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					                                    BOMA Toy Drive a Huge Success!
                                                                                                          by Kelly DeFonté
OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS                  Once again, SABOMA members did not fail
President                           us with their generosity. We collected an
Susan Shepard, CPM, RPA             estimated value of over $1,000 for our holiday
Equity Office 349-3324
                                    toy drive, which included $400 in gift certificates.
Vice President
Eileen Kondoff, CPM                 There was a wonderful assortment of toys for
Cross & Company 824-9080            both boys and girls of all age groups – the back
Secretary/Treasurer                 of my car was completely full with no room to
Brenda Younts
EG & G Management Services          spare! On Friday, December 7th, Rebecca
362-7882                            Camacho and I met where San Antonio
General Counsel                     Construction News (SACN) was holding its toy
Gay Gueringer
Richie & Gueringer, P.C. 220-1080   drive. As I drove up wearing a Santa cap,
                                    several news cameras rushed to my car. Magic
                                    105 was broadcasting onsite, and television news
John Anthis, CPM, RPA               crews from KENS and KMOL were there as               Santa’s little helpers: Kelly DeFonté,
Trammell Crow Company                                                                     Rebecca Camacho and a toy drive
                                    well as a couple of other stations I didn’t get a
Kelly DeFonté                                                                                         representative.
Transwestern Commercial Services    chance to identify. It was very exciting and
Cindi Furrow                        SACN was very grateful for our contribution
Lillibridge Healthcare Management   to their cause.
Margo Law                               The toys we collected will be given to the children that pass through the Bexar
Healthcare Realty Management
                                    County Child Welfare Division. These children have all been removed from their
ALLIED DIRECTORS                    homes by Child Protective Services and some end up at the San Antonio Children’s
Pam Brant                           Shelter. These kids really need a break, and I am honored that SABOMA has been
Plant Interscapes
                                    a part of giving them a glimmer of hope that there are people who care about them.
Richey Houdek
ABM Janitorial Services                 Thank you to all members who contributed, and to your associates who helped
Robert Steele                       you. In the words of Tiny Tim, “GOD BLESS US, EVERYONE!”
Blackmon Mooring Steamatic
Dick Zucker
Beldon Roofing Company
David Held
Trammell Crow Company
Susan Sweet, CPM
Rector Management

                                                         Page 1
Volume XXXIV, No. 1                                                                                               January, 2002
President’s Letter —
     In November, I received a voice mail from David Held.           controversy. Webster’s defines indifferent as “not
His message: “It is my pleasure to remind you that                      mattering; unimportant; having no marked feeling or
your first newsletter article is due by December                           preference; impartial”. That fit! I breezed through
15th”. His voice was a cross between glee and                                 life and paid little attention to what was happening
sarcasm; there was no remorse in his voice. David                             around me, unless it somehow affected me directly.
wasn’t just being a nice guy to remind me of my                               (And, yes, I’m the spoiled baby of my family!) But,
deadline. Besides amusing me, it started me thinking                         with maturation, I grew away from indifference and
about the context of my article. It’s now December                        withholding expression of what I really felt about issues.
and Lynn is emailing me wanting to know when she’ll                       My divorce from indifference came suddenly. As I
get my article. It was due yesterday. Yet, here I sit, still        watched the repeated sequences of the Towers collapsing I
trying to decide how to put my thoughts into words. Maybe           realized there’s not much room in life for indifference.
I’ll explain how I arrived here as your new BOMA President.             Now everything is important. If I don’t see or talk to a
     I was very indifferent about BOMA when I first joined.         friend for a while, no longer do I think I’ll get to them later.
My membership with BOMA started probably pretty much                I don’t wait to call Mom tomorrow instead of today. I tell
the way yours did. Someone suggested I should join once I           my team thank you at the end of each day. I say a prayer
became involved in property management. Hating                      for the firemen when I pass a fire truck instead of wondering
organizations and wanting no part of them, for a few years          where the fire is. I get away from my desk more and worry
I stayed hidden in the background. (Although I confess – a          less about the paperwork on it. The New York Times online
friend roped me into serving on the BOMA OPEN                       is now my favorite web site. Notices of “action” or “alert”
Committee.) I didn’t realize at that time all the beneficial        from BOMA now get my attention. More questions are
information on laws, codes, etc. that BOMA could offer              asked when someone wants access to the building roof or
me. Then, my new boss came to town. He loved BOMA                   electrical closets. Opening the mail is scary. I think before I
and thought it was great (he still does)! “YOU need to be           speak – I may not have a chance to take the words back. I
involved in it,” he said. So, being the wise employee that I        wonder what God thinks about the actions of his creations.
am, I became “involved”. First I was a member of the Board,         And, I still don’t like Geraldo.
then the Treasurer and, well, the rest is history as they say.          For all of these things, both good and bad, my quality of
My indifference has diminished as I’ve opened up to BOMA            life has been better since September. My indifference to
and allowed it to become a part of my life.                         life’s events is gone. Things matter now. From adversity
     I come by my indifference honestly. Born to parents            does come good.
divided by Democrat vs. Republican, Baptist vs. Methodist,                                             Susan Shepard, CPM, RPA
and so on, I learned to be indifferent just to avoid the                                                                  President

