management.
  Automatic determination of GL accounts, mapping valuation classes to GL accounts.
  Developed functional specifications to custom reports and print control parameters.
  Identified error causes and error recoveries for incorrect performance of some material
From Oct ’01 to Dec ’02 as Team member- MM Functional team with Teamware sols,
Key Tasks Handled
  Undertook the scope & boundary study and preparing the user requirement study (URS)
   document for the user requirement analysis.
  Created Functional and Technical specifications for the configuration and the output types.
  Configured output determination procedures.
  Configured Purchasing documents: Purchasing info records, RFQ/Quotation, purchase
   requisition, purchase orders, source lists, Quota Arrangements.
  Configured Pricing Determination –Creating Calculation Schema, Condition Type, Tables
   and Records and assigning Access Sequence to the Condition tables.
  Configured Inventory management of goods at the points of receipt and issuing it for all
   stock categories and special stocks viz. consignment, third party, and sub-contracting.

  Bachelor of Science in Engineering, India

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