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					UAW Local 31                         “THE HEART OF THE UNION IN THE HEART OF AMERICA”
Executive Board
                           Volume 9, Issue 3                     Kansas City, Kansas                               April 2006
Jeff Manning
Vice President

Recording Secretary        Buy-In not Bail-Out

Barbara Ikerd
Financial Secretary                   nited Auto Work-      billion from Asian and Euro-             seas, while overseas
Donna Birks                           ers President Ron     pean manufacturers.”                     companies take advan-
Kathy Belshe
                                      Gettelfinger called     Both GM and Ford have                  tage of the most open
Trustee                    on President Bush and both                                                automotive market in the
Loretta Anderson           parties in Congress to craft                                              world here in the U.S.
Courtney Eiterich          new policies to help U.S.                                               Invest in environmentally-
Sgt. At Arms               industries now, rather than                                               sound technologies and
Don Marshall               face an outcry for huge bail-                                             offer tax incentives for
Keith Shelton              outs later. He also exploded                                              alternative fuels and gas-
Shop Chairman              some persistent myths about                                               electric hybrids.
John Melton                                                                                          “To avoid a desperate
Retiree Rep.               the American auto industry.
Clint Simmons                While many think Big                                                  request from a near-
                           Three auto jobs are simply                                              bankrupt automaker hitting
Inside this issue:         shifting to U.S. plants owned                                           his desk, Bush can do more
                           by Honda, Nissan and Toyota,     announced they will close           than simply urge companies
                           Gettelfinger points out that     several plants and lay off tens     to make ‘products that are
President’s Re-  2
                           we’ve lost some 200,000 auto     of thousands of workers over        relevant,’ “Gettelfinger says.
port                       jobs in the past five years.     the next two years.                 “He can join Republicans and
Shop Chairperson 2         Meanwhile, Ford, GM and            In his At-Issue column on         Democrats in Congress to
                           DaimlerChrysler still employ     the union’s website, Gettelfin-     craft policies that are relevant
Chaplaincy    3            nine out of ten American auto    ger proposed several reforms        for American companies,
Women’s Comm. 3            workers, manufacture three       to help prevent disaster in “an
Guide         3                                                                                 workers and communities.”
                           out of four American-made        industry that employs nearly
Comm. Service         4    cars and trucks and buy 80       one million manufacturing
                                                                                                 34TH CONSTITUTIONAL
Union Label           4    percent of U.S.-made auto        workers and supports the
                           parts.                           jobs and incomes of millions ELECTION OF DELEGATES
Financial Sec.        5      And, Gettelfinger says,        more.”                             Election of five (5) delegates and
Recreation            5    “There’s a problem with the      Enact comprehensive, uni-             two (2) alternate delegates
                                                                                              to the 34th Constitutional Conven-
Veterans Comm.        6    claim that all the new invest-        versal, single-payer na-
                                                                                                 tion to be held in June, 2006.
                           ment in the U.S. auto industry        tional health insurance.      Election will be held beginning
Fitness Center        6    comes from non-Big Three         Change trade policies to at 5:00 a.m. on Thursday, April 27,
CAP                   7
                           companies: It isn’t true. Be-         level the playing field in a 2006 and ending at 8:00 a.m. on
Skill Trades          8
                           tween 1980 and 2002, (the             world where U.S. com- Friday, April 28, 2006. The Elec-
                                                                                              tion will be held at UAW Local 31
Benefits              8    Big Three) provided 85 per-           panies face tariffs, regu-      Union Hall, 500 Kindelberger
Retirees              9    cent of the new investment in         lations and other trade           Road, Kansas City, Kansas
                           U.S. auto plants. That’s $176         barriers when trying to
Obituaries            10   billion, compared with $27            sell American cars over-
Page 2                                                                                                        NEWSLINE

Final Farewell to Our President
             FAREWELL                     in action being quick on his feet and      guidance and leadership of our Union
          DAVE PETRSON                    able to make wise decisions, even if       Brother and dear friend. Take com-

H      onest, humble, loyal and trust-    they weren’t popular. No one will          fort in knowing when our hearts are
       worthy. He was a man who           ever replace Dave; he left big shoes to    sad and we are missing his presence
       was always busy - working          fill. We considered him worthy of          on this earth, death is not the end.
toward a change for the better. He        being called, “President of Local 31.”               We bid you farewell for now,
may have lost the battle with cancer,               Dave’s journey had many          Brother Dave, till we meet again. The
but he won the hearts of many broth-      struggles. His strength was proof of       rewards of our friendship are celebrated
ers and sisters. We respected him,        the commitment he had to our soli-         memories of you.
admired his courage, integrity and        darity. We are blessed to have
sense of humor. We have seen him          known him. We will truly miss the               Your UAW Friends

