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                               The                                                                                                                                                                                                                       7 April 2007

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  Index                                                                                          Page No                      Telephone                      Price list date
Monthly ‘Stocklisters’ shown in BOLD
                                                                                                                                                                                               £6m carpet campaign
v AFS .................................................................................................................8.......020   8805 8620 ..........January 2008..............
                                                                                                                                                                                               Carpetright and Headlam lead one the industry’s biggest
5 ASSOCIATED WEAVERS .................................................................—.......01422                                     431100............February 2008...........
                                                                                                                                                                                               ever consumer promotion campaigns .............................48
5 AXMINSTER                   CARPETS LTD. ...............................................9,10,11.......01297 33533 ..............1/3/2008 ....................
x BONAR           FLOORS.......................................................................................49.......01773 740622............—................................              Vibrant Van Gogh
✝ BRITISH WOOL ....................................................................................53.......01274 688 666 ..........—................................                          Ryalux launches the second phase of its artist collection
5 BROCKWAY                    CARPETS LTD. ........................................................12.......01562 828200............8/8/2006 ....................                              with the introduction of Ryatwist ....................................33
5 BRONTE               ...................................................................................................13.......01282 862736............—................................
❏ CARPENTER ...........................................................................................14.......01457                   861141............—................................    Parador builds the brand by 9%
s CARPET              FOUNDATION ..................................................................44.......01562 755568............—................................                          German wood and laminates leader Parador reports
5 CARPETS               OF KIDDERMINSTER. ..........................................16,17.......01299 827477............1/3/2006 ....................                                          record turnover after major investments.......................35
v COLUMBIA                  CARPETS .....................................................................15.......0208 443 3322 ..........—................................
                                                                                                                                                                                               Voice of the Trade
5 CONTEMPORARY                       LIFE .........................................................................IFC.......01254 296829............—................................
                                                                                                                                                                                               Steve Evans of newcomers Comtemporary Life reflects
s DISPLAD.......................................................................................................45.......0161         723 3125 ..........—................................
                                                                                                                                                                                               on the challenges to secure market share......................42
5 DRURY            LANE CARPETS. ................................................................18.......01484 550380............1/1/2008 ....................
s EASYLAY            SYSTEMS....................................................................................43.......01423 887219............—................................             Flower on Flooring
5 FLOORING                 INDUSTRIES ................................................................19.......01923 211151............—................................                       For the love of rugs - innovation is supporting sales...55
s FLOORSTYLE .............................................................................................47.......01892                752400............—................................
s FLOORWISE ...........................................................................................—.......01509                    673974............—................................
                                                                                                                                                                                               British Wool Column
5 FURLONG                 FLOORING................................................................20,21.......01772 696787............January 2007
                                                                                                                                                                                               Spring brochure launch for retailers ................................53
5 GENERAL                CARPETS ..........................................................................22.......003211 621962..........—................................                   Greendale Bulletin
5 GREENDALE                    CARPETS ....................................................................40.......01432 852000............—................................                  Focus on Ladymead Carpets of Guildford......................34
s INTERFLOOR.........................................................................................39.......01706                     213131............—................................
5 INTERWEAVE                     / CONCEPT / TISCA TIARA .........................23.......01299 828434............2/1/2008......................                                              Carpet Foundation in Focus
v LITTNER              HAMPTON.........................................................................24.......0208 520 8474 ..........—................................                      CF extends marketing message online ............................46
5 MOHAWK .................................................................................................25.......01282                606992............—................................
                                                                                                                                                                                               NICF page ........................................................................54
s NICF ..............................................................................................................54.......0115    958 3077 ..........—................................
5 PHOENOX................................................................................................41.......01484                 863227............—................................    Classified ..................................................................56, IBC
v RACKHAMS.............................................................................................26.......02085319225 .............March                        - June 2008 .....


                  DATA SYSTEMS..........................................................................38.......01482 881152............—................................
                     FLOORING LTD ................................................................27.......01945 420222............–– ................................
                                CARPET CO. LTD ............................28.......01243 774623............March/April 2008.......
s STAIRRODS                  UK LIMITED................................................................51.......01207 591176............—................................                      Woolsafe: the carpet care guide............................2-3
v   SUPERTEX FURNISHING LTD ....................................................29.......01772 457070............—................................
s   T & E DISPLAY GROUP ...............................................36,37 .....0121-585 7600 ......—..........................
                                                                                                                                                                                               Carpet trouble-shooter.............................................4-5
s THE WOOLSAFE                         ORGANISATION .........................................2,3.......01943 850817............—................................                               Pattern book..................................................................6
s TRIPLE         KING .............................................................................................BC.......01274 582056............—................................
                                                                                                                                                                                               Wholesaler index .........................................................6
5 VICTORIANEW STOCKLISTER .........................................32.......01562 749300............—................................
x XYLO FLOORING..........................................................................30,31.......020 8368 8122 ..........April 2008 (green) ..
                                                                                                                                                                                               Carpet types ..................................................................7
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SL Mono April 08 DWS       26/3/08     7:10 pm      Page 2

       Flooring factsheet
       Carpet care guide from WOOLSAFE                                                                                                                                         m

                                                 Regular Maintenance                                           Housekeeping Tips for
         The                                     Regular cleaning will extend the life of a carpet and
                                                                                                               Carpets and Rugs
                                                 maintain its appearance.Vacuum clean regularly and
         WOOLSAFE                                thoroughly, which removes gritty dirt that can damage
                                                 the fibres.
                                                                                                               Entrance or walk-off mats
                                                                                                               The use of entrance mats at all outside entrances to the
         Mark has                                Deal with spillages as soon as possible, preferably           house is highly recommended, as they will significantly
                                                                                                               reduce the rate at which the carpet will soil.They should
                                                 the moment they occur.
         gone Green!                                                                                           be of adequate size to allow street dirt to be removed
                                                                                                               from shoe soles and must be cleaned regularly
         The WOOLSAFE Organisation
         has teamed up with eco-                 Periodic Cleaning                                             Protective treatments
                                                                                                               Many carpets come with a protective fibre treatment to
         labelling authorities Green Seal        When the carpet or rug reaches a stage where it could         reduce problems with staining and soiling.These treatments,
         and EcoLogo in North                    do with a really good clean, you can either do the job        while effective in many ways, are not bullet-proof and will
                                                 yourself, or you can call in a specialist carpet cleaning     eventually wear off. Quick response to spills and regular
         America, to enable those
                                                 company.                                                      cleaning is still required.
         WOOLSAFE approved products
                                                 If you are considering cleaning the carpet or rug yourself    Carpets that have no protector applied by the manufacturer
         that are ecologically responsible
                                                 make sure to use only WOOLSAFE-approved                       can be treated after installation on the floor by a WOOLSAFE
         to be recognised and                                                                                  accredited carpet cleaning company. (To find the nearest
                                                 products. Look for this mark on the bottle or package:
         promoted as such.                                                                                     WOOLSAFE Certified Operator in your area visit our
         The Green WOOLSAFE Mark                                                                               website: and go to the PRIVATE
                                                                            WOOLSAFE-approved carpet           HOUSEHOLDER section.)
         identifies those products that                                     care products have been
         not only are the most                                              independently and scientifically   Beware of products claiming to be safe on all fibres,
                                                                            tested and are safe and            including wool. It might be true, but if it does not have the
         suitable for wool and other
                                                                            effective for cleaning and         WOOLSAFE mark, it is not endorsed by most carpet
         quality carpets, but also have                                                                        manufacturers!
                                                                            maintaining all types of carpets
         the right environmental                                            and rugs.

                                                 General Rules for                                             Treatments
                                                                                                               1.   Blot with white kitchen roll or paper tissues
                                                 Spot Removal                                                  2.
                                                                                                                    Vacuum clean
                                                                                                                    Cold water
                                                 • Soak up liquids with white kitchen roll, tissues, toilet    4.   Warm water
                                                   roll or clean cloth                                         5.   WOOLSAFE-approved carpet shampoo solution
                                                 • Scoop up or scrape off solids
                                                                                                               6.   WOOLSAFE-approved spot remover for
                                                 • Try to identify unknown spots prior to treatment –               water-based stains
         Chemspec Europe is one of                 if unsure, use solvent first                                7.   WOOLSAFE-approved spot remover for
         the first WOOLSAFE Licensees            • Always work from the edge of the spot inwards                    greasy/oily stains
         in the UK to have a ‘green’             • BLOT, do NOT rub                                            8.   Absorbent paper or paper tissue and hot iron
         product certified. It is expected       • Use small quantities of spot remover at a time,             9.   Chewing gum remover (solvent or freeze type)
         that other products will follow           applied to a cloth, NOT directly to the spot; work          10. Nail varnish remover or acetone
                                                   into the spot with a small, soft brush or sponge            11. White spirit or turpentine substitute
                                                 • Take care with applying solvents to bitumen-backed          12. Surgical spirit (ethyl alcohol or ethanol)
                                                   carpet tiles                                                13. Rub with a coin
                                                 • When using solvents always ensure there is plenty of        14. Rub gently with coarse sand paper
                                                   fresh air ventilation                                       15. WOOLSAFE-approved disinfectant or
         For the widest range of WOOLSAFE        • Always thoroughly rinse out water-based spotters
                                                                                                               16. Rust remover
                 approved products                 with clean water
                                                                              17. Carpet re-colouring kit
                                                 • Dry the spot, if possible, with a hair dryer
                                                                                                               (Treatments used by professional carpet cleaners)
SL Mono April 08 DWS            26/3/08       7:10 pm       Page 3

                                                                                                                                    WOOLSAFE Approved
     maintenance • cleaning • spot removal • protection • inspection                                                               Carpet Cleaning Products

     Never use any detergents such as dishwashing liquids,       They are fully qualified to investigate carpet and rug
     soaps or other cleaners recommended for general             complaints on-site on behalf of carpet manufacturers,
     household use. Although they may clean the carpet           retailers, cleaning companies and carpet owners.They can
     satisfactorily they will almost certainly cause problems    carry out or commission tests where required, and will
                                                                                                                              Home of the Legendary Cleaning
     such as rapid re-soiling, colour bleeding or other damage   provide comprehensive reports.                                  Product - Carpet Power
     to the pile or backing of the carpet.                       To contact an inspector in your area call 0800 731 5688,
                       It is best to engage the services of a    email:, or visit:
                       professional carpet & upholstery cleaning / Private Householder / Registered Inspectors
                       company.To get a really expert job done
                       entrust the work to a WOOLSAFE
                       accredited carpet cleaning company.         For information
                       These companies are fully trained, have
                       been in business for a considerable        •    On a WOOLSAFE Certified Carpet Cleaning Company
                                                                       nearest to you,                                        Life inspired cleaning innovations
     length of time, are members of one or more recognised                                                                   
     professional trade associations related to the cleaning      •    A free copy of the Directory of WOOLSAFE Certified
                                                                       Professional Carpet Cleaners,
     industry and have a reputation for top quality service. And
     they use only WOOLSAFE-approved cleaning agents on           •    A free copy of the Directory of Registered Carpet
     your wool carpets and rugs!                                       Inspectors,

     If you have a problem with a carpet or rug that              • Or just advice on anything to do with carpet care,
     requires an independent inspector, a network of carpet       contact:
     complaint investigators, trained and registered by The       The WOOLSAFE Organisation
     WOOLSAFE Organisation is available throughout the UK         49 Boroughgate, Otley, LS21 1AG,                             The Clean Carpet you Expect...
     and Ireland.                                                 Tel: 01943 850 817                                             the Service you Deserve
                                                                  E-mail: or visit:  
                        WOOLSAFE Registered Inspectors
                        have extensive experience in
                        investigating the causes for carpet
                        complaints based on their practical
                        involvement with carpets and rugs over
                        many years.
                                                                   Difficult Spots
                                                                   Spot or stain               Try 1st Try 2nd Try 3rd
                                                                                                                                   Environmentally Aware for
                                                                   Artificially coloured drinks 3      6                             Superior Carpet Care
                                                                                               3       17                   
        Easy Spots                                                 Bleach
                                                                   C/heating radiator fluid    5       6        16
        Spot or stain               Try 1st Try 2nd Try 3rd        Coffee                      4       6
        Blood                       5        6        3            Felt-tip pen                7 or 11 12       5
        Burn/scorch marks           13       14                    Furniture polish            7       5
        Butter                      7        5                     Glue/adhesive (plastic base)10      11
        Candle wax                  8        7                     Ink (fountain)              3       6        5
                                                                                                                                     Vacuum Cleaners -
        Chewing gum                 9                              Ink (ballpoint pen)         12                            the Choice of Cleaning Professionals
        Chocolate/cocoa             5        7        6            Lipstick                    7                            
        Cola                        3        5        6            Milk                        4       5        15
        Cream                       7        5                     Nail varnish                10
                                                                   Paint (oil)                 11
        Egg                         5        6
                                                                   Rust                        16
        Floor wax                   7        5
                                                                   Soot                        6       5        2
        Fruit juice                 3        5
                                                                   Tar (asphalt)               7
        Gravy and sauces            5        6
                                                                   Urine (fresh stain)         3       5        15
        Herbal tea                  3        6
                                                                   Urine (old stain)           6       15
        Metal polish                5
                                                                   Vomit                       5       6        15               British Wool makes a Better
        Mustard                     5        6                                                                                         Carpet... Naturally
                                                                   Red wine                    1       6
        Oil and grease              7        5                                                                           
        Paint (emulsion)            3        5                     These may require repeated attempts with stronger
        Shoe polish                 7        5                     spot removers. Some stains you may find impossible          This information is provided with the
                                                                   to remove completely in which case the assistance of       support of WOOLSAFE members for the
        Tea                         3        5        6
                                                                   a professional carpet cleaner is required.                 benefit of all carpet retailers and fitters.
SL Mono April 08 DWS      26/3/08       7:10 pm   Page 4

       Flooring factsheet
       Carpet trouble-shooter                                                                   • colour • shedding • pulled loops                          •

                                                    COLOUR MATCHING                                              SPROUTING
                                                   Carpets are produced in batches - known as          Occasionally an odd tuft or two can work its
                                                   creels - and usually each batch produces            way to the surface and stand proud of the rest
                                                   between 500m2 - 3000m2 in a single width,           of the pile. This is probably due to one end of
                                                   depending on the creel size. Whilst the recipe      the tuft being longer than the other i.e. J
                                                   used by the dyer remains constant, and is           shaped tuft instead of V shaped. Remedial
                                                   followed to the letter, in each separate            action merely requires that the offending tufts
                                                                                                       be scissor trimmed level with the rest of the
                                                   production the colour reproduction will vary
                                                                                                       pile. They should never be pulled out.
                                                   from batch to batch. However production is
                                                   matched back to the original or master
                                                   sample to ensure that the colour remains
                                                   ‘within a commercial tolerance’.
                                                                                                       Shading occurs because the pile of the carpet
                                                   This process if not an exact science and a          has become crushed, flattened or brushed in a
                                                   commercial tolerance is subjective but              different direction to the natural lie of the pile
                                                   nevertheless is usually the professional            whilst in situ. This causes light reflection at
                                                   judgement of the head dyer based on his/her         differing angles resulting in the creation of
                                                   experience.                                         light and dark patches on the carpet. This will
                                                                                                       occur on all pile fabrics but can be more
                                                   A greater level of tolerance is required on         noticeable on plainer carpets because the
                                                   blended colours (Heathers etc). To ensure           shadows created by pile pressure will not be
                                                   perfect colour matching it is advisable that a      disguised by a heavy pattern or design.
                                                   single width be used in any installation
                                                   requiring exact colour matching.
                                                   N.B. Carpets which are laid with the pile                           STATIC
                                                   travelling in different directions, even though     Carpets do not produce static but like other
                                                   they be from the same batch will appear not         household fabrics and objects have the
                                                   to match.                                           capacity to store it. Static is caused by the
                                                                                                       build up of static electricity upon personnel
                                                   For further information please check with the       in a dry environment and is discharged when
                                                   manufacturers recommendations.                      a person makes contact with an object which
                                                                                                       can conduct electricity (i.e. door handle or
                                                                                                       filing cabinets, etc).
                                                                SAMPLES                                The static charges will vary in intensity
                                                   The samples held by individual retailers may        depending upon the individual, air humidity
                                                   not be from the same batch as current               and the contact materials. Static is more
                                                   production and therefore should be used as a        usually associated with synthetic materials as
                                                   guide and not an exact colour match.                they do not retain moisture very well but it
                                                                                                       can and does occur with wool in very dry
                                                                                                       room conditions.
                                                              SHEDDING                                 Preventative      measures    include   the
                                                   All cut pile carpets will lose short fibre, which   introduction of moisture into the room or in
                                                   is created during production when spun yarn         situ carpet treatment.
                                                   is cut for tuft formation. These fibres fall onto
             The original carpet tile              the surface of the pile and appear as ‘fluff’.
                                                   The effect varies with yarn type and may be
                                                                                                         FADING ON WOOL
                                                   removed without detrimental effect upon the         Carpets made from wool can and do fade in
                                                                                                       use. The degree of fade can vary depending
                                                   carpet by vacuum cleaning. This excess fibre
                                                                                                       on the colour chosen and the local conditions
                                                   is only a small fraction of the total fibre
                                                                                                       to which the carpet is subjected.
                                                   contained in the carpet.
                                                                                                       Fading can be caused by exposure to ultra
                                                                                                       violet light which is found in daylight, but is
                                                         PULLED LOOPS                                  accelerated when sunlight shines directly
                                                                                                       onto the carpet. This has the effect of
                                                   Pulled loops occur only in looped pile carpet       lightening or “Bleaching” the colour just as
          This information is given by             where one or more loops in the continuous           exposure to sunlight will lighten human hair.
                                                   pile is pulled through the primary backing of       Wool is after all animal hair.
          responsible manufacturers                the carpet. This is usually due to some local
                                                   condition, possibly some sharp object which         Protection should be given to carpets exposed
        to help you help your customer                                                                 to such conditions just as you would protect
                                                   has caught in a loop in situ and has resulted
                    to make                                                                            other furniture or fabrics.
                                                   in a pull. Pulled loops are easily dealt with by
             an informed choice.                   trimming the offending end level with the           A complaint on fading would be considered
                                                   rest of the pile. They should not be left as this   justified if it failed to meet the required shade
                                                   could result in further loops being pulled and      standard when tested to the British Standard
                                                   developing into a ladder.                           BS1006 (1990).
SL Mono April 08 DWS         26/3/08      7:10 pm          Page 5

    • sprouting • shading • static • fading • pile reversal • shedding • flattening • soiling

             PILE REVERSAL                                           FLATTENING
                      (SEE SHADING)                         Flattening will occur as a result of traffic
                                                            which eventually flattens the pile particularly
       Like shading, this occurs when the pile or nap
                                                            in the main areas of use. All pile fabrics will
       of the carpet changes direction and thus
                                                            flatten to greater or lesser degree dependant
       reflects light at different angles showing the
                                                            on the amount of traffic to which it is
       effects of shading which can become
                                                            subjected and the construction (tuft
       permanent. It is also described as
                                                            density/pile fibre/height/weight) of the
       ‘watermarking’. This can happen to every
                                                            product concerned.
       carpet construction be it Axminster, Wilton,
       Tufted, Hand Woven, Persian, Chinese, Indian
       or even Coir Matting. Like shading it can be
       more apparent on plain carpet because heavy                        SOILING
       patterns can disguise the effects. It can occur      Soiling is usually the result of some local
       quite quickly after installation. A tremendous       condition to which the carpet has been
       amount of research has been carried out over         subjected to, or maintenance, or lack of
       many years by many institutes to determine           maintenance programme. There is nothing we
       the cause of this phenomenon but none of it          as manufacturers can do to prevent soiling in
       has proved conclusive. There is no commonly          use. There are several types of soiling which
       known manufacturing process which can                are quite common:
       cause or cure this phenomenon and therefore
       it is not a manufacturing fault. For further         Spillages    - Liquids such as soft drinks,
       information please check with individual             cordials or any drink which contains sugar,
       manufacturers recommendations.                       particularly hot drinks, is likely to leave a
                                                            stain. In such instances, professional help
                                                            should be sought.
             INDENTATIONS                                   Shampoo - if incorrectly applied, can leave
       When a carpet is subjected to a heavy point          sticky soap residues in the fibres which can
       load, such as under the legs of furniture, it is     result in the soiling reappearing quite rapidly.
       unreasonable to expect the carpet not to
       indent. Usually, the longer the load is in place,    Dust - which is carried on draughts can soil
       the longer will be the time for the pile to          carpets in various ways, apart from the
       recover. In the case of very heavy loads in          obvious soiled edges, at gaping skirting                 T HE R EGENCY
       place for a considerable time, the recovery          boards for instance, dark lines appearing on
                                                            surface might suggest airborne dust vacuum-
       time can be very considerable.
                                                            drawn through poorly fitted floorboards.
       It must be remembered that it is not only the        Sometimes the shape of floorboards can be
       pile of the carpet that becomes indented. the        seen quite clearly. Air borne dust sometimes
       underlay will also indent and the backing of         shows itself as spots on the carpet, this is due
       the carpet may also distort into the                 to the air carried on a draught under the
       indentation in the underlay. Some underlay’s         carpet escaping through minute holes both in
       will recover well and some less well                 the underlay and the carpet, leaving dust
       depending upon their composition, thickness,         deposited on the pile much like a filter action.
       density etc.                                         In such installations, the use of a lining paper
       The use of cups below furniture legs can             is essential as a preventative measure.
       spread the load and the net result is a larger
       area of less deeply indented carpet.                 It is the responsibility of the retailer to advise
                                                            the consumer when the carpet is measured of
       The ability of a carpet to recover from a heavy      any poorly fitting doors, skirtings, or
       static load can be measured in the laboratory,       floorboards and the consumers responsibility
       using the test method described in BS 4939           to ensure any remedial work to seal draughts,
       and many manufacturers will have data on             is carried out before the carpet is fitted, if a
       this aspect of carpet performance. In this test      resulting complaint is to be avoided.
       the carpet is loaded for 24 hours and the
       degree of recovery is measured after 1 hour
       and 24 hours. Since there are so many
       different underlay’s however, it is very rare
       for the recovery from a heavy static load to be      We recommend that all carpets are laid in             This information is given by
       evaluated on carpet and underlay.                    accordance with BS5325:2001 (a copy of which
                                                            can be obtained from your library or HMSO)             responsible manufacturers
       Often normal maintenance (vacuum cleaning
                                                            or as per National Institute of Carpet Fitters       to help you help your customer
       with a rotating brush machine) will speed up
                                                            installation manual (Tel 0115 958 3077) for
       recovery but in the case of serious                                                                                  to make
                                                            further information.
       indentations the use of an iron and damp cloth
       or a steam iron together with a blunt darning                                                                  an informed choice.
       needle to carefully tease up the pile can be
       beneficial. Care must be take not to over wet
       the carpet, of course.
SL Mono April 08 DWS        26/3/08       7:10 pm       Page 6

        The Stocklists
        Pattern book changes
       The month’s changes are brought together on one page so that pattern books can be quickly up-dated.

