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                             “TEFL in China: New Trends and Prospects”
                                     Tonghua, August 5-9, 2005

                                         HOTEL BOOKING
The IATEFL China Conference Secretariat has arranged accommodations in selected hotels throughout
Tonghua at delegate rates. Please complete this form and forward it, together with a non-refundable
deposit of 10% of the total cost, to IATEFL China. Payment must be made in Renminbi or US dollars by
one of the following methods: VISA, MASTER CARD, AM. EXPRESS or CHEQUE payable English Coaching Paper(the
sponsor). Please state your hotel preference and return NO LATER THAN 1 JULY 2005.

  CONTACT DETAILS                                      HOTEL BOOKING DETAILS
  Title Ms/Mr/Mrs/Other _______
  Name (please underline your family name or write     (Please choose from the hotels listed below)
  in CAPITALS___________________________               Hotel preferred: ______________________
  Organization__________________________               Arrival date __________________________
  Address_______________________________               Departure date ________________________
  ______________________________________               No. of nights _________________________
  City/Town _________ Country __________               Estimated time of arrival-Please indicate
  Postcode_____________                                □0800-1200 □1200-1800 □after 1800
  Daytime Tel. No.______________________
  Fax No._______________________________               Room type (Please Check √)
  Email_________________________________               □Single     □Double(shared)
  Special Requirements__________________
  ______________________________________               If double room, please give name of person
  If paying reservation by credit card                 sharing. If more than one room is required,
  Card No.__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/__/         please give details separately.
  Expiry date____________________                      Name__________________________________
  Name on card__________________                       Special requirement___________________
  Signature ______________________                     ______________________________________
 Tonghua Hotel and ECP Hotel                             Please send the completed form to:
 RMB ¥300 ($40USD)/single
 RMB ¥150($20USD)/ bed (double/shared)                   IATEFL China Event Coordinator

 Other hotels each at RMB ¥120/room and RMB                         C/o Kino Lee
 ¥60/bed (shared) include:                             IATEFL China, 4F/B2 Xiyuan Hotel, No. 1
 · Dongshan Hotel                                          Sanlihe Road Haidian District,
 · Renda Hotel                                               Beijing 100044, P.R.China
 · Longyue Hotel
 · Insurance Hotel                                       Fax: + 86 (0) 10 88375289
 Please notify the Conference Secretariat before         E-mail:
 July 1, 2005 for hotel reservations.

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