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									    amseC LLC
   connections                                                                                               Quality PeoPle Providing Quality Service
                                                                                                          Quality PeoPle Providing Quality Service

                                                                          Christening and LaunCh of usns CarL
                                                                                                                                            faLL 2008

    message from harris
    Dear fellow AMSEC employees,
                                                                          Brashear (t-aKe 7)
                                                                          On Thursday, September 18, 2008, USNS CARL BRASHEAR (T-AKE 7) was
                          In September, Kelly                             christened and launched during a formal ceremony in San Diego, CA making her
                          Carlan, Dick Holmes and                         the seventh ship in the Lewis and Clark dry cargo and ammunition class. This ship
                          I visited our West Coast
                                                                          is named in honor of Master Chief Petty Officer Carl Brashear, the first African-
                          operations and customers
                                                                          American to qualify and serve as a Master Diver in the U.S. Navy. Brashear’s
                          in San Diego, CA and
                          Bremerton, WA. I can’t                                                                                           .
                                                                          military career was portrayed in the 2000 movie, “Men of Honor” The ceremony
                          begin to tell you how                           was magnificent and performed in the finest nautical tradition using the “building
                          impressed I was by the                          way” method of launching a ship whereby the ship enters the water stern first.
                          work we do and the great
                          employees and customers                         AMSEC and the Maritime Technical Support Services (MTSS) Division are proud
    we are fortunate to have at these locations.                          to have played a role in the construction of the Brashear. Under the Maritime
                                                                          Solutions Program, six of AMSEC’s electricians, ahmad Behzadipoor, roy
    As usual, San Diego’s weather was wonderful
                                                                          Crisostomo, arlene deLeon, danilo del fierro, Jepsey harley and gerry Laner,
    and we had many excellent employee events
                                                                          performed hookup work to a variety of systems including lighting circuits, power
    and customer meetings. I really enjoyed seeing
    the great Elevator Support Unit (ESU) work we                         panels, motor controllers, data acquisition units, and elevators; as well as wireless
    are accomplishing on USS NIMITZ (CVN 68) and                          intrusion system and fiber optic connector installation.
    presenting awards to some very deserving work
    test control employees for their support of the                       Master Chief Brashear’s granddaughter, Lauren Brashear, christened the ship
    fire damage on USS GEORGE WASHINGTON                                  by breaking the traditional bottle of champagne against the bow before the
    (CVN 73).                                                             ship slid into San Diego Bay. More than 3,000 people attended the ceremony,
                                                                          including Robert De Niro, who starred in the movie and AMSEC’s Jay abalos, the
    Bremerton was also great except for the fact
                                                                          Maritime Solutions Project Controller on the Carl Brashear. When asked what the
    that they were entering the rainy season! One
                                                                          experience meant to Jay, he replied, “It was a great learning experience, especially
    of the job sites we visited at Puget Sound
    Naval Shipyard (PSNS) was aboard USS SAN                              for an employee with no prior military experience. I appreciated being able to
    FRANCISCO (SSN 711) where the Systems                                 see what our AMSEC employees do on tasks I’ve helped manage and I encourage
    Integration personnel were performing                                 other employees to do the same if they are given the opportunity. ”
    work on the communications systems of the
    submarine for our Space and Naval Warfare                             The T-AKE class ship was designed by the National Steel & Shipbuilding Company
    Systems Center (SPAWAR) customer. I had the                           (NASSCO) for use by the Military Sealift Command. These ships will provide
    opportunity to speak with Commander Lund,
    the project manager for the SSN 711 where we
    discussed the work being performed on the SAN
    FRANCISCO and AMSEC’s involvement. I’m
    pleased to report, that Commander Lund and

left to right: Mark Kipps, eric Kling, tom Huffman, dustin gressang,
Sara Patterson, Willie Mitchell, robert Jennings, dick Holmes,
Pete Mendiola, Bruce clements, dave Hoffman, Kelly carlan, carol glenn,
Michael noster, doug vossbrink & Harris leonard, President

                                                  ...continued Page 2                                                                           ...continued Page 2
                amseC LLC
                                                                                     Quality PeoPle Providing Quality Service
                                                                                                                  faLL 2008

                                  cHriStening and launcH of uSnS carl BraSHear (t-aKe 7) ...continued from Page 1
 healthy living                   logistic lift from sources of supply either in port or at sea and will transfer cargo that
  @work w / tech services         includes ammunition, food, fuel, repair parts, and expendable supplies and material to
                                  station ships and other naval warfare forces at sea. The T-AKE will replace the aging T-AE
                                  ammunition ships and T-AFS combat stores ships that are nearing the end of their service

 401k - investor profile
   amsec’s als walk & barbecue    Watching christenings and launchings is fascinating to people no matter how long they have
    amsec trivia                  been around ships. However, being on the team that built the ship brought a sense of pride
                                  and accomplishment to our AMSEC employees as they watched the successful launch into
                                  San Diego Bay. p

                                  MeSSage froM HarriS ...continued from Page 1
 environmental, health & safety   his project team had very positive and              AMSEC’s competitive edge will always be
    asne symposium                complimentary comments to say about the             our employees and the pride we take in our
                                  AMSEC.                                              work. I have enjoyed traveling to many of
                                                                                      our locations this year and thank you all for
                                  We visited Jim Van Antwerp, the Engineering         making AMSEC the best in our business. p

   service awards                 Department head at PSNS, and discussed
                                  AMSEC’s work in support of the engineering
    trick or treat fun
                                  and design projects managed by the shipyard.
      mccormick retirement        We are fortunate to have many employees
        v-58 celebration          from the Logistics and Engineering Service
                                  (L&ES) operation and the Maintenance,

                                  Modernization & Technical Services (MMTS)
                                  operation working in support of the shipyard
     lamontagne awards            under multi-year contracts with PSNS.
                                  One of the best aspects of my job is traveling
                                  to our locations, visiting job sites, talking to
                                  employees and meeting customers. I believe

                                  it is important for me to get to know our
                                  workforce, hear from them firsthand, and            left to right: anton torres, Jason Wurzbacher, Mark Powell, christine
        customer feedback         understand our customer’s thoughts about            cornelius, Barry Wilcox, greg Park, larry downey, Mike thomas, BJ
                                  AMSEC and the work we accomplish.                   Misenar, dave greenlow, Kare Sharp, lance Hagele, charlie Knight,
                                                                                      tom tranilla, Mike Popp, Sean Prinz, Mark Kipps, Harris leonard,

                                                   say goodBye to PiCniC Weather

    uss mesa verde                On September 18, 2008, AMSEC hosted its
     fire aboard CVN 73           final barbeque of the season. The barbeque
                                  was held at the Net Center with David Streett
                                  and Peggy Thorpe manning the grill and
                                  other Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR)

                                  committee members working as foodrunners
(location roundup)                and servers. This MWR committee event
  pay week / pay period change    was one of many that AMSEC hosts which
    marathon & 5k race            also included a picnic at Ft. Monroe and an
     cemat’s innovative ideas     upcoming Nacho Day.