Shop Chairperson’s Report

           rothers and Sisters of Local             By now, everyone knows                     The overtime schedule has
           31:                            that an agreement was reached with         not changed for April with production
                    Welcome to the        GM and the UAW on a special attri-         Saturdays on the 8th and 25th.
newest employees who arrived during       tion program. The dates for this pro-                The April Union Meeting has
February and March. We’ve had 68          gram to begin have not yet been de-        been postponed until May 20th 2006
transfer in from the Electromotive        termined. Information will be passed       at 2:00 at the Union Hall. Please plan
Plant in LaGrange, Illinois. It has not   along as soon as we receive it.            on attending.
been determined where the new em-                   The family of Dave Peterson                Congratulations to all the
ployees for April will be transferring    was astonished at the great show of        April 1 retirees.
from.                                     respect sent out to him by the local          Enjoy your UAW-negotiated
          We currently have 37 griev-     union. Dave was an asset to this local            Holidays April 14 – 17.
ances in the procedure with three         and he’ll be sincerely missed by all of
being discharge or termination cases.     us.

President’s Report
Sisters and Brothers of Local 31,         care, and of the opportunities for the     the final days of his life. In my spiritual

             elcome to all the new        people of Kansas and Missouri in the       life, I often ask myself, What Would
             Local 31 members who         up and coming mid-term elections. It       Jesus Do? In daily business at our local
             have transferred in from     is extremely evident that many of our      hall dealing with labor issues, I often
out of town. I look forward to getting    local and national representatives         ask myself, What Would David Do?
to know each and every one of you,        seem to concern themselves strictly                   Good luck to all the delegate
so please stop me whenever you have       with BIG BUSINESS. We can and we           candidates in their aspirations to rep-
something I can help you with.            will make a difference to elect labor-     resent Local 31 at the 34th constitu-
          Washington Days was held        friendly candidates to office.             tional convention.
the weekend of March 3rd in Topeka,                 Thank you to all those who            May God Bless and keep you al-
Kansas. Barack Obama, Senator from        sent their prayers to the Peterson         ways.
Illinois, was the keynote speaker.        family. David touched my heart and                                       In Solidarity,
Senator Obama spoke on working            soul with his passionate desire to help                                  Jeff Manning
families, poverty, the state of health-   people and assist this local union until
Volume 9, Issue 3                                                                                                         Page 3

Chaplaincy Committee
             CARING IN                              Or we may think of our          purposes of God, and that we count.
         THE WORKPLACE                   lives as having meaning in the pur-                  Let us keep the Peterson

           here are three ways we        poses of God. That is the way of           family in prayer and all of our broth-
           can think about our lives.    responsibility. It does not result in a    ers and sisters who have gone on
           We may think that as indi-    sense of futility or self-importance,      another journey. And remember,
viduals we count for nothing. That is    but it does take life seriously.           that “as long as the ties that bind us
the way of pessimism, which cuts the                As humans, we can stand         together are stronger than those that
nerve of effort and leads to weakness    almost anything except the fear that       would tear us apart, all will be well.”
and despair.                             when we have given our best or en-                   God Bless Us All
          We may think that we are       dured the worst, after all it made no
all-important. That is the way of        real difference what we did or who                     The Chaplaincy
egotism, and leads to a distorted        we were. Life takes on a new depth
                                         and richness when we confront all of              Herb Taylor, Mary Green
sense of values that prevents harmo-
                                         life’s contingencies with the faith that         Elaine Miller, Michael Flores
nious cooperation with other people
for ends which are greater than us.      this adventure of living counts in the

Women’s Committee
Sisters and Brothers,                    (both names will be entered). We           lences go out to Dave Peterson’s

             elcome to our newest        will also have a ‘mini-boutique’ from      family for their loss.
             members. We would           area shops so you can shop till you                   THE WOMEN’S
             like to remind the ladies   drop! Come visit friends you haven’t                   COMMITTEE
that the Women’s Luncheon is going       seen since last year and meet some                C.J. Griffin, Janet Sears,
to be held May 13, 2006, from 1:00       new friends.                                   Dedire Hawkins, Robin Harris,
to 5:00 p.m. at the Argosy Ballroom.               We would like to wish eve-                  Kelli Saucerman
There will be a door prize drawing       ryone and their families a safe and
for anyone bringing a first-time guest   happy Easter holiday. Our condo-

Brothers and Sisters,                    delegates determine the positions of       on our active membership popula-

            he 34 UAW Constitu- the UAW on social and economic                      tion and determined through our
            tional Con-                                issues. They deter-          current Constitution.
            vention will                               mine the powers and                   Hopefully, we as members
be held this year. Many                                salaries of the Interna-     are more informed on the impor-
have asked what it is and                              tional Officers, elec-       tance of the upcoming Constitutional
why it is important.                                   tion rules, appeal pro-      Convention Delegate Elections.
           The Constitu-                               cedures and can
tional Convention is                                   amend our Constitu-                     “For an educated member-
where the local elected           Keith Shelton        tion.                        ship is a stronger membership.”
delegates determine in which direc-               Our local will elect five dele-
tion the UAW will travel in the next gates and two alternate delegates to           Please keep President Dave Peter-
four years. They elect the Interna- represent us at the Constitutional              son’s family in your thoughts and
tional President and Executive Board Convention. Each delegate will carry           prayers.
along with the Regional Directors five votes to give our local a total of
from their respective regions. The 25 votes. These numbers are based                        Keith Shelton, Guide
 Page 4                                                                                                        NEWSLINE