       Manufacturer                                   ✔ New ranges/designs          ✖ Withdrawn ranges/designs

                                                      ✔ DOMINO ✔ TOSCANA ✔ NEW CHILTERN TWIST ✔ BEAUTY, SONIC in VINYL ✖ GALA, DESIGNER IN UNDERLAY
       AXMINSTER                                      ✖ EXMOOR PLAIN 25000 ✖ PLAINS 132 & 370 ✖ ROYAL CLOVELY 207, 346, 427/88009 ✖ SALCOMBE
                                                      798,888/02520 ✖ PRINCETOWN 132/14012 &132/14013 ✔ PLAINS181,213,313,329,557 ✔ DARTMOOR 174/07099
                                                      ✔ ROYAL CLOVELLY 467,752,1079/88009 ✔ SALCOMBE 798,217,106/02527 ✔ TORBAY 140/11033
                                                      ✔ PRINCETOWN 174,181/14012 174,181/14013
                                                      ✔ TOSCANA CACHET IN TAPIBEL ✔ SONATA VINYL, URBAN VINYL in BERRY GROUP
       SOLENT                                         ✔ ELEEASE WOODS/TILE & SIGNATURE
                                                      ✔ D0305/C in PREMIER COLLECTION ✔ D0001/C, D0001/A in PRESTIGE COLLECTION 3 STRIP PARQUET
                                                      ✔ D0058, D0057 in PRESTIGE COLLECTION 1 STRIP PARQUET ✔ BLACK OAK COLLECTION
       XYLO                                           ✖ D0022 in THE SOLID COLLECTION ✖ BERRY FLOOR CASTLE ROCK LAMINATE FLOORING

       Wholesaler directory
        Wholesaler                                                                                        Page           Telephone                Price list date

       v AFS                                                                                                  8          0208 805 8620            April 2008

       v COLUMBIA      CARPETS                                                                               20          0208 443 3322            —

       v LITTNER    HAMPTON                                                                                  —           0208 520 8474            —

       v RACKHAMS                                                                                            28          02085 319225             March - June 2008

       v SOLENT     WHOLESALE CARPET CO. LTD                                                                 30          01243 774623             March/April 2008

       v SUPERTEX      FURNISHING                                                                            31          01772 457070             —

                                            Abbreviations and codes used in The Stocklists
       Main abbreviations used throughout this publication are S — Stock, LS — Limited Stock, 1W — 1 Week etc, NM — Not Made, D — Discontinued, NR — Not Remaking.
              RTM — Refer to Manufacturer, RW — Refer to Works, SM — Straight Match, DM - Drop Match, NA — Not Available, CPR — Carpet Performance Rating.
                                         Other abbreviations may be used by individual firms and these will be indicated on their pages.

        CarpetGuideCD                                                                                                                 • carpet qualities
                                                                                                                                      • manufacturers
                                                                                                                                      • distributors
         The A-Z of the carpet industry on a searchable CD                                                                            • importers
                                                                                                                                      • wholesalers
         £49 for CD • £69 for hard-bound copy • Orders and credit card hotline 01482 659396                                           • fitters
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        Flooring factsheet
        Carpet types
        TUFTED                                                                                WOVEN
        With advances in manufacturing technology, 95% of all carpet                          Woven carpet may be in a tiny minority of today’s production but
        produced today is tufted. It takes about an hour to make a roll of                    still produces some of the finest carpets which are used for
        carpet that might take eight hours to weave.To make tufted carpet,
                                                                                              prestigious installations.
        hundreds of yarn-threaded needles are pushed through the primary
        backing fabric to form loops or tufts, which may be left as is or cut. A              Axminster • The pile of the carpet is inserted into the backing
        heavy adhesive coating is applied to hold the tufts in place and a                    as it is woven and cut to length, creating U-shaped tufts to give a
        secondary backing is usually glued on for strength and stability. A wide
                                                                                              velvety surface.The process locks in the fibre to create a carpet of
        variety of styles and textures can then be created using various
        techniques.                                                                           high durability and performance retention as well as a luxury feel.
                                                                                              The process allows for intricate designs and colours to be used –
        LOOP PILE
        Berber • Berber carpets look like and are named after a handmade,                     although modern trends mean that the traditional patterned
        bulky wool carpet made by the Berber tribes of North Africa and Asia.                 axminster has given way to current fashion trends for plain carpets.
        The loops are made from thick or bulky yarns of wool, nylon,
                                                                                              Wilton • Wilton woven carpets are produced in a similar way to
        polypropylene or a blend of these fibres to give a cushioned effect
        underfoot.These carpets are available in an assortment of colours and                 axminsters – the principal difference being that a continuous fibre
        may be flecked and can be either level loop or multilevel loop.                       is woven all the way through.The carpet can be sheared to create
                                                                                              a range of cut and loop textured effects.The result is a high quality
        Level Loop • When all the loops are of the same height, a highly
        flexible and durable carpet is created which has a natural, casual                    carpet of unrivalled durability.
        appearance even when (commonly) it is made from synthetic fibres.                     Flat weave • Manufactured in the same way as wilton, flat weave
        The tight loop texture tends to hide marks so it’s a good blend
                                                                                              is a loop pile which allows the yarn to be woven across a wider
        between luxury and practicality.
                                                                                              area to created a flatter, more textured effect.
        Multi-level loop • The loops vary to two or sometimes three loop
        heights to create informal, random textures which are very forgiving
        for marks and stains and therefore very suitable for high traffic areas
                                                                                         ends blend together which then further enhances the overall finish.
        and busy family rooms.
                                                                                         These carpets tend to ‘shade’ with heavy use. Footprints show easily
        CUT PILE                                                                         and the colour looks different from place to place because fibres
        Freize • Frieze (pronounced free-say) carpets are similar to saxony,             lying in different directions reflect the light differently. A luxury for
        but the yarns are more tightly twisted and should always be heat set.            occasional rooms.
        They have a dense, low pile surface which creates a coarse, pebbly
                                                                                         CUT AND LOOP
        texture. Frieze carpets are very durable and hide footprints, dust and
                                                                                         When some of the pile is cut and other left as loop, a variety of
        dirt, which makes them suitable for heavy traffic areas.
                                                                                         surface textures and patterns can be created (in a variety of
        Saxony • Saxony textures are made of twisted yarns, which should                 colours).The multi-level surface is excellent for hiding footprints and
        be heat set.The tips remain very distinct, rather than blending together         stains so cut and loop is good for high traffic areas and general
        to form a very elegant finish. Saxony textures show footprints and               purpose rooms in the home.
        vacuum marks so are suitable for more occasional rooms in the home.
                                                                                         Shag pile • Shag pile has varied in popularity.The pile is up to
        More textured variations improve the practicality of saxonies.
                                                                                         50mm long and the texture is casual and loose but the surface
        Twist • The popular twist carpet is the cut-pile standard.The yarn is            flattens easily and lacks durability.
        tightly twisted and often heatset to retain this feature and the result is
        a versatile, textured finish that is ideal for plain colours.
                                                                                         Bonded carpets (sometimes called ‘fibre-bonded’ or ‘fusion bonded’)
        Velvet • Velvet textures (sometimes called ‘velour’ or ‘plush’) all have a       are created by firing fibres into an adhesive material – the fibres are
        level surface pile of approx 5mm to 10mm height, which is then                   not stitched into the backing in any way. The technique is principally
        sheared to give a smooth finish. With very little twist in the yarn, the         used for commercial carpet tiles.

        Tip Sheared               Level Loop                 Velvet/Plush            Frieze                        Saxony                   Shag

        Random Sheared            Multi-Level Loop           Twist                   Berber
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      8                                                                                                                  THE STOCKLISTS April 2008

     STOCK CARPET RANGES                                 CARPETS IN STOCK
     AEGEAN (50/50 berber loop)                          HIGHLANDER (50oz Natural Twist)
     ALASKA (manmade 44oz saxony)                        BUCHANAN (40oz Natural Twist)
     ASPEN TWIST (80/20 Twist 38oz)                      MALABAR (100% Wool Natural)
     AUTUMN LEAVES (100% Polyprop Twist)                 PRIMO (100% Excellon Twist)
                                                         PRIMO HEATHER (100% Excellon Twist)
     BELLE TWIST (80/10/10 twist)                        PRIMO SAXONY (100% Excellon Saxony)
     BOUDOIR ELITE (Bedroom Saxony)                      NEW HAMPSHIRE 32 (80/20 Twist)
     BOUDOIR BATHROOM (Bathroom Saxony)                  NEW HAMPSHIRE 42 (80/20 Twist)
     CAMELIA (Cut pile print)                            STONEHAVEN (20/80 Natural)
     CASABLANCA (50/50 Natural Loop)
                                                         CORMAR CARPETS delivery 5/7 days
     CHARTER COLLECTION (80/20 Twist)                    COUNTRY TEXTURES(100% Wool Loop Pile)
     CONCERTO (40oz Saxony)                              OAKLANDS (80/20 Twist)
     CORAL COVE (20/80 Natural Loop)                     OAKLANDS 42 (80/20 Twist)
     DELUXE (Polyprop Saxony)                            PENNINE TWIST (80/20 Twist)
     DESERT TWIST (polyprop cutpile natural colours)     SALISBURY (60oz 80/20 Twist)
     DOMINO (100% polyprop twist)                        TOWN AND COUNTRY (80/20 Twist)
     ENTERPRISE TWIST (80/20 Twist)                      WARWICK TWIST (80/20 Twist)
     FENS (50/50 Twist)
     FREEWAY (ribbed entrance matting)                   STOCK UNDERLAY RANGES
     GALA CORD (Loop Pile Cord)                          Interfloor underlays
     HERITAGE (100% Nylon Graphic cut pile)              BOARDWALK
     HOMESTEAD (100% Sysoltex)                           CARNIVAL
     INSTAMAT (17mm Coir)                                COLOURS
     KINGSTON (100% Wool Natural)                        CRUSADER SUPREME
     LOTUS (10/90 natural loop)                          DUO
     MATCH (100% poly twist)                             DURAFIT
     MONTEREY (Polyprop Loop)                            DYNAMICS
     NATURAL PASTURES (Luxury Bathroom)                  ELITE
     NEW HAMPSHIRE 32 (80/20 Twist)                      FIESTA
     NEW HAMPSHIRE 42 (80/20 Twist)                      HEATFLOW
     NEW MAJESTIC (50/50 Twist)                          JUBILEE
     NOMAD (50/50 Loop Pile)                             PARAMOUNT
     OASIS ROYALE (100% Natural Wool Loop)               POWER
     PALACE (100% Nylon Graphic cut pile)                STERLING
     PUNCH (Foam back Needlepunch Cord)                  SUPER DURALAY
     PUNCH PLUS (Felt back Needlepunch Cord)             SUPERIOR
     RAMBO (100% Nylon Low Level Loop)                   SUPREME
     REEDS (100% Sysoltex Natural Loop)                  SYSTEM 10
     SALSA/TEMPO (100% Polyprop Loop)                    TECHNICS 5
     SPICY TWIST (Polyprop cutpile strong colours)       TECHNICS 6
     STAINFREE SUPREME (Nylon Saxony)                    TREADMORE
     STAINFREE ULTRA (Nylon Saxony)                      WILLOW GREEN
     SULTAN BERBER (100% Wool Berber)
     TOSCANA (Man made loop - impervious back)           DEEPSTEP
     TWILIGHT BATH (Bathroom)                            FIRMSTEP
     TWILIGHT (Bedroom Saxony)
     VEGAS TWIST (100% Polyprop twist felt back)
     WHITSTABLE TWIST (80/20 Twist)
     X-TRA TWIST (Frise Cut Pile)

                                                         UNDERLAYS FROM AIRSTEP (MK)
                                                                                                       Unit 4 Baird Road, Enfield,
                                                         AND TEXFELT
     VINYL RANGES                                        AQUA                                          Middlesex EN1 1SJ
     BEAUTY                                              EMERALD                                       Tel: 020 8805 8620
     SONIC                                               ENVIROLAY 42
                                                         ENVIROLAY 48                                  Fax: 020 8805 6840
                                                         HEART ‘N’ SOUL
                                                         SPRINGBACK 800                                Email:

     Contact our sales office or your area representative for prices on any of the above ranges.
     We also offer a fast service on non stock items. Phone our showroom manager for prices and samples. Our latest price list is dated April 2008

       Peter Lawrence             Tel: 07802 422810         Berks, Bucks, Beds, Herts
       Nick Hart                  Tel: 07771 967609         Essex, Suffolk, East London
       Tony Cook                  Tel: 07860 205377         Kent, Surrey, South West London, South East London
       Karl Goult                 Tel: 07957 685428         North London, West London, North West London, Middlesex
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       THE STOCKLISTS April 2008                                                                                                                       9

                                                              Axminster Devon EX13 5PQ

       Telephone Sales 01297 33533 Facsimile 01297 35241 Email                       All Other Office & Departments
       Small samples 01297 630647 Facsimile 01297 630648 Email                      01297 32244

     THE MOORLAND                                        DARTMOOR BERBER TWEED                           DEVONIA PLAINS
                                                         HEAVY DOMESTIC                                  80% WOOL 20% NYLON PILE
     COLLECTION                                          Available in 4.57m, 3.66m & *0.91m widths
     100% PURE NEW WOOL PILE                                                                             EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC
                                                         Design No./Name/Colour
                                                         148/07015 Cotswold (Autumn Glow)                Available in 5m & 4m widths
     DARTMOOR PLAIN 16000                                187/07015 Cotswold (Eucalyptus)                 50oz = 76000 40oz = 76040
     HEAVY DOMESTIC                                      218/07015 Cotswold (Honeysuckle)                Design No./Name/Colour
     SUPER DARTMOOR PLAIN 48000                          262/07015 Cotswold (Fawn)                       002         Devonia Plains (Beachball)
     EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC/HEAVY DOMESTIC                 147/07019 Ferndown (Beechwood)
                                                                                                         006         Devonia Plains (Lemon Sorbet)
     MOORLAND HEATHER TWEED 50000 (46oz)                 148/07019 Ferndown (Autumn Glow)
                                                                                                         008         Devonia Plains (Flapjack)
     HEAVY DOMESTIC                                      187/07019 Ferndown (Eucalyptus)
                                                         190/07019 Ferndown (Stone)                      032         Devonia Plains (Jacobs Ladder)
     MOORLAND TWIST 75000 (46oz)
                                                         218/07019 Ferndown (Honeysuckle)                063         Devonia Plains (Syrup)
     HEAVY DOMESTIC                                      262/07019 Ferndown (Fawn)                       087         Devonia Plains (Sunset)
     Exmoor, Dartmoor & Super Dartmoor Plains            287/07019 Ferndown (Grey/Green)                 099         Devonia Plains (Jellyfish)
     Available in 4.57m, 3.66m & *0.91m widths           146/07045 Seascape (Fawn)
                                                                                                         144         Devonia Plains (Light House)
     Moorland Twist & Heather Tweed are available in     176/07045 Seascape (Ling Green)
                                                         287/07045 Seascape (Grey/Green)                 157         Devonia Plains (Cobb)
     5m & 4m widths
     Design No./Colour                                   146/07047 Mystique (Fawn)                       158         Devonia Plains (Otter)
     100         Rubea                                   287/07047 Mystique (Grey/Green)                 160         Devonia Plains (Sable)
     131         Moonstone                               174/07099 Persian Dynasty (Morning Mist)        171         Devonia Plains (Lazy Days)
     145         Springwood                              218/07099 Persian Dynasty (Honeysuckle)
                                                                                                         223         Devonia Plains (Spring Meadow)
     148         Autumn Glow                             500/07099 Persian Dynasty (Wentwood)
                                                         The repeat for this quality is 36” (0.91m)      291         Devonia Plains (Beechcomber)
     174         Morning Mist
     176         Ling                                                                                    300         Devonia Plains (Sandy Bay)
                                                         SUPER DARTMOOR BERBER TWEEDS
     178         Green Haze                              EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC                            301         Devonia Plains (Bobtail)
     181         Belstone                                Available in 4.57m, 3.66m & *0.91m widths       302         Devonia Plains (Marshmallow)
     192         Silver Birch                            Design No./Name/Colour                          303         Devonia Plains (Manor Cream)
     194         Moorland Fawn                           187/28015 Cotswold (Eucalyptus)                 304         Devonia Plains (Village Green)
     213         Grouse                                  218/28015 Cotswold (Honeysuckle)
     218         Honeysuckle                             262/28015 Cotswold (Fawn)                       306         Devonia Plains (Apple Orchard)
     219         Woodbridge                              147/28019 Ferndown (Beechwood)                  322         Devonia Plains (Wild Forest)
     232         Erica                                   187/28019 Ferndown (Eucalyptus)                 325         Devonia Plains (Driftwood)
     250         Rustic Dawn                             190/28019 Ferndown (Stone)
                                                         218/28019 Ferndown (Honeysuckle)                326         Devonia Plains (Cappuccino)
     255         Estrella Gold
                                                         262/28019 Ferndown (Fawn)                       334         Devonia Plains (Dreamboat)
     258         Cornish Cream
                                                         287/28019 Ferndown (Grey/Green)
     289         Winter Melody                                                                           356         Devonia Plains (Ocean Deep)
                                                         146/28045 Seascape (Fawn)
     310         Harvest Dawn                            176/28045 Seascape (Ling Green)                 359         Devonia Plains (Discovery)
     313         Snowdrop                                287/28045 Seascape (Grey/Green)                 365         Devonia Plains (Acorn)
     329         Golden Globe                            146/28047 Mystique (Fawn)
                                                                                                         371         Devonia Plains (Calico)
     500         Wentwood                                287/28047 Mystique (Grey/Green)
     557         Appledore                               The repeat for this quality is 291/2” (0.75m)   373         Devonia Plains (Daybreak)
                                                                                                         374         Devonia Plains (Butter Ice)
                                                         NATURAL PLAID                                   375         Devonia Plains (Cream Tea)
     HEAVY DOMESTIC                                      100% PURE NEW WOOL PILE
     Available in 5m & 4m widths                                                                         379         Devonia Plains (Sea Breeze)
                                                         HEAVY DOMESTIC
     Design No./Colour                                                                                   381         Devonia Plains (Town Blue)
                                                         Available in 3.66m & *0.91m widths
     050/29000 Mortlake                                  Design No./Name/Colour                          382         Devonia Plains (Picnic)
     199/29000 Sesame Seed                               132/14030 Natural Plaid (Foxhollow)             383         Devonia Plains (Hyacinth)
                                                         147/14030 Natural Plaid (Beechwood)             384         Devonia Plains (Golden Acre)
     210/29000 Ivory Cream                               148/14030 Natural Plaid (Autumn Glow)
     216/29000 Sand                                      230/14030 Natural Plaid (Eden Valley)           389         Devonia Plains (Treacle)
     218/29000 Honeysuckle                               310/14030 Natural Plaid (Harvest Dawn)          396         Devonia Plains (Sunkissed)
                                                         370/14030 Natural Plaid (Riverslea)             397         Devonia Plains (Cornfield)
     258/29000 Cornish Cream
     260/29000 Clove                                                                                     398         Devonia Plains (Blossom)
                                                         ANTIQUE SPLENDOUR
     284/29000 Straw                                     100% PURE NEW WOOL PILE                         468         Devonia Plains (Rock)
     285/29000 Wheat                                     HEAVY DOMESTIC                                  470         Devonia Plains (Bliss)
     782/29000 Dalkard Cream                             Available in 4.57m, 3.66m & *0.91m widths       471         Devonia Plains (Berryburst)
                                                         Design No./Name/Colour                          473         Devonia Plains (Summer Spice)
     EXMOOR BERBER                                       148/07068 Antique Splendour (Autumn Glow)
                                                         176/07068 Antique Splendour (Ling)              474         Devonia Plains (Gingersnap)
                                                         218/07068 Antique Splendour (Honeysuckle)       475         Devonia Plains (Crabapple)
     Available in 4.57m, 3.66m & *0.91m widths           250/07068 Antique Splendour (Rustic Dawn)       476         Devonia Plains (Autumn Fall)
     Design No./Name/Colour
                                                                                                         477         Devonia Plains (Clay Pot)
     127/15020 French Impressions (Fawn/Peach)           RIVERBED (Loop Pile)
     186/15020 French Impressions (Light Green)          100% PURE NEW WOOL                              478         Devonia Plains (Raisin)
     232/15020 French Impressions (Erica Pink)           EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC 44oz/sq. yd.               479         Devonia Plains (Heat Haze)
     261/15020 French Impressions (Fawn/Blue Green)      Available in 4m & 5m widths                     480         Devonia Plains (Pillar Box)
                                                         Design No./Name/Colour                          481         Devonia Plains (Rose Cottage)
     146/15042 Ophelia (Fawn)                            3001        Marble
     287/15042 Ophelia (Grey/Green)                      3002        Quartz                              487         Devonia Plains (Clock Tower)
     176/15030 Venice (Ling Green)                       3003        Gypsum                              488         Devonia Plains (Cottage Garden)
                                                         3004        Galena                              489         Devonia Plains (Double Cream)
     218/15030 Venice (Honeysuckle)
                                                         3005        Onyx
     187/15013 Broadstone (Eucalyptus)                   3006        Opal                                490         Devonia Plains (Horizon)
     218/15013 Broadstone (Honeysuckle)                  3007        Dolomite                            491         Devonia Plains (Jet Stream)
     262/15013 Broadstone (Fawn)                         3008        Aragon                              492         Devonia Plains (Harvest)
                                                         3009        Jasper
                                                         3010        Marcasite
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      10                                                                                                            THE STOCKLISTS April 2008

                                                                Axminster Devon EX13 5PQ

        Telephone Sales 01297 33533 Facsimile 01297 35241 Email                  All Other Office & Departments
        Small samples 01297 630647 Facsimile 01297 630648 Email                 01297 32244