 (location roundup)
   (calendar of events)                                                               There was no lack of interest with lines of AMSEC
                                                                                      employees waiting for hamburgers and hotdogs
                                                                                      hot off the grill. For the vegetarians, veggie
                                                                                      burgers were available as well. The cost of the

                                                                                      meal was $3 which included chips, cookies, and a
                                                                                      drink. With the still warm temperatures, and the
  (location roundup)                                                                  sun shining, the committee could not have picked
    contact us                                                                        a better day to fire up the grill one last time. p
      amsec trivia                                                                                                                                 2
               amseC LLC
                                                                                              Quality PeoPle Providing Quality Service
                                                                                                                              faLL 2008

@WorK W/ teCh sVCs                                                        amseC heaLth and WeLLness neWs
  Ever feel ‘lost at sea’ when trying to locate a particular resource      Warm up on cool fall days with this recipe sure to please
among the ‘ocean’ of information, hyperlinks, and clickable               your whole family.
documents we deal with daily or having trouble relocating the last
place on the web where you found a really useful item?                                   sLoW CooKer ChiCKen ChiLi

 There are ways to indicate or mark these locations for future use.       Ingredients
One technique I recommend is to add your preferred websites to
                                                                          •   2 pounds ground chicken, coarsely ground preferred
your Internet Explorer “Favorites Menu” and keep it organized
to mirror the sites you are visiting. A preferable way to organize        •   3 tablespoons chili powder, plus 2 teaspoons
everyday favorites is to create a “Favorites Folder” named for your
                                                                          •   1 (15-ounce) can kidney beans, drained and rinsed
corporate “sector” (as Northrop Grumman calls them) such as
“Shipbuilding” and then place other useful sites within that folder       •   1 (15-ounce) can white beans, drained and rinsed
as you find them. For most of the AMSEC audience, your primary
                                                                          •   2 (28-ounce) cans diced fire roasted tomatoes
homepage is AMSECWEB.AMSEC.COM; however, your secondary
homepage should be http://sb.northgrum.com/.                              •   1 medium sweet potato (about 10 ounces), peeled and
  In the Internet Explorer’s menus, click on the “Favorites” menu
and then “Organize Favorites…” to see the “structure” of your             •   1 (15-ounce) can low-sodium chicken broth
stored Internet and Intranet locations. Everybody should do this
                                                                          •   1/4 cup instant tapioca (recommended: Minute tapioca)
and get comfortable with browsing this area and rearranging the
previously visited Favorites sites as they added. You can also jump       •   1 to 2 chipotle chiles in adobo sauce with seeds, chopped
into the Organize window by pressing <Ctrl> and “B” (as in “Build
                                                                          •   2 tablespoons soy sauce
my Favorites”).
                                                                          •   1 tablespoon kosher salt
 There are a couple of very useful “navigation keys” or Shortcuts to
                                                                          •   1 tablespoon onion powder
use while in the “Organize Favorites…” window:
                                                                          •   2 teaspoons granulated garlic
    <Alt> + Up Arrow – to move a selected Favorite UP the list.
                                                                          •   1 teaspoon dried oregano
 <Alt> + Down Arrow – to move a selected Favorite DOWN the list.
                                                                          •   1 teaspoon ground cumin
  Savvy Intranet users should know they can “Favorite list” a
                                                                          •   1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
network share location such as “J:\” drive or a specific folder
on a frequently used network share. The “Links” folder under              •   Pinch ground cloves
“Favorites” is a special folder for storing both web addresses (URLs)
                                                                          •   1/2 to 3/4 cup lager-style beer, optional
and locations within “My Computer” or within the AMSEC network.
The display of “Links” can selectively be turned on or off in three or    •   Toppings: Sour cream, shredded Cheddar or Jack cheese,
more different locations on your Windows desktop; Location One
                                                                              chopped scallions, and chopped pickled jalapenos
is on the Internet Explorer Toolbar, Location Two is within the “My
Computer” window on the “Address” line and, Location Three is on           Directions
the Windows XP system “Taskbar” at the bottom of the screen. You
can turn on “Links” on your Taskbar by right-clicking any unoccupied       Put the chicken in
space on the Taskbar and then choosing “Toolbars” > “Links” to             the slow cooker.
place a checkmark next to links (this functions like an on / off switch    Add 3 tablespoons
to show / don’t show the links).                                           of the chili powder
                                                                           and all the rest of
   Finally, remember to frequently export your favorites using the
                                                                           the ingredients,
“File” > “Import and Export…” menu in Internet Explorer in case
something should happen to your favorites file. Next go through            except the beer. Stir
“Next” > “Export Favorites” > “Next” > “Next” > “Next” > “Yes”             everything together,
> “Finish” and “OK” to place a copy of all favorites into your “My         cover, and cook on
Documents” folder as a file named, “bookmark.htm” Now copy this            LOW for 6 to 8 hours.
file onto a thumb drive or flash drive and e-mail it to yourself as an
attachment for safe keeping!                                               Just before serving, stir in the remaining 2 teaspoons of
                                                                           chili powder, the beer, if using, and season with more salt
  In this way you will tremendously improve your positioning in            and pepper, to taste, if desired. Divide the chili among warm
the cyber-office space and begin using Favorites as the Global             bowls. Serve with the topping of your choice.
Positioning System (GPS) of your virtual workspace.
                                                                           Know-How: Stirring in chili powder right before serving
 My “bookmark.htm” file is 212 Kilobytes, how big is yours?                brightens the flavor of the chili.

As always, best wishes from I.T. Services!                                 Source: www.foodnetwork.com       p
Dennis P Costea Jr., Northrop Grumman IT      p
               amseC LLC
                                                                                                      Quality PeoPle Providing Quality Service
                                                                                                                                                  faLL 2008

froM tHe vanguard WeBSite                                                                       amseC’s aLs WaLK and
401K - inVestor ProfiLe: from $15 Per
                                                                                                The second annual AMSEC ALS Fundraising
PayCheCK to a seCure retirement                                                                 Barbecue was held Friday, October 3rd at the
At age 59, José is living a retirement beyond his expectations. His lifestyle                   corporate headquarters in memory of Dave
isn’t lavish, but his time is his own. He’ll have paid off his home mortgage in a               LaMontagne, an AMSEC Hall of Fame manager
few years. And with savings in excess of $650,000, he feels secure financially.                 who fell victim to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
“I wake up in the morning and have to kick myself to see if it’s me, the New                    (ALS) often referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s Disease”.
Mexico native said. How did he do it? Largely through diligent saving and
disciplined investing in his 401(k) account.                                                    Food, prizes, and entertainment were held under
                                                                                                multiple tents in the parking lot of the corporate
a modest Beginning and a desire to Learn
                                                                                                offices where over 180 participants enjoyed the
José (not his real name) began saving through his employer’s retirement plan
when he was in his mid-30s. “Back then, I didn’t really know what a 401(k) was,
                                                                              ”                 festivities. Leading attractions included Harris
he said. He learned the basics from an on-site presentation by Vanguard, which                  Leonard, Brad Mason and Leo Owens partaking
administered the plan.                                                                          in the chilly waters of the dunk tank. Raffle
                                                                                                tickets were sold and prizes won to raise money
He started small, contributing 1% of his salary. “$15 every two weeks, he                       for this worthy charity.
recalled. “Then every time I got a raise or bonus, I added it. With additional
income coming from two separate pensions as a result of military service, the
computer systems specialist was ultimately able to sock away nearly 20% of his
salary each year. Employer contributions to his account added even more.
José began with just one stock fund, a riskier option than other single-fund
alternatives, such as balanced funds. But he felt comfortable with his choice,
given his lengthy time horizon and understanding of risk—a perspective
that was quickly tested on Monday, October 19, 1987, when the stock market
plummeted 23%.