                              Women’s Committee
                                  ATTENTION UAW                 refundable $10.                    RESERVATION FORM
Switching One Pain                    WOMEN                              If you bring another    Yes, I wish to attend. My
                                                                member who has never been

                                           e cordially invite                                    $10 is enclosed cash

           married couple                                       to one of our luncheons, you
                                           you to attend                                            check
          rushes to the                                         will both be entered into a
                                           our        annual                                         I’m bringing a first-time
          hospital with the                                     prize drawing. (Both mem-
                              Women’s Luncheon, to be                                            attendee.        Attendee’s
wife in labor. The doc-                                         bers will need to fill out a
                              held on Saturday, May 13,
tor says, “I have invented                                      reservation form with pay-       name is
                              2006 at the Argosy Banquet
a new machine that you                                          ment).                           _____________________
                              Room in Riverside, MO,
might want to try. It                                                    Reservation letters
                              from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.            were mailed out to all Local         I am a first-time attendee.
takes some of the labor                 It should be a fun                                       I came with ________
pain away from the                                              31 women a couple weeks
                              and memorable time, so get                                         _____________________
mother and gives it to                                          ago. If you didn’t receive
                              your reservation in - the                                          Name
the father.”                                                    one, please contact the Un-
                              deadline is April 7, 2006. Just
           The       couple                                     ion Hall so they can find out    ____________________
                              fill out the form below and                                        Phone
decides to try it, so the     return it to the Union Hall,      why. Hope to see you soon!
doctor hooks the ma-          along with your non-              WOMEN’S LUNCHEON
chine up and switches
ten percent of the pain
from the wife to the          Community Service Report
husband. He says, “I feel
ok, turn it up.” The doc-     Dear Brothers and Sisters,        research. Thank you to eve-      money for the Heart Walk.

tor turns it up to fifty                 he      American       ryone who plans to partici-      Manpower at GM Fairfax is
percent and the husband                  Heart Association      pate and we encourage oth-       not at the level it should be
says, “Why don’t you                     Walk is June 10.       ers to consider taking part in   for us to make the Garage
just put it all on me; I’m    We are looking forward to         this worthy cause.               Sale successful.
not feeling a thing.”         this annual event and all the       The Garage Sale at the              Community Services
           The      doctor    good made possible from the       UAW Hall has been can-                    Committee
warns, “This much could       proceeds that are contrib-        celled for June. This sale was     Debbie Davis, Jonna Yates
kill you if you’re not pre-   uted to heart and stroke          for the purpose of raising            Vicky Barbour-Smith
pared.” But the husband
insists he’s ready, so the
doctor turns the ma-          Union Label Committee
chine up to 100 percent.
The husband breezes

                                       oe Smith started the     and tennis shoes (MADE IN        puter (MADE IN MALAY-
right through the birth
                                       day early having set     KOREA). After cooking his        SIA), Joe decided to relax for
and his wife has a pain-
                                       his alarm clock          breakfast in his new electric    a while. He put on his san-
free labor, so they go
                              (MADE IN JAPAN) for 6a.m.         skillet (MADE IN INDIA) he       dals (MADE IN BRAZIL),
home happy.                   While his coffeepot (MADE         got in his car (MADE IN          poured himself a glass of
           But, strangely,
                              IN HONG KONG) was                 GERMANY) filled it with          wine (MADE IN FRANCE)
when they get home,
                              perking, he shaved with his       GAS (from Saudia Arabia)         and turned on his TV
they find the letter car-
                              electric razor (MADE IN           and continued his search for     (MADE IN INDONESIA)
                              HONG KONG). He put on             a good paying AMERICAN           and then wondered why he
                              a dress shirt (MADE IN SRI        JOB. At the end of yet an-       can’t find a good paying job in
                              LANKA), designer jeans            other discouraging and fruit-    AMERICA…..
                              (MADE IN SINGAPORE)               less day checking his com-          Union Label Committee
Volume 9, Issue 3                                                                                                          Page 5