      THE ROYAL COLLECTION                              ROYAL SEATON                                TORBAY
                                                        100% PURE NEW WOOL PILE                     100% PURE NEW WOOL PILE
      ROYAL AXMINSTER ✷                                 EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC                        HEAVY DOMESTIC
      100% PURE NEW WOOL PILE                           Available in 3.66m & *0.91m widths          Available in 4.57m, 3.66m & *0.91m widths
      EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC                              Design No./Name/Colour                      Design No./Name/Colour
      Available in 3.66m & *0.91m widths                012/87501 Adam Floral (Rich Red)            028/11001 Anatolian (Dark Damask)
      Design No./Name/Colour                            040/87501 Adam Floral (Champagne)           091/11397 Panel Persian (Red)
      380/81014 Magnificat (Oriental Gold)              121/87530 Calico (Light Mink)               142/11397 Panel Persian (Green)
                                                        152/87530 Calico (Shadow Green)             012/11705 Cumuli (Cardinal Red)
      798/81014 Magnificat (Mid Doeskin)
      180/81068 Renaissance (Black)                                                                 113/11705 Cumuli (Fern Green)
      380/81068 Renaissance (Oriental Gold)                                                         152/11705 Cumuli (Shadow Green)
      798/81068 Renaissance (Mid Doeskin)
                                                        EXETER                                      353/11800 Veronique (Tartan Green)
                                                        100% PURE NEW WOOL PILE
      752/81127 Classical Scroll (Casino Cream)                                                     106/11803 Turkish Splendour (Kenya Red)
                                                        EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC
      ✷ Restricted Range                                                                            354/11803 Turkish Splendour (Dark Green)
                                                        Available in 4.57m, 3.66m & *0.91m widths
                                                                                                    380/11803 Turkish Splendour (Oriental Gold)
                                                        Design No./Name/Colour
      ROYAL AXMINSTER BORDERS                                                                       140/11033 Persian Lace (Buttermilk)
                                                        012/03031 Sea Shells (Red)
                                                        113/03031 Sea Shells (Fern Green)
      Available 0.91m wide
                                                        010/03154 Concerto (Tapestry Red)           THE JACOB RANGE
                                                        023/03154 Concerto (Corinth Pink)           80% WOOL/10% NYLON/10% POLYESTER
      Design No./Name/Colour
                                                        047/03154 Concerto (Antique Gold)           HEAVY DUTY DOMESTIC - 50oz / sq. yd.
      180/81080 Renaissance (Black)
                                                        353/03154 Concerto (Tartan Green)           Available in 4m & 5m widths
      380/81080 Renaissance (Oriental Gold)             386/03154 Concerto (Silver Green)
      798/81080 Renaissance (Mid Doeskin)               427/03154 Concerto (Rustica)                 JACOB TWIST              JACOB TWEED
                                                                                                     Design No./Name/Colour   Design No./Name/Colour
                                                        431/3154 Concerto (Butter Cream)             1040 Chalk               2040 Chalk
                                                                                                     1041 Ash                 2041 Ash
      100% PURE NEW WOOL PILE                                    87586 BORDER COMPLEMENTS
                                                                                                     1042 Fleece              2042 Fleece
      EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC                                           THE CONCERTO RANGE              1043 Croft               2043 Croft
      Available in 4.57m, 3.66m & *0.91m widths                                                      1044 Fen                 2044 Fen
      Design No./Name/Colour                                                                         1045 Drystone            2045 Drystone
      010/88009      Symphony (Tapestry Red)            SALCOMBE                                     1046 Heatherwood         2046 Heatherwood
      023/88009      Symphony (Corinth Pink)                                                         1047 Oatcake             2047 Oatcake
                                                        100% PURE NEW WOOL PILE
      047/88009      Symphony (Antique Gold)                                                         1048 Haystack            2048 Haystack
                                                        HEAVY DOMESTIC                               1049 Grassland           2049 Grassland
      353/88009      Symphony (Tartan Green)
                                                        Available in 3.66m & *0.91m widths
      386/88009      Symphony (Silver Green)
                                                        Design No./Name/Colour
      431/88009      Symphony (Butter Cream)
                                                        040/02505 Honeycomb (Champagne)
      467/88009      Symphony (Soft Cream)                                                            PRINCETOWN
      752/88009      Symphony (Casino Cream)            040/02510 Barleycorn (Champagne)              100% PURE NEW WOOL PILE
      1079/88009 Symphony (Sandy Cove)                  048/02510 Barleycorn (Harvest Gold)           HEAVY DOMESTIC
                                                        040/02512 Folkweave (Champagne)               Available in 4.57m, 3.66m & *0.91m widths
      87586 BORDER COMPLEMENTS THIS RANGE               106/02527 Striata (Ventura)                   Design No./Name/Colour
                                                        217/02527 Striata (Sandstone)                 174/14012 Moorland Crest (Morning Mist)
                                                        798/02527 Striata (Pearl)                     145/14012 Moorland Crest (Springwood)
      ROYAL DARTMOUTH                                                                                 148/14012 Moorland Crest (Autumn Glow)
      100% PURE NEW WOOL PILE                           888/02520 Costanza (Oregano)
                                                                                                      176/14012 Moorland Crest (Ling)
      EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC                              798/02522 Piazza (Mid Doeskin)
                                                                                                      181/14012 Moorland Crest (Belstone)
      Available in 3.66m & *0.91m widths                                                              218/14012 Moorland Crest (Honeysuckle)
      Design No./Name/Colour                                                                          258/14012 Moorland Crest (Cornish Cream)
      106/80210 Chirvan Panel (Red)                     SHALDON                                       289/14012 Moorland Crest (Winter Melody)
      018/80217 Royal Turkey (Redcurrant)               100% PURE NEW WOOL PILE                       500/14012 Moorland Crest (Wentwood)
      180/80235 Flowers & Ribbons (Black)               EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC                          174/14013 Moorland Gem (Morning Mist)
      238/80246 Persian Garland (Sung Blue)             Available in 3.66m & *0.91m widths            145/14013 Moorland Gem (Springwood)
      009/80273 Oriental Silk (Carmine)                 Design No./Name/Colour                        148/14013 Moorland Gem (Autumn Glow)
      035/80273 Oriental Silk (Midnight Blue)                                                         176/14013 Moorland Gem (Ling)
                                                        012/09001 Adam Panel (Red)
      190/80273 Oriental Silk (Natural White)                                                         181/14013 Moorland Gem (Belstone)
                                                        115/09001 Adam Panel (Green)
      205/80273 Oriental Silk (Rust)                                                                  218/14013 Moorland Gem (Honeysuckle)
      299/80273 Oriental Silk (Dark Zircon Green)                                                     258/14013 Moorland Gem (Cornish Cream)
      467/80273 Oriental Silk (Soft Cream)                                                            289/14013 Moorland Gem (Winter Melody)
                                                        TAMAR                                         500/14013 Moorland Gem (Wentwood)
      ROYAL DEVON                                       100% PURE NEW WOOL PILE
                                                        EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC
      80% WOOL / 20% NYLON
                                                        Available in 4.57m, 3.66m & *0.91m widths
                                                        Design No./Name/Colour                                 FOR OUR 48 HOUR
      Available in 3.66m & *0.91m widths
      Design No./Name/Colour
                                                        013/04002 Karabagh (Rust)                              CUTTING SERVICE
                                                        018/04008 Turkey (Red)                              Please contact Ralph Ford
      012/44001 Cornfield (Poppy)
                                                        190/04009 Chirvan (Natural White)
      031/44001 Cornfield (Wheatsheaf)
                                                        047/04010 Egyptian (Antique Gold)
      055/44001 Cornfield (Rye)                                                                                 Telephone 01297 630647
      061/44001 Cornfield (Barleycorn)                                                                          Facsimile 01297 630648
      094/44001 Cornfield (Springleaf)                                                                      Email
                                                                *0.91m Cut from Broadloom
      752/44001 Cornfield (Harvest)
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      THE STOCKLISTS April 2008                                                                                                                        11

                                                               Axminster Devon EX13 5PQ

      Telephone Sales 01297 33533 Facsimile 01297 35241 Email                      All Other Office & Departments
      Small samples 01297 630647 Facsimile 01297 630648 Email                     01297 32244

     AXFELT 65                                                                 RUSTICWEAVE
     a triple layer reinforced felt with                                       100% PURE NEW WOOL
     a recycled rubber crumb base                                              PILE - HEAVY DOMESTIC
     Available 1.37m wide x 11m long                                           Available in 4m wide only

                                                                               Design Numbers                  Name/Colour

                                                                                            CW21               Cornsilk Straw
                                                                                            CW31               Straw/Hemp
                                                                                            CW32               Wheat/Hemp
     SIMPLY NATURAL                                                                         CW33
     100% PURE NEW WOOL PILE - EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC                                         CW35               Flax/Oak
                                                                                            CW36               Straw
     Design Numbers                           Name/Colour
                                                                                            CW37               Wheat
     4m wide           5m wide                                                              CW38               Hemp
                                                                                            CW39               Bracken
     4501              45501                  Ribgrass/Berry/Cornsilk
                                                                                            CW40               Larch
     4502              45502                  Grosgrain Straw|
                                                                                            CW41               Flax
     4503              45503                  Grosgrain Cornsilk
     4504              45504                  Ribgrass Alabaster               This carpet is a flatweave construction and could become slippery on
     4505              45505                  Ribgrass Ocean/Cornsilk          stair nosings, and for that reason this carpet is not recommended for
     4506              45506                  Ribgrass Straw                   stair use.
     4507              45507                  Ribgrass Straw/Olive
     4508              45508                  Ribgrass Straw/Nutmeg                            For all CONTRACT enquiries
     4510              45510                  Ribgrass Maple/Flex
                                                                                               please telephone 01297 630630
     4511              45511                  Ribgrass Straw/Berry
     4512              45512                  Ribgrass Straw/Cornsilk
     4513              45513                  Ribgrass Straw/Ocean
     4514              45514                  Ribgrass Straw/Wheat                               Area Sales Managers
     4517              45517                  Ribgrass Cornsilk/Ocean
                                                                                 Scotland (excluding Ayrshire, Borders, Dumfries & Galloway),
     4518              45518                  Ribgrass Magnolia/Yew              Ian McDermid            Mobile 07836 521658
     4519              45519                  Ribgrass Ginger/Straw
     4521              45521                  Ribgrass Flax/Yew                  North East England, Ayrshire, Dumfries & Galloway, Borders,
     4523              45523                  Ribgrass Ash/Yew                   Cumbria, Isle of Man, Lancashire (West of M6).
     4524              45524                  Ribgrass Hemp/Flax                 Alan Hill                Mobile 07702 208800
     4529              45529                  Ribgrass Cornsilk                  Yorkshire, Humberside, Lancashire
     4531              45531                  Ribgrass Straw/Cayenne             (East of M6).
     4532              45532                  Ribgrass Straw/Black               Steve Korobejko         Mobile 07702 208790
     4533              45533                  Ribgrass Black/Straw
     4536              45536                  Ribgrass Wheat                     Greater Manchester, Cheshire, Merseyside, Derbyshire
                                                                                 & Northern Ireland
     4539              45539                  Ribgrass Hemp                      James Frankham         Mobile 07703 543243
     4543              45543                  Ribgrass Rye
     4544              45544                  Ribgrass Flax                      Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Warwickshire,
     4550              45550                  Grosgrain Alabaster                Northamptonshire, Staffordshire.
     4559              45559                  Grosgrain Wheat                    Dennis Johnson          Mobile 07802 588758
     4562              45562                  Grosgrain Hemp                     Birmingham, Worcestershire, Herefordshire, Shropshire, Wales,
     4568              45568                  Ribgrass Yew/Magnolia              Bristol, Channel Islands.
     4569              45569                  Ribgrass Wheat/Hemp                Kevin Harrison            Mobile 07702 208789
     4570              45570                  Ribgrass Cornsilk/Berry
     4573              45573                  Ribgrass Cornsilk/Pepper           Kent, Sussex, East Hampshire, Isle of Wight & Surrey (outside M25).
                                                                                 John Hale              Mobile 07702 208794
     4574              45574                  Ribgrass Cornsilk/Black
     4575              45575                  Ribgrass Cornsilk/Straw            Oxfordshire, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire,West
     4576              45576                  Ribgrass Hemp/Wheat                Hampshire, East Somerset (east of M5), Dorset & Bath.
     4582              45582                  Grosgrain Rye                      David Grebby              Mobile 07736 780221
     4583              45583                  Grosgrain Flax
                                                                                 Inner London Postal Areas, South Essex,
     4585              45585                  Ribgrass Maple                     Surrey (inside M25), Buckinghamshire.
     4588              45588                  Ribgrass Ash                       Nick Duffell            Mobile 07702 208792
     4589              45589                  Ribgrass Willow
     4590              45590                  Ribgrass Yew                       Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, North Essex,
     4591              45591                  Ribgrass Magnolia                  Bedfordshire & Hertfordshire.
                                                                                 Darrell Fenn             Mobile 07739 819876
     4592              45592                  Grosgrain Maple
     4595              45595                  Grosgrain Magnolia                 Devon, Cornwall, & West Somerset (west of M5)
     4596              45596                  Grosgrain Ash                      Marc Helliwell          Mobile 07734 558608
     4597              45597                  Grosgrain Willow
     4598              45598                  Grosgrain Yew

                                               DATE OF CURRENT PRICE LIST: 1st MARCH 2008
SL Mono April 08 DWS                 26/3/08          7:10 pm         Page 12

      12                                                                                                                                                              THE STOCKLISTS April 2008

     Kidderminster Trading Estate                                                                                                                                                    Telephones:
     Spennells Valley Road
                                                                                                                                                Sales (01562) 828200
     Worcs DY10 1XS                                                                                                                                                     Admin (01562) 824737
     New trade price list effective: 8th August 2006                                                                                                                      Fax: (01562) 752010

       ASPEN 35/50                                                                                          CRESTA SUPREME
       35oz PILE WEIGHT (ASPEN 35) + 50 oz PILE WEIGHT (ASPEN 50)         4 & 5 METRE WIDTHS                50oz PILE WEIGHT                                                    4 & 5 METRE WIDTH

                                             E                                                              CRESTA
             03   BUSH CREEK              13   WOODBRIDGE            17    OKLAHOMA
             04   EAGLE                   14   PITKIN                18    CONEY

                                                                                                            EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC/CONTRACT                       80% WOOL/10% NYLON/10% POLYESTER
             05   DEER PARK               15   SPRUCE                19    SNOWMASS                         40oz PILE WEIGHT                                                     4 & 5 METRE WIDTH
             09   BUTTERMILK              16   HIGHLANDS             20    HALLAM
                                                                                                                 01 OYSTER PEARL              24 HERB GARDEN               418 LIMESTONE
                                                                                                                 02 HARVEST BEIGE             25 ALMOND CREAM              421 PEONY
        AMORE                                                                                                    03 BUTTERFLY FAWN            403 IVY                      422 CARAMEL

        EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC/CONTRACT                      80% WOOL/10% NYLON/10% POLYESTER                      05 HONEYSUCKLE GOLD          405 MIST                     423 FUDGE
        45oz PILE WEIGHT                                                   4 & 5 METRE WIDTHS                    06 AUTUMN GOLD               406 FERN                     424 SANDSTONE
                                                                                                                 07 SPICED AMBER              407 ROSEHIP                  425 CORNFLOWER
             AM20     CHAMPAGNE            AM33    RUBY               AM43      OYSTER                           08 COPPER ROSE               408 CHALK                    427 SESAME
             AM21     MAIZE                AM34    BISQUE             AM44      CASHEW                           15 PRUSSIAN BLUE             409 AUTUMN                   428 MOCCA BROWN
             AM22     LOAM                 AM36    TAMARISK           AM45      CLOVE                            16 REGENCY RED               410 PRIMROSE
             AM24     WILLOW               AM37    PAPYRUS            AM46      SEASPRAY
                                                                                                                 18 RAFFIA BEIGE              413 PEBBLE
             AM25     CELEDON              AM40    CANVAS             AM47      SILK
                                                                                                                 23 LINSEED                   414 HONEYCOMBE
             AM26     STONE                AM41    SUEDE              AM48      BLUESTAR
             AM27     WHEAT                AM42    THATCH

        BERBER TWIST CLASSIC                                                                                ORION TWIST/MAJOR 60oz/ALPHA 32oz
                                                                                                             EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC/GENERAL CONTRACT              80% WOOL/10% ACRYLIC/7% POLYESTER/
        EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC/GENERAL CONTRACT              80% WOOL/10% NYLON/10% POLYESTER                  42oz PILE WEIGHT (ORION TWIST) + 60 oz (ORION MAJOR)               3% POLYPROPYLENE
                                                                           4 & 5 METRE WIDTHS                + 32 oz PILE WEIGHT (ORION ALPHA)                                  4 & 5 METRE WIDTH

             BC03     SESAME SEED                        BC28    TAWNY HEATH                                      01       CANIS               06        NAIR               11        MEISSA
             BC04     TOASTED ALMOND                     BC29    MAIZE DALE                                       02       MEROPE              07        HEKA               12        ALGEBAR
             BC06     HUSK BROWN                         BC30    HAZEL GLADE                                      03       RIGEL               08        MINTAKA            14        ALNILAM
             BC10     OATMEAL                            BC31    WOOD SEDGE                                       04       AMAZON              09        SAIPH              15        THUBAN
             BC27     MOORLAND CREAM                     BC32    MEADOW GRASS                                     05       TABIT               10        BELLATRIX

        EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC/CONTRACT                                      80% WOOL/20% NYLON               FAIRFIELD TWIST
        50oz PILE WEIGHT                                                     4 & 5 METRE WIDTHS
                                                                                                             EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC/GENERAL CONTRACT                80% WOOL/10% NYLON/10% POLYESTER
                                                                                                             40oz PILE WEIGHT                                                    4 & 5 METRE WIDTH
        EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC/CONTRACT                                      80% WOOL/20% NYLON                     FAI 17   FALLOW            FAI 55    MOORGRASS
        40oz PILE WEIGHT                                                     4 & 5 METRE WIDTHS                   FAI 20   COMFREY           FAI 64    STOAT
                                                                                                                  FAI 31   WOODMOUSE         FAI 65    VOLE
               23   STEEL BLUE              75    KOALA                   89   CONCH
                                                                                                                  FAI 35   WHITECLOVER       FAI 66    CURLEW
               31   RED                     76    MEADOW                  90   FENNEL
               51   BARLEY                  80    SYCAMORE                91   CAMBRIC                            FAI 48   CORNCRAKE         FAI 67    REED
               55   OSPREY                  81    BEECH                   92   PALOMINO                           FAI 49   HORSETAIL         FAI 68    WILDCAT
               57   DARK BLUE               83    CORN                    93   POLAR
               67   VANILLA                 84    CREAM                   94   TOPAZ
               68   SUNRISE                 86    HONEYDEW                95   ASPARAGUS
               74   MINK                    88    MOLESKIN                96   TRUFFLE                      TWINFOLD FINE TWIST
                                                                                                            EXTRA HEAVY DOMESTIC/CONTRACT                      80% WOOL/10% NYLON/10% POLYESTER
       FLORIAN                                                                                              50oz PILE WEIGHT                                                    4 & 5 METRE WIDTH

                                                                                                                 TFT70     CALICO             TFT03      CAMEL              TFT109    MARRAM
       60oz PILE WEIGHT                                                     4 & 5 METRE WIDTH
                                                                                                                 TFT71     SUNBEAM            TFT100     PORTLAND           TFT110    ROSEBAY
             FL 403    PARSLEY            FL 409    PAPRIKA           FL 422     FLAPJACK                        TFT74     PORT               TFT105     BARLEYCORN         TFT111    BRAMWELL
             FL 405    MOCCASIN           FL 410    MELON             FL 423     WOODLAND                        TFT80     SATIN              TFT106     TEAL BLUE          TFT112    IVORY CREAM
             FL 406    FOREST             FL 413    HESSIAN           FL 424     SHORTCAKE
                                                                                                                 TFT84     GOLDEN CREAM       TFT107     REGAL              TFT113    PARCHMENT
             FL 407    SAMBA              FL 414    CORNFIELD         FL 425     MARINE
                                                                                                                 TFT00     NUTMEG             TFT108     SHANNON            TFT114    CELANDINE
             FL 408    NOUGAT             FL 418    PAVILLION

     Mr. T. Bradley Tel: 07968 835201 S. Humberside, Lincs.,Notts,    Mr. R.I. Hart Tel: 07968 835202.                                 Mr L. Little Mobile: 07918 081782
     Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Cambridgeshire,                      Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, Kent, S.E London                        Lancashire, Cheshire, North Wales, Cumbria, North Staffs
     North Hertfordshire.                                             Mr. M. Humphreys Tel: 07968 835203 Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex,    Mr R. Harper Mobile: 07841 565349
                                                                      Berkshire, Surrey, S.W London,                                   Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, South Beds, South Herts, North London
     Mr. S. Perks Tel: 07968 835205
     W. Midlands, Northants., Beds, Warwickshire, Worcs,
                                                                      Isle of Wight, Channel Isles                                     AGENTS:
     Herefordshire, Shropshire                                        Mr. R. Venn Tel: 07968 835206.                                   Mr. T. Tindal, Helensburgh. Tel: 01436 671421,
                                                                      South Wales, Bristol, South West, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire,    mobile: 07836 705620, fax: 01436 671939 Scotland
     Mr. S. Stead Tel: 07968 835204. North Humberside,                Devon, Cornwall
     Yorkshire, The North East                                                                                                         Mr. D. Moran Mobile: 07710 882421 N. Ireland & Eire
SL Mono April 08 DWS        26/3/08      7:10 pm          Page 13

      THE STOCKLISTS April 2008                                                                                                                13

         Tel:01282 862736                                                                                                     Bankfield Mill
         Fax:01282 868307                                                                                              Greenfield Rd, Colne
         Email:                                                                                 Lancs. BB8 9PD

                                    Celebrating 25 years of bespoke manufacturing
                                                                100% Wool Saxonies
                                                       All available in any colour, any width up to 12m
                 Boulsworth             1/8 th gauge            42   oz              Super Ferndene    1/8 th gauge    78   oz
                 Moorland               1/8 th gauge            45   oz              Patrick           1/10 th gauge   70   oz
                 Lowood                 1/8 th gauge            55   oz              Emily             1/10 th gauge   85   oz
                 Pendle                 1/10 th gauge           60   oz              Charlotte         1/10 th gauge   96   oz
                 Ferndene               1/8 th gauge            68   oz

                                                                100% Wool Shag Pile
                                                       All available in any colour, any width up to 12m

                 Haworth                1/4 gauge               58 oz                Wycoller          1/4 gauge       96 oz
                 Thornton               1/4 gauge               62 oz                Withens           1/4 gauge       120 oz

                                                   80% Wool / 20% Nylon Classic Twist
                                                          Available in any colour, any width up to 12m
                 Standard 1400          1/8 th gauge            41 oz                Super 2000        1/10 th gauge   59 oz
                 Contract 1700          1/10 th gauge           50 oz                Deluxe 2400       1/10 th gauge   70 oz

                                         Sales and bespoke enquiries: 01282 862736
         Sales Agents.
                                                                          Stands now available
         Stewart Burton Area: Scotland.
         Mobile: 07831 286464,Tel/Fax: 0131 663 5788                      Please contact your local agent
         John Rostron Area: North West/Cumbria/North Wales
         Mobile: 07973 733208, Fax: 01254 876548
         Brendan Hart Area: South West England
         Mobile: 07850 130221, Fax: 01626 360942
         Michael Gordon Area:West Midlands/South Wales
         Mobile: 07817 103597, Fax: 01299 403328
         Niall Martin Area: Central London/Oxon/Berks/Bucks/Cambs/
         Mobile: 07866 735772, Fax: 01628 541497
         Keith Leslie Area: Northern & Southern Ireland
         Mobile: 07860 873838, Fax: 02894 468005
         Aldo Berettoni Area:Yorkshire/North East/Notts/Humberside
         Mobile: 07971 173560, Fax: 01484 666703
         Robin Saunders Area: East Midlands
         Mobile: 07968 344892,Tel/Fax: 01530 417547
         Steve Acton Area: South East/South London
         Mobile: 07957 836207 Fax: 01323 872415
         As of Monday 28th April James Hall Area: Scotland
         Mobile: 07787 140136 Fax: 0131 343 3353
SL Mono April 08 DWS   26/3/08   7:10 pm   Page 14
SL Mono April 08 DWS    26/3/08   7:10 pm   Page 15

      THE STOCKLISTS April 2008                                                                15

                 The Leading
                 Country Wide
          Carpet & Flooring Suppliers
           We can supply you with virtually any make of carpet and flooring at
                        GUARANTEED maker’s list price.......
            Delivered direct to your business address FREE OF CHARGE.

                                     For a Speedy and Efficient Service

                         CALL US NOW!!!
                                      020 8443 3322

                                  Trade Show Rooms Available
                *Specialist advice and terms available on contract enquiries*

              JEFFREYS ROAD                                               Tel: 0208 443 3322
                 ENFIELD                                                  Fax: 0208 805 2346
                  EN3 7TY
SL Mono April 08 DWS            26/3/08         7:10 pm       Page 16

      16                                                                                                                                  THE STOCKLISTS April 2008

      Registered office:                                                                                                                Visit our website on:
      Wilden Lane,                                                                                                 
      Worcs. DY13 9LW
      Tel: 01299 827 477
      Fax: 01299 827 052

                  SARAKHAN BERBER COLLECTION                                                     HEATHER TWEED COLLECTION
                                                 AXMINSTER 80% WOOL, 20% NYLON
           SARAKHAN MAROC                        Grade 5, Very Heavy Wear,                   HEATHER BOUCLE                                    TUFTED 100% WOOL, Very Heavy Wear,
                                                                                                                                               Widths 4.00m and 5.00m
                                                 supplied in 3.66m and 91cm
           Colour                 Design No.      Colour                       Design No.    Colour                   Design No.     Colour                          Design No.
           CASABLANCA CREAM         SM 01         KANDAHAR THATCH                SM 08       DOWNSIDE FLEECE               HB 201    ANTRIM FLAX                      HB 205
           KASHMIR FLEECE           SM 02         ETRUSCAN TAN                   SM 09
                                                                                             HIGHLAND BIRCH                HB 202    CHEVIOT HESSIAN                  HB 206
           TRIBAL OATMEAL           SM 03         TANGIER TERRACOTTA             SM 10
           CASBAH STONE             SM 04         CASPIAN MOSS                   SM 11       BOWLAND HEMP                  HB 203    CAMBRIAN OAK                     HB 207
           BOKHARA BROWN            SM 05         SHALIMAR MEADOW                SM 12       QUANTOCK SISAL                HB 204
           OTTOMAN PRIMROSE         SM 06         SAMARKAND TURQUOISE            SM 13
           EMIR HARVEST             SM 07
                                                                                             HEATHER RIB
                                                 AXMINSTER 80% WOOL, 20% NYLON
           SARAKHAN SAXONY                       Grade 5, Very Heavy Wear,
                                                                                             Colour                   Design No.     Colour                          Design No.