“I thought, ‘Holy smokes, I’m dead,’” he recalled. But he stayed the course and
in two years saw his savings surpass their pre-”Black Monday” levels. “That
showed me the importance of investing for the long run, he said. He continued
to educate himself about investing, through books and Vanguard.com. As his
assets grew, he diversified his portfolio with bond funds and added broad-                  front - left to right: vickie gumbleton, Judy rowles, dave Henshaw,
                                                                                            tiffany Henshaw, donna White, Katie White, Mike d’amato, JimMerrill
market index funds. He kept a 70%/30% stock/bond allocation into his early 50s.             Back - left to right: chris Murray, John gnass, Brad Mason, leo owens,
                                                                                            lane Padgett
“souL-searChing and numBer-CrunChing”
Then, the unexpected happened: José was laid off. “I was 54 and not thinking                    The ALS Walk took place on Sunday, October
about retiring, he said. “I did a lot of soul-searching and number-crunching.   ”               19th at the Virginia Beach oceanfront where over
With his modest lifestyle, military pension income, and the cushion of his sizable              35 AMSEC employees walked the boardwalk in
retirement savings, José realized that he could, in fact, retire. He recently ran his           support of Dave. Proceeds from both events
plan by Vanguard® Financial Planning Services to make sure he was on solid                      totaling $2,072.49 were contributed to the ALS
footing and to get advice on paring back his portfolio risk. “We helped José get                Association in support of our team, “AMSEC
to a 60%/40% stock/bond mix that he was more comfortable with and simplified
                                                                                                Supports Dave Defenders” Thanks go to Mark
the portfolio to four funds, which lowered its overall expense ratio and made
                                                                                                Ashburne and Emily King for making the banner
it easier for him to manage, said Michele Mazzerle, a CFP® professional at
                                                                                                that was carried in front of the AMSEC team at
Vanguard. “Given his income, living expenses, and savings, he’s in good shape.      ”
                                                                                                the ALS Walk and a special
José could begin tapping his 401(k) this year, but he doesn’t plan to. He is                    thank you to Donna White,
extremely satisfied with how his savings have added up. “I thought it was going                 Lisa Kodrin and Chris
to be a great big deal to save, but it really wasn’t, he said. “To be where I am                Murray for their tireless
today is really something. To enroll in AMSEC’s 401(k), please call                             efforts in coordinating
 1-800-523-1188 or go to www.vanguard.com. p                                                    the barbecue, walk, and
                                                                                                fun-filled events for both
                                                                                                days. And of course, we
                                   amseC triVia                                                 can’t thank the AMSEC
                                a Blast from the Past                                           employees enough who
                                                                                                participated by donating
                           Can you identify the employee featured here?                         their time, money, and
                                                                                                continued support for this
                           Here’s a few hints…He’s a long time employee
                                                                                                charity making this event
                               (25+ years) and now sports a bow tie.                                                       Brad Mason after a successful
                                                                                                a great success. p
                                                                                                                                    dunking in the dunk tank!
                                                                     ...continued Page 12
               amseC LLC
                                                                                             Quality PeoPle Providing Quality Service
                                                                                                                            faLL 2008

from enVironmentaL heaLth & safety (ehs)
   In an attempt to improve safety awareness and lower the incidence of work place related accidents, Environmental, Health, and
Safety (EHS) has established safety committees for the Maintenance, Modernization, and Technical Services (MMTS) Operation. Please
join EHS and Brad mason in recognizing the members of these committees.

  From the Desk of Brad Mason: First, I want to thank you for volunteering to serve on one of the geographic MMTS Safety
Committees and second, to reaffirm our commitment to what you are trying to accomplish. Safety is our number one concern. We
are a services company and without our people being able to provide the service which we hired them to perform, we cannot meet
our commitments. At AMSEC, people are our first concern. This safety committee effort clearly shows that we are concerned and
want to actively pursue ways to improve our safety performance. Again, thanks for helping your fellow workers – this is an important
assignment. Brad

                   CaLifornia                                           amseC Presence at asne’s electric
The California safety            richard holmes                        machines technology symposium ‘08
committee has been working       gina andrade
collectively on a project to     ronald glade                                                 AMSEC showed up in full force at the
improve the existing material    hondell Blocker                                              American Society of Naval Engineers’
handling training by adding      thomas goodlett                                              (ASNE) Electric Machines Technology
information specific to our      darel Jackson                                                Symposium (EMTS), held August 12-13
operations and common            Charles Parento                                              at the Independence Seaport Museum
sources of injury. Members of    Kenneth Pearcy                                               in Philadelphia, PA. The AMSEC booth
the committee include:           Peter Piranio                                                stood out amongst the other exhibitors
                                 edward yankovich                                             and attendees and beautifully accented
                                                                                              the contemporary museum setting at
                                                                                              Penn’s Landing.
      east Coast (fLorida & Virginia)
The East Coast safety            dave Childers                                               The theme of this year’s symposium,
committee has been working       mike freeman                                               “Electric Machinery Enablers for Next
as a group to come up with       stan garrett                                               Generation Integrated Power Systems”  ,
recommendations for using        Chuck hall                     coordinated with the AMSEC theme “From Electric Power to Power
mechanical means or other        rick mehl                                ”
                                                                Projection, amplifying our capabilities and showcasing our experience
alternatives for some of our     Lattoya tomlinson              in Deck Machinery and Flight Deck Systems.
material handling operations.    rod Lusher
Members of the committee         ron ferguson                   “Having AMSEC exhibit at the Electric Machines Symposium gave us a
include:                         Ken turner                                                            ,
                                                                distinct advantage over our competitors” said Brad Mason. “The size
                                 Lacey satcher                  of the show and the vast number of opportunities to connect with our
                                 mike Chandler                  customer, Naval Ship Systems Engineering Station (NAVSSES), keeps
                                                                AMSEC and the Philadelphia office in the forefront of the customer’s
                                                                mind. ”