Financial Secretary
Sisters and Brothers,                received a call from Dave          another      union     meeting.      EASTER EGGS

          n Monday, March 20,        while he was still in the hospi-   Three: He wanted to play             Of all the symbols as-
          2006, Local #31 lost       tal. He told me to contact         another round of golf. We all      sociated with Easter, the
          one of the most            Melton and Manning (P-Nut)         got a good laugh because we
                                                                                                           egg, the symbol of fertility
dedicated labor leaders we’ve        and that he wanted the three       knew Dave.                         and new life, is the most
ever known to lung cancer.           of us to come to the hospital.               I wanted to share
Dave Peterson, the man who           Of course we weren’t pre-          this moment with the mem-
                                                                                                           identifiable. The customs
was known not only in the            pared for the news he deliv-       bers, especially the newly-        and traditions of using
labor community, but also by         ered, that he had lung cancer      transferred members who            eggs have been associ-
community          leaders     and   and was told to prepare his life   never had a chance to meet         ated with Easter for cen-
elected officials, as a strong and   in months and not in years.        Dave Peterson, and know the        turies.
passionate fighter for the rights                Before our tears had   degree of his commitment to            Originally Easter eggs
of workers.                          stopped and our emotions had       this membership.                   were painted with bright
          Most of us who have        time to absorb the shocking                  I will miss Dave as      colors to represent the
worked with Dave knew how            and sad news, Dave calmly          our leader, but I will miss him    sunlight of spring and
special he was and how much          said, “I’ve made my peace and I    more as my friend. At the          were used in Easter-egg
he loved being the president of      have my faith and I’m okay.”       same time I want to applaud        rolling contests or given
Local #31. Working with              He next told us he had three       Jeff “P-Nut” for stepping in and   as gifts. After they were
Dave the last three and one-         wishes. One: He wanted to          continuing the fight.              colored and etched with
half years at the hall, I saw him    go into the plant and thank the                        In Solidar-    various designs, the eggs
in action and knew where his         membership for their support.      ity,                               were exchanged by lov-
heart was. But in January I          Two: He wanted to attend                               Donna Birks    ers and romantic admir-
                                                                                                           ers, much the same as
Recreation Committee                                                                                       valentines. In medieval
                                                                                                           time, eggs were tradi-
Brothers and Sisters,                there! Retirees, this means        always open to suggestions         tionally given at Easter to

           ur deepest condo-         you as well - bring those          to further accommodate our         the servants. In Ger-
           lences to the Dave        grandchildren out and have a       membership. Please let one         many, eggs were given to
           Peterson      family,     great time. We will have           of the committee members           children along with other
           God bless you.            refreshments too. This has         know, or just write it up and      Easter gifts.
          The       Recreation       always been a great event,         leave it at the hall.
Committee will be having             and there will be prizes for          Thank you and have a safe
their Easter Egg Hunt on             the child who finds the most       Easter holiday.
April 1, 2006 from 9:00 to           eggs in each age bracket, as             THE RECREATION                BLUES STREET
                                                                                COMMITTEE                      FESTIVAL
12:00 noon at Local 31 Un-           well as something for those
ion Hall, for kids ages 12 and                                             Al Bello, Libby Dantzler,          REMINDER
                                     who aren’t so successful.
under. We want to see you                     In closing, we are               Erainia Williams,             The Kansas City
                                                                         Andre Hobson, John McEntire        Kansas Street Blues

Know Who’s who

        t was the day before         back amid loud and colorful                  As he struggled to         Festival will be held
        the big sale and by          curses. On the man’s second        his feet the second time, he           June 23, 24, 25
        opening time a long          attempt, he was punched            said to the person at the end       At the Lewis & Clark
line had formed in front of          square in the jaw and              of the line, “That does it! If               Park
the store. A small man               knocked around a bit, then         they hit me one more time,            (Old Kaw Point)
pushed his way to the front          thrown to the end of the line      I’m not going to open the            In Kansas City, KS.
of the line, only to be pushed       again.                             store.”
Page 6                                                                                                                 NEWSLINE

                              Veteran’s Committee
 Scientific Results

                                       ood Day my                    anyone has any sugges-               Also, for a future foot-
   A man takes his ham-                UAW Brothers                       tions to make this            note, there will be a Vet-
ster to the vet, and after             and Sisters,                             event bigger            erans’ Stand Down this
a short look at the crea-              As you know,                             and     better          year and we will keep you
ture, the vet pronounces      it is never too early to                          please contact          updated as to when it will
it dead. hot happy, the       begin thinking about                              one of us.              occur so we can get
man demands a second          our next Veterans                                 We are al-              plenty of volunteers.
                              Celebration.        This                          ways open to
opinion.                      year it falls on No-                              new ideas and
  The vet gives a whistle                                                                                      Thank you,
and in strolls a Labrador     vember 10, 2006.         As            suggestions.    You may                    Local 31
dog. The dog nudges the       members of the commit-                 contact Veronica “Roni”              Veteran’s Committee
hamster around with its       tee we would greatly ap-               Lambert – our chairper-                  Roni Lambert,
nose and sniffs it a couple   preciate any and all help              son, Bob Dyche or Sherri                 Sherri Helton,
of times before shaking       from the membership. If                Helton.                                   Bob Dyche
his head. “There,” says
the vet, “our hamster is
dead.”                        UAW-GM Fitness Center
  Still dissatisfied, the
man asks for a third             HOW WE GET FAT                       served on the menu of your                No Exercise
opinion. The vet opens                 Drink Anything                 favorite restaurant is fried or    Not exercising causes the
the back door and in                      But Water                      even worse, deep fried.        body to break down muscle,