                                                 supplied in 3.66m and 91cm                  DOWNSIDE FLEECE               HR 201    ANTRIM FLAX                      HR 205

           Colour                  Ref. No.       Colour                       Design No.    HIGHLAND BIRCH                HR 202    CHEVIOT HESSIAN                  HR 206
           CASABLANCA CREAM         SA 01         KANDAHAR THATCH                SA 08       BOWLAND HEMP                  HR 203    CAMBRIAN OAK                     HR 207
           KASHMIR FLEECE           SA 02         ETRUSCAN TAN                   SA 09
           TRIBAL OATMEAL           SA 03         TANGIER TERRACOTTA             SA 10       QUANTOCK SISAL                HR 204
           CASBAH STONE             SA 04         CASPIAN MOSS                   SA 11
           BOKHARA BROWN            SA 05         SHALIMAR MEADOW                SA 12
           OTTOMAN PRIMROSE         SA 06         SAMARKAND TURQUOISE            SA 13
           EMIR HARVEST             SA 07                                                             BYZANTINE COLLECTION Axminster

                                                 AXMINSTER 80% WOOL, 20% NYLON               BROCADE                                                        supplied in 3.66m
           SARAKHAN ROYALE                       Grade 5, Very Heavy Wear,                   Colour       Design No. Repeat Match     Colour           Design No. Repeat Match
                                                 supplied in 3.66m and 91cm
                                                                                             PEARL         11/1056   18”       set    STONE              55/1056     18”     set
           Colour                  Ref.   No.     Colour                       Design No.
           CASABLANCA CREAM         SR    01      KANDAHAR THATCH                SR 08       BUTTERMILK    16/1056   18”       set    HONEY              66/1056     18”     set
           KASHMIR FLEECE           SR    02      ETRUSCAN TAN                   SR 09       GARNET        22/1056   18”       set    SILVER SAGA        71/1056     18”     set
           TRIBAL OATMEAL           SR    03      TANGIER TERRACOTTA             SR 10
           CASBAH STONE             SR    04      CASPIAN MOSS                   SR 11       CAMEL         41/1056   18”       set    FERN               77/1056     18”     set
           BOKHARA BROWN            SR    05      SHALIMAR MEADOW                SR 12       TAUPE         44/1056   18”       set    TERRACOTTA         88/1056     18”     set
           OTTOMAN PRIMROSE         SR    06      SAMARKAND TURQUOISE            SR 13
           EMIR HARVEST             SR    07
                                                                                             ABSTRACT                                                        supplied in 3.66m
                                                 TUFTED 80% WOOL, 10% NYLON, 10% POLYESTER
                                                                                             Colour       Design No. Repeat Match     Colour           Design No. Repeat Match
           SARAKHAN SHINGLE                      Grade 5, Very Heavy Wear.                   PEARL         11/2025   16”       set    STONE              55/2025     16”     set
                                                 Widths 4.00m and 5.00m.
                                                                                             BUTTERMILK    16/2025   16”       set    HONEY              66/2025     16”     set
           Colour                  Ref. No.       Colour                       Design No.    GARNET        22/2025   16”       set    SILVER SAGA        71/2025     16”     set
           CASABLANCA CREAM         SS 01         CASPIAN MOSS                   SS 11
           KASHMIR FLEECE           SS 02         SHALIMAR MEADOW                SS 12       CAMEL         41/2025   16”       set    FERN               77/2025     16”     set
           TRIBAL OATMEAL           SS 03         SAMARKAND TURQUOISE            SS 13       TAUPE         44/2025   16”       set    TERRACOTTA         88/2025     16”     set
           CASBAH STONE             SS 04         TAMARA PEARL                   SS 14
           BOKHARA BROWN            SS 05         SARABAND PARCHMENT             SS 15
           OTTOMAN PRIMROSE         SS 06         MALABAR MUESLI                 SS 16       PLAID                                                           supplied in 3.66m
           EMIR HARVEST             SS 07         SMYRNA SPICE                   SS 17       Colour       Design No. Repeat Match     Colour           Design No. Repeat Match
           KANDAHAR THATCH          SS 08         BEDOUIN CAMEL                  SS 18
           ETRUSCAN TAN             SS 09         CABISTAN OAKWOOD               SS 19       PEARL         11/3034    4”       set    STONE              55/3034      4”     set
           TANGIER TERRACOTTA       SS 10                                                    BUTTERMILK    16/3034    4”       set    HONEY              66/3034      4”     set
                                                                                             GARNET        22/3034    4”       set    SILVER SAGA        71/3034      4”     set
                                                 TUFTED 100% WOOL, Very Heavy Wear,
        SARAKHAN RUSTIQUE                        Widths 4.00m and 5.00m                      CAMEL         41/3034    4”       set    FERN               77/3034      4”     set
           BOUCLE                                                                            TAUPE         44/3034    4”       set    TERRACOTTA         88/3034      4”     set
           Colour                  Ref. No.       Colour                       Design No.
           NATURAL IVORY           RB 101         NATURAL BISCUIT               RB 104       PINDOT                                                           supplied in 3.66m
           NATURAL LINEN           RB 102         NATURAL HONEY                 RB 105
           NATURAL HESSIAN         RB 103         NATURAL STRAW                 RB 106       Colour       Design No. Repeat Match     Colour           Design No. Repeat Match
           DIAMANTE                                                                          PEARL         11/4082   12”       set    STONE              55/4082     12”     set
           Colour                  Ref. No.       Colour                       Design No.    BUTTERMILK    16/4082   12”       set    HONEY              66/4082     12”     set
           NATURAL IVORY           RD 101         NATURAL BISCUIT               RD 104
           NATURAL LINEN           RD 102         NATURAL HONEY                 RD 105       GARNET        22/4082   12”       set    SILVER SAGA        71/4082     12”     set
           NATURAL HESSIAN         RD 103         NATURAL STRAW                 RD 106       CAMEL         41/4082   12”       set    FERN               77/4082     12”     set
           LINEAR                                                                            TAUPE         44/4082   12”       set    TERRACOTTA         88/4082     12”     set
           Colour                  Ref. No.       Colour                       Design No.
           NATURAL IVORY           RL 101         NATURAL BISCUIT               RL 104
           NATURAL LINEN
                                   RL 102
                                   RL 103
                                                  NATURAL HONEY
                                                  NATURAL STRAW
                                                                                RL 105
                                                                                RL 106
                                                                                                  MINARET RANGE                                            supplied in 3.66m

                                                                                             Colour       Design No. Repeat Match     Colour             Design No. Repeat Match
                                                                                             BEDOUIN       41/1481    18”    set      OASIS               44/1481    18”    set
                                                                                             BEDOUIN       61/1481    18”    set      OASIS               64/1481    18”    set
                                                                                             BEDOUIN       81/1481    18”    set      OASIS               84/1481    18”    set
                                                                                             PLAIN BEDOUIN 41/000     18”    set      PLAIN OASIS         44/000     18”    set
                                                                                             SAHARA        42/1481    18”    set      GOLDEN               66/000    18”    set
                                                                                             SAHARA        62/1481    18”    set      GOLDEN              66/1482    18”    set
                                                                                             SAHARA        82/1481    18”    set      GOLDEN              76/1482    18”    set
                                                                                             PLAIN SAHARA   42/000    18”    set      GOLDEN              86/1482    18”    set

                                                                                  ROWE company
SL Mono April 08 DWS           26/3/08           7:10 pm         Page 17

      THE STOCKLISTS April 2008                                                                                                                                                17

      Visit our website on:                                                                                                                    Registered office:                                                                                                                Wilden Lane,
                                                                                                                                              Worcs. DY13 9LW
                                                                                                                                             Tel: 01299 827 477
                                                                                                                                            Fax: 01299 827 052

             CLASSIC AXMINSTER COLLECTION                                                     LUDLOW COURT COLLECTION Axminster
         KASHMAR                                       supplied in 3.66m and 91cm          PINDOT                                                        supplied in 3.66m
         Colour                       Design No.           Repeat       Match              Colour      Design No. Repeat    Match      Colour      Design No. Repeat   Match
                                                                                           CREAM        14/2276     4”       self      SEA MIST     73/2276     4”      self
         BEIGE BERBER                  41/2822             36”          H/D
                                                                                           ROSEWOOD 22/2276         4”       self      UPLAND GREEN 76/2276     4”      self
         BROWN BERBER                  44/2822             36”          H/D
                                                                                           MIDNIGHT     32/2276     4”       self      FOREST       77/2276     4”      self
         GOLD BERBER                   66/2822             36”          H/D                DRIFTWOOD 46/2276        4”       self      WILLOW GREEN 78/2276     4”      self
                                                                                           SHELL        47/2276     4”       self      TUSCAN TAN 84/2276       4”      self
                                                                                           COWSLIP      64/2276     4”       self      COPPERWOOD 86/2276       4”      self
         Buckingham                                   supplied in 3.66m and 91cm           YELLOWSTONE 65/2276      4”       self
                                                                                           SHORTCAKE 68/2276        4”       self
         Colour                      Design No.            Repeat       Match
         KASAK                         F02718              34”          H/D
         KIRMAN                        F00001              34”          H/D
                                                                                           FLEUR DE LYS                                                   supplied in 3.66m
         ISPHAHAN                      F00002              34”          H/D                Colour      Design No. Repeat    Match      Colour      Design No. Repeat   Match
         HAMADAN                       F00003              34”          H/D                CREAM        14/706     12”       self      SEA MIST     73/706     12”      self
         BOUQUET                       F00007              34”          H/D                ROSEWOOD     22/706     12”       self      UPLAND GREEN 76/706     12”      self
         ROCOCCO                       F00008              34”          S/M                MIDNIGHT     32/706     12”       self      FOREST       77/706     12”      self
         ARAK                          F02721              34”          H/D                DRIFTWOOD    46/706     12”       self      WILLOW GREEN 78/706     12”      self
                                                                                           SHELL        47/706     12”       self      TUSCAN TAN 84/706       12”      self
                                                                                           COWSLIP      64/706     12”       self      COPPERWOOD   86/706     12”      self
         FLORENCE                                       supplied in 3.66m and 91cm         YELLOWSTONE  65/706
                                                                                           SHORTCAKE 68/706
         Colour                      Design No.            Repeat       Match
         RED PERSIAN                  11/4398              34”          H/D
         DAMSON SAMARKAND             10/5281              34”          H/D                DIAMOND                                                        supplied in 3.66m
         BLUE SAMARKAND                3/5281              34”          H/D
                                                                                           Colour      Design No. Repeat    Match      Colour      Design No. Repeat   Match
         KIRMEN PANNEL                 2/403               34”          S/M
                                                                                           CREAM        14/844     12”       self      SEA MIST     73/844     12”      self
         COTTAGE GARDEN GREEN         26/7240              28 1/2”      self
                                                                                           ROSEWOOD     22/844     12”       self      UPLAND GREEN 76/844     12”      self
         GREEN QUADRILLE               2/4647              34”          H/D
                                                                                           MIDNIGHT     32/844     12”       self      FOREST       77/844     12”      self
         BLACK QUADRILLE               8/4647              34”          H/D
                                                                                           DRIFTWOOD    46/844     12”       self      WILLOW GREEN 78/844     12”      self
                                                                                           SHELL        47/844     12”       self      TUSCAN TAN 84/844       12”      self
                                                                                           COWSLIP      64/844     12”       self      COPPERWOOD   86/844     12”      self
         GRENABY                                       supplied in 3.66m and 91cm          YELLOWSTONE  65/844     12”       self
         Colour                      Design No.            Repeat       Match              SHORTCAKE 68/844        12”       self

         SHAH ABBASS                   16/8950             36”          set
         JACOBEAN                      14/8081             36”          set                CAMEO                                                          supplied in 3.66m
         RED TURKEY                    23/8036             43”          set
                                                                                           Colour      Design No. Repeat    Match      Colour      Design No. Repeat   Match
         RED KASHAN                    26/803              36”          self
                                                                                           CREAM        14/2312    12”       self      SEA MIST     73/2312    12”      self
         CREAM VIZIR                    4/812              36”          self               ROSEWOOD 22/2312        12”       self      UPLAND GREEN 76/2312    12”      self
                                                                                           MIDNIGHT     32/2312    12”       self      FOREST       77/2312    12”      self
        Royalty                                        supplied in 3.66m and 91cm          DRIFTWOOD 46/2312       12”       self      WILLOW GREEN 78/2312    12”      self
                                                                                           SHELL        47/2312    12”       self      TUSCAN TAN 84/2312      12”      self
         Colour                      Design No.            Repeat       Match
                                                                                           COWSLIP      64/2312    12”       self      COPPERWOOD 86/2312      12”      self
         PERSIAN JEWEL                 10/8127             41 1/4”      H/D
                                                                                           YELLOWSTONE 65/2312     12”       self
         FAWN ISPHAHAN                92/164K              41 1/4”      H/D                SHORTCAKE 68/2312       12”       self
         GREEN CHINTZ                  25/627              41 1/4”      H/D
         CLEOPATRA                     60/8745             41 1/4”      H/D
         SHIRVAN PANEL                59/164M              41 1/4”      self
                                                                                            AGENTS & REPRESENTATIVES
        L a xey                                        supplied in 3.66m and 91cm
        Colour                       Design No.            Repeat      Match                Scotland                        Rodger Adams mobile: 07970 023 159
        GREEN ISPHAHAN                 72/746              27”         H/D
        FAWN ELIZABETHAN               48/763              36”         H/D                  North East /Cumbria                     John Reid mobile: 07973 741 445
        PERSIAN GARDEN                 23/769              36”         H/D
        EMIR TURKEY                    23/9036             36”         self
                                                                                            North Wales/North West/
        SULTAN                         28/759              36”         H/D                  West Yorkshire                     Martin Lees mobile: 07974 413 992

        TARTANS                                        supplied in 3.66m and 91cm           North/South Yorkshire, Humberside
        Colour                       Design No.            Repeat      Match                East Midlands & Lincolnshire      Mario Sorano mobile: 07989 589 124
        MURRAY OF ATHOLL                5626               12”         self
        LINDSEY                        360/7               12”         self
                                                                                            West Midlands                  Robin Rowberry mobile: 07831 434 244
        McKELLAR                        5555               18”         self
                                                                                            East Anglia/Home Counties/North London
        BLACKWATCH (sm)                5487S               18”         self
        BLACKWATCH (lg)                5487L               36”         self                 Berkshire & Hampshire      Michael Kenneally mobile: 07870 641045

                  We would like to remind all customers that we have our own                South West/South Wales         Andrew Jefferies mobile: 07831 457 102
                              DEDICATED TRANSPORT FLEET                                     South London/Surrey/Sussex & Kent Tony Cook mobile: 07860 205 377
                        offering a timely and efficient delivery service.


                                                                                   a ROWE company
SL Mono April 08 DWS            26/3/08              7:10 pm          Page 18

      18                                                                                                                                                        THE STOCKLISTS April 2008

           Tel: 01484 550380
           Fax: 01484 543911
                                                                                                                                                                        Unit 65-67
                                                                                                                                                                  St Thomas’ Road
                                                                                                                                                                         HD1 3LG
                                                                                                                  Price List dated 1/1/08

           Classic Drury Lane                                               Colour Range (60)          Academy Twist                                                  Colour Range (7)

           80% Wool 20% Nylon, tufted plain cut pile twist. Jute backing.                              80% Wool, 20% Synthetic, tufted plain and pinstripe heathered
           1, 2, 3, 4 and 5m. Guaranteed colour match.                                                 cut pile twist. Jute backing. 4m & 5m.
           Drury Lane 1119 gms/m2 (33oz/yd2) Heavy domestic use
                                                                                                       Academy 40 Plain and Pinstripe Academy 50 Plain
           Super Drury Lane 1288 gms/m2 (38oz/yd2) Extra heavy domestic use
           Extra Super Drury Lane 1526 gms/m2 (45oz/yd2) Extra heavy domestic use                      Dune                          Moccasin Pinstripe              Choco
                                                                                                       Chamois Pinstripe             Caramel
           Rosewood              Sandalwood       Filament                          Alice Blue         Camel                         Umber Pinstripe             NEW DESIGN
           Claret                Loofah           Arctic Grey                       Alkaline
           Dahlia                Biscuit          Smoke                             Forest
                                                  Gun Metal
                                                                                    Meadow Green
                                                                                                       Richmond Tweed                                                Colour Range (12)
           Morocco               Lily             Amethyst ILITY                    Spearmint
                                                  Nimbus A
                                                            B                                          100% Wool, tufted berber cut pile twist. Jute backing. 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5m.
           Brandy                Rice
                                                 APearl ETRES
           Terracotta            Bone
                                              DTH Ghost
                                                      M                             Olive Grove        For colour match orders, refer to factory.
                                                                                                                                                                NEW COLOURS
                                 ULTI            &5
                                MStone, 2, 3, 4, Pacific
           Bronze                                                                   Orchard Green
                                                                                                       2034 gms/m2 (60oz/yd2) Extra heavy domestic use
           Cinnamon                                                                 Wild Herb
           Sahara Sunset         Cafe1Au Lait     Wedgewood                         Greengage
                                                                                                       DL30   Bellerby              DL69 Atley                       DL93   Kexwith
           Cameo                 Kernel           Midnight                          Coriander
           Corn                  Earth            Delphinium                        Conifer
                                                                                                       DL36   Hipswell              DL75 Winston
                                                                                                                                    DL90 Brignal I
                                                                                                                                             W          DTH          DL94   Newsham

                                                                                                       DL39   Hurst                                                  DL96   Marrick
           Sunflower             Rhapsody         Bahama Blue                       Juniper
           Bamboo                Port             Pompadour                         Willow
                                                                                                       DL40   Langton
                                                                                                                               M   UDL91 Holgate                     DL98   Dalton

           Leyburn Collection                                               Colour Range (16)
                                                                                                       Heathfield                                       Colour Range (5 in 2 designs)

                                                                                                       100% Sysoltex, sculptured loop pile. Jute backing. 4m & 5m.
           90% Wool 10% Polyester Meltbond, tufted plain velour.  NEW COLOURS
           Actionbac. 4m & 5m.                                                                         Crofter, Homestead Heavy domestic use
                                                                 Now 4 & 5 metres
                                   2        2
           LEYBURN 37 - 1250 gms/m (37oz/yd ) Heavy domestic use
                                                                                                       Crofter Linen                 Crofter Rye                     Crofter Barley
           DL09   Birch           DL58   Possett          DL76   Lichen             DL89   Sahara      Homestead Linen               Homestead Rye                   Homestead Barley
           DL48   Beige           DL59   Milkwood         DL81   Sunlight           DL90   Hay         Crofter Flax                  Crofter Oatmeal
           DL51   French Navy     DL67   Pear             DL84   Putty              DL94   Pearl       Homestead Flax                Homestead Oatmeal
           DL54   Coffee          DL75   Firestone        DL86   Ivory              DL96   Nutmeg

                                                                                                                                                                          Colour Range
                                                                                                       Cairo/Gobi/Luxor                                                  (6 in 3 designs)
           Kilburn                                                          Colour Range (16)

           80% Wool 15% Polypropylene 5% Polyester, cut pile graphics twist.                           100% Wool Sculptured loop pile.
           Jute backing. 4m.                                                                           Actionbac. 4m, 850gm/m2 (25oz/yd2) General Domestic use
           1300 gms/m2 (38oz/yd2) Very heavy domestic use       NEW COLOURS                            ROLLS only.
           DL130 Sesame          DL157 Spruce           DL191    Oak            DL237 Toast            DL110                         DL140                           DL160
           DL132 Almond          DL166 Macadamia        DL193    Latte          DL262 Abalone          DL120                         DL150                           DL170
           DL133 Nutmeg          DL167 Apricot          DL233    Flame          DL272 Fir
           DL135 Harvest         DL180 Baltic           DL234    Pine           DL289 Redcurrant
                                                                                                       Buckden Berber                                                  Colour Range (6)

                                                                                Colour Range           100% Wool loop pile berber. Jute backing. 4m & 5m
           Kyber/Damascus                                                      (6 in 2 designs)
                                                                                                       1200 gms/m2 (35oz/yd2) Very heavy domestic use        NEW LAUNCH
           50% Wool, 50% Synthetic Sculptured loop pile.                                               DL401 Elm                      DL404 Bay                      DL409 Cedar
           Actionbac. 4m, 750gm2 (22oz/yd2) General Domestic use                                       DL402 Rowan                    DL405 Yew                      DL410 Hazel
           ROLLS only.
           DL100                          DL190                             DL300                      Homespun                                                        Colour Range (7)
           DL140                          DL200                             DL400
                                                                                                       100% Wool tufted textured loop pile. Jute backing. 4m & 5m
                                                                                                       1356 gms/m2 (40oz/yd2) Very heavy domestic use       NEW LAUNCH
           Arncliffe                                                         Colour Range (6)
                                                                                                       DL10 Lace                      DL60 Blonde                    DL90 Champagne
           80% Wool 20% Synthetic, plain shag pile. Jute backing. 4m                                   DL20 Ecru                      DL70 Sequoia
                                                                                                       DL30 Flaxen                    DL88 Eggshell
           2373 gms/m2 (70oz/yd2) Luxury use                       NEW LAUNCH
           DL210 Buff                     DL220 Maple                       DL230 Walnut
           DL211 Oyster                   DL221 Beech                       DL232 Cocoa                                           SALES TEAM
                                                                                                       National Retail Sales Manager                  Bedfordshire, Bucks
                                                                                                       Jon Ormrod - Mobile: 07971 065938              Peter Lawrence - Mobile: 07802 422810
           Naturals                                                         Colour Range (15)          Scotland
                                                                                                       Rodger Adams - Mobile: 07970 023159
                                                                                                                                                      East Anglia, Cambs, Hertfordshire,
                                                                                                                                                      Essex, North & East London
                                                                                                       North East & Cumbria                           Nick Hart - Mobile: 07771 967609
           100% Wool, tufted textured loop pile. Jute backing. 4m & 5m.                                Roger Adams - Mobile: 07970 023159             Kent, East Sussex, South London
                                                                                                       North West & North Wales                       Barrie Murray - Mobile: 07717 175783
           Wicker, Muslin, Raffia 1356 gms/m2 (40oz/yd2) Very heavy domestic use                       Phil Hambleton - Mobile: 07966 397676          W Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Berks, IOW
                                                                                                       Yorkshire                                      Bob Fletcher - Mobile: 07836 785133
                                                                                                       Harry Cash - Mobile: 07970 984710              South West
           Wicker Oatmeal                 Raffia Wheat                      Muslin Fleece              West Midlands                                  Doug Gilmour - Mobile: 07970 950276
           Muslin Oatmeal                 Wicker Corn                       Raffia Fleece              Roy Baulk - Mobile: 07976 576817               South Wales, Gloucester, Oxfordshire
           Raffia Oatmeal                 Muslin Corn                       Wicker Parchment           Staffordshire, Shropshire,                     James Thomas - Mobile: 07932 458032
                                                                                                       Hereford & Worcester, Warwickshire             Northern Ireland
           Wicker Wheat                   Raffia Corn                       Muslin Parchment           Wes Baulk - Mobile: 07971 224568               Liam Smyth - 07719 934019
           Muslin Wheat                   Wicker Fleece                     Raffia Parchment           East Midlands
                                                                                                       Khush Khan - Mobile: 07980 035387
SL Mono April 08 DWS    26/3/08   7:10 pm    Page 19

      THE STOCKLISTS April 2008                                                    19

                                                         Why should you use
     Chalfont Cord
                                               Flooring Industries
     Corsica                                           Service other company’s
                                                          only dream about
     Fresko 700                                            A full range of
     Maestro 4000                                        Quality Carpet Tiles
     Montana                                           Very competitive pricing
     Superior Velour
                                                             24 hour
     Tosca                                                   delivery
     Viva                                                         If required

                  Please telephone if you require samples or further info.
                     Next day delivery free on all orders over 100 tiles.
                                Standard delivery 3 days.