                JaPan & haWaii                                  Thanks to the following employees who helped set-up and staff the
The Hawaii and Japan safety      randy Cowan                    booth, as well as network with the customer at the symposium - John
committee has been working       sam granadosin                 daidola, mike daley, anselmo flacco, Kynn harned, Cathy hogans,
collectively to come up          Phyllis moleta                 Jack Kasiski, mike d’amato, marty Kloc, steve
with ideas to prevent ladder     mernette Cardejon              Lathrop, Brad mason, Jim merrill, Laura moore,
injuries. Members of the         rick akiona                    Benny stazzone, david streett, and Bud Wright.
committee include:               Jim Barkey                     Special thanks go to Kynn Harned for his efforts
                                 Jerry hahn                     in the coordination of the show and the Proposal
                                                                Center Staff - Vickie gumbleton, emily King, mark
                                                                ashburne, and tracy Prioletti - for their teamwork
                  Washington                                    and assistance in completing the backdrop due to an
The Washington safety            Lance hagele                   emergency absence in Business Development; we
committee worked together        Phil Krutsinger                couldn’t have done it without you! p
to create a safety poster with   dennis talkington
guidelines for preventing        BJ misenar
eye injuries. Members of the     mike Popp
committee include:               Bill Quill                   green tiPs
                                 Jim Bafus
                                                                     Green Cleaners Are Safer:
                                 tom tranilla
                                                                     Inquire about non-toxic cleaning products and buy them for
                                 nick rivers p
                                                                     your house. They clean as well, or better, as the toxic cleaners!
                amseC LLC
                                                                                                         Quality PeoPle Providing Quality Service
                                                                                                                                                      faLL 2008
Thank you and congratulations to the following AMSEC employees celebrating
their 25, 20, 15, 10 and 5 year service anniversaries. We’re happy you are a part
of our team and appreciate your many contributions to our success.                   trick or treat FUN
25 YEARS                     5 YEARS

                                               SERVICE AWARDS
sePtemBer                    sePtemBer                       noVemBer
                                                             Guian Fernandez         A few AMSEC employees at the Net
William Hamann               Denise Chuyka
                                                             David Fisher            Center in Hampton decided to have a
                             Joshua McKinley
                             Douglas Leslie, Sr.             Robert Tucker           little fun posing as trick-or-treaters Friday, October
                                                             Michael Mills           31st. While no candy was given, these employees
15 YEARS                     Darryl McLean
                             Florentino Mendoza, Jr.         Robert Molder           added some much needed levity to the workspace.
oCtoBer                      Kenneth Ablett                  Frank Sadler            There were smiles, laughs, and double-takes from
William Thom                 Robert Barry                    Scott White             co-worker with costumes ranging from scary to
                             Corey Gamble, Sr.               Kinsey Clements         funny to angelic. But the real question is, which one
noVemBer                     Willie Jones, Jr.               Marty Everett           is the real, Captain Jack Sparrow? p
Darel Jackson                Patrick O’Malley                Mark Henricksen
Bryan Peters                 Garth Deverger                  Bradley Johnson
Wayde Abernathy              Michael Dunham                  Ralph Bundick, Jr.
                             Bruce Kennedy                   Robert Fithen
                             Robert McChesnie                Calvin Nance, Sr.
10 YEARS                     Ronnie Quarles
sePtemBer                    Robert Skelton
Geminiano Pagaduan           Roland Stegner
Gerald Harris                Lloyd Butler, Iii
Jack Neiman                  Grain Campbell, Sr.
Bradley Mason                Paula Estes
                             Melvin Hill
oCtoBer                      Michael Lafond
Juan Cube
Michael Dubrall              oCtoBer
Leonardo Gornal              Kenneth Mitchell
Yul Pierce                   Troy Nye
Mark Kipps                   Daniel Thomas
Malcolm Mannan               Thomas Deuell
                                                                                      left to right: elizabeth Kise, Jill Sanders, Brooke vande Hei, robert forgey,
Staci Conklin                Phyllis Moleta                                           Karene dryden, and randy Hudgins
                             Bradley Slusher
noVemBer                     Deidre Adams-James
Daniel McQuesten             Kathrine Woodworth
                             Calista Brown
                             Robert Steinke                                          V-58’s 15th annuaL
                             Felipe Pena
                                                                                     Pre-thanKsgiVing CeLeBration
riChard mcCormiCK retires                                                            Thanksgiving came early for V-58 and the Enhanced
richard (mac) mcCormick, was presented an award for his hard work and                Quality of Life (EQOL) and Carrier Engineering
dedication as he leaves AMSEC and retires in the Pacific North West (PNW). Mac       Maintenance Assist Team (CEMAT) employees in
was grateful for his going away gifts consisting of a PNW team photograph, clock     Norfolk, VA.
and barometer set, and retirement card signed by his co-workers along with
Brad mason and mark Kipps on Monday, November 10, 2008.
Mac worked for AMSEC for over eleven years as a Lead Electrician before
deciding to retire. When he first arrived in the Pacific North West, Mac’s initial
three years were spent working on the Ship’s Engineering Maintenance
Assistance Team (SEMAT) followed by eight years working on the Elevator
Support Unit (ESU) team. “He was the consummate professional in all his
dealings with AMSEC, said gregory Park, ESU Team Production Manager. “He
                                                   will be missed by all who had
                                                   the pleasure of working with
                                                   him. At the ceremony, Mac
                                                        ”                            On Friday, November 21st, Brad mason, Leo owens,
                                                   extended his appreciation to      scott Verkuilen, art smith and the entire group of
                                                   the entire AMSEC community        hungry AMSEC employees at V-58 enjoyed the 15th
                                                   with whom he worked for           Annual pre-Thanksgiving pot luck luncheon. Special
                                                   and with during his tenure at     thanks go to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Maintenance
                                                   the company, citing the true      Center (MARMC) and Chuck Hillman, for sponsoring the
                                                   professional nature of his co-    event and graciously providing the facility for the festive
                                                    workers and their commitment     luncheon. This feast was unmistakably a prelude to the
left to right: gregory Park, dorothy Mccormick,     to their work as U.S. naval      holidays. p
richard (Mac) Mccormick                            contractors. p                                                                                                     6
                    amseC LLC
                                                                                                            Quality PeoPle Providing Quality Service
                                                                                                                                               faLL 2008

2008 daVid e. Lamontagne aWards Presented
On October 3rd, AMSEC’s Maintenance, Modernization and Technical Services
Operation (MMTS) announced the selected awardees for the 2008 David E.
                                                                                                        mmts safety Winners for august
                                                                                                        Carlos Moreno
                                                                                                        Robert Molder
                                                                                                                             Vincent Guerrero
                                                                                                                             Grain Campbell
LaMontagne Leadership Awards. This award was first established at Dave                                  Chris Rockholt       Duff Lamar
LaMontagne’s Hall of Fame induction ceremony in August 2007 and was                                     Jason Bell           George Arvayo
established to recognize demonstrated excellence in deck-plate leadership                               Robert Jennings      Mark Nanez
among AMSEC’s waterfront employees as an annual award.                                                  Royce Dunn           Senon De Los Santos
                                                                                                        Gil Ganas            Wendell Bass
Many outstanding nominees were considered for this prestigious award. This
years East Coast award winner is mr. romeo Castro who is one of the original                            mmts safety Winners for sePtemBer
electricians in the Refueling Complex Overhaul (RCOH) Elevator Support Unit
(ESU) group. The West Coast award winner is mr. donald Van dyke who is                                  Hector Carreras      Shon Reitnauer
one of the founding members and now Project Manger of the San Diego Ship                                Mark Nanez           Michael Sumner
Engineering Maintenance Assist Team (SEMAT).
                                                                                                        mmts safety Winners for oCtoBer
In a recent presentation ceremony held in                                                               Steven Colpitts      Robert Rouiller
Virginia Beach, AMSEC’s MMTS Operations                                                                 Alfonso Farinas      Ken White
Manager, Brad mason, presented the East
Coast David E. LaMontagne Leadership Award
to Romeo Castro.
                                                                                                        mmts safety suggestion Winners
                                                                                                        Sandra Holmes
                                                                                                        Alfred Garza