bounds a cat. The cat                     ugars in soft drinks           Excessive Alcohol              which is needed to burn ex-
jumps onto the table and                  and juices can cause       Not only do alcoholic drinks,      tra calories, causing the me-
looks the hamster up                      the blood sugar to         wine and liquor have tons of         tabolism to slow down.
and down for a few min-       spike, which causes the body
utes before looking up        to store the sugar as fat.                                                           Pregnancy
and shaking its head. “It’s               Don’t Walk                                                     Protecting and providing nutri-
definitely dead sir,” says      Sitting in front of the television                                       ents for the baby is important
the vet.                       or the computer for hours can                                              but not an excuse to eat un-
   Finally convinced, the         lead to atrophied muscles.                                                        healthily.
man inquires how much                    Grow Older                                                                  Stress
he owes. “That will be           As we get older, we need                                                Research shows that height-
$500 please.”                    fewer calories as we have                                              ened stress also increases the
   “Just to tell me my                 less muscle mass.                                                 production of cortisol in the
hamster is dead?!” fumes             Eat More Calories                                                     body. Cortisol has been
the man.                       A person doesn’t just get more        calories, they are easily con-      linked to higher fat produc-
   “Well,” says the vet,       calories by eating more often; it     sumed. They’re also an ap-           tion, especially around the
“There’s my diagnosis,         comes from calorie-dense food.               petite stimulant.           mid-section where fat can be
the lab report and the                  Eat Junk Food                 Never Read Food Labels                  extremely harmful.
cat scan.”                      Most junk food contains re-           If you don’t know how many
                              fined carbohydrates that pro-          calories you are consuming or          From Vince Kane
                                vide little, if any, nutritional     what kind of ingredients a food        Health & Fitness
                                              value.                 contains, how can you know if             Specialist
                                      Eat Out Regularly              what you are eating is healthy?
                                Chances are a lot of the food
Volume 9, Issue 3                                                                                                         Page 7

Cap Committee
   WHY DOES LABOR                  vote.                               neighborhood and commu-
     ENDORSE                       4. The power of appointed           nity.
    CANDIDATES?                    officials concerning your liveli-   7. School boards directly
1. Unions must have unified        hood is much greater than           impact our children’s lives on
labor support to elect candi-      most realize. All federal           a daily basis as they have con-
dates who will work to se-         judges, Supreme Court               trol over teachers, school
cure effective labor legislation   judges, National Labor Rela-        support staff, buildings, equip-
and other beneficial social        tions Board members and             ment and curriculum.
programs for our members           Cabinet members are ap-             8. Workers’ compensation                      A husband
and their families.                pointed by the president. All       benefits and unemployment           and wife are sitting in
2. In order to evaluate a          of these appointees can             benefits are set by the vari-       the living room dis-
candidate, his or her voting       change laws concerning your         ous elected state legislatures
record on labor and related                                                                                cussing a “Living Will.”
                                   job and life just by the stroke     and/or appointed commis-                      “Just so you
issues is considered, if they      of the pen without consulting                                           know,” says the man,
are an incumbent. For non-         Congress or being account-          9. Elected officials or the         “I never want to live in
incumbents, support for la-                                            boards and commissions that         a vegetative state, de-
                                   able to you – the voter.
bor and related issues, such       5. Senators and congres-            they appoint have a direct          pendent on some ma-
as social legislation, educa-      sional representatives can          impact on our highways, ca-         chine and fluids from a
tion, etc., is considered.         pass laws and confirm many          ble TV, property taxes, play-       bottle. If that ever
3. The Union should always         of the above appointments of        grounds, insurance, tele-           happens, just pull the
endorse particular candidates      people who can directly af-         phone, gas and electric rates,
for public office because of                                                                               plug.”
                                   fect your job and every day         just to name a few.                           His wife gets
their stand on labor issues.                                                                               up, unplugs the TV and
Labor endorsements are the         6. Local and state elected          If you have any questions           throws out all the
result of an intensive exami-      officials can appoint commis-       please contact any member
nation of the candidate with a                                                                             beer.
                                   sions on zoning, planning and       of the Community Action
resulting recommendation           building, all of which directly     Program Committee.
on which individuals best          affect the amount of con-           Trent Bell, Robert Lowe, Mary
serve the working persons’         struction work available and        Stumpf, Glenn Woods, Richie
interests. They are not an         many other aspects of your          Martins
attempt to tell you how to