                                            Flooring Industries Ltd
                                            PO Box 290, Watford, Herts, WD24 7LA
                                            Tel 01923-211151 (6 lines)
                                            Fax 01923-818564

SL Mono April 08 DWS          26/3/08     7:10 pm       Page 20

      20                                                                                                                 THE STOCKLISTS April 2008

     How well do you kno

                                                                                        State of the art cutting tables are
            Group stock of wood and laminate                                            installed at all depots all are able to cut
            is in excess of 2000 Pallets.                                               5 Metre wide carpet.

            Our own spinning mill producing wool                                        Regency carpets have the tufting
            yarn which will be made into a quality                                      expertise to produce a wide variety of
            Regency carpet.                                                             product types.

       HERE                      ARE                   THE                  PEOPLE                     WHO                  TRY                  HARDE
       London & Home Counties                                                        Wales
           ASHLEY BEST          M: 07816 217558   SALES MANAGER                       ALLAN MCDONALD   M: 07787 148435   SALES MANAGER
           MELANIE PHILPOTT     M: 07791 891044   WOOD SPECIALIST                     SAMANTHA EVANS   M: 07973 389799   S./MID & W. WALES
           JOE SEPEDE           M: 07791 890855   WOOD SPECIALIST                     PAUL ELSTON      M: 07859 827025   AVON & GLOUCESTERSHIRE
           SIMON BRENNER        M: 07791 891024   S.W LONDON, SURREY (INS. M25)       TIM BAILEY       M: 07841 204657   S.E. WALES & HEREFORDSHIRE
           ROB SHERGOLD         M: 07791 890988   S.E. LONDON & SURREY (OUTS. M25)    STEVE THOM       M: 07720 888372   DEVON & CORNWALL
           DARREN SPENDIFF      M: 07791 890861   KENT
           RAY SMITH            M: 07816 217565   ESSEX                              Midlands
           PAUL REILLY          M: 07816 217548   N, N W & E LONDON
                                                                                      RICHARD GREEN    M: 07980 786265   NOTTINGHAM/DERBY
                                                                                      MIKE SHUTT       M: 07970 158594   BIRMINGHAM/STAFFORDSHIRE
        South East                                                                    MARTYN REA       M: 07968 324598   LEICESTER/WARWICKSHIRE/LINCS

           DAVID HOLMES         M: 07816 217555   SALES MANAGER
           RICHARD KIRK         M: 07791 890899   WOOD SPECIALIST
           PAUL LOVELL          M: 07816 217549   NORFOLK, SUFFOLK & CAMBS           Scotland
           COLIN FIELDER        M: 07816 217561   HAMPSHIRE & BERKSHIRE
                                                                                      GEORGE WISELY    M: 07967 148665 SCOTTISH SALES DIRECTOR
           KRIS KOBYLKA         M: 07816 217563   E & WEST SUSSEX
                                                                                      COLIN RICHFORD   M: 07970 163372 WEST SCOTLAND & CUMBRIA
           JOHN POWERS          M: 07792 477312   WOOD SPECIALIST
                                                                                      ALAN CAIRNIE     M: 07976 311434 EAST SCOTLAND
           TONY CONWAY          M: 07791 891025   BEDS, NORTHANTS, OXON & BUCKS
  SL Mono April 08 DWS      26/3/08     7:10 pm       Page 21

        THE STOCKLISTS April 2008                                                                                             21

now Furlong Flooring?

        One of the many carpet stock holding
        isles in the organisation with a capacity                               Our own transport fleet ensures a quick
        to hold 25,000 rolls of carpet.                                         and efficient service to all our customers.

        All product leaving Regency carpets is
        subjected to strict quality control                                     A wool twist carpet being manufactured
        procedures.                                                             at Regency carpets.

ARDER            (WE                KNOW                          YOU           H AV E           A     CHOICE)
        North West
          MIKE HATFUL
                            M: 07970 229717
                            M: 07966 263571
                                              EAST LANCS & FYLDE COAST
                                              POTTERIES, CHESHIRE, SHROPSHIRE
                                              GREATER MANCHESTER
                                                                                                    Your first
          BOB CHRISTIE      M: 07980 786264   MERSEYSIDE, N. WALES

        Yorkshire & North East
                                                                                                   choice for
          DES BEST
          RAY ANDREW
                            M: 07968 828516 NORTH EAST
                            M: 07973 719801 YORKSHIRE
                            M: 07973 403450 EAST COAST/SOUTH YORKSHIRE
          London Sales tel: 01322 628707 fax: 01322 698733
          Preston Sales tel: 01772 696787 fax: 01772 311921
          Newport Sales tel: 01633 283959 fax: 01633 275454
          Email:                                                    Laminate
SL Mono April 08 DWS         26/3/08          7:10 pm      Page 22

      22                                                                                                                                              THE STOCKLISTS April 2008

                                                       The General Carpet Collection

      Quality              Gauge   Surface       Pile Composition                 Width          Backing    Colours
                                                wt. ca.

                                                                                100% PP - LOOPPILE
      RIO                  5/32    looppile      375   100% PP                   400/500*              FE   20    75    80    95    165   210 110* 125* 15*         30*   35*   65*
      SATURNUS             1/10    looppile      320   100% PP                   400/500* AB           FE   165 195     210   10* 30*     35*   40*   60*     95    125
      VERONA               1/10    looppile      600   100% PP                     400                 FE   30    40    65    85    95    120

                                                                           100% PP - STRUCTURE
      ANDES                5/32    structured    600   100% PP                     400                 FE   10    20    30    40    65    85    95    125
      ATLANTIS             5/32    structured    600   100% PP                     400                 FE   10    20    30    40    65    85    95    125
      BANGKOK              1/10    structured    550   100% PP                     400      AB         FE   30    35    60    65    85
      HERACLES             5/32    structured    600   100% PP                   400/500*              FE   10*   20*   30*   40* 65      85    95    125
      HERMES               5/32    structured    600   100% PP                     400                 FE   10    20    30    40    65    85    95    125
      IMOLA                5/32    structured    650   100% PP                     400                 FE   10    20    25    30    40
      MALPENSA             1/10    patterned     500   100% PP                     400                 FE   25    35    40    115 140     145
      MONZA                5/32    structured    650   100% PP                     400                 FE   10    20    25    30    40
      OPAL                 1/10    patterned     600   100 % PP                    400                 FE   25    35    40    115 125     140 145     165     195 85
      RAVENNA              1/10    patterned     500   100 % PP                    400                 FE   25    35    40    115 125     140 145     165     195 85
      ROMA                 1/10    looppile      600   100% PP                     400                 FE   30    40    65    85    95    120
      SAPPHIRE             1/10    patterned     650   100% PP                     400                 FE   25    35    40    115 125     140 145     165     195 85
      ZARAGOZA             1/10    structured    600   100 % PP                    400                 FE   25    30    65    85    95    120

                                                                                100% PP - CUTPILE
      BED/BATHROOM BLISS   5/32    cutpile       800   100% PP                   400/200    GEL        FE   00    20    40    60    65    70    75    90
      KESTREL              1/8     cutpile      1300 100% PP                       400      AB              10    20    30    35    45    85    100   145     200
      CALGARY              5/32    cutpile       800   100% PP                     400                 FE   20    30    85    120 135     145 200
      COMO                 1/10    cutpile      1500 100% PP                       400      AB              00    05    10    20    30    40
      EMPIRE TWIST         1/10    cutpile       500   100% PP                   400/500               FE   30    60    70    75    85    135 145     165     200 230 240 245
      FARO                 1/10    cutpile      1000 100% PP                       400      AB         FE   10    15    20    30    60    65    70    85      90    135 140 145
      GARDA                1/10    cutpile       800   100% PP                     400      AB         FE   00    05    10    20    30    40
      NEW MONTREAL         1/10    cutpile      1150 100% PP                       400      AB              10    30    85    115 130     135 140     145     20
      VIVALDI              1/8     cutpile      1600 100% PP                       400      AB              10    20    35    45    30    85    100   145     200
      KESTREL SUPREME      1/8     cutpile      1800 100% PP                       400      AB              10    20    35    45    30    85    100   145     200

                                                                                100% PP - SCROLL
      NEW NEBRASKA         1/10    scroll        550   100% PP                     400                 FE   25    35    40    115 145     140

                                                                       WOOL BLENDS - STRUCTURE
      BRIGHTON             5/32    structured    600   50% wool-50% synthetic      400      AB         FE   00    10    20    30    40
      HOVE                 5/32    structured    600   50% wool-50% synthetic      400      AB         FE   10    20    25    40    00
      KENTUCKY             5/32    structured    650   10% wool-90% synthetic      400      AB         FE   10    20    40    110
      SYDNEY               5/32    structured    600   50% wool-50% synthetic      400      AB         FE   10    20    25    40    00
      VIRGINIA             5/32    structured    650   10% wool-90% synthetic      400      AB         FE   10    20    40    110

                                                                         WOOL BLENDS - CUTPILE
      ARAN SUPREME         5/32    cutpile      55 oz 80 % wool-20 % synthetic     400      J               00    10    25    30    40
      CONWAY               1/8     cutpile      30 oz 80% wool-20% synthetic     400/500    J               10    20    25    30    40    45
      FLINT                1/8     cutpile      50 oz 80% wool-20% synthetic     400/500    J               10    20    25    30    40    45
      GWENT                1/8     cutpile      40 oz 80% wool-20% synthetic     400/500    J               10    20    25    30    40    45

                                                                                WOOL - LOOPPILE
      BILBAO               1/4     looppile      850   100% wool                   400      AB              10    20    35    40    45

                                                                                WOOL - STRUCTURE
      THATCH               5/32    structured   1100 100% wool 3ply              400/500    J               10    25    30    35    40    45
      TRELLIS              5/32    structured   1100 100% wool 3ply              400/500    J               10    25    30    35    40    45

      General Carpet NV                                               UK Director : Mr. Gordon Hugo, Mob: 07976 607657

      Steenweg op Kleine Brogel 75                                    UK agents details :
      B – 3950 Kaulille-Bocholt                                       Mr. Paul Hugo                               Mr. Adam Nicol                            Mr. Richard Cooper
                                                                      North Wales & North West England,           South West & South Wales                  North London & Home Counties
      Tel:          0032/11/621962                                    Scotland, West Midlands                     Mob. : 07885 738975                       Mob. : 07860 525245
      Fax:          0032/11/621225                                    Mob. : 07813 714498
                                                                                                                  Mr. Steve Allitt                          Mr. Mark Broster
      E-Mail:                          Mr. Phillip Marshall                        Yorkshire, Northumbria & Cumbria,         South East & South London
                                                                      East Midlands                               Durham, Teesside                          Mob. : 07766 255222
      Website:                            Mob. : 0790 3588851                         Mob. : 07971 952873
SL Mono April 08 DWS    26/3/08   7:11 pm   Page 23

      THE STOCKLISTS April 2008                       23
SL Mono April 08 DWS            26/3/08         7:11 pm         Page 24

      24                                                                                                                                          THE STOCKLISTS April 2008

                                      Littner Hampton Limited
                                      UNIT 30 FOREST BUSINESS PARK, ARGALL AVENUE, LONDON E10 7FB
                                      Telephone: 0208 520 8474 Fax: 0208 520 4464                                                   email:

                     SAXONIES                                                                                TWIST PILES
                         MANHATTAN                                               ARTLOOM DE LUXE                                            STAINMASTER TWIST
                       REGAL CHOICE                                                CLASSIC TWIST                                         STRATFORD MAJOR TWIST
                  SAXONY STANDARD                                                    ELITE TWIST                                          STRATFORD SUPER TWIST
                                                                                 ELITE SUPER TWIST                                           STRATFORD TWIST
               SAXONY SCOTCHGARD
                                                                                 HIGHLAND TWIST                                                TIP TOP TWIST
                        SAXONY ELITE
                                                                                PARK AVENUE TWIST                                              WILTON TWIST
                    SUPREME SAXONY                                                  PRIME TWIST

                       RUGS & SQUARES                                                                     NATURAL COLLECTION
                        CHINESE TIENTSIN                                                                           BASKETWEAVE
                                                                                                    100%          CONTRACT CORD                           WOOL
                       MODERN CLASSICS                                                                    COUNTRY LOOP & COUNTRY SQUARE
                             NEPAL                                                                                     DJERBA
                            ORIENTA                                                                                 LINZ BERBER
                 ORIENTAL DESIGNERS COLLECTION                                                                        MEDINA
                                                                                                                 NATURAL BOUCLE
            Plus many special discounted All Wool                                                             NATURAL INSPIRATIONS
                 and Polypropylene squares.                                                                        PERTH BERBER
           Contact us now for these ‘one-off’ specials.                                                            WICKERWEAVE
                    Now is the time to buy.                                                                          WOOL RIB
                                                                                                                ZEALANDIA BERBER

               PATTERNED LOOP PILE                                                                           PATTERNED CUT PILE
                                   FASHION MAGIC                                                                            COTSWOLD CHARM
                                      STARDUST                                                                               COUNTRY CHARM
                                       LATTICE                                                                             GROSVENOR SQUARE
                                       TRELLIS                                                                                  REGATTA

             NEWS              Special Offer on the following qualities - Cuts at Roll price on COTSWOLD CHARM,

                                            SALES EXECUTIVES & AGENTS
                                                                                                                                              PATTERN BOOKS
           LEE MARRINER (Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckingham)                                                        01730 893770
           LEE PALMER (Beds.,Cambs., Herts, Oxon.)                                                                0777 4101640
           MARK BORRETT (S. London, Surrey,Kent, Sussex)                                                          01293 402145                   PLEASE
           KEITH BADHAM (Birmingham, W.Midlands, Staffs, Shrop Worcs, Warks, Leics, Glous, Hereford, Northants)   01299 826721
           GARY KENDALL (N. London,W. London, E. London, Essex, Middlesex)                                        01371 85661
                                                                                                                  0802 661944 (Mobile)       LONDON OFFICE

SL Mono April 08 DWS          26/3/08       7:11 pm       Page 25

       THE STOCKLISTS April 2008                                                                                                                             25

                                                                Environmentally conscious?
                                                                Mohawk are pleased to announce the launch of our
                                                                new environmental tombola, featuring carpet
                                                                manufactured from 100% recycled material

       From bottle to floor - how
       we do it:

       A plastic bottle today could one day be
       fibres in Mohawk's carpet. It may sound
       far-fetched, when in reality it's one of
       our most amazing stories.

       Polyethylene terephthalate (P.E.T.) is a
       top quality resin required in the
       production of plastic drinks bottles.
       When recycled, it can be extruded into
       fibres that are far superior to lower-
       grade synthetic fibres used in making
       other brands of carpet yarns.
       Mohawk recycles more than 2 billion
       plastic bottles each year. By controlling
       every aspect of the recycling process
       we guarantee the highest standards of
       performance in our beautiful, luxurious

     European Stock Ranges                                                                                *products on the environmental tombola
     American Velvet                      3.66m | 65oz    Eloquence                        3.66m | 85oz    Sera Bella                        3.66m | 91oz
     100% Stainmaster Tactesse Nylon                      100% ANSO Caress                                 100% Ultrastrand Lissé with Advanced Repel

     Butter Pecan*                        3.66m | 52oz    Knightsbridge                    3.66m | 65oz    Shag-A-Delic                3.66m | 50oz
     100% PET Polyester with Scotchgard                   100% Wear-dated Durasoft nylon                   100% Mohawk UltraStrand BCF Nylon

     Casual Allure                   3.66 | 48oz          New Century                    4.00m | 100oz     Shimmering Sands                 3.66m | 46oz
     100% Ultrastrand Nylon with Scotchgard               100% Polyester with Scotchgard                   100% Ultrastrand Lissé with Advanced Repel

     Certain Success*               3.66 & 4.57m | 42oz   Paint Box*                3.66 & 4.57m | 65oz    True Winner*                3.66 & 4.57m | 62oz
     100% PET Polyester with Scotchgard                   100% PET Polyester with Scotchgard               100% PET Polyester with Scotchgard

     Coastal Charm*                        3.66m | 29oz   Park Avenue II*           3.66 & 4.57m | 80oz    Tula Rosa                    3.66m | 52oz
     100% Everstrand PET Polyester with Scotchgard        100% PET Polyester with Scotchgard               100% Stainmaster Tactesse BCF Nylon

     Color Cachet                         3.66m | 55oz    Rainbow Sherbet*                 3.66m | 52oz    Weston Hill*                3.66 & 4.57m | 80oz
     100% Stainmaster Tactesse Nylon                      100% Mohawk Everset PET with Scotchgard          100% Polyester with Scotchgard

     Dublin                               4.00m | 50oz    Royal Palace II                  4.00m | 95oz    Vivid Luxury                      3.66m | 70oz
     100% PET Polyester                                   100% Polyester with Scotchgard                   100% Ultrastrand Lissé with Advanced Repel

     We manufacture contract products under the following brands:                                          UK Sales office:
                                                                                                           Mohawk United Kingdom
                                                                                                           1 Chester Road, Colmworth Business Park
                                                                                                           Eaton Socon, St. Neots, Cambridge
                                                                                                           Tel: 01480 479830
                                                                                                           Fax: 01480 471304
SL Mono April 08 DWS       26/3/08     7:11 pm   Page 26

      26                                                                                          THE STOCKLISTS April 2008

                                                                                    STRIPES ‘ ’ US

                                           CARPETS • VINYLS • TILES • UNDERLAYS

             and now for something completely different....

                    we’re setting the trend with a new innovative range
                      of trendy blacks and stylish brown STRIPES!

       North, East & Central . London, Essex &                                      Essex (outside M25),
       Middx (within M25)                              Area Representatives         Cambridgeshire, Suffolk
       Paul Henson 07881 502506                                                     Richard Chappell 07837 295379

       Kent, Surrey, Sussex, S.E.                   Herts, Bedfordshire,            SW, W & NW London,
       London                                       Essex (west of M11), Pt Middx   South Middx, West Surrey, Berks, Bucks
       Chris Walker 07881 502507                    James White 07881 502508        John Imbrey 07875 714269

                                                     Rackhams Limited
                              Unit 6 Jubilee Avenue, Highams Park Ind. Est., London E4 9JD
                                        Direct sales telephone: (020) 8531 9225
                                            Direct sales fax: (020) 8531 0426
SL Mono April 08 DWS     26/3/08     7:11 pm   Page 27

      THE STOCKLISTS April 2008                                                                                                        27

              Quality Displays for
                Carpets & Rugs

          Rug display stands                                                                           Carpet handling equipment

          Rug display stands                                                                           Carpet handling equipment

      Carpet and vinyl roll stands                                                                             Rug Baskets

                                        All products powder coated
                                      Ring for a colour catalogue on
                                              01945 420222
         Pattern book stands                                                                                   Rug Baskets

                                               Select Flooring
       KAJ Industries Limited, Greendyke Farm, Greendyke, Tydd St. Mary, Wisbech, Cambs PE13 5QX Tel: 01945 420222 Fax: 01945 420490
SL Mono April 08 DWS       26/3/08     7:11 pm      Page 28

      28                                                                                                          THE STOCKLISTS April 2008

                          Solent Wholesale Carpet Company Ltd
                          Telephone: 01243 774623 Fax: 01243 533636 E -mail:
                          Website: Zola Park, Barnfield Drive, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 6UU
      Oxford, Berks, Bucks, Beds, Hants, Middlesex & Herts. . . . . . . . . . . . Ian Cardrick Tel: 01235 535070, mobile 07973 406329
      Sussex E & W, Surrey, South London & Kent . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . John Robson Tel: 01323 504798, mobile: 07973 898453
      Hants, Wilts, Dorset, Somerset, Gloucs, & I.O.W. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Adam Ayling Tel: 01202 683257, mobile 07973 406799

      Now stocking EleEase Woods/Tile and Signature - please phone for details
      VICTORIA                                         CORMAR                                   BROCKWAY
      Baronet                                          Buchanan                                 Amore
      Castillion                                       Malabar                                  Berber Classic Twist
      Celtic Heathers                                  Oaklands 32                              Craftsman Collection (Elite/Forte)
      Crown Twist                                      Oaklands 42                              Orion/Orion Major
      Duchess Elite                                    Pennine Twist
      Firmtwist Elite                                  Primo                                    UNILIN
      Natural Companions                               Primo Heathers                           Q800
      Tudor Twist Coll                                                                          NELCA
      Tudor Manor/Heathers                             DOMO                                     Derby Gel
      Wool Tweed                                       Absolut Luxury                           Hunter
                                                       Alpina                                   Limited stocks of above
      LANO                                             Auvergne
      Bolero                                           Limelight Twist Collection
      Bolero Tiles                                                                              TARKETT
                                                       Merino                                   Salsa 14mm Combi-loc - limited stocks
      Campus X-treme
                                                       Metropolitan                             Viva 8.5mm Ultra-loc - limited stocks
      Havana                                           Orlando
      Heathertwist Coll                                Planet                                   VINYLS
      Inspiration 40/50oz                              Playground                               Living
      Matrix 100 Tiles                                 Portofino                                H2O
      Pembridge Twist                                  Scorpio                                  New Optic
      Rustic Berber                                    Traditionals                             Nostalgia
      Rustic Sensations                                vinyls                                   Oasis
      Scala                                            Sensa Stone / Ceramics                   Prestige
      Scala Tonals                                     Supergrip                                Rustic Living
      Startwist Coll                                   Supertouch - limited stocks              So Tropical
      Twilight Coll                                    Touch of Class - limited stocks
      Wilton Naturals                                  Universe                                 BERRY GROUP
      Xtra Twist                                                                                Adventure Twist
                                                       ITC                                      Fashion/Gallery
      BALTA                                            Beverley Hills                           Heavy Tread
      Autumn Leaves                                    Carma                                    Isis/Mentu
      Berga                                            Check                                    Majestic - limited stocks
      Birnam Twist                                     Checkmate                                Mirage
      Cassarella /Wooldesign                           Concerto                                 Studio Vinyl
      Cobblestone                                      Consul                                   Sonata Vinyl
      Desert Twist                                     Jaguar - new colours                     Supreme Twist 3m/4m
      Fairfield Twist                                  Kreta                                    Urban Vinyl
      Fiesta                                                                                    laminates
                                                       New Greenwich
      Gala Cord                                                                                 Casa
      Prestige Twist/Gianni                            New Dimensions
                                                       Oliver Twist                             Cottage - new range
      Rustic Twist
      Shepherd Twist                                   Palace
                                                       Sophistication                           HALO CARPET MILLS
      Spicy Twist
      Stainsafe Tweed                                  Stainblock Berber                        Barbados
      Stainsafe Comfort                                Stainblock Tweed                         Genua
      Stainsafe Olympic                                Sweet Dreams                             Halifax
      Tempo/Salsa                                                                               Padua
      Twisty                                           TAPIBEL                                  Panama
      Versailles                                       Cachet                                   Salamanca
                                                       Chiltern                                 Sydney
                                                       Melody                                   BAJONG
            ‘NOW        IN STOCK’                      Nevada                                   Home Twist Supreme
                                                       Reeds                                    Montana
        Memory Foam Mattresses & Pillows               Sysoltex Homested/Aran/Crofter           Montana Twist
                                                       Toscana                                  Sahara