                                                                                                        mmts & Les

                                                                                                        emPLoyees of month for august
                                                                                                        mtss                 LogistiCs
                                                                                                        James Malone         Douglas Winston
                                                                                                        Randy Gwynn
                                                                                                        rmCs                 Steve Stacy
                                                                                                        Doug Leslie
                                                           left to right: Brad Mason and romeo castro   Gene Morris
                                                                                                                             Sandra Holmes
                                                                                                        Steve Tacke
left to right: ali Harkous, donald van dyke, dick Holmes
                                                                                                        Ruben Cabala
In a similar ceremony held at the Southwest Regional Maintenance Center
(SWRMC) Intermediate Maintenance Activity (IMA) Shop 936L, AMSEC’s MMTS
                                                                                                        mmts & Les
Operations Deputy Manager, dick holmes, in company with the Regional
                                                                                                        emPLoyees of month for sePtemBer
Maintenance Center (RMC) Services Deputy Division Manager, ali harkous,
presented the West Coast David E. LaMontagne Leadership Award to Donald Van                             mtss                  LogistiCs
Dyke.                                                                                                   Carolyn Daigneault    Mark Kowaleski
                                                                                                        Jules Millete
Selection for this year’s awards for these two long-term employees is based,                                                  engineering
in great part, upon deck-plate leadership and the ability to motivate fellow                            rmCs                  Vito Messina
employees to perform productively and safely in a complex industrial                                    Rene Ghosn
environment. Both undoubtedly possess these abilities as evidenced by their                             Danny Salcedo
                                                                                                                              Winner – Mark Nanez
impressive accomplishments and promotion through the trades organization                                John McNight
                                                                                                                              Runner up – Juan Suarez
to positions of senior leadership. Both Romeo Castro and Donald Van Dyke                                Henry White
clearly exemplify the core values brought to AMSEC by Dave LaMontagne
which include leadership, dedication, personal integrity and a deliberate focus
on the well-being of the people providing waterfront services to our U.S. Navy                          mmts & Les
customers.                                                                                              emPLoyees of month for oCtoBer
                                                                                                        mtss                  LogistiCs
In honor of this award, both awardees received a commemorative award plaque
                                                                                                        Eugene Twano          Ronald Campbell
and a check for $750. Congratulations to Romeo Castro and Donald Van Dyke for
this well-deserved honor. p                                                                             rmCs                  engineering
                                                                                                        Larry Johnson         Francis Kelly
                                                                                                        David Roderiques
         green tiPs                                                                                     Anthony Bushlow
                         Keep clothes in your closet from slipping off their wire                                             Duff Lamar
                                                                                                        Jim Harmon
                         hangers by wrapping a rubber band around each end of the                                             Adreniece Sevier
               amseC LLC
                                                                                          Quality PeoPle Providing Quality Service
                                                                                                                          faLL 2008

The Regional Maintenance Center Support (RMCS) Division’s Elevator Support
Unit (ESU) Norfolk Machine Shop Team was selected as RMCS Team of the
                                                                                     The Carrier Engineering Maintenance Assist
                                                                                     Team (CEMAT), Aircraft Carrier Climate
                                                                                     Control Improvement Team (ACCCIT), Elevator
                                                                                     Support Unit (ESU), and the Enhanced Quality
                                                                                     of Life (EQOL) teams were applauded by
Quarter for the third quarter of 2008. The team, under John duncan and               Rear Admiral Frank Pandolfe, Commander,
dave henshaw, is comprised of Larry mosiman, Crispin ongoco and gary                 Carrier Strike Group Two on USS THEODORE
Burkett. Over the quarter, the team was responsible for the research, material       ROOSEVELT (CVN 71) for the great work in
procurement and fabrication of critical components in support of maintenance         getting the ship manned, trained, equipped
and modernization for aircraft elevators, weapons elevators, and vertical            and maintained as they prepared the ship
package conveyors and associated equipment on USS ENTERPRISE (CVN 65),               throughout the cycle and for a successful
USS NIMITZ (CVN 68), USS DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER (CVN 69), USS CARL                     deployment.
VINSON (CVN 70), and USS HARRY S. TRUMAN (CVN 75). This was in addition
to their normal daily workload in support of ongoing ESU efforts in continuous       Bruce mansfield, steve tacke, and Jose
maintenance availabilities.                                                          fernandez-delgado assistance in the repair
                                                                                     of the unit two hydraulic pump aboard USS
Marine Technical Support Services (MTSS) Division gave a Bravo Zulu to the CVN       DWIGHT D. EISENHOWER (CVN 69) received
69 Carrier Availability Support Team comprised of don mchattie, skip forbus,         kudos from Captain Mewbourne for their
Bill Wethington, and rich ahlert for their superb performance in support of the      outstanding performance and “exceeding all
CVN 69’s Planned Incremental Availability (PIA). Their recognition by the                          .
                                                                                     expectations” Hats off to Bruce, Steve, and
“Ike’s’ Commanding Officer, Captain Mewbourne, at the “Hot Wash” was a very          Jose for being instrumental in ensuring the
public statement for them and the entire Carrier Availability Support Team (CAST)    ship made its major readiness milestone.
                                                                                     The East Coast Elevator Support Unit (ESU)
The Technology Deployment Division (TD) in Chesapeake, VA received kudos
                                                                                     and the Carrier Engineering Maintenance
from Naval Ship Systems Engineering Station (NAVSSES) client for work
                                                                                     Assist Team (CEMAT) received Kudos from
associated with the removal of Ship Service Turbine Generator (SSTG) Rotors
                                                                                     Dale Morse, Maintenance Program Manager,
aboard USS SAIPAN (LHA 2). Northrop Grumman Ship Systems provided a Bravo
                                                                                     USS THEODORE ROOSEVELT (CVN 71),
Zulu email for support provided in the replacement of SPN-46 Radar Antenna
                                                                                     for the Mid Atlantic Regional Maintenance
                                                                                     Center’s (MARMC) repair efforts and how their
A heartfelt ‘thank’ you was given to danny Varner, dick Williams (ret.), Charlie     contribution played a big role in the ship’s
Knight, dewayne Pointer, daniel Badger, Larry Bledsoe, dustin gressang, mark         success. The team took the lead in providing
henricksen, Philip massie, gary Parker, scott Pedersen, Primo regacho, nickalas      assessments and performing repairs
rivers, nick shaw, William sloop, roland stegner, Louis Wise, mario alvinez,         whenever necessary to assist in the ship’s
gayland Bockhahm, James Brice, Bruce Clements and Willie mitchell, from the          mission.
Pacific Northwest Carrier Engineering Maintenance Assist Team (CEMAT) from
First Lieutenant Colin Caswell, Habitability Coordinator for Planned Incremental     Maintenance University (MU) recognized
Availability (PIA) assigned to USS JOHN C. STENNIS (CVN 74) for recognizing          Carolyn daigneault and Jules millete as the
the team’s outstanding support and hard work through two major maintenance           September Team of the Quarter for the third
periods (availabilities) on the STENNIS.                                             quarter of 2008 for their dedicated professional
                                                                                     support of Maintenance University. They are
Catalino alvarado was recognized by Lieutenant Lea Shreve, Assistant Supply          the true backbone of AMSEC’s waterfront MU
Officer on USS McCLUSKY (FFG 41), for his contribution in the set up of the          business maintenance process improvement
laundry equipment on the ship and having all the equipment in operating order        consulting team. Their outstanding performance
in time for the ship’s Supply Material Certification (SMC).                          and significant support contributions have been
                                                                                     instrumental in the success achieved by the
AMSEC’s Ship’s Engineering Maintenance Assistance Team (SEMAT) comprised             Maintenance University Team.
of danilo muya, Christopher dallas, Kelly Bushby, Jerry hahn, William rose,
danilo galang, James scarboro, elliot Jones, Ken dulay, James Price, Brien           Jacob Borillo, manolito Cabiles, and
Broussard, and allan Churchill in Yokosuka, Japan, received a citation from          robert rouiller of the Ship’s Engineering
Commanding Officer D. P Dusek for being selected as the “Shop of the Week”
                        .                                                            Maintenance Assistance Team (SEMAT)
                                                         on USS FITZGERALD           received a tremendous write up from
                                                         (DDG 62) during the         Commander Michael Renegar, Supply Officer
                                                         maintenance period in       on USS FRANK CABLE (AS 40), for their
                                                         dry-dock. He noted, “ ...   “...outstanding training and maintenance
                                                         your efforts far exceed     repair work and their ‘can-do’ attitude and
                                                         the standards and are       professionalism while providing invaluable
                                                         always completed with       training to shipboard personnel greatly
                                                         the safety, precision       improving operational readiness for the food
                                                         and excellence for          service and ship’s laundry area.”
                                                         which the ship repair
                                                         facility (SRF) and          We were unable to print all the kudos submitted
                                                         SEMAT is known.    ”        for this issue; we will print the remaining in the
                                                                                     next issue of the Connections.                  8
                 amseC LLC
                                                                                                  Quality PeoPle Providing Quality Service
                                                                                                                                              faLL 2008