          Sponsors Sought For Southwest Conference
                                                                                        by Eileen Kondoff, sponsor chair
       San Antonio BOMA is excited to be the host city for          there won’t be exclusive exposure with this new
   the 2002 BOMA Southwest Regional Conference.                     arrangement, it will allow for more participation — which
   Members from Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, New                      will be better for everyone.
   Mexico, Arkansas, Kansas and Louisiana. The                          Please consider helping our organization with a
   conference will be April 10-14 at the Sheraton Gunter            sponsorship of this event. If you are a regional or national
   Hotel.                                                           company, remember that since the meeting is for the
       Plans are progressing nicely, but one area we are            entire southwest region, the cost could be shared among
   falling behind in is sponsorships. Today’s economy is a          the marketing budgets from several of your offices. The
   very different one than several months ago, and we are           new form, highlighting all levels and their benefits, will
   finding it especially tough to sell these this year. In light    be faxed to members. In closing, I want to state that we
   of this, the committee has revamped the levels to allow          truly appreciate all your contributions to SABOMA,
   for more companies to come in at lower cost levels. While        monetary and otherwise. Thanks for your support!

                                                               Page 2
                  What Has BOMA Done for You Lately?
    As our country enters a recession, corporate belt-                • An elevator bill strongly supported by the elevator
tightening is inevitable. If your owner casts a critical eye          labor union did not pass. Other bills that would have
over your BOMA expenses, here is some good information                amended the elevator inspection statute did not pass.
to share so a balanced, fully-informed decision can be made.
                                                                      • A bill that would have required building owners to
BOMA International                                                    provide reserved parking for low emission vehicles was
    In the wake of the terrorist attacks, BOMA International          defeated.
worked swiftly to collect and provide information on building
security and tenant safety. Safe ventilation also came to the         • A bill that would have required owners to pay
forefront as airborne anthrax incidences arose. More than           interest on construction retainage did not pass.
any other event ever could, this highlights the value of a           The Final Legislative Report provides much more detail
professional peer network in times of immediate need for          about TXBOMA’s legislative efforts and is available at
critical information.                                   
    Other areas BOMA International is actively involved           San Antonio BOMA
with are:                                                             Our biggest success this year was working with San
  • the growing movement to place automatic external              Antonio Water System (SAWS) on their enforcement
  defibrillators (AEDs) in public and private buildings;          procedures of water wasters. When several building
                                                                  managers brought to our attention that they had been
  • managing rooftop space to address radio frequency             personally cited, taken to court, and put on probation for
  (RF) emission safety and other liability issues while           water run-off issues on their property, SABOMA and several
  maximizing return on your investment;                           other local real estate associations stepped in to remedy the
                                                                  situation. SAWS personnel stated that a personal citation
  • monitoring electrical deregulation and the energy
                                                                  was not their goal but stressed that water conservation must
  crisis in the Northwest;
                                                                  be taken seriously. When the notification process was
  • supporting the development of a national safety               examined, it became evident that improvements to their
  standard for window cleaning operations;                        contact list and communication policy for issuing warnings
                                                                  were needed. The SABOMA office has worked with SAWS
  • working to ensure that the new generation of                  representatives to see that these have been put into place.
  accessibility regulations provide increased consistency
                                                                      On the education front, we upheld our commitment to
  between federal, state, local and model accessibility
                                                                  provide brief, timely seminars on issues of interest, as well
  requirements, offer more reasonable, more flexible, and
                                                                  as full BOMI courses for commercial property managers.
  clearer technical requirements, and lead to more
  consistent interpretation, application, and enforcement;                                              continued on page 5

