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									Irish Variety Ensemble
              C/o Pat McNally 01-4515776

        Musical Director: Alan Kelly 086-8326275
                                                       TALLAGHT FESTIVAL BAND
        Ever thought of taking that instrument           ST. MAELRUANS MARCHING                              CORP
out from the attic or maybe have been thinking about
       playing music again without the marching                            1982 - 2007
           This could be your answer                        25 YEAR REUNION
                                                       GREEN ISLE HOTEL, SATURDAY 3RD MARCH 2007
            Very relaxed atmosphere –
            music not too difficult either,
             basically just a bit of fun !!!

  Come down to Scoil Iosa for any practise
    held every 2nd Sunday 12pm – 4pm

    Or call either of the above for further details

   Alternatively speak to Grainne, Fiona or Sonya
      who are members or indeed Pat himself.                                            Pat McNally
                                                                                                    (Founder), Pa
                                                                                             & Doc O’C           t Kelly (Dru
                                                                                                        onnor (Drill          m Major)
                                                             Fr. Len Perrem (F
                                                   THANK YOU
                                                   Frances McNulty – Chairperson
                                                   Thoughts to take away with you.
                                                   I guess I feel I have the best of both worlds I was there in 1984 and I am still
                                                   here in 2007. I am delighted to see so many of you here tonight
                                                   I have enjoyed all of the memories shared here and we all know there are lots
                                                   more. I tell all the young members of the band of the great times we’ve had
                                                   over the years and try to encourage them to do the same. The one up-to-date
                                                   memory with our new band I have is when we took the band last year to
                                                   Kilkenny for a training week-end and Niamh played her usual game of “Spoons”
Specialising in:                                   where a poor unfortunate member ends up sitting on “Wet Towel” If we could
                                                   sell the expressions on their faces over the years our bank balance would be
                                                   very healthy! This year the members turned the tables on Niamh and caught
        General Steelwork     Mezznine Floors
                                                   her out at her own game …that was a sight to by behold…..told you….
                                                   they’re learning fast.
        Partitioning          Cantilever Racks     Those of you that have children please encourage them to take up music – it
                                                   knows no boundaries… ! If you live in Tallaght or surrounding area get them to
        Stairs / Handrails    Stainless Steel      join “Tallaght Festival Band” their ages range from 8 years to 15 years at
                                                   present, and maybe they will organise the 40th Anniversary for us…..
        Cast Iron Repairs     Steel Pallets        At times I feel like I am going back to the roots of the band……
                                                   I have been getting a lot of help lately from Pat McNally.
                                                   Paul Dalton has just joined TFB as a percussion instructor.
        Attic Beams           Gates / Railings     Grainne McManus, Fiona McNulty Lacey, Sonya Higgins Nevin have gone back
                                                   to Pat in the Irish Variety Ensemble and are really enjoying it. So any of you
                                                   who still have your instruments and would like to take up the music again drop
                                                   down to Scoil Iosa for a session, its nice and relaxing NO MARCHING.
                                                   Before you go home tonight make sure we have your mobile number and e-mail
                                                   address, as we intend to create an up to date database where we can keep you
   AGS would like to wish Tallaght Festival Band   all informed about TFB and maybe we can make an annual event of meeting
      all the best on their 25th Anniversary.      everybody with the possible formation of an ‘Alumni TFB’.

New Tallaght Festival Band - Arklow 2006

Some of the 1st members of St.Maelruans Marching Corp.

Can anyone name them all?        Look at the date.

Anyone still got a bugle?
       Best wishes
  Tallaght Festival Band
         on their
    25th Anniversary
     Keith Kavanagh

 10 Upper Mountpleasant Avenue, Ranelagh, Dublin 6.
Tel: 497 9838 Fax: 497 9304 Email acr@oceanfree,net
MEMORIES                                                                           WELCOME
Liam Murphy - Musician                                                             Who would believe 25 years could go in so fast.
July 4th competitions in the BAND capital of the world, working so hard to go
down and do numerous parades and practice sessions until you are blue in the       That you’re all here tonight is testimony to all the good times we’ve all had
face, then expected to give 110% in one 10 minute slot upon which the whole        with “Tallaght Festival Band”. I know from talking to some of you over the
band year revolves, fun when you win but absolute bummer when you don't.           years that you are all still great supporters of the “Band” and I thank you
                                                                                   for that.
Sleeping in halls with wooden floors, laughing at drunk underage colleagues, so
funny them getting in trouble with a committee that has lost all reason to live    As you all know we have been redeveloping the band over the last 2 years
and all control, I myself being a sorry victim one year, all happy memories.....   and we are going to relaunch with our 1st show competition” James Bond
Getting up early to go on a parade 'down the country' in some unknown town         007” in July 2007 with a new uniform keeping the same Royal Blue Yellow
to us Dubs, funny we actually enjoyed these 'roads to nowhere'                     and White colours with some little design changes. The cost of new
                                                                                   uniforms is €7500, and any funds over from tonight’s reunion are going
‘Leading’ the St. Patrick’s Day parade only to find out there was half a mile of
                                                                                   towards this, to this end we thank you for your support.
flags and pomp in front of us and when we got to the stand, RTE went to the
ad break.
                                                                                   On your behalf and on behalf of the present “Tallaght Festival Band” I would
                                                                                   like to thank all the people who made this night possible: Aiveen Corrigan
                                                                                   who started the ball rolling, Fiona Lacey, Grainne McManus, Eoghan
                                                                                   Connolly,Tina & Laura O’Toole, Derek Duff, Denis Carr, Harry Edwards.

                                                                                   Once again “Cead Mile Failte agus Oiche Sonas Leat”

                                                                                   Frances McNulty

                                                                                   Tallaght Festival Band meet every Wed 7.30-9pm - Sun 5-6.30pm
                                                                                   in Ard Mhuire School, (off Belgard Road).
                                                                                   Phone: 086 898 8388 Email
                             St. Patrick’s Day Parade, Tallaght

                                            47                                                                           4
                               Being in Arklow training when news came in about Princess Diana been killed in a
                               car crash.
                               Billy Gorman’s house when we were designing the shows...the missus made great
                               snow cakes!
                               Gerry and Brian having arguments over the design of the and Liam
                               sitting back and laughing
                               Liam bringing in the draughts set to design the shows...little roundy chips were the
                               players...don't remember what the showcorp were! Actually we weren't anything
                               come to think of it, we were to just told to fill in the gaps!
                               Orla Roche been Lola!
                               Bullying Paula McGarry...for picking up for everybody!
  “Rising to new heights       Brian BB BOC........... for just been there I suppose!
                               Tara doing all the work and me getting the glory!
with Tallaght Festival Band”   Gillian McQuaid being suspended from the Showcorp and having murder then with
                               the whole McQuaid clan! Think they're still not talking to me!
                               Very first Showcorp comp in the Basketball Arena.Tara and me watched the
                               rehearsals of Thurrock Academy and went into shock! We were doing Janet Jackson!
Best wishes on your 25th       After the rehearsals we went to Eddie Rockets with Deirdre and couldn't eat a thing.
                               Everytime I looked at Tara she started crying. A real wake up call!!
      Anniversary              Gerry Edwards & John Ryan in Riverdance!!! Hahahahahaha (I'm on my back
                               thinking of that!)
                               Conor falling asleep under the bus in Dax.
                               And finally Winning The Gold Medal in Holland.
   from Fiona & Eddie