fLaWLess instrumentation CheCK out for                                                      amseC KeePs CVn-73
uss mesa Verde                                                                              on sCheduLe
What started out as a two person team to assist Naval Surface Warfare Center, Carderock     On May 22, 2008, a fire was detected aboard
Division (NSWCCD) Code 952 in Norfolk, VA, with installation of instrumentation             the aircraft carrier USS GEORGE WASHINGTON
throughout USS MESA VERDE (LPD-19) in preparation for up coming shock trials in             (CVN 73) in the vicinity of the auxiliary boiler
Mayport, FL, grew into a coordinated two-team effort comprised of 13 technicians from       room and the air conditioning and refrigeration
across two divisions and five program areas working in two ports. Orchestrated by Chris     space in the rear of the nuclear powered ship.
murray, our Cableway Improvement Program Manager, Paul estella and marty everett
were the first techs to be assigned to the task. Paul Nyzio, Electrical Engineer andTest    The GEORGE WASHINGTON was cruising
Director from NSWCCD was so impressed with their knowledge and work that he asked           around the South American continent after
us to increase the team size to eight and manage the remainder of the instrumentation       leaving its old port in Norfolk, VA when the fire
and cable installation. Paul and Marty divided the group, each heading up one team;         broke out. Almost immediately, the ship became
working dario aguilera, Brandon shortridge, david mcClean, edgardo dabu, doug               the Navy’s highest priority repair project in order
Leslie, and henry White ten hour days over a period of ten days. The installation, which    to keep her on schedule and begin her journey
normally takes eight weeks, was completed well ahead of schedule and under budget.          to Yokosuka, Japan to replace USS KITTY HAWK

The instrumentation check out was flawless and the ship made its scheduled departure        (CV 63) as the United States’ only permanently
for Mayport for shock trials.                                                               forward-deployed aircraft carrier.
  From NSWCCD (7-15-08): “We finished our signal checkout yesterday and I finally           A number of AMSEC employees provided
  have a chance to thank you (AMSEC) for your support during our installation.              support to the Navy and GEORGE
  All the workers you provided were very professional and did an outstanding                WASHINGTON during this critical repair period
  job including David McClean, Dario Aguilera, Brandon Shortridge, Edgardo                  which concluded with the ship getting underway
  Dabu, Doug Leslie, Henry White and especially Paul Estella and Marty Everett,             from San Diego, CA on August 21, 2008. The
  who were both with us from day one. We’d like to use AMSEC again to help us               Carrier Engineering Maintenance Assist Team
  with that effort. Do you have people in the Mayport area that we could use?”              (CEMAT), Aircraft Carrier Climate Control
                                                                                            Investigation Team (ACCCIT) and Elevator
Hurricanes and mechanical problems delayed the shock trial schedule leaving only            Support Unit (ESU) Team were all essential in
three days in Mayport for removal of the instrumentation and associated cabling before      assessing equipment readiness prior to repairs
returning to Norfolk. Given the short response time and even shorter performance period,    and conducting specific item repairs during
Juan suarez from our Mayport office, led his team comprised of Jack Bishop, gregg flick,    the availability. Electricians from other AMSEC
frank gonzalez, and Charles Coburn, and successfully completed removal of all sensors       programs completed time-critical cable pulling
and 80% of the cabling in only three days and was - a task that was originally scheduled    and electrical hook-up work as well as the
for ten days. This enabled USS MESA VERDE to get underway in time to return to Norfolk      Maritime Technical Support Services (MTSS)
and immediately commence its Post Shakedown Availability (PSA) at British Defense and       Division employees who provided direct support
Aerospace Company (BAE).                                                                    to Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding - Newport
                                                                                            News and its subcontracting partners. Every
                                                                                            member received a letter of appreciation signed
                                                                                            by Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
                                                                                            (COMNAVSEASYSCOM) and the Commander,
                                                                                            Naval Air Forces (COMNAVAIRFOR).