  • advocating the interests of building owners and
  managers in the various organizations that develop
  model codes and standards; and
                                                                  People Tracks —
  • continuing to collect and publish operating income                • Amanda Henne is now Cram Roofing’s
  and expense data for commercial properties in North                   BOMA representative. She may be reached
  America.                                                              at (210) 694-7815 or
  Texas BOMA                                                          • Yolanda Herrera is now managing Renaissance
  TXBOMA represents over 1,700 building owners,                         Plaza for Kennedy Wilson Properties. She may
  managers and service providers across the state to impact             be reached at (210) 340-7888.
  legislation and regulatory and code development. Through            • Joanna Plata is now Kennedy Wilson’s
  your dues and collective efforts in working with our elected
                                                                        representative at 10010 San Pedro. She may be
  and appointed officials we have been very successful in
                                                                        reached at (210) 342-2248.
  making sure that our membership and industry has a solid/
  loud voice in the laws that are passed. During the 2001             • Paul Baker is now the BOMA representative
  Legislative Session, we had the following successes:                  for Initial Security. He may be reached at (210)
                                                                        829-8029 or
  • International Building Codes and title policy/survey
  bills passed.

                                                             Page 3
                           Scholarships Available for
                        Property Management Education
    In 1999, the Board of Directors of San Antonio BOMA                    etc. (i.e., property managers, assistant managers,
created a program to provide scholarships to students for                  administrative assistants). The place of business must
professional education, either for participation in designation            be within the San Antonio geographical area. If the
programs offered by the BOMI Institute, or to attend                       applicant’s employer is not a member of San Antonio
educational programs offered by BOMA (Southwest                            BOMA, the company must join for the applicant to be
Conference, Convention, Boot Camp, Top Gun, Medical                        considered for a scholarship.
Office Building Seminars, Executive Education, etc.). The
maximum amount of assistance provided for BOMA                             • Applicants must submit a letter of recommendation
educational programs is 100% of the registration fee, plus                 from their supervisor which also states that the
(a) $250 for other expenses associated with a program in                   company policies, etc., do not allow the company to
Texas or (b) $750 for other expenses associated with a                     fund the entire cost of courses. The letter should detail
program outside of Texas.                                                  the degree (if any) of assistance the company will
    Since its inception, only two students have utilized this
funding. We hope, by publicizing the scholarship early in the              • Applicants must have long-term career plans in the
year, that members can plan for courses they would like to                 commercial real estate industry and must also have at
take and apply for the scholarship if their employer will not              least two years of experience in the field.
or can not fund the expense. A copy of the scholarship
application for property managers is inserted in this                      • For BOMI Institute courses – if not previously
newsletter. We are holding the Southwest Conference right                  enrolled in the program, the recipient is responsible for
here in San Antonio this year – it just doesn’t get more                   payment of the one-time enrollment fee (currently $150
convenient than that! Please note that we also fund education              for all courses of study). This expenditure is not
for building engineers; just let Lynn know you would like a                necessary to apply for a scholarship, but, if approved, it
copy of the application for maintenance courses. Remember,                 must be paid at the time of course registration.
among the few things more expensive than an education                      • Applicants must complete an application form and
these days is the lack of it.                                              write a minimum 250 word essay about their career
Criteria of Scholarship Eligibility                                        plans and why they are deserving of the scholarship.
  • Applicants must be employed by a current Regular                       • Each scholarship award covers one course or
  Member of San Antonio BOMA, and hold a position in                       meeting. With each additional course taken,
  the field of commercial real estate, i.e., management or                 reapplication is necessary. Recipients must complete
  leasing of office, facilities, retail, industrial properties,            and pass each course to be eligible for subsequent