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MEMORIES                                                                                A BRIEF HISTORY
                                                                                        St. Maelruans Marching Corp. was formed in 1982 by Mr. Pat McNally
Brian Daly – Musical Director                                                           and Fr. Len Perrem. The band consisted of tin-whistle, Bugles, Accordions,
I have many special memories from over the years in the Tallaght Festival Band.         Percussion, & majorettes and had approx. 50 members aged 10-12 years of
Leading the St. Patrick’s Day parade in Dublin city to the welcome home                 age. They enlisted Doc O’Connor an Army Sergeant to teach marching and
reception we received after Holland. The most special memory has to be the              drill.
Gold Medal win in Kerkrade Holland. The hard work by all the committee,                 During the first few years of St. Maelruans, bands from Tallaght and throughout
routine designers and the whole band was rewarded with the success. The                 Ireland came to Tallaght once a month for a seminar run by the IYCMB. All the
experience of participating on the performance arena and watching the routine           various instruments/majorettes were split into sections and practised together
unfold was incredible. The crowning moment was the emotional reaction of                for the day. It was an excellent opportunity to get to know your opponents
everybody when it was announced that we won the Gold Medal.                             from the other bands in the area and many lasting friendships were made
Alan Healy - Choreographer                                                              1983
Arriving at band on the first night with my mate Eric and meeting the four nutters      In 1983 the tin-whistles were replaced with flutes (wavin pipe flutes made by
whose names I cant remember.....what a start!! Helen was one....                        Jim Gallagher) and clarinets and the bugles were replaced with trumpets.
The night Shinny gave me a kick in the private parts during rehearsals, I stood too     That year Fr. Len took the trumpets and percussion members to Oban in
close and counted them in!                                                              Scotland for a weekend- the first trip away for the band.
Driving in the double decker bus through the beer fest in Holland, waving at            1984
everybody next thing I know they're all waving our flags back at us! Somebody           In August 1984 the band entered their first competition ever, this took place
opened the boot of the bus and took everything out.                                     in the Isle of Man. Band members were so young that we had practise at
Having a water fight with Deirdre and Marie while we were suppose to be training        3 O’clock in the afternoon because everyone was on their school holidays.
with The Anchormen in Yorkshire                                                         I remember going to band on our Roller Skates because our parents weren’t
                                                                                        home from work to give us a lift. In the competition the band won a third
Sitting in Deirdre's house till all hours watching her sewing costumes
                                                                                        place award.
Locko pulling down the whole 30 foot backdrop at our first showcorp outing in
Brentwood, England.                                                                     In the Isle of Man we were in 2 hotels. The Lido was the in place to be
                                                                                        at night time for disco,... does anyone remember. We played a concert in
Locko doing Irish Dancing at Anchormen!
                                                                                        White City and another night we went to the Hostel that the Dancers were
Orla Carroll dry-reaching on the floor during our first showcorp Batman performance     staying in and had a great outdoor session – barbeques were not heard of in
in Brentwood, England                                                                   those times. Do you remember the corps that used to march up and down
Elaine Byrne doing the Garth Brooks showcorp competition in Dublin                      the prom slapping their thighs to the music of bugles.
Shinny doing the flip off the gym horse and ending up in hospital... nearly broke her
neck... that ended that idea!

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                                                             Clonmel!! then there was Germany which had great discos!!! My most recent trip
                                                             was to Italy!! Apart from eating nothing but plain pasta for breakfast, lunch and
                                                             dinner and getting eaten alive by midgets we had such a great time. Some
                                                             highlights were a certain person being locked in the toilet, big arguments over
                                                             going to the shop, getting the best pizza slices from some dodgy little place and
                                                             finally getting a burger in the Irish bar across the road!!
                                                             Even though I've told so much I'm sure I've left tonnes out!! Every day is a day
                                                             to remember though without the band my summers would of been boring all
                                                             those hours of marching and learning sets and being shouted at were worth
St. Maelruans Marching Corp. Look at the number of members

                                                             every minute because they have been the best time of my life, its where I met
                                                             my two best friends Orlagh and Sarah and my boyfriend Ian so I owe it a lot,
                                                             hence why I’m still there now teaching!! I wanna say thanks to Frances, Niamh,
                                                             Aileen, Pat and Fiona for being like a second family to us all. Looking after us
                                                             when we were throwing up and always being able to have a laugh!!
                                                             Your the best, Laura O'Donoghue xxxxxxxxx

                                                             Alan Scully – Fundraiser
                                                             ‘New Kids on the block’....
                                                             This was when the band had a show in the concert hall. My daughter Gillian
                                                             had only been in the band a short while so I did not know what to expect. When
                                                             all the new kids came on stage and played there recorders it made me very
                                                             proud and by the end of the show I could see it was a great band to be part of.
                                                             ‘Keystone Cop’...
                                                             St Patrick’s Day Dublin City (not sure what year) the band had two gigs one in
                                                             Dublin City and the other back in Tallaght. When the Dublin City one finished the
                                                             band had to speed back to Tallaght so there was a police escort arranged which
                                                             was one motor cycle cop. Well to say it was funny, every time he stopped at
                                                             traffic lights to stop the traffic and to let the bus go through and then follow us
                                                             he could not get his bike started and all the kids were looking out the back
                                                             window cheering him on. This happened about six times and by the time the
                                                             band got to Tallaght every one was in good sprits and ready for action.

