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					                                    Disability InnovationSA
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The aim of industry clustering is to develop the potential of industries through collaboration
and cooperation. Industry cluster programs aim to encourage economic development, which
will increase employment opportunities particularly for our youth, increase our population
and thereby increase our prosperity.

By working together it is thought industries can grow their potential through innovation and
through developing export markets. A skilled workforce that is able to respond to these
challenges needs to be developed so that sophisticated production processes can be

Development of Disability InnovationSA (Disability Industry Cluster)

In late 2002 the CEO of the Independent Living Centre and the Executive Officer from
ACROD approached leaders of the disability sector about the possibility of developing an
industry cluster in the disability sector.

The majority of the people consulted indicated that they thought there was value in trying to
develop a disability industry cluster. Most people had not heard of industry clustering but
were familiar with the benefits of collaboration and cooperation. Most agency leaders
thought that developing links with the business sector was a good step forward.

There seemed to be general agreement that we need to build our state of South Australia,
particularly employment opportunities for our youth.

A number of agencies reported they had developed programs or markets overseas.

CARA described a program they ran in Thailand, which had resulted after discussions with
Yooralla in Victoria.

Bedford Industries has employed a marketing manager and through trade fair participation
has developed links with other producers in overseas country to develop sales opportunities
in Europe.

Minda Inc. has established informal links with other countries and he was now seeking
advice on how to formalise them. Minda Inc. currently sell disability packages, including
Early Intervention equipment and motor skill development, to other states.

Lloyd Walker is involved in the International Standards Organisation for Wheelchairs/

Novita Children’s Services is moving from a Memorandum of Understanding (MOI) to a
Service Agreement with the Singapore Institute of Physically Disabled for the provision of
Assistive Technology (AT) equipment, support and training. Novita Children’s Services is a
leader in regard to the supply, education and support of Assistive Technology.

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Moving Forward

The process of developing an industry cluster requires commitment from key individuals.
South Australia has excellent leaders and excellent leadership development programs.

Disability InnovationSA comprises industry leaders who have come together to develop an
industry cluster. People living with disabilities will also be invited to participate in this
cluster. They can tell us how well we are performing and assist identify areas where new
products can be developed or new markets can be formed.

Resourcing Disability InnovationSA

There is a need to identify resources for further development, including executive support and


Terms of Reference for Disability InnovationSA

Disability InnovationSA Strategic Plan

Disability InnovationSA membership listing

Cathy Caust
Chief Executive Officer

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