                                               News Roundup
      Ron Burton is BOMA International’s new Executive                 he served as senior staff vice president in the advocacy
  Director of Advocacy & Research Advancement,                         group.
  replacing Gerry Lederer. In his new position, Ron will                  USAA is vacating 83,000 square feet in the Colonnade
  lead several of BOMA’s top advocacy issues, such as                  Centre because of a decision to move USAA Information
  private property rights, energy, building codes, taxes,              and Technology Co.’s employees to USAA’s main
  telecommunications, transportation, Americans with                   campus. USAA Real Estate owns, manages and leases
  Disabilities Act (ADA), land usage and other commercial              the Colonnade, a 131,000-square-foot building at 9830
  real estate issues. Ron comes to BOMA from the                       Colonnade. USAA Real Estate will maintain its offices
  National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB), where                   there. (source: TAMU Real Estate Center)

                                                                  Page 4
                   In the Spotlight:                                             What Has BOMA
            Naomi Kiolbassa, Property Manager,                                   Done for You Lately?
              Concord Plaza, REOC Partners                                                      continued from page 3
1) Tell us something about you that very few people in SABOMA know.
    “I was married at 18, and have two boys age 22 and 23.”                         • The BOMI mini-course “Ethics is
2) Who is the person that you admire most?                                          Good Business” was offered to all
    “My Grandmother. She was born in in Russia and came to America                  members, regardless of BOMI
    at a very young age. She became a U.S. citizen through marriage.                designation status. The instructor
    When I was young, I didn’t appreciate the stories she would tell of             was our General Counsel, attorney
    her life. I wish now that she was still here so that I could listen to          Gay Gueringer. MCE credit from
    them.”                                                                          TREC was available for this course
3) What was your most embarrassing moment?                                          • A half-day seminar was held on
    “I was walking up the steps of Lincoln Center and my slip fell down             legal issues arising in the
    around my ankles. I stepped out of it, folded it up, and put it in my           management and maintenance of
    purse.”                                                                         commercial real estate, led by Gay
4) What was your most exotic vacation?                                              Gueringer. MCE credit from TREC
                                                                                    was available for this course.
    “Hawaii. It was relaxing, the pace was slow, we ate fresh pineapples,
    and went to a luau on the beach.”                                               • A half-day seminar was held on
5) What is your favorite movie?                                                     utility billing issues which featured
    “Mrs. Doubtfire.”                                                               representatives of electricity and gas
                                                                                    provider City Public Service, and
6) If you were marooned on a desert island, what two items would you take?          water provider SAWS.
    “A blanket. You could sit on it, cover up with it, and use it for shelter.
    And Don (Naomi’s significant other) because I could talk to him for             • Design, Operation and
    hours.”                                                                         Maintenance of Building Systems,
                                                                                    Parts I and II, were taught by Mel
7) What was your most unusual job?
                                                                                    Trachta, CPM, RPA of Orion
    “I was a Receptionist for a TV repair company at Canyon Lake. I                 Partners. Continuing Education
    was allowed to sunbathe during business hours.”                                 Credit was available from UTSA for
8) If you could come back as anyone in another life, who would it be?               this BOMI course.
    “Just as me”                                                                    • Fundamentals of Facilities
9) What was your first car?                                                         Management was taught by Ed
    “A ’72 Maverick”                                                                Ferrari of Sunbelt Construction.
10) What was your nickname in high school?                                          Continuing Education Credit was
                                                                                    available from UTSA for this BOMI
    “Nomie.”                                                                        course.
11) Tell us about your childhood pets.
                                                                                  The Bottom Line
    “We had two dogs; A chihuahua named “Farfel” and a dachshund
    with bad breath named “Burger.”                                                   We     are    proud      of   our
                                                                                  accomplishments this year — but in
                                                                                  order to continue this success, BOMA
                                                                                  needs the ongoing financial support of
              New Allied Member                                                   its members. Dues invoices for 2002
                                                                                  have been mailed, and your payment
          Hill Horticulture, Inc.                                                 includes affiliation with SABOMA,
          Representative: John Hill, President                                    Texas     BOMA,         and    BOMA
          930 Clydeville, San Antonio, TX 78216                                   International. Thank you for your
          Phone: 210-494-6469                                                     support of our association, and the
                                                                                  commercial real estate industry!
          Sponsors: John Anthis, Gene Bartosh, Susan Shepard