                                                                                            Framed awards and special recognition were
                                                                                            given to tony gonzales, dave stevens, ron
                                                                                            glade, randy gwynn, Jimmy Kordahl, and
                                                                                            Ken Pearcy for their contributions to Northrop
                                                                                            Grumman Newport News and the USS George
                                                                                            Washington. p

      uSS MeSa verde (lPd -19) detonation of Shock test

  From NSWCCD (9-18-08): “Just FYI, the NGSB-AMSEC Mayport Detachment
  support we received was outstanding. I would recommend the AMSEC team,
  led by Juan Suarez, for future work at NAS Mayport and anywhere for that
  matter. The long hours, all the running around and the patience with the tag-out
  process was not only necessary to complete the job in three days, but was very
  appreciated by me. Accordingly, we as an Engineering Performance Management
  (EPM) team could not have accomplished the task at hand without their support. ”

These two statements tell it all; this cross divisional, cross program team distinguished
themselves with their professionalism and ‘can do’ attitudes: NSWCCD Philadelphia has
                                                                                            front row - left to right: Jay abalos, dick Holmes, Jimmy Kordahl, ron
recommended to Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) that this team be officially
                                                                                            glade, ryan norris
recognized for its performance. p                                                           Back row - left to right: gary Kohler, Mark Balmert, Jerry Blanton,
                                                                                            Janice Kordahl, Scott Montgomery

               amseC LLC
                                                                                                 Quality PeoPle Providing Quality Service
                                                                                                                                       faLL 2008
                Pay WeeK –                                   san diego emPLoyees sCore in the siLVer
  an ule

            Pay Period Change
Ch hed

                                                             strand haLf marathon & 5K raCe

                 Coming!                                     The Annual Imaging Healthcare Specialists, Silver Strand Half
As AMSEC continues to align its processes with those         Marathon and 5K were held on Sunday, November 16, 2008. The half
of Northrop Grumman, we are making a change to our           marathon took place along the Strand from Coronado to Imperial
pay period and pay date schedule. This change will take      Beach while the 5K started and finished at the Imperial Beach Pier

                                                                                                                                             Location Roundup
place in January 2009. Currently, AMSEC and NG have bi-                                   Plaza. If you’ve got to run – that’s the
weekly pay days but on opposite weeks. In order to bring                                  place to do it!
our pay period / payroll schedule in line with NG we will
be establishing a one time one week pay period / pay day                                         Two of AMSEC’s west coast employees,
during the month of January, 2009.                                                               aimee stiles and dick holmes, took
                                                                                                 part in the events. Aimee ran the Silver
Q. When will this one week pay period occur?                                                     Strand Half Marathon and Dick ran the
A. January 10th – 16th, 2009.                                                                    Silver Strand 5K and came in Second
Q. What does this mean to you?                                                                   Place for his age category. (We won’t ask
A. You will complete your regular two week time sheet for                                        what category that was, Dick!)
   the pay period December 27th, 2008 - January 9th, 2009
   and receive your regular two week pay check on                                                      After the race, live entertainment,
   January 16th, 2009.                                                                                 libations, and post race food was
   You will complete a one week time sheet for the pay                                                                                    .
                                                                                                       available at the “Party at the Pier”
   period January 10th -January 16th, 2009 and receive a                                               Congratulations Aimee and Dick for your
   one week paycheck on January 23rd, 2009.                                                            participation in the race and being health-
                                                             left to right: aimee Stiles, dick Holmes- smart employees. p
   You will complete your regular two week time sheet for    2nd place Sliver Strand 5K winner
   the pay period January 17th, 2009 - January30th, 2009
   and receive your regular two week pay check on
   February 6th, 2009.
                                                             Cemat: maKing innoVatiVe ideas a reaLity
Q. What does this mean to your paycheck deductions?
A. This additional one week pay period means that there      This summer, some self motivated Pacific Northwest (PNW) Carrier
   will be 27 pay periods for calendar year 2009.            Engineering Maintenance Assist Team (CEMAT) members joined
                                                             together and identified several opportunities for improvement and took
   Deductions for medical, dental, vision, voluntary life    action. Their ideas were properly planned, designed, and executed to
   insurance, legal plan and flexible spending accounts      support our carrier customers, our facility, and our employees. Utilizing
   are calculated on 26 pay periods in a year. This means    scrap metal and the teams specialized skills, they manufactured a
   that employees will experience a premium deduction        complete set of Oxygen and Nitrogen (O2N2) cryogenic specialty
   “holiday” for these benefits for the one week paycheck    wrenches and seat removal tools. These specialized tools will enable
   of January 23rd, 2009. In other words, these premiums     future cold valve seat replacements without removing the cold valve
   will not be deducted from your January 23rd paycheck.     bodies, saving the Navy tens of thousands of dollars in labor and
Q. What about my VSDI and 401k deductions?                   welding time and Oxygen (O2) cleanliness costs. They continued their
A. These deductions are based on your compensation           innovative efforts by machining two plant specific sets of blank flanges
   earned and are calculated as a percentage of pay,         to perform vital pressure tests saving the Navy hundreds of more
   therefore you will incur both a VSDI and 401k deduction   dollars in purchasing costs.
   for the one week paycheck of January 23rd, 2009.
                                                             Their creative work ethic has also improved their facilities workflow and
Q. What about my leave accrual?
                                                             safety with the addition of a two-tiered stairway and safety platform for
A. Paid Annual Leave accrual is also an annual accrual
                                                             safe access to their two-story Container Express (CONEX) boxes, saving
   over 26 pay periods. You will not receive an accrual
                                                             critical employee parking spaces and tens of thousands in material
   for the additional one week pay period. Your total
                                                             storage costs to the Navy. Other past improvements include a wire-
   annual accrual remains the same for the year.
                                                             rope safety pull test cage and an electrical extension cord protector
Q. What about my direct deposit(s)?                          that doubles as a safety ramp allowing heavy forklift traffic while safely
A. Any direct deposits will continue for the one week pay    protecting electrical cords from
   period. If you have fixed dollar amount direct deposits   damage.
   set up, that full deposit will be made for the one week
   paycheck. You may want to make an adjustment              These innovative ideas became a
   within your bank accounts after the funds are             reality under the direction of Larry
   deposited. You may also want to adjust any pre-           Bledsoe and his PNW CEMAT
   established bank transfers you have for such things as    teammates Primo regacho, scott
   mortgages, car loans, etc.                                Pedersen, and Christopher anderson.
Q. What about other special deductions for child support     These resourceful, motivated
   or additional tax withholdings?                           employees deserve a “two thumbs
A. Any court ordered deductions will occur in accordance     up” for making their creative ideas
   with the law. Additional tax withholdings in the full     and customer improvement efforts a
   amount designated will be withheld from the one           reality. Well done! p                left to right: larry Bledsoe, Primo regacho,
                                                                                                            Scott Pedersen and christopher anderson
   week pay. p
                           amseC LLC                                                                            Quality PeoPle Providing Quality Service
                                                                                                                                            faLL 2008

                                                             Location Roundup
Calendar of events

              *(Dec 12)                                                 ten LittLe fingers - ten LittLe toes
                 MWR Holiday Social 2008                                           a Perfect Little smile and a Button for a nose
                 (Renaissance Hotel, Portsmouth, VA)
              *(Dec 16) campaign ends
                 Carver Angel Tree                                   Courtney and Lee rice are happy to announce
                                                                   the arrival of their bouncing baby boy, Finnegan
              *(Dec 17) campaign ends                           Maccus Rice, who was born September 21, 2008 in
                 Saint Mary’s Angel tree campaign              Portsmouth, NH. Baby Finnegan weighed 8 pounds
                                                                 2 ounces and was 21 inches long at birth. On last
              *(Dec 18)                                        report, mom, dad, and baby Finnegan are all happy
                 MWR Holiday Luncheon (NetCenter)                        and healthy! You’ve got to love that smile!

