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									Golf Swing Technique - How To Hit The Ball Straight Achieving the perfect golf swing requires certain things. Practicing creates muscle memory to develop a perfect golf swing. If you do, you'll develop your perfect golf swing and realize the wonderful rewards that the game of golf returns in a much sooner fashion. As a beginner you want to develop the right foundation. There are many training aids available to help you develop a good golf swing. Every golfer appears ready to do anything to develop more power in his/her golf swing. When playing golf on the golf course, and you develop a golf slice, here are three easy ways to improve the horrible left-to-right slice shot. It is just a matter of wanting to develop that skill to the fullest potential. If you have the right swing you will develop an excellent golf game. By seeing your own swing plane in action you could rapidly develop the perfect golf swing. A consistent position helps develop a repeatable swing. Some of the ways in hitting the ball straight are: 1. Knees This might not seem all that important but when you're addressing the ball you should have your knees slightly bent. No so much that your knees are interfering with your swing, but ever so slightly to give you perfect balance. 2. Back There are many golfers who hunch over the ball, trying to whack away at it with no success. With your knees being slightly bent as mentioned in the previous point bind at the hips and keep your back straight. The pivot point should be your hips and you should maintain approximately the same height through your back swing and down swing until you've completed your follow through. 3. Arms This is another difficult one; many of us want to swing the club like a base ball bat or a hockey stick depending on the other sports we play. Golf is a game of finesse no powering through the ball. As you take your club up in the back swing, try to think about keeping your front arm (left for right handed golfers) straight. This will help keep the club head on the same plane as it comes through the down swing to impact. 4. Head Keeping an eye on the ball is important. One point to note here is that you shouldn't have your head turned down so much that your face is parallel to the ground. Tilt the head forwards and look downwards at the ball, but keep your chin up enough so that your arms and shoulders can come through as you swing. 5. Hips This is where you're going to generate the power in your swing. You don't want to lean forward during the swing, you can to tray and maintain no movement below the waist until you're making contact with the ball. At this point you should make a twisting motion at the hips so that your trailing hip turns through the swing and once completed your belt buckle is pointing at your target. Do you want to develop your game to a higher level? It is actually impossible to play a good game of golf without being able to execute an effective golf swing. Thankfully, there are sufficient programs available which can really promote your game to the next level. Close to a million people are looking for assist with their golf game each month. Improve your golf game by analyzing your current golf swing from all angles. For more information, you may visit:

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