Skilled Trades Committee

        t is at this time that we, the   for him having served in it. I pray      an effort to be active as the Skilled
        skilled trades committee,        that we all could be the great           Trades Committee. If anyone has
        with great sorrow, mourn         leader and servant that Dave Pe-         any ideas or issues that they
the passing of Dave Peterson.            terson has set as an example.            would care to bring to the mem-
Always noting the great compas-            As this is the first opportunity       bers of this committee, please feel
sion he displayed for the local          that this committee has had to           free to do so and every attempt
community was such an emotional          report any activity, we plan on          will be made to try to support
and uplifting experience.          He    having a door raffle to raise funds      everyone that we can in any man-
showed an even-handedness that           to be given to causes that are for       ner that we are duty-bound to do.
rarely is given to men and ap-           the betterment of our local union                   Robert Burton
peared to be someone that truly          and our community. We decided                        Ollie Hassell
was worthy of leadership. The            on a 50/50 type raffle and this ac-                Lamont Pouncil
office he held made us all better        tion is to show that we are making
Page 8                                                                                                            NEWSLINE

                             About Your Benefits
                                  **ALL AFFECTED                       Prilosec 40mg, Protonix       contacting the GM Benefits
                                     MEMBERS**                         and Zegerid will be re-       and Services Center at:
                               Modifications to the Pre-               stricted to the covered              1-800-489-4646
                             scription Drug Provisions of              alternatives Omeprazole       If they submit a paper form,
                             the GM Health Care Program                and Nexium.                   their beneficiary designations
                             have taken effect on January 1,     If you have been notified by        and updates will be displayed
                             2006. For participants who          letter stating that some of the     on after the
     APRIL 2006              are in the Traditional Care         medications you take must           form is received and proc-
     Retirements             Network (TNC) and the               be reviewed by your doctor          essed by Fidelity.
  Daniel M. Beltz, 50-2
                             Preferred Provider Organiza-        and approved by the plan to
                                                                                                        ***Retirees will be advised
         30.3 years          tion (PPO) options:                 receive payment, you need to
                              Certain drugs will require                                             to review their beneficiaries
Charles L. Conrad, 70-1                                          have the doctor call Medco
                                   prior       authorization.                                        via information provided in
         30.1 years                                              on their toll-free line:
 Kelly B. Coulson, 17-1            These include: Erythroid                                          the next GM Encore publica-
                                                                          1-800-417-1764             tion. They can follow the
         30.1 years                Stimulants for red blood          8:00 am – 9:00 pm EDT
Ellis E. Castleberry, 25-1         cell formation, Alz-                                              same process to update their
                                                                        Monday thru Friday
         42.1 years                heimer’s Disease Medi-        Medco will notify you and           beneficiaries.
 Donnie Duncan, 25-1               cations,     Anti-Emetics                                            Life Insurance benefits are
                                                                 your doctor by letter of the
         30.7 years                (anti-nausea medications                                          paid to the most current
   John Espinosa, 11-1                                           review decision.                    beneficiary of record. If bene-
                                   and Revatio. Call Medco
         32.5 years                                                  IMPORTANT FOR ALL               ficiary designations are not
 John F. Helm, Jr., 43-1           for more information.
                              Rheumatoid Arthritis Agents         MEMBERS: BENEFICIARY               updated, life insurance pro-
         27.6 years                                                                                  ceeds may not be paid the
     Isaac Harris, 70-1            – some may not be cov-               DESIGNATIONS
                                   ered unless the enrollee         A beneficiary form should        way the participant intended.
         30.0 years
  Dale F. Hankins, 70-1            has first tried another       be completed at initial eligibil-   To ensure that benefits are
         30.0 years                medication. If the doc-       ity for Basic Life Insurance and    paid in accordance to the par-
Frederick L. Hays, 50-2            tor believes that none of     when enrolling in contributory      ticipant’s intent, encourage
         30.0 years                the preferred alterna-        coverages such as Optional          them to review and/or update
Kenneth H. Halfen, 15-2            tives would be right for      Life and Personal Accident          their beneficiary designation
         44.3 years                the patients he or she        Insurance. When participants        today.
 Jimmy G. Lopez, 46-1                                            experience a change in family         There are many changes
                                   can request a medication
         33.1 years                                              status, beneficiary designations    taking place in your insurance
  Robert L. Lloyd, 17-2            review.
                              Dose Optimization. Certain         should be reviewed and/or           benefits, therefore it is very
         30.6 years                                              updated.         Family status      important that you read and
 Virgle A. Mueller, 25-1           Cholesterol Lowering
                                   Medications      (Statins).   changes include: marriage,          keep any insurance informa-
         30.3 years
Donald Reasoner, 50-1              Higher dosage medica-         remarriage, divorce, birth or       tion from General Motors.
         30.0 years                tions will now be cov-        adoption of a child and death         Your Benefit Represen-
 Janice A. Turner, 70-1            ered for patients to take     of a spouse or beneficiary.         tatives are here to assist
         32.3 years                the medication once a            Beneficiary designations can     you whenever necessary.
 Fred J. Taber, III, 70-1          day instead of twice a        be reviewed and updated on-         1st shift – Ron Montgomery
         30.2 years
                                   day. If the doctor or         line at any time, at gmbene-        and       Craig     Dumortier
   Randall L. Vest, 17-1                                For participants who      (alternate Terry Mittler)
         30.0 years
                                   patient does not want to
                                   change the strength of        do not want to designate            2nd shift – J. D. Hogan and
  Jack M. Walton, 11-1                                           beneficiaries on line or are
         30.0 years                the drug, a coverage                                              Vivian Lewis (alternate
                                                                 unable to view their benefici-              Bobbie Dunnell)
Heidi M. Willener, 25-1            review may be available.
         25.1 years           Effective April 10, 2006 PPI       ary information on line, they          Phone: (913) 321-5405
                                   drugs Aciphex, Prevacie,      can request a new beneficiary
                                                                 form to be mailed to them by
Volume 9, Issue 3                                                                                                  Page 9