      We carry other products not listed above, and can also provide a swift special
      order service on non stock lines. Our reps and sales office would be pleased
                                                                                               NOW IN STOCK
      to answer all enquiries. Our last Price List is dated March/April 2008           MEMORY FOAM MATTRESSES AND PILLOWS
SL Mono April 08 DWS    26/3/08   7:11 pm   Page 29

      THE STOCKLISTS April 2008                                                                         29

                                            eXtra-low pricing,
                                                 all the time

              X-section of                                                neXt day
                   quality                                               delivery

                                       eXtensive clearance stock

                                                      Your Sales Team
                                                      Manchester: Gerry Whittle 07966 557803

                                                      Yorkshire: Haydn Boocock 07966 557804

                                                      Merseyside/N.Wales: Howard Griffiths 07966 557801
    CUTTING CARPET,                                   Lancs/Cumbria/Fylde: Paul Wilson 07966 557802

    DELIVERING VALUE                                  Midlands: Malcolm Baker 07966 557808

    TEL: 01772 457070 FAX: 01772 621074
    Supertex Furnishing Ltd, Whinfield House, Centurion Way, Farington, Leyland, Lancashire. PR25 4GU
SL Mono April 08 DWS           26/3/08            7:11 pm             Page 30

      30                                                                                                                                        THE STOCKLISTS April 2008

                                                                                                            Tel: 020 8368 8122 Fax: 020 8368 8127

           PREMIER COLLECTION Engineered Hardwood                                                    3-Strip Parquet           XYLOK SYSTEM                                         N
           PRODUCT CODE                            Species / Specification                        WIDTH        LENGTH          THICKNESS                    PACK SIZE
           D0105/C           Premier 3-strip Oak Nature - Xylok System                            210mm         2200mm            15mm             6 PANELS PER PACK - 2.772 m2
           D0109/C           Premier 3-strip Oak Rustic - Xylok System                            210mm         2200mm            15mm             6 PANELS PER PACK - 2.772 m2
           D1309/C           Premier 3-strip Maple Rustic - Xylok System                          210mm         2200mm            15mm             6 PANELS PER PACK - 2.772m2
           D0405/C           Premier 3-strip Teak Nature - Xylok System                           210mm         2200mm            15mm             6 PANELS PER PACK - 2.772 m2     N
           D0505/C           Premier 3-strip American Walnut Nature - Xylok System                210mm         2200mm            15mm             6 PANELS PER PACK - 2.772 m2     N
           D0509/C           Premier 3-strip American Walnut Rustic - Xylok System                210mm         2200mm            15mm             6 PANELS PER PACK - 2.772 m      N
           D0605/C           Premier 3-strip Iroko Nature - Xylok System                          210mm         2200mm            15mm             6 PANELS PER PACK - 2.772 m2     N
     NEW   D0305/C           Premier 3-strip Merbau Nature - Xylok System                         210mm         2200mm            15mm             6 PANELS PER PACK - 2.772 m2

           PREMIER COLLECTION                                    Engineered Hardwood 1-Strip Parquet           WITH MICROBEVEL              XYLOK SYSTEM
           PRODUCT CODE                            Species / Specification                        WIDTH        LENGTH          THICKNESS                    PACK SIZE
           D1002/C           Premier 1-strip Oak Rustic - Xylok System                            190mm         2100mm            15mm             6 PANELS PER PACK - 2.394 m2     N
           D1006/C           Premier 1-strip Asian Walnut - Xylok System                          145mm         2100mm            15mm             6 PANELS PER PACK - 1.827 m2     N
     NEW   D1106/CS          Premier 1-strip Asian Walnut - Xylok System                          145mm         1800mm            15mm             6 PANELS PER PACK - 1.566 m2     N
           PREMIER FINE LINE OILED COLLECTION - ENGINEERED HARDWOOD                                                                  XYLOK SYSTEM                                   N
           PRODUCT CODE                            Species / Specification                        WIDTH        LENGTH          THICKNESS                    PACK SIZE
           D1003/F/OIL       Premier Fine Line Oak Nature - Xylok System                          190mm         2100mm            15mm            6 PANELS PER PACK - 2.508m2
           D1403/F/OIL       Premier Fine Line Merbau Nature - Xylok System                       190mm         2100mm            15mm            6 PANELS PER PACK - 2.508m2
           D2903/F/OIL       Premier Fine Line Walnut Nature - Xylok System                       190mm         2100mm            15mm            6 PANELS PER PACK - 2.508m2

           PREMIER EXOTIC OILED COLLECTION - 1-STRIP ENGINEERED HARDWOOD                                                                    XYLOK SYSTEM
           PRODUCT CODE                            Species / Specification                        WIDTH        LENGTH          THICKNESS                    PACK SIZE
           D1405/C/OIL       Premier Teak Nature - Xylok System                                   145mm         2100mm            15mm            6 PANELS PER PACK - 1.827m2
           D1006/C/OIL       Premier Asian Walnut Nature - Xylok System                           145mm         2100mm            15mm            6 PANELS PER PACK - 1.827m2
     NEW   D1006/CS/OIL      Premier Asian Walnut Nature - Xylok System                           145mm         1800mm            15mm            6 PANELS PER PACK - 1.566m2
           D1605/C/OIL       Premier Iroko (Kambala) Nature - Xylok System                        145mm         2100mm            15mm            6 PANELS PER PACK - 1.827m2
           D1104/C/OIL       Premier Merbau Nature - Xylok System                                 145mm         2100mm            15mm            6 PANELS PER PACK - 1.827m2

           PRESTIGE COLLECTION Engineered Hardwood                                                    3-Strip Parquet                                                               N
           PRODUCT CODE                            Species / Specification                        WIDTH        LENGTH          THICKNESS                    PACK SIZE
           D0001             Prestige Oak Rustic Lacquered - T&G Glue System                      189mm         2200mm            14mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 3.326m2
     NEW   D0001/C           Prestige Oak Rustic Lacquered - Click System                         189mm         2200mm            14mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 3.326m2
     NEW   D0001/A           Prestige Oak Rustic Lacquered - T&G Glue System                      190mm         2200mm            14mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 3.344m2

           PRESTIGE COLLECTION                                     Engineered Hardwood            1-Strip Parquet        WITH MICROBEVEL
           PRODUCT CODE                            Species / Specification                        WIDTH        LENGTH          THICKNESS                    PACK SIZE
           D0007/M/C         Prestige Oak A+B Grade Mixed - Click System                          189mm         1830mm            15mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.766m2
           D0008/M           Prestige Oak Rustic - Glue System                                    189mm         1830mm            15mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.766m2
     NEW   D0058             Prestige Walnut Rustic - Glue System                                 195mm         1830mm            15mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.902m2
     NEW   D0045             Prestige Iroko Rustic - Glue System                                  189mm         1870mm            15mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.842m2
           D0018/M/C         Prestige Oak A+B Grade Mixed - Click System                          148mm         1830mm            15mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.166m2
           D0019             Prestige Oak Rustic - Glue System                                    148mm         1830mm            15mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.166m2
     NEW   D0057             Prestige Walnut Rustic - Glue System                                 155mm         1830mm            15mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.310m2
           D0014/R           Prestige Asian Walnut Rustic - Glue System                           140mm         1870mm            14mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.094m2
     NEW   D0051             Prestige Doussie Rustic - Glue System                                140mm         1870mm            14mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.094m2
           THE ANTIQUE COLLECTION                                          Solid/Multilayer Pre-Finished Distressed Tongue & Groove 1-Strip Plank                                   N
           PRODUCT CODE                            Species / Specification                        WIDTH               LENGTH                    THICKNESS               PACK SIZE
           D0024             Multilayer Distressed & Handscraped Red Birch Stained Walnut         125mm       400-1200mm / Random Lengths         15mm                   2.20 m2
           D0025             Solid Distressed Oak Stained to Honey Rose                           127mm       400-1200mm / Random Lengths         18mm                   2.235 m2
           D0026             Solid Distressed Oak Stained to Saddle                               127mm       400-1200mm / Random Lengths         18mm                   2.235 m2   N
     NEW   D0024 - DARK      Multilayer Distressed & Handscraped Red Birch Stained Walnut         125mm       400-1200mm / Random Lengths         15mm                   2.20 m2    N
           THE OILED COLLECTION                                             Engineered Hardwood 1-Strip & Solid Plank With Bevel                                                    N
           PRODUCT CODE                            Species / Specification                        WIDTH        LENGTH          THICKNESS                    PACK SIZE
                                                                                                                                                   6 PANELS PER PACK - 2.394 m2
     NEW   D1001/C/OIL       Premier Oiled Oak Nature Xylok System                                190mm         2100mm            15mm
           D1002/C/OIL       Premier Oiled Oak Rustic Xylok System                                190mm         2100mm            15mm             6 PANELS PER PACK - 2.394 m2
           D1102/C/OIL       Premier Oiled Oak Rustic Xylok System                                145mm         2100mm            15mm             6 PANELS PER PACK - 1.827 m2
     NEW   D1102/CS/OIL      Premier Oiled Oak Rustic Xylok System                                145mm         1800mm            15mm             6 PANELS PER PACK - 1.566 m2
           D0008/OIL/C       Prestige Oiled Oak Rustic Click System                               189mm         1830mm            15mm             8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.766 m2
     NEW   D0046             Prestige Doussie Mixed Grade T&G System                              190mm         1870mm            15mm             8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.842 m2     N
     NEW   D0008/SM/BR/OIL   Prestige Smoked Brushed & Oiled Oak Rustic T&G System                189mm         1860mm            15mm             8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.812 m2     N
     NEW   D0050             Prestige Burma Teak Mixed Grade T&G System                           148mm         1830mm            15mm             8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.094 m2     N
           D0019/OIL         Prestige Oiled Oak Rustic T&G System                                 148mm         1830mm            15mm             8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.166 m2     N
           THE SOLID COLLECTION Solid Tongue & Groove 1 - Strip Plank With Bevel                                                                                                    N
           PRODUCT CODE                      Species                              Grade           WIDTH                  LENGTH                 THICKNESS               PACK SIZE   N
           D0021             American Walnut - LACQUERED                       ABCD Mixed         140mm          300mm - 1800mm / Random          18mm                   2.352 m2   N
           D0023             American Walnut - LACQUERED                       ABCD Mixed         150mm          300mm - 1800mm / Random          18mm                  2.520 m2    N
           D0009             Oak - LACQUERED                                     RUSTIC           120mm          400mm - 1500mm / Random          18mm                  2.112 m2    N
           D0011             Oak - LACQUERED                                  Select / Nature     120mm          400mm - 1500mm / Random          18mm                  2.112 m2
           D0031             Oak - LACQUERED                                     RUSTIC           180mm          400mm - 1500mm / Random          20mm                  1.980 m2
           D0009/OIL/BRUSH   Oak - OILED & BRUSHED                             ABCD Mixed         120mm          400mm - 1500mm / Random          18mm                  2.112 m2

     Phil Lynn - Yorkshire - 07814 444988                                      Mark Borrett - London (South) / Home Counties - 07968 119056
     Phil Hambleton - N. Wales & Lancs - 07966 397676                          Gary Kendall - London North / Home Counties - 07802 661944
     Greg Littlewood - East Midlands - 07841 817707                            Keith Badham - West Midlands - 07976 677048
     Eddie Hughes - South Wales - 07836 797136                                 Jim Potts - NE England - 07980 088309
     Graham Hunt - SW England - 07860 247482                                   Edwin Cooper - East Anglia - 07738 385150
     Jonathan Birchall - NW England - 07828 130996
     Roger Adams - Scotland - 07970 023159                                    Agents required
SL Mono April 08 DWS         26/3/08            7:11 pm             Page 31

       Tel: 020 8368 8122 Fax: 020 8368 8127

           X-TREME Multilayer Tongue & Groove 1 - Strip Plank With Bevel
           PRODUCT CODE                     SPECIES                         GRADING                  FINISH        WIDTH         LENGTH      THICKNESS                 PACK SIZE
           D0030/OIL      OAK                                                  RUSTIC            BRUSHED & OILED   189mm         1860mm        21mm                    1.406 m2
     NEW   D0030/UNF      Oak                                                  RUSTIC              UNFINISHED      189mm         1860mm        21mm                    1.406 m2
           D0033          OAK                                                  RUSTIC            SMOKED & OILED    189mm         1860mm        21mm                    1.406 m2
           D0034          OAK - DISTRESSED                                     RUSTIC            SMOKED & OILED    189mm         1860mm        21mm                    1.406 m2
           D0030          OAK                                                  RUSTIC              LACQUERED       189mm         1860mm        21mm                    1.406 m2
           D0028          OAK                                                  RUSTIC             WHITE OILED      189mm         1860mm        21mm                    1.406 m2
     NEW   D0036          BURMA TEAK                                           RUSTIC              LACQUERED       189mm         1830mm        21mm                    1.406 m2
     NEW   D0037          MERBAU                                               RUSTIC              LACQUERED       189mm         1830mm        21mm                    1.406 m2
     NEW   D0038          IROKO                                                RUSTIC              LACQUERED       189mm         1830mm        21mm                    1.406 m2
     NEW   D0032/N        JATOBA                                               NATURE              LACQUERED       189mm         1830mm        21mm                    1.406 m2
           D0029          AMERICAN WALNUT                                      RUSTIC              LACQUERED       180mm         1830mm        21mm                    1.406 m2
           D0032          JATOBA                                               NATURE              LACQUERED       190mm         2100mm        20mm                    1.596 m2

           BLACK OAK COLLECTION - Engineered, Multilayer & Solid Walnut Stained Flooring
     NEW   D0052          Black Oak Collection 3-Strip Oak Rustic Stained Walnut Oiled T&G           190mm         2200mm         14mm          8 PANELS PER PACK - 3.344 m2
     NEW   D0053          Black Oak Collection 148mm 1-Strip Oak Rustic Walnut Stained Oil T&G       148mm         1830mm         15mm          8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.166 m2
     NEW   D0054          Black Oak Coll 189mm1-Strip Oak M/B Walnut Stain Oil - CLICK               189mm         1830mm         15mm          8 PANELS PER PACK - 2.766 m2
     NEW   D0055          Black Coll Oak Rustic 1-Strip Brush & Wal Stain Oil 21x189mm               189mm         1860mm         21mm          4 PANELS PER PACK - 1.406 m2
     NEW   D0056          Black Oak Coll Solid Oak Rust Brush & Walnut St Oil 18x120mm               120mm         Random         18mm          2.112 m2

           PRODUCT CODE                                   Colour                                     WIDTH         LENGTH       THICKNESS                  PACK SIZE
           BECLCHEMD26    WS Oak 2-Strip                                       class 31                186         1285mm         7mm            9 PANELS PER PACK - 2.51 m2
           BECLC600D26    Oak 3 strips                                         class 31                186         1285mm         7mm            9 PANELS PER PACK - 2.51 m2
           BECLH600D26    Beech 3- Strip                                       class 31                186         1285mm         7mm            9 PANELS PER PACK - 2.51 m2
           BECLM200D26    Cherry 2- Strip                                      class 31                186         1285mm         7mm            9 PANELS PER PACK - 2.51 m2
           BECLNEMAD26    WS Canadian Maple 3-Strip                            class 31                186         1285mm         7mm            9 PANELS PER PACK - 2.51 m2
           BECLWHOAD26    WS White oak                                         class 31                186         1285mm         7mm            9 PANELS PER PACK - 2.51 m2
           BECLBEWAD26    WS Belluno Walnut                                    class   31              186         1285mm         7mm            9 PANELS PER PACK - 2.51 m2
           BECLROBED26    WS Roma Beech 2 Strip                                class   31              186         1285mm         7mm            9 PANELS PER PACK - 2.51 m2
           BECLTOMAD26    WS Toronto Maple 2 Strip                             class   31              186         1285mm         7mm            9 PANELS PER PACK - 2.51 m2
           BECLCLOAD26    WS Imperial oak                                      class   31              186         1285mm         7mm            9 PANELS PER PACK - 2.51 m2
     NEW   BEESSSEAB30    Sea Grass                                            class   31              186         1285mm         7mm            9 PANELS PER PACK - 2.51 m2
     NEW   BEESSMILB30    Milano                                               class   31              186         1285mm         7mm            9 PANELS PER PACK - 2.51 m2

           BERRY FLOOR COTTAGE                                          LAMINATE FLOORING - 25 Year Guarantee - 2 Sided Bevel
           BECTCHBOD43    WS+ Boston Oak                                       class   32            186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
           BECTCHCHD43    WS+ Chambord Oak                                     class   32            186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
           BECTCHVED43    WS+ Venice Oak                                       class   32            186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
           BECTCCOUD43    WS Country Oak                                       class   32            186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
           BECTCHAUD43    WS Limed Oak Tradition                               class   32            186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
           BECTMAOA43Z    WS+ Matlook Majestic Oak                             class 32              186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
           BECTMARO43Z    Matlook Marine Oak                                   class 32              186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
           BECTVAOA43Z    WS+ Matlook Valley Oak                               class   32            186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
           BECTWHOAD43    WS White Oak                                         class   32            186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
           BECTOLOAD43    WS Old Oak                                           class   32            186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
           BECTFAHID43    WS Doussie                                           class   32            186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
           BECTREAFD43    WS Canadian Walnut                                   class   32            186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
     NEW   BECTSAMA43Z    WS African Mahogany                                  class 32              186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
     NEW   BECTMOOA43Z    WS+ Black Forest Oak                                 class 32              186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
     NEW   BECTCLOA43Z    WS Cognac Oak                                        class 32              186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
     NEW   BECTTHOA43Z    WS+ Chocolate Oak                                    class 32              186mm         1285mm         8mm            8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2

           BERRY FLOOR REGENCY                                          LAMINATE FLOORING - 25 Year Guarantee - 4 Sided Bevel
     NEW   BERFCO1237Z    WS Classic Oak                                       class 32              120mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.23 m2
     NEW   BERFWP1237Z    WS+ White Pine                                       class 32              120mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.23 m2
     NEW   BERFEO1237Z    WS+ Elysee Oak                                       class   32            120mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.23 m2
     NEW   BERFEB1237Z    Ebony                                                class   32            120mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.23 m2
     NEW   BERFVO1237Z    WS+ Vendome Oak                                      class   32            120mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.23 m2
     NEW   BERFTO1237Z    WS+ Thermo Oak                                       class   32            120mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.23 m2
     NEW   BERFMO1237Z    WS+ Black Mountain Oak                               class   32            120mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.23 m2
     NEW   BERFRA1237Z    WS Doussie                                           class 32              120mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.23 m2

           BERRY FLOOR NATURALS                                         LAMINATE FLOORING - 25 Year Guarantee - 2 Sided Micro-Bevel
     NEW   BENAMEPIB30    WV Matlook Med Pine                                  class 32              186mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
     NEW   BENASUMAB30    WV Matlook Sumatra                                   class 32              186mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
     NEW   BENAJAVAB30    WV Matlook Java                                      class 32              186mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
     NEW   BENAGROOB30    WV Matlook Grey Old Oak WS                           class   32            186mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
     NEW   BENAATOAB30    WV Matlook Atlantic Oak                              class   32            186mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
     NEW   BENASMOAB30    WV Matlook Smoked Oak                                class   32            186mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
     NEW   BENABEHOB30    WV Matlook White Sand                                class   32            186mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
     NEW   BENAMYOAB30    WV Matlook Mystic Oak                                class 32              186mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
     NEW   BENAWIOAB30    WV Matlook Winter Oak WS                             class 32              186mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2
     NEW   BENASGOAB30    WV Matlook Silv Grey Oak WS                          class 32              186mm         1285mm         8mm           8 PANELS PER PACK - 1.91 m2

           DYNAMIC VINYL FLOORING - 20 Year Guarantee - 4 Sided Bevel                                                     Overall 3mm Wear Layer 0.7mm
           VDYN001        Xylo Dynamic Vinyl Plank Bevelled Steamed Beech                              3"           36"        3mm (0.7mm)     24pcs/box - Pack Size: 2.230m2
           VDYN002        Xylo Dynamic Vinyl Plank Bevelled White Beech                                3"           36"        3mm (0.7mm)     24pcs/box - Pack Size: 2.230m2
           VDYN003        Xylo Dynamic Vinyl Plank Bevelled Maple                                      3"           36"        3mm (0.7mm)     24pcs/box - Pack Size: 2.230m2
           VDYN004        Xylo Dynamic Vinyl Plank Bevelled Light Oak                                  3"           36"        3mm (0.7mm)     24pcs/box - Pack Size: 2.230m2
           VDYN005        Xylo Dynamic Vinyl Plank Bevelled Birch                                      3"           36"        3mm (0.7mm)     24pcs/box - Pack Size: 2.230m2
           VDYN006        Xylo Dynamic Vinyl Plank Bevelled Dark Elm                                   3"           36"        3mm (0.7mm)     24pcs/box - Pack Size: 2.230m2
           VDYN007        Xylo Dynamic Vinyl Plank Bevelled Golden Oak                                 3"           36"        3mm (0.7mm)     24pcs/box - Pack Size: 2.230m2
           VDYN008        Xylo Dynamic Vinyl Plank Bevelled Dk Stain Oak                               3"           36"        3mm (0.7mm)     24pcs/box - Pack Size: 2.230m2
           VDYN009        Xylo Dynamic Vinyl Plank Bevelled Walnut Stain Oak                           3"           36"        3mm (0.7mm)     24pcs/box - Pack Size: 2.230m2
           VDYN010        Xylo Dynamic Vinyl Plank Bevelled Merbau Stain Oak                           3"           36"        3mm (0.7mm)     24pcs/box - Pack Size: 2.230m2
           VDYN011        Xylo Dynamic Vinyl Plank Bevelled Alder/Cherry                               3"           36"        3mm (0.7mm)     24pcs/box - Pack Size: 2.230m2
           VDYN012        Xylo Dynamic Vinyl Plank Bevelled Dark Pine                                  3"           36"        3mm (0.7mm)     24pcs/box - Pack Size: 2.230m2
           VDYN013        Xylo Dynamic Vinyl Plank Bevelled Limed Oak                                  3"           36"        3mm (0.7mm)     24pcs/box - Pack Size: 2.230m2
           VDYN014        Xylo Dynamic Vinyl Plank Bevelled Red Oak                                    3"           36"        3mm (0.7mm)     24pcs/box - Pack Size 2 230m2
SL Mono April 08 DWS   26/3/08   7:11 pm   Page 32
                                                                                                                        7 April 2008

 Vibrant Van Gogh
 Ryalux has launched the second phase of its artist collection with the
 introduction of Ryatwist, inspired by Dutch icon,Vincent Van Gogh.The new
 Ryatwist colour collection is made from 80 percent New Zealand Wool
 blended with 20 per cent nylon and offers four distinctive hard wearing
 twist qualities. The range includes, Standard, Contract, Super 50 and Super
 65 with all four twists available in any width up to seven metres
  The Van Gogh inspired colours have influenced this new Ryatwist
 collection which displays a selection of 120 colours including vibrant shades
 such as chocolate, grey and red.These colours reflect customers’ demand
 for carpet shades far from traditional beiges. Plus, if a customer can’t find
 their preferred colour choice they can always make use of Ryalux's any
 colour match option.
 To re-launch the Ryatwist collection, Ryalux have updated their traditional
 red pattern books which clearly identify the benefits of being able to supply
 carpet in any width up to seven metres wide and the colour matching
 service. In support of their extra -wide service, Ryalux has strengthened its
 dedicated delivery fleet and also offers retailers the option to have extra-
 wide carpets delivered directly to the customer on their behalf.