MEMORIES                                                                            A BRIEF HISTORY
Laura O’Donoghue - Guard                                                            We also took part in Fleadh Ceol Festivals, which took place nationwide. At
Well I've been flicking through my band photo album trying to decide which          this stage the band had a brass and reed section, accordion section and a pipe
memory to write about but I can't seem to choose just one. So I've decided to       and drum section - together with the majorettes we were a "very" large band.
just list a few (",)                                                                1985
Here goes:                                                                          In July 1985 the band went to Basingstoke & Portsmouth for their summer
                                                                                    festivals as part of IYCMB. We stayed at Warner's Holiday Camp in
-There was always lots of fun travelling on the bus. Sing songs containing songs    Portsmouth. We performed two routines in the festival, which included
like Raining men, Grease and Copacabana (with some interesting lyrics). Or          performances by the IYBMB Irish Dancers. On this trip away the band
getting lost in England and Pat going round the roundabout about 10 times!!!        members were split into groups of 4 per chalet (not self catering chalets!!). For
-I always loved the training weekends in Carlow. That huge bowling alley with 4     many band members this was their first holiday without their parents so you
lanes hehe!! Which we recently found out (after a long walk with 30 kids) has       can imagine the carry on for the week. Who knocked Doc’s wig off??? And it
been demolished!! or throwing eggs at each other in the big hall only to find       wasn’t my Jeffery. Jelly down toilet pots, French beds, Drawers inserted
Franny had boiled them the night before OUCH!! Lots of work but a lot more          upside-down, toothpaste on pillows etc. It might not seem funny now but it
fun!! Speaking of work girls do ya's remember all the hours we spent practicing     was then!!
out my back only to be put into orange patent 3/4 lengths and a white patent
waist coat to be laughed at!! (we thought we looked brill)                          1986
                                                                                    This was the year that the name of the band was changed to Tallaght Festival
My first band trip to England was lots of fun. Think it was Leeds we had a talent   Band. We went to Arklow for the 4th July Festival.This was the first year that
contest I remember doing a cheerleading routine                                     the colour guard led by Helen Burke was introduced into the band. We now
dancing with tea towels and the girls had potato mashers and forks!! That night I   had baton twirlers, pom-pom (fairies) and flag twirlers.This has now become
went to sleep only to be woken by (well we wont name names but you know             a week long festival with majorette competition during the week. Lots of
who you are!!) carrying me to the bathroom to wash toothpaste from my hair          parents took their holiday in Arklow this week. We even had a supporters
because they were afraid of getting into trouble. Only to put me back on a pillow   bus travel with us. It was the only competition in Ireland – thanks to John
full of toothpaste!!                                                                Holland and his Yankee Doodle Café do you remember all the pictures
Another great trip was to Carlingford. What a great weekend. The band was           around the wall and the video playing all day long. They were great times.
quite small then we managed to travel on a mini bus so you can imagine how          I remember looking in awe at Mullingar Town Band such a big band and
many of us were left. Frances and Niamh felt sorry for us so they decided we        wondering would we ever be as good as them… we all know the answer to
needed a good time. Who ever thought Frances could sail or Niamh could climb        that.
as high as she did hehe!! The big man who owned the place was pretty scary
I'm glad it was Francis who caught us with those beverages in our bags and not
We travelled to so many places, Leeds was always great fun, then Birmingham
was great when we went for the Tattoo we made lots of new friends from

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A BRIEF HISTORY                                                                      MEMORIES
1987                                                                                 David Hoare - Musician
We went to Arklow for 4th July Festival. Andy Ryan was Musical Director this
                                                                                     Brian Daly's one-liners....
1988                                                                                 "I'll send you a post-card" ... for not counting the correct number of bars rest.
This was the year of the millennium for Dublin. Noel Stronge took over as Musical    Brian Daly's multi-coloured short-shorts... he thought they were cool, in fact I
Director.We got our new cavalier hats with the yellow feather this year, which the   think we all knew they were boxer shorts!!
busman nearly lost on the way home from Arklow.The Band went to Arklow for
the 4th July carnival and did an Irish show - Dublin March, Marino Waltz, Summer     Winterguard Competition and our Riverdance performance: An outstanding
in Dublin, and Irish Molly. I think this was the year that some “female” band        display from 'Men in Tights' - John Ryan and Gerry Edwards.
members let down the tent ropes of The “Tallaght boys” down on the beach and         The food fight between a handful of committee and band members. It took
the Chairman wanted to sent them home in the middle of the night, what a night       place in the wee hours of the morning in the kitchen of the old church we
no sleep.                                                                            stayed at while visiting Anchormen. August 1995.
The IYCMB performed their first concert in the Royal Hospital, Kilmainham as         Frances dressing up as Lola after the Mill Street competition September 1995.
part of a joint cross border programme with the South Ulster Youth Orchestra.
                                                                                     Aine Daly picking fights with teenage Dutch boys by the pool in Kerkrade,
They came down to Dublin in June and the IYCMB performed with the SUYB in
Newry Town Hall the following November.                                              July 1993

We did away with accordions this year and put all players onto brass and reed        After winning the gold medal in Kerkrade we were given a days relaxation and
instruments. This was a really busy year for the band as every area in Dublin had    sunbathing. Half the band got severe sunburn and 20 members could not
a millennium festival.                                                               perform the next day. Mr McHale going crazy. Holland 1993.
                                                                                     Alan Healy singing and dancing to Billy Jean on stage at a karaoke competition.
                                                                                     He got through to the final a week later but he had to go home instead.
We did the Arklow competitions again, we still have not won this competition.
                                                                                     Holland 1993.
Took the same show to Kerkrade, Holland for the World Music Contest (this
competition is like the Olympics of music only happens every 4 years). We
travelled for 36 hours boat and coach. This is where band members found the
lovely drink - the age of drinking over there is 16 so god help the committee they
needed eyes in the back of their heads – and they had them, we got away with
nothing. For the Show we played Neil Diamonds Sweet Caroline and Crackling
Rosie, Rock around the Clock, Which went down a treat with the crowd.
Here we won a silver award for the showband competition and bronze award for
the drill. There was such excitement when they called out our name. Tommy
Nugent’s lasting memory of band is that day in Kerkrade when he found himself
a corner in the stadium and cried tears of joy. Kerkrade is where we heard the
chant Ole Ole Ole Ole for the first time.
                                                                                                                   Tallaght Festival Band - Millstreet, Cork.

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                                                            A BRIEF HISTORY
                                                            After taking all the information and ideas on board from Kerkrade, the band
                                                            produced their first real show, winning all IMBA Competitions of 1990. We
                                                            availed of the services of Peter Halls from BYBA. The music included 2001
                                                            Space Odyssey, Knock on Wood,Whiter Shade of Pale, Spanish Gypsy Dance,
                                                            and Take Five (hands up those who can remember the famous TFB dance
                                                            routine for the Take Five number?). ‘And we won Arklow at last’
                                                            The Spielmanzug Rhodemis band from Germany whom we met in Kerkrade
                                                            came over to stay with us for a holiday.
                                                            We also played at all the World cup matches staged in the RDS where they
                                                            had a mini-stadium set up. We all remember the first ever Irish Penalty shoot
      BEST WISHES TO THE                                    out and Scalacthi and Packie Bonner. Alan Healy joined the staff as
                                                            choreographer to instruct the guard.
    TALLAGHT FESTIVAL BAND                                  1991
                                                            This year we had a show written in England - West Side Story. We went over
          ON REACHING THEIR                                 to Germany for a return holiday to Spielmanzug Rhodemis. We also
                                                            performed West Side Story in Bristol on a visit to Bridgwater.
           25TH ANNIVERSARY                                 1992
                                                            We took a year out of IMBA competitions. We went on a few weekend trips
                                                            to France for various festivals.
                  FROM                                      1993
                                                            We got a new Musical director - Brian Daly and prepared for our show in
             FUSION PROVIDA                                 Kerkrade, Holland. This year we won a gold at the WMC for showband.
                                                            Our music included A Hard Days Night, Birdland, Love Story, An Irish Festival
                                                            and We are the World, which the guard (Flag twirlers) did sign language taught
                                                            to them by Georgina Conroy.We also took in a few weekend trips to France.

Unit 292 Beech Road,Western Industrial Estate, Dublin 12.
               Tel 460 0493 Fax: 460 0587


A BRIEF HISTORY                                                                  MEMORIES
1994                                                                             Another one from my lot.. Orlagh Connolly.
We used the show from Kerkrade for the season, making some minor                 One of my memories of band was being 9 years old and the day of my first
adjustments. The guard did a Winterguard show based on Janet Jackson's           communion; The band was doing a local job that day and of course my brother
music. We used it in a competition in Ireland only.The band went on a week’s     and sister were needed to play. We ended up at the band job and I was mascot
holiday to Dax in France for a festival.                                         behind the banner in my communion dress!!! I was mortified!
We performed a concert of our music for the first time in the National           Well that’s the Connolly family contribution to the memory book. Like everyone
Concert Hall - Sonny Knowles did compare and we put on a great show to           else there are lots more... of highs and lows. But all precious that we’ll keep with
a full house for friends and family                                              us and smile about all our lives.
This was the year of our best show in my estimation. Music consisted of
                                                                                 Chris McQuaid – Committee Secretary
Summertime, When a man loves a Woman, Copacabana & Rhapsody in Blue.
We won all the IMBA competitions and were the All Ireland League                 One memory is when we had to take Gillian Mc Quaid to the "Space Age"
Champions but were defeated at the "FA cup" finals of the IMBA in Mill Street    hospital in Maastricht with her gimpy knees. We had never seen such a set up
by Clonmel Bluehawks.The Guard also entered Winterguard competitions in          in our lives. Go for it Mary Harney !!!
the UK with their Riverdance Show. We again performed in the National            Another is the day of the competition WMC in 1989 when the Show corps
Concert Hall, this time our “Cadet Band” also performed…. What a band.           stepped forward and signed "We are the World, We are the People" I thought
1996                                                                             that these children from Tallaght & it's environs "were the world" for me on
The same show was used for this season also. The guard did Winterguard           that day.
again with a show based on the Batman Theme. The Spielmanzug Rhodemis
band from Germany came over to stay with us for another holiday.                 Michelle McHale - Musician
1997                                                                             My memories of the band are going to the chipper after the annual pub crawl,
We did a new show Papito, End of the Road,The James Bond Theme etc.              marching down O'Connell Street on Paddy's day, drinking rounds of shots in
During all the above years we did Competitions in Limerick. Played every         Holland after the world band championship, performing in Paris with sunburn,
Sunday either a street parade or a concert in the parks around Dublin, lots of   cycling a tandem in Holland, rock'n roll hall of fame - my favourite, Mr. Corbett's
festivals around the country. I remember one year playing in Baltinglass and a   clarinet classes, Sunday's band practice, fireworks in Germany, singing at the top
parent saying how lucky the band were to get to travel all over Ireland…..       of our voices on the bus after yet another win at the local competitions, sleeping
Baltinglass seemed miles away.                                                   on floors in churches and schools, going to the monthly band disco and practising
                                                                                 our routine in Tymon North park for the 30th time in a row in the bloody
                                                                                 freezing cold.

                                     11                                                                                   40
off our blindfolds to find out that the area that we covered .. which seemed to
be miles.. turned out to be a rope tied around a small area of trees, which we
had circled over and over! So much for our mountain "hike"! The next day,
Frances and myself chose to go in a sailboat.. That was going to be the easy
part. The hard part was pouring ourselves into the wet suit!!! Painful to get into
and more painful to look at in the mirror! Frances chose to be the driver (as
usual) i.e. she was in charge of the rudder.. I was holding onto a rope attached
to the sail not having a clue what to do with it. So off we went out into the
deep, whereby we proceeded to go round and round in circles. The more we
circled, the more the two of us were in convulsions of laughing ! I decided to take
charge of the steering but that meant we had to swap ends of the boat.. (it was
only a piece of fibreglass!) Mission impossible eat your heart out!!! We had to
crawl on our bellies .. passing each other in the middle of the so called boat to
reach opposite ends while heading out to sea with no captain at the rudder!!!
                                                                                        OUR BUSINESS
                                                                                       IS RUBBISH..!!!
SCARY! Finally I got the hang of the rudder .. Frances however didn’t get the
hang of the rope she just HUNG out of it!!! We were sailing along nicely when
the sky went dark all of a sudden .. the waves got huge!!! It was like the end of
the world or something... (ok I’m exaggerating!) but scary stuff. Not as scary as
climbing a 40 ft telegraph pole thou.. ah but that’s another story and Ii have to
leave some space for others memories so I’ll save it for another time. Suffice to
say myself and Frances were like stunt people out of a James Bond movie! I                CONGRATULATIONS
would never in my whole life have attempted anything like that only for I suffer
from this "incurable band disease" so for the moment I’m happy in my illness..         TALLAGHT FESTIVAL BAND
I was asked by my daughter Ciara Connolly to pass on her memory. She is                       ON YOUR
travelling in South America at the moment and is so sorry she is missing out on
this great night. Just a quick one that she remembers. As usual it involves               25TH ANNIVERSARY
Frances. After a night of the usual no sleep till all hours of the night the wake up
call for the main perpetrators consisted of Frances with the cymbals going
around each person and playing them in their ears like a true professional!!
Ciara said you never the band move so quickly to get up !!! And the threat of                7 Bohernabreena Cottages,Tallaght, Dublin 24.
more contributed to a peaceful nights sleep for all the following night.                Tel: 459 7828. Fax: 459 8813. Mobile: 086 263 6160.
                                                                                         Email: Web:

Niamh Connolly - Committee
"Now this is a hard one" I thought when asked to come up with a few choice
memories of my years with the band.. one or two just jumped into my head so
I’ll share them with you and you decide if they re good ones or bad!
My first trip to England ...... One of my first trips overnight with the
band. We all settled down in our sleeping bags.. ( or so I thought!) Lights out...
Just about got into the right position whereby my elbow had stopped aching
from the hard floor. There was silence for a while then a kind hum started and I
felt vibrations of banging on the floorboards vibrating in my ear. The hum turned
into giggles .. a few choice words of warning were thrown out in the darkness to
"go to sleep" etc. Silence for another few mins.. then more of the same.. this went
on for a while. At one point I just sat up in the darkness .... After a few seconds
of getting used to the dark my eyes focused and all I could see was what looked
liked a mass of worms moving around the floor! The only difference was these
worms had limbs.. and the vibrations of elbows and knees confined in sleeping
bags banging on floorboards while trying to wriggle from one side of the hall to
the other was a sight to behold!!! The next thing I knew .. Fiona .. who had been
bravely pretending to be asleep beside me jumped up and exclaimed "THIS
silence ..... Aw they always do what Fiona says...:-)
Trip to Carlingford Lough.. .
We didn’t do competitions one year and decided to take them off on an
overnight trip to the adventure centre in Carlingford. As committee .. we didn’t
think we would be taking part in any of the activities but on arrival decided to
participate.. under duress I might add! The next thing I knew we were marched
up a mountain in the pitch dark to be brought blindfolded, in a line, through a
forest, tied to each other, holding a rope for guidance! We were warned that
any exclamations of bad language on our journey would result in punishmen .
Have you ever tried not to emmm ..."exclaim" while stumbling in the dark over
roots of trees?? Not an easy task and sure enough.. Any guilty parties were
promptly doused with cold water! I l tell you ..Judging by the screams, the movie
"Deliverance" hadn’t a patch on us!!! We got to the end of our ordeal and took

                                       A BRIEF HISTORY
    SHANNON                            The band took a major turnaround here with most of the older members and
                                       committee leaving. A new committee was formed and the band basically had
BUSINESS SERVICES                      to start the building process again
                                       This year the band took to the Competition field again with Fiona and Sherri’s
 UNIT 407E GREENOGUE BUSINESS PARK,    help doing a show based on the music of Freddy Mercury - Bicycle Race,
       RATHCOOLE, CO. DUBLIN.          Crazy little thing called love, Medley, Who wants to live forever. This year in
                                       August we had a sad loss when one of our members was tragically killed -
     PH: 01 458 0386   FAX: 458 0368   Martin Carroll R.I.P. We also had the loss of Doc O’Connor, Drill Instructor.
                                       This year the band went to Germany to Spielmanzug Rhodemis for a
                                       competition near their hometown. This was good learning curve for the "new
                                       band”. We had our youngest member ever with us 5-month-old Cillian Lacey
                                       son of Fiona Lacey (McNulty). He has been with us since and is now a
    Best wishes to                     member of our percussion line.
                                       Paul Tallon, ex-chairman and great friend to all the bands, passed away this year.
Tallaght Festival Band                 2001

       on your                         The band took a year out of Competitions due to lack of members and
                                       negotiations ensued between Phoenix and TFB about amalgamation that
                                       resulted in the formation of Allianz on a 2-year scheme. Both bands gelled
  25th Anniversary                     together very well and put on a show called Opus 1, which was based on
                                       music from ‘Braveheard’ and ‘Gladiator’, which we took to England twice and
         from                          won all competitions.
   Hilda and Staff                     This band Allianz went to Monza, Italy for the World Marching Band
                                       Championships and obtained a Gold Medal. Unfortunately the 2 year scheme
                                       for Allianz was up and Phoenix wanted to return to their original
                                       formation…band members in both bands were devastated as they had all
                                       become great friends, once again we lost some of our older members.

A BRIEF HISTORY                                                                   MEMORIES
2003                                                                              O’Toole Family- Musicians
We struggled for a while with young inexperienced members when along              Frances brought to tears while watching the latest generation of the TFB
came Tina O’Toole got us all to pick ourselves up dust ourselves down and
                                                                                  performance in their first full Marching show competition – Shrek 2006. The
start all over again.
                                                                                  emotions where heightened for Frances seeing both her daughter Fiona and
She did a major recruitment drive around the schools in Belgard and Tymon         Grandson Cillian partake in the same show. Three generations involved in the TFB
North and we recruited approx 40 members and we were off again. We did            at the same – is this a first?
a competition in Carlow that year Paddy’s day parade in Greystones with the
                                                                                  The traumatic plane flight over to Germany, were we all experienced the worst
Sonna Samba Band from Tallaght (of which Siobhan McNulty is a member) we
                                                                                  turbulence of our young lives. We dropped from the sky several times. I will never
won best band in the parade.
                                                                                  forget the feeling in my stomach and the screams of the band members
(I wonder how many of you remember St. Maelruans doing the parade in              shouting ‘we are all going to die’, especially little Orlagh Connolly.
Greystones many moons ago and the shop at the end of the parade where
                                                                                  Charles Cavanagh’s turned up jeans!!!
you all “bought” your sweets!
2004                                                                              My first day in the senior band – terrified of course and when Brian Daly put
We moved to Belgard School this year as St. Joseph’s were having a new roof       ‘Don’t Rain on my parade’ in front of me I thought I would never get through the
put on. Rory Boyle joined us as musical director. Put in a lot of practice with   class – minutes felt like hours. But with a little help from Sonja, Cindy and Yvonne
very new very young band. Did Paddy’s day in Greystones members playing           I muddled through. Now its one of my favourites songs to play and every time I
recorders with the help of a few senior members, Jessica Morris, Eoin             hear it I smile at how terrified one song had made me feel.
McQuaid, Catherine O’Toole, Laura O’Toole, Denise O’Donoghue, Sarah               Brian Daly’s Wine loafers.
Furlong, Laura O’Donoghue (Guard)
                                                                                  Everyone I fancied.
Tina took off to Australia this year - we missed her and were lost without her.   Brian Daly’s diaphragm talk.
Laura and Sarah put the show together this year, which we did in Carlow. Lost     Lorcan at Brian’s wedding singing Crazy Little thing called love!!
members again mostly to the GAA. Did Christmas concert in
Blanchardstown with Alan Kelly and the local community band.. very                I suppose my first memory of the band was running around Belgard after them
enjoyable.                                                                        as they collected money and played in the street, I thought they were so kool
2006                                                                              and wanted to be like them! I was probably 8 at the time.
Tina is back home- hooray. Up she comes to band in February went out              The music…Rock-n-Roll, Hard Days Night, Its So Easy, Basin Street etc
recruiting once again. Great response. New members on recorders for 6             The band jobs…leading the St Patrick’s Day parade, the Blackrock Graduation
weeks gave them instruments…. don’t know how she does it but she got
                                                                                  gigs every year, the Santa jobs, the park jobs and my all time favourite the
everyone of our members to play the show “Shrek” in competition in Arklow
                                                                                  National Concert Hall.
is September… once again bands from all over the country were amazed with
a band average age 10 years and only playing for 7 months…. But that’s TFB.