Retirees’ Information
“If every child were like each    Candy Ruff of the 40th Dis-         the Past 100 years?
other, you wouldn’t know          trict. This conference is           Just a few things……
who was your sister or            hosted each year by the                The 8-hour day
brother, and if every flower      UAW, CWA and Steel                      Social Security
looked the same, “flower”         Workers Unions.                      Ban on Child Labor
would have to be flower’s                   On March 3, 2006,            Health Insurance
                                  Chairman Yunghans, Sister                                            UAW LOCAL 31
name.                                                                  Community Service             RETIREE COOKOUT
           Let them be them-                 Bobbie      Bennett         Apprenticeships             Holt American Legion
selves.                                            and I at-              Weekends off
           Lee Bennett                             tended                                                     Hall
                                                                     Workers’ Compensation            9:00 am – 2:00 pm
Hopkins                                            Washington               Civil Rights
           My computer                             Days 2006                                          SUNDAY, MAY 7
                                                                       Paid Unemployment              Contact Earl Jones,
went haywire and I lost all                         as represen-          Free Education
my notes, Jack and I tried                          tatives of                                          (660) 438-5404
                                                                      Family Medical Leave
to rely on our senior                              the UAW                  Fair Wages
memories to pass the fol-                    Local 31 Retiree            Minimum Wage                  UNION MEETING
lowing information along to       Chapter. The annual ban-                 Paid Pension                    NOTICE
you.                              quet was opened by Law-                    Job Safety              The April Regular Ex-
   February 26 – 28, Brother      rence C. Gates, Chairman of                 Training               ecutive Board and
Dave Moreno and I attended        the Kansas Democratic                    Scholarships              Membership Meetings
the Kansas Legislative confer-    Party. After an awards pres-                                       will be canceled due to
ence in Topeka, Kansas. At        entation by Chairman Gates          Things To Do to Keep           the Easter Holiday.
issue is the need to get rid of   and Congressman Dennis                  Unions Strong
the “non-workers” support-        Moore, Governor Kathleen                                           The next regularly
                                                                           Join the Union
ing people in office and to       Sebelius introduced the guest                                      scheduled meetings will
                                                                       Attend Union Meetings         be held on Saturday,
replace them with people          speaker, Illinois Senator          Join/Support Union Events
who back workers. Gover-          Barack Obama.          Senator                                     May 20, 2006. The E-
                                                                       Spread a Positive Union       Board meets at 1:00
nor Kathleen Sebelius was in      Obama is a rising star in poli-              Message
Washington D.C. at a Gov-         tics and is devoted to work-                                       p.m. followed by the
                                                                     Volunteer for Committees        Membership Meeting at
ernors’ Conference but she        ers’ issues. Obama’s mother           Write Union Articles
sent a tape with her greetings    is a native Kansan and his           Honor Union boycotts          2:00 p.m.
and remarks. Wayne Ma-            father is from Kenya.                    And picket lines                   RETIREE
ichel of the Kansas Depart-       Obama was the first African       Elect Political Candidates for         MONTHLY
ment of Labor made us             American editor of the Har-                 Workers                        MEETING
aware that the Kansas Un-         vard Law Review.                      Keep up with Current         The next Retiree meet-
employment laws are being            During the past month,                      Events              ing will be held on Tues-
rewritten to make them eas-       Chairman Yunghans and I                                            day, April 18, 2006
ier. Larry Gates of the Kan-      have also attended Tri-             Keep Your Eye Open for
                                                                     Those Who are Trying to         (always the 3rd Tuesday
sas Democratic Party was          County Labor and area CAP                                          of the month.) The
the Chairman and gave a fine      meetings. On March 10,               Take These Things and
                                                                                                     meeting begins at 11:00
tribute to our UAW Local          2006 Chairman Yunghans              Rights Away From YOU.
                                                                                                     a.m. followed by lunch.
31 President, Dave Peterson       attended the 8th annual Inter-                                     The Chapter provides
for his work for the Party.       national Womans’ Day Ob-          DON’T FORGET TO PAY
                                                                                                     the meat; please bring a
We also heard from Mike           servance at KCKCC.                YOUR DEATH BENEFIT!!
                                                                                                     large covered side dish
Burgess, House of Represen-                                         See you at the next meeting      to share. Spouses are
                                  What Have Unions Done
tatives 51st District and                                           on Tuesday, April 18, 2006.
                                     for Working People in                                           welcome.
                                   Remembering the fallen Local 31 Members