                                                           Page 5
        BOMA Applauds                                            BOMA Holiday Cocktail
        Window Cleaning                                            Party Highlights
        Safety Standard
    After reviewing the new I-14.1 Window Cleaning Safety
Standard, BOMA International applauds the International
Window Cleaning Association (IWCA) for its commitment
to finalizing a project that was five years in the making and
ultimately won the approval of the American National
Standards Institute (ANSI). The ANSI/IWCA I-14.1
Window Cleaning Safety Standard is a two-part document
that will serve as a guide for both building owners and
window cleaners.
    “We joined the IWCA I-14 Committee in November 1999
to support and develop a consistent and comprehensive
national safety standard for window cleaning operations,”
said BOMA President Sherwood Johnston, III. “As a
                                                                     Margo and Phil Law, with Ginny and Bart Hayward
member of the committee, BOMA sought to address safety
in a manner that was fair, reasonable, achievable and cost
effective, and in which safety regulations were based on
reliable data and not marketing forces. I believe we’ve
accomplished that through the approval of this window
cleaning safety standard.”
    Part A of the I-14.1 Window Cleaning Safety Standard
will address safety guidelines, while Part B is geared
towards professionals in the window cleaning industry. In
addition, the standard addresses some access equipment,
including rope-descended systems, transportable and
permanent suspended scaffolds, ladders and man-lifts, and
provides guidelines for each system’s appropriate use.
    Printed copies of the ANSI/IWCA I-14.1 Window
Cleaning Safety Standard are available for purchase at
                                                                      Pam Brant, Kathy Brady, Karin and Mike Senneff,
                                                                                  and Tomi Sue Beecham

       Do you know this BOMA member’s
   name? The first person to call (830) 981-
   5223 with the correct answer will win a free
   BOMA luncheon!
       Congratulations to last
   month’s winner, Jim Lee of
   Brandt Engineering! He
   correctly identified the wheresit
   as Homeside Plaza. Good luck
   to all on this month’s contest!

                                                                     David and Kim Webb, Greg Esmon and Mike Barber

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Page 7
San Antonio BOMA
P.O. Box 692088
San Antonio, TX 78269

Address Service Requested

 2002 Committee Chairpersons:                              Mark Your Calendar —
 Ambassador                               Dick Zucker &
                                          Bob Cherniss     January 2002
 Awards                                       David Held   11 - 14 BOMA International Winter Business Meeting in
 BOMA OPEN                            Richey Houdek &              Beverly Hills, CA
                                         Eileen Kondoff
 Community Service                     Kelly DeFonte &     15        Membership Luncheon, 11:45 am - 1:00 pm
                                    Rebecca Camacho                  at San Francisco Steak House
 Education                              Beverly Koch &     31        Board of Directors Meeting, 11:45 - 1:00
                                              Pat Babka              Piatti Restaurant
 Finance                                 Brenda Younts
 Leadership Development                       David Held   February 2002
 Legislative Affairs                Tomi Sue Beecham       6         Membership Luncheon, 11:45 am - 1:00 pm
 Medical Office Buildings                  Cindi Furrow              San Francisco Steak House
 Membership                              Jessica Reyna
                                                           8         Texas BOMA Board Meeting in Austin,
 Newsletter                           Greg Lillibridge &             10 am - 2 pm
                                             Pam Brant
 Program                               Michelle Dunn &     21        BOMI course “Real Estate Investment &
                                      David Sunderland               Finance” begins
 Public Relations                            Tom Morris    28        Board of Directors Meeting, 11:45 - 1:00
 Regional Conference 2002                 Mel Trachta &              Piatti Restaurant
                                              Kim Webb
 Social                                   Marcy Barber
 TOBY                                  Susan Lillibridge
                                                                     New Regular
 Executive Vice President         Ph: (830) 981-5223
 Lynn Forester                   Fax: (830) 981-5188
 Texas Management Solutions
                                                                 Directors Announced
                                                                   The re-votes of Regular Director have been
                                                                counted, and the winners of the two slots are Kelly
                                                                DeFonte and Margo Law. Congratulations to both of
     is produced monthly for         210-340-5454               them; we’re pleased to have them join the Board!
   San Antonio BOMA, Inc. by:   email: