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Unit 1 Test: Concepts Used in Global Studies
Social Studies
This test will be on: __________________________________

Directions: On this study guide is a list of the definitions that could be on the test. Please write the matching
vocab word next to each definition.
ALSO on this test, I will ask you to label a blank world map with these things:
     The 4 major oceans and the 7 continents
     Equator & Prime Meridian

                                                                  11. The lines that run North and South along the surface of the
1. Map that shows political features (cities, countries, towns,   earth; they measure how far a place is from the Prime
villages, etc.)                                                   Meridian

2. How wealthy or poor a nation is—high or low                    12. The lines that run East and West along the surface of the
                                                                  earth; they measure how far a place is from the Equator

3. Any product that comes from nature (ex. coal, fruits,
vegetables)                                                       13. The people or groups in a country that makes laws, makes
                                                                  sure those laws are enforced, and settles disagreements about
                                                                  those laws

4. Farming

                                                                  14. The production, distribution and consumption of goods
                                                                  and services
5. The percentage of people over the age of 15 that can read
and write in a country.

                                                                  15. A record of the past

6. Anything that causes people to move to a place

                                                                  16. A nation or group of nations ruled by an emperor or king

7. The study of people, places, and the environment

                                                                  17. When a group of people or animals moves from one area
                                                                  to another
8. The beliefs, traditions, laws, art, food, and ways of living
that a group of people share

                                                                  18. A shortage of resources

9. Map that shows physical features (mountains, rivers,
deserts, etc.)
                                                                  19. A legal member of a country

10. Anything that causes people to move away from a place
                                                                  20. A form of government where the power is held by one
                                                                  central authority
21. When independent countries agree to work together to
secure a common purpose
                                                                   33. An economy where some businesses are government
                                                                   owned and others are privately owned by citizens

22. A form of government where power is divided between
one central and several regional authorities
                                                                   34. Something that prevents trade

23. One person possesses unlimited power; Citizen has little, if
any, role in the gov’t                                             35. A government order prohibiting the movement of
                                                                   merchant ships between countries

24. Gov’t by a few or by a group; Citizen has very limited role
in the gov’t                                                       36. The amount of traded goods that is allowed or admitted
                                                                   into a country

25. Gov’t where people (citizens) have the power—voting!
                                                                   37. a tax that the government puts on imported or exported

26. Gov’t in which executive power is held by members of
legislature—Prime Minister is leader
                                                                   38. When a person creates and manages a business

27. A system where the executive power is independent of the
legislature—President is leader                                    39. The things used to make other goods ex. machines,

28. Businesses owned by citizens
                                                                   40. The skills that humans have to build things or perform
                                                                   services ex. carpenter, worker in a factory, waiter

29. Business owned by the government

                                                                   41. A unit of exchange for goods or services ex. Dollar, Euro,
30. An economy where private citizens or groups of citizens
own businesses

                                                                   42. The total money value of everything produced in a country
                                                                   in a year
31. An economy where the government owns the country’s
resources and businesses

                                                                   43. When the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is divided by the
                                                                   number of people in a country
32. An economy where people use the same work methods
and tools generation after generation

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