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					                                                                                                November 2010
                                                                                                        Issue 8

                                      THE BUZZ…
                             the 8th edition of The Buzz.

                                      The PTA committee has changed; we would like to take this
 PTA COMMITTEE                        opportunity to express our sincere thanks to those leaving the
                                      committee, for all their hard work and dedication, and welcome
Maria Rees           - Chair
                                      those who are new to it.
Jackie Abington      – Vice Chair
                                       The Board of Governors and the PTA have been working hard to
                                       organize the Jubilee events. I am sure you will all agree the Jubilee
Michelle Lundrigan – Publicity Officer
                                       Mass was a resounding success. The open day brought together past
Vinita Mohan        - Treasurer
                                       and present staff and pupils and will be fondly remembered. Year 6
                                       pupils gave guided tours and were a credit to the school.
Mary Kavanagh        - Assistant to
                                      2010 was another outstanding year for the PTA and the school, with
                                      a total of £14,218 being raised.
Emma Breed           - Secretary
                                      What is it spent it on?
Anne Marie Mullins   - Co-opted
                                      -the much needed ground work in both infants and juniors.
Sam Hall              coordinators
                                      -equipment hire/purchase and refreshments, for the Jubilee Mass
Andrew McLeod                         and Open Day.

Ann Dew                               -contribute to the cost of Isle of Wight trip

Aideen Birmingham                     - contribute to the cost of the Loft trip

Clodagh Kellett                       -pay for the photocopier/water cooler and school mobile phone rental

Dawn Wormell                          -£1000 was given to offset the cost of coach hire for school trips in
                                      the coming year.
Heidi Keating
                                      In the coming year the PTA will be working hard to bring you a
Linda Peckham                         variety of events, some old and some new.

Louisa Whitworth                      We have already enjoyed the Welcome Back BBQ, a big thank you
                                      to Michelle, Terry and Andrew for a relaxing and fun filled afternoon.
Tracey Burke                          Also special thanks to all those who helped wash up and put the
                                      school back to normal for Monday morning.
Terry Hall
                                      School Open Day and Jubilee Mass, the main focus of our Jubilee
Yvonne Hawkes
                                      celebrations and were very memorable occasions. Thanks to
                                      everyone who helped.
Mr. Hayes


                                      Fireworks Night, we were so lucky with the weather .. the Chinese
                                      lanterns looked great. Thank you to Jeremy, Michael and Ashley for
                                      the display. Great work on the BBQ, by Dylan, Barry, Bernie and
                                                           THE BUZZ
                                                 Quiz Night, a great evening enjoyed by all especially the
                                                 winners. Thanks to Aideen, Mary and Clodagh. If you
            Photo Shoot
                                                 missed it, then look out for the next one in Feb.
            Thanks to Terry and Sam
                                                 Firework Night we were so lucky with the weather.
            For organizing this, 10 10x8”
            Pictures for only £60 great          Thank you to Michael Keane, Ashley Dew and Jeremy
            deal ..!                             Abington for the display, to Maria Rees for event planning.
                                                 Dylan Rees, Bernie O’Shea, Barry and Emma Breed
                                                 all did a great job on the BBQ.

NEXT EVENT Christmas Fair Sunday 5th December 12noon
This is one of our biggest fundraisers, please come along and enjoy the day!
If you can’t make it don’t forget to show your support by buying the raffle tickets. Donations of good quality
toys/raffle prizes can be handed in at the office or your child’s class. Visit Santa in his grotto, taste some of
the delights of the Christmas Café and try your hand at the toy/bottle tombola. The sweet raffle winners
were Nicole in Reception and Freya in the Juniors. We had a great selection of sweets and chocolates
donated. Friday 3rd Dec is Mufti day, please remember to bring in your bottles preferably alcohol..!!

Junior Disco Friday 14th January 2011
Zumba taster evening 21st January 2011
Beetle Drive tbc
Jubilee Ball 5th March 2011 Sopwell house
                              PTA Class Representatives
Nursery - Liz McLaughlin                                       Year 3 Yvonne Adams, Claudine Minns
Reception – Dawn Wormell, Bernie O’Shea                        Year 4 Emma Liversidge, Angela Clifford
Year 1    - Tracey Burke, Andrea Wastell                       Year 5 Jackie Clifford, Diane Foley
Year 2    - Wendy Walsh, Jo Bradley                            Year 6 Lisa Gosling, Jenny Barnes
Staff Rep – Mr Hayes

                         Monthly Prize Draw                                                  £ 200.00
                         Plant Sales                                                         £ 104.60
                         Jubilee Mugs                                                        £ 363.50
                         YR 2 Class Cake Sale                                                £ 88.21
                         YR 6 Class Cake Sale                                                £     90.00
                         Quiz Night                   - Sat 16th October                     £   748.32
                         Fireworks Night              - Sat 6th November                     £   904.86
                         Family Photo shoot           - Sat 13th November                    £   330.00
                         Christmas Cards                                                     £   147.80
                         Christmas Puddings                                                  £   100.00
                         The Giving Machine                                                  £ 130.00

                         Sainsbury’s vouchers provided: - equipment for cheerleading, cooking and play leaders.
                         Year 1 have a pop up tent, and foundation stage got some waterproof trousers.

                  Congratulations to our prize draw winners who each get £25!!
                       September Jo Bradley
                       October      Mr Hayes
                       November Chris Daley

                         Don’t forget to sign up to the for all your Christmas
                         online shopping; the PTA gets a commission from each sale.
                         Thank you everyone, for your continued support!

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