              *(Dec 19)
                 PNW AMSEC Christmas party - BRM

              *(Dec 19)                                                                         Cailin and Joshua davis are proud to announce the
                 TOYS FOR TOTS Campaign - Corp. HQ                                              arrival of sweet Aoife Nadeen Abeda Davis, who was
                                                                                                born June 23, 2008 in Virginia Beach, VA. Little Aoife
              *(Dec 25)                                                                         (pronounced “ee-fah”) weighed 10 pounds and was 23
                 Christmas Day Holiday                                                          inches long at birth. The bundle of joy was delivered
                                                                                                by mid-wife with Joshua coaching his wife, Cailin,
              *(Jan 9)                                                                          and catching baby Aoife in their Virginia Beach home.
                 Red Cross Blood Drive - Corporate HQ                                           Mother, father, and baby are all doing fine!

              *(Jan 13 - 15)
                 AMSEC is exhibiting at the
                 Surface Navy Symposium

              * For additional information,                      Derrick and marsi harris are proud to announce the arrival
                go to aise Bulletins or upcoming                    of their cute little bundle of love, Nelah Rose Harris, who
                events on the company intranet.                   was born August 28, 2008 at 12:29 p.m. in San Diego, CA.
                                                                Little Nelah Rose weighed in at 6 pounds 2 ounces and was
                                                                     19 inches long at birth. Happy mom, Marsi, is a Human
                                                                  Resources Partner in the San Diego office. Mom, dad and
                                                                                                         baby are all doing well!

                                         Brandon and stephanie Watson are pleased to announce the birth of their
                                         sweet bouncinig baby boy, Michael Wayne Watson, who was born October
                                         22, 2008 at 1:01 a.m. in Norfolk, VA. Michael Wayne Watson weighed in at 8
                                         pounds 3 ounces and was 21 inches long at birth. Stephanie, is a Contracts
                                         Administrator working at the Corporate Headquarters in Virginia Beach.
                                         Congratulations to the happy family!

               Please share in the joy and happiness of Anne and Bill ecker, proud grandparents of beautiful
             baby, Kaylin Rose Moyle. Kaylin was born September 23, 2008 and weighed 6 pounds 3 ounces
                                 and was 19.5 inches long at birth. Congratulations on your special delivery!

                                              Steve and Kari Bluhm are happy to announce the newest addition to their family. Amy Elizabeth Bluhm
                                              came into this world on November 12, 2008 at 7:43 a.m. in Chesapeake, VA. Beautiful baby Amy weighed
                                              8 pounds 10 ounces and was 20.5 inches long at birth. Kari, is a Contracts Administrator working at the
                                              Corporate Headquarters in Virginia Beach. Mom, dad, and baby are all doing fine!

               amseC LLC
                                                                                               Quality PeoPle Providing Quality Service
                                                                                                                               faLL 2008
                                                             Just in time for holiday Baking
                                                           Find receipes for Cookies, Fudge, Candy,
                                                        Cakes, Pies & Breads at the following website:


CONTACT US                                                    graduations
                                                              Marc Siler, son of margo siler, Project Manager
We are always looking for news-worthy information.            in the Systems Integration Division
Please send any work related articles, calendar of            in Honolulu, HI, graduated from the University
events, customer feedback, awards, tournament news,           of Hawaii Laboratory School on May 16, 2008.
etc., to our editor at the following email addresses:
                                                              Marc gave up his scholarship to Chaminade

                                                                                                                                        Location Roundup
leslie.mitchell2@ngc.com cheryl.speelman@ngc.com              University to enlist in the US Coast Guard (USCG). Seaman Marc Siler
Leslie Mitchell-Gallop   (757) 226-1556                       graduated from USCG Recruit Training Center on July 29, 2008. His
Editor                                                        grandfather, Army Col. (RET.) Samuel Siler presented his son, SN Siler,
(757) 226-1539           brooke.e.vandehei@ngc.com            with his papers. SN Siler reported to Operations Specialist (OS) school
                         (757) 896-5207                       in Petaluma, CA, where he will graduate and be promoted to Petty Officer
                                                              3rd Class on December 11, 2008. Petty Officer Siler will report to duty
                                                              onboard US COAST GUARD CUTTER DALLAS (WHEC 716) home-ported
                                                              in Charleston, SC.
 Anna Marie Yankovich, daughter of ed “yank” yankovich, Quality Manger in the Systems Integration Division in San Diego, CA,
 graduated from the San Diego Police Academy and worked in Carmen Valley, CA, when she was promoted to the position of Detective
 in November 2008. After the first round of interviews, Anna Marie was selected from 300 candidates to be promoted to detective along
 with 29 other police officers.

 Anna Marie’s fervent desire to become a police officer was so great she graduated from San Diego State University in three years
 by taking summer classes and working part-time at Sears and Roebuck in order to graduate at age 21 per her promise to her parents
 before joining the San Diego Police Academy. Anna Marie is working on her thesis and upon completion; she will receive her Master’s
 Degree in Forensic Science.

                                        Louis Wise and Roxanna Ellis were married in Bremerton, WA at the Kitsap Conference Center in
 nuPtiaLs                            downtown Bremerton on Saturday, July 5, 2008. Louis has been with the company for three-and-a-
                                    half years and is a Senior Marine Technology Analyst. The newlyweds honeymooned in the Oakland
                                                                                         and San Francisco Bay Area. Congratulations!

                                          emily hottel and Jonathan King were married on September 20, 2008 at Munden Point Park in
                                      Virginia Beach, VA. Emily and Jonathan met more than ten years ago through mutual friends, but
                                       lost touch for several years then reconnected again in 2006. Friends and family came from as far
                                      as Pennsylvania and Florida to attend the wedding.Their recently adopted dog, Milo, attended the
                                   ceremony and acted as honorary ring bearer. The couple plans to honeymoon on a Caribbean cruise
                                                                                                    after their first wedding anniversary.

                                                     amseC triVia - a Blast from the Past                           ...continued from Page 4

                                             It’s AMSEC’s own tom hubert receiving an award back in 1992. Tom currently works in
                                             Supportability Engineering as an Engineer III and fellow “sPammer” Tom performs
                                             various Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) and Root Cause Failure Analysis (RCFA)
                                             studies for the Navy and USCG. Tom has had a diversified career at AMSEC and has worked
                                             some unique tasks including: microbiological cleaning trials of aircraft carrier sewage tanks
                                             using various enzymes and bacteria; served as Port Engineer for the activation/deactivation
                                             of seven Ready Reserve Fleet ships during Desert Shield/Desert Storm; Overhauled,
                                             modified and repaired systems onboard a Conduit Training Barge (CTB) and Single Anchor
                                             Leg Mooring (SALM) in support of the Navy’s Offshore Petroleum Discharge System
                                             (OPDS); and the testing of a prototype relief valve test apparatus “TREVITEST” that tests
                                             relief valves in place and at line pressure.

                                             That was then and this is now! Thanks for being such a good sport, Tom.


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