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The South African law demands that every person in possession of a firearm must have a
license or permit to carry the firearm while in the border of the country. Foreign visitors like
hunters and sportsmen will need a temporary import permit.


Normally these permits are issued at the police office at the airport, but could take up to 2,
even 3 hours, to be issued. To ease frustration and especially time, we offer the service of
obtaining a pre-issued permit for your firearm. You contact us  we send you all the
information and forms  we apply for and obtain your permit  you arrive at the airport 
we meet you with your permit  the police check that serial no’s on guns are same as serial
no’s on the permit  you are on your way to a great hunt.

We have had great success for the past four years and very satisfied customers. We have
worked with hunters for many years in related industries and are familiar with their needs.


We need the following originally completed documents sent to us by mail:

    1.      Completed SAP Form 520 in black ink (please send all pages)
           Visitors bringing in their own firearms need only complete the following
               Page 2 Section D – tick no 5
               Page 2 Section E – 4 to 22 and then 24 to 25.4 if spouse accompanies
               Page 4 Section G – 1 to 5 and 7 to 9.1
               Page 5 Section I – 1 to 5
               Page 6 Section J – 1 to 4 (Please sign at both Section I and J)
    2.      Clear notarized copy of photo page of passport
    3.      Copy of proof of legal ownership of firearm such as licence or permit.
               US citizens who don’t have a licence or permit for their gun, need a Customs
               Declaration Form 4457 with make, model, calibre and serial number of each
               firearm (stamped by government official in USA or notarized), or an affidavit
               from their local sheriff to confirm that they are the legal owner of the
    4.      Original invitation letter on letterhead from outfitter/hunter in South Africa
            including full name of outfitter, company, full contact details and address, name
            of client, date and location of hunt and confirming which specified firearms will
            be used, and mentioning species to be hunted.
   5.      Copy of itinerary or airline ticket.
   6.      Letter of Authorisation


We recommend that you send the documents by registered air mail or in a way that provides
a tracking no. To ensure timely arrival you can use a courier. Send all the documents to us

            Mailing address (±14 days)                    Street address for couriers (±3-4 days)

              Swift Firearms                               Swift Firearms
              P.O. Box 990352                              54 Pierpont Drive
                                                           2053 Kibler Park
              2053 Kibler Park                             Johannesburg
              SOUTH AFRICA                                 SOUTH AFRICA

                           ABOUT 30 DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR ARRIVAL
               Please send by courier if you send one month before your arrival

             THE COST FOR THIS PRE-APPROVED PERMIT IS US$110 per permit.
               Payment can be made cash when you receive your permit upon arrival in SA


1.         You can bring up to four guns on one permit, as long as they are all different calibres.
2.         You cannot change a gun on the permit for another. Rather put more guns on the
           permit and bring less. If you bring a gun that is not on the permit you must apply for
           a permit at the airport or the police will confiscate the gun.
3.         If something totally unforseen happens to you gun and you have to substitute with
           another, contact us immediately.
3.         If you a travelling with a friend, and each brings his own gun, you can put both guns
           into one gun case, as long as each owner has his own permit.

Our terms and conditions:

We will not give refunds and cannot be held responsible if permit is refused due to:

           Incomplete documentation
           Different firearms from those on permit
           Incorrect information
           Problems with airline transportation of firearm
           South African Police refusal for any reason beyond our control
           Delay at police office with delivery of guns by airlines
           Too little time between connecting flights – please allow at least 3 hours!
           Once a permit has been received, no refunds will be done.

Please see attached terms and conditions according to South African law related to
a temporary import firearm permit!
      Firearm permit conditions

1.     Only firearms specified on permit will be allowed in South Africa.
2.     Only one rifle per calibre may be imported.
3.     No more than 200 rounds of ammunition per calibre allowed.
4.     There is a ban on all automatics and semi-automatics.
5.     Handguns are allowed for hunting, but it must be motivated in letter specifying which
       game will be hunted with handgun.
6.     No permit required for bows.
7.     Will be issued subject to the requirements of the Act with regard to the carrying,
       storage, safe custody and transport of a firearm and ammunition.
8.     Subject to the use of the firearm only for the purpose set out in the permit.
9.     Subject to the fact that no person who holds a temporary import permit is allowed to
       transfer the firearm to another person in South Africa.
10.    Whenever the holder of a temporary import permit leaves the Republic of South
       Africa, the firearm in respect of which the permit is issued must accompany the
       holder of the permit.
11.    Temporary Import Permit shall not be issued for a period exceeding six months at a
12.    Should a firearm not be declared on arrival and a temporary import permit not
       issued, you will face severe penalties and possible arrest on departure from South
13.    Your firearm/s may only be signed for by you and will not be released to anybody
       else should it arrive on a separate flight. The airline usually delivers the firearm to
       the farm or wherever the owner is in South Africa.
       If the luggage is delayed, the owner should write a letter giving the airline permission
       to receive the firearm on his behalf. We are prepared with such letters should this
       unfortunate event occur.
14. Please note that NO firearms will be held for safekeeping by the SAPS. If a client
    brings in a prohibited firearm, brings in more than what is allowed, or lacks the
    necessary documentation and his request for a temporary import permit is denied,
    the involved firearms must be exported immediately by the client or voluntarily
    surrendered to the State.
15. Firearms must bear the manufacturer's serial number or any other mark by which the
    firearm can be identified. The identification number must be stamped and the mark
    affixed in the prescribed manner on the barrel or the frame or the receiver of the

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