                                      15                                                                                   36
                              A BRIEF HISTORY
MA C DIARMADA                 2007
                              We have started into the 25th year of TFB on a very positive note. Just done
   C OACHES                   an individual and ensemble competition in Arklow Bay Hotel and won for our
                              ensemble section for our clarinets 3 members 10 years of age. Band playing
                              Visual ensemble 12 mixed musicians 2nd Place. Hannagh Dennison our Flutist
                              won 1st prize in the individual section. Guard won 1st prize routine to the
  PRIVATE COACH HIRE          High School Musical. We are trying to do all competitions this year and take
  FOR ALL OCCASIONS           in a trip to Mid Summer Norton in England. Our show this year is James Bond
                              007. Do come out and support us.
    PAT MCDERMOTT             Our major fundraiser this year if to have a new uniform which we will have
                              for the start of the competition season in July… We need to raise €7500. If
                              anyone would like to make a donation at any time it would be very
                              welcome…make all cheques payable to “Tallaght Festival Band”.
                              A special thanks to Fiona Lacey (McNulty) for this brief history to date…some
                              dates may not be correct but it’s the memory that counts.


    TELEPHONE: 451 5649
    MOBILE: 087 862 2165

       14 - 80 SEATER

                              Tallaght Festival Band

                         Debbie Loughran – Show Corp (Guard)
                         Only funny memory I have is me taking the stage backdrop down with on our
                         first winter guard (batman) competition…… thank god we have no photo's....

                         Nora Dowling - Fundraiser
                         One of my best memories was on hearing the band won in Holland - the
                         preparation and excitement waiting on the homecoming was fantastic.
                         That particular day, I really felt proud, and of course many more memories,
                         funding, Arklow, walking in the St Patrick’s Day Parades, the list goes on. These
                         occasions are also fondly remembered by my sisters Phyllis & Betty Quinn.

  CONGRATULATIONS        Gerry Edwards – Musician
         TO              My best memory in Festival Band was the homecoming reception following the
                         Kerkrade contest of 1993 when we won Gold Award with the first show written
TALLAGHT FESTIVAL BAND   and produced by the band. That was really special. However, what I have taken
                         away from my years with the band are self confidence, a belief that there are
                         not glass ceilings – anyone can achieve anything, a sense of community and
     ON 25 YEARS         what “Teams” can do best, and most importantly – lifelong friendships.

                         Harry Edwards – Committee / Fundraiser
                         I was a member of the Tallaght Festival Band committee for many years.
                         I was mainly involved with fundraising for the band. I have very fond memories
                         of working with a great team of volunteers.
                         Then to see the funds used with great results, new uniforms, instruments and
                         great tutors. I would urge all parents of the present day band to get involved
                         and support the band in any way you can.
                         There will be great satisfaction in seeing the band become a great band again.

                                                                        I REMEMBER - DO YOU?
                                                                        Here are some of your memories....

                                                                        Pat McNally Founder & Musical Director
                                                                        Hayling Island Remembered. Every member of the Band, Pipe Band, Majorettes
                                                                        and Figure Dancers will always remember our stay at Warners Holiday Camp at
                                                                        Hayling Island U.K.
                                                                        The weather was marvellous, the food was excellent and the swimming pool was
                                                                        in use at every chance we got. The people staying at the camp were always
                                                                        amazed at how good we were at swimming and how friendly our one young
                                                                        people were.

           Best Wishes                                                  The camp manager would ask me every day as to why the slot machines were
                                                                        full of Irish coins, as some of our members were having many “Lucky wins” with
                                                                        Irish coins.
                to                                                      The Camp was also having problems with their hot water supply due to
                                                                        members having regular hot baths, so the holiday makers had to get up earlier
      Tallaght Festival Band                                            to wash, to make amends we offered to give a concert to entertain the holiday
                                                                        makers. The camp manager agreed and gave us a 20 minute slot to perform.
             on your                                                    On our last Saturday we set up the Band, Pipe Band, Majorettes and Figure
                                                                        Dancers to perform. Everybody performed marvellously. The holiday makers
        25th Anniversary                                                were so impressed that they begged the camp manager to let us carry on
                                                                        performing, which we did for another two hours, in which they captivated the
                                                                        whole audience with a brilliant show of concert music, pipe band music and Irish
                                                                        figure dancing. I was so proud of all our talented young people. Everybody
                                                                        returned from Hayling Island well tanned, with great memories, and a stone

            Bluebell Business Centre, Old Naas Road, Dublin 22.
Tel: 460 0655 Fax: 460 0659 Email: info@euromech Web:

MEMORIES                                                                               MEMORIES
Dalton Family – Musicians & Dancers                                                    Suzanne O’Brien – Show Corp (Guard)
Gosh it was hard to try and come up with some memories of our days in the              I remember the year in Arklow way back when (late 80’s), we slept in the hall
band, as there was so many. From our first trip to the Isle of Man, to the last trip   at the top of the town. I think was a Scout’s den or church Hall. We kept letting
I went on to Scotland. But I suppose I will remember our trip to Hayling Island        the air out of poor Sean Darcy’s airbed in the dark. and all you could hear was
most. It was exactly like                                                              him huffing & panting blowing it back up every half hour....contagious giggles
Butlins or Hi de Hi which was a popular TV programme at that time. I think we          through the hall that night....sorry Sean...we know ya loved us cheeky girls!!
were there for about a week but the day we were leaving 'Doc' and Pat                  Tracey and myself weren’t the best for getting up on a Sunday for parades.
McNally had decided it would be good for us on our long journey back to the             It was really nice of Sean to get the bus to drive up to Castle Park to collect
boat, to go and visit an Air Show. Now most people would have been very                us... eh happened a few away with murder!!!!!
excited about this,
Unfortunately the date was 13 July 1985 and the biggest concert ever was               Grainne McManus - Musician
being broadcast all over the world. It was of course LIVE AID. So while everyone       Celebrating my Leaving Cert results on the way back from France, winning the
else was sitting down to enjoy a world first we were stuck in a field in the middle    Gold Medal in Holland, my first Paddy’s day Parade, Tallaght. I was 7 years of
of nowhere looking at world war plane. Priceless.....                                  age, there were no jackets, just the wine waistcoats and cream shirts – sleet,
While in the Isle of Man, Fr Len took the dancers to the beach on one of our           snow, wind etc… and Mrs. Jones took me in out of the cold on the Seskin View
days off. He decided it would be a great idea to have a barbeque and for most          Road and gave me a cuppa and a cheese sambo – God bless her!!!
of us it was probably the first time any one of us had ever heard of a bbq.            Some amount of miles were clocked up through out the many years, France,
Anyway he went of and bought sausages, and my god we never saw so many                 Holland, Belgium, England, Scotland, Germany and All over Ireland etc – who can
sausages in our lives. It took about an hour and a half to cook them all.              forget Mr McHale doing his bed checks in France and Holland (scaaarrrrry) or
Mam thought she would never finish cooking them. We all sat along the wall at          Billy Gorman’s unique wake up call – cymbals at dawn! So many happy
the beach and ate to our hearts content. And thankfully no-one got food                memories but also one or two of sadness…….
                                                                                       Sinead McNulty - Show Corp (Guard)
John Kelly - Piper                                                                     My memories are the holiday to Dax in France where we lost Conor on one of
I have many good memories from my time in the band but my one ‘best’ lasting           the night’s out and he decided to sleep under the bus until we came home.
memory is: We went to the Isle of Man for a band competition. My Nanny had             Then another night as we were driving through the town after the parade they
died just a few months earlier and my Grandad had his last holiday in the Isle of      opened the boot of the bus and robbed all our flags, Eddie & Alan ran after
Man with myself and my Sister Sue. He died shortly after this but he was there         them before ending the journey on the bus on the way back drinking some
to see us do well in this competition and it meant a great deal to him and             cocktail of alcohol that was so strong the paper cups were melting in our hands.
everything to me and my sis.                                                           Good holiday.