   UNITED AUTOMOBILE-                             The Executive Board and Membership of UAW Local 31
                                                         would like to extend their deepest sympathies
   IMPLEMENT WORKERS                   to the families and friends of the following members who passed away recently
           OF AMERICA
                                           CHESTER E. GFELLER                BILLY J. MALLONEE                JOSEPH E. PHILLIPS
                                          JOINED: FEBRUARY 1946            JOINED: NOVEMBER 1961            JOINED: DECEMBER 1947
                                          RETIRED: FEBRUARY 1977            RETIRED: JANUARY 1991          RETIRED: NOVEMBER 1979
                                                  DEPT. 17                         DEPT. 17                         DEPT. 17
         500 Kindelberger Road            DIED: JANUARY 24, 2006             DIED: MARCH 2, 2006             DIED: MARCH 13, 2006
      Kansas City, Kansas 66115          LEONARD D. MCMAIN                     FRANK G. KING                 SAMMY L. GATISON
                     Union Hall
                                            JOINED: JUNE 1955               JOINED UAW: AUG 1962            JOINED UAW: SEPT 1967
                   #913.342.7330            RETIRED: MAY 1981               JOINED LO31: SEPT 1983         JOINED LO. 31: SEPT 1983
               Fax #913 342.3408                 DEPT. 25                  RETIRED: NOVEMBER 1987                  DEPT. 25
  E-mail:          DIED: FEBRUARY 10, 2006                   DEPT. 15                  DIED MARCH 14, 2006
                                                                             DIED: MARCH 2, 2006
                                             EDDIE E. SIDERS                                                   BILLY P. HENSLEY
Eddie Henderson - Editor                   JOINED: AUGUST 1949                 ELMER L. KNAPP               JOINED: DECEMBER 1947
W.J. McNeal - Retiree Editor                 RETIRED: JULY 1980                JOINED: MAY 1949            RETIRED: NOVEMBER 1979
                                                  DEPT. 41                  RETIRED: OCTOBER 1981                   DEPT 21
                                          DIED: FEBRUARY 22, 2006                   DEPT. 17                 DIED MARCH 18, 2006
                                                                             DIED: MARCH 10, 2006
                                          THOMAS W. MOODY                                                   DAVID M. PETERSON
                                             JOINED: JUNE 1977               CARL R. HANNAH                JOINED: NOVEMBER 1976
                                                  DEPT. 25                    JOINED: JUNE 1949                    DEPT. 40
     We're on the web                     DIED: FEBRUARY 24, 2006           RETIRED: JANUARY 1980         PRESIDENT OF LOCAL 31                                                             DEPT. 17                 DIED: MARCH 20, 2006
                                         BURLESON E. HUGHES                 DIED: MARCH 12, 2006
                                            JOINED: MAY 1950
                                         RETIRED: FEBRUARY 1981
                                                DEPT. 17
                                          DIED: MARCH 1, 2006

                                   Skill Center

                                             pril in the Skill Cen-   you can streamline your of-     April 26 – Organize your
                                             ter. Spring is here,     fice.                           stuff: 3:15 – 4:15 Tax time
                                             finally …everyone is     April 11 – Dr. Fine: 3:15 –     has passed, but let’s get a
                                   thinking spring cleaning and       4:15 Dr. Fine will do a free    jump on next year. We’ll
                                   outdoors. As you clean, sell       foot care screening and dis-    talk about quick and easy
                                   that stuff on E-Bay, organize      cuss the proper care of dia-    filing systems for your papers,
                                   the space and then go out-         betic feet.                     what you should keep for
                                   side to play.                      April 14 and 17 – Skill Cen-    how long so you can stream-
                                     Watch the daily paper for        ter Closed.                     line your office.
                                   added classes as we’re still       April 18 – Advanced Inter-      April 27 – Genealogy: 2:00
                                   scheduling some gardening          net Search: 3:15 – 4:15 You     and 3:30 Hunting for your
                                   and lawn care classes.             know the basics, Steve is       history?        The Johnson
                                   Friday, April 7 – Organizing       going to take you through       County genealogy librarian
                                   your Stuff: 9:00 a.m. Tax          advanced search techniques      will be here to show you
                                   time is almost here and we         on the Internet.                resources available online,
                                   hope you’re done, but let’s        April 20 – Advanced E-Bay:      how to find them and how
                                   get a jump on next year.           3:15 – 4:15 You have an E-      to get started in your search
                                   We’ll talk about quick and         Bay Account, now learn buy-     for your family history.
                                   easy filing systems for your       ing selling and tracking your
                                   paperwork, what you should         purchases and sales at the
                                   keep and for how long so           online auction service.

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