Image or Photo Manipulation

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					                                     Image or Photo Manipulation

To Make Changes to Images and Photos
Open the image or photo.
Click on the edit button

In Paint
To flip a picture
         Go to Image
         Select Flip/Rotate

                                                           In Paint
                                                           To change a color of a large area
                                                                    Select color from bottom.
                                                                    Click on Paint can. Hover over area to
                                                           change and click.
                                                           To change a color of a small detailed area
                                                                    Select the color.
                                                                    Click on Paint brush or pencil.

If the image or photo opens in Microsoft Photo Editor

To crop unwanted parts of a picture, Click. Select the portion you want to keep.
Open Image and crop. Save the new version of the picture. Be sure and Save As if you want to keep the
original file.


Click on Draw to “Group” items into one image or to move items to front or back.          Librarian/Teacher Collaboration Academy                 Created June 07
Saving an Image to Another Size File

When you get ready to save an image, you may want
to adjust the size of the file.
In the Save As box, Select More.
Use the Slide bar to select the quality of the image.

Note: Large files take longer to download and use lots
of memory.
However, if you enlarge from a low quality image,
it will be come grainy.

Useful Hint

An empty PPT slide makes an excellent work surface for manipulating images and photos.
It is easy to move things around because of the large blank surface.
You can use the various Toolbars—especially useful for cropping screen shots and for grouping various items
into one image so you don’t loose any pieces!

Connecting Slides from One PPT Show to Another
Especially useful when students have made short presentations (1-4 slides) and you want to combine them
into one “show” to run for parents or a complete project.

1. Decide which show is going to be the lead show.
2. The background color will be affected by this decision. ALL shows added to the lead show will take the
background color.
3. Have the lead show open.
4. On the lead show, select Insert
5. Click on “Slides from files.”
6. Find and select the slide show you want to add.
7. Click “Display.” Select the slides you want to COPY.
8. Click “Insert.”
9. If you are copying the entire PPT show, click “Insert All.”          Librarian/Teacher Collaboration Academy              Created June 07

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