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									Auto Macro Recorder v5.8 trial / Auto Macro Recorder Pro v5.2 trial

support Windows Vista and Windows 7 !


If you couldn't see or edit the scp file in Win7 by Windows Explorer but could see it by
AutoMacroRecorder when you open the script file, It was just a matter of SECURITY PRIVILEGES
that you could access files in Program Files, once you added ALL the privileges to the USER GROUP,
or install AutoMacroRecorder into other folder, you'll be able to edit the files which created by


Recently We found that some anti-spy / anti-virus software classify our Macro software and other

same types as commercial key logger, Trojan or virus because Macro Software has the capability

to record/save your keystroke( for replay ).

In the fact of that they don't distinguish from category of Macro recoder, they just put the

Marco software into key logger irrespectively.

Hereby we seriously declared that Auto Macro Recorder is Macro software and its copyright

belongs to readmesoft. We never and are unable to steal or collect any information from our

customers through the program, furthermore, we did not and would not provide registration

information of our clients to any company or organizations. Any users who download the

Auto Macro Recorder from "readmesoft.com" "macro-recorder.com" "macro-program.com"

could operate safely.
As Macro software has the capable of recording and replaying keystroke operations, so please

highly keep your eyes open and precaution if the program in your computer is not downloaded or

installed by yourself. Finally, we also kindly suggest that you'd better not to record your

useful password such as credit, email, bank account, etc. into script files, for in any circumstances on
using macro software, such operations are not safe.

WinNT users:

Install Service pack 4 above for WinNT and Internet Explorer 4.0 above.

Then extract autont.zip to the installation folder of Auto Macro Recorder to overwrite the auto.exe.



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