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									       “…when a giant man-like Elf is burned in good-spirited effigy the Lost Tribes will unite around the
       fire and the Old Magic will be released again. . . bestowing upon each tribe wondrous growth and
       prosperity. . . The Round Table will be formed from the ashes”
                                                                                 -- from the Lost Book of the Twelve Tribes

To the Heads-of-State and Other Distinguished Leaders:

                                     Conclave Preamble
Hark! The Millennium Prophecy rings true. In our region we have at least twelve different
LARPing tribes. Each tribe is rich in culture, history, costumes, players and experience. In our
hearts we all feel the pull of the Old Magic. This is why we are here. This is why we must re-unite
at the Round Table.

Given the Prophecy and seeing the rising tide of LARPing in Europe and across North America, we
would like to unite our local tribe leaders to gather, parley and discourse upon the Millennium
Prophecy and matters of potential benefit to all our kingdoms and beyond.

As one of the Heads-of-State or other distinguished guests, we would like you to participate at the
First Conclave Mar. 19, 2011 1-5pm at the Great Hall of the Knights of Solaris. This is not merely
a dress-up party. Please bring one or two companions of your kingdom to help represent your
tribe. If you are unable to attend, please send duly appointed representatives to report back.

                                    Topics of Importance
Burning Elf — organizing and planning a collective event uniting the Twelve Tribes and all the
like-minded LARP folk and kingdoms to enjoy and showcase the rich LARP culture we have in the
Pacific Northwest, ultimately rivaling Germany’s Conquest in significance. We want to start the
fire here and unleash the Old Magic upon the world! Summer 2012.

We currently imagine each Kingdom would have its own camp or “cosm”, where its rules and
people would govern. At the center would be a “neutral” zone where some agreed upon “universal
rules” would apply, but this area would be primarily for role-playing, feasting and some collective
field battles.

Our hope is to field 500+ LARPers at the first Burning Elf with representatives from ALL tribes.
As it grows, we would like to see Burning Elf rival Germany’s Conquest in worldwide significance.
We believe that if we share our creative visions with each other, we can shift the magical power that
is LARPing to the Pacific Northwest region – it is our belief that the Prophecy was uncovered here
for a reason –

       “they will travel to Camelot from everywhere . . . and New Quests will unite the Hearts of All. . . the
       world is not Doomed. . . there is Hope. . .”
                                                                 -- from the Lost Book of the Twelve Tribes

We imagine the storytellers from each tribe developing a story line that will cross each tribe’s cosm
and increase understanding and awareness of each game system’s rules and culture.

Of course, as a finale, we imagine actually BURNING a giant ELF!
Non-Profit Organization to Facilitate (“ULA”) — lacking a better name, we are tentatively calling
ourselves the Universal LARPing Association (“ULA”). This could be changed later to the
“Prophecy Group” or the “Millennium Group” or anything really. According to the Book, by the
way, the Burning Elf will actually mark the real turn of the Millennium – this is clearly the guiding
hand of Old Magic.

Tentatively, the ULA non-profit mission statement could be:

       "An affiliation of LARP kingdoms, townships and individuals, gathered at the Round Table
       to facilitate increased fun and social networking along with better safety, rules and

Website to Help Unite Tribes in Communications and Projects — We are already working on a
website: UniversalLarpingAssociation.com. Ideas we have to help the Twelve Tribes Unite

               •     A splash page for each Tribe with essential information, rulebooks,
       pictures, background and perhaps the contact information for a specially appointed
       “Ambassador” to help LARPers from other systems transition into and learn the ways of
       your Tribe.

               •      An online social network (LARPbook) for the whole local LARP
       community, with an opportunity for each character to be presented on a beautifully designed
       printable character card. Ideal for increasing interaction amongst players and to facilitate
       character development and cross-pollination.”

               •      A statewide LARP calendar of events.

               •       Leadership Forums for the sharing of ideas and resources – these forums
       will be sealed by a blood oath of secrecy.

               •      Open Forums.

               •      Ways of sharing resources to increase the number of players region wide.

Suggested topics from you and the other recipients of this communiqué.

Please email RSVP to tim@McCormackLegal.com

First Conclave
Round Table of the LARP Lords of the Northwest
617 Lee St.
Seattle, WA 98109
(206) 295-2284
First Conclave Signatories

Prince Mythrin, Lord Marshal of the Knights of Solaris (Tim McCormack)
Baron Andor of DarGarth (John Senner)
Knight-errant Victor Lamazzo, Interim Regent of ULA (Ryan Papineau)
Lord Falcor Baldwin, Acting Chairman of ULA (Jesse Skellington)
Shiloh, Ambassador of Quality, Games of Adventure (Alex George)
Raoul St. Pierre of Evening in the Park

Knights of Solaris in Attendance:
Sir Harold Oshman, Senior Herald (Mario Kundzins)
Sir Roger Blackbard, Champion and Bard (Keith Curtis)
Canis Belli, aide-de-camp (Roy McMillion)

[The Knights of Solaris are an independent LARPing group in search of a home, with composite
decades of LARP experience as well as song, storytelling, weaponcraft, and humor.]

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