                                        19                                                                                      32
MEMORIES                                                                                  MEMORIES
Tracey Devoy – Show Corp (Guard)                                                          Fiona Domigan - Majorette
Where do I begin? I think Arklow had the best memories for me... the year we              The one great memory of the band was in Holland in 1989 when I was ten
won the best flag corps and best band, I think a few clean sweeps that summer!!           years old and my Mam built up the courage to let me go. We won the Silver in
Helen made the routine where we took off our skirts (easy boys!) and twirled              the Competition and all the older guys were going out that night. The committee
them ....get arrested for that now!!                                                      organised a disco for all the younger band members in the hotel and I was really
that year we got to lead the evening parade through the main street...amazing             enjoying being at a disco, I felt so grown up. Anyway Mr Tallon (Paul)R.I.P. came to
thrill...we beat the youth band at last (friendly rivalry of course!) Suzanne nearly      get me from the disco as my Mam rang the hotel to speak to me, so I came to
passed out with delight when Paul Begley asked Snoopy (Colm McHale) could                 the phone and said that I could not talk as I was busy at a disco and hung up.
he conduct some of the way....aaaahhhh looking at Begley's tight butt in the              My poor Mother devastated until I got home five days later.
white pants while "the a-team" blasted through Arklows streets......(can you print        The Band was a fantastic opportunity for me as a young person, I visited so
that??) oops. All the sweaty hours of twirling brush handles paid off at last. The        many parts of this country on a weekly basis, and it helped build my confidence
preparation for parades was like a beauty contest for the flag corps, Helen had           as you always felt that you were part of a huge gang of friends. I have so many
us in josephs a half hour before so.... I’m sorry girls for the painful memory of         fantastic memories of my years in the band.
...the dreaded...FRENCH PLAIT AND BUBBLE FRINGE!!!! aaaaarghhh think that
hairstyle worked better than botox for a great eyelift!! We had the same
lipstick...same hair...scary bunch! Also the uniform went identical down to the           Carol Quinn – Majorette & Drum Major
shoes....yes ladies....those horrible pumps! We raided Dunnes for them and they
                                                                                          One of my lasting moments for my TFB days is the Holland / Germany Trip.
were yellow from all the whitener every Sunday, you could let rocks fall on your
                                                                                          Colm & I standing with all the other drum Majors waiting for the results of the
toes and wouldn’t feel a thing, they were solid!!!! Helen had us all looking lovely....
                                                                                          competition. It was all in Dutch, we didn't understand what was happening, but
didn’t let you chew gum in practise though, very strict!
                                                                                          when they called out the Tallaght Festival Band Name, we knew we had won
We were a polished group, great fun, did our best and loved every minute.                 something. We both went up and shook a lot of hands and finally someone
The names we had on the routines:                                                         told us what we had one! It was great looking over at the rest of the Band,
                                                                                          Jumping up and down and throwing up their hats etc. That whole trip was great.
docs routine, ace, up /down, over the head, drum solo, take five, figure eight,           When we arrived home the Fund Raising Committee and other parents had all
easy/hard, pom pom routine                                                                Welcome Home Banners at St Aongus Church for us!
We were the first flag corps in Ireland which changed to the show corps in later          I am getting quite emotional thinking about all the things we got up to.
years ....we were the best ladies!!! I still wake with fright hearing Helen say...."on    It was great & I'm really looking forward to the night.
the day girls....." "Do your best" TFB rule!!

                                          31                                                                                      20
                                 Sonya Higgins - Musician
        BEST WISHES              It was 1993. Holland. The World Music Championships. TFB were taking part for
                                 the second time. A lot of thought and effort had been put into the music behind
           FROM                  the show, the marching and the choreography of the routine. Excitement was
                                 tangible on the band bus and when we got to the arena even the hardened
                                 members of the band who'd been here before were nervous.
                                 I remember the sun was shining, the committee who were setting up the field for

      AHERNE’S                   us before we started got a slow clap as they ran around the field laying out flags
                                 and props. And I remember the march onto the field. I was as sick with nerves
                                 as I was with excitement. I don't think I was the only one.
     OLD BAWN ROAD, TALLAGHT.    When the routine started it was down to business and we really did the business
                                 that day...........I remember bits and pieces about the performance........ But one
      TEL: 421 0438 / 451 0307   part I remember quite clearly is where the clarinets arrived at the top of the
                                 field playing our hearts out for the Judge and where was he? The judge who was
                                 supposed to be marking our performance was down on his hunkers unknotting
                                 our big finale flag. It had become tangled with one of the other props and he
                                 was freeing it up for us.
      - SPACIOUS LOUNGE -        When I think about that now if he hadn't untangled our flag our finale could
                                 have been a disaster but he did and it wasn't. 'We are the World' went down a
                                 treat with Olympic rings, sign language and great music. We won gold in Holland
        - BEST DRINKS -          that year and I think we really deserved it.
                                 Tallaght Festival Band...........the best band in the world….......really!

      - FRIENDLY SERVICE -       Paul McAuley – Musician Percussion
                                 I have a lot of memories of my time in the band going to Holland twice plenty
                                 of trips to England and France etc... And all with no passport of my own (group
                                 passport) so when I finally left the band and wanted to go travelling I had to go
                                 and get one. One of my most recent memories is from last year 2006 at finals
                                 seeing a lot of familiar faces that I haven’t seen in a long time and hopefully will
OFF LICENCE NOW OPEN PUB HOURS   get to see them this year too.. Best of Luck for the future.