                                                                                 Tough choices with style
                                                                                 For consumers, the essential elements of a flooring
                                                                                 solution involve the product being functional and stylish.
                                                                                 With its truly attractive surface that provides innovative
                                                                                 practical features such as antimicrobial protection and
                                                                                 built-in stain resistance, retailers can be full of conviction
                                                                                 when promoting Heuga’s New Nature flooring; safe in
                                                                                 the knowledge of its superior serviceable benefits, along
                                                                                 with a strong sense of style.
                                                                                 The secret to its hardwearing construction lies in New
                                                                                 Nature’s structured loop pile, which presents a resilient,
                                                                                 natural surface that effortlessly copes with the vigour of
                                                                                 modern life, without compromising on style. Perfect for
                                                                                 nearly every room in the house with its contemporary
                                                                                 look, New Nature features Intersept, Heuga’s renowned
                                                                                 antimicrobial treatment, which is incorporated in the
                                                                                 carpet tiles for the lifetime of the flooring, as well as its
                                                                                 specially developed Protekt stain protection.
                                                                                 The truly exceptional advantage of New Nature is its
                                                                                 price point, which aims to attract consumers looking for
                                                                                 an affordable yet modern looking floor covering with a
                                                                                 natural appearance and feel. It is also backed by a seven-
                                                                                 year 'no quibble' guarantee thus providing ‘priceless’
                                                                                 peace of mind. Available in eight nature-inspired
                                                                                 colourways, New Nature, which retails at £23.80 m2, can
                                                                                 be laid in a quarter turn direction.

33   April 2008                                                                                                                    FlooringNews
                                                                                   Greendale bulletin
       A nationwide association of
     independent flooring specialists

     Ladymead Carpets, Guildford
     by Tim Sears
     Tim Sears and Robert Kendall have over 80 years of
     carpet retailing experience between them.
     15 years ago they pooled resources to found
     Ladymead Carpets in the affluent area of Guildford,
     now with 3 full time and 1 part time staff members.

     The business has grown and in 2003 they joined
     Greendale. Tim explains how they have benefited
     from the relationship...
                                                                 General manager Steve Phelps in Ladymead’s well-presented store

                                             Exclusivity with Independence.

                                             With the pressures on independent retailers in today’s market place we
                                             find Greendale’s support invaluable.

                                             Membership of Greendale gives us a voice in the trade that is listened to
     Greendale’s merchandising vehicle
                                             and respected whilst we are able to keep our independence.

                                             We wanted to be part of a strong body which could help us compete with
                                             the multiples and other independents yet maintain our individuality.
                                             Greendale gives us this, as we are able to purchase from top suppliers of
                                             our choice at advantageous prices and also market exclusive Greendale
     A selection of Greendale’s POS units
                                             The Board and the Chief Executive are constantly looking for new products
                                             and services which give a genuine advantage in the market place. In
                                             addition, the large stockholding facility in Hereford which gives us our own
                                             labelled ranges is excellent and the POS material at our disposal is second
                                             to none.

                                             We can see Greendale expanding successfully and we look forward to a
     Substantial stockholding at Greendale
                                             bright and profitable future!

                                                                                 A product portfolio second to none
 Providing real benefits for members...                                          Real stockholding
 If Greendale membership interests you, contact:                                 Exclusivity - Greendale branded products
 Rob Harding, Chief Executive,                                                   Margin protection
                                                                                 Marketing and merchandising support
 Greendale Carpets and Floorings Ltd
                                                                                 Access to financial services
 Greendale House, Whitestone Business Park,
                                                                                 Regular members meetings
 Whitestone, Hereford, HR1 3SE.                                                  Dedicated management team
 Tel: 01432 852000 Fax: 01432 852005                                             Dedicated sales office and warehouse personnel

34    April 2008                                                                                                             FlooringNews
Afford ye go!
Misty glens, mysterious lochs, ancient castles and the drift of snow across pillows of heather,
Scotland proudly stands for individuality, integrity and artistic bravado. After all what other nation
could persuade blokes to wear skirts in arctic conditions?
Three new additions to the Bond Worth tartan range are introduced this season; all based on
traditional Scottish tartans. With an eye to that Scottish penchant for quality coupled with value for
money, the specification in hardy 80% wool 20% nylon is reinforced by a superior 8 row construction.
The Scots Guards playing ‘Scotland the Brave’ could march all over these carpets and still have time
for encores’ before it flattened.
If you’re a retailer tilling the ’retail’ soil in Scotland, looking for an edge and eager to prove the old
saying about Scottish thrift misplaced then look no further than Logan, Bannockbane and Holyrood.

Parador boosted by building brand
German wood, parquet and laminates major Parador report record turnover of
€ 177 million and 9 percent growth in a market they descibed as “tense” in
2007.The performance was seen as especially successful against a backdrop of
raw material rises and stagnation in construction.
The UK is a major market which delivered good results for the
company which has experience tightening domestic market
conditions in its domestic markets of Germany and Austria.
Parador has set out to achieve brand leadership in terms of
design and technology and in a statement, the company said: “ As
in other consumer areas buying trends reflect the increasing
significance of brands – for floor coverings too.The ‘cheap’ motto
has lost its relevance. Quality consciousness and the return to
real values helped the Parador brand to a year of great
Building for the future, Parador has invested heavily in marketing
to build its brand with a communication budget of 4.5% of
turnover while its annual production capacity has been extended
to 2.6 million m2 following a € 9.2 million expansion of its Güssing
plant in Germany (pictured right).

                                                                                       Cormar springs into 2008
                                                                                       For spring 2008, Cormar Carpets has launched two complementary carpet ranges.
                                                                                       Berwick and Home Counties are quality carpets suitable for high traffic areas, and are
                                                                                       both produced using fine 10th gauge machinery using 80% pure new wool.
                                                                                       A heather with a country feel, Berwick uses predominantly British wool and comes in
                                                                                       40oz and 50oz weights. In 18 colours, Berwick not only features beiges and creams but
                                                                                       also introduces new shades to the palette with sage greens, russets, golds and mid-tone
                                                                                       Home Counties is a collection of stylish plains with a townhouse feel, using 80% pure
                                                                                       new wool for a clean sophisticated effect. It too features 18 colourways including duck
                                                                                       egg and china blues, celadon greens, ‘together with a host of earthy neutral shades -
                                                                                       and a striking dark grey, ‘moleskin’. Ideal to complement all home décor schemes,
                                                                                       Home Counties comes in a choice of 50oz and 42oz weights.
                                                                                       In addition Cormar’s display stands have been updated to coincide with the launch of
                                                                                       the two new ranges, and both Berwick and Home Counties are available in new style,
                                                                                       ivory-and-walnut-coloured 27” large lecterns for maximum effect, or space-saving
                                                                                       double and compact lecterns.These new in-store units have been designed to blend
                                                                                       with the wall display units that Cormar launched last year at the Harrogate Exhibition.
                                                                                       Both Berwick and Home Counties will retail at circa £22/m2 for the lower weights and
                                                                                       £25/m2 for the 50 oz. Both ranges are being rolled out over three months from March.
from The Stocklists                                                                                                                                           April 2008    35
     Practical elegance
     Carpet manufacturer Whitestone Weavers has gone for
        an Italian job with the launch of a new carpet range.
             The new Verona range has been inspired by the
      traditional architecture and masonry of Northern Italy
           and is a traditionally woven Axminster that will be
        available in eight mineral colourways: sardonyx, opal,
       moonstone, soapstone, araqonite, marble, granite and
       quartz. The combination of a scroll motif pattern and
          natural background textures enhance classic styled
           interiors, as well as bringing warmth and comfort.
       The practical, yet elegant, range is a high performance
           blend of 80% wool and 20% polyamide, giving it a
      luxurious look and feel. Available in a width of 3.66m,
             the carpet is suitable for installation in almost all
       locations throughout the home and most commercial
         Steve Byrne, managing director at Whitestone says:
       “The Verona is a very elegant range, suitable for both
       extra heavy domestic and heavy contract installations
                  and can be used in both a traditional and
                                      contemporary setting.

38    April 2008                                                     FlooringNews
         Sonic sounds solid
            Sonic Gold Excel is a completely new high performance underlay for
              laminate, solid wood and engineered floors, both for domestic and
                                                         workplace applications.
            This extremely durable underlay is a three layer lamination based on
           the well proven Novostrat high density polyethylene foam, as used in
           other underlays in the Sonic range, which is the key to its exceptional
                  sound absorption performance qualities and impact resistance.
              The floor-side lamination is an effective 100mu LDPE black vapour
          control layer and the top lamination is a gold foil facing which extends
         to form a 200mm overlap, on both sides, to avoid any possible acoustic
             bridging and to facilitate perfect continuity in installation. The higher
                  density polyethylene foam also goes a long way to evening out
                     imperfections in the deck on to which the floor is to be laid.
                 The company’s market strategy is to produce the highest quality
         products at the most competitive of prices. Sonic Gold Excel may be a
           ‘top end’ performance product but, in Novostrat’s words, it is still one
                                                      of the most cost-efficient.
           Novostrat is the largest producer of Polyethylene foam in Ireland. Its
            existing ‘Sonic’ and ‘Comfort’ ranges of underlays are becoming well         Stainless style from Lano
           known to retailers, distributors and builders merchants in Ireland and
         UK and the company has technical and sales representation throughout
                                                 the UK and Continental Europe.          Providing homes up and down the country with quality and value-driven carpets
                                                                                         that offer substance and style, Lano Carpets is now offering these same homes
                                                                                         complete peace of mind with new residential warranties across all of its
                                                                                         “Stainless” branded domestic carpets.

Reflex for technology and tradition                                                      Lano Carpets’ comprehensive 10 year limited stain warranty will be available on
                                                                                         its high performance stain resistant products and in a further development,
                                                                                         select ranges will come with a seven to 10 year limited wear warranty, each
                                                                                         designed to reassure homeowners of the quality they are buying into.
Fells Carpets have successfully completed a major project to overhaul their
                                                                                         Both these warranties are designed to ensure that retailers can now offer
stock management and order fulfilment with the installation of a state-of-the-art
                                                                                         homeowners a great range of carpets with the promise of performance for at
flooring-specific software package from industry specialists Reflex Data Systems.
                                                                                         least seven years. With many families changing home within this time frame, a
Managing Director,Tim Fell, comments: “The management team at Fells believe              warranty that lasts any longer would be redundant.
strongly in producing quality woven products and sticking to a traditional route
                                                                                         Successful stain resistant collections such as Startwist that has recently been
to market through local retailers. Upholding this ethos in today’s competitive
                                                                                         relaunched with a new colourbank, the newly unveiled Corona and
market demands that we have high standards in operational efficiency and
                                                                                         Heathertwist along with the Ceylon Wilton will now all have their performance
customer service, which is the reason for the new system. We are very pleased
                                                                                         backed by Lano Carpet’s stain warranty that covers stains from food and
with the benefits it is already bringing to our business.”
                                                                                         “As our presence in the UK market grows and
                                                                                         our range of carpet collections broadens,
                                                                                         we felt it important that our
                                                                                         warranties fell inline with other
                                                                                         leading manufacturers in the
                                                                                         UK,” comments Francis
                                                                                         Debrabandere, Sales Manager
                                                                                         UK for Lano Carpets.
                                                                                         “Both the stain warranty and
                                                                                         the wear warranty fulfil the
                                                                                         expectations of consumers
                                                                                         looking for some reassurance
                                                                                         in the purchasing process and
                                                                                         ultimately make securing a sale
                                                                                         easier for the retailer.”

Reflex Data Systems help Fells manage stock and orders for their product range

40    April 2008                                                                                                                                         FlooringNews
News                                                                                                             Monthly feature

V oice            OF THE TRADE
     Steve Evans
     Age: 48
     Job Title: Managing Director,Tollgate and Contemporary Life & Textiles Ltd.
     Years with present company: 3
     Turnover of present company: “Growing very nicely thank you”
     Years in flooring industry: 20
     Previous role in different company: Directorships with William Pownall & Sons Ltd /
     Causeway Carpets
     Main non-business activity/interest/hobby: Music - especially blues and good old
     fashioned hard rock / Travelling and generally enjoying life to the full

     How would you describe current markets conditions                                     Which company in the trade most impresses you?

     now, compared to a year ago?
                                                                                           There are two companies actually, firstly my own company,
     A year ago we all thought it was tough trading but current                            Tollgate, Contemporary Life & Textiles Ltd for daring to do
     market conditions are without doubt the toughest I have                               the extraordinary and secondly Adam Carpets for their
     seen for quite some time and in my opinion will remain so                             business approach, focus and innovation.
     for at least the next 12 months
                                                                                           Who has been your biggest influence in business?
     What’s the key market issue/challenge today?
                                                                                           It has been a number of people actually, my father for
     Our fight to grasp a fair share of the ever depleting cash                            instilling my work ethic, my wife for believing in me at all
     reserves of the consumer. Notwithstanding increasing living                           times and my old friend John Richardson for igniting the
     costs there is also a great pressure to purchase only those
                                                                                           spark of ambition.
     items that instantly entertain us.We’ve all been there, just
     look at the busiest department in a John Lewis store and it
     usually has something in it branded Sony or Apple!
     What will change most in the next 5 years?
     There will definitely be a marked change in the way
     consumers purchase big ticket items over the next 5 years,
     influenced in the main by the internet and the environment
     In all your time in the trade, what has most
     surprised you?
     That a distributor of flooring could become one of the most
     influential and powerful players in the industry. A lesson to
     be learned I think!
     And most disappointed you?
     That as an industry we have generally so badly undervalued
     our product.
     What’s the best business decision you ever made?
     My best business decision was taking the career gamble to
     leave a senior management position at Maple,Waring &
     Gillow and join Wilton Royal in 1988
     My worst business decision was? Well if it happens I probably
                                                                                           Who would you most want to swap places with for a

                                                                                           Eric Clapton (providing I could borrow his talent and play to
                                                                                           a packed Albert Hall as well).

                                                                                           Would you advise a member of your family to come
                                                                                           into the flooring industry?

                                                                                           Although I love this industry and have always enjoyed being a
                                                                                           part of it I would have to say no unfortunately. I think I
                                                                                           would advise them to become a politician, need I say more?

                                                                                           Are buying groups going to become more or less
                                                                                           important in the future (and why)

                                                                                           I will have to sit on the fence and say ‘I don’t know’. I firmly
                                                                                           believe that how we ‘all’ continue to interact as business
                                                                                           partners in the future will be heavily influenced by the
                                                                                           increased pressures we face as an industry and the changing
                                                                                           buying patterns of the consumer.

                                                                                           Notwithstanding increasing living
     won’t be in a position to let you know                                                costs there is also a great pressure
                                                                                           to purchase only those items that
                                                                                           instantly entertain us.
42   April 2008                                                                                                                               FlooringNews
Packexe is film star!
     With a growing National and European
  distributor base, continual media coverage
      on National Television on popular DIY
  programmes such as 60 Minute Makeover,
  Packexe is the leading name in temporary
                floor and surface protection.
 Packexe Self-Adhesive Protection Film is an
   important commodity during any stage of
    the construction process from early build
  through to fit out and decoration. Packexe
           film protects any floor and surface
          demonstrating its many benefits to
                         thousands of people.
     Strong product placement has built the
  recognition of the Packexe brand, ensuring
       its traceability, consistency and quality
           assurance. Without clear branding,
          consumers continue to lack trust in
 products especially when there is increased
               risk of user error and damage.
  In 2007 alone Packexe achieved over 600
    hours of prime time television and 2008
looks to be even better as filming continues
       and new programmes using Packexe
            Protection film wait to be aired.

from The Stocklists                                April 2008   43
                                                                                           Scott for Scotland
                                                                                           Leading contract carpet specialist Gaskell Mackay has appointed Scott Turner as
                                                                                           its sales manager in Scotland. Scott, who worked for Gaskell Mackay under its
                                                                                           previous ownership for some five years, has a wealth of experience in dealing
                                                                                           with the specialist contract sector. He brings a further abundance of
                                                                                           knowledge and experience to the growing sales team. Prior to rejoining Gaskell
                                                                                           Mackay, Scott, 41, worked at I-Floor design as sales manager.
                                                                                           Said Scott of his new role: “Rejoining Gaskell Mackay is like coming home and I
                                                                                           am extremely pleased to be back with some old colleagues. I feel that my main
                                                                                           priority will be to re-launch the well-known Gaskell Mackay brand under the
                                                                                           new ownership of Whitestone Weavers, bringing back many of our customers
                                                                                           here in Scotland.”
                                                                                           Scott lives in East Linton with wife Lorraine and two daughters Nicole, 13 and
                                                                                           Rebecca, 11. In his spare time he is a keen sailor and also enjoys coaching
                                                                                           athletics at Dunbar Running Club.
                                                                                           Whitestone Weavers, established in 1991 and now based in Hartlepool bought
                                                                                           the intellectual property rights of Gaskell Mackay in 2006.

Lano’s Londoner drives service
Building upon a firm foundation of value and quality driven carpet ranges, Lano Carpets is enhancing its
support services to retailers with the appointment of Peter Hughes to the role of Exclusive Sales Agent for
the London area. Peter has a wealth of experience working in the carpet industry around London tracing
back to 1991 and joining from Furlong Flooring, now brings with him exceptional knowledge and expertise
to the UK Lano team.
As part of an expanding sales and support network designed to improve support to retailers throughout
the UK, Peter’s appointment represents Lano’s efforts to ensure that the UK residential market is fully
supported at every juncture. Regarded throughout the industry as a motivated individual with an
exemplary track record, Peter has run a sales force of up to 16 representatives and he is relishing the new
opportunities that are presented by working with Lano Carpets:
“Lano has grown significantly in the UK since it entered the market and has now reached a position as a
leading supplier of carpets to both the retailer and contractor. I am looking forward to offering a complete
support and business development service to Lano Carpets and making sure that we all live up to the
challenges we face in the residential carpet sector.”

                                                                             Textile man takes on Telenzo
                                                                             Philip Hopkins has been appointed sales director at Edel Telenzo Carpets
                                                                             UK, the UK subsidiary of the Dutch manufacturers of wool and synthetic
                                                                             carpets for both domestic and contract markets.
                                                                             Philip has spent his 30 year career mostly in the textile industry – for the
                                                                             past 10 years in home furnishings textiles with Laura Ashley and the
                                                                             American venture capital group, Strategic, whose many business interests
                                                                             included British Trimmings, Wendy Cushing and Simplicity.
                                                                             His appointment comes as John Hone, who has headed the UK business of
                                                                             Telenzo Carpets for almost 30 years and the combined Edel Telenzo UK
                                                                             operations for the past three, winds down towards full retirement in late
                                                                             spring of 2008.The Dutch group’s chief executive officer, René Frederiks has
                                                                             taken on the role of managing director of Edel Telenzo UK, with Lesley
                                                                             Inman in charge of operations and marketing.

44   April 2008                                                                                                                                             FlooringNews
                                      The Carpet Foundation in Focus
     CF renews tie-up with
     The Carpet Foundation has renewed its contract with leading property portal Under the agreement, the CF buys 10,000 names and addresses
     of potential home movers every month, all of whom are happy to receive relevant
     information from third parties.
     Backed by leading independent estate agents such as Knight Frank, Hamptons, Humberts and FDP
     Savilles, attracts 45,000 individual users each month. All leads are MPS screened
     and the Carpet Foundation has exclusivity on flooring.
     This added value initiative is, not surprisingly, very popular with Registered Specialists and over 70%
     have opted in to receive the leads with several reporting sales as a direct result.

     New online                                                David Whitefoot bows out
     marketing campaign                                        After 49 years in the carpet industry, Carpet Foundation Technical Director
                                                               David Whitefoot has retired.

     Complementing the £250,000 Spring                         David began his career at Bond Worth before moving to the Textile Development
                                                               Department of British Nylon Spinners in 1963 from where he joined Woodward
     advertising burst and following on from the               Grosvenor in 1977 prior to a two year stint at Huega. In 1990 he joined Adam
     highly successful November trial, the CF is               Carpets before moving, after over 10 happy years, to the Carpet Foundation as its first
     currently undertaking another online marketing            Technical Director in 2001.
     campaign designed to stimulate traffic to                 David’s wealth of experience and knowledge has been invaluable to manufacturers and
     Registered Specialists. The campaign runs up              retailers alike. He has been exceptionally pro-active in Europe and on Standards
                                                               working tirelessly and successfully to ensure that the UK carpet industry is fairly
     until the end of March and the results will be            represented on the wider stage.
     available next month. In February alone, the CF
                                                               He plans to spend more time with his family, including a first grandchild, as well as
     advertisements were seen 336,780 times and                continuing his love affair with Shelsey Walsh hill climb.
     generated over 4000 visits to the CF website.

                                                                  Nigel Mace Interiors gets seal of
                                                                  approval from the National Trust
                                                                  If ever proof was needed that having a
                                                                  Code of Practice approved by the
                                                                  Office of Fair Trading was beneficial for
                                                                  business, ask Nigel Mace in Plymouth!
                                                                  He is celebrating securing the local
                                                                  contract for all National Trust work in
                                                                  Plymouth, and he is convinced that
                                                                  OFT Approval helped him clinch the
                                                                  project. He has just completed
                                                                  Anthony House in Cornwall and is
                                                                  booked up until the end of March.
                                                                  Commenting on the contract, Nigel
                                                                  said: “Becoming a preferred National
                                                                  Trust supplier is a lengthy business and
                                                                  they told me they were very
                                                                  impressed that I had a Code of
                                                                  Practice approved by the Office of Fair
                                                                  Trading. It really helped my credentials
                                                                  and certainly played a part in getting
                                                                  me the business.”

46     April 2008                                                                                                                       FlooringNews
Prospects for future professionals

     Kronospan, the world’s largest wood-based panel producer, has re-
     launched its apprenticeship scheme to provide improved training and
     long-term career prospects for future industry professionals.
     Kronospan’s revamped programme allows apprentices to gain nationally
     recognised qualifications and on-the-job training in a range of subjects,
     including manufacturing, business management and electrical
     engineering. It also offers participants the opportunity to visit one of
     the company’s European production sites to gain additional language
     skills and develop an understanding of global business practises.
     The re-launched apprenticeship scheme is part of the company’s
     ongoing commitment to employee progression and business innovation.
     Mike McKenna, Works Director at Kronospan, explained: “At Kronospan
     we are dedicated to offering the highest quality training and
     development schemes to help young people get a head start.This is an
     excellent opportunity to learn on the job, while earning as well. We
     have outstanding levels of staff retention and we want to make sure we
     continue to get quality employees who enjoy their career with
     Kronospan’s apprenticeship programme is open to young people aged
     16 and over, and is currently recruiting for apprentices to start in
     September 2008.

from The Stocklists                                                              April 2008   47
       Century of success at the family firm
       Manufacturer of fine quality woven and tufted carpets, Devon-based Axminster Carpets has
       been run by the same family for over 70 years. Now with the appointment of Josh Dutfield
       to Managing Director, the family-run company is set fair to pass the century mark under the
       watchful eye of a fourth generation of family leadership.
       Harry Dutfield CBE began the present Axminster Carpets in 1937, with help from his father
       John Dutfield, and since then the company has been supplying homeowners, retailers and
       contract installations world-wide with the finest quality carpets.
       For the last 42 years, Axminster has been producing carpets under the guidance of Harry’s
       son, Simon, and now with the appointment of Josh, Simon will pass on his experience and
       knowledge ensuring that every treasured aspect of the company is passed seamlessly on to
       the next generation.
       Commenting on Josh’s new role, Simon Dutfield observes: “The success and reputation of
       Axminster Carpets has always been founded upon its family history and I am delighted and
       very proud that my son will continue this for a fourth generation.
       My grandfather started his career as a wilton designer for Templetons. He moved back to Kidderminster as Head Designer for Carpets of
       Worth before joining my father here at Axminster. My father founded Axminster Carpets on the basis of traditional values and this is
       something that will never change. Quality carpet and impeccable service are the building blocks of our success and this has always been at
       the forefront of our ambition. Working alongside me, Josh will learn more over time and I am confident that his dedication and enthusiasm
       for the family business will be exemplified in the continuing success of Axminster Carpets. There are exciting but tough challenges ahead and
       for a family run business to succeed in a world of Plc’s we must maintain family values for the benefit of our customers and our employees.”