     Congratulations to             Siobhan McNulty – Show Corp (Guard)
                                    The main things I remember is the messing that went on at band trips
    Tallaght Festival Band          Like when we had the pipers in the band and stopped at a shop/garage in
                                    Greystones after some parade and" cabbage" (you know who that is) and all the
  on their 25th Anniversary         lads robbing food and ‘Cabbage’ stuck a box of roses under his kilt.
                                    When the band stayed over in Arklow some the lads from the pipes again
               from                 stayed in the Arklow Bay Hotel and turned all the wardrobes upside down in the
                                    rooms And when we went to Holland the first time mother spent her time
                                    watching all of us to make sure we came home on time and weren't drinking!!
         St. Aengus Parish          And that girl Theresa Lacken in the flags what was the catchphrase she had??
                and                 “I’ll give you the jabs”. I remember being really embarrassed to have to wear
   Tallaght Senior Citizens Club/   those horrible blue leotards doing the guard show with the majorettes in the old
                                    Arklow competitions.
        Community Centre
                                    Derek Duff - Musician
                                    Thoughts from the annals of my mind..... Hayling Island buying new sunglasses as
NOW OPEN AFTER RENOVATIONS          someone (Sherri & Helen Burke I think) put shoe polish on the back of the
                                    mirror shades causing me to walk into a door...... Paul Dalton’s brain wave to hide
                                    all our money in money bags in the toilet cistern and then having to dry it out
                                    each day before we could spend it so we then reverted to hiding it under the
ROOMS AVAILABLE FOR NOMINAL RENT    carpet in the chalet..... Isle of Man wondering how to spend my £3.00 per day
                                    whilst on this holiday and discovering that the slot machine in the hotel paid out
                                    when you turned if off and on at the power. This info helped to fund the rest of
         Contact centre at          the holiday...... St. Patrick’s day parade standing in our St Maelruan’s uniforms
                                    shirts and waistcoats in the snow to do the parade in Tallaght, having been to
           01-4527247               mass that morning and then going to the priory that night for the concert......
                                    Attending the IYCMB concert in the Royal Hospital Kilmainham for the first
                                    concert with the South Ulster Library Board Orchestra.....
   Why Not Drop in for a cup of     Meeting my beautiful wife Sherri which I am truly grateful to the band scene in
         Tea of Coffee              Tallaght for……..

Bernie McManus – Committee
I have many good memories from both Maelruans and TFB, meeting at 6a.m. for
band trips, pushing cars out of the way so the bus can drive down narrow
streets on the way to Limerick (no motorways then!).
There was also Alan Healy’s cross dressing days when he had to wear Collette’s
trousers home from Boyle after getting soaked during flash floods in Boyle, or
Ronnie Kavanagh bringing fresh strawberries for breakfast in Arklow – never did
find out where they came from! Staying in top class accommodation in Arklow
and.... Elland Yorkshire – remember the apple tart Frannie and the candle lit
dinner prepared by the Show Corp?

                                                                                  Tallaght Festival Band
                                                                                         on their
                                                                                    25th Anniversary

                                                                                    128 GLENVARA PARK, KNOCKLYON, DUBLIN 16.
                                                                                  TEL: 4949145 - 087 2602413 - 087 268 5895
Tallaght Festival Band Majorettes - Arklow

Sherri Brennan – Drum Major
The day we were practising marching out in the yard at St Josephs school when
Doc O’ Connors (RIP) wig blew off and he chased it around the yard for over 5
Best of all never losing my voice from shouting - an art I perfected!!

                                                                                                                 Best wishes
                                                                                                           Tallaght Festival Band
                                                                                                                  on your
                                                                                                             25th Anniversary

Celine Gorman, Eddie Lacey, Betty Quinn, Gertie Carr, Brendan Richardson All in costume with Book of
Kells on Paddy’s Day. We pushed this float from the Stephen’s Green.

Love men in tights!!!
                                                                                                                      Ladies & Gents Alterations
                                                                                                       Personal Fitting Service • Garment Mending & Repairs

MEMORIES                                                                                 MEMORIES
Fiona Lacey (McNulty)                                                                    towards defraying the cost of a new uniform for the much younger members of
Where do I begin……. How bout the uniforms                                                the band currently who have been stitched and stapled into our old uniforms for
St Maelruans days those lovely woolly kilts (Lindsey Tartan) and Aran knit socks.        the past few years.
My debut in this uniform was the ever famous St Patrick’s Day parade in Tallaght         The trips.......
which as we all know went on for ever but before you even contemplated a                 The trips to every town in Ireland parading up and down streets with tractors,
parade we were all frog marched to mass first at St Aengus Church at 8.30 am             football teams, Irish dancers etc. Now I know why I can almost find places
and then had to stand on the Tymon North Road for hours before the parade                Nationwide without a map - I know I've been there before in a different
got started. That night after marching the legs off yourself we would go to the          capacity.
Priory Church for a little concert with all the other Tallaght Bands.                    The trips abroad to France - travelling for days for a supposed 1 hour gig the
Then the next day we would head off to Limerick for the ever famous marching             French certainly got their monies worth out of us - and then get back on the bus
contest at 6am maybe stop along the way for a pit stop wake from your lovely             without washing for the weekend and head straight home. Stop off in Chester
snooze to see a line of up arses in your face while the lads were all relieving          maybe on the way back through the UK wait for the pedal boats to open and
themselves in the hedge. Occasionally there was the odd female out there also.           all go pedalling at 8am then to Mc D's for a breakie.. Where would you get it?
I remember doing a concert at the Blackchurch Pub in Rathcoole where all the             Then maybe do it all again 4 days later to go to Holland for the WMC.
musicians were seated on a 40' trailer and the sun was beating down only to              The trips to the UK - sleeping on hard floors, going to the local swimming pool
discover after the gig that my 2 knees were sunburned from the gap created               for a wash and sleepless nights.
between where the kilt finished and the knee length socks started.                       The shows.......
Then we progressed to the German Air force uniform, which I hated. The men’s             The long hard days and nights practise some time up to 5 times a week -
"Farah" grey slacks, which did absolutely nothing for girl’s figures, the big hats and   practising marching on the M50 before it even opened - going to the RDS main
jackets that would fit your grandad - thankfully these didn’t last too long.             hall for practise with the guys who came over from the UK. Noel Stronge
Then came the "New" uniforms - Royal blue gabardine skirts and jackets with              wearing his ballet tight tracksuit and he on the mezzanine level looking down at
the lovely "poodle" socks. I think our debut in these was at a road race in the          us - not a pretty sight.
Phoenix Park.                                                                            The trials & tribulations of trying to get as many members down to practise as
These were accessorised a few years later with the Ausie style blue felt hats with       possible between work commitments etc and shops didn’t open on Sundays then
yellow plume. We felt very proud when these hats arrived. These were the start           or late nights were only Thur & Fri. Marching around Tymon park in the dark
of a new beginning which could have been short lived as we all remember the              just to get things right.
trip back from Arklow when the boot of the bus opened and the hat box fell out           I could go on forever but I’m happy in the knowledge that these were the good
only to see a trail of hats strewn all over the road - horrifying!!!                     ole days - they can never be recreated we are all glad to have been a part of
We later changed from the girls wearing blue gabardine skirts to blue gabardine          them and thank everybody who made them possible. You put on that Blue &
trousers until 1993 for the Kerkrade trip we got a brand new uniform which we            Yellow uniform, felt as proud as punch and did your best..... What more can I say!!
still have today but not for long because all the funds raised tonight are going

                                         25                                                                                      26

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