                    £6m budget to boost UK carpet sales
                    The industry’s biggest-ever campaign to boost sales of broadloom carpets is to be launched in September with a £6 million
                    budget. Carpetright and Headlam Group are key players with Balta’s Group’s Geert Vanden Bossche heading the marketing
                    “This is a very important step forward and is a joint effort by UK and European manufacturers’, Mr Vanden Bossche told The
                    Stocklists. “We believe there is a move back towards carpet and we want people to keep their attention on broadloom
                    “It will be a positive campaign, selling the carpet benefits of comfort, colour and ease of installation”, he added. “We also
                    want people to change their carpets more frequently”.
                    Rumours of a major marketing initiative have been circulating in the trade for months and was being discussed at Domotex
                    but the participation in the project has been a well guarded secret.
                    Details of all the companies involved will not be released until the end of April as discussions are still going on but the
                    organisers say that up to 15 companies will be contributing including “several” UK players.
                    A company called Carpet Campaign (UK) Ltd has been established and it is understood that the first contribution to the
                    campaign fund has already been paid by the participants.
                    The £6m budget is set for a two-year “robust and durable” campaign which will cover the full marketing mix across
                    consumer print, online, outdoor and television advertising plus a highly active PR campaign.The Engine Group, a London-
                    based marketing agency has been appointed to handle the account.
                    The campaign team is set to start work this month on themes and creative approaches and the involvement and support of
                    independent retailers is yet to be decided.
                    “We will measure the impact of the campaign as much as possible and we want to see the figures going up,” said Mr Vanden
                    Bossche. Perception surveys before, during and after the campaign will help assess the return on investment for
                    Carpet Campaign (UK) is a separate initiative to the Carpet Foundation which is backed by 11 leading UK companies and
                    has over 1000 retailers registered as Specialist Retailers trading under the new Office of Fair Trading Consumer Code of
                    Practice.The Foundation is running a Spring Campaign in home interest magazines reaching more than nine million readers.

48   April 2008                                                                                                                                        FlooringNews
Fine spray is faster from Floorwise

Spray adhesives are a feature of every installer’s tool bag and these humble
cans are called upon on a daily basis to empty their contents onto a variety of
subfloors to help stick down everything from underlay to vinyl, PU-backed
carpet, carpet tiles and cork. But there is one can that is not so humble and
outstrips its competitors, Floorwise’s F599 Spray Adhesive.
As any good chemist will tell you, the difference is in the composition. And the
F599 composition gives F599 a higher adhesives content than spray adhesives
from leading manufacturers and the results of this are two fold.
With a higher adhesives content, F599 has less solvent to evaporate and so
dries in less than half the time of other products. In the summer months, F599
takes just 30 seconds to develop tack allowing far quicker installation. And in
the winter comparable performance is even better, with F599 taking just one-
minute to dry while other spray adhesives can take five or more to achieve
the same state.
More adhesive in the can, means more adhesive and so F599 goes down
thicker than the competition creating a higher coat weight on the subfloor.The
result is that F599 creates a stronger bond, giving more peace of mind and
allowing installers to work without worry.
Floorwise hasn’t just thought about what is in the can, it has also thought
about how it comes out. Cans of F599 are equipped with the latest in nozzle
technology, allowing both the flow and direction of adhesive to be controlled
by the installer.This helps to reduce the chance of overspray onto walls and
skirtings making for a cleaner and quicker job.
With a coverage rate of 3m2 from a 500ml can on a single, smooth and non-
porous surface, F599 is perfect for small rooms and those little finishing jobs
and with no CFC propellants it will not damage the ozone layer. F599 Spray
Adhesive can be used to adhere foam-backed and polyurethane-backed
carpets, carpet tiles, cork, paper felt, underlays and felts to wood, concrete,
stone, terrazzo and quarry tile floors.

from The Stocklists                                                                April 2008   49

       Ulster’s Hard Days Night
       One of Ulster Carpets’ most recent projects is set to
       become part of a worldwide phenomena. Twenty
       years after conception, Hard Days Night in Liverpool
       has opened its doors as a Beatles themed hotel,
       named after the second movie the world famous
       group starred in.
       Situated in the 'Beatles Quarter' of Liverpool city
       and adjacent to the Cavern Club where the group
       first rose to fame, the Hotel is a 'Grade II' listed
       building dating back to 1884.
       Helping to create a unique, yet tasteful Beatles
       themed environment pitched at the luxury end of
       the hotel market, Ulster Carpets in conjunction with
       Design LSM created a series of designs to
       complement the décor and the specially
       commissioned artwork that depicts the story of
       the Beatles.

       2008 edition - fully updated
                                                                   Issue 2008.1

       The A-Z of the carpet industry on a searchable CD
             carpet qualities

       GET IT NOW
       Order your copy For £49 on CD (bound copy £69) Ask us now

       Credit card hotline: 01482 659396

50   April 2008                                                       FlooringNews
                                                                                                                Live expertise at tile show
                                                           Floorstyle 08 has revealed its events line-up for this year’s launch show. Running alongside The Tile & Stone
                                                           Show, the exhibition’s itinerary will include a live ‘Test the Experts’ floor laying challenge, a three-day seminar
                                                                                      programme and a host of practical events within the show’s Demonstration Zone.
                                                                Sponsored by The National Institute of Carpet & Floor Layers, Floorstyle 08’s ‘Test the Experts’ will see
                                                           industry renowned expert floorlayers, John Roberts and Steve Ramsden, set the challenge of transforming a
                                                                          room in front of a live audience. The challenge will take place within two purpose-built booths
                                                             incorporating contractors’ nightmares, from an ornate toilet to a curved staircase, creating an eye-catching
                                                                installation showpiece. As well as demonstrating how experts tackle various tricky situations, there will
                                                                                                            also be an interactive question and answer session for visitors.
                                                                            Meanwhile, Floorstyle 08’s Seminar Theatre, sponsored by Amtico, will host a varied mix of
                                                                 presentations and lectures from industry speakers. The programme will cover a variety of topics, from
                                                                                                            design inspiration to specification of different wood species.
                                                                         Adding a practical element to the show, the Demonstration Zone will host a series of product
                                                                    demonstrations, enabling exhibitors to give practical, hands-on advice to potential customers. These
                                                             will include a series of daily demonstrations hosted by floor finishing specialist, Werkmaster, who will cover
                                                                         hardwood sanding, lippage removal on marble and the polishing and grinding of concrete slabs.
                                          Floorstyle 08 will take place at ExCeL London from Sunday 29 June to Tuesday 1 July. For more information, please contact
                                    Stuart Bourne on tel. +44 (0)1892 752400, email or visit

   Burmatex new duo for design
   Burmatex has appointed two talented design consultants to fill the newly created roles.
   Alastair Scott and Louise Welsh will provide support to Burmatex’s sales force by servicing the
   architect and design community.
   Alastair and Louise will be instrumental in raising Burmatex’s profile among architects and
   commercial interior design specialists, developing relationships with them and securing
   specifications on exciting high profile developments.
   Alastair, 27, is originally from Northampton and has now settled in London. He joins Burmatex
   with a degree in graphic design. Commenting on his appointment, Alastair said: “Burmatex has
   developed an excellent reputation during its extensive history in the flooring industry.The new
   Lateral, Zip and Code ranges are a clear indication of the innovation and ambition inherent within
   the company as it moves forward into the architect and design sector. It’s fantastic to be at such a
   dynamic company where all the employees are passionate and are pulling in the same direction.”
   Louise, also 27, is a textiles design graduate who joins from a ladies clothing company where she headed up the design department. Based in
   Leeds, she is excited about joining Burmatex at such a progressive time: “Burmatex has a great reputation – I love the product portfolio and the
   company’s strategy to differentiate through design innovation sits well with my own ambitions.
    “The company’s longevity comes down to its ability to evolve with the industry, while at the same retaining its individuality. Burmatex sources
   local materials that appeal on a global scale, and consistently develops products that are attractive to a wide spectrum of audiences, with excellent
   colour palettes and high design content.” Darren Clanford, head of design at Burmatex, is delighted to welcome Louise and Alastair to the design
   team: “The role of the design consultant is instrumental in raising and fortifying Burmatex’s reputation in the architect and design community, it’s
   great to welcome talented people on board and testament to the progression that our three year re-brand has afforded us.”

from The Stocklists                                                                                                                                            April 2008    51
     Harrogate showcase is primed
     In its 16th edition, the National Floor Show returns to Harrogate from the 2nd to
     the 4th September 2008.
     Over 120 exhibitors have already confirmed their presence including key industry
     players such as Brintons, Associated Weavers, Lano, Quick-Step, Karndean, Balterio
     and many more.
     After an extremely successful edition in 2007, this year the National Floor Show
     will continue to showcase a vast selection of the best products in the industry.
     From traditional to innovative and from conservative to contemporary NFS offers
     an invaluable opportunity for exhibitors to present their products to a prime
     audience and for visitors to write business for the season ahead.
     Bringing together the entire variety of flooring products, visitors will see a range
     of carpet, rugs, laminate, underlay, vinyl and hard wood floors, together with
     accessories and tools.
     If you wish to exhibit at NFS 08 please contact Sunny Patel, Sales Manager on
     +44 (0)207 921 8415 or by email .
     As the UK’s largest, National Floor Show 2008 is seen as the must attend
     flooring event.

     WoolSafe builds product portfolio
                                                                                            Carpet courses launched
     The Woolsafe Organisation works towards promoting the correct
     care and maintenance of wool and wool-rich carpets and through its                     Elite training part of O2H2 Flooring Consultants Ltd is pleased to
     approved products scheme, chemical manufacturers can have their                        announce two specialist seminars designed specifically for the carpet and
     carpet cleaning products independently tested and certified to give                    floorcovering industry.
     professional carpet cleaners and cleaning contractors peace of mind.
     As recognition for The Woolsafe Organisation grows, more and more                      The seminars are based on those which were previously conducted by
     chemical products are submitted for testing and in the past six                        RBI (Europe) Ltd the International consultancy run by John Hopkins.
     months 14 maintenance products have been added to the growing                          Dates of seminars
     list of Woolsafe Approved products alone.                                              Understanding carpets - 9th and 10th June 2008
     Not only operating in the UK, Woolsafe has operations throughout                       Estimating and planning - 11th and 12th June 2008
     the globe and this has seen products in the USA, Australia and
     Germany also making it onto the Woolsafe Approved list.                                Course fees £275.00 plus vat per course
                                                                                            Both courses booked together £500.00 plus vat
     Australia-based Sonitron Cleaning Solutions that formulates cleaning
     chemicals for a wide range of uses has had two products approved                       Course fee includes full documentation, refreshments and lunches. A list
     under the scheme: Zenith Encapsulating Carpet Shampoo and SK50                         of suitable accommodation and hotels is available on request.
     Hot Water Soil Extraction Pre-spray.
     Ecolab GmbH & Co in Germany has seen its Sapur Spray-Ex, Sapur                         The seminars will be held at the headquarters of O2H2, in Evesham,
     A and Sapur Powder given Woolsafe Approved status and these join                       Worcester.Telephone John Hopkins on 01562 747698 or email
     Sapur Shampoo that was approved last year.                                    for further details.
     In the USA, JohnsonDiversey’s NuVac is a new style carpet cleaning
     product that is sprayed on to the carpet, left to dry and then
     vacuumed. Proven totally safe for use on wool and wool-rich carpets
     by Woolsafe, the chemical reaction of NuVac encapsulates the dirt on            Barry Fletcher retires
     the carpet fibre and once dried this allows simple removal via
                                                                                                                       Barry Fletcher, F. Ball and Co. Ltd.’s Technical
     Von Schrader Company’s Anti-Resoil Carpet Detergent (Red Label)
     also now has approved kudos in the UK, USA and many other                                                         Representative for Yorkshire and the North
     countries.This product is an anti-resoil detergent concentrate                                                    East of England has retired after 25 years
     formulated for professional low-moisture extraction cleaning of                                                   with the company.
     carpets made from all fibres.This new status means that Von
                                                                                                                       Barry spent his working life in the flooring
     Schrader’s Blue Label and Red Label carpet detergents are all proven
                                                                                                                       industry in a variety of technical roles for
     safe to use on wool and wool-rich carpets.
                                                                                                                       different companies. In his role for F. Ball he
     Finally, a total of six new carpet protectors from Fiber-Seal in the                                              developed excellent working relationships
     USA have been given Woolsafe approval.This new generation of                                                      with flooring contractors, providing on-site
     protectors including Fabridyne 4002 and 2502, Masterpel 4006 and                                                  support and advice wherever required.
     2506 and Suretex 4010 and 2510, are all based on similar active
     ingredients but varying in other respects to meet the various                                                     Barry, who received his gold watch for long
     requirements of the carpet cleaning industry.                                                                     service last year, is looking forward to lots
                                                                                                                       of travelling especially in Northern Italy.
     For further information on The Woolsafe Organisation and the
                                                                                                                       Whilst at home, he will help his son
     services offered by them telephone 0800 731 5688 fax 01943
     462127 or email                                                                                renovate his house.

52    April 2008                                                                                                                                          FlooringNews
The British Wool column
                         BWMB launch info-brochure for Spring
                                           retailer promotion
  As lighter nights and brighter days approach, we are introducing our latest British Wool
retailer promotion. The finish of the British Wool/Farm Stay UK prize draw at the end of
      February – winners to be announced in next month’s issue - provided real food for
                                                 thought for the BWMB marketing team.
   “We had produced a very nice promotional pack for the Autumn retailer promotion,”
    said Irfan Khan, promotions manager for the BWMB. “The desktop leaflet dispenser is
 already in the hands of over 200 retailers and we wanted to give it a future use. So we
        discussed ideas with a few people in the trade and found out what they liked and
                                               wanted in terms of British Wool literature.”
    The general consensus was that people like to know a little more about the wool and
also to know about the chain of activity from field to floor. Sheep images also seemed to
         be popular – with some retailers commenting that British breeds and origin were
                                                       increasingly attractive to consumers.
 “At British Wool we have a wealth of material about sheep, sheep farmers, the textile
      industry and carpet but nothing captured the right balance of wool/sheep/carpet
    information that they were asking for. So we have created our new info-brochure
              especially for the retailer, which is going to be a great promotional tool,”
                                                                            said Mr Khan.
 The leaflet will initially be sent to all retailers that participated in the Autumn promotion
        but if this proves successful, may be rolled out to other retailers later in the year.
“We have had some superb support from the retail network and it is brilliant when they
    participate in our promotions. The intention is to keep building this relationship with
Spring and Autumn promotions with either a point of sale or incentive based campaign. “
  Retailers who wish to be involved in future British Wool promotions should contact the                   The latest info-brochure by British Wool is designed
   marketing team on 0800 0288 673 and leave their name, address and contact number.                       specifically for the retailer

                                                                                             Cormar Carpets launch Berwick in
                                                                                             British Wool
                                                                                             Cormar Carpets have introduced a superb new range in
                                                                                             British Wool in time for Spring. The Berwick range brings
                                                                                             the ever-popular country look to the floor with a superb
                                                                                             palette of heather shades. Introducing sage greens, russets,
                                                                                             golds and mid tone taupes to the creams and beiges which
                                                                                             continue to attract the consumer, Cormar are reflecting a
                                                                                             subtle design trend towards warmer tones
                                                                                             Perfect for high traffic areas, the range is available in 40oz
                                                                                             and 50oz and is produced on 10th gauge machinery in 80%
                                                                                             British Wool, which provides greater resilience to footfall and
                                                                                             superb retention of colour.
                                                                                             Additionally Cormar have introduced new larger display
                                                                                             stands, which are available in ivory and walnut as a space
       Salisbury shades mood board in British Wool.                                          saving double and compact lectern. These new display items
                                                                                             are designed to co-ordinate with the wall display units,
                                                                                             featured at the NFS in Harrogate last year.
                                                                                             Commenting on Berwick, David Cormack, marketing director
                                                                                             for Cormar said,
                                                                                              “We’ve carefully considered the two new ranges and are
                                                                                             confident that they will match the market’s requirements
                                                                                             in terms of composition, colours and styles. The new style
                                                                                             lecterns will enhance these qualities.”
                                                                                             Berwick will be rolled out to retailers over the forthcoming
                                                                                             three months and has been priced competitively to address
                                                                                             challenging conditions within the market place.
                                                                                             Other British Wool ranges by Cormar Carpets are
                                                                                             Highlander, Buchanan, Salisbury and Town & Country.

                                                                                                 The new Berwick range in British Wool displayed on the double lectern.

from The Stocklists                                                                                                                                               April 2008   53
                                                                                                             Dennis Flower, former editor of
                                                                                                             Carpet & Floorcovering Review,

Flower on Flooring                                                                                                writes a monthly column
                                                                                                                         on industry topics

                                                                                                         by Dennis Flower

For the love of rugs
One of the advantages of rugs is that they can be all things to all men, if        collection comprises 15 different ranges and covers everything from the
you'll forgive the non-pc phrase, in that they incorporate all types of style,     latest cutting edge designs in the RO ranges to the more restrained elegance
weave, colours, yarn and, increasingly, new materials and effects.                 of the company's carved, metallics and shag pile collections.
Despite fears of a downturn in the UK economy, illustrated by the likes of         The flagship, hand knotted Herbal Wash range offers rugs with a unique
Handmade Carpets going into administration, many suppliers of rugs are             patina and texture. After completion, several cycles of manual washes follow,
continuing to innovate. By daring to be different, the intention is to draw        with a secret formula of herbs creating a golden hue to create an antique
attention to their products and this tactic has proved effective in many areas     effect and a blend of modernity and antiquity.
of the retail market.
                                                                                   The hand stitched rugs in the Kashmir range are a radical reinterpretation of
Most suppliers have also recognised the need to continue offering something        a traditional technique that can be used on the floor or as a wall hanging.
for the mid market and stock both traditional and modern versions that             The Hemp2 range includes stylish designs to consumers looking for an eco-
cover all areas of the pricing spectrum.The intention of the majority is to        friendly option, whilst the Mountain and Om ranges contain trusted old
retain existing retail customers, with new ranges providing opportunities for      favourites.
additional orders.
                                                                                   Homecastle reports a vibrant start to 2008 and believes its focus on
McThree feels that the best way to proceed in 2008 is to ensure it offers the      products that specifically suit the UK market have helped it to avoid seasonal
latest designs at the best value for money to encourage spending
momentum in the market. With shaggy continuing to sell well it has
introduced the Montreal premium super-soft version in a range of colours
including black/white and grey/silver combinations.
The company launched Diamond at this year's Domotex to reflect one of
the latest trends for shiny and metallic looks. Using shiny polyamide yarn it is
positioned within McThree's Valencia collection, which has benefited from
further new additions.
Also new are the Casino and Senso Earth ranges of competitively priced
heat set rugs, in a selection of colours aimed specifically at the UK market.

                                                                                                      i2k’s Hemp2 range                               Lano’s Tivoli

                                                                                   stock clearances. Demand for natural shades continues, says the company,
                                                                                   especially for organic, free-flowing and floral forms, along with gentle waves
                                                                                   and pebbles.
                                                                                   Other popular ranges include contrasting damasks in black/cream and
                                                                                   freeform designs in warm shades of red, ginger, russet and chocolate. Most
                                                                                   companies find shaggy rugs are still performing well and Homecastle has
                                                                                   added more monochrome options to its range.

   Lano’s Kamira                          McThree’s Diamond                        Flatweaves are also in demand for both runners and rugs and the company
                                                                                   finds the indoor/outdoor multi-functional options are now increasing in
                                                                                   volume at the start of the Spring season. Further new introductions will
                                                                                   include ethically-produced designs and these will be announced on
British Sheepskin has observed that the trend for brighter colours has shifted
                                                                                   Homecastle's redesigned website.
back towards naturals over the past year. Within its Naturals colourways, the
company is reporting good sales in both dyed and un-dyed rug styles.               Lano Carpets is another that has launched new designs in view of the latest
                                                                                   trend developments.These include further additions to its 100% polypropylene
On the dyed front, both extremes of naturals are popular, from light creams
                                                                                   Tivoli textured stainless collection that combines striking styles with practicality.
to dark browns, including silvery greys.This also follows for its natural undyed
colourways, with mosaic bespoke rugs combining a variety of shades and             Kamira is aimed at those moving away from minimalism. Another
proving a hit with consumers.                                                      polypropylene, stain-free collection, its attractively crafted designs have been
                                                                                   created to provide warm, eye-catching highlights within the home.
Singles still make up 70% of the company's sales, but larger rugs
incorporating more than one skin find favour with those seeking to enhance         The company also finds its stair runners are selling well, prompting the launch
their interior design.                                                             of the 80% wool, 20% nylon Avenue in a range of five woven axminster
                                                                                   designs. Lano anticipates that the stripes option will prove to be the most
India 2000 (i2k) has emerged as a leading modern rug supplier and offers a
                                                                                   popular with consumers, as this trend continues to find favour (see Stocklists
comprehensive spectrum of styles, techniques and qualities. Its contemporary
                                                                                   March 2008 issue, Flower on Flooring).

from The Stocklists                                                                                                                                    April 2008     55

 Stocklists Classified        FOR SALE                                                       CARPET TILES

      ATTENTION CARPET SUPPLIERS                                       Dyne Carpet Tile
                 Turn those remnants into cash!
      New and reconditioned carpet/rug whipping, fringing
                                                                         Company Ltd
      and taping machines available for immediate delivery.              200,000 tiles available from stock
                   For further details contact                                  8 current stock lines
                  DAVID ALMOND LTD.                                      Clearance lines less than half price
                                 Unit 16 Kansas Avenue, Salford M50 2GL
     Union Works, Bacup Road, Waterfoot, Rossendale, Lancs. BB4 7LN
     Tel. 01706 214817                          Fax. 01706 214819         Tel: 0161 877 8877 Fax: 0161 877 5610
                             FORKLIFTS                                                 FREE SAMPLES SENT 1st CLASS

       Comprehensive range of Forklifts, refurbished
                                                                                               FOR SALE
     ready for use, ideal for Carpet trade £995-£3,850
               Booms and transport available.
                     Tel: 01473 311447                                          ATTENTION
                                                                             CARPET SUPPLIERS
        Classified adverts                                                        Turn those remnants into cash!
                                                                       New and reconditioned carpet/rug whipping, fringing
                                                                       and taping machines available for immediate delivery.
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     An essential tool of the flooring trade
                                                                                                                  Issue 2008.1
     The A-Z of the carpet industry
     on a searchable CD
          carpet qualities
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